Hostelworld: Hostel Travel App

4.9 (65.2K)
154.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Web Reservations International
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hostelworld: Hostel Travel App

4.88 out of 5
65.2K Ratings
3 months ago, PoeticFailure
Phenomenal but latent
A friend referred me to this app as he had used it in his travels. I too highly recommend this app. I have had an overall wonderful experience with the app. Not only was I able to find hostels in *most* all the areas I wanted, I was also able to find things to do in the surrounding areas, at great prices might I add too. The only downside to the app on my end is I keep running into latency issues and app crashes. I have tried restarting the app and changing VPN settings and even turning my VPN off, ensuring the app is up to date, etc etc. the app still tends to lag a bit at random when my connect is fine otherwise on every other app in my phone. Then every now and then the app will crash. I still highly recommend this app, however, looking forward to figuring out this latency and crashing issue at some point.
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1 year ago, ordamn
Sticker prices are often wrong
The app itself is good, and the general information you can see on each hostel is really useful, however… it’s really hard to know what you’ll actually pay for your stay, before you get there. Hostelworld typically doesn’t seem to include taxes and (usually more importantly) fees. So even though you may think you’ve already fully paid, you’ll often need to pay more once you try to check in. It’s never been more than like 30% extra or so of your initial price, but that’s still significant and I don’t understand why Hostelworld can’t include that in the price you pay through the app, or at least SHOW the full price you’ll actually pay when you’re comparing hostels. (Note that I’m not even talking about those classic scummy spots that charge you extra for sheets once you get there, even though, there too, I feel like Hostelworld should be able to indicate that in the itemized bill, or a notice as you check out that that will be the case). Point is, I wish Hostelworld would crackdown on the shady practices of SOME, though not all, hostels on the app.
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3 months ago, Raboobz
Great resource, bad functionality
This app is really helpful for finding hostels in lots of locations with helpful reviews. However, the UX of the app is pretty terrible in my opinion. The search feature is inconvenient as you must select dates, # of guests, etc. What if I just want to see what my options are quickly? I shouldn’t have to fill out all of my trip details to see what hostels exist in a given location. Selecting dates and guest should be an option after you search a city. The wishlist feature is also not as helpful as it could be. I can’t figure out how to remove anything from a wishlist, and you can’t book directly from the wishlist- you have to find the hostel again through the annoying search. Not helpful. You also can’t edit a booking, only cancel and re-book (and they hold your deposit as long as they want to 😒) I think this app could be great with some improvements, but for now I only use it to find hostels and I book directly on their site.
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5 years ago, honestpants
This is the best app when your traveling. Hostels aren’t scary, dirty or unsafe. Hostels are the new hotels but cheaper! If you doubt it, just stay at one! I backpacked Europe for 3 weeks on the cheap. And every hostel was like a hotel. If you don't like people, GET YOUR OWN ROOM! It’s cheap! Nothing compared to the price of a hotel especially in high demand cities like Rome, Paris or Barcelona. Hostels are humbler than hotels for sure. They won’t have 1000 thread count sheets and a fridge with a mini bar. BUT! They’re clean, they’re friendly, they’re SUPER cheap. This app provides the best rating system of hostels. You like clean? This app will tell you which hostel is the cleanest. You like environment? This app tells you which hostels are the more lively ones. Get this app. Just do it-Nike
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6 months ago, donadams96
They will turn their back on you when you need them.
Cheap prices but they do not care about their customers! If you get unlucky and something happens, don’t count on them, even if you’re a loyal customer. Twice they let me down. The first: a hostel asked me to email them my card info before arrival despite making a deposit through Hostelworld. I’ve stayed at dozens of hostels and was never asked for my card info prior to arrival. It seemed suspicious, so I asked them to have HostelWorld notify me directly if an action is needed. Instead, they canceled my reservation a few days before I arrived and HostelWorld wouldn’t refund my deposit. I had to book another place for 2x the price due to short notice. Second: Myself and two others were robbed within 1 week in the same hostel. I was robbed twice. The reception could have been more helpful by looking at hallway footage but said it would take too long! I left a factual & honest review for the hostel, warning others of the theft in respectful language, and HostelWorld deleted my review.
