Hot Topic—All Fandoms Welcome

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Hot Topic, Inc.
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3 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hot Topic—All Fandoms Welcome

4.8 out of 5
51.1K Ratings
3 years ago, birdvsworm
Best company
I’ve been shopping hottopic since my teens and now have a preteen that loves to shop here too! I’ve never had a bad experience with this company over the many years and I just have to give y’all a good review somewhere! Anytime I’ve contacted customer service they have been awesome and accommodating without fail! My packages arrive quickly, correctly and packaged well as not to break. The stores are always clean and the workers friendly - while still allowing you to shop without hassle. Y’all have awesome sales, reward program as well coupons galore with the orders! Top notch merchandise and random weird stuff I didn’t even know I needed 😂 consistently providing use nerds with a wide selection of tees and general merch that’s hard to find anywhere else without paying an arm and a leg! I just love this company 😅 thanks for always being amazing ❤️
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2 years ago, Kime~
needs fixes :/
i love shopping at hot topic and have been shopping for years, mostly in-store though. last week i bought online, which i should say it was a bit disappointing. i bought a mini backpack, order went through, everything went well at first. only problem was that when i double checked the address, it didn’t have the complete address even though i put my apartment number and everything! unfortunately though it had already went through UPS and they didn’t help much either… customer service at hot topic was great though! people were nice, but it’s not logical how hot topic doesn’t even let you put the full address and it doesn’t give u an option to put in a apartment number, i had to put it under “street address” and by doing so i guess it didn’t add the full address information. so i guess, in a way, it would be more helpful to update location information. also… once UPS had “not delivered because of missing address information” i called hot topic so i could possibly reship it… i had to pay again for that? obviously i did, but honestly in my opinion it shouldn’t be like that since i already paid one time. but anyways, i don’t usually complain, but please fix that for people, it’s truly upsetting. probably my last time ordering online, especially because of the whole reshipment situation.
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2 years ago, ALILI0818
Mixed emotions
There’s a lot of media I like that I can buy at Hot Topic from metal bands to anime. I can definitely criticize some of the pricing and it’s odd and ironic advertising to certain alternative audiences sometimes, but I enjoy the store overall. I like that it’s slowly being tiny shades of old school HT back with recent accessories on catalog. However, problem is that when I was about to check out, I couldn’t activate my $10 in rewards. I took the suggestion of customer service. While they were very nice, the advice didn’t help at all. There are legit so many complaints this year about the app and website being incredibly buggy and it feels like that part hasn’t improved much. First, you couldn’t even look at your profile, now you can’t even activate your reward points. Please here out the many customers calling this out and having very similar or exact issues that I have with the app. Also, it’d be nice if the app and website in general was consistent on every device with the wishlist like with other apps that allow users to make wishlists on their accounts. It’s annoying I have to start my wishlist all over again on my phone yet the website updates the list from all devices.
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1 year ago, bunbun112211
The app + website need so many simple fixes
Both the app and website drive me absolutely crazy to attempt to place orders on. I’ve been shopping with HotTopic for yeaaarrrssss, and absolutely love them! BUT the technology they’re functioning on is losing them so much money. I’m always very careful about what you can’t purchase while redeeming HotCash, and and HotCash obviously doesn’t work with other deals. I always double check everything with coupons, codes, sales, if it’s in stock, anything special like shipping or customizations that would hold up the transaction. I also always check all of my personal information for the transaction as well. With that being said, way too often do I find myself in the position of fighting for my life just trying to make a simple purchase on the website and app. It never gives any reason why it can not place the order to even attempt to fix it. If it at least gave a reason, it would give the customer the opportunity to correct whatever the issue is and move on with their purchase. I really just want to be able to order online easier. It’s simple fixes, that would save so much time.
