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User Reviews for HSN Shopping App

4.81 out of 5
241.1K Ratings
5 years ago, last shopper
Dissatisfied Customer
I have ordered many Origami Pieces in the past but most recently I ordered a set of two three shelved unit and a set of three shelved units both were ordered in Pewter. But When the second set arrived it did not match the first Pewter set. I notified HSN and I was told to call Origami concerning their color change. Origami said that there was no color change and that HSN had sent the wrong color out to me. They said that I had received one set in Pewter and the other set in Platinum. I called HSN once again and you finally agreed that this was an in warehouse error. This shelving unit weigh 80 lbs way to heavy to return therefore I am stuck with a mismatch unusable double set of Origami Shelving Units. I have been a customer for years and I am very disappointed in this business practice you should have better quality control for your warehouse. Units of this weight are way to heavy to return. I will never order from HSN again realizing your lack of quality control and I do not have the confidence that I will receive correctly what I ordered. You need to have a method of correcting errors such as this without causing the customer so much lost. I feel taken advantage of because the product is to heavy to return. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS ETHICS AND SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. Please CORRECT THIS SITUATION BEFORE YOU LOSE EVEN MORE BUSINESS. You should be ashamed of your incompetent and want to correct this ASAP. Please respond to this email.
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3 years ago, grandmo48
Korres products and host professionalism
I do enjoy using Some of korres products. But I feel the host say the same thing’s over and over again. No imagination A few of my observations 1. The one Liter body wash and body lotion runs out practically every showing. Then the next day magically all stocked up again. 2. The pure Greek olive vitality oil. The hostess or Liz say every time. Only available once a year. That is not true . I have looked back on my orders. And I found at least 3 times when I have found it appearing many times in a year. 3. The lady that demonstrates the shower wash. Uses the same leg every time. Plus what looks like dry skin you can see where the dryness is always in the same place. It never varies. If it is used everyday her leg should look different. Especially if she has several demos. Who only washes one leg. 4. Recently Quite a few new items within 5 minutes of airing goes right to extended orders. How can you offer a product that goes directly to waiting. I cancel those products immediately. 5. And finally, I feel a few of your host do not review your products. They carry way too many stacks of product information cards. I can understand once in a while. Put some of the host don’t learn about the products. Looks very unprofessional. Or keep saying to the product host “Right” To me they look unprepared. I change the channel and look up the product on your home page. Much more informational. Then I will make a decision. Thank You Pamela Harris
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2 years ago, beeszo66
You’ve taken away the best vendors
I could not believe that HSN has let gems on vogue and Michael Valatutti leave this company. He had the best gems ever to be found. He had a guarantee I had an opal ring that I bought from him and had it appraised at a very fancy jewelers the appraised at $400 more than I paid for it and they said it was exceptional quality. What is wrong with you people then you have people like jay king whose repeats the same thing over and over and I got ripped off so many times by him. I will never buy another thing from him. And then you finally get a good with Michael Valatutti and you leave and go I can tell you one thing I am buying all my gems from shop HQ. You people of already stolen the Beekman brothers, but I will we’re trying to get too much money for Michael’s gems. He’s the type of guy to put his products at a reasonable price guys can buy in bulk you still have to put then he wanted it to be so he lost my business in the jewelry and I buy a lot. They also have a guy name Lambert who has 24 karat gold. That is amazing. I’m sure you’ll try to take him away from. But I don’t think he’ll leave. And oh, by the way, their fashions. and way cheaper you will be kicking yourself for how much you’re going to lose from losing Michael. He was the only one also had a paparacha sapphire I’d like to see Jay King scare one of those up lol
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4 years ago, 123hapoy
HSN card——failure
I have both the HSN card and my debit card on file. I bought an item and put it on the HSN card and forgot to switch it over to my debit card. I’m on auto pay with your card. I was buying items on flex pay and it all went to your card. I must have gone over my limit. Why was I allowed to complete a purchase if I was over my limit? Either HSN or the bank should have immediately stopped the purchase and directed me to the bank or customer service to let me know I was over my limit. I could have charged something really expensive and you would have let it go through? Either way, I’m on auto pay and payment comes from the same account as my debit card. Every credit card I know of will decline a purchase on the spot if your over your limit, or at least refer you to call customer service. I’m now feeling like a criminal with nasty letters saying if I don’t pay right away, it’s being turned over to collections. I’m on auto pay on everything to keep my credit in good standing and never be late. I have shopped with HSN since the 80’s and I’ve never experienced something anything like this. Are you trying to ruin your customers good credit on purpose? Even a phone call to my house would have been nice..... I expected more from you HSN and I’m ditching your card. If I were in charge, I would definitely change what bank handles your HSN card. Sharon Holiday
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3 years ago, EFEL2006
I’ve been watching HSN as a child 10yrs old until now that was back in 1980. I always loved watching all the hosts explaining all the specifics of the item they were trying to sell us consumers from home! Needless to say I am still a customer of HSN & QVC..but for some reason I gravitate towards HSN more .. They have some of The BEST on Air hosts. Their Customer Service Department is 2nd to none . I love me some HSN . I will always be a customer of HSN as long as they’re on I’ll be watching and buying !!! They also make it so easy to rerun items that for whatever reason, you can just rerun within the 30 day window. HSN has the latest and greatest brands and items plus the prices for some of the top brands & products are exclusive values to HSN, which as a long time customer .. is def an irresistible deal for me. Of course I’ve sent back my share of products/ items I just wasn’t happy with or mostly defective or damaged. I will say that if you have an issue with easy return labels not being in the box along with your item, give HSN Customer Service and they will accommodate you if it’s possible to do so. Every one’s situation will differ from one another..so keep that in mind.
