Holland America Line Navigator

4.5 (18.5K)
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Holland America Line Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Holland America Line Navigator

4.49 out of 5
18.5K Ratings
2 weeks ago, arockinoldie
need specific times listed
As a newbie to navigator and a baby cruiser, I found this app usable only after an experienced person taught me the ins and outs. I only have a couple complaints: -No dining hrs listed!! I was told it was on the daily sheet, however, I was told “everything is on Navigator”. If you have time to print these sheets for 2000 people, you have time to update the times the eateries are open as people check the menus. One stop to get all the info. -shore excursions in wallet give the time to meet and how long the tour is, but no time given for when one has to be back on the boat without going back and forth to a different place in the app. -the spa packages bought don’t show up on my itinerary. Once again, not everything is on Navigator, and with everything going on, one loses track of time and day. But, if all I have to carry around is my phone then I’m good! thanks
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4 years ago, KnobbyD
Messages needs work
Many of the features of this app work fine. Events, excursions, etc were informative and up to date. There were 16 people in our immediate party plus others in our organization. It was nice to have a form of communication while on board with the Messages feature. However, while you can add any passenger onboard, there is no way to form groups. Therefore if you want to tell everyone to meet at the aft bar, you must message each person individually. It’s very primitive at this time. Also it’s slow to post so don’t expect to have a conversation. And despite having properly set my phone to give notifications I never received any. Most of our group had that issue. Hoping this app is updated before my next voyage.
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3 years ago, Ticked off 1313
Not up to Holland’s Standards
The app has a lot of potential but it is very clunky and hard to navigate. It’s like the built an app around a web page and not a stand alone app. Examples: *I should log into the app and not have to retype my log in again period. *There is no direct link to my planned trips unless I navigate thru three menus. *The doesn’t have a logical flow based on users and how people plan trips. It just takes you where folks want you to go spend money. *Some menus and navigation paths match how you just navigate the Holland Desktop site. *If you have multiple cruises there is no way to toggle between them on the first screen. I just don’t feel this is a finished product that was tested with real users. It feels like an older app design where they tried to cut corners by leverage existing infrastructure. I love Holland and really love bragging about cruising with them. Sadly, I can’t brag about this app until it’s really brought up to their shipboard standards.
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12 months ago, The Original Dodger Dan
A Hot Steaming Dog-Pile of an App!
Holland America’s Navigator app, which should more appropriately be called the Nullifier app, is the worst app since Windows 95. It’s hard to believe Holland America would unleash this on its customers but, once you visit the app, you’ll see the major focus is selling the customer an extra excursion or an upgrade. (“Do you want fries with that?”) Want to find what the planned itinerary is? Good luck, you’ll need to be a direct descendant of Kit Carson, have the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes, plus two hours and easy access to some adult beverages to find something remotely useful. Without knowing what the day’s planned activities are, how can a customer make an informed decision on buying an excursion? Holland America doesn’t care; they just want to sell, sell, sell We are on a land-sea package for which one’s personal excursion choices were listed by day, only to be wiped out when HA belated posted the cruise ship activities which overrode the land tour info. These are just examples of a few of the app’s issues which clearly has been augmented over time by new features which are incapable with existing features. The whole thing needs to be scrapped and redesigned from scratch otherwise the app will never serve the purpose of being useful to customers. We haven’t been on our tour yet but I hope they can run the rest of their tour better than their app which earns an “F” in my book.
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11 months ago, Pete29601
Poorly designed and inaccurate
We’re on an Alaska cruise right now and the app constantly has issues with authentication and is inconsistent with delivering messages between our party. The menus for the dining options haven’t been accurate for a single meal yet and when we asked the staff what was right they said the app is always wrong so just ask for print out everyday. What century are we in? How is there no way to contact the company in the app? We purchased any of grade to internet because they’re standard internet package blocks authentication for apps like Audible and Hoopla so even though we downloaded our books and audio books ahead of time we can’t access the app with upgrading to the streaming plan. We did this and the checkout said $40 per person but we were charged $420 per person. No one onboard can help, no ability to talk to corp via the app. Advice was to dispute with Amex 🤦🏼‍♂️
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1 year ago, A simple muggle
Leaves a lot to be desired
Holland America has developed an app that more or less disables your phone while you are at sea by working best in airplane mode and it blocks your phone’s personal hotspot feature. Unless you purchase their expensive wifi plan, you can’t really communicate well with anyone else in your group or use your own phone when there is cell service unless you manually turn off WiFi. It feels like they are taking advantage of a captive audience. All that aside, there are some good features when the app isn’t glitching. What I most wanted from this app is an interactive map of our route, which is hard to get any information about on board other than the big stops. The daily bulletin they post by your door each day only outlines the ship’s activities but no map of the daily route. I’m saying all this with the hope that Holland America will make some improvements. Their crew has all been amazing.