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1 year ago, Summers03
Canceled orders with a lie for reasoning
They give you hot cash to use and say you can use multiple at a time. But then when you do your orders get canceled and an email sent saying sorry they are out of stock. Funny how EVERY SINGLE ITEM of my orders are suddenly out of stock because I was using their sales and hot cash to shop. When I go back to the items they still show as available though, huh imagine that! I had 2 other orders I did that were done days ago and showed as being able to ship to store, now all of a sudden one shows as back ordered in the app but I haven’t received an email about that and another looks like one item is canceled (the more expensive one) and the little item I had with it is still shipping, again no notice about that. Why bother giving rewards to customers if you just take them back and then lie about it?!?!?! ***** new problem****** Went on to shop for my nieces bday and I have items saved in my wishlist so that I would remember when I needed to get them for her. Every time I try and click on it though I get an unknown error message and it’s blank 😡 What happened to my wishlist and everything saved!!
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5 months ago, CartoonT
The App Shopping Process is Horrible
The app doesn’t keep things you’ve picked in your cart. I was scrolling through adding things to my cart and put my phone down to go make a snack and when I came back my cart was empty and I had to start over. Absolutely frustrating! If I didn’t have to scroll through it all again I may have purchased more items but I was irritated and not in the mood to shop anymore. Then during the checkout process I wanted to use PayPal and everything went fine and there was a green check saying my PayPal was verified but when pressing “Place Order” I kept getting an error message saying there was something wrong with the payment. I then chose the credit card option for payment and manually entered the same information of the card on PayPal and the payment went through. Don’t offer PayPal as an option if you all aren’t going to take it. Then the next page asked if I wanted to be a rewards member which I am under another number but when I clicked on the link the directions on the next page appear to be in gibberish or a different language, I took a screenshot of it. I just did not enjoy this shopping experience at all.
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3 years ago, chuckthefreek
Very Good App, But…
This app is great, but it is not without sometimes having glitches or issues. Sometimes you’ll have items in your cart and when you delete one of the items, another item in your cart might disappear, too. That, or you’ll be looking at your cart, then go to search for another product or item on the website and when you come back to your cart, something else might be missing. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it has happened to me many, many times. Another issue is trying to use PayPal to pay for the items in your cart. More often than not, the payment doesn’t go through or it doesn’t recognize anything to do with PayPal. Not always a bad thing as if you are able to purchase something (finally) using PayPal and you decide to return that or those items to a store, cash will NOT be returned to you. You’ll ONLY receive a Hot Topic Gift Card! Again, NO CASH RETURNED! So buyers beware!
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2 years ago, Mad_Keef
Obsessed with the app/store
I absolutely adore Hot Topic in general and the app makes my life so easy! I always get my things quickly and nothing has been wrong with any of my orders. I can eat okay track my orders and check my order history which is really nice! And there always seems to be a 30% off sale going on! You can save your card and address to the app so you don’t have to type it in every time which is also super nice! Overall I love to shop for Hot Topic both online and in person and I have yet to have a negative experience and I have been shopping with. Hot Topic for over seven years they also has a foundation that donates to mental health issues which is so awesome! And you have the option to donate in store and online as well which is so cool! I cannot express how much I love this app!
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2 years ago, UnKnOwN😘😘😘
Great just have a suggestion!
I love the app and the line in general, it has a lot of things at I genuinely like and I buy when I have the money. The only thing is is having a wishlist. I enjoy the ability to save items there for when I have the money to buy, but what if you’re making a list for people to buy you for your birthday, or Christmas? You can’t actually distribute the list among people and causes a huge hassle. I suggest adding the ability to distribute it, and have people who view the list mark something as bought so there’s no duplicate gifts, you know what I mean? It would be a lot easier to use this way so I hope you take it into account :)
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5 months ago, Ava on the Daily!
i love hot topic, but…
the app drives me insane. i made my account and it was glitching like crazy! i would click on shirts i wanted and it would say “error failed” for everything. it wasn’t my wi-fi because every other app u used had no problem. so anyway, then u tried adding things to my wishlist so i could come back later when my cart was working; i’d say i added about 15 shirts…only 2 were on my wishlist. and when i tried clicking them, it then again said “error failed.” so i just deleted the app and thought u could sign back in…NOPE! “error failed.” then i tried sending myself a new password because maybe i did type it wrong when i submitted it, well it failed to send my code…15 times. tried making a new account but it would just tell me my email was already in use. it wouldn’t even let me contact support without my “order number.” i didn’t even order anything!!! the only thing i wish is for hot topic to fix this IMMEDIATELY.
