H&M - we love fashion

4.8 (148.5K)
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9 months ago
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15.1 or later
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User Reviews for H&M - we love fashion

4.8 out of 5
148.5K Ratings
4 years ago, shawty.fineee
I don’t usually write reviews but I had too on this one. The app is good for finding clothings you like that may not be in the actual store (yet)! But the app it’s self is a disaster. Sometimes when I click “LIKE” on something, it doesn’t even “LIKE” it & doesn’t pop out on my “LIKE SECTION”. I just said to myself that it was mineral issue. (Things got worse). I would have a lot of things I wanted to buy, but didn’t have the money at the moment. So I would just put them in my cart/bag and return to it later. On this app, I can’t do that. You may be asking why & it’s because, when ever you put something on your cart, it will literally disappear in a matter of 2 days. (I would open the app and go straight to my bag/cart. & it would say that it was empty but I just filled it like a day ago). I tried signing in because I thought it would start saving, but still had the same issue. & to even make the topic worse, when I view something on my cart and go back to view others; it would take minutes to load. & after that, it would start at the top of the cart again (how annoying is that when you have a lot of things). PLEASE FIX THIS! I have a lot of things I want to buy but don’t want to go to the actual store
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9 months ago, Disney 100th
Disney 100th disappointment
On July 20th I tried purchasing two of the Disney jackets and two over sized sweaters. Both in an extra large and a large. However, the my order wasn’t going through. I tried multiple times and still was running into complications. I checked my bank account and turns out I was charged multiple times. Just a little over $1300 was taken out. Although I did get refunded my money I still wanted to the items and still was lingering in my cart. Still running into problems with the purchase I was told by customer service that it wasn’t just me and that I.T. is working on it. Also told as long as it’s in my cart it’s saved. When finally able to purchase the items I went to check out just to find out that one of the jackets no longer has one of the size. Settling for both large sizes for the jackets I still went with the purchase. It was marked as delivered on Tuesday but only for three of the items which were too large jackets at one extra large sweater. The other large sweater was showing that it was being processed in the warehouse. But I still haven’t received anything. Then Thursday morning I noticed that it was marked that all items were delivered. I called customer service about all of this and was told an investigation was going to be open and looked into. This is a major concern for me seeing the items I purchased is limited and feels like I would not be getting my items that I paid for.
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4 years ago, Goku4321
Needs better accessibility and compatibility with voiceover
So while I love the store and the clothes they have the app is kind of a mess. It’s all right enough if you have good enough vision but when you are very visually impaired or a limited site and use voiceover on your phone the app is basically useless. As well as even before I became visually impaired and did not require voiceover to work my phone I still have some trouble is using the app because although you can favorite clothes they will eventually just disappear from your favorites and then you have to find them again or sometimes hope they still have them at all. As I recently was wanting to buy some clothes and was just going to use the app due to the virus I thought would be easier but I soon discovered that the app does not work with voiceover as I can only read approximately maybe five or more things and it’s only an estimated guess of what it is I thought maybe I’d get by by just going to my favorites and just clicking on the first few things on my favorites list was completely empty. So while the app is manageable enough so long as you have a good enough vision and don’t use voiceover on your phone I definitely would not recommend it to anyone who is visually impaired or with limited site and requires voiceover on to work their phone please fix this and then maybe the apple be better.
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4 years ago, Cheerleader12234
Horrible Customer Service
I have never written a review before on anything but I had to after my recent purchase. Layout-wise the app itself works great and I have no problems with. It is when you try and complete a purchase that problems arise. When I ordered my clothing, I realized it had my old address on file. I immediately tried to reconcile this through customer service but the agent said that I had missed my “15-30 minute window of grace period” to do this. It had in fact been less than 30 minutes and I feel that the agent deliberately responded late so that he could prolong our chat thus ensuring that I miss that “window.” It was absolutely ridiculous and I had proof via email confirmation that I still had time to get this fixed but the agent kept insisting that the button was no longer available to him. His suggestion was to return it upon arrival. Not sure how thats supposed to work when it’s getting sent to my old address. So frustrating and it was an easy fix for a multi-billion dollar company who surely has the resources to do something as simple as alter the shipping address 20 minutes after the purchase was made. Will never order through this company again.
