Hipcamp: Camping, RVs & Cabins

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Hipcamp, Inc
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3 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hipcamp: Camping, RVs & Cabins

4.82 out of 5
28.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Sunnyseas1981
Great Service
Hipcamp connects campers with private sites. This summer I booked eight stays during a trip up and down the California coast. Of these, five were amazing and even inspiring. They felt restful, safe, clean, convenient and even inspiring! I didn’t leave bad reviews for the three that didn’t leave me with these impressions, mostly because those places seemed to be struggling - they didn’t feel unsafe, but were a bit sad and discouraging. One of the sketchy places marketed itself as a “resort,” one as an educational “farm” with not much evidence that anything was growing or much obvious animal husbandry, another offered a bed inside a grubby “glamping” trailer with flat tire and escaped cattle (manure everywhere hosts called this “free range”) - when I pulled back the sheets on the bed there was dirt and human hair. The port-a-potty there (hint, it’s in Lompoc, CA) appeared and smelled FULL / unmaintained - yuck yuck yuck. Having no other accommodations, I used my sleeping bag that night and noticed that the family staying in the other trailer had “wide” eyes and appeared uneasy - and they hightailed it out of there before sunrise. My advice: read the reviews! The “resort” had several complaining about a poor experience and I should have heeded this over pretty pictures put up by the hosts. All this aside, I look forward to future HipCamping and really appreciate the service.
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4 years ago, Big Baller RV
Only able to book 1 time
I’ve booked several times but they keep canceling it because the owners of the property don’t keep their calendar updated you wait one day or more and they either don’t respond so the booking gets canceled or they decline. It makes it very difficult to plan anything. One accepted the booking and then canceled a few days later. Also, it looks like people are starting to get greedy and charging higher prices to sleep in the middle of a field. I’m disappointed. the idea is great but there hasto be someway to hold the owner accountable for not having their calendar updated excepting bookings and canceling out. One more thing, they charge you immediately. It takes a few days to get the money back. Note that there’s a $10 cancellation fee that they give you a credit for on your next booking but like I said I haven’t been able to make any booking since the first one. Good concept but not very good for someone wanting a real reservation with reputable people. You cannot rate the people that cancel you out the week after your reservation they only let you rate people who you have stayed with. It would help if you could rate people that either didn’t update their calendar or let you make a reservation and then cancel you a week later because they have other people scheduled to come.
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5 years ago, Mylogan
The best part of camping...
... is that moment sometime after you’ve gotten to your site when you realize that you’ve got everything you need. You feel like you’ve arrived. You can settle in and connect with the people you came with and with the nature around you. Before arriving you might be worrying about if you’ve brought the right equipment, if you’re going to find a good spot. But after you arrive and you find you can relax, everything changes. You start to notice small details, like the smell of water or the signs of wildlife. The thing with Hipcamp is, you really feel like you can start relaxing and settling in before you’ve even made the journey to the campsite. With how easy it is to navigate the app, and how thoughtful each host is with sharing each detail about their location and with the quality of the photos, you can trust in the fact that the trip is going to go well. There is nothing to worry about. You get that feeling of having arrived just from using the app. This app is a really big deal for outdoorsy people. 😘 Now you’re going to want to be the one organizing the next camping trip.
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5 years ago, roadmap_
Best camping app and platform out there!
Hipcamp makes it incredibly easy to find unique outdoor experiences, with in-depth reviews and photos from an engaged camper community, passionate hosts who love sharing their land, and an intuitive platform for filtering, planning, and booking any size or type of adventure. So excited that it’s now all in an app that I can take with me when I head out, and plan with on the road. I love that you can book right in the app and keep track of upcoming and past trips on your account. Only on Hipcamp can you decide to tent camp in an empty alpine meadow one night, and spend a luxurious night in a cozy cabin above the ocean the next. There’s so much information on the website that is well organized in the app, making it simple to tailor your search — whether it’s last-minute or months in advance. And the amazing photos and descriptions mean that you end up wanting to go to every place you look at (thankfully there’s a handy saved list function). Get this app and go get outside!
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8 months ago, No. 14
Overall Great Resource
Have used for three RV sites so far with 2 out of three excellent locations and one not so great. (The so so location had no reviews and I knew I was taking a chance). App is easy to use with good filters to narrow in on choices, although obviously as a user you need to scrutinize the listings to help ensure the hosts are defining the amenities, etc. as you would, as well as watching out for potentially undesirable situations. Two items I would suggest for the developers: 1. Build in a “cancel” button into the review screens. When trying to leave a review I mistakenly tapped the wrong choice on the first screen. Unfortunately there’s no way to cancel or go back. I quit the app and returned but I still am stuck on that second screen with no way back. 2. Perhaps an optional field for hosts of RV spots without a sewer connection could be listing the distance to the closest dump location for sites and perhaps naming it. That would make a lot of locations with water only or water and electric much more appealing. Otherwise the user is having to message a bunch of hosts in order to make a choice.
