Hibbett | City Gear – Sneakers

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Hibbett Sports
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User Reviews for Hibbett | City Gear – Sneakers

4.82 out of 5
61.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Biggmoney01
This App Is Flawed All The Way Through…
I won a raffle for my retro 6’s and tried to go confirm it just so it can tell me I forfeited my shoes lol how did I forfeit the shoe if the app say you have between 2pm-5pm est to confirm them raffle but I received the notification around 2:45 where I am now so central eastern time is 1 hour ahead of me which is the same thing I told customer service but they told me it’s nothing they can do once this “FLAWED” app has put in there system you forfeited your shoe… Fix this trash to many people coming at y’all with the same story and everybody can’t be telling the same lie so y’all need to step up and fix the problem.
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3 years ago, KittKatt302
Not sure what’s going on
Here recently I have not been able to purchase any items using the Hibbetts app & picking up in the store which is very discouraging & makes me want to delete the app for good. 1- it takes up space on your phone & 2- by using the app you can keep up with discounted items as well as put merchandise that you’re interested in buying into your wish list & purchase at your convenience. Here lately… I have not been able to use the Hibbetts app whatsoever! When trying to use the app it says that it has none of the items in my wish list in any of my sizes via shipping online nor in the stores but when I go into the stores there are all the items that’s in my wish list but NOT at the discounted price nor am I able to purchase on the app and send to the store or get the items for my rewards that I have accumulated via the app😡😤 I have called customer service & haven’t heard anything back from them. I have recently purchased over $150 worth of merchandise but I see that Hibbetts doesn’t value me as a customer so therefore I will be returning my merchandise within the next few days to give Hibbetts some time to fix this issue...if not...the merchandise will be returned & I can shop somewhere else!!
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4 years ago, Cvngo
Disappointing ......
Wow .... this app let me down big time... I’ve tried but I just can’t do it anymore. I’ve tried to coo the adidas 350 boost Carbon today at 12pm in the afternoon. I’ve clicked on the results tap and they told me I had scored the shoes I was getting. “ AWESOME ! “ I thought. I’ve went through the process of putting in my information and checking out, until the app all of sudden just stop working. It just....froze the whole screen. I’ve attempted this for at least 20 times cause I was desperate to get these shoes. I even went onto the desktop version of Hibbett and I couldn’t scout out any of my winning shoes. I have up so I called customer service. From there I had to wait 30 minutes for a call from them to tell me there was no way they can help me and I have to just leave a feedback... I was very upset! With nothing to do, I just gave up...looking at the notification from Hibbett telling me that my shoes were canceled and that I was forfeited...what a sad sight to see me get these shoes and come this far only because the confirm button wouldn’t work...thank you Hibbett for another L...
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6 years ago, Pepe El Mayimbe
Bad Raffle System
I only use this app for its raffling system, and it’s really lacking in my opinion. I entered a raffle recently for a pair of sneakers, and I wasn’t given the option or missed the opportunity to select 3 stores, and yet somehow my raffle was entered. Once you’ve entered the raffle, you can’t go back and modify or edit the size or selected stores like you can in the Footlocker, Champs, Finishline, and Footaction apps. The app doesn’t even display your selected stores after your raffle is entered. So as of right now, I don’t have the slightest idea where I would be picking up the sneakers in the event I do win the raffle until that day, because I can’t see what stores were selected. I also have no clue what store to call to check to see where my raffle was entered at because apparently the employees don’t find out until well after the time to confirm your win is closed. Im just gonna assume that it automatically entered me into the stores closest to my area that are participating in the raffle, which is one in a 100 mile radius...
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2 years ago, Ocean Studios
Missing Past Orders and to flashy of an intro to app
First thing I noticed missing was past orders? First it in my account it is showing 2 of the same order and they won’t open. Secondly it’s not showing 1 order from last week? These need to be fixed immediately in the app and on your website. Other sports stores don’t have this problem. Lastly your intro video on the app hurts my eyes and is unnecessary. It looks cool but my eyes can’t handle all the flashing and quick movements. Again it is unnecessary to have that flashy of an intro. Other sports store apps don’t have that as well. You might want to tone it down. Innovation is awesome but this isn’t innovation but only makes me want to remove the app and not shop at your store. Hope you can work on these things with your next updates. When it changes I’ll update my review. Until then I may not be back for these reasons. Cheers!
