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Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company
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User Reviews for Hersheypark

4.75 out of 5
20.7K Ratings
2 months ago, Ubersh101
We love coming to Hershey Park because we feel you get a little of 3 parks: water park, amusement park and Zoo America. There’s also Chocolate World just out side the park too. I just wish the price was not so high. It was $85 for a day ticket but we were lucky enough to get discounted ones through our school. I also wish more parks, including Hershey, would consider a spectator hand stamp (or something like that) for those who can’t ride any of the rides (whether it be age (grandparents) or health reasons) so they could just enjoy watching family members enjoy the park or just being with them. I know many elderly people who would be more than happy to just watch their younger grandchildren who can’t ride while older ones or parents are riding or chaperone. It’s a shame they have to pay $50 and may not ride anything in park. I understand there is entertainment but $50 is still a lot to just enter the park to sit and walk around.
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4 years ago, iToNeG
Fun filled application to make your Hershey visit that much more enjoyable
This application is setup very user friendly. A must for a park visit if U are still learning what it has to offer. This application tells U everything, park hours, show times, rides (which U can filter by type or size restrictions). Application can even be used to save your parking spot. Tells U all wait times of rides and best of all directs U on how to get to everything with GPS. Description of all rides and even video descriptions. Worked very well with no crashes!! I will be using on every visit. Wish there was a way to create a list of rides you personally want to go on and check off as U go or have application direct you in the quickest walk to them or sort by ride current wait times. Currently U can filter by type and rider size and it does auto sort by closest to farthest which is useful.
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4 years ago, hockeydogs4
i have been coming to Hershey for about fifteen years, and it has always been a bit of a struggle finding directions and walking back and forth between rides to check wait times. this app has solved EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM. i not only know exactly where i am at any given point in time, but i know how long the wait is for laff tracks and it gives me time to ride the lightning racer while i wait for the line to cut down. this app also shows where the nearest bathrooms, places to get food and drinks and arcade games are. it started storming so the app was up to date on which rides were closed within seconds. and i mean SECONDS. if you’re coming to the park, DOWNLOAD THIS NOW. if i could give infinite stars, i would. great job Hershey, you freaking killed it.
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1 year ago, Jordan Schorer.
Won’t ever be back!
Our family spent over 1600$ to come from New York to enjoy our first family vacation together in over three years. We were able to ride 4 rides total over our 24 hours due to the MASSIVE amount of people they allow in all at once. They have absolutely no crowd control! It was absolutely awful. We had to stand In lines for upwards of two hours! Even with fast track which is 200$ for four for JUST some water rides! I am going to be DEMANDING our money back. It’s a complete scam. My family left there today disappointed, hot, tired and wanting to swim! Which we couldn’t even do because the lazy river was a two hour wait and ALL the splash pads were 30 minutes or more with a 1 year old in a stroller who was overheated, a six year old who’s heart this company completely broke! And my 8 year old who wanted to cool off. I’m just disgusted at this point! HERSHEYPARK YOU NEED TO DO BETTER FOR YOIR CUSTOMERS THIS IS WRONG AND IM NOT EATING YOUR CHOCOLATE ANYMORE! That’s how wronged we feel!
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2 years ago, Shmayo92
Loved Hersheypark
The park was very clean and the rides were excellent. The food was great also. Since we are from Orlando and have been to Disney multiple time the only complaint I would have would be not maximizing the ride capacity. Especially with some of the wait times. If there were 2 or 3 seats available for a ride no one asked for a party of 2 or 3. Everyone was nice but some employees were not interested in customer service. Noticed a lot of younger employees and that could be the reason why. Spending years working in customer service I get it but it’s still your job. But overall I love the park! We had a great time! Will definitely be back!