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5 years ago, StevePawtucket
Very squirrelly app
I really WANT this app to work. I’m an avid Airbnb-er, both host and traveler. Seems like it should be easier to get a camping site to work. But I’ve had issues... - Default location. Each time I start a search, it shows me options in California. Even though I’m in Rhode Island. Even when I specify Rhode Islamd, it shows me CA choices. I need to scroll the map over to New England to make it work. Annoying. - Shifting searches. I frame the map on southern New England, click “re-search in this area” and it shows me results centered in NYC. Several tries later it finally sticks on my area. Irritating. - “No soup for you”. You have ten minutes to complete a booking request once you’ve started the process. Go past ten minutes and you start over. It doesn’t retain your credit card, your location, or even your dates. Back to square one. If you try to write a thoughtful request to your host and ten minutes elapses you’re out of luck. The timer isn’t even visible except at the very top of the page. Super frustrating. - No add-ons. My host provided a bundle of fire wood. He even built a fire to start and covered it with plastic because of intermittent rain. He normally charges $10 for this but there’s no way to pay through the app. That just seems silly. I keep coming back because I can’t find anything better. I’m shocked the app gets 4.8 stars. Maybe it’s just me.
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5 months ago, Traveling Ballou’s
Not a bad little place to stay…
Quaint little spot. Has very beautiful views of mountains and meadows. Sunsets are stunning. There is water and 30amp power. The owner brought a honey wagon down for our black tank. And will take care of emptying it. Our neighbors where a bit loud (arguing outside late at night). And the shower was broken. The only toilet is a homemade composting toilet. Which my wife didn’t like to use much. They have two sweet as pie dogs. However they run loose and it was a little tough with our two going crazy in the RV as they sniffed around the camper. We also had to make sure they weren’t around every time we had to bring our dogs out. The site was somewhat level and took a bit to get our rig situated in the space. The power pedestals only have a 50amp plug… so no where to plug in a heated water hose. As we are here in February our water hose did manage to freeze one night. Overall with a little bit of work this could be a very nice spot.
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7 months ago, Jlaw2010
Just passing thru
We stayed one night. Owner was easy to communicate with. Property was a pasture, inside of a gate off a gravel road. Roads leading to the property were in good condition, wide and easy to navigate. It was quiet and although felt like you were in the middle nowhere, you are actually not far from the highway, although you can’t hear any road noise. I recommend exiting the highway across from the gas station to avoid a steep dip on the other entrance. We were in a 37ft 5th wheel. I would not recommend anything bigger, as the gate entrance is a bit tight but very doable. Getting out was no problem. I would recommended this place and plan to stay again in the future as needed when we pass thru. Not sure if electric hook up is available, as we have a solar system and did not need hook ups just for an overnight stay. 5 star rating as far as I’m concerned.
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4 days ago, lilacjosi
Farmhouse at 931 Old Bridge Rd. in Colfax, California
Erin was amazing, great host!!! Place was spotless inside and out. Being up in the forest you would think there would be cobwebs and all sorts of bugs. This place had none of that not even outside on deck, very well maintained. Deck goes all the way around the cabin! It has a clawfoot tub on the front deck which was a great experience used it plenty!!! We sat on the porch in morning by outdoor fire and drank coffee in the am and watched the deer eat from the trees, it was awesome! Very secluded, you will not have to worry about anyone around, had security gate which my husband really liked. Huge plus was the ac it was hot when we were there so ac made it bearable as did the tub on the porch! We will definitely be back!!! Thank you very much to Erin for making it such a memorable stay!! The The Smith’s. June 9, 2024
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4 years ago, tmcsfnm
Bad Policies
Tried Hipcamp this week and unfortunately had a really bad experience. Booked what looked like a great place and then confirmed multiple times with the host that given Covid, we wouldn't be sharing the campsite with anyone else. To be extra sure, we even paid extra to secure a second, adjacent space. Then, the morning of the booking, I got a message from the host that she had accidentally allowed a double-booking, so she was going to let six additional people stay on our campsite for free! Then end result of us objecting to this situation was having our booking cancelled, even though we were the original bookers. We contacted Hipcamp customer service who, while polite, were also extremely unhelpful and could only provide a refund in 5-10 days. In other words, I was unable to apply the money I already paid towards a replacement booking for that same evening. The most frustrating thing is that because the stay was cancelled, according to Hipcamp policy, I can't even leave a review of the host. Which means she's free to do the same thing to future campers. This is a big policy flaw that they need to fix.
