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User Reviews for Harris Teeter

4.52 out of 5
12.3K Ratings
8 months ago, Ldrath26
They fixed it! It’s back!
In May of 2022, I was sorely disappointed when changes to the HT app made it substantially more difficult to shop. I stopped using the app altogether and, if I’m honest, I started shopping primarily at other grocery stores because it was an easier experience with comparable products. On a whim a few weeks ago, I looked into placing an order with the HT app. Much to my surprise (and delight) I found that the app had been fixed and returned to its previous usefulness! I’ve shopped with it now several weeks in a row and haven’t been disappointed yet! The ease of clipping coupons, shopping the ad, building a cart for Express Lane pickup, and checking out can’t be beat. I also really enjoy the added savings incentives to buy ahead online. In this economy, I’ll take the savings wherever I can! Thank you Harris Teeter for fixing the app and once again providing an excellent customer experience! (Just please don’t try to change the app again!)
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10 months ago, Spaughs
Disappointing update
I’ve been using the Harris Teeter for online shopping for several years now. This past week was the first time I’ve used the updated app & I’m really disappointed. It took me SO long to place my order because of trying figure out how to use it. I wasn’t able to see pictures of any of the items, just descriptions, which is not ideal. I wasn’t able to add items from the weekly ad to my cart as I used to do. Very time consuming to have to do a search for an item that is listed in the ad, then go back to the weekly ad to keep reviewing. Some of the items I buy regularly said “in-store only” and wouldn’t allow me to add them to my cart. The update no longer gives you the option to add a note for the shopper regarding the items. I did, however, like that you can see the status of your order now. I did not get a call or text that my order was ready, just had to check the status online. I don’t really mind that part, but I was not notified of any out of stock items prior to picking up my order & I didn’t get a receipt letting me know there were items out of stock either. I had to call the store after I got home to see if they missed one of my bags when loading my car or if there were a lot things out of stock… turns out they forgot to give me a bag & some items were out of stock. Better communication would be nice. I miss the old app.
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7 months ago, Moonstone*
Update has made the app virtually unusable in many ways
So, I’m sure I’m just echoing other reviews at this point, but I wanted to give them time to iron out issues. Instead, the app has actually gotten less usable as the months have gone by. I can’t add sale items to my cart, searching items doesn’t always return what I’m looking for even if I know it’s there but does return a number of irrelevant items, and quite frequently the app won’t let me order items that I used to order all the time. That’s the one that’s really set me off. I can somewhat work around the other two (although it is extremely irritating and something I did not have to do with the previous version of the app), but I will do all of my shopping, get all of my things in the cart, go to place the order, and it will tell me half of them are not available. Even though I know my store has them. Things like HT milk. And there’s nothing I can do but try to find substitutes and replace them in my cart and hope it doesn’t give me that message again. I like my Harris Teeter, but at this rate I’ll need to switch stores just to get any sort of reasonable amount of groceries. I’ve got a perfectly good Food Lion and Aldi close by, and if this doesn’t get better, I’ll need to make one of them my primary grocery store instead.
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10 months ago, lizdurham
Terrible new app!
The new app (released fall 2022) is a complete fail. The old app wasn’t perfect, but I was using it regularly for several years. With the new app, I tried shopping the specials, but they didn’t end up in my cart; I had to go back and search for them to get them in there. Then, after I placed the order, I got no text notifications (or phone calls) about when my order was being shopped, whether they made any substitutions, or whether my order was ready. Weirdly, I got an email, reminding me to pick up the order, and from there I could click to say I was on my way, but after that there was no notification that they knew I was on my way, so I still had to press the button at the call box when I got to the store. When the employee, who was very nice, brought me my order, he said, did you know we made substitutions? So they had made substitutions, the app just failed to tell me (also, I assume from his question that other people are having the same problem). Then I did receive a text link to my receipt (so it’s not like they don’t have my phone number). In addition: the VIC specials on the app were different than what I saw in the store. There’s no information about when a sale expires, like there was in there old app. You can’t ask for less that a pound of deli cold cuts or give special instructions. I’ll be switching to Wegmans.
