4.2 (11.5K)
56 MB
Age rating
Current version
Telepathic, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hooked

4.16 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
3 years ago, the reeding geek
Used to love it
I used to love it and would spend hours reading on it , that was until they changed it from the perfect app to the app that’s all about getting money instead of about the costumers . I used to have the app on my old phone and you didn’t have to pay to look at a story on there . To come to find out when I got my new phone before you could even look at it or even think about it you would have to pay a subscription fee to go on the app .
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3 years ago, Desapicto
Use to be good but...
Hello. I had hook 2 years ago and It was fantastic made me a little addicted to it! Anyways I decided to download it a year ago again and I seen I had to pay in order to actually read the stories, I thought that was pretty much a rip off ... I understand that the payments and the money efforts but seriously? I thought you guys was going to remove that like it would’ve been better to pay for the videos that the people send on the stories and texts, (I don’t know if you do because I don’t have the app right now). But then again I wanted to download it now because I haven’t thought of anything of it ! I personally thought it was going to be good spooky, romantic, etc stories & then I forgot about the “payment to read” thing and I download it .. I get happy then I have to pay 5$ to pay and especially to finish at that? No thanks. I hope the people/person can develop and do something about that atleast? Thank you for reading I hope you have a wonderful day or night. Besides this report I feel hook was a good experience for me.
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3 years ago, dhhfnfjf
I didn’t even know what this app was until I got a five minute ad with a pretty good story in it. It wasn’t exactly realistic but I thought it was pretty good and I wanted to finish it. So I downloaded the app.. and it tells me to pay money to actually get into the app at all. Okay now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying to get into it but 20 dollars a month is kinda.. eh. But here’s the thing that confused me. You see I wouldn’t exactly have known about this but if you scroll down (and this is ridiculous because the only option we as the people reading see is the option to pay) you’ll see that there’s an option to sign in/sign up, and it doesn’t even work. And if it’s there in the first place, then why have the option to pay? Also if it doesn’t work then why just leave it there? Yeah so I may be deleting the app one way or another unless you fix this problem quick. I will compliment you on how good the ads are but at the same time that’s no excuse to trick us into paying. That is all I got.
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2 years ago, •Astrid.J•
Used to be good…
I give it one star only because how much this app has downgraded over the time, it used to be one of my favourite apps to start off writing stories and everything and being able to actually use a app to write your own stories and read others and see all the interesting stuff others had to talk about and whatnot but now, now you can’t even write your own, you have to pay for loads of stuff now, and I’ve spent a little time scrolling through the reviews and comments made on the app and each person is saying the same thing. I understand that developers of this app need money themselves for the app but I don’t see why we can’t write our own still and be able to view free things without having to pay for everything, I’m sure you get money out of the advertisements that’s no issue but just things here and there we have to pay for, for enjoyment? Really? The app is somewhat of a ripoff and seriously downgraded over time
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3 years ago, PriscillaMagdaleno
Used to be Great
I used to have this app maybe around 3 or 2 years ago and I used to be a complete addict because it used to be free and I was able to enjoy fictional stories for free but then, I decided to download this app again for the fun of it and maybe seeing if I could reread some stories but I go on the app and it seems now that you have to pay to actually read. 2 years ago I thought the paying to see videos and not having a wait time was pretty reasonable but not the actual stories itself. Plus the whole 4.99 per week seems a bit much just to read some fictional text message stories. Also reading the other reviews does not make your app look good when others read it so maybe take it into consideration that maybe you guys are overcharging?. Other than the whole paying situation, this app used to be amazing.
