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User Reviews for Travel Booking

4.8 out of 5
1.6M Ratings
2 months ago, hamiltonfranny
Wonderful “home base” for a visit to our grandkids
Wood River was a great place for us to return to at the end of each day. We actually ended up asking to extend our stay by one more night! One day we brought our two toddler grandkids to the pool - they actually preferred the nice and warm hot tub, haha. They enjoyed the pool noodles and kick boards too. The hospitality staff in the breakfast room were always very friendly and helpful, and the food was great. Hubby especially enjoyed making his pancakes in the automatic machine. The cinnamon rolls were a hit as well. Rooms were clean, beds very comfortable. I think the bathroom dispensers may need to be checked and refilled more frequently - a couple of ours were empty even after housekeeping. The location is perfect - right next to Grocery Outlet if you need food/provisions, and also to Wise Guy Pizza Pie, which is delicious. Hailey is a sweet town, with several dining options, your choice of grocery stores if you want to do your own thing or are visiting family. Being there at Christmas, the staff was very warm and welcoming and we will definitely stay again - next time I’ll remember to pack my swimsuit! Thanks for everything!
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1 year ago, dusia11
After in update it’s become really painful
We tried to make some adjustments on our hotel reservation. Apparently we can’t do it anymore by ourselves and need to have the help of a “virtual agent”. A simple change of dates turned out to be a little more than what we bargained for. The agent suggested that we cancel and and then rebook the same hotel, which is also impossible without and agent. After 15 minutes of conversation we managed to cancel our booking, only to find out that to make new reservation was not a simple task either. We were charged (twice) but the payment page kept giving us an error message. Despite that, we were charged - twice! We never received an itinerary either. After that we were on Chat with an agent for at least 40 min then we were asked to send an attachment showing payment, which is not possible to do, at least on IOS for iPad. He sent an email to attach photos, and while we were figuring out how, one of the two charges was canceled by the vendor. After another long pause the agent on Chat said there wasn’t anything we could do than to try again in an hour. There is no way to involve a supervisor, and there apparently isn’t a customer service number anymore either . After that I felt like I need a good drink to stay strong and wait for another 7 to 10 business days to see if they cancel the second charge … W…?
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1 year ago, JohnCoffey22
Poor functionality
With the latest update, this app has become almost unusable. “(Message”. Too many requests)” pops up when simply trying to open the app. The main loading screen freezes and stays, forcing me to close the app and restart regularly. “Sorry we could not connect to Hotels servers” And other error messages pop up when trying to complete simple tasks. All of these are happening in areas of good cell service. When issues arise I always check the functionality of other applications to make sure the issue isn’t rooted in a blanketing lack of reception. When I am able to login with my user name, the map function is buggy. Zooming in is almost impossible. Every time my finger leaves the screen it zooms back out. When I can finally select a hotel, and go to confirm payment I’m logged out of my user name and cannot log in via the app. I’m taken to the desktop version and forced to sign in and book there. Which is obviously a pain with the entire function for this application being created in the first place is to make it easier for mobile use on the go. Ive booked somewhere around 500 hotels in the last 10years of my life through this app and for the first time I’m considering, switching to a competing booking application. Not sure what is the hold up or why it has gone downhill in the last year, but it needs work fast.
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3 years ago, JS Taylor
Horrible customer service BEWARE
I kept getting random emails saying that I had a reservation coming up in the very near future, could not figure out what it was referring to. Went to my mobile app under my bookings just to check, and this reservation is no where to be found. The email had a confirmation number and everytime I clicked on it, it took me straight to my bookings within the app. Still no reservation of the sort. So tried to use the chat option, and that was a disaster. Called customer service and it took 45 minutes before someone came on the line. I told the representative why I was calling, and she was apparently seeing the reservation on her end. She said do you want to cancel it, and I said yes, but I did not make it. She said I was still in the grace period and wouldn’t be charged. I told her I better not be charged and asked her multiple times how the reservation was placed and each time she ignored my question. I am very suspicious that someone may be making these reservations that people are unaware of, then their card gets charged. BEWARE!!! Very angry former customer
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2 months ago, Lady Vee Dallas doll
No loyalty!! Not HUMAN
I’ve been with this company over 12 years. I used their platform exclusively to book my travel even overseas. I earned loyalty rewards as a gift that were taken back! How do you take back an earned gift? Literally 10 days past a ridiculous deadline during Christmas season. Terrible. I was prompted to download the app while searching a new reservation and discovered they’d converted my reward to a new “ONE KEY CASH” system. I searched for a reservation, couldn’t locate the hotel I wanted, came back 2 weeks later, reward VANISHED. No banner warning that the CASH would expire in I .e., *3 days *10 days. Almost as if they were hoping I’d not use my earned cash for being loyal. They DID however have notices of my expiring loyalty tier — I .e., silver, Gold etc —- on each booking page asking to book before Dec 30th, 2023. It’s Dec 24th. I chatted, emailed, searched with this company just to get blanket rigid computer responses stating nothing they can do to help a loyal customer. Warning: DO NOT have a medical emergency that stops you from traveling during recovery. This company doesn’t care. My mom had a stroke July 1st 2022. We had no capacity or thought for travel while caregiving. They’ve refused assistance from management or to extend even a few days. So much for loyalty on their part. Business is sustained with people & relationship. They just lost a customer.