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9 months ago, rob112248
Holland America line app
In general this app is a useful tool to enhance shipboard life. It is mostly intuitive and well organized. It could perhaps be improved by developers trying to use it on board for a trip. Of major difficulty to myself and I could tell to others was using a VPN. It seemed to me that you had to disconnect from the VPN before initially connecting. I think that is possibly because it gets its ship specific data (menus, events, ports) from a shore based server that probably needs the ship’s IP address for identification. Once connected you can turn it back on. But that is a little complicated for non technical users.
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4 years ago, TikiMonger
Chat feature is not usable on iPhone
I found a typo in the description of the Amsterdam where it said “ stunning astrolabe. While on board, njoy regional cooking” and i believe it should say “enjoy”. I tried to use the app’s chat feature to let them know, but every time I click inside the text field and enter a character, the keyboard disappears. It also is not formatted for a phone. The page is too large, requiring zooming in and then panning left and right, up and down just to read what’s on the screen. I hope other parts of the app function better. Also, after installing, I rebooted my phone and tried to login, but I repeatedly got an error that I didn’t have internet connection. I definitely did. I went through part of the process to sign up again, cancelled that at the end, then tried to login again and was finally successful.
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7 months ago, NE First Timers
My wife and I are first time cruisers from the great Midwest ( Nebraska). From the moment we left our Uber to this writing, we have been VERY IMPRESSED by every staff member we have had conversations with. Their inviting and congenial personalities have been top notch and makes us feel special, like we’re the only ones on board. We have nothing to compare to but will say that for the oldest ship in the HAL fleet, the Volendam is great! She may be old but each cruise creates more character to the old girl. One suggestion for the Navigator… It would be nice to have an active map that shows the position of the ship just like airlines do for their flights. Five days at sea does not correspond with we landlubbers. We may be first timers but our experience to date has already sold us on sailing again. Thank you HAL, thank you Captain, and thank you to all the wonderful crew of the Volendam.
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4 months ago, JACE Kelly Smith
Not so much
This is a great idea. Unfortunately, Holland American line does not do a very good job of updating the product. It is not work every time you want it to work. We are going on a cruise in a few days and they give you the opportunity to, see what’s on the daily schedule before you get on the ship. They simply uploaded a day planner from three months ago! That doesn’t build much excitement or allow any planning once you get on board. This is definitely an area where they could improve! Probably not an area. They care to address since they are getting record bookings and tourism is taking off in 2024. Other cruise lines definitely have better applications for their passengers.
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4 months ago, holymotherofnature
I like it
Read all the positive reviews. Read all the negative reviews. Then just download the app, and play around with it BEFORE you go on your cruise. Once you are onboard your ship, you will have more useful options which are rather neat, such as checking out the daily agenda, reserving your spot in the dining room, or contacting the new acquaintances you’ve met who are aft when you are fore, but six decks below. Once you’ve learned what it has to offer, you can write a review of your own, just like I did.
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2 years ago, dasawyer1
Not Great
I have booked my first cruise and am using the app for planning - so no cruising experience with it yet, but I have some complaints: Often the things I’ve booked already (dining and excursions) don’t show up under My Itinerary. If you go back and forth between the app and another app it will log out. It will let you click a button to book excursions but doesn’t load - you have to do it on a computer. When you look at an excursion then go back to the list it restarts at the top of the list as opposed to where you left off. And there’s also no sorting or filtering on the excursions list.
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2 weeks ago, famyank
Must get
This is a must have app. You can do everything on this app you can list your daily activities store your excursions tickets your can communicate with other passengers with the chat option you can even email Holland America with any request Look at all the dining menus. You can also check daily activities and so much more. So I definitely recommend this app if you plan to cruise with HAL. I am sure I missed something’s. So check it out
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1 year ago, CONEXSYS Ticket Taker
It does it’s job
Ultimately the app does what it is supposed to. From time to time you need to logout and login to see accurate info. FaceID helps make that process quick and easy. I would like to see the app work better for multiple bookings. We currently have 3 bookings and I would like to switch between them on the app to book dining/excursions.
