Hobby Lobby

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Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hobby Lobby

3.1 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
1 year ago, :sunshine awaits you:
I mean its not the best
First of all when you click in somthing its very blurry its not me i know its not me sooo its a bug i don't really think hobby lobby are app people cause i absolutely love hobby lobby but i don't have one near me cause im in a low life place cause i JUST HAD TO MOVE CAUSE THERE IS “ MORE LAND“ naw i hate it here what is wrong with where i used to live it had a dicks a hobby lobby witch i love btw a chick-fill-a and an actual SCHOOL but i ldk well sorry if my review was to much about my life but love your store and maybe just try to fix the bug that makes it blurry also if my review sounded like child wrote it im not a child im 20 people k bye and im not a phone addict bye love your app not so much but dowhat you want don't let people like me judge you. P.s where is my acount on here don't tell me there isn't one ok ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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3 months ago, Mrs. Wonderlust
Canton, Ohio Store 983
One of the employees there that goes by the name Pickle(which I found hilarious and original by the way) was unlike any of the other staff I saw working there. Before she came along I either couldn’t get any help at all or all I got was “ Oh it’s in floral ” which considering it was my first time there and already being overwhelmed was very irritating and unhelpful to say the least. So while aimlessly trying to figure out where floral even was I ran into pickle. She immediately picked up on my anxiety and said “don’t worry I’ll help you, I know this is a huge store and it can be a lot but we’ll get it all figured out I promise” which immediately began to ease the anxiety I was having. Pickle on the other hand personally took me over to the section and made sure I got everything I needed. She was very positive and inviting and to be honest she most definitely goes above and beyond for the customers. I would’ve never went back to that store if it wasn’t for her. Hobby lobby needs more employees like her.
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2 years ago, clsc1980
Where’s my Account?
Before I had downloaded the app I had made a purchase via the website And I had to make an account so that I could track my order and view my history. Terrific, as I like to keep track of things and reorders are something I would do. I assumed that the app would be set up similar to the website in that I could look at my account history and track my orders. This is not an option on the app. I can still place an order kind of through the app but it won’t be with my account so I won’t be able to view my history and I cannot track the order without going onto the website so what exactly is the point of the app other than a glorified sales flyer? It is no reflection of the store itself as I love going into a location whenever it is an option (I do not have one local to me) but majority of my shopping is done online. I can deal with not having the greatest search abilities as the search bar frequently vanishes but the app just feels like a flyer instead of functional shopping.
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5 years ago, TkneeW
NOT User Friendly
I love Hobby Lobby, and I love that I can view and purchase their products online. However, the app is wonky and difficult to use. Both the menu and the search bar are not on the home page of the app. You have to click on something else to get to them (what??). It constantly signs me out of my account every time I leave the app, OR any time I view an item in my shopping cart (again, what??). When you search for an item, it resets everything the moment you click on an item in the results. I have been on the 4th page of search results (or beyond), trying to locate a specific item, clicked on something to view the details, and then tried to go back to the results list...only to find myself on a blank search page (SERIOUSLY, what???). Additionally, the search bar doesn’t remember previous item searches. Having to type it in over and over—and flip back through pages to try to find your place—when you are looking for something specific is ridiculous. The store is fantastic, but the app needs an overhaul.
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1 year ago, CMN1021
I love having Hobby Lobby near me
When you live in a small town with 50,000 people you’d think that this type of store is one is enough for the population. How wrong and this was a very artsy university town “goBengals.” One of my kids has graduated from the University with an undergraduate degree. It was a party that took her longer than expected to complete. I’m still very glad she got the opportunity to go live and get some experience in life semi on her own at age 18. Hobby lobby is laid out nicely but the ads still confuse me with my everyday 30% off. Always closed on Sunday for their own personal preference. That’s cool, go family values. It’s always a bit pricey but back when there were lots of craft stores it’s this or Walmart. I bought my granddaughter ( 3 ) a kit that was 50% off, I thought she made a mistake but each of four doors and a key for each door and it’s own different door bell. It comes with four cute hand sewn looking dolls that fit behind a door. Mix and match. It has four locking compartments and very cool for a three year old. The house itself is full of details and very well designed and it appears made to last long. I sure hope so. It’s Melissa and Doug, I think.