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4 years ago, Sir SAGE
This is a good app. Of the many app options to make reservations for hotel stays, this is the app that I keep on the forefront. I like the idea of narrowing the availability of hotels down to the area that I’m located in & once the hotels are done for the area the app will begin to venture to the outskirts of your location. Any questions or concerns pertaining to the booking are included on attached pages like room facts, requirements, small secrets, etc. The only thing that’s missing per hotel page is the actual hotel phone number but that’s easy to find through your web browser. Overall I recommend the app to many of my friends. Customer service is good, the agents are patient & give their REAL names, & will stay on the line until all concerns are dealt with; they make sure you don’t hang up unhappy, for the most part. The things that are out of their control like deposit reimbursement, a manager or hotel staff that refuses to honor the booking, a hotel that has overbooked but it doesn’t show on the app, etc. is just that, out of their control. But that’s just 10% vs. 90% of the issues and concerns that they can control or change.
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4 years ago, HTo0190
Customer care
I was just about to give up on this app completely! I stayed 10 nights, and was not able to get my stamps for any nights. However, I decided to call and no one was able to help me after constantly being hung up on. Then I decided to try the help chat and after an hour and a half of non stop transferring from one department to another. As well as constant disconnections I was just furious. Then finally, I was transferred to another agent Christine Joy C. it showed up as on our chat, and she literally fixed everything in under 10 min. I don’t see why any of the other multiple agents I spoke to prior was not able to do what she just did for me. No one was able to answer a simple question. Honestly a simple yes or no would have been suffice after an hour, but instead gave me the run around. I hate writing reviews, and truthfully I would have given this app and customer care a zero star rating if it was possible, but because I was actually grateful for her assistance I give you guys 5 stars and I will continue to book through this app for future endeavors.
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8 months ago, Esfandiarisan
It’s not reliable
I booked a room for me and my girlfriend. When I arrived they said I only booked for one person even though I paid extra for breakfast for 2 people. The hotel insisted I must pay extra for an extra person. They didn’t care that my receipt clearly showed I paid for 2 breakfasts, the booking only said one person. I know there is no way I would have knowingly booked a room for 1. Obviously selecting the breakfast extras didn’t trigger any conflicts. The whole thing was a mess and because The Holiday Inn was so rude and obtuse and stuck on me paying extra, I had to leave. The booking was non refundable. I even tried to get them to cancel the booking so I could rebook it with 2 people so I could show the hotel that the problem was with the app, they didn’t care. All around a horrible experience. Edit: I already tried talking to customer service. They did nothing and basically told me it’s my fault because I booked for 1 person and not 2. Which didn’t happen. I definitely booked for 2 and paid for breakfast for 2. Edit 2: You already suggested this. Broken AI making responses? Do you always answer with the same thing? Get some humans in charge and then we will talk.
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2 years ago, WhyINeedANicknames
The experiment was good at first, then I have to call in and change my staying days to later due to travel issues. I call CS, waited for an hour or so to change my booking days. They said everything is gone thru and I was all set. Until the days before my staying, I call the hotel and they said there no booking or reservations under my name’s. I contact CS again, they said they’ll contact the hotel and solve my situation and call the hotel back to confirm later. I call the hotel again, there NOTHING under my names. I’ll started getting frustrated because I’ll already paid and the price was not cheap. I’ll contact them 2 more times and every time they said it will sorted out. NOTHING WAS SOLVED. I get extremely frustrated then I meet Yashna. This 5* is for her. SHE IS THE ONLY HELFUL AGENTS FOR THIS WHOLE APP. Instead of saying things like it’s will sorted out, just waited for a bit, bla bla bla…. She FOUND the problem and FIX IT. Anw, I spend too much time and too much stress using this app. Bye. This 5 stars is for Yashna.
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4 years ago, DNVickster20
Not Helpful
I booked with this site all of the time. Yesterday, we arrived at our “hotel” at 6pm and they had no clean rooms. They actually gave us keys to a room that was being used! They told us to come back in two hours! I called the 800 number for help and was treated horribly by Bella a manager. She was rude and would not help. I understand we had a non-refundable rate and we would have stayed at our accommodation if they would have had a room for us. But they did not even though they kept claiming they did! Pretty unacceptable, there’s like 100 other sites like this I could use, but I’ve always used this one because I have never had a problem. On hold for over twenty minutes just to get transferred to someone who was completely rude and unhelpful. I still would like my full refund. A definition of a reservation is you have a room waiting for you since we already paid. People were coming in after us getting cleaned rooms and no one would help us out! Absolutely unacceptable!
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4 years ago, Pedro Vizcarra
Going back to Expedia.
Been using for 6 years. Gold level most months so I know how to use it and how to book and apply my rewards nights. Somehow magically after applying my free night and an extra night at regular price and submitting payment I was logged out of the system so it charged me full price and no free night which expires soon ( the only reason I'm using it.) I called and talked to 3 over seas reps, super hard to comunicate with, I was able to get a supervisor, just another waste of time, again I made a reservation "out of the system" and that's all I could get out of them, yet the app knew my credit cards, my info, my reward nights and of course I got the email with the conf # all of this while, according to them doing it without logging in, I tried to explain all this to all the reps to no avail, they could not do anything for me except to use my free night some other day so I'm stuck paying almost unplanned $500 and no one can do crap forme. Calling my bank see if that can just cancel the charge booking my free night only and dropping this clowns. I've easily booked close to 200 nights if not more and not once I've needed help, and the one time I get terrible customer service and useless options. Not worth the hassle. Booking straight with the hotel from now on.