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10 months ago, isit because i gave one star
Worst app ever
This is so difficult to ‘shop’ for anything now. They totally ruined thier shopping app. Tried to place an order and what would usually take me a few minutes took close to 30 or more minutes. Tried to leave a note like you used to be able to do wasn’t an option while shopping but I went back after placing the order & found I could leave notes there. Also substitutions was turned OFF but when reviewing it was allowing subs for some items! A conflict in picking up our order came about so tried to change that & couldn’t so had to delete the whole order and start over. These may be bugs but it was so dang frustrating. They may have lost me as a customer. I worry about other seniors trying to navigate this horrible ‘update’. The person who designed this as well as the person who approved it should be fired. And what about the 29cent a lb Turkey that is shown but can’t be bought evidently. The old app was so much BETTER! Oh and I have figured it out!!! They need more money from us. Placed an order and they’re out of several items, order went below $35 … not because we didn’t order enough but out of stock items & THEY CHARGED US THE PICKUP FEE!!! The app also makes you ‘linger longer’ shopping thus trying to get you to impulse buy like when they rearrange the shelves at the store. Greedy! THE WORST APP EVER
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10 months ago, pat loves purple
Worst app ever
This is so difficult to ‘shop’ for anything now. They totally ruined thier shopping app. Tried to place an order and what would usually take me a few minutes took close to 30 or more minutes. Tried to leave a note like you used to be able to do wasn’t an option while shopping but I went back after placing the order & found I could leave notes there. Also substitutions was turned OFF but when reviewing it was allowing subs for some items! A conflict in picking up our order came about so tried to change that & couldn’t so had to delete the whole order and start over. These may be bugs but it was so dang frustrating. They may have lost me as a customer. I worry about other seniors trying to navigate this horrible ‘update’. The person who designed this as well as the person who approved it should be fired. And what about the 29cent a lb Turkey that is shown but can’t be bought evidently. The old app was so much BETTER! Oh and I have figured it out!!! They need more money from us. Placed an order and they’re out of several items, order went below $35 … not because we didn’t order enough but out of stock items & THEY CHARGED US THE PICKUP FEE!!! The app also makes you ‘linger longer’ shopping thus trying to get you to impulse buy like when they rearrange the shelves at the store. Greedy! THE WORST APP EVER
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7 months ago, ShmooSr
“Improved App” is a huge let down
*Edit/Update: Now on version 56 and still no response from HT or Kroger customer service contacts on the direction of this app or their online service. Still No ApplePay. Still a very disappointing experience… Starting with the Improved App experience in version 52+, this app has bottomed out. Previously actions in the app were fluid and contained inside the app. Now with version 52+, it loads web versions of the weekly ad and specials directly, instead of inside the native app. As a result, the experience is jarringly different from iPadOS to iOS. The new app also apparently doesn’t bother to inform the store of substitutions, despite being able to flag individual items or the entire order. Items we had marked Do Not Substitute were silently substituted by our local store with no notice. We were told that the report generated in the store for the shoppers doesn’t reflect the same as the app. Finally, the ability to pay inside the app with ApplePay was removed. This was a crucial feature for me, and I will not be continuing to shop with HT without this feature. All in all, hugely disappointed with the new experience and wish strongly for HT/Kroger to revert to the features that made shopping with them so much more pleasant.
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10 months ago, KTPie126
Positive Upgrades! Enjoy Using!
I have used the Harris Teeter app for several years to order groceries online. The app has always been user friendly. Recently Harris Teeter released this new/revamped app and it is even easier to use! So far, no bugs. Easy to find the items I need, add notes for my shopper, select substitute items. The only thing I don’t like about the new app is that if I look up a general item (example: yogurt, ice cream), I can’t filter to find only the “deals” or “sale items”. I used to use that filter all the time in the old so it’s a bit frustrating that it isn’t available in the new app.
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10 months ago, Unhappy shopper 23
Hard to shop with this new version!
I find I am buying much less with this ‘new and improved’ app. I believe the original app was much more user friendly, easier to navigate by brand or item. If I want to look through fresh vegetables that’s ALL I want to look at, not fruits and random unrelated items. Why are certain items available ‘in store only’? I want 1% Horizon milk but can only get 2% or whole online, same with 1 pound of carrots , don’t want 2 or 10 pounds! Too many products that I would normally buy on line are not available now. The lack of contact with the shopper is also unfortunate. That was one of the reasons I was so pleased with the Coddle Creek Harris Teeter. The shoppers were wonderful and I believed they cared about making sure I got exactly what I ordered. The email system that is supposed to allow acceptance of substitutions has not worked for me. This pick up method, going over the order has become much more time consuming. I have started to reduce my HT shopping in general if favor a a competitor that I used to pass by to get to my HT. I have found the prices on many of my regular items have increased substantially at HT while remaining lower at said competitor.
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2 months ago, Shorty and Lilybelle's Mom
Deli Order Issue!!