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3 years ago, Raina rates
Why so much money
Honestly this is a really good app. I love reading the stories and they’re very entertaining. The dialogue is amazing and to be honest I wish these were actually books. But the problem is that now they make you pay $20 a month! That is too much money for a month. Also you can’t read the books without paying. There’s not even a demo book! Maybe you can take away the paying $20 a month thing and make it so some stories cost money and some stories are free. Honestly that’s a much easier and faster way to earn money then doing $20 a month. I’m disappointed because I was so excited to read the books and they look so interesting and then the screen pops up. I have no words to describe how disappointed I am. If you see this app I know it’s tempting but do not download it. It’s not worth it. Unfortunately I will be deleting this app and I recommend you do the same:(
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3 years ago, Bangtan_BBY
Stop Making Us Pay A Lot
this has to be a 1-2 star. I loved this app until i found out i had to pay. I have to wait for an hour or more to read another part of a story which makes me so upset. I have to pay for mostly everything and i hate that. This app should be free why make everything so expensive? I would love this app if it was cheaper but other this app really is bad. The stories are great but waiting for long and paying so much? No! Make this app cheaper and free and no more waits and ads ! other than everything i don’t like the money and ads. This app used to be good until the creator of this app decided to make it expensive! The stories amazing the creator with money not amazing. Ads as well is not good and waiting as well. I genuinely don't like the payments and waiting to read another part of the story and so much ads. If you take those off i would download it again thanks.
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3 years ago, LadyCato
I know they’re stories, but they’ve got unrealistic endings or expectations...
I know they’re stories, but most are based on real-life experiences, and if this is the case, there’s got to be some realistic and logical circumstances, communication, etc., right? Some “horror” stories seem more satirical, and the “romance” ones have unrealistic moments to show how relationships work. For “horror:” one story was concluded the protagonist went to a bad place for “meanness.” Most of the stories are “Oh no, I can’t call 911,” “ I’ve tried, but I’ve got no signal,” or “They’ll never make it in time,” but they can somehow text in a play-by-play fashion (meaning everything they say or do is texted...everything...) without any signal errors or never try calling again for legitimate help 🤦🏻‍♀️ For “romance,” one story had a guy being tested via text how to find a girl that swiped his “girlfriend’s” phone without question. She used it to play out a movie like “The Game,” playing extremely hard to get with this guy. After all the gauntlets thrown at him of running around all over the city, in the end, he still wanted to go out with her??? I would’ve given up after the first time: “Why do you have her phone? Give it back! I just can’t take this seriously...
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3 years ago, clush05
Ehh was better before
Had the app a couple years back and it was amazing. Honestly don’t remember why I deleted it. I redownloaded it recently and I can’t even read anything without having to pay $5 weekly… so $20 a month. Normally, I wouldn’t be frustrated Bc I understand that people gotta get paid and need to make money from their work and all but the fact that I can’t get anything at all is ridiculous. It shouldn’t have been free on the AppStore if I can’t use it without paying for it. It would be different if there was still things I could read without paying and then some stories were left for people who paid or something along the lines of that concept. Very frustrating because it was such a good app before.
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2 years ago, miadjgf
Stupidly high prices for everything
I used to absolutely love this app 2-3 years ago. I kept stumbling across ads and thought to myself “hey if I liked reading on this app so many years ago, maybe I would like rereading the old horror stories I loved so much.” But no, when I first opened the app it said I could pay to read. I thought it was just for exclusive stories and stuff, I tried looking for a way to exit the pop-up. Couldn’t find it so I thought maybe if it’s not too expensive I can pay for it. I looked at the price and it’s 20$ per month. I understand 5$ or so per month but 20$?! I know people need to be payed but they have ads running as well as other stuff. I’m probably going to delete this after posting this review I missed this app and now I’m just disappointed. 1 star from me.