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4 years ago, RoysToy
Worst searching capability
Whenever searching for items, the Hobby Lobby app brings up many totally unrelated items and few or none of the items you want regardless of what search word entered for whatever you are seeking to find. Compared to ALL other online shopping, Hobby Lobby online has the worst. Programmers at Hobby Lobby ... get with it, make your site competitive!!!!! I used to shop Hobby Lobby store frequently before COVID-19. Now I want to search online to see if I can find items I want either online or in the store. I want to know whether it is worth my effort to don a mask, worry about catching COVID-19, just to enter the store. I have yet to enter Hobby Lobby in the past six months not have I been able to shop online. I shop online at other similar businesses who have significantly better search feature. I have tried online at Hobby Lobby numerous times over the past six months searching for various items that I know were at Hobby Lobby before and should be there now. The search feature is so bad. I search because I want to know if they have the item either at the store or to buy online. Because of my frustration with Hobby Lobby, when the restrictions are over and we can actually shop without worry, I may rarely go into Hobby Lobby whereas “before” I often shopped weekly for crafts for gifts for grandchildren, for photo scrapbooking supplies, for card making supplies, for batting for quilts, for sewing notions, etc.
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3 years ago, SuperStarEars
Absolutely awful app
I am vision impaired and would like to use this app because the closest hobby lobby to my home is more than an hour one-way. I would rather use the app than ask my husband to drive me to the store. The search feature Will not show me the products I want regardless of how specific I make my search term. It shows me products that have nothing whatsoever to do with what I requested. Also, if I do see any products I want, the choices are so much more limited on the app than the products I know my store keeps in stock that it is simply no use ordering from the app. This is really one of the worst shopping apps I have ever seen. I also cannot understand why hobby lobby has four locations on one side of town which is the farthest away from my home and no locations on the side of town closest to me. It is very plain that they don't want all customers to have the same access to their stores. Very poor business practice.
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2 years ago, nightsinwhitesatin76
Service with a smile
I have not shopped at Hobby Lobby much before this year but we have moved close to one and I’m thrilled! The variety of everything they carry is astounding. The only negative I saw anywhere was that they don’t carry a high pigment artist color but everything else is there ready to go! I love the fabric section, the collectibles and children’s items (including t-shirts and ball caps to decorate to your heart is content). Interior design, floral and even cards give a nice variety, whether you are “into” western, sea shore, or pink feathers, they got it! Last year, I was sorry to see their coupons go away but they reduced the prices so now I don’t miss them. I’m getting your app so o don’t miss a good sale!
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3 years ago, always crafting
It’s a nice store but….
I was very excited to see a new craft store in our neighborhood. After making several purchases from yarn, beads, holiday decorations I find their prices are good but the quality is not there. The store is clean and organized but their company brand of products are and I hate to use the word but it’s junk. The yarn may say it doesn’t pill but it sheds. The light sticks don’t last the night or they fall apart. The alphabet beads don’t give you all the letters. And the squirt gun plugs don’t stay. These may be minor but very disappointing when you need to use them. Michaels may not be the most organized store and they have improved their appearance. But I have to say anything that whatever bought from them has really never disappointed me.
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3 years ago, Boliviapilot
I love you hobby lobby but....
I love this store, BUT PLEASE BRING BACK THE 40% coupon!!! You have no idea what a perk that was for your customers! There are some things in your store that literally never go on sale. And sometimes I’m looking for a specific item and it’s the wrong week and not on sale but I need to get it. I just went in the other day looking at wreaths and would have bought one if I had a coupon but instead I left without buying anything. Seems like you would make more money by having that coupon available.
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4 years ago, Stephanie924
Horrible! Needs some work!