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4 years ago, LhamoTen
Hello, I would like to share my experience on Why Did I cancelled. First thing when I arrived there with my family I called the host, the host then said he will come to the given address in an hour so basically he was not there, wanted us do settle on the area that he listed first before his arrival. We then look around the area and we noticed that RV van that host listed on the hip camp was way too smelly, dirty and there were lots of mosquitoes and also it doesn’t seems like host doesn’t do the cleaning around RV as well as inside the RV. It seems like nobody has ever live in that RV. Therefore, we decided to cancelled it. Later on when we are on our way back to home, we kept thinking that why did he listed that area on the hip camp which was not clean and the area where he want us to put the tent was too many long grasses. So basically I feel like I was being scammed by hip camp as well as host. Please look Through the matter carefully and refund my money back. I was too disappointed. I wasted both my money and time. It was such bad experience and I would not recommend hip camp to anyone if that is the case. Thank you
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1 year ago, Akcookvt
Favorite travel app
I enjoy all kinds of travel and use about 10 travel apps for different needs. This is easily my favorite and although a little niche it’s been so great. I’ve booked 4 nights so far with this app and have another one coming up. All the places have been super unique, lovely and have met some interesting hosts. It reminds me a bit of a much more famous app that starts with an “a” and ends in “b” back when it was actually a place for affordable unique stays and not a bunch of bland corporate apartments with bad wall art and outrageous cleaning fees. The app is easy to use and has never been “buggy”. Read descriptions of sites carefully before you book especially if you don’t like the rustic life, as some places may only have an outhouse or no electricity. This seems to be a gripe in many reviews.
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3 months ago, wldct4
Amazing relaxing very hospitable home away from home
We found the Collins Family Farm while looking for a RV site for the weekend. I can’t begin to explain how pleasantly surprised we were. The hosts communication about the farm as well as local amenities was superb. Very accommodating and informative. This place is amazing. From the cute goats, horse, chickens, pigs and “Edwardo” the turkey. We never longed for animal companionship. On our first night we were met by what I would call the Collins Family Farm mascot “Cheeta Collins” the most friendly 4 legged feline I’ve come across. He met our dog Kane and after a few games of tag I truly believe they are life long friends it’s truly a unique and beautiful getaway. We were so Impressed we booked for the following weekend to bring the entire family. A true gem.
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4 years ago, hxy.91
Wrong coordinates
I’ve used hipcamp twice and it has given us the wrong coordinates of the camp. It also does not provide adequate support, both times we have had to sleep in our cars because we couldn’t find the site late at night. The second time around we had contacted our hosts multiple times the night before arrival and he did not respond at all when I had questions regarding the property. We couldn’t find the property as the coordinates lead us to the cemetery. The owner also gave us unclear directions which was very confusing. We had to do our own research to eventually find the location. We arrived here late last night to find no one on the property, and the phone shut off. We slept in our cars and this morning the owner still did not give us any call backs and we’re still in our car. No one from Hipcamp has contacted us. At this point I’m out of money for two nights worth of stay. Very disappointed. I want my money back. Customer service is via email only with hipcamp which makes it mega inconvenient when you’re in a rural areas.
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5 years ago, jollymurrell
Best camping app ever!
I enjoy lots of different kinds of camping and can truly say Hipcamp is for any type of camper, period. Tent, backpacker, RV, vanlife, roadtripper, glamper, cabin… Even if you’ve never been camping and are curious, start here! The community will welcome you with open arms. Not only can you search, filter, save and explore campsites across the US, you can BOOK through Hipcamp! They list all public campground options so you don’t have to go to five different websites to know you’re getting the best place to camp… and the real draw is the unique experiences you’ll find camping on private land that’s only listed on Hipcamp. I’ve been to many Hipcamps over the years and have returned to some 3+ times now. There are so many positive facets to Hipcamp, it’s hard to even know where to start so… just start! Hipcamp is a true mission and values-led company that I am proud to support. I know that every time I pay to book a Hipcamp site, it’s helping private landowners keep their land undeveloped, and open for people to discover and explore. The stories and knowledge the landowners share about their land is priceless. I could go on and on… But just recommend you download the app, get exploring, and get more people outside! Their Journal is pretty sweet, too. :) You’ll love it!