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1 year ago, lexbuchanan
Change the shopping cart
I love h&m, I love the quality and prices, I also love to compulsively online shop!!! What I don’t love is that you can only add 50 items to your cart. I have a system where I like to add everything I love (which is a lot at h&m) and then go through my cart to windle down what I have to have that moment. Having to do that pre-maturely and getting rid of things I love just to add something more takes the fun out of it and is actually really frustrating. I know this might seem petty in the grand scheme of world problems BUT come holiday times I don’t even want to bother with a site that can’t contain my shopping list (even if it is overblown) and that I’m constantly having to reduce/recheck or reorder. Pls at least allow 100 items or the option to save for later, like almost every other online retailer I know. I get the strategy but it doesn’t help compulsive shoppers like myself who also have adhd brain. It just makes me want to avoid your site altogether when I’m constantly deleting and re-adding, then deleting again just to make my list how I want it!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Aku6660
Just the worst.
I haven’t ever written a review but this experience pushed me to. First time buying from the app. I shopped a couple of items and has been charged. Everything was grate until I got a email notifying me that shipping will take a while for my first item. Two weeks has passed and still haven’t heard anything. By the end of that week I have gotten an email saying that they canceled my item due to it being out of stock and will refund me. I’ve seen reviews that their company never keeps in track what they do or don’t have in stock and it’s very annoying. In that case I just wanted to cancel my order overall since it haven’t even been shipped out. I call customer service telling them that I wanted to cancel it but they told me that I can’t anymore because of the date I purchased the item. So now I’m stuck with a item I don’t want anymore. The refund took a whole other week for me to receive and I didn’t even get the full amount I payed for it. They just changed me for the original price of the item but never gave me the shipping and handling amount back. I can’t wait to just delete this app out of my phone forever.
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3 years ago, VBMermaid
Customer Service
I was having trouble ALL day trying to checkout using the H&M app on my iPad. I called customer service and was connected to a woman I could hardly understand , and was of no use AT ALL. I explained that I tried at least five times, and each time when I got to the “complete purchase” phase, it would just time out. After receiving zero help from her, I used my phone to connect to the H&M app and it went through without a hitch. I’m sure you need to use sources outside the US, but this particular employee was useless. I shop in your stores often and have found your employees to be quite friendly, and very helpful, so I will not let this one encounter dampen my view of H&M.
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4 years ago, Nevin Kara
Customer service frustration
Hello! I ordered 6 hoodies and 2 were missing and one was the wrong size. So basically half of my order is missing or wrong and hoodies are expensive🥵. The sizes on my order confirmation on the app is different than the one in my email and is different that the one that came with the package. I had to call customer service 3 times because they kept hanging up. The item in the wrong size is now sold out😖. I had a discount on my original order and asked that they do a price adjustment on my reorder to cover that discount. They tried to make it seem like an inconvenience discount. That isn’t an inconvenience discount!!! That is just the price I originally paid for!!!! I got my package at 9 am and have been dealing with this for nearly 2 hours. Extremely inconvenient and they couldn’t guarantee I would get a discount or anything because of the time wasted. I am frustrated but at least the hoodies I got in the correct size look nice... Sheesh, this order was a disaster.
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6 years ago, Courtney A.H
This app Suuuucks
I love H&M and generally will never right reviews but this app is such a disaster it deserves one. Browsing etc. is fine but the checkout process is a nightmare. When going to fill in your address it only loads sections of info at a time and you have to wait until it magically decides to bring up the remaining info boxes for you to fill in. To make matters worse every time I go to check out it tells me to “verify shipping”. When I go to do that well lo and behold it’s already been verified and now I have to add in all my CC info AGAIN even though I asked for it to be saved. Nothing works, not even the website. There customer service chat that is “24-7” doesn’t work. If I didn’t want these pieces so badly I’d uninstall this app and move on with life. For such a huge corporation it’s silly to have a app with such a frustrating check out system.