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10 months ago, 6584029375
Don’t use HostelWorld!
If you can avoid it, I wouldn’t use HostelWorld. Try to go directly through the hostel itself. HostelWorld charges a “deposit” that is a percentage of the total. I say “deposit” because it goes directly to them and not to the hostel you’re booking through. HostelWorld doesn’t allow you to change your booking on their website, only cancel which can be inconvenient if you only want to update and not completely delete the reservation. If you want to update your reservation you have to go through the hostel directly. If you update through the hostel, that “deposit” you paid is not put towards your new balance and it is non-refundable. So basically that money is gone and you don’t get it back. Since the money was never sent to the hostel they have no way of helping you. Most hostels don’t charge a deposit on your booking so I would ALWAYS go through them directly. Learn from my mistake!!
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5 years ago, EMHHKL
Best App for traveling!
Hostelworld has time and time again exceeded my expectations. It is by far the most useful app you could possibly have while traveling. Not only do they let you book hostels in advance but they let you know the period you have to cancel or change your reservation in case your travel plans have changed! They provide you with the best index of hostels all around the world and let their customers make the decisions about which Hostels are the best to stay in. You can read other reviews and look at hostel ratings and decide which one would be the best for you. Could not have traveled without Hostelworld and will continue to use it for a very long time
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6 years ago, D. Hill
HostelWorld is a solid hotel booking application that allows users to easily book accommodations at any of the listed residences. The app provides all the information on listed hostels you would want to know whether it be prices, images, policies, details on the place itself and more. The app has user reviews to provide even more information to help better inform your decision. Search is easy with the ability to type in your destination, party and how long you plan to stay. Users can create accounts to better manage their travel allowing you to save locations as well as perform other activities. The app even works as a mini travel guide with the My Trips section giving you information on places you plan to visit.
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1 year ago, Not Age 18-30
Age Discrimination & Policies
We suggest that you either don’t allow hostels that discriminate against older travelers to post on your site OR you create a filter that can be set so that we don’t get cheated out of our time & money. Most of the places write the age range at the very bottom or randomly in the middle of their policies and when you show up they cancel and keep your money! THIS IS A SCAM. I am over 40 and my boyfriend is under 40 and this is super annoying!! Just tell us where we can and cannot stay and don’t make us play the ‘Where’s Waldo’ game of who can and cannot stay somewhere. It’s highly likely that these policies are illegal (age discrimination) in some countries. We contacted a lawyer in Czech Republic who said we have a case if we wanted it for Hostel One. Just make things clear so we can all have a pleasant journey!
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5 years ago, Hui63
Dream House
Our stay in dream house was perfect. The apartment is located in the middle of the mountains. You will see the most spectacular mountain and nature view from the apartment. There is a river in front of the apartment. You can hike around into the most beautiful nature including river and mountains of northwest Tehran. Its 20 minutes away from center of Tehran. The apartment is beautiful, clean, well decorated and has the breathtaking view from the windows. The bed is very comfortable. You can cook in the kitchen and barbecue in the backyard. There is refrigerator too. Mojtaba, the host is very accommodating, friendly and kind. He is available 24/7. The breakfast is really good. I will stay here again. Thank you Mojtaba for our stay in your lovely apartment.
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1 year ago, XxXxios
Brilliant Overall
Please try a hostel! Some of my favorite memories have come as a result of staying somewhere I booked on this app. The best new feature is the city and hostel chats. Great for backpackers looking to meet up and make friends. However, not every property listed is truly a hostel, and be sure to check that the dorm or price listed available is applicable to you (female only dorms). At the risk of private equity completely commercializing hostel adventures for profit, sometimes you can save a few bucks and book directly with a hostel website and rather than this app taking 10% or so. I hope this app can continue to leverage technology and it’s network size while still creating authentic travel experiences.
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2 years ago, its honey
Features removed for no reason??? Or for $$$
I don’t know why this app was updated in the first place, and it was updated to remove features not add any, like every other app. The ability to make lists of hostels I wanted to visit…gone with no notice and didn’t even tell me what was on the list. Thanks a lot. Also thr entire design has changed and is incredibly ugly now. Also…why is the feature to filter reviews by age gone?! Such a great feature that I used because different age groups can have differing opinions of the same hostel! Seems like they’re gatekeeping these feautures and other features for a future ‘plus’ membership, as if they don’t already have the money monopoly on the hostel-booking market. Why not add more features to a plus membership instead of taking away ones that already existed for years? So greedy and such stupid updates.
