Heetch - Ride-hailing app

4.7 (2.8K)
194.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Heetch - Ride-hailing app

4.73 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Salah Eddine gan
Amazing App & Amazing service
One night I walked out of work at 3am in casablanca after our transport run away. i staid with no transport mean or enough money, in addition my home place was far. my colleague suggest the app for me and told me that Heetch offer free first three rides. I didn’t believe it at first. I downloaded the app right away I try it and I piked the taxi driver, the response was at the moment, the driver arrived in less than 5m, and drive me to my place safely and with nice hospitality. And completely FREE. All that thanks to this amazing Application and it’s wonderful community. So Thanks once again Heetch, I hop sincerely you keep moving forward.
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3 years ago, Kamer, happy rider
Why I like riding with Heetch...
I used to hate Heetch when it forced clients to use FB to be verified (I quit FB 6 years ago) and I promised myself to forget about Heetch service. Then a new policy added more options to be verified and this means Heetch is listening to its customers. And the drivers are polite, considerate and professional. And more discounts than any other company in DZ - actually other companies are now imitating Heetch, which is good for customers. I am glad I am back.
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3 months ago, Fouad Graoui
Paris to Sevran Trip
Driver showed up in 3-minutes. Nice & clean car. Took good short way to our destination. Very respectful driver who answers all our questions we asked. Good & fair price for our trip. I will always use it when I am in France. Thank you
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5 years ago, Best vpn app
Good concept but not reliable and bad customer service
Nice app and convenient - I had once a free ride but the driver still charged me for it. I contacted the customer service but no one cared - today I had to go fast to the train station and when the driver came he refused to pick me up because I have a cat ( in its cage ofc) - still have other stories but the bottom line, I won’t rely on this app anymore. I guess it’s time to discover other offers.
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1 year ago, Jem 23
Great Rideshare
This is the closest thing to Uber or Lyft here in Dakar, Senegal. It’s way better than taking a raggedy, hot taxi. I definitely recommend! Be sure to have near correct cash. Also the drivers don’t really know English, so beware and ready with your Google Translate app.
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7 months ago, Globetrotter1964
Great first ride
My first ride with this car service did not disappoint. Reliable service and clean car. I’ll use it for the rest of my stay in Luanda. Congrats to the developer.
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1 year ago, TomA2
Terrible App /Poor Service
You cannot even log into the app without WiFi. All attempts with an account or third party log in fail on a cellular connection with “something went wrong” as the only comment. I contacted customer service about a bad driver that refused pickup and refused to cancel and had to rebook at a higher price and the only reply was that they would talk to the driver. They offered no compensation for the increase in fare. Try Yango. It actually works.
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1 year ago, Wikifeed
Amazing when it works..
More and more drivers ask to cancel the ride under the pretext that the app is frozen on their end so they can offline. Or they simply never show up. This kind of uncertainty makes me not want to use this service anymore. Otherwise, it could be a 5 star.
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6 years ago, Noah002
Fix it please
Giving it 4 stars instead of 5. My friend is using the app and liking it so far. She used it to get me a taxi too and it was super quick. The thing i hated about the app is that you should have a facebook account to connect. I deleted mine ( i can’t use the app) work on this please!!!
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6 years ago, Bency7
Stupid app
u can’t create account without facebook i don’t have facebook so i can’t use it lol
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5 years ago, Abdouرزاق
Another way to sign up is required
It'd be awesome if you enable other ways to sign-up/log-in, i believe a mobile phone number or a scan of National ID Card would do it for you easier for those who doesn't want to use Facebook or doesn't own one in the first place, Good luck ^_^
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5 years ago, Elna_Naya
the app and its platform need some address-level adjustment that does not display properly for the customer and creates misunderstandings with the driver and then the drivers need to understand that a Heetch customer is not obligated to accept another passenger in his reservation
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2 years ago, kinosama0
Would be pleasant to use if not for fatal technical flaw!
The app looks well done and the support team is reactive. However, on iOS the service relies on Apple Maps, which is completely barren where I live. It’s just not possible to find your destination on the map, thus making the app useless. Back to the competitors that all use Google Maps…
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12 months ago, amer the nick ane
Worst case ever
The worst taxi app I have ever used. I tried it tree times: few number of available taxis, driver always call to check price, drivers always unhappy with price given, drivers refuse to cancel and keep the app running forever without canceling nor coming. Can you tell me what’s even worse than that?
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1 year ago, More trained staff please.
Senegal drivers need training
The application is in English, but the drivers speak no English? The drivers always call to ask where you are and then as you to cancel or pay extra if the distance is in a high traffic area. Terrible service, with some gems of taxis in between.
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3 months ago, عبد الرحمن من الجزائر
Make a better support team
Most of the drivers asks you to cancel the ride if they don’t like it , i was with my wife and no one wanted to pick us up and it only was 9 pm at the downtown center plus you cant contact the support , it is very annoying
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6 months ago, Musambow
Thanks Heetch
Thanks for the promo free ride for starters. Great service. Will ride it again
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1 year ago, Sokhnus
The worst experience!!!