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6 months ago, obviivory
I have an account made with the store. I get emails all the time from Hibbetts. Went to log in like I have done MULTIPLE TIMES BEFORE and it says wrong password or that the email doesn’t exist. Sent password change like 4 times. NEVER GOT AN EMAIL. Tried to sync my account. SAID IT WAS ALREADY DONE AND ACCOUNT WAS MADE. So I had to just create a new account with the SAME EMAIL. Everything worked fine, was on it for a few minutes. Went on it today and now the app says they think I’m a bot. I have deleted the app and got back in and it says the same thing. How the heck do I fix this? It’s very annoying how difficult it’s been just to log in and use this and now I’m being told I’m a bot. I have a vpn on my phone and have had it for about a year and when I had this app before it worked and I had no problems. Please help fix this. Makes 0 sense how it says I’m a bot and it just won’t work out of no where.
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6 years ago, GucciMenks
App is TRASH!!
I entered a raffle and according to them you’re supposed to get a PUSH notification on your phone and an email with the results. My app did not notify me of winning but there are time constraints to “winning” the shoes so if you do not stay within those, you “forfeit” your pair. I called customer service to find out how I’m supposed to confirm winning the raffle if I’m never notified by the app and the reps response was “our app isn’t perfect.” The shoes I “won” were for a younger sister that is graduating high school and because of this “imperfect” app she won’t have them. Customer service is very important and I would have liked to have been told it was a mistake on their part and they’ll still allow me to purchase the shoes or either have access to a future raffle, but no. I will NEVER purchase anything from Hibbett or go into another one of their stores. Hopefully your experience with them is better than mine!
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5 years ago, Touchdown P
Need a Favorites/Wishlist Feature
This app works as intended and is pretty much easy to navigate. There are minor annoyances like when I view an item and then back out to the previous page, it sends me all the way to the top of the page. It’s a bit annoying to have to scroll down to the bottom again especially when just searching through items. I also noticed I don’t see a “favorite” or “wish list” option. It’d be nice for the generic heart to be usable to do a quick tap on items I like and have them stored for quick purchase or view at a later time. I may be overlooking it but it would be great to have. PS the recent app update allowing us to look at previous raffle entry information was AMAZING!!!!!!
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3 years ago, T W Burn
Reward Points
I use this app often, for sneaker launches & raffles, & for clothes. I definitely take advantage of the deals when sneakers & clothes are on sale or clearance. With the reward points earned for every dollar spent, you’re able to save more money, bc you can use them on sale/clearance items also. Or you can use them on the new sneakers you want & save a little $$$!! The rewards program is definitely one of the best things about this app & Hibbetts all together!
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2 years ago, NRcapital
Good app - but very hard to keep track of orders
I like the app because it very easy to use - and looks sleek - my problem is in regards to tracking orders - both on the desktop site and on the app - it is extremely difficult to track all of my orders - especially orders placed over 1 month ago - all of the orders are simply listed by date - with no pictures of what the order was for and it doesnt show some of my older orders - it is extremely frustrating - also doesnt clearly show which orders have been canceled - but the biggest issue remains tracking orders for greater than 1 month - it is extremely difficult to find these orders and keep tabs on them - if this is fixed I will give 5 stars!
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1 year ago, 18342946492539562419353925194
I cannot access the app. I don’t even have a chance to log-in, I try to open the app but crashes before even getting past the first loading screen of Jordan. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app countless amounts of time. When I first downloaded the app it worked perfect then it started messing up after having it for a month or two and has not worked since. I wish It did so they could take my money on drops but I guess someone else like footlocker wants my money more 🤷🏻‍♂️. I’ve looked through the other one star comments and it seems that everyone is having issues like this, I’m super surprised that it has not been fixed. It just shows their customer service and how terrible their IT department is.