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5 years ago, Mistiq
Inflated rating system and no liability
I made a booking for 3 nights, but the hostel was a dump so I left after night 1. I tried to get a full refund of the remaining two nights from the hostel but was given a partial refund bc they said they have to pay Hostel world a booking fee(which makes sense). I tried to solicit Hostel Worlds help and they provided no assistance and took no responsibility for what is ranked as a “Very Good” hostel on their site. They did not refund me the portion which is their booking fee for the 2 nights I didn’t stay (total $22). So I ended up paying hostel world 2 nights worth of booking fees for nights I did not stay there. Also The lowest possible ranking on their app is a 2. Pretty sure there are numbers lower than that... Lesson learned: If you see a hostel you want to stay at on Hostel World don’t book it through their site. You will save money by booking directly with the hostel and you will have more rights to your money
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2 years ago, $$$$$$$&(::$@)
Not responsive
I booked a stay at a hostel that turned out to be so filthy and disgusting that I couldn’t stay even 1 minute. I sent pictures of mattresses COVERED in brown and yellow stains with MOLD everywhere. The walls, floors absolutely filthy. The stench was unbearable. For reference I have backpacked through SE Asia, South America, and Central America; I am nowhere near high maintenance. The hostel refused my refund, so I took it to Hostelworld as this place wasn’t just unsatisfactory, it was dangerous. You can’t sleep on mold like that. It has been two weeks of repeated attempts and still I have not heard from them. They need to stop working with that place, and refund me my money ASAP.
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1 year ago, Bunny97$
Having issues with the messaging and chat functions
So the app is great, but I was really hoping I could talk with some of the travelers before I left because it’s my first time going to a hostel. I don’t know if it’s my phone, but I tried tapping the message button on people’s profiles and it wouldn’t do anything. Then when I went to the chat function, it said that I needed to book a hostel to unlock, but I had already booked two hostels. Maybe those hostels don’t have chat functions enabled, but my main issue is the Message button not working. Again, that could just be my phone, but everything else in the app has worked for me. Otherwise, it’s a good app.
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2 years ago, theturk_chicago
Why is it so difficult to leave a review
This apps design needs updating. For some reason, I need to go to my past trips to find my latest hostel so I can leave a review, and the list starts with the first hostel I ever visited…over a decade ago. So I have to scroll through and load 100 hostels until I can find my last reservation. Then the feedback section isn’t clear on the app design so I missed it and ended up submitting a review without any comments, and I can’t go back and edit the comment. Why is that the case? Especially if the comment section is empty to begin with … I can potentially understand not allowing edits to previous write-ups, but there should be a function to add a comment if one wasn’t added to begin with.
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6 years ago, Kels1138
I love this app, the only thing I wish was different was the filter settings. Instead of only being able to filter through the overall rating of the hostel I wish I could search by the rating of each characteristic individually. For example cleanliness may be more important than location for me, so I could search for high cleanliness ratings, because that’s what’s most important to me. Also it would be nice to be able to search for things such as rooftop access or hostels that have a good view.
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9 months ago, Sam-Yo
Useful service but terrible app
The app is extremely slow and buggy. It takes a few seconds to load anything in the app which can be extremely annoying when just checking things quickly. Lots of performance issues. When you open up a page of who is staying at your hostel, it must try and load every single person in the list at once rather than lazy loading. So, when I try to view a list of the 80 people staying at my hostel, the app freezes for a good 30 seconds before even showing the list. The messaging functionality is also extremely buggy and every chat is filled with “Is anyone else solo traveling?”, followed by a message like “I didn’t mean to send that” because everyone accidentally hits the quick chat things.
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6 years ago, Mandilions
Great app. May i offer a suggestion?
This app has been great for finding hostels and reading reviews. I think one feature that would dramatically improve the hostel experience was if this app allowed you to rate people who shared a room with you. While I have had no problem with some of the hostels themselves, some of my experiences have been miserable thanks to inconsiderate roommates. This would enable hostels to see a rating for a specific person and decline them staying at the hostel if they have a bad rating, or charge them extra. This would hold people more accountable for being considerate when sharing a room with others. Please consider this.