I just recently started using the Hobby Lobby app despite having it installed for a few years. This is by far one of the most user UN-friendly apps out there. For starters it took me a good 10 minutes to find the search bar to shop by a specific item. Secondly, it’s difficult to shop by category because of how general they are. Trying to narrow down over 9,000 products is difficult to say the least. Lastly, and the most annoying, is when looking at a specific product page there is no way to go back to the previous search page. It takes you back to the main page. So if you’ve spent the time filtering out unwanted things and narrowed down your search you have to do it all. over. again. No thank you! The only thing this app is good for is finding the coupon quickly and easily.
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5 years ago, meaganjanel
Time consuming
Extremely time consuming due to the fact that after you click on an item, there’s no way to go back to the page you were on. You have to go back to where you started 🙃 even that wouldn’t be too big of a deal if you were able to search for the last page you were on but you have to do two at a time which after clicking on a few products takes forever. It’s especially frustrating that there’s no way to sort out items that have been sold out and are no longer available. I’ve clicked on 10+ things that are not available online, had to go back to the home page and start all over again. 45 minutes wasted, definitely not making a purchase now.
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10 months ago, apmanda
Can’t find anything by browsing
I used to be able to find things by simply browsing the categor but now they only show you SOME of the subcategories (the top categories) which is extremely annoying and makes it much more difficult to browse. I can search, but the problem with searching when I would like to browse a whole section is that it leaves out a plethora of items I’d be potentially interested in if I’m too specific with my search term(s). uggh, please restore the old functions. The biggest issue with this lack of functionality is that this app already lacked a lot of functionality other apps excel with and I don’t think the newest update actually fixed much 🙄
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6 years ago, Jagermistress
Why offer a coupon you cannot use?
I have (had) been shopping at Hobby Lobby since 2000. This app offers coupons which cannot be used at the store. I was told that I had to update the app a few months ago to use the coupon because of changes. So I updated it and it still isn’t acceptable. Usually, there is someone who has the decency to honor the coupon, but as of late, no one even offers that anymore. They just inform you that the coupon “won’t work” and you have to pay the full price. Well, no I don’t. If Hobby Lobby doesn’t honor the coupon you present from the app, then they obviously don’t need my business. The app is pointless unless you just want to see the inventory but you can do that on the website and forgo the app. Personally, I think I’ll forgo the entire franchise.
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4 years ago, Cme1991
Poorly designed app Great store
Sorry but this app is poorly designed. Search bar is not obvious or available on home page. You must click DIY button at the bottom. Once you are in a search mode and you find an item within your search, you may tap on it to view further details but good luck going back to the search list. You have to start all over retyping your search topic. That’s ridiculous. Plus numerous completely non related items constantly show up in your search results which clutters your search. Some items in search are totally off the wall. I also get logged out of my account randomly. Nor does HL have a tool to see if the item is even in stock at the store. They are not store specific. I may just delete the app. I don’t use it much anymore.
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3 years ago, Tippy215
Love the store, but the NEW IMPROVED APP is a waste of time.
If it’s within driving distance just go to the store. Don’t waste your time with the app. It’s worse than falling into a pit of mud with little snakes coming after you. I recently had major surgery on my eyes to repair a retinol hole so I can barely see the prices on items; so it would be nice to see a larger print and the 40% or even a 50% off coupon return. That’s something every homemaker looks forward to finding especially close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, like I and many others have said, we love the store but the app is horrible and not worth using. That is, unless, you trash it and bring back the old app or a better version of the old one.
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10 months ago, fhdurvhtrut
rudimentary app
Search criteria are extremely limited. Search results can be really slow to appear. Can't save a favorite to a wish list local to device; must create an online acct instead. Would be helpful if product pages identify what aisle in store to find item. (Michael's app has that feature.) I don't see an advantage to app over just opening website from an internet browser tab.
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3 months ago, GoGo Delicious
It really seems that this app was written as a high school computer class project and the student received an “F” as in FAILURE and NOT fantastic. - The UI is confusing - The layout a mess - No way to check if an item is in stock at a store unless you call the store - No ordering on the app and picking up at a store The strangest part is that the app allows you to pay using Apple Pay but Hobby Lobby does not take Apple Pay at their physical stores, at least the ones in So. Cal. Why can I pay using Apple Pay in your app, but I cannot pay using Apple Pay in your store? Reminds my of all the major stores that ignored online shopping and technology that are no longer around, this store is like a living dinosaur. I don’t know much about this company but with the way this app is developed, it seems like it’s run by old people ignoring the present, stuck in the past and just putting out an app that BARELY does anything so Hobby Lobby can say “we have an app”. What they don’t mention is that “it barely works”.
