Holy Bible In Amharic

4.7 (3.9K)
79.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Holy Bible In Amharic

4.74 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Mimi- BeZu
I really like this bible app. It makes me to read the bible everyday. The questions and daily reading chapters and verses makes it very interesting. Verses which always come at the cover/beginning with picture background really helps me and guide me and I mostly share those words with my sisters and friends. God bless you all who are part of this holly idea.
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3 years ago, Hahahahahjsjjjjsbdhqhhsjh
Very disappointed 😞
At first it was working fine, but a few months passed it started acting up. When you try to open the app it opens and an Advertisement comes on ones the Advertisement is finished and when you try to close the Ad page, the whole application gets closed. I tried to re-open it a few times, but the same thing; it only shows the advertisement and then the application gets closed by itself, so you cannot read the Bible. I Uninstalled and reinstalled it again, but after a few months past back to the same issue only the Advertisement works, it will not open the Bible at all so annoying. After trying a few times, I decided to delete the app and use my hard copy instead. Whom ever is installing this app good luck using it after a few months pass.
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5 years ago, wana read bible
Doesn’t work with iPhone X
This bible app used to work fine with previous iPhone models. It has been very difficult to get it working on iPhone X. I had to delete and reinstall once already. In doing so I lost all notes and highlights. At this time it is not working anymore. Developers PLEASE FIX IT! Also please get rid of the adds. One of the reasons people buy an app vs use a free one is not to be bothered by commercials. I HOPE YOU WILL LISTEN AND FIX THIS APP. Some how the developer of this app chose to ignore the repeated request from people who purchased this app to get rid of the adds. THE ADDS CRASH THIS APP!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP THE ADDS AND THIS APP WILL WIRK FINE. IF YOU NEED MORE MONEY JUST CHARGE MORE. DON’T PENALIZE US, WHO HAVE PAID FIR THIS APP. THIS APP CRASHED TWICE AND I HAD TO REINSTALL IT TWICE. THIS IS THE THIRD CRASH. IT IS A REAL SHAME THAT THIS DEVELOPER CHOSE TO BE GREEDY AND IGNORED HIS CUSTOMERS. I HOPE YOU ARE READING THE REVIEWS. BUT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THE REVIEWS ALSO. I added this on April 12, 2019 Finally I had to reinstall the app again. I lost all my notes and highlights. All this is because the app developer decided to include adds in to the app.
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5 years ago, Daberenda
Used to be really nice app
I gave this app a 5 star based on its performance before. In the past 6 or so months though, it has become simply an ad display. About 85% of the time, the app won’t open: it just displays an ad and when you try to close it the whole app closes so you can’t read your Bible. So I was forced to stop using it. But if this problem gets solved, it is a great bible app and I would recommend it! Hope this can be improved on. Be blessed!!
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1 year ago, ABCD Bible
Great Bible app
I have been using this Bible for the past two years and it worked great. However, recently the app couldn’t open after the add, so I delete the app and downloaded it a second time. It works perfect! If you run in to the same problem, just delete the app and download once more! Have a blessed day!
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3 months ago, Enawa
Best Amharic Bible app
This app is by far the best Amharic Bible app and I recommend it to all Amharic speakers. The only comment I have now, I used to highlight important words on the previous version but the new version highlights the whole verse. I would appreciate it if the developers can correct this. Go bless you
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1 year ago, Joshua77.7
Way to go
What an awesome job ! Thank you for making the Bible available for iPad and iPhone users . I hv been very disappointed by the commercials. I can imagine one or two but unable to read the word of God. On Sundays, at least avoid the commercials so we can go directly to the word of God. U won’t be blessed by feeding us unnecessary commercials when we try to read the word. U r inviting curses. I don’t mind paying money to avoid commercials, but ur business won’t benefit. Give freely because u hv been given free..