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3 weeks ago, KBM1133
Great Host and Accommodations
I have camped here numerous times now and every-time is amazing! We camped for very rainy three day weekend and inquired about dry firewood , and they now offer a BIG BAG of kiln dried firewood that is brought to you covered and dry as a bone ! The BIG BAG is unlimited where you can use as much as you want with no limitations! We camped for a Friday- Sunday period and had enough to keep a very well stocked fire for the whole weekend! Not having to worry about bringing firewood, or keeping it dry, was one less thing off my mind for this camping trip ! Another awesome thing was that as we were leaving on the last day, one of our vehicles got stuck in the mud, and the host very graciously pulled it out with ease and a smile! Would highly recommend this campsite !
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3 years ago, Oatovar92
Great app for finding amazing experiences
I love hipcamp and it’s ability to find beautiful stays everywhere you go. All the hosts are welcoming and amenities clearly listed so you know what to expect. The app allows you to filter based on what kind of trip you’re taking and what you’d like to have at the spot you're staying at. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to go outdoors. Something that I believe would be nice to have is the ability to go back to the listing from the current trip view. This is currently not possible on this version but would be amazing if included. Sometimes I want to view the pictures of the stay again but cannot go back unless I search for it manually.
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12 months ago, Geomz
Great idea, but execution is mostly garbage.
This app seems like a natural idea, with the huge surge of RVs out there, and people with available land, why not? While this is a great idea, the execution here is… well… garbage. First off: the app behavior is kind of sketchy. Searching is clumsy and tends to just hop around seemingly randomly rather than stay on your search. Getting site detail text to show up is often incorrectly indexed, so you just get a repeat of the “about us” sales pitch from the host. There are several places in the app that are dead-ends, where it just leaves you stuck on a page with no way to get back —reading a response from a host (using the ‘read now’ popup), for example. But all of that aside, it *is* usable. The main problem is that hardly any of the hosts respond to messages. Have been trying this app for weeks (after having this issue months ago, and then again prior). But few, if anyone, responds, and it’s all over the country. Which makes knowing what the bleep is going on kind of difficult. I guess you can just “trust the robot”, pay a bunch of money, and just show up at some dude’s property unannounced— good luck with that! There appears to be Zero process to weed out inactive and unresponsive hosts or listings. And no follow through to see if messages just landed in the dumpster.
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1 year ago, Djfuzzzy
Now useless and inhumane
Been using Hipcamp for a couple years and it has been wonderful. Now this year this app has become completely useless. Even though it’s updated, it doesn’t function. I click to modify reservation and it takes me to support ticket. That support ticket takes 48 hours to get a response and it’s not a good response. Then I do another ticket another 48 hours. The chat, but on the app is completely useless. I can’t even submit a message to the host through the app anymore. So this is a big fail. The biggest problem is that I can’t talk to a human. I can’t talk to human live on the chat I can’t talk to human live on the phone and an email that takes 48 hours for a response is ridiculous and not useful for a reservation application. Don’t waste your time in frustration. Find a better way. Get out there. Enjoy the outdoors. Just don’t waste your time with Hipcamp anymore. I am very very sad. Hip camp had so much potential.
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4 years ago, jessirhawk
You NEED the state the campsite is in
The app is wonderful, we’ve used it to camp all over the country and really enjoy it a lot, but it’s extremely hard to find campsites near me. If I type NEW JERSEY into the search bar it does not give me New Jersey locations it gives me mostly the same locations in Hudson over and over again, but when I type WEST CHESTER into the search bar, I find a ton of locations in New Jersey that weren’t presented to me and I find this annoying and not good for hosts at all. There really also needs to be some way of showing the state that the campsite is in, it’s impossible to know where the campsite is by looking at an aerial map of a mountain, so then I have to hope and pray that the host mentions some place the campsite is near so I can google it’s location just to simply know what state The campsite is located in.... not good. Other than that we like it a lot but it needs work
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4 years ago, PamperedAndPosh
Listings NOT Verified by Hipcamp
We have used the Hipcamp application to book 2 separate camping experiences - one with a RV and one bringing our new RV. Neither was as advertised. Hipcamp sent me an email about my low rating and I responded with information that would be helpful for campers as they chose to book a listing (suggesting mandatory photographs of advertised amenities), but Hipcamp never responded beyond their initial “please help us improve our service.” The second campsite we booked actually caused damage to our new RV. I confirmed with the camp owners that they could accommodate our 13.5’ high and 43’ long RV, but when we arrived, tree limbs over roads on their property were lower than 13.5’ high and put holes in our brand new RV. They had also advertised 50amp power and water availability, but that was not the case. Their “electrician” was on site and ran temporary power (romex wires connected inside a plastic storage bin) to the open field where we were directed to park. We were able to connect our 100 foot water hose to their garden outlet. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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6 months ago, JCVermont
Kinda cool. But the app and website has some fatal flaws that need to be addressed. 1. No quick link to Apple Maps or Google maps to quickly see how far away the camp is. There is a link to download an additional app “map box.” Map box then asks for credit card information. Seems like way more hassle for the user vs just simple linking it to the map apps everyone already has? 2. Sent a message to a host. Quickly got an email that the host replied. However I can not see the message in the email. Have to click on view message. Then I am brought to a blank messaging page with no message from the host. Also, no message to be found under my account. I still have no clue what the host said?? For simplicity’s sake just have the message show in the email sent to notify the user that someone replied?