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1 year ago, Mai Feedback
Intermittent issues logging in
I always set my app to stay logged in but once in a while it would kick me out and ask me to log back in ( enter user ID and pwd). The problem is when I enter my login info it keeps saying incorrect login but I can use the same login info on the website just fine. I even requested for new pwd reset and the issue still happens >.< so frustrating. The only way I am ever able to resolve it is to uninstall then reinstall the app again. So much time wasted!! I want to use the app vs the web bc its "supposed" to be easier to access. I love it when it works but it's becoming annoying after this has happened 2-3 times already. Do not bother calling their support bc they have no idea how the app works, they ask for my hotel confirmation # (?!? not sure why that's even relevant) after explaining to them 3 different ways that I need to talk to IT or someone who can help with their App. they could not offer any help. Ended up asking what other options I have besides uninstalling the app...the response was, yea OK just do that. Ugh wasted more time should just troubleshoot it yourself and save some time >.<
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2 years ago, pennieolivia
Glitchy app and terrible customer service
I’ve been using the app for a while and have been unable to change my password, despite repeated attempts. The app says it sends me an email to reset the password, but I never receive it. It doesn’t go to my spam folder. The app continuously keeps me logged in, but for some reason during my last booking, it logged me out and created a new guest account. I had already collected seven stamps and expected the booking to count towards my original seven stamps. But since it created a guest account, the digital customer service agent said she couldn’t help me and could not credit the stamps to my original account. I called customer service and received an email a few days later. They basically blamed it on me for not being logged on (I have no control over the app glitching) and refused to credit the stamps. Furthermore, they instructed me on how to create a permanent account, which I quite clearly no how to do, considering I’ve used my permanent account for seven bookings. Beyond frustrating. I chose to use this app specifically for the rewards. I’m going to use it a few more times, hope it works properly, collect my reward and go elsewhere. Do not recommend.
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1 year ago, NikNik822
Be careful!!!
Please be careful if you stay here. Triple check your receipts. The general manager was allowed to change my rate at check in for a reservation I made 4 weeks prior to the holiday weekend. Hilton Honors customer service spoke with the manager and emailed him proof of what he did. They advised him to reverse it. The money was taken out of my account immediately. Now I’m having to fight to get reimbursed. The general manager put a note on my account saying I had to provide proof. He decided to leave work and not check his email for the proof from Hilton Honors. So me and my family were forced to sit in the lobby at 11 pm because of somebody with a very unprofessional and spiteful attitude. I chose this brand because I have always had the best stays at any Hilton hotel. I stayed at this hotel less than 3 weeks ago. And it was perfect!! That’s why I chose to stay again. Unfortunately, the sweet administrative staff member that I had at my last visit was not here. Still a great hotel. Cleanliness 5/5. Room size 5/5. Location 5/5. Feels like home away from home. But please triple check your bank accounts at check in, during your stay and check out!!
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3 years ago, bartt clay you all lie
Customer service is horrible
They do a bait and switch they give you codes for extra stamps that you won’t get instead there system conveniently don’t show something that you know you did gold membership also a lie you never get the perks they say you will and when it’s something simple to fix they give you the run around so after many years of using the service and average 150 ish nights a year I will book one more night through them to get my free night which I should have already had then I will no longer use them or their parent company Expedia and I think the only way to stop these crooks these liars is by boycotting there services until they realize that the customer is what keeps them relevant DO NOT USE THEM THEY WILL CHEAT YOU IN THE END AND THEN ACT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU DID. Oh the offer you a coupon for garbage because no place I stayed ever full filled the perks they claim you will get
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6 years ago, yook
Trying to talk to customer service has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a company. I called in four separate times because twice the agent hung up on me when they didn’t understand my question instead of just telling me they didn’t know, after taking several minutes for me to have to spell out my email. The third time the girl had someone in the background telling her how to reply to me (I’m assuming she was in training) but then she said she needed my user ID, and when I asked where I could find that on either the app or website they couldn’t tell me. I said “okay, well that’s no problem but can you just tell me if it’s possible to get instant gold status like you advertise online?” I was told they could not answer that question for security!!! The fourth time I called and asked how to get instant gold status the guy responded with variations of “Do you need to book a hotel?” ????? Will never book another hotel through this company because I can only imagine the nightmare of calling in if something went wrong. Do yourself a huge favor and book through the major chains’ apps, as they will always be cheaper. The only way apps like this or Expedia is cheaper is on local, non-chain places.
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3 months ago, jqubedTV
Can’t seem to view properties sent to me
My wife tried sending me a link to a hotel she’d found. It made me install the app to view it. There was a note about it copying the destination so I could see it after I installed the app, but nothing like that has worked. Even trying the link she sent again after I installed the app, it just opens the app up to the main screen. That’s useless. Why can’t you just have links shared out of the app take people to your webpage? This service started as a webpage! At the top of the webpage you can have a banner that opens the content in the app, like just about every other service I use on this phone. In the end my wife sent me a link to the property on a completely different service, which seems like the opposite of what you want. Even trying to search for the property on here with the big search box on the main page it seems to not let me without putting in dates and things. This has been a terrible user experience, and then the app popped up a box asking me to rate it after 2 or 3 actions on my part and just a minute or two of use. Congratulations on earning the quickest 1-star review I’ve ever given.