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3 years ago, I rATe YuU
The fact that we have to lay to use the app now
Okay so I downloaded hooked again after about five months of having deleted it and I come back to having to pay to use it... and at that five dollars?! I understand the actors may need money but what about the people who struggle for money right now? I feel like that was a bit selfish and I’m deleting hooked AND hooked TV because that was an outrageous update that just makes the creators and actors seem like money hungry tyrants... I’m done with hooked... I used to live watching the little skits and had no problem with ads or having to wait five minutes to see the other half instead of premium but what you (creator) did just makes you seem like a money hungry person.... it’s sad what the world and some people have come to now... it’s disgusting
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3 years ago, Maniyahlynn
it’s ok
I can’t even get in without having to pay.. I used to love reading the story’s and getting scared but now I can’t do that without having to get a “free trial” and I’ve clicked to continue with my Apple ID and my email and it still won’t even let me in to read anything I’ve tried closing the app too and it’s just stuck on unlock to read:/ they just want money now and that’s just not fun in my opinion I don’t even think they will be getting so much money bc people just don’t like how they changed it I don’t even see why you needed to change this perfectly good app to a money eater. If that makes sense it would be cool if you actually had a update to where it is free like the old times but that’s prob not gonna happen:/
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2 years ago, thorn shade
Not what I thought
I’ve heard good things about this app, so I decided to download it yesterday… I was really exited for the stories and stuff until I found out you have to pay just to read any story in general? The fact I have to pay to read anything on this app makes it seem like a total rip off… So I’m not going to give this app the best rate for that reason… at that point you might as well just have people pay for the app. All in all, I was really disappointed and I’ve deleted it. I really hope the developers can do something about the whole paying thing… maybe have people pay for certain stories, and not the whole app- maybe more people wouldn’t be so disappointed and the app would get more good reviews.
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2 years ago, Maeday08
Not what it used to be……..
Being an avid reader of various different titles and enjoying many different apps in order to access such titles, some time ago I used this app in order to immerse myself in the many stories this app offered. Now, quite some time later, I can no longer access nor read any of those stories, due to the minds behind this app no longer allowing people to read any of their titles unless they pay. It’s not a smart idea to not give users at least some stories to read, and leave others to be paid for. If you are reading this review, I recommend you use Webtoon, because it is far more superior in how they manage making money and keeping some content free for readers.
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3 years ago, Jayden_06_
Paying to read the stories
I had this app since I was in 5th grade (I am in 10th now) and I remember when me and my friends would read the spooky stories when we would have sleepovers. I had switched phones since then and when I went to go download it again to read more stories like that, I see we have to pay to even read stories at all. I think that is completely unreasonable. There were only fees for passes to read with and when a picture or video came up. I am honestly disappointed to find this out when it wasn’t like that for years. I hope the maker of this will go back to the way it was before.
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3 years ago, HjakiTheMonsterRider
Used to be free to use
I loved reading the stories in this app, but now we have to pay to read the stories we enjoyed so much! I really would appreciate it if you made the app free to use again. I wouldn’t even mind if you used ads. Not everyone can afford a subscription, even if it is $5 a month or a week or whatever it is. If we do have to pay, then as many, many others have said, let some of the stories be free while others are locked behind the ridiculous subscription. Don’t lose all of your old customers because of money reasons. When money becomes the deciding factor for decisions, you always make terrible ones that end up only hurting you in the end.
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3 years ago, Marinett agreast
Hello I have an actually tried the stories on hacked they seem good so I downloaded it but I couldn’t even get past the first page I have to pay 5.99 a month not going to happen I hope the developer this app will change that because people aren’t going to want to get your app I made the stories if they can’t even get past the first page I think at least you should do a year I have no payments and see how that goes if it goes well then i think you should keep it that way the fact that you can’t even get passed the first page without paying seriously people are going to want to delete it right away like me I hope the developer will change this
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1 year ago, Kloysterelephant
Why do I have to pay??
I have to pay just to read stories.. I remembered when this game was good and all there was were ads which was fine, Now we have to pay just to read stories which is complete nonsense and a stupid idea, I don’t even think people play this game that much anymore, they ruined the game experience and now I will be moving on to see better story game apps that don’t make you pay. I wanna give this zero stars. This is probably why YouTubers stopped uploading reacting/reading this games stories, because it’s a waste of money and a waste of time. I really hope they change it back, but they most likely won’t and it will end up having no one playing it.