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5 months ago, TDS 77
Helpful, but doesn’t work right
It’s nice to be able to see the map and sort rides by proximity and wait times… except the wait times are often way off. Rides with no lines may show a 15-20 min wait. The app will show rides closed that are clearly open; then some show as open but are closed. Also would be nice if when the ride closes WHILE you’re standing in line, if some explanation could be provided. None of the workers ever bother to even tell people in line that the ride is closed. Then when the customers finally figure out the ride is shut down, nobody provides any idea of whether it looks like a long wait or it’s a 5-min fix. No problem if the rides don’t shut down, but I’m writing this while standing in a shut down ride line. For the third time in two days.
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1 year ago, Sheila Torralvo
Fast fill stations
It took me 48 minutes to wait on a line to claim my 2 souvenir cups for my boys to have. Once I made it to the cashier it took the employee and 2 other managers another 20 minutes to give me the cups due to issues with the systems. This is unacceptable! I spent over an hour as of 11:15 am to claim these cups. Then to top it all off 6 times that we tried to refill their cups the machines were dispensing seltzer water! So I spent 20 minutes looking for an employee to notify them on what’s going on. When I did others were trying to tell the about the same frustration I was experiencing and was told this issues was escalated to upper management on Sunday and they had no control of it! This is a disgrace! Not happy at all with this service….
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5 years ago, Missyg89
Love Hersheypark
I absolutely love Hersheypark I’m from NJ and I don’t know why my friends go all the way down to Florida and waste all that money on Disneyland when Hersheypark is just a 2 and half hour drive and in my opinion is just the same if not better because it’s based on a chocolate theme! It’s got a ton of rides/rollercoaster and characters walking around and something new each year so you never get bored! I’ve been bringing my kids each year for the past 6years can’t get enough of it and the app is so helpful with getting tickets and helping find things around the park that I didn’t even know where there even after visiting so many times!
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5 years ago, Mustafa Gilani
The Best Place Ever
Ever since I’ve moved to Pennsylvania when I was boy even 1, my parents have been taking my sister and I. Now I’m 13 and each year we get seasonal passes as our family loves Hershey! We go each week and Hershey makes me feel so good and happy. I’ve had almost 13 years of memories there and I can’t wait for more! The app helps my family and I so much! The ride times are usually what we use however, they are very accurate and change when the line changes. So that’s why I give it a 5 star and hopefully you and enjoy your experiences and Hersheypark!
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3 years ago, xavierbu
Useless for season pass holder.
While the map feature is great, the pass members portal is absolutely useless, and the least user friendly app I have ever used. If you want to check your season perks, or check into your season pass portal, you open the app, go under tickets, click “season pass log in,” then log in. Once inside the season pass portal, if you check perks, which there is never anything there, and then you want to go anywhere else under the season pass portal, and you have to log in again. There are 0 quick links, everything is a link with an overlay. It acts as if it’s more of a web based browser than an actual app. Please update to make the app more user friendly. Season pass members should be able to log in once and use the entire app.
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4 years ago, Richard8401
Skip it. App is useless for ride information.
Tried using the app in park for planning which rides to ride when. The wait times listed in the app were consistently wrong. 5 minute wait ended up being close to an hour. 20 minute wait was 45 minutes. 45 minute was more than 90 (we bailed because it was apparent we were in for at least another 90 - 3 hours?!?). So, not even consistently wrong, which would have allowed us to plus up the numbers reported by the app. It was utterly useless when rides were closed. No information why (weather, mechanical, whatever), and no ETA for reopening. It didn’t help that the disdainful teenagers running the rides couldn’t be bothered to share any information either. I may be spoiled by Disney and Busch Gardens, but it doesn’t seem like a hard problem to solve. Just poor expectation management.
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1 month ago, Loren547
Lots of fun, lots of waiting
Having been to Disneyland/CA Adventures and coming here it’s unfortunate to see how slow/inefficient they are for loading/unloading rides. Disneyland really has that down. I feel like that really made the wait times longer, and could be something to work on here. We only did the park (not water park or zoo) but really enjoyed it other than the wait times (which felt a little dragged out due to inefficiencies). Tons of little kids rides with little, to no wait times which is a great thing for families like us splitting up to go on coasters with big kids and still have things to appease and entertain the littles. Great day! Would love to see the rides load faster..