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3 years ago, TheGarz82
Dating myself but...
I have been a fan of HSN since it was the Home Shopping Club in the late 70s and was a radio show out of Clearwater Florida. I still remember most of the jingle, but I have never had a bad experience with this company. No matter the problem, customer service is there to resolve the issue. So 🎼I still feel like I’m getting a hug, I love the Home Shopping Club!🎼 Umm Network. The website is easy to navigate and I can change my preferences anytime. I will ALWAYS be an HSN woman. HOWEVER, recently I have been having issues of getting the wrong merchandise, articles missing from shipment, or excessive delays. The delays, some are no fault of HSN but the suppliers, I get it. What I DONT GET is why if I have to wait longer does the price go up and if I ordered during free S&H, why do I have to pay after 30+days? This needs to be corrected. As it stands I will continue to order my regular items, Andrew Lessman, but as you can check, I have deleted all other auto-ships. I have cancelled several delayed orders and am hoping things start looking better soon. I would HATE to give up an almost 40 year relationship. Please fix these issues.
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4 years ago, idclair42
On November 22 a grill for my husband for Christmas. I was told by December 7. No grill! To find out where my grilled was and it hadn’t been sent. So the shipped another one, I was told I’d have it by the 18th, when it didn’t come, I called the shipping company and it hadnt even been shipped. They told me the didn’t receive an order to pick it up. So I called HSN, they AGAIN, didn’t know why it hadn’t shipped! HSN guaranteed, again guaranteed I would get it by the 24th! So today, the 23rd, I called the shipping company to find out what time it would be delivered tomorrow and they told me, they had only received it today and it wouldn’t get to me for another 2 weeks or so! HSN and they told me they really didn’t understand what happened! Then they offered me a $50 refund! How insulting! I ordered this grill over four weeks ago! I asked them to refund my money and get it back in my account today so I could go get my husband another present! They told me they would and when I checked my account it wasn’t refunded! I called again and was told that wasn’t true, I couldn't get it that day, it would take 3 to 5 business days! So now here I am the day before Christmas Eve, no present, no money in my account! I had been lied to twice!! And the only thing they offered me was a$50 discount! They seemed like they could care less! It really seems like they want to do nothing at all to make this right! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Merry Christmas - yeah right!
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3 years ago, Jazzbaby17
Buyer Beware
Shopping with HSN for years, has been fun. However. a recent experience has sent me running, for now, at least. I placed several items in my cart. I had some reservations, which is why I didn't purchase them right away. I decided not to purchase them, but when checking my bank statement online, as I do all the time, I found all the charges taken out of my account. And at full price, which I never do. To add insult to injury, over $300 was for food items, which Customer Service said could not be cancelled, or returned, obviously. I was able to convert to flex pay, at the very least!! The irony now, is that I did not order the food because I realized my small freezer space would not be able to hold it. I will now have to give away some of it. Talk about a comedy of errors. And this is not the first time items in my cart have been charged. I'm very uncomfortable about this episode, and cannot trust HSN any longer. If I do shop again, it will have to be an incredible bargain that I will pay full price for. HSN you should have taken responsibility for this error.
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4 years ago, mobile scooter
Mobil scooter
Purchased one last October for husband it came was broken was going to send back got a letter from hsn to not send back and to disagree it and they gave a credit meanwhile the scooter company made arrangements to send new one to where we were at vacation so it was still in month we could have returned it or broken one as it turned out it was never used and now almost a year later hsn has decided to recharge for the scooter which we could have returned and now charged for it and not even on extended pay so max out card said they would take it back but only give a credit for other merchandise not credit for scooter so that means they get scooter I still pay and have to trade out cost anyway didn’t expect not pay for scooter but they should have never issued credit then months later in pandemic charged again whole amount still pondering what to do but thinking not buying anything again from them oh and by the way first manager was very courteous and nice her manager was not so if I contact president wonder how they will be service is usually from top down. Thanks for listening
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4 years ago, integrityj
HSH I will NEVER order again customer service as far management is horrible. Three items I ordered where delivered to an address that haven’t used in more than 10 years. The first time the package was delivered to that old address I had The sales representative said “sorry there’s nothing I can do” . I ask to speak with the supervisor who took the purchase off my account. They said that when ordering I selected the old address for shipping. Upon my request I ask HSN sales representative to remove the old address off my account. I also removed it on my account. Once again 2 other items went to this same address and again the same response from the sales person was told to me “sorry there’s nothing I can do “ again I spoke to a supervisor who said I have the old address on my account I them explained I took it off the last time to avoid this problem. He said I will try to give you back part of a refund. I said I’m not paying for what I don’t have and NOW IM DONE with HSN . Buyer BEWARE they don’t refund when things go wrong in the system. J. Cooper
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1 month ago, Selective or Dishonest?
Reliable Most of the Time
I consider myself to be an HSN shopper. Frequently I have submitted reviews for items when I feel that the information may help others to make decisions about whether to purchase an item. I have submitted 5-star reviews when I feel that the item warrants a rave. Recently I wrote a review for a DG off-the-shoulder sweater (wine) that was not published. When I attempted to submit a second review I received a message that I had already written one review and was not allowed to submit a second. Yet the first review had not been published. Thus, the only reviews that remained on the website were rave reviews! If you continue to cherry pick reviews for publication, you will lose my business. I didn’t like the sweater: the wine color was faded, and the garment looked shop-worn. I had purchased the item to take on a winter weekend getaway, but when my husband commented that the sweater did not look “special , “ I realized he was right, and returned it. I am not just disappointed in the designer, but also disheartened that my review was not published. And by the way, this is not the first time a review of mine was not published. Some would refer to this practice as arbitrary, or even dishonest.
