Hitch - City-to-City Rideshare

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Hitch Technologies, Inc.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hitch - City-to-City Rideshare

4.41 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
2 years ago, 11244234686;(.),:
Excellent Side Hustle For Traveling
As a driver for Hitch, I really enjoy the convenience of being able to drive whenever I am traveling from College Station to any major cities in Texas. With this app, I am easily able to pick up rides to and from major cities that I am already going to regardless. It is an excellent tool for significantly reducing the cost of driving to a city. Additionally, you are able to put yourself down for times when you would like to drive so that you can be notified of pickups at that time. The app pays well and quickly when you cash out. In spite of these qualities, the app has a significant flaw in how riders are notified. Instead of the app notifying you of a potential pickup with banner notifications, you have to manually open the app to see notifications, meaning that rides can be missed if you aren't quick enough. Having the ability for the app to notify you without having to open it would make for an easier to use app that allows drivers to meet ride requests. On the rider side, I feel as if the rider should be able to see the days in which drivers have set themselves to be available for pickup to make coordination of pickups easier. Overall, this is an excellent app for riders and drivers and I look forward to their expansion into other parts of Texas and the rest of the country.
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3 years ago, imktpkn
The best way to travel in between cities
I started using this app in the middle of the pandemic to go to Austin, and can I just say I’m never looking back! I used to use megabus/greyhound and always felt unsafe riding in a bus with a lot of people (and a lot of them don’t believe in wearing masks which made me feel even more unsafe). One day, I came across a couple people handing out fliers about hitch and became interested immediately. It’s now my favorite way to travel and although it costs slightly more than megabus/greyhound, and it’s definitely worth it. You have the options to ride publicly (1-4 people in a trip and sometimes you get to ride alone too), privately (just you and the driver), and premium ($99 but it’s door to door, which is cheaper than taking an Uber in between cities). If you do the private or public options, they pick you up and drop you off at a starbucks location so you feel more safe. The drivers will also usually make sure you and the other riders wear masks and that you’re feeling comfortable. Customer service also replies fast so you can get your issues solved quickly! Jen is super reliable and one of the best! Another pro is that if you need to use the restroom or want to stop to get some snacks, they’ll usually stop at a buccees or another gas station to let you do so (which is better than having to use the busses tiny restrooms). All in all, I’d highly recommend taking hitch if it’s available for you in your city.
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2 years ago, tk38485
Great app when going to another city in Texas
I really like the fact that there is a ride for me to go back & forth between cities with many timelines. Drivers I was able to met were nice and the rides were smooth. Also, the app shows where the driver is in real-time within 1-hr of ride. This was real helpful and relieving to know where my ride is. The customer service is very nice as well. Good etiquette and response. On the other hand, there are some things need to be taken care of: 1) One time, the rider didn’t show up. I called, texted, asked the customer service and they told me to wait. However, the driver wasn’t there in the end and another driver had to be called upon. I began my trip 2 hrs later than previously scheduled in the end. Drivers of the app should be more responsive to passengers and should stick to schedules. 2) Customer service is only possible thru texts, which I found a bit annoying when I had to ask something right away. It would be nice if they have a phone number to call. 3) The price is expensive. My friend recommended me this app last year for the cheap price and the good ride. However, the price is more than the gas price to go between cities(+$10~20 more than my car fuel cost). I don’t think I will use it often if the price is kept so high unless I don’t want to drive.
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3 years ago, Cat lover crazy
Grateful for this option, but still sketch
I first used this app in October 2020 to go home to houston for the week and surprise my parents. I was so happy to find this service because megabus was not operating Tuesday through Friday, and the greyhound stopped in San Antonio on its way to Houston, making it a 6 hour trip. The $25 price on Hitch for a group ride was unbeatable, and definitely worth it! My driver was friendly, and the car was clean. It was easy to quickly load up, and my luggage was no problem. I have since used the service 5-6 more times. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the second time I used it the driver had a language barrier that made it difficult to find him, and one of the fellow passengers smelled strongly of cigarettes and asked to stop halfway to houston for a cigarette break, while talking constantly for the entire duration of the trip. Partly out of the control of this company, but there could be some regulation of chatter on a group ride.