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5 years ago, Ric582
hostel world app just failed big time on me
i just landed in El Cairo, Egypt at Miami Cairo Hostel i have to say, i never had this problem but i think that Hostelworld just ruined part of my vacation, because now i have to go out and find a hotel room. This place is a total DUMP, never seen anything like this and i been staying in hostel for a long time in different countries. This references in the hostelworld app must been fake, (made by someone for the hostel) because this place is ugly and dirty, is nasty, nothing like in the pictures.. the pictures must had been altered. There is no one staying here but me. Im completely alone, is a scary place and situation. I dont understan why hostelworld doesnt have someone rating this places for the app. because this does not qualify to be called a hostel. period. This is not cool at all. now i feel i cant trust hostelworld no more. I will cancel my second day stay and will spend my whole day looking for a decent place to stay, thats not fair for me who came here on vacation. I had been in bad hostels, dirty, etc.. but never something like this... Is completely empty, no one is here, is scary place and dirty.. like i said, all references must be fake. Feel like i want to run out of here.
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5 years ago, CrunchyCat1
Trash Support
When purchasing a hostel for spring break, my web browser autofilled the wrong email while completing the purchase and for some reason this tiny mistake was entirely irreparable. Assuming this was an easy issue to fix, I emailed support. After a day, the entirely unhelpful, Maks from support, replied spelling my name wrong and telling me that there is simply no way to change the email associated with a booking EVEN if I’m the owner of that email and can receive emails sent to it. I found this to be extremely annoying and I was incredulous that he vaguely blamed this on some “data protection laws”. There is simply no way that this is true. Many companies allow you to change an associated email (I’ve done it with Microsoft for example). If you’re reading this devs, add a way to change the email associated with a booking.
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2 years ago, Ddfcgjbbjj
New update isn’t good
I used to love this app, and love being able to save hostels I wanted to visit in the future to my favorites list. But since they’ve updated the app, I can no longer save any hostels to look at later, I can’t see my booking reference number, so I have to screenshot everything, and I can’t see the hostels I’ve stayed at previously. Also, there is a new chat feature where you can chat with people at your hostel up to 14 days before check-in, but that doesn’t even work. I’ve been at this hostel for 2 days and there is no way to chat with anyone through the app. If nothing is done about these not great updates, I’ll find a different way to book hostels.
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4 years ago, Daniel Vanciel
Good deals, trash app
The deals are great and I use the app a lot, but because of that I can tell you that it’s a garbage app that hardly works. Irrelevant pop ups about cancelation policies, crashing while paying, really, the thing hardly works on the technical side, but you’ll still get some mind bending deals. Great for on the fly travelers and last minute bookings, as well as for those of you like me who plan every detail ten years in advance. (Y’all gotta rebuild the whole app from scratch fo real tho ngl..) 💙
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1 year ago, cavega2
Best Hostel Booking App
This app makes it easy to search for a hostel. It goes beyond just user ratings/reviews and just like a hotel booking app it provides the ability to filter by amenities (Wi-Fi, etc). A couple of things I would like to see improved: 1) search results (list and map) reset entry time you return from looking at a specific property. This makes the user experience extremely frustrating. 2) I have yet see a filtering option for laundry facilities. 3) User reviews are truncated and you cannot read some reviews in their entirety.
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2 years ago, Port Orlean
Terrible customer service.
What a terrible way to start my first experience to Rome! 😩 I tried multiple times to reserve a private room and every time it kept giving me the same error, and matter what I tried, it wouldn’t reserve my room! So I immediately reached out asking for help. After 12hrs of not hearing from them, I realized that my request was never submitted, but definitely not an error on my part because I was very mindful of the instructions! Again I submitted another request for help, but more than 24hrs later I still have not heard from them!! And to make matters worse, the Hostel I’m looking at has increased their rate by $50!! IF they get back to me, will they another the original price? I’m kind of doubtful. 😭
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11 months ago, LRoyelle
The best site to book with!