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4 years ago, 0starts
Traeger wood pellet grill
I ordered a traeger wood pellet grill on November 25 as a Christmas gift and the original delivery date was suppose to be December 10. It took weeks to show any tracking information and the date kept changing so after the 10th when I didn’t receive my order I called and HSN said the date has changed to December 17th however when I called and spoke to AIT worldwide delivery service they told me the item hasn’t been picked up from the sorting center. Finally after December 20th I called and demanded a refund they first refused to refund me my money saying the item was in transit however ait worldwide left a voicemail stating my item has been lost! If you look at the reviews this happens all the time and these grills are not small items to be able to get lost this many times! Someone has to be stealing these items it’s doesn’t make sense for everyone rating to say the same thing has happened so I ordered the same thing from QVC and the same company was delivering the item and the same thing happened! Best bet is to purchase this item from a local store so u can receive your item and not have to worry about it getting “lost” or it being damaged upon arrival! This was my first time ever ordering from HSN and will definitely be my last! Also the price of this grill has went up $100 or a little more! Ridiculous!!!!!
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5 years ago, lovinhsn
I love everything about HSN. Your website is perfect and easy to use. The only thing I would like to be able to do on the order page is sort a list of items I have sent to other addresses. I like sending gifts to my Son and I don’t remember everything I have already sent. One of your reps was so kind to send me a list of the current items sent. Which brings me to the next praise for all the people I have talked with have been so friendly and helpful. I love watching all the hosts. They make it so much fun and entertaining and I appreciate everything all of you do to put on this show. The only thing I would like to see improvement in is the returns. I prefer to have my returns applied to spendable kash but this is not an easy task to accomplish. I mark the return slip to apply to kash which never works. I call to ask to have it applied to cash and have gotten many different replies. Sometimes I’ve been told it will go to kash but it doesn’t. This is really the only issue I have and would love this to be improved. Thank you
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4 months ago, HSN garbage
Last time I order from HSN
I have been shopping with HSN for over 20 years. I purchased the Aqua Joe 100’ Fiberjacket Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle. This is the saddest piece of garbage I’ve ever seen. I didn’t use it right away because I’ve been sick for over a year and just pulled it out of the box a couple of weeks ago and it’s got several splits in it and water sprays everywhere! But because I have had it over 30 days, I’m out of luck!! I purchased a 4 piece Rose Bushes from Leaf and Petal (always loved their flowers and plants) but 2 rose bushes died. Or should I say they were dead on arrival. They always look like that but once you plant them they usually flourish. Not this time. Outta luck on that too. Purchased the Doll 10 Skin Perfector and tried it once and it was white! I looked like a ghost! Life commands attention and when you’re sick for over a year and then have surgery, you’re focused on living. I can’t begin to tel you how much I have bought and spent all these years from HSN! I’m done! I will never spend another dime with them. The customer service lady said I should have opened it up when I got it and tried it out. I was a tad busy trying to get well and stay alive for my children and grandchildren. So disappointed. SMH
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3 years ago, one star too many nana
Customer service
I can’t emphasize enough how frustrated I was every time I tried to find out what happened with an order I originally placed back in November. After weeks of waiting on tracking, it never showed that it was shipped out. Then it was returned. Customer service first told me that the outside vender ships out in bulk and that was why the tracking didn’t show movement. Then when it was returned for no apparent reason, I was told I would have to reorder which I new meant that it would not arrive in time for my grandsons Christmas. But once again , it didn’t arrive on December 27. Again tracking didn’t show anything after labeled. I also recieved a e mail stating there was a delay on the shipping but that I would recieve it shortly. Days later I recieved an email to see if I was happy with my product from HSN. This prompted me to call to see the status as my grandsons had not recieved the neck pillows yet. When I called again after the first of the year I was put on hold then disconnected. When I looked back on status, it suddenly showed returned again. Besides being disappointed at not getting the Buccaneer neck pillows, I have worked customer service all of my working years and have never had such horrible service. I will NEVER buy anything from HSN again.
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2 years ago, summerbarbie
Returns are not easy.
Years ago I purchased an item and had to return it. They never credited my return and I had to track down the return through the post office and prove that someone from HSN signed for the returned item. Six months later they charged me again for the item saying I never returned it. By this time, I no longer had the return tracking information. I boycotted HSN for years. I decided to try again, but once again I am disappointed. This time I bought a heater which arrived broken. I contacted HSN for a return label as one was not provided on the box. Customer Service said I would receive a label in the mail in about 10 days. Then someone started calling and leaving voicemails on my phone about the item and said not to return it as they needed more information. I called HSN CS and they made notes and said a return label should be sent out. Yet another voicemail showed up a day later stating not to return it and they needed more information. I again called HSN Customer Service. CS now told me that the item did not ship from a HSN warehouse and therefore I have to deal with a third party to be able to return the item HSN CS could not connect me to this third party or assist. Needless to say, I will never purchase from HSN again!
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4 years ago, Dizzy_Dragonfly
Buyers Beware!!!