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1 year ago, Vidhin05
Hitch Ride App - Convenient Multi-City Travel with Room for Improvement
Hitch Ride App offers a fantastic solution for multi-city travel, making it easy to explore various destinations seamlessly. The convenience of planning trips between multiple cities is a standout feature that sets it apart from other ride-sharing apps. However, there are a few areas where the app could benefit from improvements. The user interface could be more intuitive and visually appealing, which would enhance the overall user experience. Additionally, the app currently lacks the ability to view past trips and book multiple trips simultaneously - features that would be beneficial to frequent travelers. Lastly, there are some bugs that need to be addressed, such as the inability to tip drivers in certain cases. Fixing these issues would significantly improve the app's functionality and user satisfaction. In conclusion, Hitch Ride App is a promising and innovative solution for multi-city travel, but there is room for improvement in terms of UI,, and bug fixes. With these enhancements, the app has the potential to become a go-to choice for travelers seeking and efficient transportation options.
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9 months ago, Pragati_D
Hitch is excellent ride app for city travel
I started using Hitch three months ago for my trips from Austin to Dallas. Previously, I used Greyhound, which I found to be somewhat unsafe. However, Hitch has proven to be a reliable and safe alternative, offering rides with one to three passengers. What I appreciate about Hitch is the flexibility it provides. For example, during my last trip to Dallas, I had booked a shared ride, but I ended up being the only passenger, and the car provided was an XL vehicle. This flexibility is a great feature. Hitch offers two convenient options: "station to station," which is more affordable, and "door to door" private rides, perfect for when you have extra luggage. They also have various referral bonuses and sometimes even provide Hitch credits if a ride gets canceled on their end. Additionally, they offer substitute options for different times, making it easy to adjust your plans as needed. All in all, riding with Hitch has been very convenient and, most importantly, safe. I highly recommend Hitch if it's available in your city as a safer and more affordable travel option.
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3 years ago, Whitadjei
Not what it used to be
I started using this app last year the app was great and so were the prices. Although there was a time when I was told to be at a drop-off location and stood there in the heat for hours because a driver was not found. There was also no communication at all. I had to call and ask what the issue was and no notification was sent out at all. I along with other passengers were standing there stranded. It was truly such a traumatic experience. I also feel like now that this app has gained some traction the prices for a ticket has SKYROCKETED. I used to pay 20 dollars for a ticket and now I’m paying 50+ I also think that there should be a standard to what car is allowed to be able to take people. I say this because one time I was in a car so small it was genuinely the size of a clown car. And it was a full ride. Definitely was a miserable experience there was not even space in the “trunk” to hold our belongings. We sat squashed and uncomfortable the entirety of the ride. So I think there should be some type of standard. I also think it would be nice if the passenger also knew prior to getting in the car there will be multiple pickup and drop-off locations.
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8 months ago, brookenp03
has its moments and is very buggy
often late, sometimes cancelled. app is very buggy and crashes/won’t load often. spoke to jen, who i found is actually the VP of customer experience who gave me corporate passive aggressiveness about the system not having a problem when it clearly has issues. though there are delays and other things like traffic which are out of their control, there are better ways to create a better app and optimize the system. saying that refunding the credit for the ride to rebook is enough for the 5 hours i waited is ridiculous. i have met some great people on hitch, and i understand the issues out of their control. i booked my ride for 2 pm- which got continually delayed and then cancelled. i then got a refund credit for the ride which i used to book the next available ride at 5:25, which got delayed to 7 pm. jen told me not to book around that time because of traffic. i had not originally booked for that time. i have used hitch many, many times despite the bugs, delays, and whatnot, but this interaction that denied that they have issues in their system very much gave me a negative reaction.
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1 month ago, Khfd3
Very variable experiences
I have taken Hitch four or five times between Houston and College Station, and have had both the best of times and the worst of times. At best, it was a convenient affordable, ride, door-to-door, along a route that has little to no public transportation. At worst, I was stranded for two hours because the driver did not show up, and even Hitch customer support didn’t know that the driver had not come. I found the app cumbersome and not intuitive. I could never be sure that I could find the message thread I had with customer service, it only popped up when the service rep replied to me, but if I wanted to go back and check on some thing, I could never find it. So the bottom line is that Hitch is a great resource for leisure trips, but don’t trust it if you have to get to a class or a meeting or an appointment at a specific time. In other words, don’t plan on taking a Hitch ride to the airport in time for your flight— you might not make the flight. On the other hand, if you’re not in a hurry after you get off the airplane, a Hitch will get you to your local destination and will save you money.