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1 year ago, Drena89
What’s Going On??
I’ve been shopping at HT for years and loved the convenience of the app and loved how quick and easy it was to place an order. However, lately, I’ve been having some similar issues as some other guests where it won’t allow me to go beyond the checkout screen!? I have been trying to place an order since January 2023 on the app [ridiculous I know] but it just didn’t make any since to just STOP working?? Ive tried just about everything short of opening a new acct. I had a ton of items in my cart, had my hot cash codes all ready to go but everytime I clicked “continue to payment” it just returns to the “shipping address” and won’t go beyond. I’ve tried a NUMBER OF THINGS, I even remove EVERY ITEM from the cart and just re-added ONE item to the cart and STILL cannot go beyond the “Continue to payment” screen. Please fix so I can go back to spending all my money ;) Thank you
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4 years ago, shortblondboy
The bugs just keep coming...
When this app first came out, I really loved it, but as time went on, things just kept glitching. The wish list started first; it wouldn’t show my list or would say my list was empty. Then it stopped showing all tracking of packages; says “processing” all the way up until after it’s delivered (or not delivered in some cases). Then today it logged me out (which the app never has done before), and when I tried to log in, it says my log in info is wrong, changed my password, still didn’t work, but when I tried the actual site, my log in worked. But then the site let me down because when I went to check out, it wanted me to reenter my card info (even though it was already saved on my account and was not expired), and in the time that elapsed for me to reenter my card info, the item I was trying purchase sold out. Not happy with HotTopic all around right now.
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4 years ago, iPhone Appaholic
Items Stuck in Processing Limbo
Much like a Hellmouth, black hole or an oubliette the Hot Topic and Box Lunch apps are stuck in a demonic limbo of uncertainty when it comes to the track of your orders. I have expressed my concerns with both never showing my items are shipped to customer service and it is really not a big deal to any or them as they know there is an issue. Sad part is now I have to call the stores or customer service to check on my purchases as if these companies are my child. Just found out my item is at the Hot Topic store AGAIN and never received a call or email. Oh and I know I will get the same response here from customer serve/the app developers to, “contact us so we can resolve this”. I think four years of my input is long enough and you still haven’t fixed the issues. On a positive note, they can take my credit card payment quicker than a New York minute, so your payment transactions are working perfectly.
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4 years ago, impaulster
Hot Topic App Could Use Some Fixes
They need to improve / fix the navigation of the shopping experience. After clicking a specific item, there’s no way to go back to where you last left off; the back arrow is the only way to go back but that takes you all the way back to the beginning of your search. For example, I’m on page 14, and after clicking back, I have to start from the beginning and set all the filters all over. Also, I don’t even try to apply hot cash codes in the mobile app because the pricing is not reflected correctly after their application. I have to use a web browser to get the updated pricing. It’s pretty annoying, making it an unpleasant shopping experience. I personally use the app only to make quick searches. This only applies to the App, but Hot Topic overall is a pretty awesome store to shop at.