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2 years ago, OrangeCrow
Great company to support
I like Hipcamp because it’s helping farmers bring in more money so they don’t have to sell off their land to survive. Things are really bad for independent agriculture right now because big companies are pushing down prices so low the small farmer sinks further and further in the red. I personally know Hipcamp hosts that almost lost their land but the extra Hipcamp revenue saved them. They also really love sharing the land with people who appreciate it. The app itself is still young and the company needs to improve it but it’s good enough to use and it feels really good to support this company and what it’s doing. Plus I’ve found some really amazing camp spots that public campgrounds just don’t match.
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3 years ago, kiddypow
Hipcamp even easier
Overall I liked the features the app provided and there was easy access to my listings as a host but there are many features lacking in regards to editing one’s listings. The calendar doesn’t seem to be synced with my other calendars like the website does. Having the ability to switch to instant booking or pause my listing is a must for the app in my opinion. Therebis s major problem when I try to modify my calendar and block off days while using on my iphone 6s where I can’t send my response as to why I needed to modify(booked on another platform) and I am stuck on the selection window, unable to leave even if I rotate the screen, so I am forced to close the app down and start over doing something else.
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3 years ago, kcesarz
This is my new vacation spot every year. Wasnt too bad of a drive coming from Fenton. Unfortunately it rained, was cold and their lake was dried up but there is 2 beaches near by and one with a splash pad for the kids. If you are into greens they have one just 2.7 down m-30 priced awesome! The cabin was just the perfect size for 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. Bonfire, cool walking paths and sooo many animals around to see! Its just so peaceful! The cabin is equipped with a ton of things so dont over pack like i did! It has a mini fridge, toaster oven, microwave, washer/dryer, shower, toilet inside, games to play and even WIFI! Outside the have a covered picnic table to eat on. Just loved the place and the owners were very welcoming!
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4 years ago, cwlee1214
Yes to this, a million times yes
I love camping and have found the regulations regarding state and federal campsites sometimes confusing (exponentially more so during COVID!). With Hipcamp I’ve booked over two weeks of travel with various interesting sites - staying in family farms in Pittsburgh to the Easton Castle (Where Baum was inspired to write Wizard of Oz!). Each stay has been unique and every host has been accommodating. It’s also great to hear how some of these farms who are hard up have been leveraging Hipcamp to get back into the black financially! Looking forward to future road and camping trips and to using Hipcamp more. I’ve still got about another week on the road and I look forward to the great sites and experiences this app brings me to!
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2 years ago, dmlmc
Changes needed
Having an option to choose a radius from our location would be nice. I’m getting places that are further out than I wish for. Being able to choose a city and getting the spots just in that area or close by it or being able to view a map with all the hosts on it would be beneficial. Then I can just go straight to the location and begin clicking on the different hosts in the exact spots that I don’t mind staying at. Would be very helpful to see the city and state of these places so when I save them I can easily see their locations and this way stay better organized. Also, when done looking through a listing, it takes me back to the very first listing. This is time consuming and frustrating. It should go back to where I left off from. So I can just continue going down the list.