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10 months ago, Bellk683
Worst company ever
Honestly they have the rudest staff. As a ride-share driver who has been making 6fig for the past 5 years believe me when I say this is one of the worst platforms to work on the staff is so rude and make sure you read the terms and conditions on payment on a return trip they updated the departure time to a later time and per their terms and conditions it said I would be receiving a bonus added on. They refused to update the pay rate with that. So I explained to the rude rep Jen that the terms and conditions stated other wise she gave me a whole bunch of excuses as to why I would not receive it then I told her to provide me the terms and conditions that stated otherwise she then stated she was not going back and forth and if I was going to do the ride or not then she got mad that I asked for the terms and conditions based on the ride I had accepted and canceled the return ride. The terms and conditions also states that I will still be receiving the original accepted departure amount as of right now they are not trying to pay me. And I’m sure they will come on here and act as though I was the issue but I will post all the documentation I have on this matter.
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1 year ago, Joe Davis Akkara
Excellent Carpooling App - A game changer !
I recently started using the Hitch app, and I can confidently say that it has become an indispensable part of my daily commute. The user-friendly interface, accurate matching algorithm, and secure payment system make Hitch the perfect carpooling solution for anyone looking to save time, money, and reduce their carbon footprint. The app is incredibly easy to navigate, and finding a ride or offering one is a breeze. I appreciate how the app prioritizes safety and trust, with features like user verification, reviews, and the ability to share ride details with friends or family. One of the standout features of Hitch is its smart algorithm that matches riders and drivers based on their route, ensuring that detours are minimal and ride times are optimized. This has not only made my daily commute more enjoyable, but it has also introduced me to some amazing people in my community. The in-app chat feature is another valuable addition, allowing riders and drivers to communicate seamlessly without having to exchange personal contact information. This ensures that everyone's privacy is respected while still enabling easy coordination. Overall, I highly recommend the Hitch app to anyone looking to improve their daily commute, save on transportation costs, and connect with like-minded individuals in their community. Hitch has truly revolutionized the carpooling experience! Five stars!
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3 years ago, prabodhisol
weekly customer and never been disappointed.
I took more than 20 rides in past 3 months and never been disappointed or never had to mismatch on my time bounds. so I am student who traveled back-and-forth from Dallas to College Station every week for my single Monday class. my experience says: ** I never had to become anxious about my travels to catch up my afternoon class because hitch really has a good customer service and reliable arrangement team. ** also Hitch was really affordable across 180 miles (sometimes I paid almost equal money to Uber within Dallas for 5-15 miles 😑). ** the drivers are great folks, and I have some fondest travel stories with some of them. I am an international student and getting along with American folks for three hours, sharing all kinds of experiences, talking about hobbies, music and everything that is possible was always best part. ** many times I caught up with my homework on the road too! Lol. ** having multiple available ride-schedules each day really helped a lot. sometimes I made back-and-forth journeys in one day. Took 9 AM morning ride and came back by 7:30pm evening ride!! I 10/10 recommend this service for cross-city travels. many many thanks to the team!! I have a recommendation for team though. if possible make ride history available; and when we are tipping our drivers through app, please let us know it reached them.
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2 years ago, Stevohni
I almost got stranded in Houston late evening. I was told if I had a service animal I’d be able to ride shared as long as I let them know as soon as I booked the ride, which I immediately did. Come time for the ride, the driver was never informed about my dog and I was on the way to being dropped back off where I was picked up. I was going to be left stranded with my dog hours from home! Chatted with customer service for them to tell me I broke their rules, I didn’t, and I was being kicked out of the ride. Then speaking with the initial person I told of my service animal before, he had the nerve to say, “I didn’t realize you were taking a shared and not taking a pet carrier.” But.. I spoke with him before and after I booked my ride and their rules clearly state support animals can ride in shared rides and do not have to be in a carrier. He’s the one who sent me there rules and protocols! 🤬 I’ll never ride hitch again, I’m not trying to be stranded smh ——————————————————- I love it! Much better than Lyft when traveling between cities. It’s fast and efficient with friendly service. I use them whenever I’m traveling a long distance in state. Very neat app.
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4 months ago, Juan carlos gurdian
Good way to travel, very bad support.
I use hitch a lot, 4-6 times per month to travel through cities here, and it is a good and efficient way to move. However, if you experience any trouble, even if you are a frequent rider and spend so much money on this app like I do, dont expect them to do anything for you. They dont care for their loyal customers, they never side with the customer. Running a little late because of something out of your control like a crash? They dont care, they will just repeat to you their supposed policy. This is one of many problems ive encountered, including various delays, cancellations at last minute, and they are allowed to be super late but if you are a minute late say goodbye to your money, cause they dont even give partial refunds. No matter how much you use the app the loyal riders are still treated badly. I understand not being able to help people that use it everynow and then on little mistakes but your loyal riders? The ones that use it so much? Start caring about your clients, most of the people I know use the app could say the same.