I inadvertently left this off my last review, but this is a HUGE problem for me. When ordering deli meats and cheeses, all options for amounts are gone since HT adopted the more "Krogery" style app. You order entire pounds or nothing!! Even trying in a detailed message doesn't work - it's simply ignored! On a recent order for delivery, I placed an order for 5 different Boar's Head deli meats and added comments to most that I wanted only 1/2 pound. I believe I added a note to one asking for 1/3 pound. When I received my order, I had been given - and charged for - a full pound or more of each meat!! With these running between $11-14 per pound, that adds up very quickly. And I'm only 1 person! I was also sick at the time so just couldn't make a phone call to ask about it. I have placed an order just now and requested 1/3 pound in the notes. We shall see what I end up with. Please return the drop down allowing us to choose the amount!! A drop down with options like "Thick, medium, thin, shaved" would also be very handy!
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8 months ago, Lys781
Old app was more user friendly
The new Harris Teeter app is complicated and very busy both visually and information- wise. It is also really hard to read— the photos of the items are very small and the text identifying many items is cut off so I don’t even know what the minuscule pictures are supposed to be of (I did a search for ice creams and the pictures were too small to see the flavor and the text was cut off after the brand name and I’m not going to click on every icon just to see the flavor. Also if I want to shop an order at my local store, I don’t want to see lots of items that are available through shipping only. I also don’t need to see items that aren’t in stock. Simpler is often better and the old user experience was overall more efficient and easy to navigate and best of all the text and pictures were large enough to see. I paid for the the express lane pickup for years and the whole experience was seamless. Since the app update I’ve maybe ordered from Harris teeter maybe once or twice— i don’t like using the app.
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9 months ago, MissyAmethyst
Worst update ever
Edited to add review of new update Again, an update that promised to be an improvement is useless. Many items that I regularly purchase are now listed as in-store and so cannot be added to online shopping. There is no way to filter items by sales. Searching for a specific item brings up a list that includes “suggestions” -such as a chair? I was looking for onions. That algorithm is broken. With searching and grocery lists that don’t work, this app is now useless and I can’t shop at Harris Teeter anymore. The app is now useless. It always directs me to the website. This requires a connection to the internet. I can’t do that in my local store. Yes they have wifi, but it doesn’t actually work 90% of the time. So I try to get by with cellular. And that only works from the front, by the doors. So I have to walk back to get a new page to load. On an app, that wasn’t a big deal. I just left the screen open and could see everything. But websites work differently and like to load things. I can’t stay at the front of store and shop. Please create a real app that is not a website.
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10 months ago, daltonpottery
New website
My rating of 1 star is totally reflective of my opinion of the changes to the online ordering app. My frustration with the changes is very close to causing me to stop using it . My service from the store personnel has been excellent and I have really appreciated being able to order and pickup my groceries until a few weeks ago. The format of the previous app was much more user friendly. It was very helpful, when ordering to be able to choose to look back 1 month or 6 months and have the products show up in the categories such as dairy, pantry etc. Finding the products that I wanted to order both from the weekly ad and from the full inventory was MUCH easier in the previous format. I also don’t understand why a product, such a 1 pound carton of mushrooms can’t be ordered online. I know that sometimes the new improved version just takes some getting used to, but I don’t think that is going to be the case here unless you make some significant changes to the app with the customer in mind.
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10 months ago, Todd Stanley
Hard to believe they can continue to make the app worse
And already difficult to use app was made worse with the latest update. So many clicks to do so little. I want to find a product, add it to my cart and then that’s it. Why should I have to go to the product, information on the product, add to cart, if I want to add a second, two more clicks (one to increase the quantity and one to say, “yes change the quantity), then once it’s added, two clicks to go back where you can find products. Crazy! I used to use the app to make a cart and then shop by it while in the store. It’s just not worth the time to make it through all of these clicks, when I can just jot down a list and take it with me. Many times in the past I shopped HT because of how easy the cart was to make, and I drove further. I’m wasting the time navigating all of these screens to make a cart. Maybe if you used their service it would make sense, and maybe that’s what the app was changed in this way. I don’t have the time for an update that goes backward.
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10 months ago, wtd12
Zero stars.