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6 years ago, .JACQ
My only concern
I really like this app. I live in a small and up-and-coming town and to find at least one or two trendy stores is a save!! HM being one of those stores, finding out the newly developed and updated app made the experience better. HOWEVER... why am I limited to just 60 saves? This app sure as hell offers more than 60 pieces of clothing so why can’t I go on a spree?! Please, I think it would be awesome to have unlimited saves because I do intend to by them or at least be inspired and uh, who doesn’t add 563 articles of clothing to their saves or likes 🤔. Limiting to 60 is smart. I see the point because it forces you to put the 60+ in your cart. Who said I was buying now? I gotta make my money, honey, first lol. Extend the limitation to NO limitation... that would be essential to my long list of clothing/shoes/accessory heaven 😄
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5 years ago, Panache54
Shopping With H & M App Saves Time and Money
I’ve been using the H&M app for several months and must admit I prefer it over the actual store. I get better service using the app than shopping in the store. I have more availability of merchandise in my size, I’m quickly informed when out of stock merchandise is back in stock, I have quick access to my favorites and future buys and I’m informed when stock is running out. I also like the fact that I know when merchandise is on sale. My shipping is always free. Returns are easy because you have the option of going into one of the H&M stores and return or exchange merchandise. It’s the best option for shopping; if your busy, on the “go” and don’t have time to pursue the stores.
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6 years ago, luvMD
Why fix what wasn’t broken!?
This new app is slowwwwwwww. From clicking on your bag to adding things to your cart, it makes me lose interest and I’ve actually discontinued shopping because of it. When I was forced to download the “new and improved” version everything I had saved was deleted. The old app at least told you when something is sold out but now it’s just deleted. The merchandise I did manage to order after much frustration took EIGHT days just to get shipped! And one of my items was sold out. Duh! It took you over a week to do your job. And lastly, on your bank account it looks as if the money is withdrawn as soon as you order but it’s not actually taken out until the order is sent. That would be fine if it didn’t take over a week for things to be prepped. I will more than likely delete this app. The H&M stores carry minimal sizes which I why I always prefer the app but this is simply irritating and inconvenient.
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1 year ago, AMightyQuill
Issues w app too!!
I am always made to call customer service after the & the end of my my troubles & no one speaks proper English so I have to attempt this call three or four times call until gets made at least three times. Then they have me wait while they do an “override order” & then wait while to call again to see if it works again. There have been two orders since March & today & I hate going out. Plus the stores don’t always have the items on my list from the app. Yes! This is WAY BEYOND ANNOYING. If nothing is done about this, they will start losing customers. I suggest some kind of pay back for wasting our time.
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4 years ago, Amyliumusic
Two things to complain!
There’s nothing on this app that you could do something with canceling your order! We should be able to cancel our order within at least 30 minutes after our payment was completed! The only Way that you could cancel your order is through phone calls, and I have to say it is so inconvenient!!!! Right now I’m having this issue about Black Friday sales, there should be a 30% off on my payment but it didn’t happen to mine. But I accidentally pressed the pay button and now there’s no way for me to cancel it! I have tried to call for at least 10 times but it seems like that “ due to technical problems” my call can’t be answered!!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! And the app is always so slow. I really like H&M but I’m very upset by this situation! If the ones that are in charge of this app sees this, would you please fix it ASAP? Thank you!
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5 years ago, Izzy097
I loved getting things from H&M... I live in the US and so it’s only available to shop by app or online. I’ve shopped online and the app before without any problems. But when H&M updated their app, I’ve had every excuse to hate shopping from there. First of all, you can’t look at you past orders on the “new” app. In general, their “new” app is glitchy and awful to use. Second, I know this sounds like a little bit of a stretch, but they sent me the wrong size of pants on purpose. They sent me a pair just a little bit smaller then what I usually get. I have a screenshot of my purchase before finalizing to even prove it. Even the recipe is different then what I ordered. Thought that was a little fishy, so I looked on the website to see if my size has been out of stock, and yes it was. And guess what size wasn’t, the pair I got. Used to like H&M, but I’m good on wasting my time and money. Quality has definitely gone down within the past year😔
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5 years ago, leilei1414
H&M over all
H&M is one of my top stores to go too! They have amazing style and clothes and when I heard they had a app.. Well I couldn't resist not getting it!! They have clothing that you may not be able to find in stores which is a plus, and those clothes can be cheaper then they were originally in store. I think this app is fast and efficient way to get the clothes you love so much. So yes maybe things may be taken out when sent like someone could have been stolen shorts, but it really isn't the companies fault if someone did steal it, it was the person who stole its problem. I think H&M is one of best stores and should keep it online. Keep up the good work❤️
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5 years ago, Happykittensmommy
Please fix the app !