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3 years ago, eric scamed customer
Above and beyond customer service
Unfortunately had a poor experience with my first time using the app had a host lie about location and amenities not going into details I was forced to stay in parking lot nearby. Spoke with the representative from hipcamp and was informed that it was up to host to return the money that was very frustrating due to the fraud.. the manager Drew K. Reached out to me and after discussion he spoke with the host and saw why I was so frustrated this was definitely deemed a refund he informed me that they would credit my account which was done. And I had another trip that weekend and was a pleasant experience 1 st time hipcamper and definitely future camper Eric G
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2 years ago, Grifman1
Search function makes this app almost worthless
This app has some great campgrounds and cabins, but the search function by geography makes it almost worthless. For example, I put in a search for accommodations in the Brevard, NC area. I got several suggestions nowhere near Brevard, one was NW of Asheville, probably over 75 miles away. Testing the app again, I put tried another search for the Uwharrie Mountains and got a suggestion for a location well west of I85, while the Uhwarries are well east and south of I85. I checked to see if there was a distance filter but there isn’t one. You really need to be able to tell the app how far it should go in searching from where you want to go, because right now you can end up with suggestions nowhere near the place you want to visit. Right now, Google gives just as good or better results.
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5 years ago, Enkelisi
Love it but..
I love this app because it has a lot of amazing and great hosts for sites, but when you’re going through the list of campsites and click “load more campsites” it takes you aaaalllll the way to the top of the list again, where you then have to scroll back down through the ones you’ve seen as well as the new ones, then do it all over again when you want to see more. Kind of annoying when you have (supposedly) 713 campsites near you.. Perhaps a change of interface is in order. (Can confirm this happens on all of my friends devices as well, I thought my phone was just crappy (iphone 6s)) If this gets resolved, as it’s super annoying, then I will give this a 5 star review! The campsites really are gorgeous where I live.
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1 year ago, gdydyudjs
Over promise, under deliver.
The place looked like an abandoned campground. Junk was piled up in the center of the sites, which were stacked on top of each other. So many acres with a few sites just jammed together was disappointing. When paying close to $50 for a private campground I would think maybe a little privacy could be offered without having to go several miles down the road. Which I guess is where the views are as well, not from the campground. The luxury amenity provided failed and left my friend standing in an outdoor shower getting blasted with ice water after 5 seconds of warm. I think you can definitely find better places to stay along a forest service road or legitimate campground that actually gets maintained. I could go on about the other let downs with the location I chose but there’s no reason to since this app is getting deleted. Good luck 👍
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1 year ago, Jayyyyyyyyy8676309
Hipcamp is awesome!
I really love Hipcamp! I’ve used it numerous times with my previous relationship and now I find myself on a solo two month road trip using it myself. It’s been quit a journey and a learning curve. Due to the time of year I’ve had a couple state campground cancel because of flooding so I had to change things around and now have to regroup and figure out where to book next. Thankfully Hipcamp staff was so helpful even with their backup in requests. Super friendly staff and happy to help navigate everything and changes I’ve had to make. Thanks again for everything I look forward to the next adventure!
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4 years ago, All Nature Sings
FINALLY! Gem of a win-win idea for public & private owners
We LOVE Hip Camp! Angel Fire,NM campground -Enchanted Circle Campground hosted by Landon & Sophie Dooley was our first taste....WHAT A beautiful WONDER! Can’t wait to finally get to stay in some of the beautiful land we’ve only been able to drive by so far -in the Greater HOUSTON area....Fulshear/Richmond/Columbus/Sealy area... Near Houston (like 3 hours radius), public land to camp on is far & few between...but PLENTY of wild lands still exist on ranches/preserves, etc..SO its such a TREAT to have the privilege of seeing & “being” in & on that land via this genius idea of HipCamp! Owners make some money (to help pay land tax to KEEP their land) & we get to have a “whole new world” open up to us! Note: Hipcamping is not without sweat equity though! Many sites don’t have water & electricity....so it’s a good idea to do some “practice camping” at a nearby site first before biting more than you can chew far away from home...plus if your tent rips & your zippers won’t close -ehem-in bear country at 39 degrees..you can replace your faulty gear much quicker! 😄 Enjoy! Katy, TX Tim, Shan & Isaac (11 yrs)
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2 years ago, Testu2
Love it, but app needs some tweaks
I’m currently driving across the US & Canada at the moment. I love the app, but often the links in the app aren’t working, such as writing a review. I have to follow the link in the email, because the link in the app doesn’t work to leave a review. And I would really like it if the highway’s were better defined. The toughest part is trying to see just how far a spot is from my route. The distances can be very deceiving on the hipcamp maps. I have to triple check with Google to make sure I’m not driving 3 hours off my intended route. Keep it up hipcamp! I remember when you started & you keep getting better. Can’t wait to see the expansion in Europe!
