Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang

4.8 (3.5K)
106.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adarsh Apps
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang

4.79 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
3 months ago, @su2010
Great app so helpful
I feel indebted to this app. I hvnt find the yoga and karana anywhere, even the nakshatram which rasi it belongs is also given , I can even see different country zones and the details of even 50 yr bk also we can check … I appreciate the developers and everyone who belong to this app. Thank you so much . So helpful I Check every day .
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5 years ago, Mettur
Ads are too intrusive to use
I use Dirk Panchang regularly on the web. When I saw the app - I was thrilled and immediately downloaded and attempted it. With in a few seconds ads banner ads started showing up on top - I was OK - after all they need to make money Then whenever I change from one calendar to other a full page add locks up the page for 5-10 seconds - then starts a video ad showed up - all these with in a few minutes of started using the app - I promptly deleted the app - could not even tell you if the app is any good or not. It’s way too annoying ads to make it useful.
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2 weeks ago, Kaydora2
One of the best apps for Hindu calendar
I have been using Drik Panchang for many years. It is the best for so many observances and festivals in Sanatan Dharma. Even observation of Ekadashi, Pradosham, Surya and Chandra Grahan are very clearly given. I would not be able to survive in a foreign land without this. Thank you so much for making this app and website. My blessings for a great future.
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12 months ago, KuldeepVJ
Feature request
I really like this app and have been using daily for quite awhile. I’m just wondering if you could add widget feature so that user doesn’t need to open the app everytime. Widget should show the daily tithi or choghadiyu which updates regularly.
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2 weeks ago, Sathyanarayana Kurakula
About the site
It’s a wonderful site whereby you receive lot of information one needs for muhurtham, Jatakam etc., not involving any calculations. Easily can find different muhurthams and festivals at hand. No site this good and mobile friendly. Thanks to the great selfless creator of this beautiful site 🙏🙏🙏
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5 years ago, MSGopu86
The best application
I and my father have used their website always to look up information and lagna, but knowing they have developed an app also is a major bonus. I only hope users can customize the app based on their location as well as local date and time.
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6 days ago, KrishnanVijayaraghavan
Love Drikpanchang
I have been using drikpanchang for nearly 2 years now and it is wonderful in both the mobile app and the web version on desktop. Adapts so well for the geographic locations and caters to all followers if astrology. Thank you Drikpanchang team!!!
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4 years ago, ManaswiniBhamidi
Great app but ads seems inappropriate
I see inappropriate ads on this kind of app too(promoting to get verses of bible). It bothers me a little when we see certain kind of ads on certain kind of apps please review your ads policy or something
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2 years ago, Vidyashankara
Great app but always copies clipboard information
This is a great app and I use it very often!! Dropping two stars as they dump clipboard information everytime you open the app. Many folks copy their bank account details, passwords and private information. I don’t see why the developers need this information. Horrible disgusting tactic.
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6 years ago, karvik
How to hide ads? No subscription option to buy.
I hate ads coming so frequently, it’s bother me lots. I did not see option to buy subscription to remove advertisement.
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8 months ago, Krish7382
Great App with Ease of Access
This is a great app that I can use with tremendous ease of access. I am able to also read explanations about different events. Thanking lord Krishna for this app and its creators.
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2 years ago, Ms_mads
Fantastic and easy to use
Outstanding I have been searching for this for a while and so helpful
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7 months ago, solvin25
App is crashing
There is no option to automatically find location or add city. When I tried to add city and timezone of USA. It seems crashing here and there. It may be problem of not updating lat and long and updating city other than India. Please fix this and I will change my review.
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2 years ago, T Achari
Easy and Accurate
Love the ease of using the app and its accuracy. Convenience of setting different time zones makes it easily adaptable.
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5 months ago, Kaulini 21
Disappointed with new year calendar
I have been using this app for quite some time now. But this is the first time I had difficulty in checking Indian festivals because they were not mentioned in the calendar properly. I’m a South Indian Telugu person and the calendar is not showing Telugu festivals properly in the beginning of the year only
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2 days ago, kiravi12
Very good except customWidgets
Really excellent. However, the app is no longer being updated. And the custom display widgets: panchang, rashifal, and muhurat - don’t work.
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6 years ago, xyqvvt
Better than i hoped
have been using drik panchang for years. Finally! an ios app. you want $2.49 per year!? No problem, thanks for the terrific service😊
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2 years ago, tanishak1117
Bad experience
App keeps crashing when I press on any day in Month view, crashes when I tap on Vedic timing. Many other times app has crashed hard to remember under which sub-menu that happened. App has crashed and closed almost every time I open it. Noticed appnis copying data from clipboard so deleting app.