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1 year ago, bubblewrap17
Great Concept, OK Execution
I love the concept of this app because it solves a lot of problems with longer distance rides. You don’t have to sit on a public bus, and it’s more comfortable to travel by car. I’ve used hitch five times now. Twice I ordered a door to door, and it was a very smooth experience. I could see where my driver was a bit before the scheduled pickup time, and they were on time as well. The other three times were not so smooth. I used a station to station, one of them was a shared ride where we had three passengers and one driver. The driver was an hour late to the pickup location. Second time the driver was probably thirty to forty minutes late and it was a private ride, except he didn’t communicate with me at all on whether he was coming, where he was, ETA etc. until a while had passed. Third time I booked a ride for my boyfriend and the driver was an hour late, and the phone went straight to voicemail everytime. Luckily customer service was able to tell me he was still coming, but overall it was still an unpleasant experience since the ride was supposed to start at 8:10pm and instead only got picked up at 9:05pm, making a late ride even later. Overall I would say the drivers are nice and the app works. But the wait times and uncertainty of whether drivers are coming or not makes me not enjoy the use of the app, even though I will still use it because it’s the only app that offers this service currently.
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3 years ago, sushi app review
It’s Uber between cities, great option especially for college students!
As a college student Hitch has been a great and affordable option for going home and back. I’ve always been able to get a ride when I needed it, however there have been many inconveniences and since this operates like Uber it is not quite as reliable as a megabus or some other alternatives. There have been occasions where I’ve had to wait an extra hour or two after my originally scheduled pick up time because of drivers not showing up, but the Hitch customer service has always made sure I got a ride back eventually. Any issues I have with this service are mostly due to the drivers themselves as opposed to the Hitch app or Hitch customer service. I’d recommend Hitch for anyone not in a rush to get to where they need to be or anyone not wanting to travel by other means. It’s a solid option.
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4 years ago, Zahmahkibo
Competitive prices, good customer service, small things still need work
Previously wrote a negative review about their pricing jump but after husband and I spent an entire evening searching for alternatives, especially during the busy 4th of July weekend, Hitch still remains the best option, both price and service wise. Jen has been extremely responsive at all times and very patient and polite with answering any queries or concerns we’ve had. We booked a ride with them from Houston to Austin on 5th of July and confirmed the pick up and drop off addresses multiple times beforehand. The driver was given the wrong address as the dispatch probably forgot to copy the first number “3” in the pickup address provided which wasn’t a big issue as my friend only had to wait for 10 additional minutes. Everything else went smoothly. Thank you! Will probably use again as we don’t drive.
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2 years ago, Rkn587
Great app, great service.
I stumbled across this app randomly - I was in Houston for work and I had some friends who live Austin. Normally I would fly, but I decided to give this app a try and I'm really happy I did. My driver arrived promptly on time, my ride was smooth and I was dropped off in Austin in 2 hours, which saved me the hassle of having to go through security and to through the flying experience (which during the pandemic we can all agree has become painful). In addition, customer service was spot on. Even though the customer service stated they weren't available on the weekends, I sent them a message prior to my ride on a Saturday and I got a prompt response. Five stars. This may be my first app review I've ever written but I wanted to share my great experience. I urge anyone who hasn't tried this service to try.
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8 months ago, Udai2
A Disappointing Experience with Money Loss and Poor Refund Service
I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Hitch application that left me deeply dissatisfied and frustrated. The issues primarily revolved around the loss of money and the application's poor response to the situation, along with subpar customer service. First and foremost, my initial encounter with this application resulted in a financial loss that I had not anticipated. Whether due to unclear pricing structures, hidden fees, or technical glitches, I found myself out of pocket and struggling to understand why. This initial disappointment set the tone for my overall experience. In summary, my experience with this application was marked by unexpected financial losses, poor customer service, and a frustrating refund process. I would caution others to exercise caution when dealing with this particular service, as it appears to prioritize profits over customer satisfaction. While the application may have its merits, these issues marred my experience and left me with a sense of disappointment and distrust.
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3 years ago, Mike from ATX
A much-needed alternative!
I use Hitch a lot and I highly recommend it to all. It’s a creative solution to the problem of getting a ride long distance, between cities. Rather than have to use Greyhound/Megabus which has lots and lots of downside, or having to pay hundreds with Uber/Lyft, Hitch offers what we’ve been needing - low cost, enjoyable, and reliable rides to lots of different Texas cities and now I believe they have expanded out of state. All my drivers have been really cool. Once in a while I’ll have a driver who arrives late, but I can tell the company takes that very seriously and it has improved on this over time. Overall Hitch has been a godsend to me as I commute a lot for work. Very grateful and highly suggest trying it for yourself next time you need to travel to another city.