The original version of this app was amazing. Many people have already posted why the older version was better, ie past purchase history by months, lack of intuitive use, etc. I encourage you to read other one star reviews because they are accurate. All of these things and more are now missing from the app. An additional MAJOR over-site was removing the recipe grabber. It was fantastic! One would just copy and paste the URL into the line and it would automatically pull the items needed for the recipes. The program would also filter out items you might already have based on past purchases. The Kroger company destroyed this app! Whoever they hired to write the format was unqualified! They took a model that was working fine, with some tweaks needed, and ruined it. Also, they pulled the older version before having the new app ready forcing customers to use their poorly designed website. Employees at my HT hate the new app too! Make our lives easier and bring back the original version.
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9 months ago, FinkTank
This app service used to be good, but Kroger changed that
Everything that was in stock was available to be ordered. Now certain items are “in-store” only. Okay, if they’re available, why exclude them from the pick up service? Also, you used to be able to order deli and meat by weight. Now you have to either settle for a whole pound of deli or type up detailed instructions, which aren’t always read by the shopper. Example, I asked for steaks from the butcher’s counter specifically in my notes only to be given an absurd amount of pre packaged meat from the meat case instead. Even after I specified I needed a half pound steak or close to it, they gave me six. Six pieces of meat. Like every corporation, Kroger managed to muck the perfect online shopping experience by giving us something we didn’t ask for. As soon as I find a product that I need with the “in-store only” tag, I clear my cart and shop online at Giant instead.
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6 months ago, Erinflyer
Disappointing Kroger App
The parent company Kroger updated the superior Harris Teeter app to its inferior corporate app. We are very close to going to a different grocery store because we have a very difficult time using the app, even though Harris Teeter is the most convenient grocery store to us. We add items to our cart but they don’t show up, it takes forever to use and is not intuitive, we used to be able to use Apple Pay but not anymore. The list of disappointments goes on and on. Another major irritation is that when items are substituted, there is only one choice provided by the shopper and often the shoppers replace items with things that are not comparable. A good example of this is replacing ground coffee with coffee pods. If you don’t order coffee pods, you don’t want coffee pods because you don’t have that kind of coffeemaker. If you don’t accept their substitution then there is no other option. We are not satisfied with this app, please bring back the old one.
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9 months ago, Graysooooonnnn
New update is a downgrade
Been using this app literally JUST to order ahead for the deli. It used to be very easy because it’d just be a little button on the bottom right corner, and it’d remember all of my information since I was always logged in. After the update, I spent 15 minutes navigating through this confusing new app until I finally found order ahead for deli. The new order ahead for deli had become much worse. When clicked on, It seemed like it took me somewhere separate from the app. It was like some slow website that wasn’t part of the app. I then spent another 15 minutes trying to sign in so it’d remember all of my info, and to my surprise, I couldn’t even do that. Every time I want to order ahead now, I have to re-enter all of my contact info and also re-enter the same thing I want every single time. It has become a much slower, agonizing process and I have yet to have a smooth and easy experience on this new “update”.
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5 months ago, Odysseus42
Bad app is now worse
Let’s talk about the new updated search. When I search for items, it now defaults to showing items that are not even in the store. I mainly used the app to try to find items in the store. Even when I use the filter and select in store IT STILL SHOWS UNAVAILABLE ITEMS. I just spent 20 minutes with several associates trying to find an item. When they checked their database, it showed up as the store not carrying the item. The item search in the app is now useless. Now on HT pay, no HT, you may not store my CC info on your servers. Your payment terminals actually accept contactless payments, to include Apple Pay. Contactless payments were actually accidentally turned on at my local store for a couple of days until HT turned it back off. So it’s obvious this is a policy decision. I feel that the marketing department is making these horrible decisions regarding the app and payments. If so, they all really need to get fired
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3 months ago, kathitourist
Online shopping is a tremendous help!
I’m very happy this service is offered. It’s helpful to keep me out of stores, as shopping isn’t easy anymore. I’m mostly satisfied although I think it’s important to tell the shoppers not to overload the bags. Heavy bags are very hard for older people to carry. And the paper bags, particularly when very full, or containing chilled or frozen items, tend to rip, making a huge mess when all your blackberries fall all over the street. Or when a carton of eggs falls out. So tell the shoppers please use more bags and don’t load them totally full to the top. The app previously was easy to use, but it has changed and now is really not easy to use anymore. I can’t seem to leave notes to guide the shopper on what I prefer in meat (well marbled or less visible fat) or for produce, how ripe I want it, or to check berries for mold, check tomatoes for soft spots, etc. It helped to leave those notes which don’t seem possible now. I also preferred getting a call on my cell phone rather than the new getting a text. I often miss the text, so I’m not able to tell the shopper to get another size or brand, if what I asked for is not available. Otherwise the shoppers do a pretty good job.