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4 years ago, Kharve
Watch Version?
This is potentially a great app which can do very well with a watch complication. Hope the developers bring it out soon!
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3 years ago, rtadobe
Beware might steal data
The app is pasting content from clipboard to the logs which later might be downloaded. Remotely so if you have copied content from your phone and open the app iOS show the app has paste content from other app. I didn’t realize for long until I read about the vulnerability
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4 years ago, heal_ayurveda
Los Angeles Time Zone Glitch
I would love this app but there is a glitch in the time zone: America/ Los Angeles. If I set it there the whole app closes when I go to Dainika Panchang. If this can be fixed asap that would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
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2 weeks ago, love_trails
Fantastic app
It has everything you need
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12 months ago, शुभ पटेल
Old widget needs an update
Everything is looking qnd working great. Only thing I would suggest is updating Widget.
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6 years ago, Dreamzunltd
Location not customizable
I wish the location for panchang is customizable like on the online website. The app is based on Indian time and hence not accurate for North American users.
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3 years ago, jeffery wilson
Please update the app
Searching for location on a new kundali crashes the app after upgrading IOS to 14.4
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1 year ago, RKI Tech
English calendar date and day mismatch
The english calendar date shows the current date but the day shows is not right.
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6 years ago, omsrisagar
Font size small
Please give an option to change the font size. The provided font is small and uncomfortable for the eyes.
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3 days ago, ragchan
Excellent App
Very handy app for regular users of Hindu calendar. Stable so far and no issues of whatsoever
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5 years ago, Smartgal111
Terrible disturbing ads
No matter how good an app is, ads every 2 clicks is quite annoying and disturbing from what we try to do. For checking muhuta or auspicious timing, nobody wants to see some ugly dirty ads popping up which goes on longer than 5 sec to skip. Not recommended at all, such an advertisements-full App in a hindu vedic content!! Disgusting
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3 years ago, Mohnish Katare
Awesome app
I am using this app on daily basis as panchang and to get other information.
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3 months ago, prathibha banda
Where is the home option in the app just like in the web?
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1 year ago, ST Joshi
Excellent and very useful information thank you 🙏
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4 years ago, CMNarumanchi
Awesome app
Very Very Useful for everyone to know daily panchang for doing all kinds of activities and events.
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5 years ago, VaruHaru
Love it
Ah thanks, I was just typing my rev and I went to back to check that the “yearly” section was in english.....ah! thank u so much..... Love this app
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6 years ago, coollguy
Best panchang app
We need - ios widget for hora muhurtha, i am from kerala and give importance to shubh hora. Waiting for update as soon as possible.
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4 years ago, ramaa srinivasan
It is the best even to a lady of homemaker , ramaa srinivasan
I like it . it is very easy it has calculations for World wide Astro refers easily do their calculations for instant Prashna phalam
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2 weeks ago, HereIsMyHumbleOpinion
Useful App, Ads ruin UX
This app is useful but the ads make the app feel cheap and ruin the user experience.
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2 years ago, Kampli
Security alert - this app copying data
You copy any data and now open the app, you get a message that Drik app has copied data. Apple must immediately look and take severe steps and action to save user data.
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8 months ago, Chief ln
About Nepali patro
Can you add Nepali patro in Drikpanchang app which is only available in Drikpanchang website only .
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2 weeks ago, Innana Ain
Update created buggy loading
App was amazing until I updated! Now all I see are ads very large on my mobile and the pages are buggy.
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5 years ago, ap@92
Some problem with my Drik Panchang
When I enter Devotional lyrics I cant see mantra ,hindu names ,navgrah names, sunderkand !!
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3 weeks ago, yogkarak
App is crashing with the latest version
App is crashing in between, please fix the bug as it is a critical one. Thank you. App was great before the latest update.
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5 days ago, Kul bhatta
We cannot save the documents in this app
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4 months ago, Akash_sarker
Future of Hindu samaj
This is a very good attempt for preserve our Hindu culture in a proper manner and maintain accordingly.
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5 years ago, aksta001
Great App. Works well
Well designed and works well
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5 years ago, Muktibhukti
So many resources here. What a treasure, and so well designed.
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4 years ago, lalit sai
Great app
I love this app I am in usa very easy to know Panchang Hindu colander and festivals etc
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3 years ago, bobby_72
Need Language option
Using paid version to avoid advertisements. Why does the language keep changing to Hindi? Have written emails multiple time no response.
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5 years ago, Bhulesh
Every things on finger
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4 months ago, Leenamanjunath
Abrahamic events in Hindu calendar
Why is the developer adding Abrahamic festivals in a Hindu calendar when there are several apps for that ? Can’t we have one Hindu calendar for just Hindu festivals ?
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