All I know is yesterday was first and last time using it. The driver took such a long route, left my house at 4pm and had to get off the car at 6:48 to get another ride. Who takes the industrial zone route from HLM to get to Maristes? Ughhhh
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5 years ago, iPad Guru
No thanks to Facebook!
Since you require a Facebook login, you have made the poor decision to align yourself with a company that has no regard for our data and privacy. Sorry, but we cannot do business that way!
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2 months ago, Morpheus235
Great app
Very useful and good service
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9 months ago, Niazi008
Great full
Great web to order Texi
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1 year ago, thdhfghf
My first ride was awesome Great service
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5 years ago, bouchentouf
Really a Good service
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6 years ago, Kligsetgssvhh
Only Facebook ???
I don’t have Facebook and not interested in getting it just to use this service. It’s stupid to have only one mean to create an account.
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4 years ago, #frfr
Needs more work
The map is not precise, it takes forever to make an order and ages to get a car
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5 years ago, apptestertoimprive
I can’t cancel
When the driver, ignored my request !! I can’t cancel him!! He hold me for more than 12 minutes then he put I reached my destination!!!!
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5 years ago, asmeros
How’s that supposed to happened
The driver was rude and took me 4 Km away from my destination and asked me to pay more because of his mistake, i ended alone at 3AM lost.
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3 years ago, MediiBen
Happy Client
A great and useful app
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6 years ago, Elyassovskii
I’m not a facebook user, unfortunately i couldn’t use the app.
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1 year ago, Bennelimane
First time riding Nicement machalla
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4 years ago, Woods-B
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1 year ago, ceohicham
Not working
This app is not working at all
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6 years ago, anonymousrrviewer
Step 1: connect via Facebook. No, thank you.
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5 years ago, Bird806
No thank you. Im not providing any payments via Facebook.
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6 years ago, khalid cheddad
Heetch is realy very good
Thanks heech
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7 years ago, Ele_Riccardo
Ride in Paris was great!
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6 years ago, Fenix.ma
No facebook !
I don't have a Facebook !
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7 months ago, Papix11
Chauffeur l3zizzza
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1 year ago, Le Mwami Zag
Pas de Van pour 6 personnes
Nous avons dû commander 3 fois un Heetch XL et 2 Toyota Prius et une Citroën C4 nous ont été envoyées en lieu et place des van! Ce n’est pas la première fois que ça arrive!!!
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3 months ago, Abdouzhack
Je recommande pas
J’ai mis deux étoiles parce que je trouve que vos tarif c’est bcp trop cher contrairement aux autres comme yango
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1 year ago, kamel Ziad
Les meilleurs
Service rapide, prix raisonnables, chauffeurs généralement sympathiques
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11 months ago, ما في احد ً
خدمة سيئة
غير متوفر في ليل
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1 year ago, Bengi 11/03
Cher et indisponible lors des heures du pointes
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2 years ago, sufian alzaidy salem
من افضل برامج في تونس
برنامج يتفوق علي blot بكتير وتوجد اكتر من ميزه فيه انصح بيه
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1 year ago, Kitkatvm
Localisation des chauffeurs incorrecte
Le problème c’est que le chauffeur n’est jamais localisé ou le point GPS l’indique. Je ne sais pas comment … mais à chaque fois que j’utilise l’application le chauffeur m’appelles pour me dire qu’il est en faite dans un autre quartier que celui indiqué, ou qu’il n’a pas encore quitté son domicile et qu’il sera en route dans 10 minutes, etc…
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2 years ago, Agnelo Dias
Falta de motorista
Tem sido comum, não ter Motoristas disponível de sexta-feira a domingo. Período noturno principalmente
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2 years ago, Archi design
Très pratique
Le must have L’app a avoir pour ça facilite d’utilisation une bonne sélection de chauffeur, claire et net.
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3 years ago, Jabaculé
Breve resumo
Estou satisfeito com a aplicação e o vossos serviços. Motoristas têm se mostrado bastante responsáveis e muito atenciosos. Motoristas há que de quando em vez se apresentam com a viatura com um nível baixo de asseio, gostaria que vocês focassem nesse ponto. Já estamos a solicitar serviço de outro nível, então também temos que estar num ambiente de outro nível. Tenham por favor um bocado de atenção a toponímia, no que concerne a nossa querida Luanda ainda têm que trabalhar muito nesse quesito. Continuem a melhorar, que vão ter sempre um cliente fiel.
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2 years ago, Dlciofreitas
O aplicativo não mostra com exatidão o endereço do cliente
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2 years ago, liz 00000-1
No sirve
En angola es muy mala , no te dice la ubicación real de los taxis , te dice un precio primero y después otro para el mismo lugar , en fin no la recomiendo nada
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