I never had any complains about the H&M app until now October 2019 . All of a sudden it keeps saying that there having technical difficulties and that happens like every week . Another problem is there is now a limit to how many items u have saved and when things go out of stock it just says some items are out of stock and they don’t even tell u which items are they they just delete it . The worst part is that it’s hasn’t been saving my cart every day i have to find the items all over again and I don’t even know why I bother to take the time to do that . I should probably just take a picture of my cart to make it easier , but I shouldn’t even be doing that !! Apps are suppose to make ur shopping easier and more convenient , but this app is so annoying and making me just want to shop at forever 21 better .
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2 years ago, Jessi Hardy
App Doesn’t Work
UPDATE! I deleted and redownloaded the app and the app seems to be working fine now. Must of been a bug that messed up on some users devices. Not sure why the fix wasn’t pushed into an update or the update messed up on my device. But deleting and re downloading the app seemed to fix my problem. Hope this helps others and fixes their app issue. — Leaving a review in hopes the developers will see. I’m getting emails and coupons to shop, but can’t. The website takes me to download app. The app just hangs on the logo and says won’t load in my country, in the US. The link in the App Store to report app to developers takes me to the broken app. I keep checking for an update, but nothing. It’s been broken for days. I hope when they fix this problem they reissue the online/app coupons that we couldn’t use because of the app issue.
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4 years ago, calisofresh
UPDATE: I had to come back and give H&M a little love. Yes, the shipping takes about 2 weeks. But they do let you know that up front. Still dislike the app BUT they really have quality products and I can’t find anyone to beat their prices for what you get !! I am and will continue to be an hm customer. Love this store, just not the shipping or the app lol ORIGINAL: I just dislike this app a lot because it’s inconvenient to use. H&M also has some of the worst delivery options and never actually give you a date for delivery just a broad, generic range (9-14 days standard). They are late often. The website has many issues, isnt up-to-date with my orders usually and offers no real help at all. Not happy with H&M at all right now.
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3 years ago, Heyhisoon
Will never buy HM clothes and stuffs
Put a different address by mistake. Tried to contact the customer service center and they contacted me in a day (thank you for this part). They said they couldn’t change order with anything once it’s already made and paid. So even if I tried to make corrections within 5 mins (I sent emails and messages right after the mistake), they couldn’t even contact the warehouse. Okay, whatever I understood. Because they said if I updated the USPS address, it will be delivered to my current address. Well, huh? it’s been 5 weeks. I didn’t receive it. The shipping status indicates it’s stored in my previous city. (Huh?) And that update was a week ago. I don’t think I will ever receive my clothes. I am going to contact the customer service and hear what and how they will respond. Hopefully they don’t need to make a point where they have to make full refund.
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1 year ago, rhgegjvdr
Never buy online
Worst customer service ever, never buy online. I ordered 15 pieces of clothing from the app on Black Friday deals, it said 6-7 days delivery. I called them and they said 8-10 days delivery.. then it’s been 15 days and they never delivered.. I called 4 times to H&M, didn’t get any help, created the ticket but nobody called me back, have been on chat help but representatives didn’t treated well.. yet no help.. all I heard was - ‘ we are busy, overloaded with orders’, and now they say items are lost and giving refund. I lost all the Black Friday deals which I could have bought from other places, lost all my time.. items are sold out and now refund doesn’t compensate for my lost time and deals. If they can not honor the order, why are they even taking orders..please save our time and money by refusing to take orders if you can’t handle !!
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4 years ago, Turnbaugh10
Fast convenient app!