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6 years ago, Momof429
I spend tons of money at Hibbett as I have four children and a husband. Usually all is fine. However, today you notified me that I won the Nike air max’s and sent an email at 3:32 tell me that I had until 3:30 to claim my shoe. Then around 6 sent a push notification telling me to go claim it on the app. So, I go to claim my shoe yet again excited only to see my shoe was forfeited. Why did you do that to me twice?? Im So angry. Fix this ish!!! Update 8/3/18 this app is trashhhhh. I have won yet another shoe through a raffle. Your non functional app keeps giving me a time out error. I have deleted and re downloaded the app. Restarted my phone. Tried on an iPad and a different phone for at least an hour. It still won’t work. You all should send notifications in waves or something else this is not effective
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1 year ago, Brittlia
I’m not sure what’s going on
This company is a tad bit odd. Recently, I tried to place an order as both, a guest and with an account. And it’s been a fail for both times! I’ve tried to place my first order on their website and their app .. it’s always a hassle for some strange reason! First, I’m constantly being asked to “confirm that I’m not a bot because they feel like I’m using automated tools” or something similiar to that. Then after going through that, it says that “my order has been placed” and that I will receive a confirmation e-mail and then yet again … nothing 🥴 It’s really been a huge pain trying to order something from this company! I give up. I’ll just continue shopping on the Nike, Adidas, etc apps instead!
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3 years ago, Torres1234R
I went on the app and online to buy some shoes that launched. I waited a hour on app before the launch time. It also stated that certain stores were doing a FCFS. It had a tab to search for stores within a 75 mile radius. It said which stores were participating and which were not. I took the day off to get these shoes for my boys! Guess what not 1 store they said were participating had the shoes. They had no clue if they would get them. Why add that they were participating if the store did not have the shoes. When I called hibbett they said they did not know which stores had them. I am very disappointed in the app and store overall. Plus I lost a who day of work because of it.
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3 years ago, Loyal Hibbetts Member
FIX THE ISSUE!!!!!!!!!
I’ve been a loyal customer with Hibbetts Sports for a long time & I must say this app really let me down. Automatically logging me out of my account. Constantly having error pop ups right before it’s time for the raffle pickings… regardless of what they say about their raffle fair chance policy I haven’t had a fair chance with winning shoes for a long time..After deactivating & re downloading the app here it is a few days later I’m still unable to see if I won the Jordan 14’s or even click the shoe that I entered the raffle for because it’s says “their has been a error”.. NOT COOL. NOT FAIR… this app is ridiculous. & this is coming from a loyal Hibbetts VIP member for years. I never have this problem with FOOTLOCKER. Just being honest
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3 years ago, i_kiidd
Please read don’t skip Raffle/ App/ Company
I work for the company they’re back dooring their shoes it’s not even worth downloading the app, it’s rigged they wait for you to hit on a raffle then ask you, how you feel about the app for a review. And what’s sad I gave them the review after I hit the raffle for the ash pearl yeezys usps created a label and when I called them they said, they never received the item. Now I have to go through the insurance to get my money back even though everything was done correctly. And again I work for this company. Regulations need to be put on these companies to not allow employees to handle certain items, just like when people work for the lotto, can’t enter to play and win it.. WE NEED REGULATIONS!!!!
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2 years ago, gwantanamera
Froze when ordering sneakers!
I refreshed the page while staring at the clock as soon as it turned to 10 am, placed the sneakers in my cart with lightening fingers, all my info is already stored, placed order not even 10 seconds after they dropped, was feeling positive because i was so fast, the app froze for 8 minutes circling around, i thought it would still process and was checking my email to see the verification email but nope! They sold out. I sat here all morning staring at the time. This is getting so ridiculous, they were for my 18 year old daughter!!! There's NO WAY I could've done it any faster!!!! 😡 I am a big Hibbett fan, this is sad.
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4 weeks ago, Fatcat271?
APP Review
The app isn’t terrible it’s more of the releases. What’s the point of this Nike partnership if you never get any of the collaborations. For example, the Jordan 3 J Balvin or the Jordan 1 low Travis Scott Canary. It seems you have carry so many general releases while these small boutiques don’t and get all the benefits. So for me why do I spend money on your releases when I can do that at the stores and get better chances at collab releases. Like those I mentioned above. So, you can make the app great still won’t change the fact that you don’t get any of the coveted releases of the year and I won’t really ever use it but to quickly check and see if you got anything that I can’t get at every site.
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2 years ago, Jmorehead
The app is very nice but it is frustrating that I had to download an app due to your website not working. Even on the app if you click on certain things such as size chart it attempts to pull from the website and I get the same error message. The error report says something about not being human. I am sure your company has lost business due to this. We tried multiple different devices and both my Mom and my Daughters phones with the same result.
