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User Reviews for HotelTonight - Hotel Deals

4.88 out of 5
519.7K Ratings
1 month ago, Nando Nunez
Sent Feedback and NO REPLY; Unexpected from Hotel Tonight
I seriously have never been so disappointed and mistreated by a hotel (citizenM - Downtown Los Angeles) as my partner and I were during our stay there. First off, at check-in the gentleman forgot to take or input a credit card for incidentals. Along with this, I asked if we could do a late check out just in case we had too much fun in DTLA. Unfortunately, he must’ve forgotten. He was really nice though. This morning, we were awakened by loud knocking and a request to leave immediately. We immediately called the front and reminded them of what we had asked for. We were told it was fine. But soon thereafter received a call again asking for us to go to the front immediately since there was no card on file. While I understand policies and such. As a superintendent of schools, I say “approach determines response” and I was fuming. In the end, as we were leaving, I asked an attendant for information on a manager. She shared that he was there and she would ask him over. She clearly went to get him. She came back with a gentleman who didn’t greet or anything but stood there. She shared for me to email instead. How distasteful and disrespectful. I feel that there should be something done. I am appalled. Hotel Tonight has always been great in customer service and I look forward to a resolution and response for this issue. CitizenM was a major disappointment.
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6 years ago, AlvinAbelCat
Great hotel choices and prices, BUT treated poorly upon arrival
The concept of the app is genius. Prices are good and fair for last min booking. Would be great if they could lower the prices after a certain time frame and/or offer a rate for after 2am check in and same day check out. Sometimes you just party too hard that you just want to crash in a nice bed till 10am and leave. (This is directed to the business development team when picking new places) But I realize that third party bookings are not the main revenue generator but at least treat us with some kind of respect. We filled a room for a very low price that might have been empty. We helped you achieve 100% occupancy and made you look good to corporate... if you have a bigger room, maybe a upgrade would be nice because after that, I’ll always try and stay with you. I rather stay at the same place then different ones... in the end I paid for something. If it’s the quality you want to take out, fine but keep my check in process the same as others. And maybe offer more upgrade options... giving me a bunk bed for me and my man to sleep on after a club night is not cute. At least tell me your going to put me in there. POD hotel was smart and made separate category’s for the bunk rooms, they rest of you should too.
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4 years ago, Niels Sommerfeld
Terrible experience with my hotel and hoteltonight didn’t help AT ALL
I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. I booked 3 nights but I wasn't able to use them because of COVID. I attempted to contact them on social media, email, and phone multiple times months and weeks in advanced to try and move my dates but NO ANSWER. They finally responded days after my scheduled nights on SOCIAL MEDIA and told me it was too late and that I would only have 2 nights of credit. I then spent over 2 months trying arguing with Eduardo Larrinaga Jean the manager and Alberto with no justification on their end. I also tried to book the two nights that I was stuck with but there was no availability for the entire two months, unless they wanted me to pay extra. TERRIBLE customer service and a waste of my valuable time. If their team handled proper basic communication I wouldn't have lost a night. I am a business owner myself and I understand the importance of putting customers first and fixing a customers problem even if it costs them a night in the near term. But instead their team has made this simple fix extremely difficult to save one night of profit. I hope no customer is ever treated this way under any circumstance
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4 years ago, doc's hudbsnd
Great app
I had some booking issue on a recent trip. One was my fault, the other was on the hotels end. I contacted Hotel Tonight customer support team. I didn’t have any intention of mentioning my mistake, in booking one hotel for 1 night longer than I needed. The other issue was the booking hotel in a different city, told me my reservation was cancelled by HT, when I arrived. They would not book me without me paying twice as much. I booked a neighboring hotel, through HT, within 2 mins. And my stay there was fantastic. The customer service was prompt and friendly. They were able verify my reservation had been cancelled but by the hotel itself not HT. So they credited me with the full price of the booking. But wait it gets better!!! They also check into the hotel that I accidentally booked an extra night at ( I was going to basically eat the price of that booking, again my mistake) and gave me full credit for that night also! These credit are in app credits but good for 1 year! Happy Customer!!! See ya in the Hotel
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6 years ago, very poor customer service!
Very poor customer service
I have used this app many times and have had great experiences with it. However, recently I a very bad experience staying at a hotel in which The hoteltonight App had described as a suite. The room was a box with a broken phone and stains all over the comforter. The Hotel was booked so there were no other rooms to choose from and when I complained to hoteltonight they simply offered a $25 coupon when the room cost $388. The hotel itself was going to cut my price in half (because I initially was charged from both places). After going back-and-forth for hours, over the course for 2 weeks in the chat section of The app, I got nowhere. Finally, I was able to speak with someone on the phone who spoke little English and couldn’t understand my complaint. Once I think she finally did she asked if I would prefer a phone call or email back, I requested a phone call and of course I received an email. Something about read the terms blah blah blah. It’s unfortunate being a long-time customer that has booked many rooms with them, the first time I have an issue they did not handle it properly. It turns out if you contact hotels directly most times you can negotiate the price to lower than what hoteltonight is offering since they take a $50 cut of what you pay. Save your money and don’t use this app. You’ll also be saving yourself from a headache if you ever have an issue with a booking.
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3 years ago, -gorgeously apartment leaver
Oh no! Two bad experiences in a row
The worst hotel rooms. I’m pretty basic I need a safe clean room to sleep. First room book was cute but over looked construction. I accidentally booked this hotel in the app, it wasn’t too far away so I thought I’ll give it a go anyways. But the second morning at 5 am the construction beamed a light right into my room. Both mornings construction started promptly at 7 luckily I didn’t need it during the day. The second booking the room given you basically could jump out the window to get on the bus stop. No screens or locks the room reeked of Lysol I told the front desk they were telling me they couldn’t do anything and I said well I can’t stay here. I started to cry it was expensive and they reluctantly relocated me. The second room was one floor up better not Lysol smell but strong smoke smell and windows wouldn’t stay open nothing to prop it open either. And a crazy person was laughing all night I had to leave the tv on. The linens don’t feel fresh. I’m not kidding you the worst hotel experience of my life both hotel tonight and the hotels did nothing to help and just said well that’s the app the rooms we can’t sell. Like what? These rooms obviously no one should stay at. I am horrified and it really ruin my time in the city where I was needing a place to stay but not worth it to use this app. These rooms should not be given to anyone ever.