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2 years ago, Scline78
I booked my stay with Wyndham Kingsgate in Williamsburg VA when I got there the gate keeper could not find my reservation sent me to the desk. I go in and try to find my reservation with them I showed them my confirmation and nothing is in their computer. I showed them hotels took my money also. It was after 4 as I was suppose to check in at and the office they needed to call was closed. They kept telling me Expedia and I said no hotels and they said oh they own them. I said ok where is my money then if you don’t have it and what do I do for a room, the lady Nico was amazing there and gave us a room regardless and told us to come back again tomorrow to check for our reservation and still next day comes and NOTHING! This point I am beyond embarrassed and feel like I have just lost my money I paid to you guys! They assured me they would accommodate us and not put us out. I have never been so unsatisfied and disappointed as I have with a booking company as I have now. I am skeptical to even use you all again! But thank you Wyndham for not ruining our vaca and making our stay nice. But what a mess to have to deal with for two of our days there.
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4 years ago, DaveTrish
Liars. Cheats. Do not book with these people. Go direct to the hotel.
If you ever try to cancel a reservation or change it to one less day, good luck! The ladies in the Philippines will try to wear you down with phones they claim don’t work and they will insist that they must waste the poor front desk person’s time to “approve” a refund. Then after they spend hours of your time saying they can’t refund your money, they will finally get a hold of the front desk (most likely only if you are there to personally watch the front desk person receive the call). Then they will have their “approval” but they will tell you that you need to call back the next morning to get your refund. You will spend hours and your blood will boil because you can’t believe they think they can get away with such poor service. This is false economy at its best. Don’t get sucked into their scam if you value your time more than about $1/hour. Someone should file a class action lawsuit against these practices, but where? Who knows where these people operate from. They refuse to say where they are headquartered. Sleazy internet company b.s. Apple should require a physical address or not publish their app, IMHO.
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1 year ago, cdocemployee
Bad process, no star
When searching for hotels in Santa Barbara, there were not many hotels that met the criteria because we had dogs and because we booked on the same day. We chose one of the hotels automatically recommended by the app and placed an order. However, when navigating, we found that it was not in santa barbara but near a Danish town, which did not match our plan. We contacted the hotel right away to get the room back. The hotel said that it was booked through a third party, and you need to find a third party, that is, hotels. We immediately contacted the customer service of the hotels. The customer service said that we needed to contact the hotel and asked us to wait online for 5 minutes. Then he said that for those who have not contacted the hotel, let us wait for the email for 72 hours. We called the hotel again and she said the manager needed to be contacted again. We drove directly to Santa barbara and booked a hotel from hotels. The next day, we contacted the hotels again and said that the money had been withdrawn from their system because we did not go to the hotel. This is so infuriating.
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3 years ago, Momagirl1
Marina Banderas Suites, Nuevo Vallarta Mexico
This by far will be one of the easiest reviews to write. My husband and I stayed a couple of nights at this resort and will be recommending it to all my family and friends. It absolutely is a gem. The rooms were nice and clean, the personal touches(fully stocked mini bar), was outstanding. At first we were a little Leary with it not being a large place but the staff, especially Alida and her daughter Alida, made us feel welcomed, and safe. They were extremely helpful and ALWAYS made sure we were taken care of. The on sight restaurant was excellent!!! The food was delicious, and they too met every need and/or request. We really, really felt welcomed and very well taken care of. I actually hated to leave. Staying there was the absolute highlight of our trip to Puerto Vallarta and an all around great decision I will definitely miss you all and hope to be back soon. Pam&Joseph W., Chicago, IL.
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1 year ago, Coaleston
My girlfriend & I stayed here to attend a concert in Savannah. The hotel is in the middle of a remodel & the owner is doing an amazing job updating the room. I do believe we may have been the first guests to stay in room 119. I loved the white clean look of the room & the art on the wall was beautiful. The owner did it himself! The staff was very friendly and helpful. We left to spend the day at Tybee Island (50 mins away) and I realized I didn't have my wallet. I panicked thinking I may have left it on top of the car. I called the hotel & management offered to go look in my room to see if I left it in there. He stated in the phone with me & I told him where I thought I may have left it. He found it!! Because of his willingness to go look for me we were able to enjoy our day. We'll definitely be back if ever in Savannah!!! NEVER SAW NOT ONE BUG!!!! They also have security that patrols the area as well.
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4 years ago, Caji1989
Disappointing app
I used this app to book an appointment with Hilton in Orlando and it went through. However I could not find this reservation in my app regardless of signing in and out multiple times. I could see all my previous reservation and cancelled reservations but just not this one. I could not cancel this reservation on the app at all. When I tried to browse through the email list to find the reservation information, I found my email was completely filled with this app’s advertisement and the useful information was overwhelmed. It was until the last day did I finally receive the confirmation saying that I have an appointment on the next day. I called their costumer service for 3 hours and they determined that not being able to see the reservation on my app is not their problem and processed my cancellation with a full charge of the booking. They agreed to give me an explanation but later on just told me that they cannot help me further with vague words and prevarications. There was not even a promise to improve the mobile app to avoid this kind of issue. Their attitudes are truly unhelpful and disappointing. I will never use this app again.
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4 years ago, Juandisim0
Buggy app / does not work for updates iPhone users
The website is good. I’ve used it before and found good deals. There is a bug in the search bar however. User are unable to “sort” the listings using the app. Listings appear in list format according to apps recommendation? So basically, if you want to search for a room based on price, rating or distance you are out of luck. The app has the built in sort feature, but users are unable to apply preferred sort options. I would just stick to the website platform. App has been botched recently. Do not download. This app accepts money from hotels to have them appear at the very top of your search results. Despite your financial or logistical preferences. TLDR. this app displays at the very top of search listings the hotels it receives money from. searching specifically by distance or cost is not an option on the app.