I am fuming mad & highly disappointed! I was trusting. My 1st order was a pool, along w/ my 2nd order a ladder. A family member recommended HSN for their flex pay options. At check out I carefully reviewed my order as I always do; I used PayPal (as always for secure checkout). I carefully reviewed what HSN claimed to bill me.. after clicking ok & feeling happy with my order, I checked my bank account to realize not only did HSN bill me both flex pay amount for the 2 items, (which I approved), but also a 3rd amount for the order total of both items, nearly wiping out my account. In a panic I immediately contacted HSN customer service.. hoping desperately they would immediately fix this. Nope. They told me all they can & will do is email PayPal to release the 3rd amount, but that could take up to 72hrs (mind you also a holiday approaching during same time).. so from HSN it was.. sorry about your luck, nothing we are willing to do. Not only did this break me, but now will create significant problems w/ my auto payments scheduled to come out, & put me in a financial pickle. Nowhere on confirm order on HSN checkout or PayPal checkout did it show, let alone did I approve the whole amount. Make sure y’all check your accounts shopping with HSN. They obviously double bill, and don’t do anything to rectify it. 👎🏻👎🏻
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4 years ago, Darriam12
HSN Collections
I have been a loyal customer with HSN for the past few years and last year made multiple flex pay purchases. At the end of my flex pay payments, I had one purchase with a balance , I also had a Spendable Kash balance which could cover the last payment. I attempted to make a purchase and was told I had a balance and that it had been sent to collections. I had a Spendable Kash which should have covered the payment. Even though the Spendable Kash was taken the account was sent to collections. Had I not attempted to make a purchase I would have never known about the collection status. Nevertheless even though I paid the collections service. When I attempted to make another purchase on Flex pay I was not allowed. I called customer service only to be informed because of a $30 paid collections I would not be able to use Flex pay for a year! My complaint is that my Spendable Kash was taken (not sure why if it was not applied). I was never informed of the collections placement until months later when I attempted to make a purchase. Last but not least once the collections was paid, it would have nice to be informed that I would ineligible for Flex pay for a year, as I use HSN a lot during the holidays.
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3 years ago, 2thebeach
Shopping is ok; Buying is Easy
Open the app and not one but two videos are automatically started. Updated: The latest update allows me to mute the videos. That’s a big improvement and I’ve added 2 stars. I still prefer to play videos if I’m interested and not have them start automatically but the mute helps. Also, it’s shopping! Show us lots of things to buy right away! When we walk into a store we see lots of choices. It should be the same on a shopping website. But HSN and QVC seem to have gone the opposite direction. I don’t understand it. For some reason it won’t load the main page and says to check my network connection. But I can use the search function and see my cart and past orders. I can shop selections from the search results too so I don’t think it’s really a network issue. I don’t have a problem with any other live videos on other apps. I looked in settings and I have checked to use cellular data if WiFi isn’t available. I also restarted my phone. Not sure why the main page and shopping tab aren’t working.
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2 years ago, 4nickname trying to post this!
Take responsibility for their system errors
I placed an order for some reason after 2years their system reverted back to my old address. When I placed order my address was correct, when I received the shipping notification my old address that was deleted 2years ago showed on the order. I called to find out I had to contact UPS to request an address change only problem UPS advised contact shipper. I was told call HSN back if I don’t receive package and they will see what can be done. So my options are wait and hope the person who receive package over a 1000 miles away from me returns to HSN. So sad when a company will not own up to their error and make it right. I would not be writing this review except this is the second time with this error. First in 2019, address was corrected by HSN agent and I also updated address in my app. Now 2 years later it happens again after at least 8-12 orders later with no issue. Systems have glitches - company own up and make it right.
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5 days ago, Ms. Hedwig
My first review after 36 years with HSN and QVC
Seriously, that’s how long I’ve been with you guys. I remember Christmas’s past when my kids would say “Moms been shopping on the tv again” and we would all laugh. Making a purchase either by phone or on line has always been user friendly. Delivery of purchases has been prompt along with getting credit for returns. Spendable Cash is often a pleasant surprise because I forget about it. Easy-Pay makes it so convenient but I have learned to be careful and watch my purchases because the monthly payments can snowball all of a sudden. The quality of the products has always been above par and customer service is excellent. They are polite, pleasant, and very helpfull. I was describing my Jai bracelets to my neighbor and I remarked that in fact, just about everything that I’m wearing today has come from either HSN or QVC. Incidentally, I was happy to see that both companies are working in unison and no longer competing. A Big Thank You!
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5 years ago, Not worth the 5$
Annoyed and disappointed
First of all after I completed the order, the total was supposed to be 20 something dollar, when I checked my account I was charged 40 plus dollar. I didn’t even sweat it. When I got the delivery confirmation, it said it will come in the 3rd, two days later I checked it said it will come on the 4th, no big problem. I needed it by the 4th, so I went and checked on the 4th to see what time it would reach by. The dates was changed to the 5th. This was really annoying and frustrated as I needed for something important on the 4th. Today the 5th it finally came, when I opened the box it was missing the part of the order , I had to double check to see if I order the right cause I know I did, which I did. They only sent half of a whole piece. What am I suppose to do with that? I called customer service, first of all bad connection, I couldn’t hear a word that the lady was saying it kept on having these static noise which I thought was really sketchy. The lady said she’ll send out another order and all I have to do is resend the one that I have and I’ll receive the correct order in about 3-7 business days. As I’m typing this review I got an notification saying that my order was cancelled at my request???? I’m so confused and annoyed
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4 years ago, plugum
Problem with auto ship item
So there was a auto ship that did not show up on my manage auto ship screen. So a couple of days ago I see that I have a shipment. I went to my account and couldn’t find that auto ship. So I call this morning for some assistance, I tell this lady my predicament and she proceeds to tell me that it was ordered as a guest which makes no since since I have had an account since 2002. She starts to tell me that first of all of it’s a guest you have to call and cancel (but nothing on the auto ship for that item says that, and she says well you would think that if you didn’t want this you would’ve called before- I’m like wait that’s why I’m calling you now cause I’m having a issue. I’ve been ordering for 18 years from HSN and never had anyone talk to me like I’m stupid. I was too angry to remember her name but if this is your customary customer service- then after 18 years and spending thousands of dollars on your site-I’m out. There are too many other places that would appreciate 18 years of loyalty.