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10 months ago, SunnyLHS
Disappointing update and customer experience
I’ve used the app to shop for years and it has been a lifesaver for a busy, working mom. This new app is awful. It often jumps over to the website when I click on things, doesn’t populate the correct items under sales, lists many common items as only available for in-store shopping… I could go on and on. The most disappointing thing is the loss of great customer service. The call that said “Hey - we’re out of this flavor that you ordered. Would you like this kind instead?” Not it is just a cancellation of the product in the app with no easy way to contact the shopper. Harris Teeter has always been my preferred store despite the higher prices because of the ease and convenience of the app and the great customer service. Now there is no reason to pay the higher prices.
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10 months ago, Ahoffman1970
Update was a major downgrade
I’ve been using HT home shop for over 10 years have have loved it - until now. The “update” has made it difficult to browse the weekly ad and has added multiple steps to the check out process. The substitution option has been automated. Whereas before, a person called to talk about out of stock items items and possible substitutions, now there is a portal that only offers a single substitution option to accept or reject. You also can’t change settings so it will always show options based on the pick up/ship/in store option. Every time you want to see what’s available for the pick up option, you need to filter every single time. Not good, HT!
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11 months ago, Loyal Customer Family
Update to app disappointing
We have been Harris Teeter shoppers for over a decade and have been placing mobile orders through the app for almost 5 years. It took twice as long today to place our order this week. The changes to the app are not user-friendly. It took significantly longer to scroll through items to find our weekly staples even when using the recent items option. Some items are no longer available through the app and are “in-store only” purchase which defeats the purpose of placing an order online. You can no longer adjust increments less than a pound when ordering items from the deli. I guess the good news is we spent less money this week. Just didn’t have the time and patience to search through the app changes. Really disappointed in the update.
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10 months ago, Binkle02
You Can NO Longer get your Prescriptions through online shopping / Hate the new app
UPDATE: Been a Harris Teeter customer for over 15 years but I guess its time to move on over to Lowes Foods or Walmart. Took me twice as long to do my order today. I tried to look past that and figured I would eventually get the hang of the new app. BUT THEN I realized I couldn't find a spot to add my prescriptions in my order which I have picked up for years through the online shopping. I added it to the “couldn’t find” area. Got a call just now that with the new app you can NO LONGER pick up prescriptions with your online shopping. I called the Harris Teeter customer service phone number thinking this had to be a mistake. NOPE. This is no longer offered because the new app doesn’t allow it. This is the biggest let down to me and my family. First post: Been online shopping with Harris Teeter for years. I was so excited to see a new app was coming. That was until today when I tried to use that new app. Oh my goodness, its awful. I can’t see any of my previous orders. Every time I try to view the ad to see what’s on sale it takes me to the website where it ask me to login again and adds anything I want to purchase to another cart, not the cart in the app. This is absolutely awful!!!
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10 months ago, Cora Violet Halsted
App Review
I found the app slightly confusing and overwhelming overall. Delivery appeared to be “free” at the beginning of my shopping session only to find out during checkout delivery is through Instacart for an additional $10. It took a moment then to figure out how to “switch” all of my items from the delivery cart to the pick-up cart. I spent almost 45 minutes in the app, I’m sure the next time I use it will be more streamlined. The search feature was most helpful as category/item selections seemed to dead-end with no clear direction how to get back to where you left off in a aisle or list. The speed of the App gets 5 stars… I did not wait for pages to load, and could switch quickly between all other page/category/menus.
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9 months ago, Talizessi
Much worse
I don’t know how they managed to make this app (and the website so much worse). You can no longer specify the amount of meat to buy (like in pounds) and the order puller just guesses. I ended up with 0.7 pounds more than I wanted of sockeye salmon and they charged me for it! That adds up way fast! You also can’t shop the weekly ad directly to your cart anymore. It doesn’t tell you when your order is ready anymore - just the original reserved time slot. I haven’t shopped in many many weeks because the app didn’t work at all. It finally works now but it’s still no good. Going to give it several more weeks before returning again. Can’t handle this mess! Also, their website doesn’t function at all - you add things to your cart but then they all disappear when you click on cart. HT has a lot of work to do!! I won’t shop this way.
