Hebrew Dictionary +

4.6 (1.2K)
89.5 MB
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Last update
3 years ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hebrew Dictionary +

4.61 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
7 years ago, Audums
Essential for studying Hebrew
This app is essential for any student of Judaism or the Hebrew language. The intuitive features of the app allow you to easily translate words, phrases, or whole sentences in English or Hebrew; listen to the pronounciation of Hebrew words and phrases; and take advantage of a categorized Hebrew phrase book. I highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Cheryl JV
Great in some ways, many inaccuracies too!
I love this app because you can hear HOW to say ONE word in Hebrew or a common saying. . That’s the good news. If you want to translate or see how to say a sentence, you’re out of luck, you’ll have to use Google Translate. Additionally, I’ve run across sooo many words that when I click on them to go to a deeper level, you get something totally irrelevant. It seems like the links they have in place have not been reviewed and corrected for errors as they should be. They need to correct ALOT of these or de-link so there’s not so many errors. It seems they need someone fluent in English to clean up what would otherwise be a great App! So. I use mainly for pronunciation which in itself is quite helpful!
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1 year ago, עמד בין הדסים
Anything that meets one’s expectations and then some deserves five stars, and anything that produces the bare minimum of one’s expectations deserves four stars, whereas that which proves to be helpful, yet falls short here and there of one’s expectations deserves three stars, and anything less than that I personally have better things to do than deliver poor scores to anyone, and would rather spare everyone else from seeing a two or one star rating, one might attribute the shortage of time management (spent on superfluous things) on inflation, that which may have been important yesterday, very well may not be (as) important today, where a greater priority or crisis overshadows yesterday’s priorities and crisis.
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3 years ago, clhefton1
Incomplete translations, bad navigation, intrusive ads
This only shows the masculine singular version of all adjectives, doesn't conjugate verbs, has no back button so you have to re-search words every time you want to go back to other possible translations, and has ads that take over the whole screen rather than remaining at the bottom. It completely ignores the importance of showing all 4 (sg/pl, m/f) forms for adjectives since the vowels change sometimes unpredictably.
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5 years ago, ChanaBear
Intrusive ads and ridiculously short trial - if you want to call it that.
It may be great but it is so annoying with the immediate ads and restrictions that I immediately deleted it. After 2-3 trial words (and ads) - it says you can get 7 more words if you see ads... First the trial is not long enough to see if previous problems have been fixed - and there is nothing that says ads will be removed completely on purchase. Overall - not worth the hoops this dev wants to make people jump through.
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4 years ago, Scrappyrn
So helpful
This has been so helpful with my Hebrew practice. I love the translation both from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew. It’s great that I can make flashcards and keep a list of vocabulary words. Price is great for what you get definitely worth paying for the upgrade. It’s only a few dollars.
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6 years ago, tirhoom
Hebrew dictionary
I use the diction almost every day. It is very helpful. Quite often, the Translation word in Hebrew is cut off. Could you please fix it? Thanks.
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4 years ago, ChristianPsalm84
Helpful App
This app has been very helpful. I can see the vowels and hear how to pronounce words. I know the Hebrew alphabet and sounds, so this app is increasing my vocabulary.
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3 years ago, THE PharmDiva
Would help if you included the short vowels
Hard to know exactly how to pronounce a Hebrew word when you don’t include the short vowels. Otherwise, fun app.
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3 years ago, French_Alex
Vowels are important for beginners…
People who learn Hebrew for the first time, don’t know how to read it without the vowels. (Points)
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5 years ago, lngoodall
Great learning tool.
I have been teaching myself Hebrew for going on Two years. This dictionary is a great resource!
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1 year ago, OnlyDavid
Missing lots of basic words and I can’t trust the translations
I am using Duolingo to learn Hebrew and I am shocked at the sheer number of words that are not in this app. I’m talking about beginning basic words like “lunch”. I mainly bought it for its flash card feature. I figure it would give me a good way to review words. That doesn’t work if the dictionary don’t have them. I finally lost all respect when I was looking up ציפור (bird) and found the definition as “most vulnerable part of the body”. This is not a Monty Python sketch.
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4 years ago, Savtah Gadol
Hebrew Word Of the Day
It would help me so much if you had a Modern Hebrew speaker write out the pronunciation in transliterated English. Reading the Hebrew letters doesn’t guarantee that I am saying the word correctly.