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5 years ago, Love Me Two Times!
So convenient!
As a disabled shopper it’s so nice to be able to pick up stuff I need at my HSN App so my actual shopping is so much less burdensome... that way I get to enjoy shopping at home without having to carry everything or have to ask for help; and for those misc item type shopping at a store is more enjoyable bc the majority was done with HSN. I have the time to spend exploring. Having to walk with one hand occupied use to make shopping a chore instead of fun... now even a trip to Walmart is quick and gives more independence bc large and heavy stuff was delivered right to my door by HSN. I can now carry small and light weight stuff with my other hand like other people do. It makes me feel normal now. I always get my HSN gems and treasures faster too!! A 3-7 Day always turns out to be 3😄Love love love HSN! Quality items with convenience. Customer service reps are all very nice and helpful too. And so many items have made my life safe and secure... I. E. Sound exercise equipment, security cameras and a shredder etc😘
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3 years ago, 7GeeGlo
I am not able to order
I have been a customer for many years and I just tried to place an order today and was not able to do so. I called Customer service and they said that i could not place an order because my daughter owes a payment on her account. What in the world? For one thing my daughter is a grown woman and has nothing to do with my account. She has her account and I have mine. I should not be penalized because she uses my address to get her orders. Another thing is that we have privacy laws in this country and I should not have had anything to do with my daughters information. How dare you penalize me for what someone else has done! I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on your products. I will not be buying anything else from you. I’m so disappointed in your company and I will be telling all my friends and everyone I can about what you have done to one of your loyal customers. Goodbye.
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3 years ago, Scotsqueen
…that I purchased the Bissell Air Ram a little over a year ago & I just noticed you have it back in stock. I read HSN reviews & they are, of course, mostly very recent purchases. I was going to write a review pointing out that this product is not very durable, as can be seen in non-HSN online reviews & my own experience. My Ram started breaking down in less than a year, but my husband kept it limping along until about 6 wks. ago when it finally gave up the ghost. I purchased it because I’m older & have a very bad back & joint issues. It was great for as long as it worked, but it just didn’t last nearly long enough, especially for the $, so it’s back to the heavy, corded vacuum that I hate. I will probably take the Ram completely apart to see if we can get it going, since I can’t afford to replace it @ this time & I miss its convenience & light weight & I've nothing to lose @ this point. The ‘annoyed’ part is that I couldn’t leave a review because it’s been over a year since I purchased it. Most items last more than a year, & should last longer, but by putting an expiration date on reviewing products, you do exclude many negative reviews. That skews the data in your favor. Thank you.
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3 years ago, givemenotanluxe
Tan Luxe drops and butter
This product is nothing like what is promoted on TV. First I bought the drops and used my own lotion as you promoted. It absolutely did nothing to tan my skin. So I ordered ‘the butter’ because I noticed one host said that was all she used for her great tan. I have worked with this product for more than 30 days even went other web sites for suggestions and I cannot say anything good about these products. I will have to say that combination of the two together is more hideous looking then using the 2 separately . Please note my findings 1) This product set on top of your skin so it rubs off all day long 2) This product stains your hands. I will say it’s a great “palm tanner”, so when you touch your skin throughout the day you better wash your hands. Evidently the palms is only part of the body that this product effectively tans! 3) This product washes off when you shower. Oh what don’t wash off leaves splotches all over. When you go out into direct sunlight you can really see how horrible your tan looks. Any time you rub a cloth over your skin the cloth is totally brown. 4) Don’t get this product on your knees or ankles because it turns them really brown and unlike your legs it won’t wash/scrub off.
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2 years ago, 737JSSM
Customer service and warehouse poor
About 1 out of 5 customer service reps is friendly, helpful and polite. The rest, are rude impatient and snarky. It’s enough to stop shopping at HSN all together. The warehouse isn’t filling orders correctly. I wear XXS, XS or S depending on the brand, style or item. The warehouse on multiple occasions has sent out 1X or 2X sizes to me resulting in lengthy return/replacement process often with the items in question sold out in my proper size. When talking to customer service they don’t even pay attention when making corrections and type in incorrect sizes again resulting in extra cost in returning the item and lengthy delays. It has taken over a month for returns totaling over $400 to be credited so replacements could be ordered. Why would I order more when I already have so much tied up and floating around unaccounted for. Lastly I bought an as is item, of nearly $40. It should be wearable. However, it was badly torn on both sides with major holes. It was not a garment one could wear to work, or an event. There was no way to even fix the item. HSN needs to rethink putting this piece back on sale once it’s returned.
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6 months ago, Hsn april
I have always had you send me a return label via email if I need to return. You advertise during airing if your produces they are free returns for 30 days? Today when I went to the UPS store and had then scan and print the return label they charged me $2.13 when I ask why she said they always charge for printing the label? Like I said I haven't ever paid today was the first? I call HSN and was told I would need to call back again once you receive the package back? I know why you do this because most people will say $2.13 isn't worth the time so they will just forget it ! But if you think about this $2.13 x 1000 = $2130 (which is actually a conservative number probably much higher) that's a lot of money that is made for something you claim to have free returns on ? And it really isn't free because you deduct the cost of the shipping even though you advertise it at purchase free shipping ? Not too happy with HSN right now !! Will hold off on any new purchases for awhile I can go buy it in my local store and save the hassle? Oh and why did the operator who I spoke to need to know why I was returning my item ? Now it all depends on why your returning weather you honor what you say??