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7 years ago, alisonlee
Stranded in Alexandria with no hotel
I was in Alexandria VA this past weekend and showed up at my confirmed hotel and they didn't have my reservation. I waited at the front desk for about 45 min/1 hour while the woman tried to figure out what hotel I was supposed to be in. She was told that Hotel Tonight moved me to a different hotel. Of course I wasn't notified of this. As she was on the phone with Hotel Tonight who was trying to find me a new reservation (of which there were none in any hotels in the nearby area), I had plans and had people waiting on me. So I had to leave and was stranded without a hotel room bringing all of my belongings with me. I ended up having my father and I sleeping on the couch and the floor of a friend's hotel room. It was the most unpleasant experience I've ever had. And the email I received after I had left was an apology with a $35 credit which would barely cover a mini bar snack. This wasn't just an inconvenience, this was absolutely unacceptable, and they didn't make any effort to make it up to me. And to make matters worse, when I called to talk to someone about this, I couldn't get anyone on the phone because the phones were down! Worst customer experience ever. How would you feel if you were stranded in a city you've never been to with no hotel??? Even when you had a supposed confirmation??? Don't use this app. You might be left without a hotel room.
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3 years ago, Nannnmedna
Extremely bad customer service!
I have been a user of this app since 2015 and I am never giving another penny to this company ever again! Long story short I had to book four rooms in a last minute situation for family and friends. When we arrived at the hotel they had us pay separately for the rooms, in this attempt I was charged through the app and the hotel. The ending balance from the hotel and the app was $1460 for one night when I was quoted $108. I immediately contacted the hotel and hotel tonight, I was put through to six different people from hotel tonight’s customer service via email which none of them could form proper sentences or fix my problem, after responding to one person I was immediately transferred to another and had to explain my issue six different times! In the end hotel tonight didn’t do a single thing to fix my problem, they told me to go handle it with the hotel myself! I had to go to the hotel in my last day of vacation and get everyone’s money refunded back and hotel tonight still kept the money they charged me because once you confirm your reservation you approve that charge. Don’t give a penny to this app, if anything use Travelocity, Expedia, or show the actual hotel the rate of this dumb app and skip the middle man. The hotel should honor the price and you won’t have to give this app any of your money.
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5 years ago, JQP1234567890
Not (Necessarily!) the Best Deal
When I first started using HT a couple of years ago, I got the impression that the focus of this service was mostly last-minute, low-price (in other words, really good!) deals on unsold available hotel rooms. I did, in fact, get several screaming deals that I was unable to find on other sites. Since that time, however, the difference between what I can find here and on other sites has shrunk to the point that this service doesn’t really deliver many true ‘deals’, and I’m finding that availability is lower and prices are not, when compared to other sites. (I don’t mind the scarcity of available rooms—that sort of supports the idea of last-minute unsolds—but the pricing should be lower). This past weekend, I booked a room on HT, pre-paid for the room, then had the hotel present me with a receipt for the night when I checked out, reflecting (I guess) what they would’ve charged me had I booked directly with them...their price to me would’ve been just about 20% cheaper than I was able to get on HT. I might use HT again, but it’s lost some of its luster, making me feel like I can’t rely on the ‘good deal’ appeal anymore...I’ll have to go back to comparison shopping between several sites...buyer beware!
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12 months ago, Josh Moseley
Horrible customer service and a scam.
So there was a booking for one night May 27th-28th I went to check in and some how the booking was switched to June 27th-28th, which is useless to me because I don’t need it in a month I need it now. So I called them to have the booking switched to the correct day, the agent told me she had to ask the manager and wouldn’t you know it! The manger was out of town…because this company has ONLY one apparently…so she tell me she can’t change the booking because it has to be changed by the actual hotel. So I called them and they said it can only be canceled by Hotels tonight because they have the money and haven’t even booked the room yet…so I call customer service for HT…again and she tells me she spoke to the manger and he said since they can’t give me MY MONEY for a room I’m NOT GONNA USE FOR THE WRONG DATE! I’d have to book ANOTHER ROOM WITH MORE OF MY MONEY for a book that was switched on their end? So since I needed a room because I was traveling for work that night, I booked with them again! Because that was “the only way they would process my refund”… I call today and they have me on hold multiple times and after hours they send me a message saying they would give me a $40 credit for my next booking….from a $220 mistake they made….I legit hope nothing but the worst for this company ✌🏽
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3 years ago, polar.d
Terrible company and customer service
We booked a hotel through hotels tonight for a weekend stay. We specifically filtered the results to find a hotel with a pool as we planned to spend the weekend with our family enjoying this amenity. The information on hotels tonight both showed a picture of a pool and also listed an outdoor pool as an amenity. After arriving at the hotel, we were informed that there is no pool at the hotel, the only reason we booked this hotel. We contacted hotels tonight via email as well as phone customer service and explained the situation. After 3.5 hours of discussing the situation, they informed us that the only thing they could do was give us a $20 credit to our account. They admitted their error, changing the information on their listing. When asked what we could have done differently or what we did wrong in this situation, they recognized that we “did nothing wrong and the information listed was incorrect” and had “already contacted the local managers to make sure the information was correct.” They also confirmed with the hotel that what we were telling them was correct and informed us that because our payment was non refundable, they would be unable to do anything other than a measly $20 credit that has not even been posted to my account.