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1 year ago, Sammychez
Its mostly alright
I’ve been a loyal spender at hot topic because of the people who work in the store as well as the rewards bit, and for the most part it’s been good. However I’ve had a thing that I ordered over a year ago that I never received or got the money back for and it still says that it hasn’t been shipped yet. And also I still don’t have access to my wishlist which defeats the whole point of it. And because the employees get priority access to things in store they bought out the entire stock of little embers and then when I tried to order it online it said the closest store it could ship it to was all the way in San Francisco which would take days for me to get to and from. So I had to buy one from eBay instead. :/
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5 months ago, 1wishALLGranted
Lots of bugs
I personally do enjoy shopping and buying from the hot topic app because I lot of the clothes I want aren’t available in store I go to. But I have ran into so many problems while using it. There are so many bugs in the app and I have had issues when it comes to delivery that I had to get refunded for a couple items. My wishlist completely disappeared and now I don’t remember what stuff I put in there. When I click sections on the main menu it won’t load or only a couple items will appear. And at this point, the hot cash deals are barely anything. You can’t even use them on the app because there are tons of random deals that don’t even bring down the price that much. Also, my cart won’t load and it’s giving me an error message. I’m frustrated with this app and don’t even see the point in using it.
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3 years ago, Elizabeth PG
I forgot to update this a while ago but after about a week they fixed the bug that I was dealing with and I now have no more problems with the app! The only “problem” that I can think of is that after purchasing any items, I have not receive any points. Honestly though, that doesn’t really bother me. OLD REVIEW: I’ve used this app for a while but it only started having problems with the newest update, which redesigned the look of the app. Now whenever I search things up, it only shows the top four results and the rest is blank Also, my entire wishlist has been deleted! Needs to be fixed right away.
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5 years ago, Harleigh17
This app is amazing. It’s so convenient because I can always stay signed in instead of having to keep a tab open on the website. Not only that, but it’s more organized than the website. I was having issues with placing an order through the app. Every time I would click on the payment method and put in the cvv number, I got a pop up that said the payment couldn’t be completed. I always added whatever I wanted in my cart through the app and signed in on the website to pay, but this time around all I did was delete the payment method and reenter all the credit card info and I was able to place the order through the app.
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4 years ago, Sonic_official
Print On Demand Poor Layout
Any time I’m searching for products I want, I get so frustrated and annoyed at the number of print-on-demand listings. A new listing for the same design in every different color and style. They clog up the search results and there’s no way to filter them out without filtering out other clothing items that AREN’T POD. Either give the option to filter these out, or do what literally any other retailer does; add the color choices to ONE listing, and maybe even style choices. The idea is that they’re custom-made, right? So let the buyer choose their size, color, and style for that design under one listing rather than making a bunch of different listings for every variation. I hate using the app JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. A lot of the things I look for have very few search results, and it’s hard to look for anything new when all I see is POD listings. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, EducationCase
Love it
Hot Topic has the absolute best clothing, accessory, and even snack options. My most favorite outfits are bought there. I can’t not spend all my money there. Their cargo pants and jewelry are literally the best part. I’m also super super in love with the pride themed things they always come up with. I never buy my pride merch or anime merch anywhere else. My favorite thing I’ve ever gotten from them is my cardigan which is made with great quality and you can just tell. I also never go anywhere else to get my cosplay stuff. Even my wigs come from there.
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2 years ago, ictctiidif
Now, I love hot topic. And when I’m shopping online I like to add everything I would like to get to my wishlist first before I consider buying anything so then I can go through everything I put on my wishlist and prioritize what I wanna get now and what I’ll get later on. But it’s very frustrating when I’m half way through putting things in my wishlist and it comes up with an error and erases everything I added. Then I have to start all over which then I’m frustrated and just don’t get anything. There’s been a few updates claiming the bugs with the wishlist have been fixed but I’m having constant issues with it and I never used to a few months ago. I just want my wishlist to work 😭
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2 years ago, diddlebb
Review for the App Not Store
This app is just the absolute worse. I downloaded the app because the website on iPhone for Chrome does not work. The checkout process is not possible. When I try to checkout by tapping on my cart, I am never taken to the cart or checkout process. Absolutely crap. I downloaded the app and it’s also useless. It takes forever to add gift cards to the app. My cart is constantly deleting itself, so I have to add (by memory) all items that I previously added to the cart. The app is constantly glitching. My wishlist was at 0 items, even though there should have been a ton of things, so I added new items. Later on all the old items reappeared and the new ones disappeared. Totally garbage user experience. For unknown reason, users can only add 4 gift cards at a time. Annoying!