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7 months ago, tower_climber
Not an honest app anymore
I’ve been using this app for years and it keeps changing. I After staying 10 days in a hotel, you earn one stamp with a value that is prorated to the overall average percentage that you have spent each night on a hotel. They told me that I had a stamp worthy of $140 for one night. When I went to go use that stamp it still only took $97 off my book not $140. Had a stamp for $83 dollars and it only took $48 off my booking. Also, I was unable to use both stamps in one trip, which doesn’t make sense. What is the point of racking up points if you can’t use them in the same booking. This app has changed up drastically and now that it’s in a different format I have no way of getting the points that I had back before. Customer service is terrible. No one that answers is a native English speaker. I can’t even find the phone number now to call them because it’s not readily available. It’s an inconvenient app and it’s actually bogus. Some hotels won’t even allow you to use the points because they prefer you to pay them directly and don’t wanna be paid by points. Which means that you stay at some hotels. It could be the most perfect hotel all the amenities you like in the perfect location. But you won’t be able to use it because that hotel is too perfect and everybody wants that one so you can’t use points on it likely for that reason. I wouldn’t recommend anybody get caught up in this apps point system. There are better apps, this one is going downhill.
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4 years ago, angry baby god
Customer service is the worst, car below industry standard
Standards of the trade itself are not upheld and this leads to major stress attacks on body and beingness. Lack of respect and integrity for ones time. Uncaring. Will pass you off to another agent over and over until you give up your asking for a refund for a stay that was not completed due to hotel being unable to provide room that was a non smoking room. A stay where you did not stay. And, they’ll refuse to offer any kind of compensation for taking hours upon hours of your time. Or, they’ll off $10 when you were into communication repeating the issue over and over as they continue to pass you off and make you start again. This is an insult. It’s intentional and it’s force upon a being that doesn’t need the stress and damage to body and self. And, they don’t care. I do. Others do too. I’m not the only one frustrated and angry at their lack of proper customer support. 8 days and fight of 10 hours in having to get a refund for a stay where I was unable to stay. Something that could have been taken care of in a matter of minutes and the customer followed up with in a way that alleviates all the burden and responsibility that is not of the customer but for the “customer service” agent with the PAID job. Sad.
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3 years ago, appalled ex customer
Horrible service!
I am a gold member and I’ve rented hundreds of hotels through this app but when I rent a hotel room off of their app that has lost their business license due to prostitution and I request a refund because I was not able to even stay the night there and had to book another room and their records can verify this they told me that they had to speak to the people at the hotel room before they could grant me a refund. Funny thing is they’re never going to get a hold of them because like I said above the hotel has been shut down and has lost their business license .For this I would give them zero stars if that was even an option, the responses I get in my emails make me wonder about the intelligence of the people who typed them. I’ve told them numerous times that the hotel is not going to answer the phone because they are out of business and they still tell me that they have to speak to somebody at the hotel room to refund my money I would’ve been better off setting my money on fire and watching a burn. Anybody that sees this review believe what I say and do not use this app. Jared Fronek Hall of Fame Moving
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10 months ago, Adelgadorey
Overall, good, but don’t trust the “upcoming trips” to be correct
I’m conflicted, because I use this app A LOT. And when it works, it’s great; but twice now a reservation I made never showed up in “upcoming trips”…if you’re extremely organized and keep track of all your confirmation and cancellation emails this might not be an issue, but when you make as many reservations and changes as I do, it’s a recipe for disaster. I just lost $900 because I’d initially booked two hotels in a city and only one showed up in the app. And I checked it every few days for almost a year after booking. The other hotel just emailed me to see when I’d be checking in since I was “a day late” and I had to pay two nights. The trip magically showed up after I spoke to customer service…twice. Now I have 4 active bookings on the app but only staying at one hotel 🤦🏽‍♀️ I really do appreciate the ease of booking, but the app should accurately reflect everything that someone has going on.
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6 years ago, FariMoni
Great app, but changing booking could be made easier.
Great app. Easy to use. My only complaint is that if you want to change your booking to a different hotel, you can’t do it online - even if you have a fully refundable booking. My experience was I was required to call customer service. When I called, for the new hotel I wanted to book they were showing a substantially higher rate than what I was seeing on the app. So I opted to do it myself online by just canceling the original booking and re-booking it at the better rate. It would be easier if I could just have an option to change my booking without all the machinations of cancellation and rebooking. If I must call customer service, then surely they should offer me the same prices that I see online, not higher prices. Anyway, apart from that, great app!
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5 years ago, Daykd90
I had reserved a room for 2 nights, just in case I needed the 2nd night. It is currently 10 days until check in. Tried to modify it on the website, I couldn’t because there was no room available. Umm, what? Called and I talked to someone. She stated that there were no rooms available to make the change. I wasn’t trying to add a room or a night. I was trying to get rid of one. She offered to call the hotel to see if they could modify the reservation. She came back on the line to tell me that they were unable to change it. Something wasn’t sitting right. She kept wanting me to either change hotels or cancel my entire reservation. I ended up calling the hotel directly and spoke to the same woman that the woman from hotels spoke to. She immediately told me that there were rooms available and that she could have changed the status. I ended up directly booking with the hotel, for less money than through hotels, and canceling my booking through hotels. I’m sorry, but I am not going to pay an extra $250 because hotels didn’t want to help. Awful customer service!!!! Will not be using again!