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1 year ago, STOVL
Navigator Bugs and Enhancement
This app is constantly improving but there are three buggy areas and one area that would be a revolutionary enhancement for HAL For bugs the first bug is the itinerary section when scrolling through days randomly goes back to the day is started with and you have to start over. The second bug is it continually logs me out during the day, forcing me to log in almost every time I use the app. This really slows down getting to information. Lastly, notifications show up randomly for my activities. Sometimes hours after the activity had completed. The revolutionary enhancement is to provided a text steaming channel on the app for PA announcements. This would enable that information to be available in all ship spaces without disturbing people plus address the hearing impaired population. In scenic cruising areas we could follow narrations from public areas and our balconies. NO OTHER CRUISE LINE OFFERS THIS.
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2 years ago, zzxxxcghvcg
Disfunctional garbage
The app. is useless. I haven’t been on a cruise since I moved. I got into my account but it will Not allow me to make changes, even though it does have an edit function. After filling out all the information (I have tried several different times) it gives me a message that it was unable to update, try again later. Absolutely frustrating. I am forced to use login email that I no longer have. My address is incorrect, hopefully it won’t be an issue down the road. All most of the other functions just spin their wheels, never accessing the page. You would think a cruise line the size of Holland America would hire a decent developer for their app.
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11 months ago, Brent2233
Not good
We had a cruise with Holland America. We had three apps we had to download.,this was one of them. The other two apps were just fine. This Holland America app was nothing short of a nightmare. You fill out information in the app it continues to give you a red warning, indicating more is needed, and it wasn’t. Ruined our trip. We literally walked up to the boat without any idea if we could get on because of the warnings from this app but fortunately things magically worked the minute we showed up at the boat. Keep in mind we had a 3 Hour drive one way, and could’ve been turned away and lost our cruises.
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3 days ago, Kevinfun
We have been on 100 cruises on over a dozen cruise ships and six cruise lines including Crystal and Oceania and SilverSea. This outstanding Navigator far and above exceeds anything we have experienced anywhere. It is especially impressive that shore excursion tickets are immediately posted and eliminates the need for all of those paper tickets. Every feature of this program works instantly well. Congratulations to the team that conceived and designed it!
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3 months ago, New to HAL cruises
Easy use
This app is very easy to use. It starts from your registration, gives you your boarding pass, all your reservations are shown, and it will hold your excursion tickets. Your bill is easily accessible any time. Also you can see the ships daily schedule and what’s for dinner! Toggling between two devices is a breeze. I would not take an HAL cruise without having this app on my phone.
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2 years ago, Fran in Californua
Fantastic voyage!
Our Alaska cruise exceeded our expectations and was a truly amazing trip. We visited Juneau the Capital, which is a cute little fishing port at the base of towering mountains and glaciers, The Hubbard Glacier which is enormous and awe inspiring, Sitka is a beautiful little fishing village set amongst a hundred tiny islands and we are scheduled to visit Ketchikan tomorrow. I don’t want it to end!! The food, crew, entertainment - especially the BB King band was fantastic! The ship was spotless and the crew incredibly kind and friendly . I loved it!
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1 year ago, Dr. TANSTAAFL
The WORST most unreliable app I have ever TRIED to use
This app is ALWAYS giving me an error message “Something is wrong. Please try again later.” I have only been able to use it three times in two weeks. The rest of the time it won’t let me in. When it DOES work, it’s counter intuitive and difficult to navigate. Which is horrible since you need it to cruise on their ships. Utter fail. The coup de grace is when you go to their website and call for assistance, the number listed takes you to a publishing company. On top of that the chat feature on the website refuses to load after you enter your data.
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9 months ago, UmmaMaggs
Itinerary lacking
I was on a cruise in June 2023 and found the app had improved since my last cruise. However, I wish the itinerary actually included everything I have booked on the ship. For example, I had two spa treatments booked, and I had to refer to my apple calendar to see the date and time. It would be a great improvement to have the itinerary, day by day include the spa, just as it does dinners. I am sailing again in October 2023 and hope there is some improvement.
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2 years ago, Betsy and David
Bernard, bartender at the Billboard
Bernard is an excellent bartender and goes above and beyond to provide amazing service! He helped my husband surprise me with flowers at the bar last night for our anniversary. And thanks to the Pinnacle staff for a lovely dinner and for making us a delicious gluten free cake! It’s why we keep coming back to Holland America! Thanks again for making our special day even more special!
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1 year ago, Bcbglh6423
Barely functional and doesn’t work as promised
This app is terrible. It asks you to upload a photo before going on a cruise, however, when you take the photo or select one from your camera roll, it just resets the page and won’t save the photo. While onboard, don't expect any real-time communication. It is slower than molasses. For the prices HAL charges for Wifi and to cruise in general, you’d think they could get a working app together (and a user friendly website for that matter!).