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3 years ago, ndywbsu!:6,!2!{|^
I saw an ad for the app and it looked interesting so I went to get the game and it said the game was free and as soon as I go in it makes me pay before I even do anything but absolutely not no I’m only 11 years old I don’t got that kind of money absolutely not it’s all a big scam! and I can’t stand how much the ads lie because I am currently really sick and I was looking for something to do because I was bored and I found this app and I was really excited and it won’t even let you in unless you pay a ton of money per month it’s a big scam and a rig! nobody should download this! And also I bet the creator of the game doesn’t even read the reviews because he’s too self-absorbed and covered in money!
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2 years ago, rainunicornbow
A bit too much to pay but had good stories
Hi I’m Londyn and I really think Hooked is a bit TOO expensive to use. Don’t get me wrong, it has great stories but it just costs too much.4.99 a week just for stories? It’s overpriced. 4.99 a month is better for this app but 4.99 a week is overpriced. It has amazing stories those but I’ll rather stick to WEBTOON and other things that are free. -Londyn
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2 years ago, daylover888
this book is a scam
I dont like this hook app anymore. Back when I use to have this app it was free to read and you only had to pay for the ads and the videos and pictures they send. But now you have to actually pay to read. When I saw a add about this app it gave my huge memories when I was younger so I downloaded it and found out you have to pay to read like what. Honestly I wouldn’t pay to read because that would be useless cuz i would just deleted it at one point. If I had to be honest with the app and everyone don’t download this app cause you have to pay to read and the ads are a scam and honestly they app has gone horribly bad for the past years.
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3 years ago, MyMy 05.
Scam Likely Much?!
Okay, so the reason I have this app 3 stars is because you have to pay! I get it the creator(s) ant to make some money. I get that but you could at least have included it in the description! People want to enjoy games, and be able to play them for free! The app is literally reading text messages from a computer. Your not even reading messages from real people! My point is, you shouldn’t have to pay to enjoy something that isn’t even real, something that couldn’t happen, and you shouldn’t have to pay for...A SCAM.
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3 years ago, Justin Hanline
Used to be good
I used to have Hooked a 3+ years ago and decided to redownload it today to see what the app looked like. When I first had it, I liked it quite a bit (at least 4-5 stars) but uninstalled it because I didn’t have the storage to keep it. The stories on the app were free, it was great. When I reinstalled it today, I learned that there’s about a $5 reoccurring fee after a 1-2 week free trial. This alone discourages a lot of people who may take interest in using the app because they don’t want to pay for something just to read these stories, myself included. Thank you for reading, and for the time being my review out of 5 will remain at 1.
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3 years ago, ÙwÚ_Turtle_
Why do we have to pay?
I loved this game when it came out but when I return to re download it I find out we have to pay to get in! I definitely do not agree with this and neither does anyone else for that matter. It would be much more wise to market like you once did with seeing the videos, pictures, and reading more past your set limit. This has made me extremely sad seeing as I don’t have the money to pay for a game that I could very well re create in real life. In the end this game is very entertaining and I used to love playing it. But as of recent I can no longer play because of an entrance fee. This is a story game, not an amusement park.
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3 years ago, havjvs
Explain please???
I loved this app a couple of years ago and I wanted to download it again and when I did you have to pay now to even use it?!! And I even signed into my old account thinking that I wouldn’t have to pay if I did but nothing changed. There should be no reason that you have to even pay to USE the app. It’s completely outrageous. It would make sense if you had to pay to have no wait time between chapters or to pay for no adds or more stories. But to have someone pay to even have access to the app is outrageous just for a couple text stories that their most likely not even going to use a lot.
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2 years ago, 03245z a n e
Fix this!!
Honestly miss when you could create your OWN stories for everyone else to read. I deleted the app once got rid of that feature. Today I got bored and figured I’d te download the app to see if you could create your own story again. Clearly you can’t. This app was the easiest 5/5 star when you could create stories. It would be awesome if we could create stories again even if that means the subscription is a little more expensive. The HOOKED app is an awesome app but it won’t get anything more than 2 stars unless they add back the feature of creating stories.