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5 years ago, A/V Tech Guy
Update the App
You want people to right reviews as you request them quite frequently. It would be nice if the App does not reset in the middle of writing a review. I I leave the app to check a picture or to get/confirm a detail on my review everything O types and even the selections I made are all gone. This is very irritating and makes people not want to start over. You are actually causing people to not want to leave a review because all the details they have typed are lost. What happens when your 99% done giving a ton of detail and some one called you. All your hard work is now gone. Fixing this EXTREMELY IRRITATING problem should be addressed immediately. I even tried to make a review during down town when waiting to board, sitting on a train, etc and it would be nice for my info to remain so that I can review and continue later. Again everything disappears you really have to fix this problem. Trust me your rate of receiving reviews will go up substantially!!!
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1 year ago, flooded room
Nightmare waking up to the entire room flooded
Our trip turned out to be a nightmare in room 105, my husband woke up to use the restroom and the entire bathroom and half of the room were flooded. The pipe busted and water was gushing out, our personal belongings were all saturated, shoes and suitcases. After trying to call they sent a man over and we were moved upstairs. This was at 4 am and we’re having to pack everything wet and go upstairs with no offer to help either. Then at 9:10 in the morning the maid was opening the door!!! That incident unacceptable!!! We tried our best to enjoy our 2 night stay and asked if we could do a late check out 2:pm for non fee and the inconvenience we experienced and that was approved. We asked to speak with the Manager numerous times and that was unfortunately unsuccessful. We expected the manager to at least stop by to apologize for the inconvenience and or at least check in on our stay post room transfer but that never happened. My husband and I were unhappy with the stay without a doubt.
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3 years ago, Lanoshah
Worst add a customer service
I have never seen the worst customer service like this!!! I have booked a room on January 14 till January 15 by mistake I wanted to book my room on January 15 till January 16 the minute that I made my mistake I called and asked to change the date just for an extra 24 hour which will be January 15 to January 16!! I called about 3-4 times and they keep telling me to wait and wait and wait and then when I fed up I called the last time and then at the end they tell me that you will need to book another room in FULL price because we can’t change the dates for you even if it was just for the extra day..!!!!!!!! This is the most ridiculous I have ever seen like this before. I’m never coming back ever again or dealing with this app again!! I DO NOT recommend this app to nobody because they just take their money and go they don’t care about any situation or whatever cost.. I am highly disappointed I have been with this ad for years and just for an extra day they couldn’t change the date and wanted me to pay a whole Nother price for no reason.
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3 years ago, Twisted30
I tried to book a room. I get to the payment and see there is now an option for Apple Pay... except it didn’t work, because my “shipping” address doesn’t match. So, I thought I needed to update my account. Can’t get directly to my account - had to back all the way out of the booking to get to my account. Turns out, there is no way to enter your physical address to the account! So they have Apple Pay option, which is impossible to use!!! So, I go through everything all over again to book the room and pay with card - that still works. But, you are on the page of booking confirmation and to get back to home, or anything else, you have to tap back... back, back, BACK AGAIN! Why?!? So then I go to send feedback... get half way through and there’s a pop-up to let me know the booking has been confirmed. Why?!? So, I click “ok” and it sends me back to home! Everything I typed into feedback is gone! WHO DESIGNED THIS APP?!?!?!?
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5 months ago, Sukerinaa
Fantastic stay
Our stay at the Meridiani Taksim Hotel was excellent. The hotel is a boutique hotel that is new, clean, and very comfortable. Its location is also convenient, especially for people who want to visit Nisantasi and Taksim. Although walking to Taksim may seem close, the road is hilly and can be quite tiring. The only downside of the hotel is that it does not serve breakfast. During the booking process, it was mentioned that breakfast could be added, but it is not provided by the hotel itself. Instead, guests have to go to the hotel next door, and unfortunately, the breakfast there is not enjoyable. Nevertheless, the hotel is definitely worth its price, and the staff members are very friendly, especially Eyman! He provided exceptional service and made sure that each of us was comfortable. He went above and beyond to ensure our happiness. I highly recommend this hotel.
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3 years ago, lexi97014
The absolute worst booking app you could possibly get they advertise that they will refund you if the hotel doesn’t let you stay totally false information the hotel will not let us stay because we are locals which is the Ramada inn don’t ever stay there lady is so rude this booking site wanted to charge me the full amount of my stay which is $204 to change your reservation even though it’s supposedly guaranteed refunded if it’s on the hotel not you then if you do get a refund it takes over 10 days to receive itLong story short three days later I am paying out of my pocket again here at hotels over $600 they have over 200 of mine and they still won’t make a change to my reservation been on the phone with them for over four days now trying to get not my money back just a reservation change worst hotel booking site you could possibly get every time you get someone on the line for customer service it’s a 2 1/2 hour wait and then they’ll hang up on you so you don’t have to deal with it
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2 months ago, DWWGEE
Simple, but satisfying.
The hotel is not much to look at from the outside, and the lobby and reception area is pretty dated, but I found the rooms to be very pleasant and cleverly laid out even though the room I chose was quite small. The hotel could certainly use some updating, but it was clean and very comfortable and I found staff to be pleasantly helpful. The bigger surprise was the free breakfast, which was really quite good considering there was no additional charge for it. If I could just spend a little time with the chef and teach them, how to properly cook bacon, breakfast would be a home run. I should mention the fact that I would’ve considered the hotel to be an excellent value if it had been twice the price. I paid a little over €60 for a Hilton property. I would call that one heckuva value.
