Hawaiian Airlines

4.8 (169.5K)
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Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hawaiian Airlines

4.8 out of 5
169.5K Ratings
5 years ago, ejlontok
In-Flight Entertainment Issue with iPhone 11
First of all, over was overall the APP worked great for viewing your trip information and checking in. It was very easy to navigate. The only issue I had was the In-Flight entertainment. I recently purchased the iPhone 11 and when I attempted to access the In-Flight Entertainment menu on board I would get an error that I was Offline. I powered cycled my phone several times with no luck. Thank goodness a flight attendant was already aware of this issue and was able to assist me with troubleshooting. She had to turn the WiFi off and power cycle the phone, turn the WiFi back on, then put it back in airplane mode several times just to access the In-Flight Entertainment menu to watch anything. If I changed movies the APP would freeze up. So I had to redo the power cycle process again. This was very frustrating.
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6 months ago, JParkGonzales
So close to being great!
This app is *perfect* when it actually works. How great would it be if they could work out the bugs?!? The app sometimes doesn’t display all of my reservations in the My Trips section, so I have to go on my laptop to look up the confirmation number so I can manually search the flight to check in and get my boarding pass on my phone. Also LOVE the feature that they have to change the flight on the app because I travel for business and my plans often change of my meetings run early or late, BUT the downside is that the feature rarely works. Whenever I try to modify the reservation the app simply shuts down. So if I want to change my flight I have to call, and with how much craziness goes on these days with flight delays and cancellations, that often means an hour on the line waiting for a representative plus about 20 minutes on the line that it takes to actually change the reservation with the rep. It’s so time consuming and inconvenient, especially when you have something unexpected come up last minute. Hawaiian Airlines - please make the effort to improve your app so that it is fully functional! As a very loyal and frequent flyer, I know your customers would greatly appreciate it! Mahalo!
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3 years ago, ogi1kenobi
Finally figured it out…
I have had my login error out so many times and have had to change my password. Since you can’t use old passwords it’s making it extremely more difficult and exceedingly more frustrating for me to justify even keeping this app. I was told to use another browser which I though was strange since it’s the app giving me problems not the website login. Apparently I’m the only one having this issue but I’m not going to keep changing my password because the app can’t recognize my login even though the website does. *UPDATE* I figured out that unlike most (if not all other) sites I use, this one automatically begins the password login with uppercase. I’m so used to having to “manually change” any letter from lower to upper case that I didn’t realize the app automatically began with upper case and so each time I tried to login (my password begins with a uppercase letter) I selected the shift which in actuality made it lowercase. Been so used to doing it one way as force of habit I didn’t realize it was my error.
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4 days ago, KawikaKanaka
Hawaiian Airlines Website
I live in Hawai'i so I fly Hawaiian often between islands as well to the mainland. I cringe though every time I go on to their website as it is anemically dysfunctional and sadly one of the worst I've encountered. I've sent a handful of letters with constructive feedback so they may take notice of improvements they can make, at least to be on par with other airlines, but apparently they don't read their emails as nothing has changed. Living in the islands I've learned that Aloha has far deeper meaning than the greetings it typically bestows on another. It is really the soul of these magnificent islands, and I'm just disappointed that the flag ship carrier of the islands is not living with Aloha, by even simply responding to acknowledge there is an issue with their website and a willingness to at least look in to it. Please show some Aloha to your customers Hawaiian Airlines - the customer experience begins at booking, so why not invite your customers to have a smooth and positive experience from the beginning - it just might make a difference on their total experience, not to mention they may be more likely to book a future trip ..... just saying ....
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1 year ago, FollowerofYeshuahamachiach
Low functionality
This app only provides the very basics. They did a nice job of branding and styling the app. But I’m signed in and checking in, and I still have to type all my information over again it didn’t remember my Hawaiian error rewards number, and then when I had to pay for bags, it didn’t pull up my credit card there was no way to get my credit card, which I’ve also start with my profile. You would think that if you have assigned an experience, I can admit they could at least write the API call to go get my credit card or to go get my number so I don’t have to go find it again and copy paste all the information. But the other problem I have has nothing to do with the app. It’s the way the Hawaiian airlines forces you to pay for selecting seats. I’m OK and coach. I’m OK with a Middle see, but I have to pay just to be able to sit with my wife.. It’s like they go out of their way to make it inconvenient to force you into buying the next level of ticket. That’s crap. And it’s a terrible customer experience. Probably the last time I fly Hawaiian but we’ll see.