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5 years ago, And olives
App needs work
The app was a little outdated, but it was easy to use. Since the update, it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to shop via the app. From the main page you have to click one of the few categories offered, from there you can finally get a search bar, but if you find a selection of what you’re looking for and click on a specific item, then click the back button, it takes you all the way back to where you have to pick some random category then re-enter what you want to search for. This app is a mess. Please make quick updates to make it better.
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2 months ago, blvr7617
Been an avid fan of Hobby lobby for years. Even though there was a Michael’s and Joann within a half mile I always went to Hobby lobby. A lot of that had to do with the fact that it was a Christian store, but the other reason was because they always had what I wanted with my crafts, scrapbooking, and home decor. The recent changes they are making are a terrible idea. I understand that even some of the employees are calling it bed bath and crafts. I never went there to buy a toaster or a blender, I went there to buy crafts and scrapbooking supplies, and home decor. Extremely bad management decision. It will definitely cost you a lot of business.
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1 year ago, AthenArty
I tried buying items off the app, almost up to $100. First off, the search function is so bad. If you specify what you want it will show you some results but not all the results. Say I search for ocean, I’ll get some ocean results, but I won’t get all the possible ocean results available in their store or online. Second, they charged me so fast and did not send me a confirmation email nor proceed in the screen after I hit pay with ApplePay. It gave me an error and said something went wrong. Oh but charging me didn’t go wrong did it? I am demanding my money back and deleting this APP ASAP. DO NOT USE THIS APP OR THEIR WEBSITE!!
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3 years ago, lindieluu
Search engine is awful and archaic
The search engine in this app is about the worst I’ve ever encountered for a retail store. A lot of times I can put in exactly what I’m looking for and multiple irrelevant items pop up, instead of what I’m actually looking for. It’s uncertain if I’m actually seeing what’s available in my store and having an aisle location is out of the question. If I’m in the store and wanting to use this app, any signal or WiFi rarely works. The app’s search engine is archaic at best. Come on, techies, step it up the search engine on this app.
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4 years ago, Infernosgoddess
Terrible design
The user interface is far from user-friendly. The items are not efficiently organized on the app and the filters aren’t very useful. The app will not let me apply two separate gift cards on the same transaction. After I backed out and went back in, my entire cart had been erased. I had over 20 items in there. There are some pages where the search bar disappears, that should be available no matter where you are on the site. There should also be the option to filter out the in-store only items. I am shopping online, I don’t care about items I can only find in store.
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3 years ago, Winteryfall
It won’t let me log in
So many issues trying to log in. I forgot my password. So I clicked on “forgot password” it sent me the link to change it in email. That worked. But when I went to log in, it still kept saying it didn’t recognize my log in info. So I tried my email maybe it was the wrong one. I tried to sign up again. It said my email already had an account. I resent the link to change my password and saved my password in my phone and used Face ID and it still kept saying did not recognize my password. It was a nightmare I gave up. Contacted them by email. Haven’t heard from them yet.
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3 years ago, at7772019
Great Store
I will always love to go to Hobby Lobby because of what they stand for. It's not just about the store but who runs it and what they believe in and people seem to forget that. Beautiful items and you get what you pay for. They also don't bombard you with personalized ads like Michaels does. You can see the fierce ambition Michaels has and the humbleness of Hobby Lobby. God Bless Hobby Lobby!
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5 years ago, Stop the Freeze
Not the same app
I have been using this app for a while. This new version has seemed to have lost two features that I enjoyed previously. The website “search “for product is no longer there or is very difficult to find. The other feature I do miss is the zoom in option for the weekly ad. I really enjoy shopping at this store there is so much to choose from, Thank You!