This app makes everything fast and easy to shop. Being a mom, and working full time we don’t always have the pleasure of going out shopping. This app has everything and more. I love how I have my information is all ready plugged in for a fast check out. I also like that depending on height and weight age it tells you the recommended size. That way you don’t have to go in stores. This helps with a busy life style that might not be flexible for shopping. They really try to accommodate and make the experience as if you where right in store picking out your outfit. I have had a good experience!
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5 years ago, roxyamuseum
Doesn’t confirm address when finishing purchase
Pretty much every app, website or online store says where the purchase will get shipped to and the option to edit the address prior to finishing the purchase. To change the address you have to go to account information and change it before purchasing. I recently moved and after finishing my purchase on the app, I found out that the items were getting shipped to my old address via the confirmation email. After the finishing the purchase you can’t change where it’s getting shipped to even after contacting customer service. The customer service agent said there’s a window of about an hour to cancel the order and then reorder it but it also doesn’t say that anywhere I could see just the ability to contact customer service which won’t help the problem. CHANGE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROCESS.
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1 year ago, beenplayingsince2012
Stupid rules
It’s insane how they don’t allow you to fix your delivery address despite the package not being shipped whatsoever. Why can’t H&M have a 1-2 days option where customers are still allowed to cancel their order even after the confirmation. Wrote the wrong address, thought my delivery address was the same as my billing address. Later to find out, the delivery address was wrong and my package is being sent to the house right in front of me. I don’t even know what delivery company H&M uses as they have no information about that, which is stupid on their side. Not sure if they’ll give you a tracking NUMBER or if the “tracking” link they provide you is your only source of tracking. Overall, H&M should just stop doing online if they can’t even do it properly and provide their customers the best service…
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3 years ago, trivis77
All good
I love H&M his reward system, it is so easy to use the coupons and sometimes you can use more than one. I think they’re basic T-shirts, underwear and socks are the best and I have been using them ever since I was a kid. I now have four kids of my own and buy these items only at H&M for them every single year. Today I received a five dollar reward as a sorry we have been really late with our shipping. I really appreciate this, because I have ordered online three times since April and it is taking a really long time for the order to arrive, and I probably wouldn’t have ordered online again if it wasn’t for this reward. Good job H&M.
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5 years ago, Nicci Contreras
H&M Employee Review
I actually really enjoy the new updates I just wish it was more up to date. There’s a feature called the “In-Store feature” and it was what’s available where but it’s hard to navigate or find stores nearby, some won’t even show up including my home store. When I sign customers up to be members on their phones we found that it was most annoying to find our birth year because it’s on a calendar not a manual type in, this is a problem because most my clientele is over 18 years old and well past there twenties so we take a good five minutes just to pass through by the month. Many customers didn’t even want to bother with it. Please fix it! :(
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6 years ago, vichn
Keeps crashing
I’m using an iPhone X and the app keeps crashing. All I’m doing is browsing through items and the app closes by itself. Very frustrating having to reopen and figure out where I left off. Also the inventory is not accurate. I placed an order and received an email notice afterwards that several items were out of stock so I won’t be charged for these items thus won’t receive them. Bad UX. The UI on this new app is better than the old app version. I appreciate the much needed size chart link on every item. Ways to improve: 1. Figure out what is making the app crash and fix it. 2. Add more in-depth item descriptions and actual item measurements for each size please! Fashion retailers are so bad at this, it will most likely help reduce the amount of returns and exchanges. H&M, y’all could do better.
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5 years ago, dmmtz
Really bad
wow there are pretty bad reviews of the app, i always order in the app because there is no h&m over here, So at first it was ok but now i am getting upset , because every few times i get an issue and there are getting worse, so now the issue that i have, is that i order a few days ago and i can not see my orders not a single one of them, also i tried to buy a sweater and it said that it was low on stock, so i didn’t order, the app didn’t let me add it to my bag and now its available, whats wrong with you? really, and with all the bad reviews, you just dont get it, i really am starting to hate the app
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3 years ago, bruhjustputmyreview
Issues with receipts?