I have been using Hostelworld since 2017! I’ve watched it grow, and have enjoyed its journey of expansion, along with mine! I have booked hostels all over the world using Hostelworld. The customer service is top grade and so are the options for stays. They make it so easy to research and I always find places to go that best suits me as a traveler because of that . I send all my gratitude for all the smooth and call epic adventures I’ve been on because of this company
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3 years ago, Perry Bush
This is by far the worst experience I have ever had! It’s 9:19 am, check out is at 10. I went down and told the front desk manager that I was going to extend for 2 days but would needed to go to the bank (which doesn’t open until 10 ) asked if I could have a late check out, but that I wasn’t actually checking out and was told yes. Went to my room and less than 5 minutes later she was knocking on my door asking for the key. Literally! I explained that it’s not 10 and was told “ it’s ok, you can hang out until 10, we need to clean the room “ I asked how am I do you expect me to get back in and again, the same phrase was stated! I would NEVER recommend this place, in fact I’m contacting my lawyer.
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4 years ago, Netia1128
Broken App - Terrible Support
My app has been non-functional for weeks, not letting me log in or book accommodation. I have the latest iPhone with the latest software. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated the app. I’ve reset my account password. Nothing has worked and the hostelworld support team has done nothing but ask me questions that I’ve already given them the answers to in my requests for help (for example, when I write them asking for help with the synopsis above and they suggest silly things like updating my software that I already said was up to date 🤦🏻‍♀️). Honestly, I’m ready to start looking for alternative booking platforms as it’s impossible to work with Hostelworld when there’s a technical glitch.
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6 months ago, kill_Switch742
Super Convenient and great to meet new travelers!
I have used this app in the early days and I still found it easy to use it’s platform! Over the years it has helped me so much to meet new people and see what’s around the area. Super helpful for solo Travelers and group travelers. A good heads up is that when you book anything here, it’s only reserving the space note that you will have to pay the rest when you check in.
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5 years ago, Thiessen12
Always loved it UNTIL....
Great app to connect to great hostels around the world and providing free cancellations makes hostelworld a wonderful app/website. HOWEVER I booked a hostel reading it had good and no negative reviews at all on hostelworld, and booked it. When I went everywhere else TripAdvisor reviews, yelp reviews, etc. everyone said the hostel was the worst imaginable hostel in the city! Hadn’t had a good review since 2015!!! Maybe you can say reviews are biased but photos AREN’T and it was clear this place was a complete nightmare. So I cancelled my stay and my trust in hostelworld definitely declined a lot after that. Is hostelworld a sell out allowing hostels to buy good reviews when they don’t deserve it? It seems like it.
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6 years ago, brithanybm
Organized, pretty, and useful
It’s so much easier to manage my bookings through my phone since it’s my main form of communication, so I appreciate the app’s existence in general. I do like the interface, very similar to its desktop version. And I appreciate that some rooms are available on the app that are not in the website, though it is a bit off putting for those who are trying to book online. My only concern is that flexible booking doesn’t seem to be an option on the app, no matter who hard I look.
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9 months ago, BelAmi_Music
The app I never knew I needed
I’m new to international travel, and to hostels as well. This app takes the hassle out of finding a suitable place to stay, regardless of what you’re looking for. Hostelworld’s straightforward user interface and built-in social network make it fun to use as well. I can easily connect with other travelers with similar interests wherever I go. This app willinstantly add value to your travel experience! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, Wilhelm R.
Awesome map
This app is very user friendly. I appreciate being able to read reviews on the Hostels I book because I want to get value for my money and pay a little extra for things that are important to me, like not sleeping in a place with bed bugs. But the best part is the Map! It’s better than google maps if you ask me. I can figure out where I need to be and all the local spots around it no problem. I use it all the time.
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8 months ago, jacobsm11223
Always the Best Information
I have never been let down/disappointed by Hostelworld. From Israel to Thailand to Rome, I’ve had consistently good experiences booking with ease through Hostelworld. Other travelers leave useful reviews and pictures are consistent with the actual hostels. I highly recommend this app, even for people who usually stay in hotels as sometimes private rooms in hostels are just as nice!
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6 years ago, 3rdm@n
This is a horrible app!