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4 years ago, The Rummy Master
Never Win The Raffle
I’m not sure if the raffles are set up just create traffic to the app or not but the sneaker raffles seem like there’s no chance of a win. Out of 20 different tries I have 20 loses. At this point I just enter to see if I would get lucky one of these days. Word to the company people Looking at these reviews. Spread it around better than you have been doing. Let all people have a chance.
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4 years ago, cabokenny
Automatically returned items, no response from Hibbet
Very disappointed with Hibbett. I ordered a pair of shoes and they said my address was undeliverable so they sent the shoes back and automatically refund, instead of reaching out to me to see what happened. My address is deliverable and I have shoes/ packages delivered there often. A week later still no response but I order another pair of shoes to give them another chance. Same story and still have yet to hear from anyone, no shoes still, money still missing from my account. I will be escalating this already as a 0 star or lower review should be allowed for the service I have received so far.
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2 months ago, Canalien42
Great store, glitchy app
When the app is working properly it’s great! Currently it’s not working so I just close the app and shop elsewhere. The latest issue is the “my favorites” feature will randomly disappear from the app for no apparent reason. One time you’ll open the app and your favorites are there and you can order from the saved list. Other times it’s completely gone, the entire favorites section is missing, not just the items you selected, and it will randomly reappear whenever. There’s no way of knowing when it will return either. I don’t want to constantly search through the entire inventory for the same items, that’s the point of having a favorites feature. Anyway, Hibbett’s is losing money on sales because I just end up using different app to purchase from instead. 🤷‍♂️ Great store, buggy and inconvenient app
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5 years ago, T-bone_Corleone
Nicely Done!!
The Hibbett City Gear app has made shopping online a breeze. I love how it’s connected to my rewards member account and also how with only a few steps I can purchase, apply member rewards, and get text alerts sent to my phone letting me know the progress of my order. There’s not much more you could ask for. Using the app makes me feel as though the staff at my favorite Evans, Ga Hibbett Sports location are here helping me with my purchase.
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4 years ago, Nasir0907
I am usually someone who loves to buy things from Hibbett, but lately they have been trash. I like the option of paying online and picking up in store, but every time I get there they don’t see my order but still have the pending charge on my account. Then 5 minutes later I get a cancelled order email. This is the 3rd time this has happened. Then you guys have the nerve to tell me that I have to wait at least 7 business days for the pending transaction to clear my account?! Absolutely not!!! If you cancel my order then my money should go back immediately. Then all I get is 10% off next purchase. How about 50% for the inconvenience...smh
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3 years ago, BigBird Junior
Hibbett Sports App
This app is very customer friendly and it throws savings coupons at me non stop so that makes it even easier to come back here and shop faster than going to any other shoe store that barley has anything on sale... only regular prices with the competitors... Here at Hibbett and this app I save a lot my my hard earned money when buying name brands at a discount!! And I love them for that!
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3 months ago, DaFrogman123
Sooo many people leaving bad reviews because they didn’t win their Jordans because Hibbett keeps it fair and won’t let their bots through, just slays me. I’ve had 100% success with orders, customer service, and the app WORKS for someone that isn’t trying to game the system. Having your bot get blocked and then coming to complain on Apple is just the very definition of the title of this review.
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2 years ago, Laural and Grace
Always helpful
Not only do y’all carry great brands of clothing and shoes but I travel a good bit for work so I have been in about 25 to 20 store locations and only once did I have an associate not be nice or helpful. Hibbett’s I don’t know how u do it but you have an awesome team of employee’s. Just wanted u to know and please tell them thanks for all the help and that’s why I keep coming back. Have an awesome day!!
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3 years ago, Bird Man 1
App keeps getting error message
App seems to frequently generate an “Error” message upon opening. When this happens, you are no longer able to add items to the cart thus causing you to miss out of items that sell out quickly. Hate to write a negative review but this seems like the only way to be able to let them know. Even their complaint page where you are to let them know things like this is even messed up. When writing, it somehow thinks the words that are being used are not English.