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3 years ago, yaitsrichy
Horrible App / Please read
A while back i was looking for a hotel to stay at overnight. I was traveling across the United States and i needed a place to stay. A friend recommended this app assuring they had great hotels for a great price. So i hopped on. Found a hotel. La quinta In Memphis Tennessee. The pictures looked great. The reviews even better. So i booked. I was pleased , that is until i showed up to the hotel. The place was trash, the employees were rude (person at the front desk constantly popped her tongue and rolled her eyes) the building was under repairs (there was pieces of the ceiling exposed / pipes exposed with no warning signs) and the doors to the rooms were broken ( you have to swipe your card about 10 times before getting being able to get in). Totally unsafe place to stay at. Nothing compared to the pictures or the reviews people had posted. I called customer and asked if there was any possible way i could get my refund due to the fact of how unsafe this place was. There response “ we have a no refund policy. You should ask a family member or friend if they would like to take your place “ ..... if you do decide to use this app. And you find a great deal. Show up to the hotel first. Ask to look at the rooms . Look around the building. If all checks out. Book the room. I wouldn’t want anyone else in the situation i found myself in.
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5 years ago, Valwill72
Make sure to read all the details
I originally booked a room through them and hadn’t realized that I booked the wrong type of room (1 bed instead of 2), they only have certain room types available. I called support within seconds of booking and said they could cancel it but couldn’t give me a refund, all they could do was offer a credit so I took it and looked elsewhere for that night. The credit was readily available when I came back to the app to book another room days later. I thought I had gone through the whole process of booking this next room but never got a confirmation and later realized it didn’t go through. I tried booking a second time and there was an error with my account and had to call customer service who said my account was flagged but he fixed it and told me to sign out of my account first. I logged out, logged back in and again received an error. I logged out again and then wasn’t able to log back in. I had to call support again who said my account was still disabled and I’d normally have to send an email but he would take care of it. I logged out again and was finally able to log back in and book my room. The whole thing was just a ton of work.
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6 years ago, ladylovesbeatles
Slept in my car
Well, let’s just say it was terrible - booked a room at 1pm and drove from Chicago to Indiana with a friend (should I mention she’s disabled) for a concert. We drive straight to the show and upon leaving, I logged into my APP that said “Hey Night Owl, Check Out is at 12pm.” You would think if they GAVE AWAY MY ROOM this message wouldn’t appear on my app. Well, supposedly they “emailed me.” Isn’t this APP for travelers that may not be waiting in a WiFi Spot for an email? Well, the hotel Marriott Gardens couldn’t have been more Ryder. They wouldn’t even look up the reservation or my last name. After spending hours on the phone between Hotels Tonight & the Corp Hotel - a 40 year old (me) and my disabled friend (47) spent an hour trying to sleep as the sun came up and drove 3.5 hrs to Chicago. Hotels Tonight was going to give me a $50 credit and then after I complained - they gave me $75. Ha! Days later I’m still waiting for my $225 REUND Hotels Tonight charged me for while the hotel gave away my room. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be using the credit for anything less than a $225 CREDIT. What a nightmare. Worst app ever! Used this app in NYC and it was a pain hopping from hotel to hotel anyway. I would recommend you save your time, money & precious sleep on NOT RELYING ON THIS “App.” What a joke! This company won’t last long. Try Trip Advisor or a more reputable company.
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1 year ago, 1HappyBuyernSeller
Not worth it
After having an account since 2012 and 22 stays and being at level 4 of perks - I opened the app which I was not yet signed into my account and viewed prices for hotels in Bergen county. Then I signed into my account and all the prices for the exact same hotels were the same. How does that make sense? What perks am I receiving? I would rather just pay the hotels directly. No longer using this app. Just got off the phone with customer service to ask the, why the price is the same before and after logging in and for 35 minutes had a clueless rep lie, make up stuff, then tell me that the hotels I was referring to were unavailable even though I was looking at them and they were very much available. On top of that - I was checking prices on this app and comparing to the rates of the actual hotels and it turns out that it is cheaper to pay the hotel directly! I don’t understand how this app has. 4.9 rating when all I see is a bunch of one star ratings but I am not using this garbage app ever again. They clearly became a scam app. When I first started using it , it seemed to be useful and now they are literally just scamming. And the perks levels is a bunch of bull. No matter how many hotels you book through this app - your prices are going to be the same as anyone else’s
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1 year ago, Bgood$$$
Do NOT Use
This app is a good concept, but I’ve used it three times and had issues every time. First time I booked I inadvertently hit the wrong day. They did not offer anything to cancel. I had to eat the entire cost of around $275. Second time was yesterday after a long day of flight delays and cancellations I was stranded at JFK. Jumped on the app and booked Hampton Inn no problem. I’m in the air Tran on the way to hotel shuttles and they call me to tell me they don’t actually have a room there and that they credited my HT account the $203 I just spent. I didn’t have time to deal with it and all hotels were selling out so I quickly booked a room at the Radison on the app too. Another $225 on my credit card. I get there and the front desk tells me they are sold out of rooms and the app should not have allowed it. I was about to lose it, it was 11pm and I had no place to sleep before I had to be up at 4am. Finally the hotel (which was nasty by the way) “found” a room for me. I took it, slept about an hour and a half and woke up to shower. They didn’t tell me there was no hot water. I left defeated. Got home, wrote to the app. They are refunding my credit card for the first failed booking, but it will take 5-7 days. Be warned! 0 for 3 tries. I’m deleting the app as soon as I get my refund.
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4 years ago, Dara Illese
Bad Experience
So unless you have a phone that no one else could possibly have access to do not install this. Someone used this app, a minor at that, and booked a room on. The hotel was great but the hotel tonight people were terrible. They refused to refund but instead of just saying it’s out policy, which I could live with, they said they called the hotel to ask for an exception and the hotel said no. Meanwhile, I called the hotel which denied any such contact and the hotel could not refund because it was paid through this app. Instead they have credited me not 1 but 2 nights in their establishment and apologized profusely. I intend to follow up with this because a minor cannot enter into a contract, not even for a hotel room, and has an absolute right to avoid the contract if they wish. As such, no binding contract was created when a minor completed an unauthorized transaction. It’s one thing to have a policy that is blindly followed, it’s another to boldly lie to your customer base while trying to do something you simply can’t do to begin with (I.e. hold a minor to a contract for non-essentials). The only reason it’s 2 stars instead of 1 is because it could have been worse? Maybe. I’m trying to stay positive here. I may downgrade them to 1 if I lose my zen.
