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User Reviews for Hilton Grand Vacations

4.72 out of 5
20.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Freeport Cleo
Great Place
We had not been back to this property in more than a decade. What a pleasant surprise! Check in was a bit hectic; but once I got to the front desk customer service representative, it was smooth sailing from there. Verene was courteous, apologetic for the (20 min) wait and handled my reservation with the utmost professionalism. Our room was in the more quiet (Warwick) section of the property. Perfect for us seniors who just wanted to ‘chill’. At the owners meeting on Tuesday morning, I met Mike Nyffeler and had a very nice talk with him about this Seaworld property. Mike introduced me to Tatsiana, who was able to help me tremendously with my special room accommodations. The housekeeping staff member, Vilma, did an EXCELLENT cleaning job of our beautiful suite! We searched her out to let her know how much we appreciated her work. Our building and surrounding area was always kept clean. All the staff was friendly and accommodating. I can’t wait to have our grandkids enjoy this well appointed HGVC at Seaworld. Definitely will return in the spring.
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6 months ago, Daniyoh
Optimize this app!
This app needs to be optimized for iOS and iPadOS. It’s so slow just to log in and load the first page. you can’t even switch to different apps while it’s loading you have to stay on that screen the entire time for it to load… same as when you search for locations, it loads so long and you can’t switch apps while it’s doing it. It should be able to load in the background. This app should be on par if not better than the Hilton honors app when they have way more of an inventory of rooms to search through on that app. Any other app even from your competitors is faster an optimized. Also there needs to be a calendar view just like the full desktop web browser does it’s so hard to see what is available because you have to keep switching back and forth and each time it’s slow to load. The calendar view is great because you can see multiple timeshares and days available at a glance. I’ve been sending emails and mentioning it on the phone for these updates since last year and no updates from this app since 11 months ago that optimized. It’s like you guys forgot this app. Even some of your own employees recommend not to use the app which says a lot. As owners we should have at least a seamless experience when trying to book on this app. Please fix this ASAP.
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3 years ago, Big nut!
Review of our stay 10/9 to 10/16
The service was great regarding our requests. We loved that we could get more supplies as needed which was extremely helpful. Housekeeping was very prompt and friendly. We were able to do a late checkout and they helped get the luggage to the place to hold it until we departed. Great job. The kitchen supplies need updating. We mostly ate in our room and the fry pan was not flat and the cook sheet didn’t have sides which was needed to fry our bacon in the oven. I’m guessing many people don’t cook when on vacation but we love to save money so that we can use it more on the many experiences we can enjoy on the lovely island. Also was pretty frustrated with the cost of parking on site and wondering if this could be reviewed. When talking to the Hilton staff prior to our vacation we were told it might be $33/ day. It was very disappointing to learn it was $52 instead. We heard that in the next year they have plans to update Lagoon towers and that is why we have decided to remain on that location. We are hoping this is accurate information as we love Oahu for all of the multiple opportunities it offers.
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4 years ago, t joann
I called and a very pleasant young lady told me everything at the resort was open except the sky bar and the kids activity room. Ok image my surprise when I found out valet parking is closed and the pool bar closed at 5pm. Valet was to busy to help us at all only wanted us to move our car. He never asked if we need any help with bags or anything else. Only state we would have to drive our car to the garage. Where to our surprise floors 1 and 2 were marked for valet parking only all others will be towed. Ended up parking on the fourth floor and then walking back. That was ok only2 blocks so very durable. When I get into the room there is no coffee and the dishwasher I’d full of dirty dishes. Unsure where the silverware is non in the draws so will go buy some plastic ware tomorrow. I stayed here in October for a girls weekend I had a great time and service was great. Sadly that is no longer the case.
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6 years ago, sara fin
Horrible App and terrible customer service experience
For some reason the updated app does not show up on my account. I have deleted the app and downloaded it multiple times. I called HGV for help multiple times and they didn’t know how to help me. I spoke to someone when I was at an HGV property and they couldn’t help me. This app seems cool and helpful, but no one can seem to help me access it. I have an iPhone 7 and the software is updated, so there is no reason why this shouldn’t work. My friend who has the same model phone has been using the updated app for almost a year. This is ridiculous. I would love for someone who is knowledgeable to call me and get this fixed.