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7 months ago, HiLife8
App Is Not Competitive But Airline Is Good
Rating this two stars because they improved their app features in the past few years, but it is still nowhere near as functional as other airline apps such as United, Delta, or Southwest. There are often bugs trying to see or edit reservations. You will be redirected to their website to adjust fairly basic details like seats. I haven’t seen an option to book with points except for on their website. The most annoying thing is that you have to log in again anytime it redirects you to the website so you might as well just use a computer or phone browser to start with. The airline itself is fairly good with decent amenities and features along with friendly staff. I’ve never had issues and enjoy flying with them. Downside is it’s difficult to accumulate points for status as you have to fly inter-island a lot or on their fairly limited international flights to gain enough points. Both of which have strong competition with other carriers.
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Best airlines
Regardless of how many KARENS N BILLS there are in this world complaining about every flight etc.. I wanna take this opportunity to tell you all at HA MAHALO’s for all the luv n aloha u give us every flight.. things happpen but the crew to Austin, LA, San Diego have always been to to myself n family n friends.. if everyone jus obeyed the guidelines it would all be smooth.. so things happen, get over it.. u made it safe to your destination.. be humbled u got there.. I hear these people complain all the FREAKN time… stay home or get on a cruise ship.. but stop complaint and enjoy the freedom in the air😂😂😂 Hopefully one day I’ll get 1st class all the time for life😃😂🤣😘😘💪🏾💪🏾haahaaaa.. appreciate the Alohazzz n kindness.. keep doing wat u all do.. SHARE DA ALOHA, IT’S FREE TO EVERYONE..🤙🏾🌴
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11 months ago, Who cares420
Don’t waste your money!
This is the worst airline I’ve ever flown on with the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. They delayed my flight for 2 hours in Honolulu because they kept breaking the tow line so we all sat there in an unventilated airplane sweating our butts off for 2 hours. I missed my connecting flight in San Francisco so we get off the plane and they have me standing in line for 20 minutes just to tell me that since my connection is with united I need to go to them for a new ticket so I cross sof to united and it’s not close to the Hawaiian terminal so I took the sky train and when I get to united they give me a new ticket for the next day at noon oh yeah I forgot to mention it’s 11:30pm so united tells me that Hawaiian owes me a hotel room so I jump back on the train to the other side of the airport back to Hawaiian for my hotel room but go figure they’re closed for the night. It’s now 5am and I’m still hanging at the airport until noon so Hawaiian airlines will never get any future business from me and if your reading this you should use any airline but Hawaiian
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2 years ago, VGLtd
Hawaiian Airlines no more
I have been flying Hawaiian for 40+ years, but after years of frustration with no end in sight, will not ever fly with them again. Alaskan and Southwest are my new go to’s. Hawaiian’s website is archaic, forcing me to call their overseas customer service center, for which the wait times to get a rep is long… sometimes I’m kept waiting for 45 minutes so I end up hanging up out of frustration, and on top of that the training their customer service representatives receive is often inadequate. (You’ll get as many answers to the same question as the number of rep’s you speak to.) one example: the simple task of accessing a credit requires a phone call to customer service. Why not simply have the credit in my account to use when I book my next flight? This lack of common functionality is absent from Hawaiian‘s website. Auwe! I hope they get their act together because once onboard everything is good, it’s just the planning and executing that has become excruciatingly difficult.
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1 year ago, Nespy_
Easily the worst airline and app
Please save yourself the frustration of flying with this airline. During my last seven trips to Hawaii, this was my first time flying Hawaiian Airlines and it will be my last. It has proven to be my the worst airline based on customer service and this app. Additionally, the seats are much smaller than other airlines when it comes to leg room. Small inconvenience but it should be shared that there is no WiFi on the plane. Lastly, my frustration with the app is from it constantly freezing and then saying an unexpected issue has occurred when you are trying to select an upgraded seat for more money, additionally, the check in process causes the app to crash too. This will be the absolute last time I fly this and I’m glad I came to that conclusion before signing up for the Hawaiian Airlines credit card. I will stick to Delta and United Airlines from now on, and even Southwest before ever flying Hawaiian again. Please avoid at all cost of you value your time, money and sanity.