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6 years ago, jojomufasa
Glitchy app decent customer service
The process seemed very simple, but after the first attempt to book a hotel for the night to come at a certain price that was advertised online the app seemed to give me a random night almost three weeks from the night I intended. Then when I called customer service they were able to cancel the reservation and leave me with credit to attempt to rebook. When I attempted to rebook through the app the price had almost tripled, but I was stuck using it because of the credit I needed to use from the false booking. So I went ahead and booked anyway because I was told the credit would be applied automatically, however when I actually booked there was NO option to apply the credit. So I assumed the credit had been applied, until I checked my online banking to find the entire price had been charged. No I was out almost 400$ on what I thought would originally be roughly 100$ Charge. The only reason I don’t give zero stars is because after another conversation with customer service the customer service was reasonable to work with and ended up refunding the initial charge instead of leaving me with credit to spend. At least that’s what they said they would do but it may take up to 5 work days to see it, and I’m still waiting to see.
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5 years ago, TA3579
Crooked, Immoral Company — Avoid At All Costs
I booked a room with a hotel that refused to let me check in upon arrival (no evidence of my reservation, even though I was charged by hotel tonight). I tried for 5 days to rectify the situation via hotel tonight’s customer service, but they refused to refund the charge (FYI it was ~$100 — a drop in the bucket for them), and I finally had to refute the charge via my credit card company. All of a sudden, the ABSOLUTE CROOKS at hotel tonight suddenly became 10x as engaged as they’d been throughout the initial process, using lawyers to send a long document to my credit card company outlining how all sales were final based on their terms that I (regrettably) agreed to without reading the fine print. Obviously this was incredibly immoral on their part, and I probably could have had it overturned in court, but I have neither the time nor resources to fight such a large organization — regardless of how clearly crooked they were for charging me for a stay that I couldn’t complete due to an error on their part. In short, DO NOT use hotel tonight unless you are willing to take the risk of showing up to your pre-booked hotel and not being able to check in, and then being charged for it anyway. I have never in my entire life had a worse customer service experience or despised a company more.
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6 years ago, Justice7.26.2018
Stole money from us. How? They did not correctly communicate/set up our reservation with the hotel and stranded us until 4 am because we couldn't check in. We kept calling hotel tonight and they put us on hold for hours. We spent hours on hold trying to find out why the hotel had no record of our reservations and couldn’t let us check in and get our rooms. Hotel tonight finally got the reservation over tot the hotel at 4 am and we were then able to get our rooms. Hotel tonight (HT) still charged us for a full night stay for both rooms. Contacted them many times and HT continues to refuse to make us whole for the charge for an entire night. To date no one from HT will respond to us about this and we have no option but to escalate this via BBB and upward for fraud if we don’t get a response and a refund. Watch out for this company - they seem fine at first but when something goes wrong ie you can’t check in until 4 am in Las Vegas like us and it’s HT’s Fault, they won’t help you and will take your money and won’t give you a dime back or an apology. You also can’t get anyone on the phone that is in a leadership role and they refuse a call back option with a manager. Not worth it - they will probably be sued in the near future as I am sure I’m not the only one this has happened to.
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3 years ago, 01101001011101
Bait and switch tactics
DO NOT use this service to book a room. Traveling to Memphis with my family, we used Hotel Tonight to book a hotel room while on the road to our destination. Booked a room for a decent (but not great) price. An hour later, and less than two hours from arrival, Hotel Tonight contacted us to say the hotel didn’t actually have a room available. No other hotels were within our price range on Hotel Tonight, so we booked a room through another service. Figured we would get a refund since it was not our fault…wrong! Hotel Tonight will not refund your money. Instead we were given “credit” towards future bookings. So to be clear, Hotel Tonight offered us a room, we gave them money, they didn’t actually have the room available, and Hotel Tonight decided to keep our money instead of returning it. If that’s not theft (or at the very least a bait-and-switch tactic), I don’t know what is. They tried to offer additional coupons which had to be used within a certain time frame (not good for people like us who don’t often travel), but why on earth would I trust a service that has already failed to provide what they promise, which is good deals on last-minute bookings? And the “deals” aren’t even that great. Use at your own risk.
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7 years ago, TracyAmo81
Price jumps
Have booked a ton through this app and thought it was great until recently. I noticed that when I start looking at hotels in advance then go back into book the prices jumps up 30 dollars. Not sure if the technology tracks which hotels you are viewing and then price jumps you when ready to book. This last time I booked at the higher price again and when I went back into the app to look at the note again the prices had then returned to the 30 dollar cheaper rate. I called HT and talked a super rude agent named Paulo that claimed he was a manager but was the agent that answered the call? I asked if he would credit me the 30 dollars since the price went back down after I booked. He refused and wouldn't do anything to rectify the situation. I have spent thousands of dollars on this app and now they are going to lose a big customer over 30 bucks and bad service. I may look at the hotels on the app but will always book direct now. All the hotels have price guarantees that will Match or best HT prices.
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2 years ago, Jpinob
Less is more
I’ve used HotelTonight for a few years now, most recently a week ago for an impromptu getaway with my hubby. The things I appreciate about the app may not incentivize everyone, but they’re a game changer for me. First of all, having limited choices, pre-vetted, makes it easier for me to make a decision. Too many options, all over the place, and I get bogged down in indecision. “Here’s what we got, here’s where they are on the map, here’s your cost, here’s what else you’ll owe, yay or nay.” I also like having Info about pets, parking, and resort fees clearly laid out. No surprises upon checkin or weeding through separate hotel websites to get answers in order to compare. Lastly, I appreciate the labeling categories - basic, solid, charming.. Some trips basic will do, others may warrant charming or Luxe.. So far, HotelTonight has not let me down. [the only thing that I’d change would be to add a (consistent) pet filter so I don’t get excited about a place, then get my hopes squelched when I scroll down and see the “No Pets” line.]