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1 year ago, Navigator1
Navigator is a disappointment.
The navigator is difficult to navigate within. I have not found it possible to “chat“ with more than one person at a time. This is a major deficiency, especially when traveling with other people in a group. While I’m at it, it is a major disappointment not to be able to use the television set within my state room in order to get any station because “the satellite“ is not communicating with the ship. This seems to me to be ridiculous. Here we are at the dock in San Diego and basic satellite television streaming is unavailable.
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1 year ago, atak dog
Barely adequate
Performs some of the functions one might expect, but definitely not up to modern standards. Notification badges seem to appear randomly and can’t be cleared; messaging is crude (one person at a time only), and works only intermittently. Even though it ought to remember one’s schedule, that is subject to the server’s constraints, which in my experience have often been exceeded. The UI is archaic and clunky. I can think of several features that would be very nice to have, such as a real time map of the ships location; neither that nor any of the other creative bells and whistles, I have thought of us here. Basically, nothing is here except the schedule of what is coming on each day and a crude messaging function Of course, shipboard Wi-Fi is abominable when at sea but that isn’t the fault of the app.
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2 years ago, NeNeDancer
Would be 5 stars but …
Does not include spa appointments which makes it mostly worthless for me. I could not find a way to add them to my daily itinerary either. This app has been around for a while and I know this complaint has been registered in the past. One other complaint is that the itinerary keeps jumping back to the top of the daily list making it impossible to copy. Please, fix these complaints!
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4 years ago, TraceeJ
Great way to stay connected!
I love the APP! Excursions, what’s happening on board etc. My only reason for 4 ⭐️ instead of 5 ⭐️ is there seems to be no volume or notification setting for incoming chat messages ? I’m not going to “watch” the app 24/7 so a regular notification would be amazing. (But might be operator error? MY fault? But I’ve looked everywhere in the app.
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1 year ago, Liprippa
App is frigging useless
This app is a waste of time and money. They should go back the the fourth grader that wrote the app punch them in the eye and steal their lunch money. Fire the developer Holland!!!!! I thought you were supposed to be a cut above!!!! This app is down more than it’s up and the connectivity issues are deplorable. We are three days from out cruise and can’t get on it long enough to do anything productive. Downright embarrassing for what is supposed to be a classy organization. I am already dreading the cruise, if this is a reflection on what we should expect.
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4 months ago, PJB333
Excellent helpful app
This app is wonderful for a cruise! It has all the information needed for events and even lets you set reminders. It lets you check changes, you can check on tours and you can also communicate with other passengers! It works wonderfully!
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2 years ago, Katylouthatswho
Can’t get the app to work
I’ve tried for weeks to get this app to work. Every time I sign in I get different error messages. I’ve deleted and reinstalled many times. After an hour on hold I was able to reach a customer service rep, who tried to help by checking mariner number and other information in my account but he was unable to assist me. He gave me the navigator support email contact information but I have not heard back from them in a week. It shouldn’t be this hard…. I give up. Zero stars.
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8 months ago, sjemmett
The chat feature needs improvement
For those of us who don’t walk around with our phones in hand constantly staring at the screen, the notice of a received chat on the Navigator needs to have a haptic/sound indicator that a message has been received. This simple addition (easily provided by the apple UI) would make the chat feature much more useful.
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2 years ago, Tim in MI
Tries Very Hard to Be Average
This app is very promising, but falls short on execution. I have repeatedly had problems with not being able to view my boarding pass, despite logging out and back in, deleting and reinstalling the app, etc. I know the app works, because my wife’s iPhone has the boarding pass viewing working properly for our account and room. Very disappointed, since I was expecting to use this app during our cruise.
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4 months ago, jesscdubs
Very handy but needs improvement
Overall it’s been a great resource for customizing my days and having excursion tickets on hand. However, there is room for improvement. 1) search/filter: the daily itinerary could use a search and filter function (search at a minimum), like filter for type of event, ages, length of time. Excursions could use this as well. 2) event end times: add an end time to all events. It’s difficult to plan your day when you don’t know when a ship event ends 3) custom personal events: I’d love to add personal events to my own itinerary so I can plan out my whole day alongside the ship events. Like when i want to use the pool or the greenhouse spa or power walk on deck 3
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10 months ago, Red cruiser
Error message
I’m trying to download the app. I have a Mariner number, email and password. I constantly keep getting an error message when trying to login. I’m able to login in on the website but not to download the app. Very frustrating!