I buy almost everything online, but on occasion I go into store and bring some items to return with me it’s a bit tricky if i didn’t securely keep the paper with me it’s shipped with. I’ve noticed the feature to view receipts from online purchases has been down for some weeks now. This made returns very quick and easy, and when I called h&m customer service to ask why it’s down the woman simply said it was working some of the time and it was supposedly working a few hours ago. Please fix this issue. I also use it to quickly view the items I’ve purchased, because the shipping is taking much longer at the moment and I try to check the date of which items I ordered.
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6 years ago, Sunshine1817171717
Hate the new app!!
I don’t understand why would you mess with something that was already great to start off with?! H&M has been the main clothing store for me and my family for the past 5 years. The styles and prices are great but this new app is really pushing my buttons! It’s really frustrating! 1. All my favorites got deleted. 2. It takes forever to load a page. 3. You can’t filter the sizes. 4. The layout is confusing. I guess I’ll wait and see if they fix it somehow cause if not I’ll probably have to find another store to shop at cause it’s not worth getting frustrated over an app! Please fix this H&M!!!
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6 years ago, SoHonest
Worst new app!!!
They recently launched a this new and “improved” app and its trash. It’s almost kind of funny that such a giant corporation has such a bad app. And hasn't done anything to fix it. Browsing and filtering is very limited. It randomly won’t load a page or just crashes. My last order shipped to an address that wasn’t listed as my primary. An address I shipped a gift to once last year. My friend had to reship package to me it only had 3/6 items. When I called hm and they said when packing my order there were some items out of stock so they just adjust the order with no notification. How is that even possible?? I’m guessing it’s bigger than this app. Seems like they have someone new and very unqualified making these changes. Too bad because I used to love shopping form app.
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6 years ago, maitreyi.2
Wrong size AND color
I am from Europe and I used t love shoppig there. Their services are great and very reliable. However, in the United States they are poor and very slow. It is the third time I ordered online and I received the wrong size! First I ordered a white medium top, and they sent me a red small top. Secondly I ordered a medium dress and got a large dress! And third, I ordered a medium blazer and they sent me a large one! I went to a store to talk to them and she said the workers are confused because they are in the process of changing the sizes at the moment and nothing can be done to send me 38 instead of 40. Very unhappy with H&M shipping services!
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4 years ago, Sandi Retail
The online app is the worst .... it should be user friendly and it is the opposite! Attempting to check out is futile.... they continually deny any charge one uses-the computer system used is totally ineffective . I am not alone in this and have heard from many customers who have given up shopping with H&M. Who in this day & age can afford to lose business?!? I am a substantial citizen- was told to call my bank to check if they were called... the answer was NO. I was a regular shopper with this site but am giving my business elsewhere since I have spent too much time & frustration trying to order-I can well afford to purchase anything I want- Shame on you H & M for not getting your app “fixed” to accommodate customer support!
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4 years ago, Algorithm flaw spotter
Inclusion is great but it needs to be organized
Its nice that theres all sizes but if im shopping for petite, i dont need body positivity shoved down my throat. I just want to see my size selection modeled by my size people. As I expect plus size ladies probably would prefer to scroll thru a section where they dont have to make giant assumptions about how that pair of pants would fit their much different frame than a size 4 model. Its literally not that hard to add a search option that separates the two groups. Its added unnecessary time to my shopping experience which if youre doing it online you are likely someone who isnt into the shopping experience. And pisses me off because this is a sociopolitical and ITS A CLOTHING STORE. Get yourselves organized you made it clear you’re covering your bases with everyone, its great really but stop showing me 3x when im a 4.
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2 years ago, eva035624
Not Great
I don’t live anywhere near an H&M store but I really like the products they put out. I have ordered from them twice and the first time I received the wrong item which I had to return just to have to try and reorder the original item I wanted, only to find it was out of stock. The second time my package was “delivered” twenty one days after I ordered it, exceeding the 3-7 business day shipping I had. All that time passed just for me to receive notification that the addressee was not found and the package had been returned. I would love to order and actually receive the items this company produces but I can’t if I cannot actually receive the items. Very disappointing and I hope the issue is resolved soon for other who might be having the same issue.