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1 year ago, dietcoke55!
Business with HSN
I’ve been very blessed to be able to pay for things without a credit card of any type in over 25 years ! I did come to know about HSN during Covid lockdown . It’s my absolute favorite way to shop now ! I applied for a HSN credit Card & im hoping in getting it , but I can assure you I would never spend more than $500 cause that’s what I’m comfortable in repaying . I ask that you kindly look at my history of purchases & how every payment was made on time ! I thought paying cash was a good thing only to find that put me at “ no credit “ wasn’t a good thing ! I’m just wanting to try & build credit ! I know there are a couple things on my credit but I’ve fought that cause someone stole my info & used , still makes me mad but it happens ! In your decision you can ask me all of my purchases with HSN cause an imposter wouldn’t know that info . Thank you for your time & hope your consideration , Sincerely, Melba Smith Loe
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5 years ago, Not Righ
Very very unfair and just WRONG
Last night I tried to place an order for the today’s special and then again this morning and when I called customer service and told them there was an error message the customer service rep told me that my account had been blocked because someone else in my household had placed an order and was late on their payment now they have their own account has nothing to do with mine I am a very regular customer and have even paid my flex payments up in advance I hold and Hsn Card which I do the same I then wrote an email and received a email back saying that there was nothing that they could do until that person paid their account up current again I think this is very wrong it has nothing to do with me my account catching we don’t use the same bank account catch up all we do is share an address and that’s only temporarily again I am very very unhappy catch up and feel this should be taken care of right away since again can their finances has nothing to do with mine
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3 years ago, Apeisgreat
Ordered three items, had available SPENDABLE KASH, was 177+ dollars, once order was placed, receive message regarding cannot use your spendable cash, exceed limit, etc.... I have no idea what THAT MEANS!!! So I canceled all three items. Waited 10 minutes try to re-order items INDIVIDUALLY- which is what HSN wants- my spendable cash was now down to $35!!!! So HSN has stolen my money… Makes no sense as I was never supposed to have SPENDABLE KASH as all my refunds returns should be credited back to my originalPayment method… One of my credit cards was stolen so it was canceled , but I updated and gave a new credit card number… Not sure why HSN did not reach out to me regarding refund. They REACH OUT ASAP when a payment is denied-EVERYDAY!!!! This is a scam. Where did my $135 of SPENDABLE KASH go?? Not to my credit card!!I am now done with HSN and QVC. And be sure to let others know. The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU has been notified. I am sure this not the first time but, COME ON- you used to be BETTER THAN THIS. All items I have purchased that are ok to return from Oct- Jan 31, 2022 are being returned!!! Even if I or gift recipients LOVED THEM and enjoyed them!!! I refuse to give HSN/QVC any if my hard earned money- SHAME ON YOU ALL
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2 years ago, onthegome2
China goods
I was going to get the todays special and the panties until I found out they are made in China. I love HSN and QVC. Have been shopping both since they came on air in the 80’s. I can not/ will not knowingly purchase anything made in China. It is unfortunate, both HSN and QVC used to list origin of goods. Now I have to research because you both are using marketing ploys trying to coverup where your goods are manufactured. Sad. Makes me wonder what else is being covered up. How are we, your shoppers, suppose to believe what you say on air when you are trying to deceive us on where your products are made? Like everything else these days, we want transparency. Rant over and I deleted my cart for today. This was awhile back…. Did not send. But I just received an order. Goods made in China. I will not knowingly purchase anything from China. They are our enemy, now more than ever. Taking a break from HSN and QVC until I see country of origin back online.
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4 years ago, 73 going on 43
The best if the best
For some reason I was unable to write a review for Doll 10 Foundation. Sez haven’t purchased it. Au contraire mon amie! I not only purchased it from you but gave away my Lancôme, Malley, Chanel etc. This is the foundation I’ve been looking for my whole life! Years ago I used one for athletes. It stayed on but did nothing for my skin texture. Doll 10 has created a miracle in a tube! I’m seriously old but must have a hormone or two left because I have very few lines. But what I do have is enlarged pores, hot spots on my skin and the occasional bump. This foundation has total coverage but even more than that it has smoothing properties that gives the appearance of a flawless complexion! I’ve been “hit on” numerous times at concerts etc by men who could be my grand children! It’s hard not be flattered while totally ignoring them!! Hah! Point being, this is my new one and only foundation! I’m done experimenting in the hopes that one of them will live up to the hype. This one does all that and more!!!!!
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2 years ago, buzzalongtoo
How HSN handles placed orders from shopping cart
I am not sure if this is the right place for me to say this but I would like to give kudos to HSN and customer service about how you handled my orders placed today from my shopping cart. What I mean is today being craft day, I ordered a lot of things because I did not want to lose an item due to sell out. But what I did do is go back through my orders throughout the day and cancel items after I figured out which ones I really, really wanted and could afford. Where my praise comes in is HSN left the “cancel order” selection til the end of the night so that I could make that choice after I made my decision on what to keep!!! In the past, if I ordered something and waited too long, I was not able to cancel my orders and had to return the item that I couldn’t keep. THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! for allowing me/us to be able to do that, especially on 24 hr craft shows!!!!!