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Checkout Problems
I wanted to buy a backpack that’s 30% off only today and I think “thankfully I have the app because the store is closed.” And I got an extra $5 off for my birthday. BUT but instead of being able to use any of that the ONLY day I can it won’t work. I go to checkout and it brings me right back to my order summary. How awful! I just wanted this bag the only time I can get those discounts and I was all ready and everything but now I can’t and I am very upset. ——————— I went back to app and it said place order after idk how many times i tried and I’m pretty sure it did place it which thank you if it did. Happy I was able to use those discounts. My first review is a rant of the inconvenience and now I’m slightly relived and hopeful.
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1 year ago, Realisticmamma
Complete rip off
I’ve ordered stuff twice now and first of all you can’t even redeem your hot cash because almost everything isn’t combinable with your hot cash or always out of stock. Then when I tried to access my order history through the app it was always blank as well as the contact us page. I also had ordered boots through them and never received them even though I paid for them. As far as I’m concerned the fact that you can’t get ahold of them or the fact that you can’t even redeem your hot cash, it’s a total and complete rip off in my opinion I should get all my stuff reimbursed for false advertisement. I won’t be shopping here again nor do I recommend this store to anyone. It’s not like it used to be.
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9 months ago, JonKluts
Not the biggest fan
Had issues getting my email password reset resent to my email, waiting until I couldn’t wait longer, hours. And the interface for check out is not the friendliest, to add something to your cart you have to basically cancel your order and restart the entire process. Wish my store was a local store to ship from, I didn’t exactly want to spend the shipping cost when the hot cash coupon is . I have been a customer of hot topic for around 20 years, maybe longer, I still love the company. But making use of the hot cash and not losing it was a hard accomplishment, I’m greatful for you to offer something to give back tho
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2 years ago, AndieJacobs
I recently placed a order from the app and the unit number from my address was dropped. I know I entered my address correct, and more importantly double check before hitting submit that it was correct due to the amount of money I was spending. After hitting submit there was some kind of glitch, I didn’t think much of it until I got my email confirmation. My address was missing the condo unit number. I contacted hot topic customer care ASAP and was told there was nothing they could do and that I’ll have to wait to contact the carrier. Now I’m attempting to contact three different carriers, as well as hot topic customer care as I can’t change the address for at least two of these carriers only the shipper can make changes. Save yourself the trouble don’t order from the app.
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4 years ago, Callum Y
Login Issues Daily
I have had login issues for months now, none of the updates have fixed it and frankly it is getting ridiculous. The app logs me and my mother out multiple times daily, repeatedly saying that the password is invalid whenever I know for a fact it is correct because I can log into the website no problem. Resetting the password does absolutely nothing as it still says it’s incorrect and sometimes it’s days before I can log back in again. I love Hot Topic but the app is pretty much just a waste of storage and time, especially when it repeatedly logs you out while trying to order. I would just stick to the website if I’m being honest, though it seems the website is having issues with logging people out too.
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1 year ago, Coco munchie
Good but…
Hot Topic, both the site & app, need to let you search by discount amount/percentage. For example, when I go to search in clearance I should be able to filter to search for 50% off or more. Instead they make you look through everything or only allow certain sale/product categories. I feel this is done intentionally bc they think it will increase sales but you’re actually losing sales by doing this. There are lots of people like me that are looking for deals & will buy more & are more likely to buy if we can easily locate the most marked down items.