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1 year ago, mothership max
50 years of. Hershey, and still love it!
This year is the 50th year I’ve come to Hershey, and it’s still the sweetest place on earth! My Mom took me every summer when I was young and I’ve done the same with my son…hope it’s always here so he can do the same! The park is always very clean, people obey line rules and the overall atmosphere is family friendly and super fun (unlike other parks that are filthy, where people act like nuts and teen groups jump lines, and attendants are complete jerk-offs!). Hershey is always a great and memorable experience!!
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4 years ago, slank32
Very helpful, but...
Really liked the "take me there" function of the map because the paper map is really not that helpful, particularly for non-ride locations. The one fairly important annoyance is that the wait times can be WAY off. It's likely more a problem with their system than the app, but we had rides that said they were 10 and 30 minute waits, respectively, that ended up 90 and 85. For the 85, it consistently showed 30 minutes for the entire 85 minutes. Maybe Disney's system has spoiled me, but it's difficult to plan accordingly when you can no longer believe any of the times.
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4 years ago, Lerdma69321
Great app
This was my first trip to Hersheypark so I had no idea how to find anything. We grabbed a map on the way in and remained lost most of the time. I saw a sign to download this app and it changed our entire visit! I was so happy to be able to find an attraction and hit take me there. Now I have a little blue line that I can follow directions to food, rides and restrooms. A few weeks as always are helpful. The app said a couple of rides were closed when they were actually open. Otherwise this is a great app. Thanks
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2 years ago, Fangstu
A great help
As far as ride wait times this app is very useful although not always accurate. It seems to update slowly. The map is helpful and it follows your location bringing up the nearest rides upon opening. The only thing I would like to see to make this a 5 star rating is real time ride wait times and a way to connect with family or friends through the app so you can locate each other while at the park. Like the way it tracks you on the map, your location could be available to approved family or friends.
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4 years ago, Rob D. Father of 3
Worked great.
Map functions worked well, overall very little wait times when we were at the park mid week, longest wait was about 45 minutes for newest ride but the app said 105 minutes. All the rest of the wait times were accurate. Map was a little busy with the various symbols but you could filter out the food, games, etc. Take Me There feature was nice feature that if you can read a map, was able to get you where you needed to go quickly.
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2 years ago, want to play all day
Great App, Tells you everything, There is one problem
This app is amazing but when a ride it closed it dosent say why so I don’t know if the ride just needs some repairs or if it is is being taken out of the park. Like SkyRush it is my favorite ride but right now (August 2021) It is Closed and I don’t know if it is being closed for good because of the rumors or if it is just something they need to fix about the ride. Everything else about the app though is perfect
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4 years ago, JenJenDC
Great potential...needs some work
App was buggy for me earlier today as I tried to figure out which rides I wanted to hit. I had to lose and reopen at least twice before it would let me set up my to-do list. As others have said the wait time info was not accurate for most of the rides but pretty close for a couple of them. I think it needs a tutorial or I needed to find it because I could not figure out how to pick a spot on the map and get walking directions to it but reading other reviews it has that functionality.
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1 year ago, Will Rost
So helpful!
The Hershey park app was so helpful and easy to navigate. I went in a field trip with my chorus and we needed to go to an exchange kiosk and it led us right to one! I think there might have been a closer one but at least it was easy to find a location! When you are going on a typically crowded day, the app is so helpful because it shows the wait times on rides. I will be using this in the future! 5 stars!
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1 year ago, RatherNotSayName
Good idea, executed poorly.
The app is pretty good. It has pretty much anything I would ask for. The only issue with it is that it just doesn’t work very well. The map and directions thing work pretty well, but the ride times and ride status things don’t really work. You have to constantly close and reopen the app to get things to update. For example, if you leave the app open for too long, everything says park closed. The wait times are also different on the app than what the employees at the rides will tell you. Other than the issues mention, the app served me pretty well when I was at Hersheypark.