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2 years ago, ~tiii~
i used to play this app A LOT a few years ago and i redownloaded it to play a story i saw on an ad only to find out i need a subscription to pay??? don’t get me wrong i don’t mind the fact that oh you need to pay for SOME stories but the fact that you have to pay to play literally anything is beyond annoying at that point just make the game cost money on the app store if something looks free i’m gonna assume i can do whatever but with some additional fees but literally the whole thing is me having to pay just to read/watch a few stories i REALLY hope y’all find a way around this bc it was a fun app
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1 month ago, Auttiero
Hate it
I would never get this app again it used to be so interesting but I don’t know about now. The whole story is it just trash. It’s not even that interesting no more. And it’s been glitching like there’s no pictures and stories have been completely mixed into each other. I’m never getting this app again. Please delete this app that you made.
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6 months ago, Just girl.
It used to be good ..
4 years ago or so I used to use this app when I would be bored and today I decided to get it because I thought it would be the same and atleast more fun, but when I first clicked the app it said I had to pay for it to use the app? Before it was free for all and now you have to pay to do all sorts of stuff, that’s such a ripoff and I read some reviews and they have the exact same problem like 4.99 isn’t bad but really for some stuff to read?? Thats probably the reason no one uses this app anymore. Worst app!! Never installing again. It should be free for all like before.
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3 years ago, BananuCats
When I first started got hooked I was probably like 10 or so but a couple years later I decided to download it again and guess wut. I HAD TO PAY TO WATCH THE STORIES. I wish I could still watch it for free☹️😭. I hate it when apps do this. The game is free but you have to pay to do anything. What’s the point of making the app free then 🙄🙄🙄. If the creators see this then plz get rid of it. Probably a lot of people will delete like me. Anyways have a nice day everyone and your magnifique don’t forget that.
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3 years ago, ⁉️⁉️⁉️❌⁉️❌⁉️❌⁉️
It used to be good
You used to be able to read free stories but just couldn’t see pics or vids in the chat for free. I’ve always had it and I decided to read a story. It then said I had to re sign in which cool then it said just to actually use the app you now have to pay. You can’t read any story for free anymore so if your not going to pay it’s not worth the download. I kinda wish they would just make you pay before you download the app so your not exactly disappointed but it’s fine :) anyway have a good day bye
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4 years ago, heidiserafina
Just 1 thing
This is a 3 star for me it would be 5 but I just want 1 thing added. The ability to make your own stories. I love this app and I would love to add to it but i can’t because there is not a create a story option I would even pay a one time payment for it but subscriptions are dumb so I wouldn’t do that if you start adding subscriptions I would honestly just delete the app and rate it one star because subscriptions are dumb but I’m going off track now hopefully the creators see this!
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3 years ago, .........1......2.....3 :)
Please Respond
Hey there! I absolutely love the stories. However I have been trying to contact you guys on email for over two weeks and every single email address in your website is not working and saying that the address cannot be found. Every single day on Snapchat you guys used to update one story at 6 AM. For the last three months it’s been extremely inconsistent and now you guys haven’t posted for over four days. I would really just like an explanation as to what is going on and if this is going to be temporary or the future of hooked. Thank you!
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3 years ago, ToriLynneAvis
Why do i have to pay
I was so excited to finally get this app again because i havent had it for a while but when i got the app it told me i have to pay to actually read the stories i get that the people who own the app need money but make that for something else because i dont think many people are willing to pay 5 bucks a week for an app, because im sure not. I dont recommend getting this unless you really want to pay 5 bucks a week. They need to change this.
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3 years ago, xzahvaleen
i had this app around 2 years ago and it was a great app. i loved it and i loved reading the horror stories with my friends! it was a very fun app back then. i downloaded it again and realized i had to pay money to actually have the app and read the stories. i feel as if the app was better before than it is now. they could have just kept the same things that they had before, like paying to see the pictures and things like that. i think it’s kinda extra to pay $5.00 to read some stories. and i know many of people can agree with me on this that they should remove the payments t read the stories. this app would have been 5 stars before, but now it’s only 2 stars because the payment ruined it. (only 2 stars because of how good this app was before the payment). consider changing the app back to how it was before.