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7 years ago, Clovetoday
Start Here
Great place to begin learning a wonderful language.
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6 years ago, Knittingldy40
It’s funny how people are always saying how the game (s) aren’t in English and when I go and read reviews of applications where “ EVERYONES “ English is worst!!!!!! How do y’all expect the developers to make games or etc..... when people can’t even give reviews when their English language is “ EXTREMELY “ horrible!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Chicago Grant
Easy app to use with search engine integration
Thank yoi for making it easy to look up Hebrew and revieew other tools.
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6 years ago, cobico9
Hebrew dictionary
Many Hebrew words are missing and there is no room to provide suggestions or other remarks
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2 years ago, robshorr
Easy to use. Well done!
I use
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9 months ago, joncsknv
Outdated UI, way too many ads
Have no idea how this app has such high reviews, it seems they haven’t updated the ui in years and the constant ads are annoying.
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7 years ago, axlvi07
Hebrew bible
It's an app that it's a blessing to have and I'm looking forward to learn Hebrew
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3 years ago, Vicglis
It’s a loss of time
Every time I want to use it, it says that I need to buy the up graded feature even I already bought it
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3 years ago, callmeyodaddy
Alll components need to be added to the app before you can really experience it enjoy it other than that is deceptive.
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4 years ago, LindaBSearcy
Great Study Bible
I love to have a great study Bible always at my finger tips.
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2 years ago, Cajunservant
To many ads. Every time you search for a word an ad pop up. Time wasted…
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2 years ago, Adelgado13
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4 years ago, daozhangaimama
Horrible not professional and too much ads
Very misleading dictionary. Not professional for language learning
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5 years ago, My name Pastor Don on FB
When I loaded the app it said it was free. Each time I’ve tried to look up a word it goes to a page that wants money! I don’t call that free! Regards Don
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6 years ago, SMC 4
No Sound
Tried everything. Sound does not work. Pointless.
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6 years ago, Completely done w ACMOORE
Waste of money
No sound no pronuciation what’s the point? Emailed the developer 2 weeks ago. Still no response.
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4 years ago, Yonv
I deleted the app because it keeps having ads for Joe Biden. I don’t need that in my Hebrew app.
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4 years ago, Sunshine Batzold
Every time I look up a word as soon as I go to the next word 🤪I have to look at an ad !!! I’m deleting
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4 years ago, KALLAHKALLAH!
NOT an app.
You’re asking for money but you’re not even an ACTUAL app? 2/3’s of your “app” is simply leading people online and to WEBSITES 🤦🏽‍♀️....that doesn’t defeat the purpose of an App for you guys? Would be one thing if you’re free, but then you ask people to pay or ‘Watch Ads’ for ONLY 7 tries? *tiisk tiisk tiisk*
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4 years ago, hhhhbhb.
I don’t think you
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6 years ago, Bobby frown face
If you are Jewish you need to know that this app includes Christian Bible quotes. It is not for Jews. Not being forthright and upfront about this is a violation of Biblical Jewish law. So be aware of this.
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5 years ago, HADND
Garbage app uses google translate
No pronunciation guide, uses google translate (worst translator in existence). Utterly pointless.
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2 years ago, skawuln
INSANE AMOUNT OF ADDS May be the worst app I’ve ever used
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12 years ago, Cindy18:)
I like it!
Just returned from a trip to Israel to visit family and friends. I am moderately fluent in Hebrew having studied it 20 years ago when I lived in the country ... So it is perfect if I am stuck and need a Hebrew word I cannot remember. Played the games as we drove around. I will try to keep up with the word of the day ... Especially remembering how to spell the word. This is a great app, but if you are serious about learning Hebrew buy a real dictionary and take a class! This app will then be a great tool for you:)
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10 years ago, M20034
Must have
For anyone visiting Israel or attempting to learn hebrew this app is a must have. It translates phrases and expressions for you so you don't sound like an idiot trying to say them literally and doesn't require Internet connection so its quick and easy to use while on the move. You can easily bookmark words and phrases so they're easy to access and it has a couple games to play if you're bored.
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12 years ago, Heavenly.