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4 years ago, BeStyling
Reliable, honest, easy to order and returns made simple and timely. Customer service is remarkable, and always prepared to resolve an issue if one would occur. Hosts are personable without being giddy. Attitude, Attention and Appreciation for your business. Thank you and you have my business! PS: Would like to note EXTREME DISSATISFACTION with sister company QVC since several unsatisfactory transactions regarding returns have occurred. Please keep your return receipts (from post office and/or UPS) and be prepared to contact them to get refunds-they don’t do so automatically even though proper forms are submitted. Also after contacting customer service immediately upon noticing an order on my account that I did not make or authorize payment for, customer service could do nothing and could not confirm how this occurred. Any/all association with QVC has been cancelled and account closed. Please HSN continue your stellar method of home shopping experience. TY
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4 years ago, pbscs
Candle order arrived broken
So I have been A member of HSN since Bobby Ray Carter first tooted a horn named “Tootie”. Clearly that goes back over 30 years. I’ve never had to return anything ....! Last week I ordered the Slatkin candle duo, which I received today. When I picked up the box from my front door , you could hear all the broken glass if you schook the package. Upon opening the box there were schards of broken glass , making it impossible to use these candles. I had no choice but to throw them in garbage dumpster to my apartment building. I am a college professor and because of the Covid situation, I am remote teaching from my home. Because of that, I was not able to call customer service with my complaint until A couple of hours after I threw out the glass. And during that time, they came and collected The garbage in my development. The customer service rep was not helpful at all. She acknowledged The fact that I was a customer for many years, but said there was nothing to do about this situation. The candles we’re on sale, so it isn’t about the money, i’m writing this about the fact that a multi million dollar Company that HSN is could have afforded to replace this item. Shame on them! Michele Richard
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3 years ago, urflofit
Curtis stone Bavette steaks
I purchased this product based on the demo on tv. All the hosts were slicing and eating and raving about the taste and tenderness. Since I don’t eat much red meat I thought this would be perfect for me. The 1st time I had it I had my daughter and granddaughter over for a special dinner. I cooked them on my ninja grill. They were SOOOO tough we all had trouble chewing. Tonight I thought I’d give them another try. This time I cooked them in my heavy skillet but again they were tough and tasteless. I still have 3 left and I will cook them but I’ll cook them in a tomato sauce or make a stew. Hoping the long cooking will tender them up but unfortunately I didn’t buy steaks to make stew. Maybe I just got a bad box. I have never ever given a bad review to anything and I feel bad about doing it now but I felt you would like to know so you can check that what is being advertised is not what’s being shipped out. Sincerely Pat Ulanich
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2 years ago, luvLaffter
Oh NO- How Embarrassed I am !
Hello HSN Friends❣️ I recently found myself in an uncompromising position and I am throughly embarrassed & horrified. Please let me explain myself... If you record us, the public, when we go on your website and shop, then I’m positive you caught me in an uncompromising situation. I have Narcolepsy. I fall asleep in various inopportune times. Even at church during the sacrament service! Yes! I am horrified at the disrespect this shows our Bishop, (and You!) especially when I began snoring! Thankfully our Bishop is aware of my disease, but still, this problem brings me no favors. Only sheer, red face embarrassment! So, in closing, I hope you, as a company and All who saw me- can forgive me. It was not done on purpose and I DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL , so I was not passed out. Will you please forgive me? Enough to gain back my status as a Top Fan? Thank you for listening. Respectfully yours, Narcolepsy and all. ❤️
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8 months ago, sugrlyn63
I usually have no issues with HSN at all. Tried to place an order kept getting an error message called customer service. She could not get the order to go through either. She didn’t stated that there were some flex pay that had not paid that were past due she sent me to customer service during that time of waiting I looked at my flex pay there was nothing due. The lady also stated when she came online that everything was good with my flex pay don’t know why I couldn’t put an order through. She told me to try again so I asked her to hang on the line to make sure I could get it to go through. She said she could only wait for a minute. She should wait however long it takes to get my order through is my personal opinion, however I did get it to go through and I don’t know why HSN had a lock on my account and I have not received any type of notification of that situation.
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2 months ago, Color Me NBS
Can I use zero stars?
I bought a Beautyrest mattress in March ‘24 and seriously tried to find out how much shipping would cost if we got the mattress and didn’t like it. I went thru several hold periods and a couple of different people and no one could tell me what a return would cost. HUGE MISTAKE!!! I ordered it and now I wish I had my 20year old mattress back! I wake up every morning in agony because of this mattress. It has already sunk so much there’s a mountain between my hubby and me in the middle. It’s been 2 months so they conveniently won’t let me do a review and the website does everything in its power to prevent me from getting in touch with a real person. Their FAQ page NEVER loads right so you only can get to the first set of answers! I NOW KNOW BETTER AND WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING THIS EXPENSIVE AND THIS BIG EVER AGAIN. I have also found that most of the items they air and rave so gushingly about are actually things they need to dump because most of them have low ratings! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT REAL CUSTOMERS !!!!! And now I’m stuck with a $1,000 disaster of a mattress and no options.
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3 years ago, 814 S
HSN Synchrony billing
As someone with more than one Synchrony account, I only have issue with my HSN account as noted below: . Already had a QVC account - resented having to open separate HSN account . Only my HSN Synchrony account has billing statement issues - no email or paper statement received last month, but then shocked by receipt of both email and paper statement with interest AND late charge this month!! . My QVC Synchrony account consistently reflects full balance payment, at times even over payment to credit toward purchases made since statement date - statements arrive monthly in very timely fashion! . I value my stellar credit rating & truly resent the HSN Synchrony billing issues not experienced with my QVC Synchrony!! Therefore, I will no longer utilize the HSN account & choose to place my loyalty solely to QVC! . It is incomprehensible that jointly owned companies would differ so drastically!