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3 years ago, Babitamagar
Grateful for this app
This is the best app if you like to travel cities to cities or if you have problem with getting a ride. I am a college student who doesn’t own a car and I always have to ask someone to drop me to my house and do back and forth which takes about 4 hrs. But ever since I got to know about hitch from my family friend I have been in love with it. You can ride book any time anywhere. You don’t have to worry about booking ride before 3,4 days. The price is best out of all. Because who wants to spend 100,200 in lyft or uber when you can get hitch in 70-80 % less price. I have been loving the rides and the customer service. I always book shared ride because they are less expensive and I get to have conversation with different people. I definitely recommend it.
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4 months ago, riasingh16
Good but could use come improvement
Most drivers are professional and it’s a good experience. Having the comfort of a car to travel to several cities is awesome! However, the app itself needs a LOT of improvements. The location tracker is never correct… like ever. I have to contact support to ask where the driver is. The messages section is located in a hidden corner that took me forever to figure out. Makes communicating with drivers so difficult. I feel like these are easily fixable things, so the fact that it’s taking a while to fix them is disappointing and confusing. Customer service is always prompt and communicative so props to them! Also this is a great concept that I used in college and will continue to use in my life.
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2 years ago, Michael with the 2015 Corolla
TERRIBLE app for drivers.
On top of lying to their employees about the pay they will be receiving (a ride will say you’ll get full pay even without a return ride but will NOT GIVE YOU FULL PAY), the customer service is awful. If you have any problems with the representative you’re talking to and need to talk to someone higher up, they will straight up deny you the ability to do so. They recently changed their requirements for cars making ANY SEDAN MADE BEFORE 2017 UNUSABLE ON THE PLATFORM. What purpose does that serve? I’ve been using hitch as a way to pay my bills for month and now i’m fired because my perfectly stable vehicle was made in 2015? I had a 5 star review on hitch but they truly do not care. DO NOT WORK FOR HITCH. The app is also incredibly unstable and at times totally unusable. Rides that have already been accepted will still pop up. Oftentimes a ride from one city will display as a ride from another city, and you cannot tell until you’ve picked up the ride. This is an embarrassing excuse for a “side gig” job, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
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1 year ago, aparmurali1993
Disappointing unreliable service; would give zero stars if I could
Booked a Door-to-door private Hitch to catch a flight in a neighboring city. They changed drivers, was ok with that. And 45 mins before the scheduled pickup time, the driver delayed the pickup time by another 2.5 hrs which wouldn’t work for me. I was forced to cancel the ride and the app wouldn’t issue any sort of refund. When I contacted customer service, they were unwilling to help. I can understand 30-45 min delays, it happens. But a whole 2.5 hrs delay is unacceptable. The customer service representative was unaware of the pickup time change as well and seemed least interested in helping me sort this out. And this has happened with multiple friends who have tried to use Hitch in the past. It’s sad to see an app with so much potential shoot itself in the foot like this just because they don’t have good control over driver accountability and quality app organization. Would never use again and will definitely not be recommending it to others.
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1 year ago, EG7751
I previously left a positive review and after my last few experiences came back to update. My last few rides had been delayed which is inconvenient as is but I understood that sometimes things happen. My most recent experience was awful though. The costumer service is horrendous. I paid extra for a custom time and when my ride was delayed nearly 1 1/2 hours delayed (again) I requested a partial refund for the difference between a custom time ride and regular ride since I obviously no longer received the custom time I requested and there was no longer a difference between what I got and had I just ordered a regular ride despite having paid double the price for a custom time. The customer service was uncooperative and useless. After being a year long loyal customer who has recommended hitch to many people, these one too many poor experiences mean I will no longer be using hitch or recommending it to friends and family. beware of the cons of this application
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8 months ago, roxanacruz
great app
I started college this year at college station and im always going back home. I came across this app and it has made my trips way easier when I can’t be picked up. I love how it has a student discounts and other discounts in order to get it for a better price. It gives us the opportunity to ride a private trip or to share it for a much cheaper price. I love that if we can’t afford the private one then we can also do station to station which is only around 16 dollars and we just go to a station close to our place. I recommend this app to anyone because it’s way cheaper compared to other apps. customer service is also great connecting you with drivers when the driver cancels on you. They are always quick to answer and never rude.