This is great for me, since I like to see the word of the day, in English, then, see how beautiful, the oldest language in the world, Jesus' language, is written. Although I would like to be able to type in a word of my preference, and and receive the meaning to it. For instance, look up a word from the word of God, and type it in, and get the way it is written, would be great. Just to receive a word of the day is not enough! Thank you, and May you too, find the word of God, and Our Father, most important answer in your life. They can improve this book, tremendously. Love Christi, a child of the most high! TO DELETE THIS APP... Push on the book intel it jiggles, keep your finger on it intel delete comes up!
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12 years ago, Superuker
Great dictionary/translator
This is a great app for people who need it for a translator/dictionary. This would be good for someone learning Hebrew because there is no pronunciation (of you have the free version). This is better than other apps because if you misspell a Hebrew word it brings up that part of the dictionary (in alphabetical order) so you can find the word. !!מילון יפה
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12 years ago, DR.ankin
One of the few Hebrew dictionaries
It you plan to do any of the upgrades, forget it and just buy the Pro version. I wasted 99 cents and then decided to get the pro. Not sure what I was really getting for the upgraded database. Pro version 3.99 and is the way to go if you need it. Unfortunately there are a still words from the Tanach which won't show up in the dictionary.
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12 years ago, Mimperial
Hebrew Dictionary
The free version is okay if you know some Hebrew but you have to pay for pronunciation. It's only a good dictionary if you know intermediate Hebrew. Otherwise you would have to pay for the audio version.
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9 years ago, Justshay84
It's not the bad one but it's not the best one
Little difficult to use ... And let say I want to play some memory games I have to invite a friends that I know .. So let say you don't have one to share so you can't play.. What is funny because they want me to invite my friends so they will know about this app.. But if I don't want them to play with me? If I want to play with my self? This one from few things here that I don't like
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11 years ago, Yomerodakh
Pretty good
Really fantastic app! Only problem is that about probably 1 out of every 4 Hebrew words I look up in the dictionary gives the definition of: "C" or "E." no definition, just a random letter where the definition should be. If this is indeed a bug it's been in the app for quite sometime. I'm sure the devs are aware of it, just wish a fix would be rolled out.
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13 years ago, Dawveed
This is the time to get in on this one.
I think the word of the day is a good idea, however, it doesn't work in my 3G iPhone. I wish the developers would provide as an option the Hebrew vowel points. Also, I would like to see a Hebrew to English option someday. I am not always in an area with Internet, so this app is helpful tool when I need yo lookup a word.
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12 years ago, happysmartiepantz
If far complete. It can be frustrating when you look up a word in English, then get ten different Hebrew options and no explanation of how to use each. Also, you only get vowels going from English to Hebrew, so if you're reading you'll still have to guess through new words' pronunciation. Thirdly, the search bar is not always nice. You can put in שדרה and get a result, but searching for "boulevard" nothing comes up, as if the word isn't in the dictionary. All that aside, it functions perfectly well, and has lots of words. The best app Dictionary I could find.
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12 years ago, Larry Campbell
Better than nothing
Handy, but missing lots of words. Sometimes unresponsive for several seconds at a time (loading ads in the main thread, I suspect). No vowel points in the Hebrew side; if you want to know how to pronounce a Hebrew word, you have to look up its English equivalent. No audio pronunciation of Hebrew words, only English. The only reason I use it is that there doesn't seem to be any other one available.
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11 years ago, Docbethel
Good app needs pronunciation
This is a good app, especially for one that is free. I agree with the other reviews re. the need for pronunciation, either audio or at least transliteration. Also, for the word of the day, the word itself should be set apart in larger type with pronunciation and then followed by all the phrases and usages.
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9 years ago, Anonmom
Constant Full Screen Ads, Can't Evaluate App
You know apps that allow full screen ads to take over your screen, you can't dismiss the ad, you are locked out of your phone or iPad forced to wait for the ad to dismiss, and it's always an ad that's offensive, for some violent ugly game-- THIS is one of those apps. You can't even evaluate the app. Maybe the point of this app is to promote violent adolescent games, if that the case, good on you Developer, well done. #FAIL
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11 years ago, Chanwang
Good but needs work
Good app, but it does need a lot of work to be great. Hebrew pronunciations and a better dictionary. Adding the ability to take pictures of hebrew and have the app translate. All in all, I definitely recommend it but would love to see it get better.
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