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2 years ago, J withers
Worse Experience ever
Iv been a member since 2015 never ever had a problem like this! Booked my room like usual when I go out of town! It was $219 a night! Booked my room! Get to the Hotel Hilton Gardens Jacksonville FL! Soon as I get there takes 15 minutes to be help no one at the front desk! When someone comes I explain I have reservations! I paid $219 already the hotel is charging me a extra $180 dollars! Which would bing my total to $399 dollars! I said on Hotel tonight the pet fee is $50 hotel says no it’s $125 dollars and a extra $55 dollars for the room! I call hotel tonight the guy helping made me feel like I wasn’t a customer! I said they charging me extra $180! He didn’t call them or try to help me! He just kept asking me the same question! I asked to speak to a manager he left me on hold for 15 minutes then hung up! I hope the get my information and listen to my experience! My family and I was all happy to have a short get away since I work a lot! This really set a tone for our vacation
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6 years ago, dissatisfied x 3
Three strikes in 2 weeks with this app
The good: cheapest price on a hotel The bad: The first two times we booked through Hotel Tonight when we got to the actual hotel, they did not have any reservation for us. My wife spent 10-15 minutes on both occasions calling Hotel Tonight’s 800 number and they got it straight both times. A wasted phone call and wasted time on both occasions. The worst: The third time I used them I happened to call the actual hotel a few days prior to arriving to verify my reservation only to find out,once again, that there was no reservation for me. So ... I called Hotel Tonight’s 800 number again and Jose said he got it “fixed”. I called the hotel again two nights before the trip and they confirmed that I had a reservation, but that it was cancelled by the same company that booked it. Hotel Tonight. I went ahead and made a reservation directly with the hotel and called Hotel Tonight’s 800 number again to get a refund. After explaining my history of experiences with their company and verifying what had happened they called me back and offered me a “CREDIT” on my account with them, not a refund of my money for their mistake. Needless to say, not only would I not recommend this site, but will be filing a case with the Better Business Bureau.
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5 months ago, Hereandnow9925
Literally Obsessed with HotelTonight
As an avid traveler and a forever fan of hotel happy hour cocktail bars; I have become obsessed with this app ever since discovering it. It’s such a great idea to have last minute specials featured for spur of the moment travelers and staycationer’s. I have actually made it a point to book hotels at times when I’ve been able to treat myself because I’ve seen it on here at such a good deal! You can also book a month or two in advance(always good to shop all the sites). I have to call out their amazing customer service, even when responding to issues, their service is top notch! They have always responded quickly to any issues I’ve had with any hotels, and in todays era I so appreciate seamless service and experience when it comes to apps/websites! Sometimes the photos for the featured hotels are not the best, sometimes weird angles or the rooms appear much bigger, but this is an issue with any travel site(TBH). Also sometimes I disagree just slightly with the hotel star classification, but I think part of the fun of any hotel stay is getting to compare your opinion to review sites/booking aggregates. Also love the perks program and the fact that despite the low rates you sometimes get upgrades at check in! To sum it up; a great app for last minute travels and those planning ahead! I also love the easy to use interface and streamlined navigation. I have become a huge staycationer, thanks HotelTonight!
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3 years ago, coraraz
Great service
I had a VERY good experience with the staff. I was excited to book my stay but did not notice the date I was booking it. And when you confirm your reservation it’ll ask if this info is correct, if so no changes will be allowed. I foolishly booked for the day before we were going to be in Vegas. When I got my confirmation in my email, I called the hotel to see if I could change my reservation but since I used HOTEL TONIGHT app that I’d have to call them to see if they’d be able to change the reservation for me. Im not gonna lie was sweating bullets because if they couldn’t change it for me I’d be upset. But I email and called, someone helped me named Jennifer and was totally AWESOME, she told me up front there were no guarantees but she would see what she could do for me. Called me back maybe 10 minutes later to let me know everything was handled and the CORRECT reservation were made. We had a good laugh for being overly excited about my trip.
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6 years ago, Mndubois99
H*LL NO Hotel Tonight warning
Buyer beware is an understatement. Scam and fraud are the words to describe this app, it’s advertising, CSR and management depts. They post “whatever the property they advertise give them” they offer no credit or refund for False or fake info on their app! They point the finger at property and say it’s the property’s fault and only the property issues credits and refunds! Be sure to do your homework and call the property before paying this app any money because you won’t get it back even when they are clearly wrong (I can prove it, even though after my booking they went in and changed “updated” the wording on the property” I have pictures of how things were worded “restaurant on site open daily” “happy hour daily” not the case at all!!! We want to warn people to stay away from this app!!! They also have a $25 credit for referring a friend, that’s how it reads, no small or fine print with the “policy” friends are unable to use the credit and since my nightmare aren’t ever going to use this app. Just do your homework, the negatives here far outway any positive post given. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are posting their own positive reviews. That’s how incredibly shady this company is- Scammers, lack of customer service, false advertising!!!
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6 years ago, Rooo2
Beware of crazy hidden fees!!
Honestly I was a big fan of Hotel Tonight. The ability to quickly shop by price and location and book all in one place was great. Tonight I get to the hotel after booking and they ask for a credit card to tack on an additional 20% fee to the price I already paid HotelTonight. I was surprised and contact HT support who told me yes, this was an”resort” fee and hotels can add on WHATEVER extra fees they want. She mentioned that these fees appear at the very bottom of the page under “need to know”. First off, this was a plain hotel, not a resort. Second off, if hotels can tack on whatever fees they want, this ruins HT because you can’t freaking price compare. Why HT wouldn’t make it plain as day what the TOTAL to stay at the hotel is, idk. Other than because they have become a shady company that just wants to show low prices. Terrible policy. Support offered nothing in terms of a discount or anything for this. Big time let down.
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5 years ago, chelle.h
If I could give 0 stars, I would
I’ve used Hotel Tonight once and I will never again. The hotel that I booked through Hotel Tonight canceled my reservation and told Hotel Tonight but Hotel Tonight never contacted me. So I trekked the the hotel on New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia only to find out, I didn’t actually have a room. I was on hold with 2 different Hotel Tonight customer service reps for 40 minutes and was given different stories each time and wasn’t given a comped room anywhere else because it being New Years Eve, everything was either already booked or ridiculously expensive. Meanwhile their app still showed my hotel that evening as confirmed with instructions on check in time, etc. and the next day, the app asked me to rate how my stay was... seems shady considering that my reservation was canceled. When I emailed their customer service to ask why the app still showed the reservation, I never got an answer. Nor did they ever send an email that showed that my credit card was refunded, but luckily the refund did go through 8 days later. So stay away is my advice, there are plenty of other last-minute hotel options to book with that aren’t shady and treat their customers better.