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3 years ago, B von D
Buggy, barely useful
Sigh. Just a frustrating app to use, even in its simplest form of basic flight check in. Every time I open it, there a pop up that says “Oops! Something went wrong.” That’s it. Click “ok” and move on to signing in. Once I’m in, great, right? Nope. Click “my trips” and I have to sign in again, however my Touch ID doesn’t work on this part of the app, so I have to copy and paste my password to see my trips. But good after that, right? Nope. How hard can this be? My trips are never saved and accessible in the app, so I’m forced to type in the confirmation number and last name to access my boarding passes. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s certainly annoying and a nuisance to use an app that actually takes more clicks and redirects than just going to the website and logging in. With the app having Touch ID accessibility, I should be able to access all of my profile data with ease. This app makes checking in and getting boarding passes more difficult. In addition, the in flight entertainment feature is pretty sloppy as well. I don’t know how apps are made without responsive pages — if you want to watch something full screen, you’ll just have to deal with it being locked in the upright diameter of your screen as there is no portrait/landscape orientation response. Ugh. Disappointing.
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5 years ago, MaybeAfterLunch
Forced update?!?
Why are you forcing me to update? I need to check in! I’m not on Wi-Fi I cannot update I’ve had the app for four days Mahalo! Angry one star review for dropping support for the app 4 days after I downloaded it. +1 star for Apple Wallet support (passes opened in Wallet adjust screen brightness to maximum while the pass is open. That’s one of Wallet’s biggest features!) +1 star for Touch ID support. However, I’m not sure why the app asks for a confirmation number initially. I never know the number. (my Hawaiian Vacations e-mail has at least 9 different confirmation numbers within a 3 page email.) but if I cancel that, it asks for my login info (which is saved in my iPhone, protected by Touch ID - 40 years and counting I have never forgotten my thumbprint!) Let’s start with login, or add a Touch ID login option on the screen with the confirmation number input box. Hawaiian Airlines passengers: Use Apple Wallet and Touch ID on your iPhones! It makes life so much easier! (If your boarding pass is in Wallet, it is much easier to access. 1) With your iPhone locked, double-press the home button. 2) tap the boarding pass to select it, if you have other passes in your wallet. 3) You will see your boarding pass displayed and notice your screen brightness increase. 4) Pass your iPhone over the scanner at the gate or at TSA and DONE!
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3 years ago, ncheung
Useless app on iPad
The iPad version of this app is absolutely useless. I downloaded the app because I needed to purchase a checked bag. The app, only allows you to check-in on their website, which is pointless because their website doesn’t work. I have tried purchasing a checked bag on their website using my iPhone, iPad and laptop (I’ve even tried different browsers) and their pay now button doesn’t even work. Therefore they don’t allow you to ACTUALLY pay for a checked bag. Oh and the real kicker is if you try to call them, you’ll have a staff tell you they tried and it was successful but they can’t get pass the pay now. Which means it’s not successful because that’s the issue I have. Not only have I tried other people I’m traveling with have also tried and it doesn’t work. Lastly this issue is not because their site is down, because I had the same issue for over a week and clearly they do not care to fix it at all.
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1 year ago, Lehuaz 1
Unexpected Cancelled flight
I was ready to do “check in” on my flight when I got a text that, my flight was cancelled, saying Someone would get back with me to rebook or refund my money. I couldn’t wait for someone to get back with me, who knows how long that would be, right! I needed help right away. After being on hold for about 30 mins., this very kind agent helped me to rebook my ticket for the next day. In the meantime my I had to reschedule appts. My 2 star review is because of the lack of compassion HA has for it customers. The agent should have automatically been authorized to offer free bags because of the inconvenience. I could have booked with another airline and had 2 bags free. This review could be an opportunity for HA to take a look at customer service “business as usual”.
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2 years ago, College kid's mom
Rebooking on HA horror story
After checking-in for my flight, I attempted to check-in my luggage twice on the phone app but was unsuccessful. No instructional message regarding any luggage for the flight or to try again later. Totally frustrating… Hawaiian Airlines cancelled flight two times (12/22 & 12/24) due to weather, which is understandable. However Hawaiian Airlines would NOT accommodate & approve rebooking the next flight because the last available seat was in the first class section. Apparently customer service staff needed an approval by superior but was denied. Instead a refund will be coming in a couple of weeks, I hope?!?! For now, I’m out a few hundred dollars (until I receive my refund) and scrambling to find a seat on another airline which is getting more expensive because of the last minute ticket purchase and other people rebooking due to their own cancelled flight issues. Unbelievable! I guess there’s NO ‘aloha’ in Hawaiian Airlines.
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9 months ago, Birkie Love
Great private tour and cultural stories!!!!