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2 months ago, Sharmila Seyyid
I was on a road trip with my spouse and children when we discovered Bob's land at the last minute. We arrived after sunset, were not in the mood for camping, and the kids were exhausted. Bob's Popup was not set up because the season had not yet begun, and he is welcome to stay at the campsite. But when he met us, he changed his mind and instantly set up the Popup. In all of my travels, I've never encountered a more kind, friendly, and compassionate host. The campsite has a river in front of us, and there is a lot of wildlife. Bonfire is allowed, clean, cold water and compost toilets are available. Highly recommended place for camping!
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5 years ago, Raeleerobot
Almost perfect
So so so excited that there’s finally an app! I recommend hipcamp to everyone, and the app just makes life easier. After poking around a little bit, it seems super user friendly and really easy to search and book! My only complaint is that I don’t think you can access your saved locations (if you can, I haven’t been able to find the feature). Also, didn’t seem like you could zoom out on maps within listings to see their general locations or proximity to other places. Not enough of an issue for me to not use the app, but hopefully favorites/lists will make an appearance in the next update!
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4 years ago, Drah Herr
Discovered Today
One of my world traveler friends told me about this application today while on the road moving from one city to another and needing to break up the trip. Was able to find a place to park my car and rest my head that was budget friendly and had great reviews. I was accepted to camp at the location I wanted, the friendly couple who own the property messaged me almost immediately, and I’m looking forward to spend my first night through using this application. It was really easy and consistent with a similar look and feel of Airbnb’s application, which was comforting to learn. Looking forward to using it again.
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3 years ago, biancalein2021
Sketchy host
I had quite an experience with a sketchy host. Whenever I arrived the lot with trailer didn’t look like it was well taken care of, so I didn’t feel comfortable staying there with my kids. I immediately wrote hipcamp and explained the situation, but they disregarded my request completely and the host got $80 from me, even though I never stepped foot on his property since it was trashed etc. Even after several email conversations and me explaining the situation over and over I was out of my money and paid to stay at another place :( Very disappointing as there’s no protection for you as a camper.
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2 weeks ago, Bravo to the VA
My review: Cob Oven Camp Site at Benza
The Cob Oven Camp Site at Benzai is a hidden gem in Central North Carolina. The familiarity of my everyday life receded and was replaced by natures embrace. Being surrounded by rolling green fields, big sky, a symphony of birdsong and country fresh air was an open invitation to relax, reflect and reinvigorate- to focus entirely on my experience. A notable highlight was the mint kombucha, a delicious treat that I won’t forget. A small detail that reflects the thoughtful hospitality and care that Morgan makes available to her guests. My two day stay was restorative. I eagerly anticipate my next journey to central North Carolina where I will I return to this idyllic setting
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4 years ago, ctb47 cdeu
App is Unstable
Tried to book thru the app, it froze and I had to eventually force quit and relaunch. My request was not submItted, but my dates were no longer available. Tried to ask the host if the request went thru, but they said they’d get back to me “tomorrow” and that hasn’t happened and now my dates are showing as available. Tried to book again; app kicked me out because I guess I took too long in entering my note to the host to explain what was happening with the request. The third time I booked thru the app, it completed my request before I pressed the button to do so, so I don’t even know if my note was completed. Now after all that, I guess if the host doesn’t respond in 24 hours, my request expires. This process is making me need to take a vacation from this potential vacation.
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4 weeks ago, Timesaver11
Think before booking or using this app
Hipcamp needs to keep campers safe and protected from the rude host/owners. We booked a campsite from this host per her instructions to call or text once we arrived. After driving 15 hrs+ I called the owner did not answer then she sent me a text saying text her instead of calling so I did that. Texted her refused to reply after waiting 15-20 minutes at her property the host refused to answer my call I called her twice then the 3rd time yelling on the phone who is this then hang up I sent a message via the app notify her we left the property she said she’ll refund me but I have not receive any receipt nor email from the host nor Hipcamp. This was my first and only time I will use this app. You can’t even leave a review on app to notify others that beware of the host/owner being hostile and rude.
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3 years ago, 3manydogs
Love it with 1 suggestion
We used this app for the 1st time yesterday. Our hosts were very nice & the location was unique. Hipcamp says that they suggest keeping all communication in the app in case there are connectivity issues. We knew that we had received some specific instructions about arrival & I thought I was loosing my mind because I couldn’t find them. I looked in my Hipcamp messages & my texts, couldn’t find it. I searched my emails & found the instructions. It was only 1 line but it would be ENORMOUSLY helpful if everything could be in 1 place in the app no matter what additional forms of communication are used. We’re using it for a different stay tonight & looking forward to it!