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10 months ago, jj walkaway
Like sleeping in a public restroom
After checking into our room, the stench of sewage came up through the kitchenette sink, took 3 hours and four phone calls till the guest service person finally called maintenance, by the time they came up the smell had dissipated and they just poured Cherry bathroom deodorizer in sink, and said to call if it happened again, the odor never fully went away and on day two it became so bad we almost vomited, maintenance came again but used two bottles of the bathroom deodorizer in every sink and the room air filter because the couldn’t tell where it was coming from so we had to deal with noxious cherry scent mixed with sewage. Third night happened again I requested maintenance and a hotel manager, because it over powered the cherry crap maintenance came again with a bottle of the same cherry crap, but of course no management. He said he would get someone, waited 30 minutes no one showed so I went to the lobby. Spoke to a manager who just gave me keys to a new room, big deal, it was our last night and had the worst vacation ever. Should have called Clark County Environmental Health Department.
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1 year ago, Yndiri
Can’t use if you booked in certain locations
The app might work…I have no idea. I can’t create an account. The online interface can’t find my confirmation number. I have contacted customer service multiple times and was told initially that since the city where I booked was new, they simply hadn’t added bookings there to their database and to try back soon. That was months ago. I have been assured that my confirmation is in fact recorded in the database and all I have to do is call to book my vacation. Well, I don’t want to call. I want to browse properties and dates at my leisure, as I was told I would be able to do when I booked my vacation. I’m annoyed enough at myself for being suckered into purchasing an elaborate advertisement without this inconvenience on top of it. I will probably let my vacation lapse and consider the money I spent an expensive lesson in trusting marketing schemes.
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5 years ago, Barry and Renee
Bay club
I wanted to mention the presence of security here. During in we saw the security person driving around. When we left, he was outside and starting to drive around once again. We have seen them several times wearing their polos indicating their security presence. It makes a difference and we appreciate having them here. I also wanted to comment on the pool located by building nine. The refurbished work is wonderful. The deep blue color of the water is absolutely beautiful ! Our grandchildren even made a comment of how beautiful the pol is. They were here before when it was light blue. Wonderful to see everything looking so nice!!
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6 years ago, waiting254
Everything was ok. Was waiting in the Elite check in line for over 45min as the normal line went faster when I and others in the line questioned a manager about why all we got was sorry. It wasn’t till the next day that i found out why because I was going down to the front desk and waiting in line every time I wanted to get back in to my room to get the card key to work after getting very upset that they told me what happened if they would of told me at check in what was happening I might of been more understanding they did give me a room Credit to use for room services but I rarely ever use the room credits I should I know rooms are good but are starting to show use are age. Over all was a good vacation and good location on the strip we will stay again did not like the sales rep hovering over the checkin line to give you a sales speech. She stop me every time I went to counter.
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2 years ago, ljpowers90
Worst travel app ever written
We are HGV owners with more points than we can use. One reason the points pile up is the difficulty finding accommodations using the app. Not only are their “resorts” over booked but the search feature is the worst. It’s a little better using the browser version but it also has limitations. Every time we bring this up, an agent explains the crappy features then admits it won’t allow but one location to be searched at a time, and you can’t search a specific location to show the next 7 night 2 bedroom opening. They always try to up-sells it’s basically a time share scam. Don’t buy HGV and if you do, skip the app try using the browser then cry because all the places you really want to travel to are conveniently completely booked - always completely booked.
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5 years ago, Snow White Ruby
The visit
Does it matter which Hilton resort I stay yet, I always have a great visit, everyone is so pleasing, helpful and very accommodating to whatever you need I have small or big. I’m actually staying this weekend and one of the representatives from Hilton grand vacations, called me from the lobby, and picked up right away I was sick with a massive headache and sinus pressure, she was very accommodating. I love how clean the rooms are, and I never have A complaint with the balcony it’s always clean no clumps of sand and I am always pleased with the kitchen and surprised at how nice the dishes and the cooking where is
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11 months ago, Im53773
Unable to login on iPhone
I’m unable to use this app on my iPhone. My account is fine in that I am able to login via a Windows PC. I also have the Hilton Honors app and it does work on my phone. There is no direct tech user support for this application, user must call HGV and navigate through the queue process to speak to a Hilton rep. When I did that I was told that someone from tech support would get back to me via email, usually within 24 hours. I love the promise of the functionality offered by this app and it would be so much more convenient to be able to use it on my phone. I understand that Hilton is primarily in the hospitality business but it seems to me that any company offering an app should offer, develop, and test the same in a responsible manner.
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6 years ago, Wondersinlife
Excellent app for maximizing the use of my Grand Vacations benefits!