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2 months ago, Codedissection
You guys didn’t put my review of hotel metropole I stay in
You guys didn’t put my review of the hotel metropole that didn’t refund my money back for the service they didn’t provide . That’s not fair The hotel has no electricity for 3 days straight. From December 23 to December 25 of Christmas Day. The room was freezing coz There’s no power to turn the heater on, It was pitch out dark All night inside the hotel. We have to use our smartphone flashlight . We can’t take a shower coz there no water heater. There’s no WiFi or to charge our smartphone coz it’s running out of battery. Our 3 years old can’t Bath and Watch kids streaming in their flat screen. While the rest of the hotel has already have electricity. We are sitting duck the moment We check in of December 23, 2023 Saturday. That has no electricity . We have to check out early 8am December 24, so we can go to the next door hotel has Electricity so we can shower and charge our smartphone coz the battery is dead And after 2 weeks of waiting for my full refund. hotel metro pole Has the audacity to charge us $301 for one day we stay With zero electricity. I even have all the photo of metropole hotel with no lights at night and next door building has power and video evidence the date Edison company installing a transformer of December 25 late 10am in the morning of Christmas . What a joke is this !! I have a right to inform people the horrible nightmare. we experience at this expensive $300 a night hotel .
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1 year ago, 130+ countries visited
Used to be wonderful
We have used this app extensively through our international and domestic travels of approximately 6 months out of a year. Recently there was a change in the site that doesn’t show all the hotels in geh search area, it now show them in clusters that you need to click on. Also if I put in a specific town, get the results, switch to maps, the location shown is not the town I am searching for, sometimes not even close. When you don’t know an area this completely confuses the search. Or if I put in a landmark, the landmark is not pinned so I don’t know where the hotel locations are in relation to the landmark. ***please change the site back to when it was easy to search and know the result location in relation to where I am looking!***
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4 years ago, Pulgoso112
Never again booking with this negligent third party!!
I have been trying to reach your company in several times regarding to my hotel reservation. I'm in quarantine for the next 14 days and won't be available to have my vacations in the city. I have any problem to cancel my flights and tour in the city because we know is an emergency. Also the NYC shutdown restaurants and bar making our time there uncomfortable. Last time I reached hotel. com representative they just limited to said that can't assist me because I don't have a cancellation policy and hugh on the phone call. I called direct to the Hotel and Mariott indicate me that will allow reservations to be canceled without penalty. I believe is very disrespectful as a customer and loyal client of the company. I have book several night in the last two months and was planing to book more in the future. We are not asking for nothing that common sense can understand. For courtesy hotels. com should cancel and refund our reservation If have respect for their customer. I won't ever recommend this webpage again.!!!
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1 month ago, Raven's Poe
One key
I used to book only through you.. your rewards were outstanding.. since the new system went in place (one key) .. I’m finding better deals elsewhere.. just booked Caesar's through Southwest Airlines and got a discount better than the couple of dollars that I was going to get from you.. you tout the ability to use your rewards across multiple platforms.. but the rewards aren’t what they used to be… I saved 100 Dollars going through southwest… on just one trip.. I truly miss you guys, you’re customer support is amazing, but am on a tight budget for a while and I can’t afford to lose money.. only takes me a few minutes to find a better deal… miss you, miss your amazing customer service.. miss getting free nights…bye for now
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2 months ago, sacha.gc
Recent stay was horrible
My recent stay was so scary and horrible I booked a room for two days …I checked in and went to work …I came back at much to relax for an hour or two unpin arrival the bathroom door was on the floor and there were tools left on the bathroom counter. I left and called the front came back at 10 pm same thing… I was to tired to call and complain at the moment I got up and left the next morning hoeing when I came back it would be taken care of . Again for the second time I cane back and my room door was left unlocked and opened with my personal belongings. When I called the front desk the person who answered told me that someone called for towels and the house keeper went into my room accidentally??? I had my personal belongings in the room and the door was wide open . All I got was a sorry … not a ok miss we’re sorry and let’s do something to make it better. Nothing !!!! I am a single woman and this experience was so scary that I slept in my car that night in the pouring rain.
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3 months ago, Dirk Suave
They’ve made some improvements
Alright, been coming here for a few years now, it has overall gotten better over the years. There are still some other improvements they need to work on. Hand held shower heads in the shower. This one is small but I’ve been to Europe a few times and this is now the standard to have. Better WiFi repeaters in the building. The second you close your phone it loses signal. My girls phone would lose signal while she was using it. And lastly they have to keep an eye on their luggage carriers better. Three different people just kept the luggage carriers and never brought them back for others to use. So had to take multiple trips with our belongings. We will continue to go here as logistically it’s super close to our families house. But they still have some things to fix.
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9 months ago, montoya97
Horrible I been trying to book a hotel and this app is a headache
I was able to schedule my California hotel without no issues or problems on this app back in 2019 and now when I want to plan a international trip to the UK for my birthday it won’t load hotels up besides California and other cities like Florida I searched back in 2019 and local hotels in my area and that is not what Im needing and I’m tired of apps not working properly at all when I’m trying to plan something to know how much money to have ready and on hand for the trip because this is my first international experience flight and trip and I’m trying to make sure I'm able to secure a hotel without going to hotels trying to get a room and this app needs help or something to fix this issue I’m having I done went on 3 different networks and it does the same thing not able to find hotels but online there so many options on the same website so I’m not sure what is going on with there international trip booking.