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2 years ago, Pookstergirl
Fun time with some exceptions…
So far the experience has been fun. Sadly to get our all day drink cup I had to wait 45 minutes on a food line. When I approached order pick up they would not just give me the cups I had already paid for. Our first day we did a mobile order for lunch. When we were alerted it was ready, the person asked me what I ordered. I asked if he knew and he said no. What a waste of time. I have never had to stand in a long line just to enter a kids water play area. Too bad these little things don’t make it a great place.
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3 months ago, Ben_-Thomas
Decent. Needs improvement
Good info generally for park app. Wait times are not accurate, more ball park guess from what I see in park. To find mobile order you have to find a place with the link and click it then select your place. It doesn’t have a link icon on any menu. Only 4 places of 16 have mobile order. And those with mobile order are junk dog fries burgers nuggets only . And only credit card. No dining plan. They knew of this issue for a year already.
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4 months ago, natcat9607
Wonderful app!
This app is a huge help when waking around the park. the wait times for rides are accurate, and the maps specific categories make it so easy to find what you’re looking for. i think the most helpful part is the directions service. it’s a real time gps service that takes you right where you want to go. if you’re going to Hershey parks, get this app!!!
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1 year ago, -Hersheypark Lover
Hershey app
This app is 👍AMAZING👍 I love seeing directions and times of rides when I’m there and I even look at the times even when I’m not even there! This app gives all the hours and everything you need to know about your Hershey trip! Ever since I’ve got this app I’ve been literally 😃OBSESSED 😃 with all this info and I check Hershey times literally every day and I would totally recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Tkap18:)
The best app ever
I love this app I use every single time I go to Hershey park I love every single feature of it’s just amazing I’m blown away I have no words for this app l love it’s amazing. I really recommend it I really do this app this app is just plain old fantastic I definitely recommend getting this app especially if you want to go Hershey park and no where everything is every food place ride water stuff everything GET THIS APP it’s absolutely worth getting 😀
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1 year ago, enomisnelle
Hot and refreshing
We had a blast, however: There were no paper maps - this was a deterrent. I did take a picture of the map, but the glare off the glass made it hazy. Also there weren’t any signs saying no bathing suit tops on the rides. We found this out after an hour and half wait in line just before boarding. This should be advertised by ticket booth when entering the park and at the entrance to the ride. We had shirts in backpacks left in the locker.
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4 weeks ago, Scott👨‍💻
Poorly made app
At first this app looks fully featured until you realize it’s limitations. For example, you can even make a list of the rides you want to ride without making an account first. And the account sign up process is too difficult, no Sign In with Apple or similar. The ride descriptions don’t have enough pictures to really see what the ride is (close ups of people on the ride are not helpful) and there are too many UI and font issues were things do not display correctly or get cut off. This app needs a serious revamp.
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2 years ago, Krislyca
The app shows all you need to know to get oriented easily and provides you with the best direction for the attraction and show you pictures if you wanna have an idea about the one you are looking for. Also displays and accurate wait time We use to meet in the exit of the attraction at the time estimate by the app.I recommend to install if you are visiting the park.
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1 year ago, MTMS customer
Wish there was better way/faster way to get around park. Am a nurse for field trip stationed at Overlook and had emergency in front entrance w student. Had to roll my 25 lb suitcase all the way there! Plus at end of day students had to walk from inside park to area 62. Wish had area to pick up students closer ! Students were in hot sun without shade for 1-2 hours. Totally at risk for heat stroke!!
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2 months ago, Nintendude08
Overall very helpful
I have used this app plenty of times during trips to Hershey Park, and it is incredibly easy to use and helpful. You can check wait times for all of the rides in the park, use a built in map, or purchase parking or meals. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get the most of of their Hershey park trip
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1 year ago, TheGoaler
Many errors with wait times
The good: The app is useful for its maps and ride height requirements. The bad: Ride wait times. These are lot even close. Rides will read a wait time of 5 or 10 minutes but have an actual wait of 45+. Some rides will show as closed that are actually open. This is probably the most important function of the app and it has no value. Im short, if you want a map and general info this app is fine. But if you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your day… don’t count on it.