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2 months ago, aadflakjdsjhfawpeuoihalkjdshfl
Not clear on rules ended up double booked
I was charged for a booking that was never used as had made a booking, but then I couldn’t get a hold of the host and so I tried to make another booking so I have a place for that evening, but I also couldn’t get a hold of them and so I ended up getting a hotel and I was not reimbursed for thestay because Hipcamp leaves it up to the host to refund and of course this host does not want to refund, but they’re listing said they were next to a pack and a trail which was untrue. They were next to a busy intersection of a 6 Lane Rd. and a neighborhood that does not welcome camping in the backyard so I definitely felt unsafe I will not be booking again. It was too confusing and I spent way too much money and I didn’t get a refund for what I got.
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1 year ago, santanalou
This is the best idea for an app ever!!
I love this app!! My family and I are going to be busy little bees this summer with our phones off enjoying nature because the options are endless on here! My only downfall about the app is the saving/loving process, it is kind of difficult to save locations and you have to go back and when you do go back you are not in the same spot you were in before. Maybe it is because this is a newer app! Other than that I love what your business supports and the community it brings together! Thank you lots!
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4 years ago, TikiMama16
Mama & Daughter Camp Across the US!
With COVID-19 madness in every glance I decided to turn my 10-year-olds summer around. She already had a chunk of her childhood swiped from underneath her with the cancellation of school... I felt I had to do something! 🙏🏽It’s also so important to me that we are respecting boundaries, keeping ourselves and others healthy. As a single mom (just for the road trip) with a young girl and our sweet Border Collie pup, I wanted to find safe places to camp. I’m over the moon 🌈🌛with this site and ecstatic for our adventure ahead. The only hard part is picking where to stay! There are so many groovy hosts out there!!! See ya on the road! 🚙 💨 AZ to WI! 🌵🌜🌞🌛🐄
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4 months ago, KarenBrac
Thank you Camp Champ
Thank you to Kendal and Chris for sharing your wonderful property with us. We enjoyed our stay and the personal touch you brought by getting to know you! We loved all the amenities and just sitting back and enjoying the outdoors, and the other campers, who were all very friendly. One can tell you love this place, by the care you put into it and the way you make everyone feel at home. Thank you for not rushing us out, that in its self just shows the wonderful people you are. We hope to be back soon.
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2 months ago, red mud hen
Disappointing, and at times dangerous
Perhaps it’s been the areas where I’ve traveled, but have had several incidents where camp spots were not as described and I didn’t have a good way to find another safe place to camp. I found Hipcamp to be not only unhelpful in addressing the camp issues, but they shut down my ability to provide an accurate review on their site. From issues with extreme trash, loose dogs and a locked camp where I couldn’t get in and was very far away from any other options to a place where pictures were extremely misleading and the “quiet” camp spot ended up being next to a road and access to internet wasn’t available I have found this service less reliable than simply using the internet and Google reviews.
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1 year ago, fcv19
Never hated an app that I actually love so much
I have used this for years and love the app for the concept itself. The actual app always always has problems no matter the update. It’s so frustrating because I need to use it and it won’t let me. If you press Sign in with Apple ID the page goes nowhere. You just stay stuck on the login forever. If I press forget password and ask to resend I never get an email. If I try to sign up it says my email is in use. When I’m in the app and press load more you get sent to the top of the page and the app seems like it’s always hard to load. It’s like the app is trying to make me hate it. I want to give up but I won’t so please just make it better !
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5 years ago, R Murillo
Great concept, rough app
There are few user issues with this app that make the camping experience less enjoyable. It’s not easy to navigate and it doesn’t always work. For example, I have to constantly be logging into the site during a single use. REMEMBER ME! Plus, I tried to find and edit my review (typo). I’m still looking for the way to do that. Then there’s the search function. It’s not easy to navigate through the search as it doesn’t find the sites even if you type in the name. But, they still come up as suggestions if you just browse. It’s a pain overall. I’m order for me to find a favorite camp site, fix your app.
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4 years ago, kaydan74
Love Hipcamp, the app needs work
I love HipCamp, and I haven’t really had issues with their website, but the app is frustrating. Let me preface by saying I’m not that picky about apps, I just need the basics to work and I’m good. But this app seems to be lacking a lot of the essentials from the website. For one, I can’t access my messages on the app. I mostly message the hosts back directly in text messages (I like that feature) but if I want to see past messages from them, I can’t access it through the app, I have to go in the website. I’ve also found that some of the information from the listings on the website gets cut off when looking in the app. Hopefully these issues will be fixed.
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