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5 years ago, MilanCreeper
Some feedback and suggestions for app
Here’s some ideas I have for the improvement of the app. - Ability to filter and sort in the favorites tab the same way as in the shopping tab. - Ability to enter my sizes for each type of clothing type so that when I save clothes to my favorites it defaults to that size, instead of having to set the size for each individually. - Receive notifications for when items in my favorites are on sale or sold out in the selected size and color. Otherwise, thank you for a great app and great clothes!
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3 years ago, Kitten lips
Limit on how many items I can “like”
I enjoy the app, but I wish I could organise my “liked” items and also “like” more than the allotted amount of items! I find it silly that there is a limit to how many items I can keep in my reserved “like” section! I find it hard to find the items again to reconsider if I would like to buy it or if it is a piece of home decor, and I just need to go measure the space I wish to put it in, I can’t save the item unless I delete another “liked” item. Please don’t cap or limit how many items we can save in our “liked” section! It means there’s less likelihood that I’m going to be coming back to find the item again and purchase it.
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5 years ago, mstout12
Good, but needs some updates.
I was a little frustrated with the app a while back when it was still in the midst of all the updates because my favorites completely disappeared. While I never got them back, the app is running smoothly enough now that I don’t mind, and I love the new member program. I do wish though that there wasn’t a cap on how many items I can add to my favorites. It would also be great if there was the option to check store availability for items within the app instead of having to go to the store. Would also love if there was a waitlist option for items that may come back in stock.
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5 years ago, Glo_079
Clothes for kids
I am a long time customer. I believe H&M has great styles and quality of clothes for a reasonable price - especially for kids. However, I have been a bit disappointed and a bit annoyed to see that when I am browsing boy clothes for my three boys, I see a lot of obvious girl items in the selection. I specifically select the boys category and their size ranges to make shopping easier and faster and a lot of girl clothing items seem to appear with my search. While I can appreciate gender neutral garment items and while I understand the whole gender and equal rights movement - I believe if I select the boys category I wouldn’t have fringes, flowers or bows and very feminine style clothing come up with my search.
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4 years ago, tuliadem
This is the worst application known to online shoppers. I had to say the word ‘disaster’ does not completely describe this. The whole it team should be fired with no possibility to ever work in the field I swear. I don’t have time to list what’s not working, it would take weeks. But two main concerns are: filters simply don’t work. They either eliminate clothes from the search you would not expect choosing specific features, or does not eliminate the ones you were hoping too. Considering gazillion items on the website it’s just plain awful. And second one is actual paying. They tell you ‘it may take few seconds (I would say minutes) please have patience’. Jesus. I tried to pay three times. Just go see and explore Zara website, honestly. You guys would love an actual working website.
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5 years ago, LAAM⭐️
Most of the items aren’t modeled on people and it makes me confused on what the clothing would look like if it were worn. They shouldn’t display a shirt not worn by something on the thumbnail. I think it would attract people to actually display a model wearing the item. I would have bought tons of your clothing but I did not buy because I don’t know what it would look like on me. It’s frustrating how some items have models wearing them and some don’t. It just makes it frustrating to shop. Please take time to actually display the clothing on models. And some of the pictures aren’t even a straight view. A model would be wearing a item but the pose is like a side view pose? I can’t even fully see the item. Why don’t you just do front back and side like a normal online store would? Lol please fix this
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3 years ago, Best app, you should download
Worst service ever
I don’t usually write reviews but this company needs to develop a better system to produce better service. I was very patient and understanding with longer ship time because of covid. I ordered on Oct 1st and it took almost 3 weeks to ship, so I thought. They sent an email that claimed my ordered was shipped but still to this day I can’t even track my package because USPS hasn’t even received it from H&M yet. Talked to customer service and told me to contact them again if I haven’t received my package 3 weeks after the ship date. That’s just ridiculous to think I would have to wait over a month for them to help resolve my problem. This has to be the worst service I’ve ever gotten and it’s frustrating that H&M has no resolution whatsoever.
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6 years ago, JHK48
Please fix your bugs
Always order from H&M A LOT via their app, but recently there are a lot of bugs with my iPhone 7 Plus where the cart isn’t loading properly so I can’t see my items and it keeps refreshing continuously for minutes on end while I’m looking at a whirling wheel forever. Can’t even order the three coats I’ve wanted for the past week. To top it off, when I do order I get a jumbled mess of multiple items when I only order one of each. Eeks. Please do something to fix this.