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4 months ago, JHof01
Please put the old one back
I loved the old app. It allowed you to sort the milk or whatever category you were shopping for by sale special as well as nutrition requirements and brand. Additionally, it popped up more items at a time to compare. Now it takes forever and forever to shop. I can’t find the sale items and they are scattered everywhere. If it is a buy 4 get 1 free or something like that you can’t now click on that item and see what other variety of that item qualify you have to keep scrolling and hope you find more items that qualify for the sale. I started to shop elsewhere after using this app for years and wanted to try it again. Guess I will have to go back to the other store out of convenience , but not because of quality from that store. Harris Teeter you have let me down again!
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9 months ago, just a band geek
I gave it a fair shot…
Like others, I wanted to give the new update a fair shot. Weeks later, it still frustrates me and I’ve given up. I can’t add directly from the weekly ad to my cart, I can’t build my cart because so many items are now “in store only,” and (my personal favorite) when I click on “shop items” from the weekly ad interface, it shows “no products available.” If I built a list to use it to shop in store, the aisle/sections would not display, nor would my list display in aisle order. This morning I couldn’t even add any products to my cart, so I came here to force an update and from reading all the other comments, I know I’m not alone. If the goal of the new UI update was to frustrate users to the point they go into the physical store to shop, then I guess they succeeded.
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7 months ago, JesseConner
Decent quality but missing key feature
The app is, for the most part well designed and well made. It’s not buggy and intuitive to do most things however the shopping cart page is missing a key feature. You cannot sort the items in your cart in any kind of order which means if you have 67 items in your cart they’re just in there in the random order you put them in. If I’m shopping for a week of groceries, I really need to be able to see all the proteins or veggies in one place to get a full understanding of whether something is missing. Otherwise, easy experience but do wish they would add this ability.
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7 months ago, sophismydog
Worst app ever
I wish I could give -100*. My spouse worked in management for this company 15 years ago and it was a company with a good online presence. Now it’s worthless. I live in the home office area of Harris Teeter and this transition to Kroger has Kroger written all over it. Nothing in this app works - and I mean NOTHING. I can’t see the weekly ad in any form. Just the awful blue spinning circle. This has been ongoing for weeks. What good is it if I can’t make my shopping list? Or view anything I want to view?! I deleted and reinstalled. No change. There has been more than sufficient time for this app to rectify its issues and yet after a year, it continues to fail. My vote is to go to Publix if you live in an area that has one. Their app works and their customer service is stellar. I was a Harris Teeter fan for years, but their merger is an historic failure as far as I am concerned.
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10 months ago, CRIV1122
Much improved with this update!
I’m puzzled by the recent negative reviews. This latest update is a huge improvement in my opinion. I found it much faster and easier to find things and build a shopping list. Mobile pay worked as advertised eliminating scanning a rewards card or entering your phone number and didn’t have even take out my wallet; already had my phone in my hand. There’s now also several more ways to sort your list if you find one easier than another. Great job!!
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6 months ago, AHMxxx
This app is unclear and difficult to use. I just lost my cart again. I have to spend an inordinate amount of time. You must think it’s cool, but simple is better. All I want to do is shop and get it over with. Update, March 23: The app is running smoothly, thank you. As a long time customer, I have lost access to some of my favorite products. They are now marked as available in store only. I used to be able to buy them if they were in stock. Also, I cannot get the Thursday senior discount. Has that been taken away? Or is it available only in the store? That would be sad because some older seniors have a more difficult time carrying heavy groceries. Thank you for letting me voice my concerns.
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9 months ago, krob820
A Big Downgrade
The recent transition to the new Harris Teeter app has me scratching my head. The old app worked very well. You used to be able to comparison shop 4-6 items at a time while scrolling through the sales. Now it’s down to 1. The old app was a 100% in-app experience, while the new one pops you out into Safari to look at the weekly sales. And the old app clearly displayed both the discount price and the unit price (per oz, per lb, per foot, etc.), and the new one does not. It’s like someone from the product team decided to make a new whiz-bang version without doing any insights homework on how people shop. Since the transition back in the early fall, I’ve cut my shopping down by about 75% with Harris Teeter due to this transition, despite it being the closest grocery store with all of my favorite brands. What a shame.
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9 months ago, Tko234
New app isn’t as user friendly and good as the old app
So frustrated with the new app. The old one was much cleaner and organized. This one looks like a gutted, cheaper, more hectic version of Walmarts app and isn’t as user friendly. You have to sign in to shop and then sign in AGAIN when you check out. The old app had some bugs/kinks but I’d take that 10 times over than this new one :-/. I’m not sure why they seem to have downgraded the quality with this one. Even the look of it isn’t as nice as the old app. The only pro I can give it is that you get “suggested items” and if you spell an item name wrong, you still get inventory to pop up that didn’t used to be the case in the past. But overall… the new app is an absolute bust.