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5 years ago, BriBaby🥰
Great customer service..and great app...but
not ALWAYS the lowest price available. Other than that, I had a problem with my trip, bc I wasn't going to be able to stay for the length of time that I booked. I sent an email to the customer service, not really expecting anything useful to happen bc emails to customer service these days normally just gets a BS reply in a couple weeks if you're lucky. I got a response within 5 mins. I assumed it was an auto response, but it was a real person addressing my problem. They got onto the issue immediately. I was credited points into my account to use in the future with no questions asked. I just used some of those points last night to add a night to an existing reservation. I wasn't paying attention and accidentally booked the additional night as a new reservation for the same day. When I noticed, I emailed again, still not expecting a quick enough response to help my current problem. Wrong again. Nearly immediate response from a real person. Booked another night for the CORRECT day this time 😅 and was credited for the accidental booking before the end of the day. So, despite the rare occasion that they are not ALWAYS the absolute lowest price, usually are though, the service is worth it. Otherwise, I would've spent $1200 on 3 nights that I couldn't attend, and $200 on an accident for not paying attention. So, if there are a few times that HT is $15-$20 more, it was worth the $1400 they saved me.
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5 years ago, JC_Thankful
Well done. Great Company! Great App! Great People!
I’m certain there are great people behind everything you all do. I run communications for VC firms. And this gives me a front row seat to the best play of all time—The Entrepreneur’s Journey. My favorite part of what I do is meeting the brave visionaries who set out to create something meaningful and useful to solve people’s problems and make their life better. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I want everyone to succeed and feel like they’ve made a difference in people’s lives. But the hard truth is it’s hard to do. What I’ve learned, in most cases, is that the folks who accomplish this carry with them a genuine and sincere care for the people with them on their disruptive mission. That must be the case here. Of all the apps I’ve ever used, this one has been the most impactful and useful and continues to make a measurable difference in my life—from both a financial and emotional perspective. Sure, saving money is tantamount to an entrepreneur. But even more is the jolt of excitement felt when experiencing big win. And that’s the feeling I get when I open the app and start a search. When I scroll down the list of hotels, I feel like it was curated by a trusting friend who is sharing some inside baseball and has my best interests at heart. Please pass my gratitude along to the incredible people and teams that make this happen. Best, Jason Carter
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6 years ago, YoungPharaoh_28
Horrible Experience
I flew to Atlanta on June 23rd, 2018. I booked an hotel through this app. When I arrived at my destination. The guy at the counter asked me for my name. I gave him my information. He confirmed that I had a reservation, but they were overbooked. I was furious. I asked the gentleman at the desk, what would he suggest that I do since it was late and I was allowed to book the hotel. He said, “ I can just cancel your reservation, and you could reach out to the hotel tonight and get reimbursed.” He suggested that I go to another hotel that was 5 minutes away. I asked him for his information and a cancellation number, so I can have proof that he cancelled the reservation. He gave me the number. I left and booked another hotel that night on my American Express which I have on my statement if they needed proof. I called hoteltonight in the morning and the guy put me on hold for 30 minutes then told me his shift was going to be over soon and someone else was going to takeover and called me back. They never called me back. My bank disputed the charged and put the money back on my card. 3 months later I see the charged again. My book told me I lost the dispute. I will never used this app again.
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3 years ago, PhilipMichael88
Great service and app… BUT…
I’ve never written a review for an app before but I felt inclined to do so now because of the incredible service I’ve been receiving lately. Really impressed by how they do everything they can to take care of their users. That being said, it’s still your responsibility as a user to do your due diligence and check the reviews of these hotels on other websites (Yelp and Google for example). I’ve gotten some pretty terrible hotels and learned that the hard way. Don’t necessarily trust the app ratings of hotels and definitely don’t get too excited over the description of some of these hotels. Hotel Tonight is a 3rd party service and they of course want to paint their hotels in the best possible light. Overall, this is a great app with really helpful customer support and you get some solid deals (especially as your user level goes up). Try it out!
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3 years ago, Jmusset
Worst customer service and edited pictures
I wouldn’t recommend this app and their service to anyone. We were forced to request out bank the cancellation of the transaction since I did not use the room. I explained the reasons given that the hotel was in inaceptable conditions that made my stay impossible. the room was dirty, there were cigarette butts everywhere, the bathroom tiles were on the floor, there was garbage everywhere among other reasons. The same afternoon I tried to cancel the reservation as soon as I saw the place and the room but the hotel manager forced me to keep it claiming that I could not make a cancellation at that point. This was via phone call and with a disrespectful treatment. We also called Hotel Tonight and they literally told me that there was nothing they could do for us. But I just got a email where they say that if I don’t pay the money they will close my account which I couldn’t be happier with. I would not use this scam again. I would also like to mention that the photos published in the application are edited and are far from the real appearance of the hotel. That night I had to find another place to stay.
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4 years ago, Kwitchtx
Forced double book
Quick warning on Hotel Tonight booking glitch. I booked a room on Saturday 7/11. After booking was complete, it popped my immediately back to the booking site as if it didn’t go through. I proceeded to book. I found out (after the fact) that I booked 2 rooms, same night, same name. I reached out to customer service and they gave me a credit for the second room, but still charged my card for the full amount of the unnecessary room that was never checked into. They did not refund the second night. This all feels like an intentional effort to have customers book the same room twice. Because they were literally booked within 5 seconds of each other, it was clearly a mistake. I was disappointed that they would keep the $$ and not give a refund, and I want to warn others that their booking is not seamless and it appears they want you to double book a room.