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4 years ago, Megatalll
Same error for over 6 days, unable to shop!
This app was fantastic until it wasn’t. In the process of checking out the app crashed. Now it says “ An important service is temporarily unavailable and the app cannot function without it. Please try again later or change country". When I go to their website it says.. "It's not you it's us. For some technical reason the page cannot be viewed. Please contact customer service." I have called, waited 10 mins, then hung up on. Chatted with “Daisy” on their chat option, when that crashes. Their Instagram support got back to me right away. But had no solution and told me to wait 5 days while they would email me updates. I have heard nothing. Fix this bug pleaseeeeee.
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4 years ago, FairyPryncess
Don’t Like
Signed up and had a coupon for 10% off my purchase. The coupon disappeared disappeared from my account. There were other offers but no coupon. Received emails telling me that I had a couple of days left to use the coupon, but no coupon. Lost out on using it. Was going to purchase a coat 🧥 that I wanted & was saving the coupon for that purchase. Didn’t buy the 🧥. Lost out on my purchase due to the app not showing the coupon. Also the cashier had a hard time trying to scan my membership info to get my points. Why not have the ability to use the phone 📱 number instead of trying to scan off the app. Don’t really shop at H&M but this experience has made me skeptical of shopping 🛍 here & will think twice before going back to this store.
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1 year ago, runforestttt
Really? Limit on Favorites?
Yup, you read that right. The app literally limits how many items you can favorite or add to your wish list. You can’t even bear the cap by having multiple wish lists. That’s the sole reason for this poor rating. Bc I have ADHD having a wish or shopping list is a very important part of shopping for me; if it’s out of site it’s out of mind so I make task lists and notes for everything in my regular daily life. And if I can’t save items to a wish list I’ll forget about them, and having a cap on how many items I can save is just a really poor shopping experience. (Especially when the cap is definitely less than 100 items and closer to around 50)
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2 years ago, Mingleexxiiii
Only use the app to see what’s not in store
To be honest this app is annoying. Meaning you click on something the page gets stuck and you can’t get back to your list you were just on. You search a store it gets stuck, you check sizing it gets stuck on that one page. I miss the old H&M website before the app honestly. Coordinates aren’t together up here, they could make choice selection easier but I think they do that on purpose so you look through the inventory. This is starting to remind me of the Zara app, it’s too much. Not simple enough
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4 years ago, Toy Saint
Definitely unhappy!
I have already contacted Customer Service. They told me that there is no level higher to discuss my dissatisfaction with this Company. Making a purchase with a debit card that can not except refunds that works like a gift Visa basically you can not receive a cash refund. They immediately received the funds‼️ Even if the return was not worn, had all tags & was returned the same day as the purchase. They told me I could exchange the item or take a store credit. I don’t understand if they cleared & received my money why I can’t return the item & receive mine back. The Card was not a Credit Card it was a debit card. So basically you are forcing me to purchase at your company even if I decide I do not want to purchase.
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3 years ago, ChipotleOnTheSide
FIXED- Order history is an issue
Changed to five stars cause the order history finally works for seeing all orders in the latest update!!!! Thank you!! Previous review: Loveeee shopping on this app! Super easy but I give it 3 stars because order history doesn’t work at all. I order a good amount and really wish I could track my orders in the app. It always says there’s an error. Has for a very very long time!! Wish I could start a return and cancel from here too! Please fix this! I’d change to a 5 star immediately if that worked.
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4 years ago, Alexandra AQ
Great store, horrible app
I’ve never had so many issues from an app than this one. I’ve tried countless times trying to update my address only for it to not register what I’m putting in. I’ve deleted the app multiple times in order to see if that would solve the issue but nope. Still buggy. I couldn’t even up the website through safari without it returning to this app and from there it just kept bugging out. Really wish they work on the buttons not registering actions from the user. It also from time to time won’t add items to my cart or allow me to check out. Very frustrating especially when I’ve been waiting for select clothing to get back in stock and then I can’t add said clothing.
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