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10 months ago, CarryMeHere
Zero Stars
I never write reviews for apps but the updated version of this one is so bad that I felt compelled. The old app was user-friendly, letting me build a shopping list before getting to the store and then shopping from the list while in the store. It let me shop from the weekly sale items and told me exactly what was in my store/where everything was located. The updated app has none of this. The splash screen is confusing and it takes a lot of clicking around to find what you need, you can’t search for items that are in your local store (or have any idea where they are located if they do happen to be in your store), and it runs several carts/lists simultaneously. It’s completely unusable. Was it tested with real customers before being released? I’m done with this app.
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10 months ago, A.R..
Update or downgrade?
The app and process update is a turn for the worse. As long time express lane customers, it now feels like a mystery on what our order will contain. Something out of stock? I’ll find out once my groceries are at home and unpacked. The whole point of using the service is to save time, but when to have to go back to the store more missing items, no time is saved. It does me no good to get a retrospective report of what is missing, I need that info before I pick up the groceries. Also, groceries ready early, but the app won’t let me say that I’m on my way to pick them up early. What’s the point of being ready early? In trying to improve the process the communications from the store have been reduced. There are better options at competing stores for this new experience.
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3 weeks ago, piercecosmo
Awful UI with misleading fake status updates on your order.
This app is incredibly frustrating to use; the search fails to consistently return basic items that are always in stock at the grocery store and appear when using the filters to look for things. The search results also seem to prioritize irrelevant results or provide incomplete results. The UI is confusing and difficult to use, and the app is missing critical functionality which it fakes. Specifically, the app will say an order is ready at the scheduled time even when the store is experiencing delays and the store staff confirm that they have not yet begun to shop for the items. Essentially this app lies to you and wastes your time. It is incredibly disappointing and in need of a complete, top to bottom overhaul.
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10 months ago, KHarrHarr
Great improvement!
I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of placing this weeks grocery order. I was a bit frustrated when the revamp of the app happened because it was not very user friendly and would crash several times while trying to put my weekly order in. This week was a world of a difference!!! So happy! Also love the new addition of the mobile app pay option for in store purchases!! Great add! Keep up the wonderful work in making the user experience effortless and easy!!
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10 months ago, Fix the Design!
Why can’t I specify a weight for deli?
This app is frustrating. I’ve ordered from HT online for over 10 years, last week took significantly longer. Deli defaults at 1lb, take a look at Publix order ahead app, HT should model that. Drop down selections for weight and for thickness of meats and cheeses. Also, why are some items available in store only…. The shopper is literally getting my items from that store yet they can’t pick that up? When you checkout it tells you x number of items not available but never tells you what was excluded from the order. Definitely need a much stronger IT testing team with industry experience and perhaps even a beta group to provide feedback. As an IT leader I could go on and on, this was very poorly designed and rolled out.
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10 months ago, BoyMom2ShopQuick
Sorting and Adds and Pickup and more
There needs to be a way to filter by Sale items. Then also sort by price. Old app had by unit price, total price, other others…needs to be added back. Shopping the sale add requires 3 Clicks! The inefficiency is shocking. Step 1 - add to List Step 2 - find item Step 3 - add to cart I just want to add to cart! Also, when searching items, the corresponding sale is not always reflected which makes me apprehensive if I’ll get the sale price. I can’t tell until after I get the receipt following pick up, if I actually got the sale price. Too deceiving. Plus, I want a paper receipt, I don’t just want edelivered. I don’t want to have to filter every time for pick up items only. I want to set a toggle that says show Pick up only. When I check out and my address is defaulted, but I have to enter my phone number each time. Should just be defaulted as well. I do really like the smarter search functionality with auto fill and the popular sorting criteria displayed. That’s a nice enhancement, but still a lot of improvement areas from above. Sorting by Sale price is #1 priority for me out of above.
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10 months ago, Whitmeier
There seems to be two different carts that don’t sync. It’s very frustrating. If I “shop a deal” through the weekly ads tab then those items go into a tab that’s within the weekly sales tab window. But if I search for an item and add it to my cart, it goes into a different cart without the items from the weekly ads. Also, tonight the app kept “encountering a problem” and had to be refreshed constantly. Oh, and it never keeps me signed in or remembers my store. So I have to sign in and choose my store each time. It’s frustrating because I build my cart throughout the week as I think of things I need.