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1 year ago, 5629/
I don’t like the new version you guys didn’t do it perfectly there are a lot of misspelled letters in the Amharic part I have to check it again
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7 years ago, azebseyifu
Unique love it
I love using this bible it has both English and Amharic ,I like answer and questions, I like daily memories verse ,I like it move by itself when you read love it good job 🙏🏻!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, jojohngdthckub
I have been using this app for a year now but recently it is crushing continuously. The app won’t open at all I don’t know what’s wrong. I have seen throughout the comments that some are experiencing the same problem too. Please fix it I don’t want to delete it I have highlighted many Bible verses and I really love the app . I’m giving you one star until you fix it. Lots of love
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4 years ago, Jandaraba
Annoying ad take 30 second to even see the page
I know everything cost money. Even the Bible, please give us ad removing option for those of us who are wiling to pay for it. The ad are making it impossible to enjoy the experience
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7 years ago, Bamlaku
Don’t pay for this App
I purchased this app about three years ago and it worked well for a while. Now days ever time I open the app there is pop up ad (I paid for this app $4.99) this is not a free app. If you want people to read the Bible pls don’t make it hard, the ads are unbearable and nonsense. PLS FIX IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. One more thing, on the bible question game, pls add the “Next” future.....use common sense.
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1 year ago, Teklehaimanot
I would say thank you for your service in the Bible through phone. Stay blessed!
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4 years ago, pppojg c ddghi in ssc
this app will crash at some point
Everytime I open this bible there is ad and I was able to close the ad before but now when i try to close the ad the app also close. So i am forced to reinstall it couple of times because of this same issue. Reinstalling it means you loss your data. So i will not be using this app from now on.
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10 months ago, Thx ghgg
Devs fix Audio plssss
Don’t get me wrong it’s good but the audio reading stopped working for absolutely no reason at all. Devs plssssssss fix this this app has so much potential
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2 years ago, correct2022
Order errors
Did you see the order ?It is not correct please make the books in the correct order especially Old Testaments
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3 years ago, እናትህ
Good App but has ad problems
The app is amazing and works well as adds weren’t a disturbance, but after a while whenever I closed the ad it also closed the app itself.
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2 years ago, Marta Tsegaye
It would have been much better if there is no pop up’s and commercials.
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5 years ago, Elizabeth Ebo
We were never meant to do this life on our own.
When I read Bible I find so much security, peace and comfort.
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2 years ago, qobae
App closes if you close advertising content.
I give 2 stars to this app because it won’t let me read the Bible. When I opened it, an advertisement opens with it and when I close the advertising content the Bible app closes as well.
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5 years ago, Hirpast
Let the technology serve our God
Awesome app, but Please try to avoid commercial ads. They’re really annoying.
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2 years ago, surafel wako
Some times l cannot open it on my iPhone 11 promax
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6 years ago, Amugeta
You need to edit genesis 16:12 the amaharic version right away it’s not appropriate to see this kind of editing error in the Bible 😡😡😡😡😡😡
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3 years ago, mapmast
I always choose this bible app because it’s easy to use!!! But now u guys changed it in to a business app it won’t even open it just shows a commercial add please change it before I make new app and we will forget about ur commercial app 😔😡
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3 years ago, JhonasTech
Best app
This is wonderful app. It’s helping me on getting verses quickly and so on..... thank you very much .God bless you
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1 year ago, Brazilian TTZ
Absolutely Amazing Version! Keep it Up!
Absolutely Amazing Version! Keep it Up!
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1 year ago, Yordanos1958
This app is really good I appreciated it!
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2 months ago, Kelemrah
Lots f bugs need to be fixed
The one and very annoying is when trying to read psalms 90 it will close it all you have to go lower number like 20 and pass every page to get to 90
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2 years ago, DB Gutta
Great app but annoying ads.
App is great and works perfect on iPad. But the constant ads are annoying and take away from the great experience.
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6 years ago, Ashu keyboard
It’s payed app but it’s getting crazy ..