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4 years ago, EarltheCat
Good App, but.....
Just came back from a 3 day vacation to Hersheypark in June, 2019. The App itself is very good, especially since the park is so compacted with rides, that it is sometimes tough to find a ride’s entrance. The “Take me there” tab is very useful. The Park Map is useful, but tougher to read on a smaller screen phone. Our complaints are with the Ride Wait Times tab and park wifi internet service. The Ride Wait Times tab would go down very often/not be available, so you could not get updated info about any ride wait times. When the tab worked, the wait times were mostly accurate. The park wifi was horrible. Very spotty and seemed to go down often. The busier the park attendance became, the worse the wifi seemed. It was easier to use my cellular service.
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6 years ago, This nickname is so creative
Inconsistent results
I like this app and there are many cool features. However, the part that I rely on the most is the ride wait times, and there have been multiple times where the listed time does not match with the actual wait. I am talking about drastic differences, like a listed wait time of 60 minutes when there is no line, or vice versa. It does not always happen like this, but often enough that I don't rely on the listed times. I hope that this feature can be improved.
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4 years ago, Ruiz-Nelson
Ride Times
Honestly, the ride times are not only inaccurate but misleading. On rides that say 20 minutes, multiply it by two. A ride like Rees’s Cupfushion was incredibly long. We tried during our Preview night and again first thing this morning. 120 minute wait, turned into nearly 3 hours. Not worth the wait. It messed up our day and plans at Hershey. I say, be accurate with the ride times and do something about these long lines. Speed up the entrance and exit times. It appears to be an issue all over the park. Empty seats on rides causing longer waits...
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5 months ago, Lo1234516
Neat app that works really well, but it could be much better
I like the app, however there are a lot of small things I would like to see added: 1.) Allow water rides to be viewed and added to lists outside the summer season. 2.) Add ride entrance photos to make navigation easier. All you get is a cartoon map. 3.) Allow us to filter the map by our custom lists, so we can see a map of exactly what we want, and filter out rides and eateries we don’t like, as well as showing just our favorites. 4.) Allow us to load fast passes onto the app before our visit. As of now you need to use a kiosk which can only be found inside the park. 5.) Allow us to access our season pass benefits within the app. Currently they just link you back to the internet.
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5 years ago, Maricelys93
Has a lot of potential
This app really helped me with knowing about packages in the park and what to do around the park. However the “take me there” feature gets you lost and doesn’t take you to the location correctly. It takes you to a dead end. And the park map should have better pictures of rides so you know where you are as you’re walking. Please fix this. Maybe a better gps like go straight, turn left after the wave pool, your destination is to your right.
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1 year ago, Emmy🧸🌸
immediately no.
okay i am going to write this review in bullet points because,,,, - The app is super confusing direction wise. I would rather just carry a map because then I’d be able to see and my phone wouldn’t get overheated. - The ‘wait times’ are basically like fake. A friend and I saw that ‘The Claw’ had a five minute wait time, cool, so we went over to it only for it to be closed, not cool. If the ride is closed it should be stated. Then we check and see that ‘The Fahrenheit’ has only a wait time of 15 minutes, okayyyy, we get in line only to wait like 30-45 minutes, just no. Especially in 90 degree weather. To be honest you’d be better off getting a fast pass especially on a hot day because those wait times are just a huge lie. - Lastly the app is just super confusing to use, well at least in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Kasltz
Waste of a download
I downloaded this app as soon as I entered the park and Lou of taking a paper map very excited as I have used similar apps that other amusement parks. It consistently did not load the map it was not helpful in finding places when it did load it just kept spinning around wasn't really good with directional guidance but really more than anything it never worked a cat not loading like it was too busy I even tried to use the park free Wi-Fi that too was incredibly slow. I am in the process of deleting it when rate this app came up not worth it grab your paper map this is a long way to go
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1 year ago, Sydenhamspaniel
Definitely download it!