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10 months ago, breathethechords
Hitch definitely works for business travelers
Hitch is absolutely incredible! I travel frequently between Austin and Houston for business trips, and absolutely love using Hitch. With Hitch, I can book a shared ride for an extremely affordable price, or the entire car for just a little more. Hitch’s incredibly flexible departure times removed the need for me to plan my ride in advance. Just booked 1.5 hours before I needed my ride and got it serviced! Hitch using coffee shops as pick up and drop off locations makes coming to the locations a pleasure. Extremely happy something like Hitch exists! Also started using hitch in Florida when I travel for work. Super convenient to get between Orlando, Miami, and Tampa without having to get on a plane. Door to door is a game changer
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9 months ago, Nicknameajk
App is great but system is poor
The app is very intuitive for riders and it is easy to set your departure and destination locations. They have public pickup and drop off locations such as Starbucks or other popular public locations, which is good for safety. However, I had a poor and unsafe experience on a 2 1/2 hour ride where the driver was blasting music at 9pm and had his phone mounted playing a tv show. He had AirPods in and was rude to the other passenger I was riding with. It’s luck of the draw with drivers. The discount that they give for your first ride is very good, but after that the rides can be pretty expensive. I believe the drivers can pickup jobs and drop them when ever they want, so you might get dropped right before your ride is supposed to leave, like mine was. I was waiting for 3 hours for my first ride until someone took my ride. The app is great, but their system needs a lot of work.
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1 year ago, vibalcam
Great app, an affordable substitute to Uber between cities
The app is great, especially for college students that need an affordable manner to travel between cities every now and then. I use it to travel between College Station and Austin, and it has worked great for me. It is for sure a better option that using Uber, bus, or buying a car if you do not use it daily. However, sometimes the app stops working and does not allow searching nor booking rides on my phone. In these cases, I have to use a friends phone and hope it works in their phone, which is a pain. I am guessing it is a software problem and hopefuly it will be solved in a future update.
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2 years ago, allytee123
Drivers are unreliable, and if they are late and you need to cancel you can only redeem for credits. If you have somewhere to be, this app is a waste of money. I paid $120 two days in advance for a trip from Gainesville to the Orlando airport. I was guaranteed an 11:30am pick up, but the driver never showed up!! I called and texted but received no answer. Customer service transferred me a ride that didn’t leave until 2pm, which would cause me to miss my flight. I asked them to cancel and they told me I had to do it myself, which would cause me to receive credits and not a refund. I had to threaten multiple times to contest the charges as fraudulent with my bank before they manually issued me a refund. I then had to pay for a $200 Lyft, and nearly missed my flight!! Do NOT use this app if you want to get somewhere in time. Customer service agents attempt to deceive you into canceling yourself so they can hold your money!!
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7 months ago, kim63926392
Lots of bugs
I started using this app cuz my roommate recommended it. Overall, it serves it’s purpose but there’s a lot of flaws in the system. For example, when the app has selected the driver for the trip - the type of car and plates are sometimes wrongs which poses a serious safety risk. I knew it was the driver because their were other passengers in the car and I had called customer support that day to see where my driver was because he was an hour late. There is also no photo for the drivers. Additionally, the app does not refresh frequently enough how far the driver is from the pickup point and to the final destination. I understand delays happen, it is natural with traffic and everything, but it’s frustrating when the time doesn’t update past the original pick up time.
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8 months ago, Kir_1998
As a frequent commuter between cities, I'm always on the hunt for an affordable and reliable rideshare service. Most options disappoint with inflexible routes, unpredictable carpooling, and clunky vehicles. Hitch has become my new go-to. I love the safety and dependability they guarantee with every ride. The cars are modern, clean and comfortable - it feels like my own private shuttle. Booking and pickup are super flexible between set stations or door-to-door. The app makes scheduling a breeze. Prices are fair for the consistency you get. For anyone seeking a safe, convenient and hassle-free rideshare, Hitch fits the bill. It's quickly become my #1 choice over uncertain carpools or overpriced taxis. This commuter is hitched for good!
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1 year ago, User490990
Efficient and Affordable
As a frequent traveler from college station to Houston, I started using this app 3 months ago, and it has made my trips so much more convenient. The app offers multiple drop-off locations, which are often closer to my destination than bus stations. What I love most about this app is that it offers discounts for students, making it possible for me to travel home from college at a similar price to taking the bus. The drivers are friendly and professional, and the app is easy to use. Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with Hitch Ride and would recommend it to anyone looking for a hassle-free and affordable travel experience.