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6 years ago, epicview
Great savings on luxury accommodations
I love using Hotel Tonight while vacationing! Like everyone else, I always want to save money on accommodations - thinking that it you only need to go there to sleep at night. But, the saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true with hotels. The cheapest rates are often at places that you wouldn’t want to stay at. Their poor reviews are a result of problems with cleanliness, maintenance, or just the overall shabbiness of the property. With Hotel Tonight, I was able to get awesome, luxurious rooms at substantial savings. Once, I booked a high end hotel in Anaheim, near Disneyland for less then the nightly rate of a Quality / Comfort Inn. I was gawking at the glitz of the lobby and the marvelous room. Another time, while in Miami, I booked a room and ended up getting a luxurious suite just a block from the beach - with a leather pull out couch, a stove, and ... a washer and dryer???!!! At about half the usual rate!
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4 years ago, Disappointed in Sedona
Hotel not as described
I booked 5 places through this app and am leaving the first place tomorrow. I booked this place as it was described as a resort and I wanted you treat myself. This is not even close to being a resort. It's a basic hotel. I paid a lot of money for this and feel taken advantage of. The room is shabby, old, with dings on all the furniture. The remote for the tv doesn't work properly. They claim there's a restaurant here, which was one off there reasons I booked this place for that convenience. There's not a restaurant. There's a bar that is open some nights. They do serve some really overpriced basic food today want very good. There was a $25 amenities fee that was not listed on the app. I emailed the app about it and they claim it's on there. I have examined the whole description and still can't find it. This was a crock and I have been cheated. I am concerned that the next 4 places will be a huge disappointment as well. I typically write only good reviews, but I paid $222 a night for a place that rates not even half that. Honesty is what I deserve and what we all deserve. Be careful. Scam alert! Will follow up with the next 4 places.
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5 years ago, vair9
Where the customer service? Where is the chat thread that disappeared?
Been a member since August 2018, where last summer I visited NYC and stayed at various hotels using this app and my level kept going up... now suddenly it’s showing only 1 hotel stay in my history and my (perks) level is back to square one. When I inquired with an associate about it, they said it was because I was signed in with different email. Not true. Only signed up once and only with one email. What’s going on?? Digital worldly app Hotel Tonight? Up until a stay the other night I had perfect experiences... but then... Horrible hotel stay on Maui/ days inn (so u fortunate and utterly boring, I will not bore you with details) and HT has not resolved issue or refunded or offered anything else. An extra erroneous charge by days inn hotel is obviously being refunded back but what about the rest of the horrible experience during our stay? I will report one of the terrible incidents: the housekeepers came into our room twice once before checkout (rounded up our clothes and sent it to lost and found and ground outside room) 45 minutes BEFORE 11:00am checkout while we were at the beach. The second time the inspecting housekeeper barged in on us as we were changing and my fiancé was naked, literally didn’t even give us a chance to answer the door after he loud and abrupt knock.
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5 years ago, this app will take your money
I had a TERRIBLE experience with this app. I never booked with this app before & was browsing for hotels on it. I thought I was just viewing potential deals, but then I received "confirmations" on the search page that I either did not book or accidentally booked (perhaps by not knowing how quickly and automatically the app would load my information from what source I do not know and book without actually confirming the deal). I had never booked a hotel with them before. I called them about 2 minutes later to explain I don't know how the app got my business card information and that I did not mean to book the hotel on a night I wouldn't even be in town for. Plus, I would have used my personal card for that, not a company card. I thought I was just searching around. They refused to issue me a refund even though I called them IMMEDIATELY about the mistake. I'm disputing the charge with my credit card company. This should be considered theft/fraud. I will NEVER use this app again! I deleted it immediately. Stick with Expedia where the customer service reps will make it right.
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2 years ago, Jimsgambit
User Review since 2013
I've been using Hotel Tonight since 2013. I've used it across 5 countries (US, Canada, Columbia, Australia, Argentina). During all of these travels, I've relied heavily on Hotel Tonight. It got to the point where I would book international trips and wait till I land in the country- before booking a room. I did this specifically in Australia. I was traveling alone and wanted to see Sydney a little bit before settling on a spot for a couple days. I ended up getting a Perks Deal that saved me $45/ night compared to every other site. The reason for that specific story was to highlight the overall ease of using this hotel app. I have stayed in several boutique hotels that I would not have considered had it not been for Hotel Tonight's reviews, pics, and of course excellent pricing. I have recommended this to all my friends and coworkers.
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6 years ago, Sdp008500
Fraudulent Business Model - Bad Faith Policies
I used Hotel Tonight to book a hotel room 6+ weeks ahead of a planned trip. Due to a family emergency I needed to cancel the trip two and a half weeks ahead of the scheduled stay. I called the hotel directly and they were very understanding and said that they could cancel the reservation with no penalty without issue, they just needed a call from Hotel Tonight because they booked the room on my behalf. After some back and forth I convinced Hotel Tonight to call the hotel and request a cancellation which they did (the hotel of course obliged without issue) but Hotel Tonight has refused to refund my money, instead holding it for “up to one year in the form of a Hotel Tonight credit”. Their proposed solution is unacceptable and I will be following up further but buyer beware. They are adequate for last minute bookings but for anything that is further out than 24 hours, I would highly recommend a company with more common-sense customer service policies such as Expedia, Travelocity, or Orbitz. It’s a shame, they’ve lost a 2+ year customer based on shortsighted and unnecessarily restrictive policies.
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2 weeks ago, ANewCRNA
Glitch Costs Hundreds. Terrible Customer Service.
I was looking to book a hotel for the following night on the way back from a hiking trip for Mother’s Day. While checking Google to be sure I was staying in a safe area, the date reset to the current day. Immediately after booking, I saw the mistake and began calling to get it addressed. Hotels Tonight has policies in place that do not allow any changes whatsoever after booking. After speaking to a representative and subsequently 2 supervisors, they refused to refund or change the dates. I frequently have to book last minute hotels for business trips and have used Hotels Tonight multiple times. There was zero resolution, just a lot of scripts about their policies being non-refundable, lies about what the hotel required (I also spoke with the hotel personally), and ultimately an offer for a coupon for 40% of the hotel cost to use at a future date on HotelsTonight. I lost hundreds of dollars and they lost a customer. I will never use this business again. Please do not use them if you expect any reasonable customer service.
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5 years ago, Rockdrigo12
Liars and scammers!