The Hilton Grand Vacations App for iPad provides a well-designed, responsive experience that gives me all the information I’m looking for in an easy-to-navigate, visually pleasing, well-organized interface. This is my “go to” app whether I’m managing my Club points, booking travel, researching vacation destinations or needing to review detailed information on my account. I’m able to get it all done within this app quickly, securely and reliably.
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3 years ago, CSarkesian
HGV is the best !!!
We have been owners with HGV for 12 years now. It was the best decision we ever made ! We have wonderful memories of family trips made over the years , some that may have not been possible had we not had our timeshare to accommodate everyone! Each resort we have visited has been top-notch! I am an extremely proud owner with HGV and look forward to many more years of traveling and making more memories with the most important people in my life!!!
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5 years ago, RunnerGirl.com
Great except for double bookings
Overall the app has been great except the last two times I used it to book a stay it double booked my reservation and double charged me the booking fee. Both times I had to call Club to cancel the duplicate and get reimbursed for the double booking fee. Club customer service was wonderful but it would be even better to be able to use the app and not have to call them.
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6 years ago, Jungle Cat
Pretty good app
I’ve used the app to book my last few trips. The navigation has improved and I probably need some lessons, but would like to see the following improvements: 1. When going through the review and booking process for a property, it would be nice to see the property’s location on a map. Also would be good to see photos of the property. I know you can do this on the web version. 2. Would be good if the payment methods would save a card for ease of check out.
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3 years ago, gert1207
Anderson Ocean Club
Our 3 bedrooms 3 bath oceanfront hasn’t been updated. The carpets are dingy. The paint on the outside of door is worn and chipped. The carpets in the hallway were dirty and had crushed crackers on them for 2 full days. The valet wouldn’t get us a cart to unload our groceries since we didn’t have them assist us. They were looking at their cell phones the entire time. This is our fourth stay at Anderson but have stayed at Ocean 22 and Enclave the past couple of years. Very surprised that the rooms haven’t been updated. Also we have 8 total people staying in our room and only 6 dining room chairs.
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12 months ago, Tessfolk
New York pied-e-terre!
We’re delighted with our NY ownership at The Residences, even when we can’t stay there! Yup, alternatives at The Quinn, The Central, and 57th Street have always had openings, even on short notice, when our “home” doesn’t. We’ve come think of them all as “home!” There’s just one - but a BIG one - drawback; there’s NO reciprocity in “owners lounge” use! I mean really? I’ve talked to a dozen other owners who, be they perplexed or downright angry, have spoken and/or written to the owners association(s) to figure out (it’s not rocket science!) how to make such reciprocity possible! Why not start with the higher levels (34,600 pts and up) of membership, or Elite tier members? Get this figured out and all NY resorts will feel like home! Really!
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3 years ago, bertskie
I have been a HGVC owner for over 20 years. Since the beginning I and my family have enjoyed both the benefits of ownership and the service provided by the club. We started at the bottom tier and are currently enjoying the benefits of Elite status. My daughter enjoyed her honeymoon at a HGVC location. We are going to continue to enjoy this ownership for the foreseeable future!
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5 years ago, Frequent SWA User
It’s the little things.
Please include a map option so we can see where the different resorts are located. I shouldn’t have to get on google maps to figure this out. And it would be helpful to have a function that is an actual calendar that shows when resorts are available. Because both these features are standard on pretty much all hotel and vacation booking sites, it seems like HGV is purposefully making the booking process harder and more annoying by not having them.
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10 months ago, The guy in the wheelchair!
No Pictures & extremely hard time viewing points
For quite a few years, I’ve use the normal Hilton app and you’re able to view hotels booking things it’s very easy but when you go to book some thing, you can hardly see the hotels because they only give you one image and when you go to look at the point values, they’re extremely hard to view because it’s a white background with really light gray color so it’s like a ghost is a fact and they don’t want you to see it
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1 year ago, willomer07
Still Broken and Limited for Years
The app still has issues I saw years ago. It crashes whenever exploring parts of the app (e.g., clicking on my reservation, then Club Guide, and crashes upon selection of any Question/Answer topic). The app also is limited on one of the most important features found on the website... the app does not show the scheduling planner which easily displays availability across a number of room for a select number of days. Hilton Grand Vacations continues to disappoint in so many ways.
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5 years ago, Ocean Oak Fans
Awesome Resort
We love Ocean Oak Resort. The units are great and the staff outstanding. We would like to be able to listen to music at the pool everyday not only on the weekends (it doesn’t have to be live music). We came to visit Monday through Friday and didn’t get to enjoy any music. We would also like to see Corn Hole back in the main area by the grills. It was great to grill and see the family play.