So I'm a current HI-USA cardholder/member. I looked into this app to make searching for hostels, cheap hotels, couch surfing, and B&B's simpler. Here's the thing: wouldn't you want the app to hold your actual travel cards? What if you're an ISIC card member? What about mileage cards? What about AAA card members? How about AARP? Why couldn't you enter your HI-USA card information to speed up your searches & transactions and save you the headache by using ONE app. It'd be the best app ever! No. That functionality doesn't appear to be in the mindset of the developers. No customer service to speak of. What's the point? I don't mind carrying all the cards, passport, identification, IDP, etc. I was just hoping to use a one app to get everything sorted out and readily available. Why should anyone use four apps? Don't download. If you see any posts with one star check out WHY that person chose one star. I'm sure you'll see a pattern. Seems to me the employees of this developer are just making up entries of five stars to make them more relevant.
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2 months ago, Joy Harden
Inaccurate and Better Deals on Hostel Website Instead
there’s nothing included for working through Hostelworld. It’s a better deal always if you book directly through the hostel website plus you get added perks like a free welcome drink 5% off to 10% off, free, breakfast, and more. also their information is not up-to-date. If you try to ever book an event through Hostelworld most most of the time in my experience, they don’t even exist or the date and times wrong and you will be disappointed walking all the way to join event that doesn’t exist.
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2 years ago, Kayla_rosex3
Hostel Wish List/Favorites
I am so upset because they have updated the app. & now there is no more hostel favorite/wish list that you can create! I That is what I really loved and enjoyed about using this app. Creating a favorites list of places I look forward to travel to also having everything already planned out. Having the favorites list list helped with saving time for searching for a hostel and helped with quickly booking my trip & me most likely to travel. I would like to know may you please bring things back. Because again I worked so hard planning and putting it together
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5 years ago, kajapapaya!
Easy Booking
My daughter and I spent a year traveling with backpacks and continue to travel at least every couple of months. Hostelworld app makes it so convenient to find places that suit us (by reading the profile, the reviews, and studying the map) and to book rooms. In just a few quick clicks we have a place to stay and have all the important booking, location, and direction info stored. It’s been a life-saver.
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2 years ago, F_€k 00£
Reservation Cancelled-Hostelworld No Help
Arrived at Gemini Studios Hostel in Florence Italy. Hostel told us there is no reservation for our guaranteed arrival. We emailed the Hostel via Hostelworld app, called the Hostel to confirm the reservation by name and reservation number. Upon arrival they said the reservation was not available for our arrival date but confirmed the reservation for the two days after arrival. Hostelworld did not contact us and we had to pay 185€ (euros/195 US dollars) out of pocket because Hostelworld did not guarantee our reservation. They’re website states they will credit our deposit plus $50 dollars (equals $88 US) leaving $100 extra cost out of pocket and left us stranded in a foreign country and basically homeless. I don’t want credit for another reservation, I want the 700 dollar balance retuned. I want my hotel paid for by my credit balance. DO NOT USE HOSTELWORLD FOR RESERVATIONS!! TRAVELERS BEWARE. IF YOU GET STARNDED, HOSTELWORLD WILL NOT ASSIST YOU BUT GIVE YOU A CREDIT THAT DOES NOT HELP YOU FIND A HOTEL. THEY WILL LEAVE YOU STRANDED!! DO NOT USE HOSTELWORLD!!
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6 years ago, Dbds20223
Really professional work
As a mobile developer, I really appreciate a company that puts in the time and effort to have a functional, polished mobile app. Not only is the app working without issue, but they’ve managed to properly take advantage of the iPad’s screen size for certain interfaces—when viewing hostel options, they use the space to show a map alongside the list info. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, IAM ART LLC
Application Development Needed
I booked a stay at one of the many hostels in Hostelworlds network. My reservation couldn’t be accommodated and there is no way to call Hostelworld only email and request a refund, not cool. Also, why does the app not automatically require guest to create an account at the time of registration for the booked stay?? And why didn’t I receive a confirmation email for the deposit I paid? I do not like how this app has been developed and run. I will not be using Hostelworld or any of its subsidiaries to book at anymore hostels, hotels or anything else & would appreciate a full refund to the debit card that made the deposit for my cancelled stay.