The orchid garden and volcano national park are under rated!!!!! The orchid garden has tons of tropical plants and leads you to a few beautiful ocean views. It was so peaceful and you MUST stop here!!! It looks like some regular ole garden but it is worth it. The stories and recommended stops in the volcano national park are also spot on. Stop at the petroglyphs. They are super cool and well maintained. This tour made me fall in love with Pele the volcano queen. This app is worth more! I wish when I went to Maui I had known about this!!!!! My next visits to the other islands I will definitely be using this. The other routes on this app are also well planned. These are just my two highlights but I could go on….
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1 month ago, Kauai561
Recently when we go on the app to look for our flights they aren’t there. We look at our trips and it says we have no trips booked. We were ready to check in for our flight and no trip. We did not have the confirmation numbers so we thought we had not booked the flight. We then booked a new flight and then found the confirmation number for the flight we had previously booked. We tried to cancel the newly booked flight and we couldn’t because it was to close to the date of the flight. This cost us over $3000 because the the app told us we had no flights booked when we actually did. This is a big problem! We have other airline apps and have never had this problem because our trips are always there and the app tells us it’s time to check in. Hawaiian does not do that.
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1 year ago, MaDuke1
I’ve always tried getting the best deal over to the Hawaiian islands booking with other airlines and than every time asking myself , why did I do that . Always a issue spending time on the phone with the airlines after my wonderful trip. 6 years ago I looked at Hawaiian airlines and have never looked back not only do they fly direct from Boston but the hot food , delicious and free I fly couch , the stewardess are spectacular I’ve never once had a bad flight and the prices are a few dollars cheaper than my hunt for a bargain years ago. Thanks Hawaiian airlines for making my flights over the year pleasant safe , fun
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1 year ago, prokidplayer
Good, could use some improvements, but good
The in flight entertainment was pretty good considering it was on a 10 year old phone and has had many injuries, but I do really enjoy this during the flight, my last flight with Hawaiian airlines (Portland-kona) was a 6 hour flight, but I was able to entertain myself with the movies and TV shows, I would also really like to ask, does the A321 ever plan on getting a TV on the back of the seat like the Airbus A330? (my brain going aviation geek mode), and the same question with the Boeing 717, even though it is used for island hops, you could be going from Maui to Honolulu and it could take I don’t know, 3 hours cause of a weather delay or something. Dang, I got really off-topic, but very good app
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2 months ago, Biggest Fan63
Worst App Ever
This app is the worst airline app I’ve ever seen. Plus, Hawaiian doesn’t have but one choice for food on a five hour flight and it has the two most common allergens in it. The snacks they offer are unhealthy - at least what I was able to see as the airline attendant stood over me waiting for me to make a choice while the whole plane was waiting for their food or snacks. Not her fault. They should have menus in the pockets of the seat back so you can make a choice ahead of time and take your time to look at all the ingredients to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to the food you order. This airline is poorly run in general based on my experience. I hate it when I get stuck with them. However, the people at check in and their attendants on the plane are almost always pleasant. So at least they hire well and hopefully treat their employees well.
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2 years ago, tormund22916
Impossible to log in
I'm sure the app is fine to use once logged in, but this currently impossible from my iPhone. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times over the course of two weeks, have tried resetting my password multiple times using various patterns of upper/lower/numbers/symbols. Each time I can log in fine from my laptop on the Hawaiian airlines website, but the iPhone app always gives the error "We can't seem to find that account. Please try again." Tried contacting customer support, who gave an unhelpful answer... "I apologize for the inconvenience, please consider accessing our website using another internet browser like Google Chrome for better compatibility." Log in is the most important part of any app because it's completely unusable if broken, which is unfortunately the case here.
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5 years ago, Qksksssk
Great new upgrades to the app
You have to understand that this app currently is mostly a check-in app. For that I give it 5 stars. It makes checking into flight extremely easy. The new design of the app is seamless. Each feature is easy to find and easy to use. A new feature to highlight is the detailed map I found this as very useful. Only a few airports on the app at the moment, but it has made it easy to navigate my home airport (HNL). For I am a person who does not spend that much time at the airport. I believe with future updates this app will be one of the best on the market. The attention to detail is great!
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2 years ago, Wm.