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7 months ago, Prinplupprince
Good App Function
The UI is great, user friendly, and the categories are easy to navigate. Hot Topic is home to all my lovely interests like Spirited Away, Adventure Time, and Star Wars. So I shop here often. Having an app for that is perfect. My only complaint is that I have 300 items on my wishlist and I’m unable to scroll through it all. It continuously loads after a few items and gets stuck on that. A wishlist is important to have for any store. If I’m unable to utilize the feature, I have to store a list elsewhere. Ultimately, making me disinterested in even purchasing anything. Please fix. Thank you.
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6 months ago, Frankie Contreras
Love the Hot Topic App, and...
I love distracting myself with some browsing, but it’s the Wishlist giving me problems. I would give a 5-star review, but if I can’t remove certain items from my wishlist, then there is no way that I can keep track of what’s sold out and what isn’t. It’d be nice to remove things without deleting the app and redownloading it, resulting in having to check out what’s in store again. Either way, I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars because wanting to keep the wishlist up-to-date and being unable to is annoying. I’d LOVE the app even more if this “bug” could get fixed.
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4 years ago, lilayne-cotter
Was great at first...
I bought from this app twice, bought from the mobile site countless times, never had an issue with the app until today. My second order; three dresses, they show up in the mail except one of them is not even a dress, but a shirt. Called customer service and they said they’d send me the right item; even got a new order number and everything! Only to get an email a day later saying that the new order that would send me the right item was cancelled. Like I said, never had a problem with the app before, so I checker the mobile site and see that my size was out of stock, which the app DIDN’T indicate at all. In short, I like the idea of the app and I really hope they fix it so that it is current and all of the information on the products is correct.
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4 years ago, yywwrrqq
It okay but..
I downloaded the app yesterday and everything was going perfectly fine I was putting stuff in my cart and left to ask my friend what she wanted so I can buy her something I come back 5 minutes later and see that it logged me out of my account so I put in my password and email but it kept saying it was invalid I tried resetting my password but it kept say it was invalid and then I tried making a new account but since I have my phone number on my first one I could not proceed.
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6 months ago, Scarlett Hoey
I’m 13, and every time I go into the mall I at LEAST have to get one thing from Hot Topic. I love it so much. I mean like right now, I’m wearing a black and red wonderland shirt, rings, screw earrings, Slipknot necklace, The shinning necklace, and socks from Hot Topic. I’m also about to order hair dye and rings and a shirt from this app rn. If I could give more stars I would And this is the only store that i don’t even care that it’s expensive. All I have to say is I love this app more than I like most of the people around me!!!
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3 years ago, ΜΕΗ
Some minor bugs
I really like the look and feel of how the app looks now. It’s more convenient in my opinion to endlessly scroll than to go to the next page. Also so far it hasn’t glitched out on sent me back to the homepage like it used to. There are some issues though, when searching it will say something like “12 results” and then only show maybe four of them. I’m not sure if that is due to some items being out of stock or something, but I think generally people would still like to see those and then find out that they’re out of stock. Another thing is when you scroll down to recommended items sometimes clicking on them doesn’t go to that item. Once again not sure if it’s because they are out of stock but being able to go to those items to find out it’s out of stock would probably be more preferable. Or maybe them saying out of stock. Last thing I have is that when shopping for things in general it eventually stops displaying items but you can still scroll.
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3 years ago, Horsebutt
Now I can’t even shop, wow thanks
Well all I can say about your latest update is now if I use my app to try and shop, it says to update app, yet I have already done that. I can press the update button, you know because its not like you can bypass it, and will bring me to the dang app store, which shows it has been updated and only shows “OPEN” instead of Update... but if I press “OPEN”, its the same cycle which NEVER will actually shop. I mean I guess you don’t want anyone to shop, then its a great update.... otherwise its pure CRAP because before this update it actually worked. Now, if I click the link in the emails I have received, I can actually can shop... and I have placed orders that way. Fix your junk or quit “fixin” what ain't broken.