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5 years ago, Don&Bev
Thank You HGVC
We have been so pleased with our numerous experiences at HGVC. We are overwhelmed with the level of professionalism, helpfulness & kindness that we encounter at every location we have visited. We are truly treated as though we coming home every time we check in. As for the webpage - now that we are better acquainted with how it works, it a great time saving tool. Thank You Bev & Don Meiner.
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5 years ago, IndyDoc
Finally ...
The HGVC app and web site have evolved significantly since the changeover from the “Revolution” system. Initially this product was clunky and slow and was not especially user friendly in terms for the navigability. Now finally working very well with not only the desktop website, but also the app. Well done !
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2 years ago, B Infante
App not working?
The set up process for the vacation package was great (besides the fact that they changed my reservation to another club without notice). However, I haven’t been able to log on this app ever since I downloaded it. The website login works like a charm though.
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5 years ago, megalem9
HGV booking
Very easy, very friendly. Tried using the phone reservation yesterday as well and spoke to Alicia. She was very friendly and patient answering my questions. Unfortunately I just didn’t do the reservation on the phone because I had questions about the points and Michael Dorantes was trying to help me as well. As usual, he was very helpful.
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2 years ago, Elite member Dan O
Cannot get reservations where we want to go.
We are Elite members. I have tried to get reservations 9 months out at 3 different resorts and could not get them. Looked like they are way oversold and they keep in selling. We live the resorts when we can get reservations but it gets harder every year.
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4 years ago, West to East Coasts
Easy to Use Great Options for Owners
Love using the HGV app! It’s easy to use and whenever I have time to travel, I hop on to see what is available and book it without worry! One recommendation for the app would be to see user reviews before a purchase is made instead of after. Other than that, five stars all the way!
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3 years ago, Dennis_EOD
HGV Club App for making reservations
I love how easy it is to make reservations on my IPhone. It took me only 5 minutes to search and complete reservations. I also like the availability of on-site resort information. I also like the easy access for making payments on membership contract. Dennis
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6 years ago, Sntrene
My Review,
My stay here at Tuscany is always fun, relaxing and full of surprises which make it memorable and exciting. No doubt it calls for me to come back to experience it again. The friendly poker game Thursday night is what stands out to me this visit. It was my first experience playing it. I did not win but it gave me the incentive to learn the game some more.
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1 year ago, YahooMail Broke
App version 3.3.6
Login time from ID verification on IPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G connection is normally about 3 minutes. This is way to long. Also, once the app actually loads your data , it doesn’t so trips anymore. I have to go to tools and the reservation page to see my trips. You guys might want to talk to your friends at Hilton Honors app to see how to make a responsive app. Theirs launches within seconds and is fully functional with all personal data along with digital keys at locations that offer that option.
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6 years ago, RHSFTBL
Great trip
We had a great time, the room was perfect on the 56 floor with a great view. The staff was very helpful and quick to answer questions. Thank you for letting us check out late since our flight wasn’t till later that afternoon. Thank you for making us, an owner at that property, feel extra special!
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6 months ago, grequent flyer
HGV ownership and resorts
We have greatly enjoyed our HGV ownership. Any of the resorts at which we have stayed have been very clean and comfortable and relaxing! Love being able to use our points anywhere that HGV has a property! Enjoying a 3 bedroom in Myrtle Beach with two couples that are good friends right now!!
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4 months ago, Hikiau
Joint Ownership, Spouse’s name doesn’t show up
I booked a week. The only option available under “Name of Guest” is my husband’s name. I changed the guest name to my name. I am an Owner jointly with my husband. When I changed the guest name to my name, the guest fee of $99 was added to the cost of the reservation. That’s not right. So I changed the guest name back to my husband’s name and booked the room. Imagine the issues I will encounter when I check in. What a pain it will be!!! I expect better from HGVC.
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5 years ago, CoastalGOLF
Great until iOS 13 - “something went wrong” error message
After most recent iOS update the app crashes at the point of selecting dates and looking for a availability. I have used the app successfully for many reservations and use it on a daily basis to search for potential trips and it has worked flawlessly until now! Please Fix!
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6 years ago, lbc iMay
Please revert to old version
Before, you are able to view available dates for the type of room in a specific resort. This feature have been taken out. Now you have to input a specific date; and resort availability will show according to the picked date. I understand resorts can get booked. But it was a bit easier to adjust vacation dates to adhere to the resorts availability. We have no way of doing this now.