Fake app
Major struggle to be able to get even logged in. App keeps on losing my account, stored in keychain, but app doesn’t auto populate logon. On top of it, tells me my keychain stored password is wrong. Yea, it got stored in there by virtue of a successful logon so how could it be wrong? App or system would offer to reset password but never sent reset e-mail. Had to create a new account and then the new account was only partially logged into this appinstine … would only appear logged in while in the web page portions of fake mobile app. After struggling with app, logged out only to find app didn’t update my password in keychain!! Had to try again to use password reset system. Flipped over to browser to do rid and it worked as expected, e-mail arrived, password reset. Taking no chances I went into the keychain copied the original password to put in for the new password. Relogged into web page in Safari and it worked. Went back to fake app and it didn’t populate from the keychain so I manually got from keychain and finally logged in. To top it off, once the 45 min of login struggle was over I searched for a flight… and… the fake app errors out with: Sorry! An error has occurred. [WEB:BK100] 🥃 💃🏼🕺🏻🦊🏃‍♀️⁉️
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5 months ago, Kyle Kai
Poor iPad support
I was using the Hawaiian web site on my iPad and it kept suggesting I use the app, so I downloaded it and gave it a try. My iPad uses an keypad cover, so it’s always in landscape mode. But the Hawaiian app must be used in portrait mode only! How dumb is that. Totally unusable with my keypad cover. So I disconnected the keypad cover and logged in using the virtual keypad. App did not list my trip! I had to search for it? Finally got it to show, but no “share” button anywhere. I have to take a screenshot of the itinerary to send to my family. How dumb is that. I’m a software developer and all my apps work on the iPad, in portrait AND landscape mode. The app developers for this app are just lazy. There’s no reason that this app can’t use landscape mode other than poor software engineering.
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2 years ago, ferdaj23
No Aloha …
I fly Hawaiian a lot as I live in Hawaii and travel frequently to the mainland. Customer service on the phone has diminished considerably. I was told I had to have a Covid test which I know was not true. There was no way for them to assign me a seat, I called three times, it was pretty pathetic. I am a frequent flyer and it saddens me to see the airline I love to fly treat people in a less than desirable manner. The terminal at LAX is now located so far in the new international wing that you have to walk almost 30 minutes just to get to the gate at the very end where there is no food and no coffee & no seat assignments. What is happening with Hawaiian Airlines? I’m so disappointed, I think it’s time to try and start earning miles on another airline. No aloha … J
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1 year ago, Easy Eaze
Hawaiian airlines is a mess
I could not check in via the app or the website for a ticket booked months early for a long-haul international flight. I called and chatted with customer service with no help. I had to go to the airport a day before my flight just to check in, and even then they had trouble finding my reservation! Almost had a panic attack. After taking my passport to the back for 20 minutes, she finally came out and said they found what was wrong with my ticket and got me my boarding pass. I have not even mentioned the multiple changes that have occurred to this flight, the inability to change or upgrade my seats. It’s been dismal. They say their goal is a “smooth and worry free travel experience” but my experience was the EXACT OPPOSITE. Stay away from Hawaiian until they get their act together.
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11 months ago, shyshy808
Are you kidding me
This app truly works when it wants to. Some times my information shows up along with my saved travelers. Most times it’s not there and I need to type everything in. This being me back to HA old old app. Limited features and inconsistent. I can’t even view my mileage statement. Hawaiian what’s going on? Who ever is your developer for the app. You need to either put your foot down with them and be more involved or hire a new company. The app is a form of customer service. On a scale of 1-5 you get a 1.
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2 years ago, An iPad novice
Terrible app
First: every time I try to log in, it tells me my password is invalid, but won’t let me change it to the last password I used. 🙄 I had to change my password at least 5x when I flew out because every time I tried to open the app I had to reset my password. By now, most of my passwords for this app include the f-word. Second: although I have TSA precheck, it didn’t note it on the boarding pass. That was very aggravating. Third: not sure how my middle name got onto the app because it is on none of my IDs and I never use it. When I purchased my tickets through the app it automatically used that name, which I discovered when I saw my boarding pass. However, since I had already checked in, I couldn’t change this. Fortunately TSA didn’t notice or argue about it; keeping fingers crossed that I can get back home again. Fourth: using the app to check in was a little time consuming (when every second is precious), and it took some time for the check in button to appear when it was time. I wasn’t sure where to look because there wasn’t a grayed out button or anything, and when the time rolled around, I somehow clicked on a map and then had to get out of it.