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9 months ago, Tori pow
I find it frustrating, stressful, neither term should be used while traveling abroad. I took a trip last weekend, the hotel staff actually did some weird half@$$ room service where they made the bed, cleaned out the fridge (which had my lunch, kids juice, candy, etc) about 15-20$ worth- no reason, just gone. All the little soaps were gone-and not replaced, and the dirty laundry was placed on the desk table? Well, because I used a third party Expedia, the hotel couldn’t directly discount or credit my stay, I had to spend 30 minutes on hold just to get a Expedia representative on the phone…still frustrated!! I am not sure why, but they couldn’t understand why I was upset. They needed to call the hotel to speak with the manager to facilitate any type of refund/discount-anything would have been nice. Needless to say, a week later and no discount, no resolution, not even a response. Just had to eat that horrible sandwich. I believe you are better off just dealing with the hotel of choice app.
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3 years ago, Pakitt
Good app with potential
Updated on Oct. 9th, 2020: still to this day it is not possible to add a reservation to a calendar. Either from the app or the web portal. Is it that difficult to add a button that exports and ics file to add the reservation, check out/in Times to a calendar? I have used so far almost only the web portal, it is simply more practical due to the screen size (and I have an 8 plus..) Once a reservation is finished and confirmed it would be nice to have 1) the possibility to add the reservation to calendar, 2) the reservation page should be closed and return to the home page - which is quite important since the confirmation email doesn’t arrive immediately and if you leave the app and come back to it, it still shows the reservation page, with a not yet finished reservation. Moreover it would be nice if the search by looking at the map could be updated when the map is moved, so that one can check other neighborhoods in more detail or close-by suburban towns close to a big city. Essentially a “search here/nearby current location displayed” like Google maps offers. If these features were implemented, I would give it a 5 stars. And BTW: why not add Touch ID/Face ID login for added security (2 factor authentication is missing btw) and the possibility to pay with Apple Pay from within the app.... ;)
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4 years ago, Mykellitt
Not a very user friendly app
Booked a room and then found another one further down in the app for a better price and closer to my destination, but can’t cancel the original booking in the app. So I booked a hotel room at 530 am and had to call at 1 pm that same day because it still had not updated in the app where I could cancel it, so I called in and had to be put on hold 3 times while they either waited for the system to find it or I had to verify my information multiple times and still be put on hold. Then to top it off, the guy wasn’t sure what to say or how to say it when he was explaining the refund when I hadn’t pairs for it and so I had to explain to him that I wasn’t getting a refund because I did not pay for it and chose to pay for the room when I checked in. Nevertheless, it was 23 minutes of my life I will never get back because the app won’t let you cancel. I thought this was 2020, but everyone acts like it is 1976.
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4 years ago, Keith Ragan
Don’t waste your time.
I booked my hotel 2 days in advance, and when I arrived to my hotel ( after driving for 10 hours straight and only slept for 2 hours ) they did not have my reservation. I showed the confirmation number, my ID, and the front desk person sent me to the same hotel down the street to see if my reservation was over at that location. Went to the second location he told me he didn’t have it and on my reservation it said that it was addressed to the first location I went to. So I drove back to the first location and the front desk lady was arguing with another customer saying she couldn’t find his reservation even though he had booked it a week in advance. Then proceeded to tell him that they had no rooms available and that there was nothing she could do. And mind you I came to this hotel wearing a mask ( due to coronavirus ) and there were signs plastered all Over the place saying “ no mask, no service” but the front desk lady wasn’t wearing a mask or gloves. No hand sanitizer anywhere in sight.
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5 years ago, 486327846
Never again
The lack of customer service I received was horrendous. I booked a hotel and chose the "pay at hotel" option. The fine print on this site was I would be charged the day I checked into my hotel, which was going to cost me $233 a night not including their taxes or fees. I went ahead and booked it, was excited and had it all planned out. 3 days before my check in, I got charged $233. This put my account NEGATIVE OVER $200 b/c I didn't have the funds in there yet! I called cust. service to see what happened and the Rep told me since it was V-day weekend it was charged 72 hours early? That was NOT disclosed or on the page. She pretty much told me too bad so sad and when I was trying to figure out a solution b/c I literally did not have the funds in my account and they charged my card without authorization for that certain date. She kept interrupting and talking over me saying "I'll cancel your booking I'll cancel your booking." THERES NO REFUNDS WHEN YOU CANCEL ANYWAYS! Will never use again. They mess up, they don't help. You're SOL.
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6 years ago, facefive
Customer service.......
As of right now I am very frustrated with the app. I have signed up, reserved a hotel, I have a confirmation number, and everything I need. However, when I try to login to the app, it won’t let me. I have tried every possible email or password it could possibly be, and none of them work. Including the one I booked my room with. It has somehow magically disappeared. I can however type in my last name, and confirmation number, and everything pops up. But even in that area, I cannot find any information as to what they have me signed in under. After looking through all of the options trying to figure this out, I found the customer service section. It is an absolute waste of time. There is no where I can find that will give me a place to either email, or a phone number to call, and speak with someone. So as of right now, I am going to give this one star because I need customer service and apparently I can’t get it. Other than that, the booking went smooth.
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