I made a reservation for a room for a Saturday night on a Friday evening. I woke up with an email survey asking about my stay at the hotel the was when I knew something was wrong. I called both the hotel and customer service of this app. to see if I can get the day switched because the date was booked for the wrong day. The confirmation I got was not for Friday it was for Saturday. Hotels tonight said they had to call the hotel to see if they were willing to change my reservation BUT the hotel said that Hotels tonight had to be the one who changed the reservation as my booking was made thru the app. The hotel was kind enough to give me a discounted rate for my stay but I lost out on $132 that HT refused to change my date. I didn’t want a refund I wanted to change my date to the correct date which was an error on their part. In the end they offered me a credit of $25 and asked me to be more careful when making a booking. This is unacceptable customer service. I will never book thru this app again. They will not buy my silence with a $25 credit. I will tell anybody and everybody not to use this app.
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6 years ago, Zorroeyes
Not the people you could trust if you ever experience a problem at your stay.
I had been using the Hotel Tonight app for years and so far all seemed good to me for the convenience and ease. But my most recent booking turned out some issues. I booked for two nights at the Monte Carlo in Brampton ON, and sleep was impossible due to people yelling and fighting, hitting the walls and also fighting in the hallway. This went on all night and morning. The hotel manager tried accommodating my complaint but I want a refund at this point. Called Hotel Tonight and spoke to Oscar and he was not helpful. Horrible experience in a foreign country and the people who you are giving your business to basically do not care to help right their wrongs. I left the hotel and I’m going to pursue a full refund. I do not recommend Hotel Tonight for customer care. You are on your own should there be any problems and they have what seems to be an absolutely no refund policy no matter the circumstance. In speaking to Oscar it was made clear to me that Hotel Tonight’s customer and priority is the hotel and not the people who use their app. A backwards business model...smh!
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4 months ago, KIMPOSSIBLE1111!
Hotel Tonight Rocks!!!
I Love the customer service with hotel tonight not to mention the BEST PRICES ON SPUR OF THE MOMENT HOTEL SHOPPING ! I find myself doing a lot of spur of the moment shopping and when I go through Hotel Tonight , I have NEVER had a problem that they couldn’t fix! I didn’t have to pay extra for that either it just comes with their service like it should. Other apps make you buy the service of being kind and complementary and if you don’t …. Your screwed! There is nothing worse that booking two rooms accidentally on the same night and then you forced to pay for it? That NEVER HAPPENS WITH HOTEL TONIGHT ! They are ALWAYS HELPFUL . NO MATTER WHAT GOES WRONG IN MY EXPERIENCE HOTEL TONIGHT FIXES IT FOR NO CHARGE . Plus they aren’t hard to get ahold of! They actually answer and fix your problem! Thanks Hotel Tonight for awesome customer service! KIMPOSSIBLE1111!
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8 months ago, The McHammer
Save your time and money go directly to the source
I work in the travel industry and always recommend people go directly to the source for air travel. The few dollars that may save will quickly be nullified as soon as there is a problem. The same holds true for hotels. Save the time and the money, just download Hilton, Bonvoy and IHG between those 3 I can always find a clean, safe, competitively priced hotel. If hotel rates are high at a given time, they are just high. The one time I used this app thinking I was getting a deal it ended up being an expensive reminder why I don’t use apps like this. After two hours sitting in a hotel lobby that I didn’t have a reservation in, even though I was charged for it, I ended up booking a room on the Hilton app and being in a room in less than 30 min. Hotel tonight support delayed that process by 2 hours, offered me a $25 dollar voucher (I spent $50 on Ubers for that snafu) that can’t be used for all hotels and expires in 90 days. All they did was disrupt my travel and delay me resolving my own problem. Thanks for nothing.
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4 years ago, k_c-d
Worst Customer Service
Attempting to cancel my reservation due to Covid shut downs was an absolute nightmare. The hotel I was reserved for is completely shut down until long past my upcoming reservation. After days of sending emails to this company I finally contact the hotel my reservation was for. They couldn’t refund my reservation directly since it was a third party app and stated several other customers had called because they couldn’t get ahold of Hotel Tonight. The hotel gave me a 1800 number that I couldn’t find on any other site. I called and they refused to speak with me because the account is under my husbands name (however, reservation and credit card are under mine). My husband finally got ahold of them and they offered a PARTIAL credit. A PARTIAL credit for a hotel that cannot honor my reservation because it’s CLOSED. Are you kidding me? He had to argue with them for a long time for them to finally cancel and refund. If this company is not willing to work with its customers during this time, I will not be using their app anymore. Thanks for making this already stressful time more of a hassle.
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5 years ago, Lolofosh
Not always fair
This company is hit or miss. I have actually walked away from a hotel and was refused my money back because there are no refunds no exceptions. the hotel looked like it was on the middle of death row and was under major construction with tarps and tents covering it. I was traveling alone (female) and felt so unsafe. The pictures posted on this site are often misleading. The areas which the hotels are located are not well explained for those not familiar with the area. I understand this app is for last minute stays, but I’m not desperate, I’m just searching for a fair rate. On the other hand I have had about 3 stays that were very nice, however those places are no longer offered through the app. I’ve used this site about 20 times and I would say have had 3 good stays out of 20. If you just need a bed I guess this is the app to use. If your looking for R&R, with some nice amenities, don’t book through this app. The savings aren’t all that great to begin with. Spend the additional money and plan a little better for a quality night away from home.
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7 months ago, AlkQubit
Terrible Customer Service
These guys have some of the worst customer service I’ve experience in the hotel industry. The app will falsely advertise hotels which are nowhere near your search area or location (in my case, the airport) and then if you end up booking it under this false pretense, they will keep you money with their ridiculous non refundable policy. They actually had the nerve to tell me they list the hotel address, as if they expect you to leave the app and do a map search to verify proximity of the hotel to the location you desire. Customer service will also state they are looking into your open case and say they will call you back within a certain amount of time in order to get you off the phone, but then you never hear back from them. Their inventory also appears to be the worst rooms available at any given hotel with no option to choose room type; they’ll give you something such as handicap rooms, near elevators, etc. Would not recommend this app even if you are desperate, much better options out there.
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