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1 year ago, Kuulei Music
New System
Take a few deep breaths before trying to rebook any flight credit you might’ve accumulated due to delayed/cancelled flights. The cost for a fare online might be $84, but when you call, the “phone price” could be double that amount. And the only way you can rebook is over the phone. If you’re trying to check-in using the app, and it tells you that you need to check in with an agent, try checking in using an online browser instead. The new system is glitchy and is taking a toll on the customers (and employees I’m sure) in big ways. Also, frequent flyer info isn’t saved so you need to input your information every single time you book. And, first class upgrades for HawaiianMiles Pualani Gold upgrades haven’t been doable with the new system. So frustrating!!!
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1 year ago, Rick197438
Hawaiian Airlines website and app not working
Spent 2 hours trying to book online and over the app. Neither worked. Then had to do it on the phone and wait another hour on hold (not even a call back option). Tried to use SMS/ text and Live Chat, neither worked. Took several hours to book a simple inter-island flight. When I did finally book, I paid extra for better seats. When I boarded the airline had switched our seats. They don’t refund automatically. So now I have to go back online and find how to apply for my money back - it’s on me?!? Really shocking. Was with Hawaiian and loyal for many years until CoVid. Then I switched to South West for 3 years. Tried coming back, but this was such a cluster I’m staying with South West. It’s a shame. Take me about 5 minutes to book my South West flights.
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1 year ago, cmndrpiccolo
Still underperforms competition
Hawaiian app has small improvements but still is of the worst performing airline apps out there. Last 4 flights straight checking in on the app: couldn’t check bags. “Unable to open screen”…. Every, single, time. Consistently doesn’t work. And want to pay for seat change while signed in? Prepare to enter all your credit card info again. It saves for booking tickets but for some unknown reason if upgrading or, if so lucky, you can check bags it won’t load your previously saved credit cards, very obnoxious. Might seem small, but it’s the only of my 5 airline apps that have these issues. Just C grade technology.
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5 years ago, CaptainHambone
Any functionality of the app redirects you to website
I fly at least once a week on flights that are often only 1 or 2 days out. I used to be able to book flights through the app but now I am redirected to their website. There isn’t an option to auto populate name address KTN member number etc. So when you get redirected to the website to book fares it’s like you’ve never been there before; it is useless, but that’s where everything has to happen now. What’s the point of this App? On a separate note. Hawaiian has been price gouging using their monopoly (for now) in Hawaii. Most fares are $200-$250 for a 26 minute flight between Kauai and Oahu! If you want to kill inter-island tourism and jeopardize people’s ability to commute in Hawaii keep up these fares Hawaiian!!! You are seriously making it hard to afford working inter island. 🙁
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5 years ago, kevinc1218
Garbage: No Booking/No Entertainment
This app is complete garbage. Not sure who designed it. They took years to be able to even see current status and mileage balance. It’s almost 2020, and you still cannot book flights, cash or award on the app. Also Hawaiian doesn’t have onboard personal entertainment screens onboard domestic flights in ANY class, an extremely cheap move for a national airline. So you are forced to use the app to watch the limited selection of free movies. The app is ridiculously difficult to connect to the onboard Wi-Fi. And DO NOT Pause movies, because you will have to force close the app on iOS devices, then turn off Wi-Fi, connect the app, and then turn on Wi-Fi, just to watch the movie from begin. Absolutely disgusted and beyond unacceptable. Almost every airline in Asia does better than this. Ridiculous.
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1 year ago, 33rd and 3rd
Use of mileage a disqualifies for bid up seat
Before acquiring my awarded FIRST CLASS seat for outbound HNL toSEATAC Aurora, Hawaiian Reservations told me the computer made a mistake putting out bound AND inbound legs as eligible. Only My Return from Seattle a paid portion was eligible AND it was a computer glitch. TODAY, Newt and super Marcus say Aurora wrong—my outbound is eligible AND I HAVE first class…my biggest fear is I show up for boarding and they say I have no First Class AND I also no longer have my BUSINESS CLASS SEAT 17A because it was backfilled as soon as “computer” made match. IM hoping NO SUCH MIXUP takes place as I’ve been booked for around 6 months and need to have a seat either my original 17A or bide up First Class. CONFUSING!!!
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5 years ago, Wotufaka
Still Not Up To Par With Other Airline Apps
Initially, I had high hopes for what finally seemed like THE app upgrade we have been waiting for. I’m sorry to say, it was a total let down. There are a few bright spots so it’s not a utter disappointment but it’s close, IMO. I don’t see how this can be considered a real app when you’re redirected to their website via safari when you try to book a flight. What’s the point of an airline app if you can’t book a flight with it?? I mean, come on. All the apps for the other major carries have this functionality, so Hawaiian still seems like they have a long way to go. The bright spots are how clean and aesthetically pleasing and well done the app is. But I feel like all of that is for naught without the basic functionality that airline apps should and should provide. Only being able to login using your hawaiian miles number is also annoying. We log into the website using either our miles id OR email. How was this functionality not carried over to the app? Overall, it’s looks cleaner better and feels better but a complete let down on functionality. Bottom line, it feels like corners were cut and the release was hurried.