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1 year ago, ken broussard
Las Vegas December 2022
Elara is at great location in Las Vegas… connected to Planet Hollywood via the Miracle Mile Mall. You can find many reasonable priced eating locations throughout the mall. All personnel are very polite & accommodating. The Elara is very clean & updated w/USB connections in each room. We LOVE our stays at the Elara! Thanks to all personnel for making our Las Vegas vacation the BEST ever!
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4 months ago, AJN7
Limited information
The hotel information and current pictures are limited. They should connect with Trivago and incorporate reviews. Many codes used on bedrooom description, no legend or pop-out explaining codes. No connectivity to excursions and who to contact for excursions. Does not show availability to book, have to call operator to look for you and find it. They see more than we can, this is the most unhelpful app we’ve ever encountered in over 20 years of travel.
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3 years ago, 916Thomas
Thank You
I want to THANK Everyone I’ve spoken to in person and over the phone - for the Amazing customer service. I’m a new member and Impressed and look forward to my first stay. Also, the app is just as good easy to navigate and friendly 👍🏽
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2 years ago, agarsh22
Literally worst app ever
I’m a Hilton honors member and their main app is great. But this one is THE WORST. It won’t let me in with my user login I create, ever. I have to re-sign up each time with my vacation confirmation. Now to complete the step all I get is a 404 page so I have zero access to my information. Coupled with the drama it’s been to try and get my vacation booked with the presentation and moving hotels and getting charged extra for something every time I call - NOT inspiring to become a HGV member whatsoever
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5 years ago, boiler549
You need customer service representatives who reflect your values
This is my first time booking and when I was unsure of what I was doing, I called customer service who’s number is not available on the app and online you have to email your email and wait for someone to call. Luckily google had your number. The representative was rude and irritated that I could not figure things out on my own. Not a nice woman.
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8 months ago, Hammertime Tours
Reservation Assist
I would like to compliment Louis who was most helpful in assisting me book my bonus point reservation at the Hokulani Resort on Oahu. He spent as much time as I needed to optimize my points and dates available. I am most appreciative of his professional skills in serving the HGV’s customers.
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4 years ago, Gilliam family
Thanksgiving to remember
We had a wonderful time. The staff could not have been nicer. Clean and neat, a beautiful view of the ocean. Easy access to everything. Checking in and out was a breeze. We did not want to go home 😞 Thank you the the entire staff for a great week with the family ! Arthur & Gwen Gilliam
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6 years ago, jokarz
The art of the Club
As a new member I am thrilled with the program. Plan ahead- ask tonnes of questions... the customer service reservations group is unbelievably wonderful and alway go above and beyond to make sure you know all the ins and outs. Think of this as a job or project (in a great way) plan - dream and then live the dream. Bon voyage!
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1 year ago, Volstenn
Photo gallery is needed
For a large corporation, the website doesn’t include photo galleries of the resorts, which is ridiculous. Considering there are often multiple facilities available in the same city or area, a photo gallery would allow people to visually see the resorts and it’s amenities and allow informed choices. This simple feature exists on the resort’s websites so incorporating a link to those galleries requires minimal effort. I consider this a large short coming.
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1 year ago, Falloncollect
New to HGV
Amazing. I have so many people complain about owning a timeshare and I’ve only owned mine for three months I’ve already booked a trip to Hawaii, multiple room stays, I still have points left over for my first year I’m loving it.
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1 year ago, VABeach Saver
Website and app have serious faults
The website does not have accurate availability for a partner resort we are trying to book and the website would not let me change traveler. I don’t really need to change the traveler as I am an owner (my aunt and I are co-owners) but my name is listed as second so in many places including this like phone number registered with account, person listed as traveler, security questions don’t have any of my info.
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9 months ago, Never Again1515
Terrible Service
This timeshare is very expensive considering we can never get reservations when and where we want to go. Last time we did use it we went to ocean enclave in Myrtle beach and I’ve never been subjected to rider staff. With owner wrist bands we were treated worse than non owners of course because they were trying to sell them these useless timeshares. Worse investment we ever made. I’d sell it in a heartbeat if I could get even half of what we paid for it
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2 years ago, Batgirl6209
New to HGV…so maybe it’s me?
I have been trying to book a reservation and it’s wanting to borrow future points, and not use my current points. There is really nothing to explain this. The math in points, for my Scotland trip next year, makes no sense. I really don’t understand how to use the points on here, we were told to book on the app, but I can’t find directions on how to use the app. Maybe I am missing something though, since I’m new??
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