It’s getting crazy what’s wrong ..? I don’t want to see any stupid adverts when ever I opened the app, and even if I don’t have internet I couldn’t open to read at any time and anywhere. I want to read on my flights but I couldn’t..!
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5 years ago, yarede
Used to be great, but not anymore!
When I try to open it while online, it displays an ad and when I close the ad it crushes! I used to enjoy this app’s bible because it was convenient to read, search, share and navigate.
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12 months ago, 😍😄😁
Verse missing
This is app is great but Why is Roman 6:23 missing. That’s something everyone should know. Yes, it’s there in the Amharic version but not in English. Please for the love of God check the each Bible verse. This is serious. This book is life and death. Thank you!
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2 weeks ago, Zelle@
Please avoid the adds very annoying
I really like this Bible app but the adds are so annoying. I rather buy it if there’re any options.
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1 year ago, Sayele
Do not upgrade - ALERT
The upgrade deleted all my highlights and bookmarks The fonts and backgrounds color are nor good for eye any more the highlight does not allow specific words to be highlighted. I like using different colors within a paragraph but now I can’t. I lost all of my highlights from before the upgrade This is very frustrating. I a searching for a better app that is more user friendly
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2 years ago, 0and1arelife
A shame to ruin a good app with ads
It’s really a shame to put ads and monetize word of God. It you want to make money develop a paid version with more extra features. Really disappointed.
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4 years ago, ponire
Just to remind you , this is the Bible app
I paid for this bible app $4.99 years ago and it’s been a good app ( not any more). The reason I paid for it was for Ad free , but you bombarded all the users with bad Ads and it’s not letting me to read...... please fix it. Thanks
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1 year ago, GT_23
New version
I prefer the older version than this one. The older version used to allow word by word highlighting. The background was clear white.
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1 year ago, Lensa H.
Ad is totally inappropriate for Bible App
Unacceptable and inappropriate Ads pop up while using the App in church and people thought I was surfing the web. Other Bible Apps have taken different approach for revenue and please rethink Ad approach.
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1 year ago, Mezmur Ze Dawit
Some chapters of Mezmure Dawit are not opening
Some chapters of Mezmure Dawit are not opening or force the app to close. It needs to be updated!
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5 years ago, Melealemu
Amharic bible
This application crashes sometimes which demanded reinstallation otherwise wise it is perfect
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5 years ago, Warkisha
Update Oromo bible
Please update Afaan Oromo Bible on latest update IPhone version 12.3.1 Please!! God bless you,,,,
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7 months ago, all name are taken in 1 star
Missing verses
I tried to read Isa 17:22 and realized chapter stopped at 17:14. I wonder if this is a big error or intentional. I am also wondering if other Word of God are missing. Im deleting the app now. Please work on it.
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6 years ago, Yonas-eng
This app is giving me hard time, adds pop up and can't be cleared. I can't open the Bible itself. I bought it but still it has adds.
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4 years ago, habesha man
The add with voice is distracting me from using it in the church and I am staying away using it
The voice add is distracting others from using it or opening the app in the church.
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2 years ago, queen beeza
i highly recommend this app
its very simply and easy to use! i love it
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1 year ago, FK1294
Amharic Bible
I ibobought the app a few years ago
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6 months ago, Nati lax
I like this bible app but I want u guys to add widget for the verses that will be cool.
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4 years ago, hananiah_
Don’t download
Please go for another Amharic Bible. Why you ask?!... - Not user friendly - Ads. (Who allows ads on a Bible app for Christ’s sake) - unreliable. Will shut down on you any time for no reason. - just too many problems. Please do not download this app. The developers created this app to make money. There are many other Amharic bible apps.
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5 years ago, Awaw74
Keeps crashing
The app keeps crashing with endless ads
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2 months ago, 12YDS
Very Poor
App always crashes and error on some verses.
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