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1 year ago, Ham2583
Hibbett BOT and Crash Issues
I’ve followed instructions to enable JavaScript, allow cookies but still, I can’t access your website thru safari or even this app via my iPhone. I’m not sure what the issue is, but it started doing this a month or so ago, but keeps getting worse. Can you guys fix the issue or give us directions to fix it on our end? Also, the app keeps crashing. I hope this isn’t an issue between the app and the iOS software/updates. There also hasn’t been an update from you guys about this issue and I’m seeing several ppl mention these problems.
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10 months ago, EarlyBoy91
Why was today only my first purchase from Hibbett?!
I cannot believe I have never heard of this store! Truly amazing abundance of popular brands and some you may have never heard of. Great deals, prices are unbelievably fair and affordable, and fun raffles that give you the opportunity to exclusive sneakers! I will most definitely be shopping at Hibbett in the near future.
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2 years ago, Bonnie.Keef
Not good anymore, online isn’t either
This app used to work perfectly but now when shoes release the app (and online) will allow you to process your order, charge your card.. only for the order to NOT go through. And no point in contacting customer service cause it’s just going to show up as nothing and they’re going to say you didn’t place an order. After being a long term customer, I’m considering just using other sites. This glitch has happened to me several times and when it does the shoe ends up sold out and I’m just left with a pending charge.
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2 months ago, American adapt
Beware: app shows stores that could be hundreds of miles away as being close to your location
Won a raffle to purchase some Jordan’s on their app. Chose 3 stores that said they were near my location. The store that I won the raffle at is a 6 hour drive from my location but app lists it as being 5 miles away. This isn’t an error on my end as the other stores in the list are all nearby locations. Hibbett you need to fix your app. Listing the San Leandro location as being a store near Fontana has cost you a customers business. I’ll never use this trash app again.
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4 years ago, You are so many times do
Page refresh
When trying to shop items, if you click on an item to view details and then go back to the shop screen, it refreshes you and sends you back to the top. Then you have scroll all the way back down to where you were. I’ve added several filters just to keep the numbers of items per page to a minimum. No matter what I do, if I view and add to my cart, my page is refreshed and I’m sent to the top. Very frustrating and time consuming. Almost impossible to “browse”. I usually leave the app without buying.
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4 years ago, sndhghhz
Hibbit sports
I bought from here first time and I bought 2 jeans and the next day I get a email saying my order Been canceled so I called Hibbett sports and they say it was something with the credit card but they took 97 dollers out still when I bought the items they said I would get my money back in 2 to 5 days it’s been 3 days still haven’t got my money hopefully in the next 2 days I will but hopefully they don’t scam me has anyone had the same issue please tell me if u had
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4 years ago, LashaunaB
Piece of crap
This app is a piece of crap. I won a raffle for delivery and tried to confirm consistently from a little after 12pm up until the 4pm deadline. The app would not load and progress to the next screen after I selected the card that I had on file. I called customer service twice and was told to keep trying the first time and the second time that the deadline has passed and there is nothing they can do even though I called at 3:30 for the second call and had to hold for 30 mins. Now I don’t get my shoe because this app’s developers are a freaking joke. I wish I could give this waste of time zero stars.
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2 years ago, Colton A Dixon
A bad app for a bad store
I didn’t have any grudge’s against this store until now. I had an order of $100 on the app in my cart, and I turned off my phone to go to get my gift card in the other room. When I turned my phone back on there was nothing in my cart. Then, after I got all of my items back in my cart there was no place to use gift cards. I then went to their website, and got all of my items there. From there it turns out that not all gift cards can be used online, for no apparent reason. I don’t live near a Hibbet, so they have practically taken $100.
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2 years ago, 2ru.....,
Raffle function broken
Raffles on this app are not working properly. Many times I am unable to join the raffles. All the info is entered and when it tries to finalize I just get spinning circles with the app apparently trying to process the info. If I am lucky enough to actually join a raffle, I have never won one yet. That’s after about 25 times. Not sure if the bots are feeding on your app but something needs to change or I would suggest everyone to go to other sites that actually care about the consumer. Please do something as this is completely ridiculous.
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3 years ago, wright ow
Trying to purchase items
I want to say for the last year every time I try to purchase a shoe that just dropped or any hot item when I submit my payment and try to purchase a check out all it does is spend in circles tried to purchase a shoe last night woke up this morning the page is still stuck on the checkout page and is still Spinney I can’t go back and can’t do anything what is really going on this is so aggravating this happens every time I try to purchase a hot shoe
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3 years ago, dhsushdg
The best
I really like this up it’s my first time buying from there and everything was good my order came a day before it was supposed to and everything was we’ll packaged I was scared at first to buy from here because I never heard of the store but it’s really good I will definitely buy stuff from here again!