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4 years ago, online and instore shopper
Needs easily accessible search bar and a back button
I like shopping at Hobby Lobby, but this app needs a search bar at the top of every page and a back button. It is too difficult to find the search bar. Once you have done a search and looked at a particular item, it difficult to go back to your search. A back button would help.
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4 years ago, Fierce29
Love the app
It’s a super awesome app. I have been to the hobby lobby store and its great But series for real people really need to stop complaining about how sucky the hobby lobby app and how crappy the store is and what the store should do to please them. I get that everyone is entitled to their own opinion about stuff. But really if you don’t like something at this store then don’t go and go somewhere else
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3 years ago, Cmmmmmc
No longer there
Grieving the loss of the 40% off coupon! It’s no longer there☹️. Don’t they realize that when I went I usually ended up buying 5 things I didn’t intend to? The coupon brings me in the door because ordering off the app is an exercise in frustration now I mostly buy online from whom ever.
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3 years ago, regularrachel
Losing my items
I love hobby lobby but I find the app extremely frustrating. Every time I use the app it has signed me out of my account even if I select “remember me” before signing in. And sometimes it will keep my items in my cart from the previous time and sometimes it won’t. So if I put 10 items in my cart and then close out of the app, I have completely lost all of the items and then I have to go back and find them again which is very difficult and time consuming.
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4 years ago, Starfish love
Stuck in a never ending loop. My password (which is saved on my phone) is supposedly wrong. Click to have them send me a link to reset. Change password- at least attempt to. Then I’m told I already reset my password- which I didn’t. I can’t get into my account at all. Been like this for a week now. Oh, and I’m also randomly told my email isn’t in their system & if I try to sign up for a new account, I’m told I already have an account with that email. I can’t even get it to connect to Facebook.
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2 years ago, JulesStrand
I love the STORE… the APP is terrible
The search capabilities of the app and the general function of the links within the app are just terrible. Keywords are virtually useless. Search results are usually 90% unrelated items, and if you do happen to find the category you’re looking for, odds are the specific item you’re trying to find still won’t be there. Unless you know exactly what the name of an item is, good luck finding it. I would love to see Hobby Lobby hire some really good web designers and app creators to fix it up a bit.
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4 years ago, less than 30 char.
Not a fan
I have a few issues with this app. 1) the search button is hard to get to. 2) anytime I click a certain item to see more info when I go back it takes me back to the home page instead of my search thread. Other than that I love the app. Coupon linked is a plus, price matching, and more features. Just for the inconvenience of having to search the same thing over and over I’m giving it a 2 star, because it’s tedious trying to stay on track.
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4 years ago, MeaganEster
Please fix it!! I’m begging.
I absolutely love hobby lobby!! This app though.... frustrating! When I click an item to view details, price and a closer view, then want to return to where I left off looking, it sends me ALL the way BACK to the home screen. Then I have to start my search all over again! Makes me not want to click an item to view it because I’ll have to start over afterwards. Please fix it! I’d love to be using the wish list feature, but this prevents me from clicking.
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4 weeks ago, MNM815
Clunky, Kinda Pointless App…Basically Exists As An Online Only Retailer
The app is clunky and cumbersome to use. Cannot order things online/from the app to be picked up in store; online/app orders can only be shipped to you (and a large majority of the items don’t qualify for their “Free Shipping” even when you meet the minimum purchase amount). Also you cannot see what your local store currently has in stock. Online shopping/shopping from Hobby Lobby’s app is basically akin to shopping from on Online Only Retailer.
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4 years ago, Enigizerr
My goodness this is a terrible app. You shouldn’t have to be signed in for a SHOPPING app to save your cart. A shopping app shouldn’t randomly clear your cart (and not be able to retrieve it). A shopping app shouldn’t sign you out and ask you to sign in every ~5 items you look at. An app in general should remember your log in information and keep you logged in. But this app isn’t a normal shopping app, it’s an absolutely terrible one. I cannot believe there hasn’t been an update in 7 months with how terrible it is. Shame on them.
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5 years ago, mad_pup21
Great Place To Shop
Hobby Lobby is such a great place to shop and such a good environment. When I go into the store it brings my inner child and creative mind out. Highly recommend! They always have great deals! If you want something and it’s not on sale, more than likely it will be on sale the following week. My advice, go there!