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3 years ago, dedeisthebestxoxxo
We have to pay
This app was great when I played it like 2 or 3 years ago. I deleted the app and then decided to get the app back. When I got it back I had to pay for it. The developers need to let some of the stories be free. This use to be a free app. I feel like by them making people pay for it no one is not going to pay for and it’s going to be less people reading. I hope this helps the people that want to download this app it’s not worth it unless you trying to spend the money
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2 years ago, LSW_DC_swag
Used to Love this App
The stories are great and I really enjoy reading them even if it means I have to wait some time to finish the entire thing. However, I don’t like the fact that it’s a “pay to use” app now. I’m not that serious about reading these stories so once I found out that I had to pay, I just deleted the app. There are many other apps that are trying to replicate Hooked but I just find some of their stories not as exciting. I really wished I didn’t have to pay to read.
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3 years ago, PotatoKingdom
old ways
i enjoyed using this app whenever i was bored, but now i come back to it and you need to pay to even use it? why? the app was just fine before. you could’ve left it off where there were some free stories, and some were not. but now, for something that used to be free, you’re charging for it and it makes me upset. im sure many others agree. another thing, bring back the option to write our own stories. i dont know if this option got back, but since i cant get in on how the app looks now because i need to pay for it, im stuck in the subscription screen so i cannot see if that option is available now. i dont see the need for this many changes on the app, maybe a few bug fixes were fine but charging to use the app in general? have to disagree with you there. for now, im deleting it but i’ll come back and check in again, i really did love this app.
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2 years ago, charlize v 🥸
is it worth it? no.
So I saw and ad to this app and i was like “wow i wanna read more of this story”. So i waited a little for it to download and Icreated an account and when I finished creating an account it doesn’t let me see options of the story’s. but when i press continue it’s telling me to confirm a purchase of $4.99 A WEEK. I CANT AFFORD THAT. everything now a days is already expensive and i have to pay 5 dollars a week FOR A READING APP. Absolutely not, this is ridiculous I will not be using this app, I will be uninstalling this app until there is something fixed.
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3 years ago, not really the best anymore..
Not good anymore 😕
Hi! so I use to have this app 3 years ago and I loveddd Hooked! So I was just curious to download it again and which I did. So, I downloaded and it says I have to pay 20 dollars A MONTH! And I kind of think that’s just stupid. Because why would you pay $20 dollars a month for just an app or a book? I don’t understand now can some books be free and some like $1.00 or or something? I just don’t understand anymore. Like I just said that’s stupid that you have to pay $20 dollars a month. Hooked please fix this or I’m just going to delete this app. :(
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2 years ago, Abbie and lily
Pay to use?
A few years ago I downloaded this and loved it. The stories were really interesting and creative. I had deleted it to clear up my storage and I recently got a new phone and find out I have to pay 20 dollars a month to use this app? I mean, I understand if it was 1-5 dollars but 20 a month? That should at least be able to pay for 4 months. It’s just so expensive. 80 dollars in 4 months? That’s not a great deal. I’m probably just gonna by a knock-off app that doesn’t make you pay. Will be deleting.
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1 year ago, CheshireWolfGirl
Used to be so good, we could submit our own stories
I USED TO ABSOLUTELY LOVE this app. When I had it I could submit my stories, one of them even made the top fan horror list. It was amazing! But what really saddened me was that you got rid of that feature. Like WHY?! It was the best feature of the app, well besides being able to read stories for free and earn the other chapters. I wish you would bring back the old feature. It would really make the app great again. Until then though this app is pretty much not even worth downloading.