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3 years ago, Reagan 💙
Cart isn’t working at all
So basically I looked over the app for the things I wanted and put a bunch in my bag, then I was going to go to the bag to buy some of the things( the same day and same time… I didn’t leave them in there for days before checking) and it said there was an error therefore I couldn’t see any of the items or proceed to buy any of them. If this isn’t fixed I will not be able to buy anything so hopefully this is a quick glitch that can be fixed soon so that I can buy things through the app. Otherwise the app is great, but if I can’t buy anything it’s worthless…
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1 year ago, hahdllv
Doesn’t let you check out with PayPal :/
I’ve been shopping at hot topic for a while now and I love their store however their app is awful when it comes to checking out. After putting all your information, I go to check out using PayPal not only does it put a temporary hold on my money but it doesn’t go through. No button or options to officially “place your order” whatsoever. It just takes me back to show me my payment options! I’ve read the other reviews and they are also complaining about the glitches not only on the app but their website too. This seriously needs to get fixed. I don’t think I’ll be bothering with shopping through their app or their website anymore.
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3 years ago, Kdksnficnd
Fix. Your. App.
Giving two stars is generous. I’ve just spent the last 23 minutes trying to place an order on this app with a gift card. I entered my information more than 10 times on 3 different pages. I’m never logged in. I’m always a “guest” no matter how many times I log in, I have to log in again. It’s almost as bad as the website on your desktop. (At least that one can decently complete orders.) I’m deleting this app & BoxLunch off my phone because I just don’t trust em to work again. This was the final straw for me. TL;DR: Never stay logged in, can’t complete a ONE item order over the app & have been having continuous problems since it’s been out. ✌🏼
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5 years ago,
I love this app but...
This is a great app but lately there have been some inconveniences. When the hot cash discount was going on a friend and I were trying to finish out an order and we put in our shipping address, clicked the one that they found then it showed that we needed to fix our address. Eventually after fussing with the same “problem” we gave up and missed the deadline. Today I am also having the same problem and there is nothing wrong with the address I typed in. I do not want to miss it this time I have items that are Christmas gifts. The store address is “incorrect” also. Please fix this soon. Thank you
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2 years ago, ExMagia
Great App, Shame the Wishlist Feature doesn't work
I love Hot Topic so much-I'm a Diamond member, and I love building wish list of the cute clothes that drop, but recently everytime I try checking into my wishlist it gives me a unknown error and to retry button that never works. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but when I did I lost my wishlist. I feel if I redid that process again I won't have any of the items in my wishlist and I don't want to keep restarting just for it to happen again. Please can someone get back to me and help this problem? I can't be the only one who can't access their wishlist.
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6 years ago, TheMegaJinx
New Updates Needed
I love the app it is easy and keeps me updated on what for sale and allows me to find a lot of things I’m interested in. However I dislike the wishlist portion, I always find items that I don’t like on it and when I attempt to delete them I have an error. I have also tried twice to tell them to correct this but it seems it goes unanswered. Edit: They changed it and it looks great and it states it “fix” the wishlist problem however I tried it and there are still items which I never seen on my wishlist and again tried to remove it but nope won’t go away and continue to give me an error.
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11 months ago, Z cute thing
great clothes! but...
i love hot topic and all their items i'm definitely gonna work there someday, but the entire system of hot cash is so shady...all of their deals and "coupons" are so specific to the point it's impossible to buy stuff there without spending SO MUCH money. i've bought from them so many times so i got a coupon for 30 of 60 dollar purchase but only one week to use it!! i wish they weren't so greedy, a pro is that the sanrio stuff is the best, some hot topic brand items can be cheaply made though!
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2 years ago, Buy_a_hose
They sure don’t wanna take your money
The app is fine, I guess. And I love Hot Topic but their check out system is atrocious. Their cart isn’t easy to work and you need to “edit” it to do anything with it, annoying extra steps. But the most annoying part is it’s so hard to pay them. The payments never go through. Most of the time when I go to check out and hit pay it just does nothing. Or it says that the item you want isn’t available anymore due to it selling out and won’t left you continue. Then I get an email saying the order went through. Like what??? Like you’re a huge company. Get your app together.