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3 years ago, Kyla KallOfDuty
Not too bad
Overall I like the app. I feel like I’m always updating it tho. What I don’t like is when searching for something and you click on the product, if you decide to not add it to your basket and go back to the search page it’ll take you all the way back to the top instead of where you left off at. It’s quite annoying tbh. It’s not too bad tho.
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3 years ago, SkeezMan
Rewards Error
I love the app it functions great for the most part. However, recently the rewards portion of the app has not worked properly for me in the last 2 weeks. I called and spoke with a nice customer service rep but did not resolve the issue. And, frankly I don’t believe their customer service reps are equipped to handle this issue. I believe problem resides in the App development department. So Hibbett if you get this review please fix this issue ASAP.
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3 years ago, Tonyaws
Great experiences
Hibbetts has always provided me with great customer service & my packages are packaged good & safe! I strongly encourage them for anyone shopping online (or even in stores). We have bought many sports items along with other needs from Hibbetts! Their rewards program is awesome also!
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5 years ago, BMeece
Only one problem
Up until now the app was working perfectly fine for me, it’s only of the only stores that carries a decent amount of shoes in my size (14). As well as having some pretty good sales/prices on clothing. However, up until about last week every time I try adding something to my cart I get “Error: Could not find this bag” so I can’t even add anything to my cart. Fix this please!
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1 year ago, zmac86!
Have to sign in again to check order status
Hibbetts, I find it very inconvenient for me to have to sign in every single time to check the status of my order. If I’m already signed in on the main app why do I have to sign it again?… doesn’t make sense. Please allow for us to continue to use the app without having to sign in all the time to check order status.
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4 years ago, Shay1988*
I love the app, however, there is one thing that irritates me. When I’m searching for shoes and I click on that shoe to see if my size is available and when I go back to view the other items the page loads back to the very top of the page instead of where I left off at. I think it would be so much better if the loading could go back to whatever item I left off at before I clicked on that item.
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4 years ago, foxmanewanda
I’m not satisfied with the raffle system
I’m not a negative person and I’m not trying to discredit this company but I was sent a message stating I Won the Raffle and it said to confirm ..I tried to confirmed the Win several times but I was constantly getting a message saying error and saying send feedback ...after trying three times to confirm the Win I email explaining to the company but I got a text saying I forfeit my item ..I am very unsatisfied but it’s nothing I can do now but hope I can find usually three pairs I want to purchase size 10 men... 7 big kid and 2.5 preschool 😔😔😔
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6 years ago, AltaSamara
Please fix App Glitches
I cannot remove an item from my cart that I tried to buy over a month ago. Every time I tried to check out I received an error. Now that I don’t want what’s in my cart, I still can’t remove it. I also get a payment error when trying to add and save my cc. I have also had the raffle launch issues in the past. I really like shopping exclusively at Hibbett online, but lately I haven’t been able to due to these many app glitches and crashes. And yes, I have deleted and reinstalled many times on my phone and iPad.
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3 years ago, kingkota123
I used to love this app but now it’s such trash. I can never get the app to load as it says it needs to verify I’m not a Bot yet it never gives me anything to select to prove I’m not. When I could access the app it was great for buying basics but don’t even waste your time with the raffles. You will never win, it even for local store pickups. Basically at this point I just need to delete the app because it’s just taking up space in my phone.
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4 years ago, Nene123490
Horrible App
Hibbett really needs to rethink and recreate this app! Things don’t load the way that they are supposed to and when signing up for raffles it just spins!!! Nothing but bad experiences with this app it should not be this hard to do things when spending your hard earned money!!! FIX ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 months ago, JustJamesha
I Was Shipped the Wrong Size
I ordered limited edition sneakers and was sent the wrong size. I ordered a size 7 and received a size 8. I tried to repurchase my correct size they were unavailable. I contacted Hibbett about this inconvenience twice and I was supposed to receive an email within 5 business days with a resolution, which I never received. I contacted them one final time to see if I could receive a discount for said inconvenience and I was disappointed with the company’s lack of concern and unwillingness to satisfy a customer.
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