Fast and well designed app that provides all the information you’ll need from ride times to which restaurants can support specific dietary restrictions. The only recommendation I have is that the text on the map re-orients when it rotates the way that the ride times do. Excellent work!!!
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2 years ago, Bville Gal40
Good rides but poorly organized
The amount of people admitted is way too high - every line is way too long. There is no direction figuring out where to park. Getting food is a nightmare. We went to the Shoreline Grill and were 4th in line, but it took us 30 minutes to get to the window to order food and then they messed up our order. Workers aren’t knowledgeable about the park. I’m not sure if this is a post-pandemic issue or if this is normal for the park.
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6 years ago, Bri-bri-beeb
Very helpful
Very helpful when you're traveling through the park with kids. It makes finding where you need to go easier and quicker. No need for ruffling through your diaper bags trying to find that stupid map and then trying to find where you are while trying to keep track of your kids. Simple, effective, and elegant.
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1 year ago, Flash 792-9662
Concession stands not stocked and no directions
Soda machines are out of ice they were out of product. The Fixin bar at the Overlook food court was empty call Tom And nobody ever came to finish it up and we left after 20 minutes. we purchased a parking pass online didn’t know we were going to a different parking lot no directions on it or receipt to tell us where to park. We got to the park the app did not work. No paper Maps. So needless to say it was very difficult to navigate through the park without a map.
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1 year ago, ejndhrh
I love this app
It tells you where all the rides are and your location. But sometimes it says the rides are closed but it’s actually open. It also says the wait time but it’s sometimes false. But I would 100% recommend this app if you have never went to Hersheypark or if you don’t know where some rides are! The rides at Hersheypark are fun but super long lines.
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2 years ago, xfdhyffycfyfufdf
Chick filet a
Awful….only 2 people taking orders at cash register…at least 6 others stocking stuff and 2 of them filling orders, while the other 2 people at register were also filling drinks. Waited in line for over an hour and than they would not accept my gift cards that I receive from my employer because we do accounting work for the company. Very disappointed.
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4 weeks ago, jmtaylor1977
Useful as a map but not much else
I wish this app were better. I wanted it to be better. But all it is really useful for is a map, and not even a decent interactive one at that. You could see where rides were generally, but no way of determine where the entrance is, especially for big coasters. The wait times were wildly inaccurate and rarely (if ever) updated. The mobile ordering option doesn’t work properly and even though you may sort food options by distance, once you click on mobile order, it will send your order to another location (with no regard for distance from you) without even notifying you. I’m honestly not sure what they’re trying to do with the app. Seems they want to push their HP Go thing, but even that is confusing.
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3 weeks ago, Hershey’ Nan Nan
My children, grandchildren & I go to the park at least 2-3 times a week while they’re open throughout the summer. The children love all the kids rides. Favorite ride being Reese’s Cupfusion. The 5 year old also loves riding super dooper looper. I have enjoyed my King size pass. Will continue with the same pass next year.
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2 years ago, TLKahlMomma
Great time @ HP!
Our family and friends had a great time today at Hersheypark. As busy as it is, they do a great job of moving lines along. The only complaint is the parking setup and the fencing around with openings few and far between. This makes it difficult to get to your vehicle, especially when you have to go back and forth with little ones.
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2 months ago, -Happy09-
Pretty good!
Honestly, the app is very good and helpful. It tells us the wait times mostly and it has a lot of features on it. That’s very helpful. Though that’s true, also sometimes the wait times don’t work and it just says that the ride is open or it’s closed we. Also, sometimes the wait times are off by 20 minutes or so.
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2 years ago, delta13bravo
Solid app for the basics
Most everything is good in the app. Lots of useful info and location data. I used the app frequently and was able to find everything I needed. My only complaint was the line / wait data is really bad in a lot of cases. We found on several occasions that the 10 minute wait was more like an hour.
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