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4 years ago, BestSpike22
Can’t Login
I can login on the store online but not on the app. I’ve double and triple checked the email and password and the app still says that the email or password is invalid even though I know both are correct. This is a recent issue that only started when I updated my phone to IOS 14.0.1. So, I figured I should write a review on the off chance that someone looks at this so that someone might know about the issue so it can be fixed. I will update the review if the issue gets fixed.
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5 years ago, JenSin818
Won’t send reset password link
I’ve been trying to reset my password on my account for DAYS, yet every time I hit “Forgot my Password” and send my email, I never receive an email back from Hot Topic with a link to reset my password. I’ve tried for several days now. I’ve tried creating a new account with a different email but because my phone number is in use with my current account - I’m unable to create a new account. I ordered something using Guest since there was a sale but since I can’t get into my account, I can’t even track it! I’ve tried all of the passwords that I could’ve used, but they’re all invalid. I’m severely unhappy with this app and the website.
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2 years ago, ascending deity
All i want is the Eevee Evolutions Loungefly backpack….
I cannot find this backpack anywhere but here. BUT this APP needs a serious revamping. There are bugs and glitches and will show you items that are no longer in stock and probably will never be in stock again. When i clicked checkout to receive my Backpack, i even paid for expedited shipping and to round up and give to the Hot Topic Foundation charity….the app crashed but Hot Topic still charged me for my order. I will never know if i’m really getting the backpack or not. or my MONEY BACK OOF I never received a notification for the package or anything but i definitely got a notification from my bank
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4 years ago, Lemon Dreams
Amazing stuff but....
It’s an amazing store. Amazing stuff, there’s so much stuff there that is up to my tastes but that’s kinda part of the problem. The wishlist only goes up to 50 things and I have way more than 50 things I like. I got to the point where I had to start filling up the cart as my wishlist but then that got full too. An infinite wishlist would be nice. That way, I wouldn’t have to take screenshots after my wishlist is full. It’s just way more convenient and it’d make it a lot easier for me, and others.
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2 years ago, jenna ^u^
needs SO many fixes!!
i cant see when my rewards expire, can’t see my wish list which is the most frustrating part. the app is so buggy and it can be hard to just check out pleaaasee fix this :( I edited this to add another star since the wishlist eventually got fixed but that doesn’t change the fact the app has been pretty difficult to work with the past couple months. I was trying to use my 20$ in rewards the day before they expired and not being able to see my wishlist was kinda annoying :/
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7 months ago, hpmonkey139
Poor Quality Control and Business Practices
I’ve been a loyal customer for years. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced discrimination in-store for the way I look and have been given misinformation by multiple people in positions of leadership just so they can place the blame on someone else. Their quality control has gone downhill for the past 2 years causing customers to submit an increased number of claims due to products arriving damaged and then claiming that customers are showcasing suspicious behavior. When in reality, it’s their shady business practices causing them to lose customers because they’re not capable of taking responsibility for how the company is being managed.
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4 years ago, LaBonneJuju
TERRIBLE, no good, and generally horrible app
I have no idea what these people are talking about when they compliment the HT app, and I’m pretty sure they don’t know, either. Do y’all even app? The app filters are pretty much nonfunctional, making it clunky and impossible to use easily. I’d like to be able to find just dresses or just Harry Potter stuff for my niece or just Totoro for my stepdaughter. But no, it cannot be done. I’ve been a loyal Hot Topic customer for 30 years; and as progressive as they are, you’d think they would get with the 21st century and make a user-friendly app. But nope. Sadly. What’s really weird is that there is a LOT of stuff that’s available via the app but it isn’t on the website and vice-versa. Really y’all? Get it together. 🙄
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