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5 years ago, Udjason333333
Buggy app and site screwed me
I booked with HW. And needed to change my dates as travel changed. But for some reason I couldn't sign into my account. I sent the reset password five times!!! Nothing. Now, iced used this app a few years ago. I have an account. But for some reason i notice I received an email telling me how to setup my account. Curious. I click the link. Doesn't work. I contact support and they are not helpful. Their solution was to call the hostel. So basically call international from a very different time zone. Eventhough the confirmation email came from hostel world. And had a link that said "manage booking". So not helpful. Fix your bugs.
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1 year ago, Krmaho
Really nice hostel
Really nice hostel, the common areas are really clean welcoming, and comfortable, I stayed in a mix dorm that had a lot of rooms but they arranged it in a way that it didn't feel like that many people. There was also an array of different ages from early 20-50s which I thought was kind of cool. I think my only complaint is people left the door to the room open often so anyone could just walk in there, but the hostel itself can't control that. They serve an option for breakfast that looked good And have free coffee, there is also a nice little shop right downstairs with some authentic Mexican food as well, they are conveniently located near everything and right on the beach! I will definitely come back.
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3 years ago, Tobie is cool
So far so good
We are now budget travelers after Covid with still paying for college- so we are looking so forward to seeing Greece and enjoying this lovely country that is filled with history. One day at a time and we will do everything the country requires to keep everyone healthy! And hostels are the key to our success to seeing and enjoying the complete environment.
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5 years ago, Jordan offline
First hostel experience, amazing
This was my first ever hostel experience and honestly thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it. I was very wrong. The room (4 bed) was a little small but you’re only there to sleep. I loved how easy it was to meet people and how convenient everything was. The breakfast was nice, there is laundry, the location is PERFECT, the bar was cheap with good drinks, and the staff was incredibly helpful and kind. Shoutout to Amanda, David, Johnny and Dez. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Richter0909
What I always use
I love Hostelworld, I’ve found rooms around the world at last minute with this app. It’s my go to and the interface is easy to use. I love that the rating is broken up by age and category, but I wish that on the app, I could see the rating specifically about each category. I also wish there was an easier way to contact the hostel staff via the app. There should be an email or phone number (preferably both) listed with each booking. Great site otherwise.
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2 years ago, ElectricMango
Won’t log in
App won’t log in. When I click the button to log in, it takes me to a URL which won’t load all the way. Unable to favorite hostels, so I have to research each time and remember ones I liked and didn’t like; making it more like google searching vs a all inclusive hostel app Update: It looks like the standard Safari “Content blockers” hide the login menu. I turned them off and logged in. However, it didn’t log me in the app; it just let me use a janky web browsing version, which I may as well just use Safari to use. Still doesn’t log into the app
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2 years ago, Thomas HT
No customer support
I booked 2 nights at a hostel for May 24 and May 26. When I arrived at the hostel on May 24, the receptionist said Hostelworld sent them a cancellation notice. We booked our reservation 10 months in advance; we paid a deposit; and Hostelworld sent us a confirmation 24 hours before our arrival. Somehow Hostelworld and Athens Studios miscommunicated, but there was no customer support to help us resolve this, get new accommodations, or get a refund. I’ve been trying to contact Hostelworld for the last 7 days to at least get a refund and they have been unresponsive to my emails and messages.
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6 years ago, umit10101130
Their customer service is slow and arrogant
I have contacted their customer service to get a refund of an accidental booking only a few hours after booking. They responded very late and arrogantly. They said that "I should have read the conditions more carefully". The hostel I booked has tons of explanations and you need to click many "show more" buttons to actually see those. When I mentioned that I accept my mistake and I'd appreciate if they do me a favor this time, I got another negative response stating that "I should be more careful in the future". I took that advice and deleted the app. p.s. the amount was ~10 dollars.
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2 years ago, Jambi4682
Terrible app design
I really wanted to like this app, but there’s no way to save a list of favorites to a wishlist like other accommodation sites. Also, photos don’t open up full screen; instead, you’re left squinting at a bunch of tiny photos of the property you’re trying to visit. Others have mentioned lots of issues with lost reservations, so I’m more inclined just to book through the accommodation’s website. Please rehaul the features and add more security/customer service!
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