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4 months ago, Late-again-2016-Aug17
Wifi upgrade needed
Since mobile pay requires an internet connection, and since our store is in a cellphone dead zone, connecting to wifi is required to use this app. However, the wifi in the store requires you to set up manually and click a checkbox to accept terms of service every single time. And the connection times out after a few minutes of non-use. It’s incredibly annoying. At Walmart and Target, I just walk in the store and I’m automatically connected to wifi. I realize this might not be considered an issue with the app, but if I can’t use mobile pay then the app is useless to me.
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10 months ago, Cath'lic Mom
New isn’t better
This “updated” app dropped some of the shopping features that made Harris Teeter’s shopping experience so good before. The app no longer consolidates Past Purchases by department, so picking items from my shopping history is tedious. It was also nice to be able to choose how far back I wanted to go when browsing my past purchases (1, 3, or 6 months). Can’t do that anymore. Next, there is no longer a way to order less than 1 pound of deli meats and cheeses or fresh fish and meats. It is not as quick to have to click on each item once it’s in the cart and leave a note for the shopper. I understand this “new experience” might still be under construction, but I can’t imagine why it’s harder for the customer now.
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7 months ago, saamp girl
Wonderful service great app
Harris Teeter has a very user friendly app. It almost does the thinking for you. The photographs of the items are clear, there are many options available and the process is so easy to follow. I love looking at my past purchases to remind me of what I need. The staff is helpful, solicitous and very friendly. They offer alternatives for missing items. They have become my eyes, ears, and fingers since the pandemic. I love Sharon, my shopper. She is caring, picks good fruit and vegetables and makes great alternate choices.
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7 months ago, ethomp1976
Mostly happy with experience
So glad that we have the option of online shopping. And that the site is mostly easy to navigate. My only complaint is that you don’t have the option of adding something you couldn’t find until you hit the checkout button. Plus if you have to navigate back to add something you forgot, it wipes it out of your cart so you have to re-enter it. Also you can only enter at most 1.5 to 2 items. What happens if you can’t find more then that? It would be nice if they added multiple dialog boxes.
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10 months ago, lisa CG
New app for curbside pickup
I love the online shopping and curbside pick up. Sam especially is efficient and friendly. Always calling to ensure I have everything I need. Always a great experience! Since the new online products I notice many things are in store only. I appreciate someone calling to ensure we are getting what we need. I also notice money comes out of my debit card and then refund shows and then the charge is applied. I do not like this at all. Hope this can be fixed. It’s a nice service to be called. 9/10 times, I order my weekly groceries from Harrs Teeter!
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7 months ago, Phillybaby922
I love shopping at Harris Teeter but have begun buying much less items due to frustration with using the app. It doesn’t make any sense that the advertisement opens in a speaker window and you can’t add items directly your list. You have to sign in and then they get added to a senate cart from the items you’ve added from the app. It takes entirely too long and I have begun finding other places to shop that are much more easy to use and post their sales right within the app - so it’s quick and you know how much you’re paying. I would love to see HT go back to the previous app.
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10 months ago, wildjoy
Love my HT App!
The new app is working well now, am glad some of the glitches have been removed. I’m still adjusting, but am relieved the app is back and it works! I hated the “new online experience” we had to use while the new app was under development. My one biggest complaint is why some items are “available in store only”. It shouldn’t make a difference if I’m using the curbside pickup or not. Other than that one thing, I’m much relieved to have a working app for my favorite grocery store!
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10 months ago, Lauren_PK
Not sure what happened
This new platform is not user friendly. It requires too many clicks to add items to the cart, add to cart should just be there. Nothing is organized anymore- I can not see the weekly add by category. It is very hard to tell what is on sale while browsing, only a price is shown not a sale. My cart is no longer organized by category anymore which makes overall shopping hard to ensure I have everything I need. And I can no longer look back at everything I have purchased on the last 6 months by category, this was the feature that made the app worth it. It takes just as long to shop in the app now as it does in the store. This update is very disappointing.
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9 months ago, AstraPoint
Worst shopping app ever
The Harris Teeter shopping app is the worst app I have ever used for shopping. I have been shopping online for pickup groceries orders at Walmart and Target for three years, and decided to try Harris Teeter to find some of the brands I can’t get at the other stores. Teeter's app is very hard to navigate and very difficult when wanting to modify orders. I end up not knowing if the items are added,because all I get when I "review the order" is the money amount, not the list of items. This is not because I am not "techo-savvy", because I have no trouble on other websites. I will probably not order again until they make it easier. I don’t have time time to try to figure out how to use their website.
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