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3 years ago, I cant get to the good stuff
I can’t sign in
First of all it doesent let me sign in, So You go into the app and it has this page it said something like buy a subscription or, if you already have one log in or something. and all the way at the bottom it says create an account. first I click the apple sign in since I have an I phone, then I put my finger on the button and it tracks it and the check mark pops up then it does nothing. So I go to the enter your email and I have mine saved, and I never changed it. I enter in my email and it does nothing.
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1 year ago, thatbossdogfish23
App is in bad shape
I agree with most of the other reviews here saying that it used to be good but those days are very far away for Hooked. Paying 4.99 a week to even use the app is insane and unreasonable and pretty soon it isn’t hard to imagine the entire userbase drying up. On top of that the stories themselves aren’t that good and have gotten much worse over the years and the exclusive video content is just as bad. Low quality content for a ridiculous price don’t download this app the only thing free is the pay screen.
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2 days ago, April rain 3-D
Amazing- if you want to pay..
Over offices are pretty good at but you only get it free for a week and then if you don’t have the money for it, you can’t really use it the app anymore.. but overall I really like the story that brings you into because it’s really fun and I like listening to it! So you want to listen to some nice stories I recommend downloading this app!
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2 years ago, Pooky_Kitty
The subscription price is a little outrageous. There are already enough things in our lives that require subscriptions and not many people can keep up with them all when they all want to charge a fair amount to keep. $4.99 a week is quite excessive and a little absurd. That would about $20 a month for just stories. Good stories but still a bit much.
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3 years ago, miraculous ladybug!!!!!
was my favorite until..
i always would read the stories and everything on here. and don’t get me wrong, but i loved them. but.. now that they are charging a bunch just to read stories on ur phone, it doesn’t seem worth it at all. the stories were pretty good, but not that good to pay a lot of money. i just find it very unreasonable to charge that much. it used to be “oh u gotta pay blah blah blah to see this pic/video” but now u can’t read anything. in fact, all u can read is H00KED unlock the most addictive . stories and shows. CONTINUE $4.99 per week after FREE 7-day trial i͟͟͟͞͞͞ a͟͟͟͞͞͞l͟͟͟͞͞͞r͟͟͟͞͞͞e͟͟͟͞͞͞a͟͟͟͞͞͞d͟͟͟͞͞͞y͟͟͟͞͞͞ h͟͟͟͞͞͞a͟͟͟͞͞͞v͟͟͟͞͞͞e͟͟͟͞͞͞ a͟͟͟͞͞͞c͟͟͟͞͞͞c͟͟͟͞͞͞e͟͟͟͞͞͞s͟͟͟͞͞͞s͟͟͟͞͞͞ THANK U FOR UR TIME 😌😌😌❤️
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4 years ago, sdgefgghb
Needs more content for audio books (especially horror)
I’m a horror fan and the horror books I’ve listened to were great but there’s only a few and I wish there were more because this app is great it’s got videos now also! But if this app had more audio horror books I’d definitely recommend this app to anyone
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1 year ago, melt.brain
just going to stick to snapchat from now on.
like the title says: i’m sorry, but i’m just going to stick to snapchat to read these in the morning when i wake up. no offense, but i don’t want to have to spend four dollars PER WEEK that i have this. it’s kind of bizarre and quite annoying. i want to read these for enjoyment, but i have to worry about having money to last me through college. because by the time i finish maybe one or two stories, i have to pay again. that’s appalling. i find it kind of insulting that wattpad-level stories are worth this much money weekly. at least let me log in and pay when the week is over or almost over. i can’t even get into the app without having a card available. just going to stick to snapchat for my hooked stories now. ridiculous cash grab now.
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3 years ago, bluewolf_1996
Change the app how it used to be
Hooked was a great app it had some addictive stories I used the app on my old phone then i got a new phone and downloaded hooked back and it said i had to pay 5$ a week for some stories for a say u had the app for a year u paid 260$ 2 hear some stories I think is a rip off they should have kept it where you just have to pay for the pictures but that’s I feel have a good day thank you for reading
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