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2 months ago, TriggaTrev808
If I could I’d give 0 stars
Why might you ask? App lacks streamlined processed as stated in update. On the user end is very frustrating to use for people who fly Hawaiian frequently (1-3 times a month). Every time we have to book a flight app makes us fill out information that is already stored on website. This includes email address, phone number, credit card info. Again this info is all saved on profile in website and works with a click of a button. How can your website be easier to use profile info then the app? Hawaiian airlines previous app from 2 years ago had no problem with using saved information. It was more efficient than the current app. Make this simpler for your customers to use please.
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4 years ago, Tsukiten
How Did All My Information Become Nonexistent?!
I’ve used this app for years and been a Hawaiian Miles member for years and your app updates itself and is supposedly to be a better app but then all of a sudden I can’t log in and my Hawaiian miles number doesn’t exist. My information doesn’t exist. Asking me to sign up again?! Why would I when I’ve been with you guys for years?! How do you lose all my information?! Give me a customer service person worthy of answering me because so far none of them have been helpful to resolve this situation. I’ll switch airlines before using Hawaiian again at this rate. I don’t care if you try to lower your prices to compete you’re so behind in technology, have terrible customer service resolutions and have a faulty app. Fix it or lose more customers.
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2 months ago, cantdeletefavorite_crashes_sad
Won’t allow to check in on app and website, got stuck on scanning passport part.
Attempted to check in flight 24 hours before flight departure and it got stuck on the scanning passport part. Exited out and then attempted again, and then it won’t allow me to check in at all saying I need to check in with guest services at the airport. Attempted to check in multiple times by reinstalling app, using the website on multiple browsers, still the same result. Been a loyal flyer with Hawaiian Air for a long time and I’ve always had issues like this intermittently and I just let it go. This has been frustrating, and I just like to have this issue resolved the next time I want to check via app. Just do better. Mahalo
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4 years ago, StirFriedTaro
First time user
I seen the reviews and ratings but also seen the changes and improvements done over the past year. I wanted to book flights for inter-island and I can say that I’m very satisfied with the ease and use of this app. I experienced a network error during the booking process and ended up starting over. I noticed the seat I first chose was no longer available so I chose 1 seat behind, could this be a bug due to a network error? On my flight back I noticed that no passenger was in that seat I initially chose.
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1 year ago, Bridgerterra
Expedia and Hawaiian air don’t work well together
Even though I had a Expedia and Hawaiian account, they don’t allow me to track my flight with Hawaiian. I booked my flight on Expedia in Dec 2022 for a March 2023 flight. I had a Hawaii confirmation number but Hawaiian Airlines won’t allow me access to my flight. Nor would they allow me to add my Hawaiian Airlines number. Expedia didn’t even show me the Hawaiian flight info in their app, and Hawaiian Airlines said I could see it through their app. I had to make and change my account 3 times with Hawaiian because their website kept crashing when I would just finishing my account.
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12 months ago, GoofyGirl33
Great Service but…
Love Hawaiian Airlines. Everyone is friendly and helpful. But..the last 3 or 4 times flying, our flight times have changed. We book the flights that best meet our schedule but times always change and not in our favor. Usually, it requires much longer layovers in airports. It’s frustrating when you book the flights you like then like clockwork, you get an email a week or so later telling you your flight times have changed. It has happen the last 3-4 times if not more. It’s a real bummer.
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2 years ago, kayweezy509
I utilize all airplane travel apps for faster check-in process, but lately the Hawaiian Airlines app has been very glitchy since it’s last update. When trying to log into my Miles acct on the app, I keep getting a message that says cannot find my account - However, when I go to desktop website I can log in just fine. I have double checked my password & username/Mileage number is correct, tried to reset my password multiple times but still experiencing same issue when trying to log into app.
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1 year ago, Dongsaddle
Just This Side of Useless
I downloaded this app in anticipation of a trip to the islands. I’ve used similar apps with other airlines and found them helpful in checking in and getting electronic boarding passes as well as checking flight status. With the Hawaiian app I was able to check in but for all 4 flights I was unable to obtain electronic boarding passes. Also, the flight status on all 4 showed as “on time”, though 3 were delayed significantly. Only after we arrived were we informed by the app that the flight was late. An app of this type is relatively straightforward and many airlines have produced a useful product. Hawaiian’s app has a long way to go.