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7 months ago, HeatherVegas
App redesign is a fail
Hobby Lobby used to be my go to store but this app redesign proves they are not listening to what their customers want and in that case I’ll shop elsewhere. App only has a fraction of items showing than what store actually has, the section lists are super short without any way to change count so constantly hitting next page every 6 items, and they still don’t have a pick up option in large cities. I’m over it & deleting app.
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3 years ago, Abinabi Kwe2
Holiday decor
Hobby lobby has some really high end looking holiday decor garlands and flowers for wreaths, trees and tables - granted they have a wide range of quality— you just have to shop the entire store to find the gems! Sometimes it takes several trips but I have never been able to match these finds at any other chain store.
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4 years ago, highjinxxx
App useless in product searches
Your search entries will yield zero results, sometimes it will show products without full spelling in the view below the search bar but try to finish the spelling it disappears all your search queries and you’re back to zero product found. If you skip spelling it out and try to click on the 1 or 2 choices the bother to list, we’ll that may or may not stay on screen before refreshing back to zero found. Big FKnwaste of your time. How this app ever got approved is beyond me.
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8 years ago, SpyderKing34
Awesome app awesome store
Love the app and the coupons are awesome. I do wish the could do a little better with the coupons by having it a little more random or something like on some copic markers or some drawing books and such. Love the store I get stuck in there for hours looking at everything
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3 years ago, IsabelGabby
No more 40% off coupon
The app has improved since I last used it, which I don’t have many complaints about. The reason I’m writing this review is to let others know that if they download it with the hopes of getting the coupon, it’s been discontinued. Other than that, for a craft store, the app is pretty decent.
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5 years ago, wantwinter
Fabulous store, okay app
I adore Hobby Lobby. I can get lost in there, it’s like a wonderland and I spend too much money there, lol. The app should reflect the store & be great itself, but it needs work. Take a look at the app of a competitor chain—it’s much more well done and more up to date. I’ve had no problems with the coupon scanning, but yeah—-the app deserves a good redesign.
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5 years ago, mypurpleplace
Handy App
Love it! Coupon is easy to pull up immediately & works great! I can check weekly ads whenever I need. I especially like the shop online option. It gives me a chance to see if I can order what I want if I can’t find it in store.
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9 months ago, Jungle buck
Your APP IS HORRIBLE! You can't even login to your account without being locked out from "too many failed attempts" even after I changed my password a zillion times! This has always been an issue!! No one cares enough for the customers. I can't even look at my order history without it say "oops something went wrong..." literally no use in this app! Until you people fix it. Quite an inconvenience!
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3 years ago, Cgodl
Good store with craft and fine art products
I am always impressed at how Hobby Lobby has what I need. They have an amazing selection of goods. I highly recommend this store to all who need art and craft supplies as well as fabric. This is a beautiful store!
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5 years ago, Nattykruck
This app was bad even before the new update! Now it’s completely useless. You can’t even just do a quick search, you have to click on a topic on the main app then it takes you to the search bar. Then when you click on an item, you can’t even go back to the listed items. It takes you all the way back to the home screen and you have to start completely over. Whoever designed this is a complete moron.
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5 years ago, bobbilh
Back button issues
I love Hobby Lobby and the previous app. But now when looking at an item and then hitting the back button it takes you all the way back to the home page, then you have to start your search all over again. Very frustrating. 🤔
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5 years ago, Rainbow52312
Awful and far from user-friendly
What happened to the search bar? And why can we not go back to our search category after viewing a specific item? When I try to go back, it takes me back to the main page and I have to start all over again. So frustrating. Would also love if the website/app showed where items were in the store and the aisle.
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9 months ago, AmyL70
New website
Hobby lobby revamped their website and deleted my account. My order history is gone! I had to create a new account but now I don’t have the record of all the items I buy on a regular basis. Their new website is the WORST!!! It is terrible. So disappointed. Searching is nearly impossible. Whoever redesigned this app should be fired. It’s the worst app I have used for shopping.
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