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3 years ago, smcaalrre
Excellent service in all regards
Overall excellent service. The one and only time I had a no show driver, the customer service was fast and excellent, even after hours. All my other drivers have been kind, clean, and reliable. It’s an excellent service. To be clear I have only used the premium service but if you schedule the right time, it is by far cheaper to be picked up at your door and dropped at the door of your location (specifically between San Antonio and Austin) than it is to take a ride share to a bus station, take a bus, then take another ride share to your location adds up to anyway. But yea overall it has been great!
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3 years ago, Phillsbrew
Definitely a good company
Hitch is a good company to work for and a great way to make extra money. It’s very flexible with your schedule, and all the passengers I have had have been friendly. It’s more personal than some bigger ride-share companies so the staff can assist you almost instantly. The newest version of the app itself is very user friendly and easy to use. The app does have a few glitches from time to time but with someone from the hitch support team always available to help it doesn’t slow you down and the team fixes the small things quickly. I definitely would recommend using Hitch.
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3 years ago, jermuthu
Amazing Customer Service
I’ve been using hitch for a over a couple years now and the greatest part about this service is that they guarantee a ride no matter what. There have been many occasions where I book a ride last minute or I’m the only rider but hitch ensured that there is a driver to get me to my destination. The customer service is also tremendous, they’re always available to help if there are any issues or confusion and reply promptly. You also can’t beat the prices considering the fact that you’re being driven in a comfortable car that makes stops when you need and you can set the air conditioning to a temperature that is comfortable for you.
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7 months ago, borabora3
Hitch is a great service except the app can be improved
Ive used hitch twice now and had a great experience both times! our driver was prompt, kind, and very safe on the roads! the car was clean and comfortable! the ride was very smooth both times and we really love hitch and prefer it much more than using the bus! i will say tho that the app can be improved, it crashes often and has error messages pop up. i feel like the app should just be reviewed in all fronts because signing up for the student discount was pretty hard too because of the tech issues. otherwise, love hitch! thank u for ur service!
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3 years ago, NigelTrego
Hitch is the way to go in Texas!
The drivers and support staff at Hitch are changing the way I travel in the State of Texas, and all for the better! I’ve used them dozens of times in the past few years and I’ve not once was my service less than sensational. During one of my trips I had a medical emergency and the folks at Hitch got me taken care of without delay. I’m very happy with the drivers, they take great care of me, and the app is very good too, I’ve never had any problems with it, very simple to use and easy to book services. With Hitch I have reliable, door-to-door service wherever I need to go in Texas. Keep it up Jen (and her team too!)
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2 months ago, Amru1801
Seamless Journeys
Hitch Ride Sharing has revolutionized my travel between Dallas and Austin with its reliable service, seamless interface, and commitment to safety. Whether I need a ride in advance or on the fly, Hitch consistently delivers, connecting me with friendly drivers heading in the same direction. The flexibility to choose pickup and drop-off locations, coupled with real-time ride tracking and driver ratings, ensures a stress-free journey every time. Beyond its practical benefits, Hitch fosters a sense of camaraderie among passengers and drivers, making each trip a memorable experience. It's become my go-to choice for transportation between these two bustling cities.
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9 months ago, boislimthicc
Never taking the bus again!
I used to take coach buses to get across my state when visiting my hometown, but ever since I found Hitch, I can’t turn back. The buses were oftentimes very late, smelly, and packed to the brim. I have never had a bad experience with Hitch—the drivers have all been incredibly respectful, interesting, timely, clean and safe, especially through heavy traffic. The variety of pick-up locations are so close, it’s practically door-to-door, not to mention, you get double the leg room at half the price of the buses! Customer support is always swift and very kind, too. This app is a hidden gem; thank you Hitch!
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3 years ago, g_ashley32
Great app
I love using hitch. As a college student it really helps to get around cities without having to drive myself. Putting on my headphones and getting work done on the way is great. I have used hitch a couple of times mainly from college station to Austin and I have had great experiences. The customer team has been great always. The only thing I wish they could do better is on having a customer support phone number to help expedite the process when there is an issue. Even though they have a chat help available, I definitely think the phone number can help when there are issues. Other than that I really recommend using this app to anyone!