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2 years ago, Hocpri7
Buggy issues are frustrating
Looks nice and is easy to navigate, but updating information is buggy. It doesn’t always save, doesn’t always let you click in the right box. Then it will freeze up and you can’t do anything. Very frustrating. Holland America is a major corporation: their app should work way better than it does.
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6 months ago, Seeking 1
Just ok
Fine if you want your excursion tickets or just see a schedule of what’s going on on the ship works well for that however, it would be nice to have a slight description of the excursions that you might be interested in or a little description of the island you’re going to on any given day without an excursion. Could be more comprehensive for sure.
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1 year ago, MushOn
Since last update slow and lots of pages not loading
We are a day away from our launch day and for the last 3 weeks we have been trying to setup our experiences in the app. Get the digital boarding pass etc., mostly we had to use the desktop web site on our PC or Mac to get something done. But some things are only available in the app. Disappointing
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2 years ago, reverie35
Constant ads
Holland American marketing has taken over this tool. You will see constant selling, many of them misleading, The basic idea of using the phone to access your events is sound. I did not like that this App changed times of dinner reservations without notice or reason. In July of 2022 there were hangs causing me to restart the App. Connection to the ship internet ,required to use the App took about a minute.
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1 year ago, Transcending59
This is the worst app that I have ever used. My itinerary is not up to date and my cruise leaves in a few days. I spent over a hour adding events, some would not add and later did. The few days that I was able to schedule events showed on my itinerary; however, when I went back to my itinerary nothing was there. Now I can’t get the app to launched again. I have tried for over 1 hours to get the message that the app can’t connect to my internet.
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8 months ago, Kimmy#1808
Great app! Easy to plan!
The only thing that would make it even better is a group chat function - and some type of notification if you have received a new chat message.
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6 months ago, CLSVGL
Enjoying this app
I’m very happy to have this Navigator App! It has made my time waiting exciting. I love that I can look every day and see how much time I have before my trip. This is my very first cruise , thank you for ALL the great information 🤗
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1 year ago, Cpprfld
Needs a lot of work
A lot of links send you outside the app to their website which is annoying and a mark of laziness for not putting the content on the app. Also booking shore excursions is glitchy and doesn’t always work. Lastly, there are sign in errors that pop up frequently. But at least they help you plan your days on board with their scheduling part of the app
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2 years ago, Genesis5020
Quirky at times
Great for use on the ship for schedule and messaging. But quirky before the cruise. For example, we cannot see our boarding pass even though it is available through the website to be downloaded and printed. All we can see is an invalid date time message. Doesn’t seem Navigator app is ready to set sail.
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2 years ago, denimmined
Poor registration and look up features
The app is just ok. Unfortunately there’s not really any other way to see events for a trip besides this app and it does not connect well if your email is not the one who bought the ticket (which I would wager is at least 40% of guests given shared rooms). There is no easy way to see events on ship prior to boarding with out the app. Great idea but poor execution.
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1 year ago, RayWL
Horrible, inconsistent app
Had to load multiple times. Would continue to get messages that it couldn’t connect and try again later. Finally got it to work on my IPhone, but none of my booked reservations showed up even though they appear on the app on my IPad. Deleted app from IPhone and reloaded it, and tried again multiple times re-entering user name and password. Already sorry I booked on Holland America instead of Norwegian.
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2 years ago, nickburkaotm
Looks Nice, Needs Work w/UI & UX
like the holland america website, it looks nice and has a lot of basic information, but the main menus and icons are confusing to navigate and accessing much of the important; cruise-specific or user-specific itinerary information requires either the app to jump the user to a web browser or additional days of waiting for that information to be uploaded.
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1 year ago, Holcin
Does it all
This is the most productive, organized and helpful cruise app I have used. It does not just provide information, it allows you to check in, board, organize your cruise and track spending.
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2 years ago, Unhappy123xyz
When I am scrolling through Events, it keeps bumping me back to the top of the page every few seconds. I would like to be able to scroll leisurely through the events and stop at one and check out the details without constantly being sent back to the beginning.
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3 years ago, 2fat4you2009
App fine, onboard Internet abysmal
This app has lots of potential not only for finding services, but also for contact tracing. Unfortunately our cruise has chronic issues with Internet DESPITE paying a premium for streaming service for 4 devices. When doing speed tests 10mbs was the fastest I ever saw - and that was only IF it would work. Between leaky plumbing, yellow and orange tap water, cold cabins, mediocre food, and compulsive tipping, the cruise was not what it could - and should have been.
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