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2 years ago, 563928
Worst reservation experience EVER
I chose your airline specifically because of your Premium Seats. When I booked our flight two days ago there were plenty of Premium Seats available to choose from, but for some reason your website would not allow me to choose them prior to paying for the flight. I assumed I’d pay for the flight and then immediately call and upgrade to Premium. I discovered after FOUR SUBSEQUENT PHONE CALLS that I could not change my seats through the phone number provided because I booked a hotel through your website??? For 3 days I’ve called and emailed with NO response from anyone. This morning I was within 24 hours of our departure and could FINALLY choose seats. You assigned us Coach seats in the middle of the craft (thanks a lot!) and now there are NO premium seats available. I’ve been on hold for 24 minutes so far with your reservation line hoping there is some kind of fix to this, but as it stands right now, our vacation is ruined before it’s even begun. We’re 2 very tall men who would have NEVER booked Coach seats for such a long flight!
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11 months ago, scarro24
Not quite ready for primetime.
Well designed but not quite ready for primetime or reflective of the in-person helpful service available at the airport. If you change or cancel a flight, the app doesn’t seem to know how to handle it when you try to access the new flight. It freezes or gives you a generic error without any detailed information on how to solve the issue. Rebooking due to an involuntary flight change, or voluntarily changing a flight via the app is not possible. Bag fees were inaccurate at check-in after losing my Pualani status last year.
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1 year ago, RonnieHN
Poor Service
The website stated I would be able to get a free bag with my Hawaiians Airlines Mastercard, and I was told by reservations over the phone that I had to see receptionists at the airport to get refunded for my bag purchases. When I got to a receptionist at Honolulu International Airport, I was told I needed to call reservations. When I told them reservations told me to speak to them, they offered no resolution. I’ve now purchased one bag for my departure flight and another one just now for my return flight and no way to get refunded the $50 I’ve spent on the single bag I was told would be free. That is poor service.
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1 year ago, AJSBM77
Not reliable / broken functionality
This app always has some issue. Whether you are booking or trying to check in. In both cases, some functionality doesn’t work. For ex, I had issues booking and using my points both on the app and on my computer. I ended up calling customer service which is always a long call. Today, it wouldn’t complete my boarding pass during the app checkin and I couldn’t add my bags on the app and computer. I was able to go back into the app and get my boarding pass but still can’t add luggages and got an error message that need to do it in person. This app makes me change devices and/or call the service center - needs to be more reliable and seamless.
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5 years ago, Chmy9
Lacks basic functionality
Okay, the app isn’t all that bad in comparison its train wreck predecessor. However, it lacks one of the most basic functionalities in any application: simply signing in. What if I don’t know my Hawaiian miles number off the top of my head (is that something that people have memorized? Second most important number after social security right)? Not having the option to sign in with email is ridiculous. There’s also no option to retrieve the number or my password in the case of forgetting either. I refuse to go through my email or their website to find my number, then come back to the app to check in. I’ll print my ticket instead, too humbug.
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3 years ago, hilohulahunny
Won’t let me log in
I’ve had this app for about 2 years now and I’ve noticed recently it hasn’t been update my miles while I stay logged in on the app. I logged out to log back in so maybe it would update my miles but it no longer lets me log in. It keeps saying “We can’t seem to find that account”. I even reset my password because I thought maybe I’m entering the wrong one. Even after resetting my password it will not log me in to the app. But I am able to log onto my account using the regular website in browser, but NOT on the app. So much for trying to make thing better and convenient for their customers, they just make things more difficult and complicated!
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10 months ago, Brinkdastruction
The worst app
Your app is the worst for airlines. Always needing to reboot and never is able to check in less than 24 hours. Your company has a lazy attitude and the attitude of customer service proves it. Everyone laughs with irritation about your airline. Brah, it’s Hawaiian time! Oh, it’s fine if you book way in advance. It gives you time to catch up. Come on, I’m embarrassed for this airline. Pull your head out of your south end or you will get eaten up like Lahaina. Complacent attitudes will be the downfall. Do be slow to learn, be in the forefront. At least use another airlines app once in a while and see what you don’t have and how slow to change it is. Let me guess unko said, no it’s fine, da kine betah fo us. No hassel
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