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2 years ago, Ruqayyah Basrai
Love this app!!
i’ve used this app for almost a year now. i go to college in tallahassee and use this app to come home to my family in jacksonville. i also do long distance with my boyfriend who lives in jacksonville. i’m so grateful that i get to come home and see my family and boyfriend more because of this app. the only reason i give it 4 stars is because most of the time when traveling from tallahassee to jacksonville the driver is late. although this is tolerable because they guarantee you that you will have a ride that day. i’ve had to wait for three hours before but i’m happy i can still go home. thank you hitch! love ur service 🫶🏽
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3 years ago, Maryellen loves
Convenient & safe ride share
I use the Hitch app for my frequent visits to Houston. I recommend this for anyone who wants an alternative from the Megabus, Vonlane or even a long distance Uber/Lyft. I alternate between Hitch and Premiere Hitch depending on the time I leave. I enjoy the convenience of the Premiere option because it is door to door service. You won’t have to worry about calling a Lyft or Uber to drive you out to your meeting destination. Prices are great, most drivers I’ve had carried hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and all of them wore their masks. I love that Hitch is doing its part to ensure riders feel safe on their commute across Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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2 years ago, jrwfnoursgjoptdd
Love this Idea, but Prices are too High
I love this idea - I lived in Europe for a year and was a frequent user of Bla-Bla car. There are 2 features of Bla-Bla car that I would love to see with Hitch. 1. Driver and Passenger identity is public information, and if I remember correctly you can leave ratings. The most important part of this is being able to see who you are letting in your car, or whose car you are getting into. 2. Prices were actually affordable. Drivers would only charge $20-$30 a spot for short drives (2 hrs or so). If it were a longer drive maybe it would be $50-$60. I needed a ride from Fort Worth to Waco the other day and it was $160… more expensive than renting a car in our inflated economy. For this reason I haven’t been able to afford to use the services yet.
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3 years ago, gsskk hi kobtfviices
Not good for working professionals
I have used this app as a student and it was good although there were couple of times when it got delayed but as a student I don’t have to care but as a professional I used it for the first time to take my flight from Austin. I specifically booked it early in the morning so that I will have plenty of time if something happens but the driver did not show up and they booked the cab after 3 hours and there was traffic on the way which led me to miss my flight and possibly loose my job I hope that doesn’t happen. But I won’t recommend this if you are on a schedule. They refunded me the credits but what’s the points it’s like you go to a restaurant and the food is bad and the owner says get the credits so you can visit and eat the food why will I go to the same restaurant where the food is bad.
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3 years ago, Racina27
Great service between Austin and Houston
I’ve used Hitch several times now for travel between Austin and Houston. The customer service is great and very accommodating. Even during the pandemic, I took several rides where I booked the entire car and also chose custom pick up and drop off when I had to travel to and from the Houston airport. All the drivers were very nice and considerate. Once I had a driver who didn’t speak English ( and I don’t understand Spanish!). However he was kind enough to add his wife (who spoke English) to the call and she helped me figure out where the car was. Great service 😊👍🏽
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3 years ago, Zhanna Ann
Such a relief!
I am so thankful I found hitch when I moved to Austin from Houston. My mom constantly wanted to visit me but she doesn’t have the stamina for the 3 hour drive so I was able to have her use the app and it lifted so much of the burden off of her shoulders. I’ve ridden from Houston to Austin and vice versa myself and it has be so helpful in the times when I needed to travel between cities last minute. Now I am able to do work during the rides or even get some rest and not worry about being constantly alert during the drive. The drivers have always been very respectful and safe as well!
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5 months ago, FrancisNoelDecierto
Helpful support team!
Thank you Hitch! I booked a ride with them going to Jacksonville from Tallahassee and vice versa. Drivers are on time. Very accomodating. They would asked you if you needed something during the trip. You will know that their cars are very well maintained, makes you feel safe. Going back home my ride had a tire issue and we had to stop but thankfully the support team were very alert to respond in our distress call and they provided us with a new ride in less than an hour. Kudos Hitch team. Highly recommended to my friends and family for intercity travels.
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2 years ago, AnthonyElMedic
Addresses a unique niche in rideshare services that no other meets nearly as well
While other rideshare apps do allow city to city, they often only do for an extremely high rate and it is in my experience a game of chance as to if anyone will even accept a long distance ride. hitch uniquely approaches the need/want for city to city rideshare servicing in such a way that allows it to be way more affordable And not as up to chance regarding drivers accepting. This is awesome especially for those who need a for sure ride for something that absolutely cannot be skipped and who don't want to take a bus. :)
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1 year ago, Deedee_ekpe
I was recommended to Hitch by an Uber driver. I've been using it if I ran out of my options with buses. Below are my pros and cons based on my personal experience with them. Cons: - not be able to see the driver info or contact him except only 1 hour prior to departure - driver may change depending on your booking days to your departure day. - driver estimation arrival is never accurate ( I had a few cases where my driver was late for 2 hours without any notification). - their prices are expensive - Refund only back to your account credit not to your original payment - there are no reviews shown on driver/rider profile Pros: - Reliable and fast customer response - easy to book - app is user friendly
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