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4 years ago, Evie Markie
Solar powered planters do not work!! Waste of money!!
FieldSmith 2 pack Solar powered Planters. We bought 2 sets of these in July 2019. It took us about 4 months to buy plants and actually use them on our back patio. We had problems from the get go. One never worked. Another one worked on and off, as well as the other 2. Mind you, we live in Florida where it’s sunny nearly every single day. We were constantly buying the expensive replacement batteries and still nothing on the completely defective one and the others might get a night or two of solar light. Extremely disappointed in these!! Great idea but they are not worth the money. We paid about $100 for 2 sets and they don’t work. What a waste of money. Why have I waited so long to give a review? I have lupus and so many other things are more important and when I don’t feel well, which is most of the time, I just don’t deal well with taking the time to do this. But now that we are working in the yard and pool area getting ready for summer, I thought I would finally voice my opinion so no one else wastes their hard earned money on these useless solar planters.
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1 year ago, Mtngrlshop
I do not want to have to pay anything for a product I do not like
It is convenient enough to order things from HSN, but I got the wrong item first, and when I received the item I ordered, it was not even close to being as nice as advertised, and now I’m out $8. I would never have spent money just to see if I like something or not. HSN is the one trying to sell stuff. I will not order again because I will not pay $8 to return something I do not like. If you have an online forum instead of a store, you have a lot less invested than you would in a storefront in which I could look at the product to see if I actually like it. So you are not only saving money by not having a store to go to, but you put the expense of returning an unwanted item on your customer if they don’t want the item that they were unable to view until it was sent. I do not like that policy at all. I tried this this time and will not do it again.
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2 years ago, anthonyb1963
Hsn will lock you off the app
I have purchased several things from HSN on Flex pay and after I had one payment left to pay I tried logging into my account just to have a message to contact Customer Service. I contacted customer service to find out that I couldn’t pay my last payment because I was turned into collections for not paying for the things that’s already been paid for. I had to go through my transactions on credit cards and print out copies where I have paid for the items that was in question. I owe hsn one payment and am locked off from logging into my app to print anything from there HSN put me through the wringer and had to go through the long way to show I have paid so faxing it into them if it does any good. Customers beware if you buy through Flex pay.
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4 years ago, I ❤️NYC
Stress Free shopping
I’ve been with HSN since 2003. And I have not been disappointed. I’ve lived in New Mexico New York and Texas all climates are different. That being said my wardrobe went through change. I just go to HSN look for what I need to accommodate me wherever I am and I’ve always been satisfied with my orders from HSN. The price and the quality have always been some of the best! If for any reason I’ve been disappointed they’ve always made it right! That’s why I’ve been a customer for so long. Thank you HSN for making my life easier. As my life took me to live in different areas of the United States I feel like HSN is a friend that’s with me always JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY especially now during these hard times🥰(To all HSN reps, host, behind the scenes workers everyone) ,that have kept this wonderful shopping option available . THANK YOU 💖
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3 years ago, Patrick Aq
Customer service and accounts
I was having a problem receiving order confirmations, shipping and tracking emails for my account. I talked with a couple of customer service and account specialists to resolve the problem. Although it took several phone calls and diligent research by each representative I talked to the problem was eventually resolved. I felt everyone I talked to was professional, knowledgeable and helpful in trying to resolve the problem. I wish there was a way I could thank each and everyone for the superior costumer service I received. It is a credit to your company to have such reliable personnel, at the front lines so to speak, handling the numerous queries from your members. Sometimes a simple “thank you” seems insufficient for the caring service received. But Thank You.
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5 years ago, Bigmikenc
Horrible customer service and communication
We ordered a 2 pack of computers that were on special. We ordered it and everything was confirmed and there was a pending charge placed on our account. Then it was cancelled by HSN with no communication letting us know there was an issue. HSN states that the card would not allow the flex pay and that was a total lie. I spoke with the card owner Wells Fargo and they stated that they approved the flex pay for 6 months and approved the first payment. So that’s the first lie I was told. Then the price was increased to 599 from 399 and I was told I would have to now pay the 599 even though they, HSN, scammed us so they could get the full price. The customer service service supervisor was ignorant about this situation and completely not helpful. I am now sitting here waiting on 2 computers that aren’t coming and had to order 1 computer from QVC so that I can do work on a computer since ours crashed. I will never be using the HSN again. App deleted. And I will be contacting the better business bureau reporting to them that HSN is running a scam practice of business. STAY AWAY!!
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1 year ago, Mystikli
Never allowed to just sign in to pay the bill!
Every single month I’ve been with HSN, signing in to pay my bill had been a headache. Apple saves my passwords. Yet HSN don’t let me log in with my saved passwords. Creating a hassle and loosing 30 minutes just to create a new password that next month won’t work again. It’s a hassle to have go dig out your account number to set up a new password and user ID. If you are trying to pay this while during your work day you don’t just have the account number on hand. If you are not able to easily log in and can’t reset the password at the time you risk paying late and destroying your credit record and paying a late fee. What kinda game is this ? The other issue is getting the message of technical difficulties try again later. Why all the delay tactics to keep your customers from being allowed to make their payments on time? FIX THIS! or maybe the Fair Trade Commission would like to see this is happening, I take screen shots each time. I advice you to do the same!
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2 years ago, zvxgm
Quality control
Very disappointing and HSN and their quality control. I have been trying to get a pair of Diane Gilman embroidery jeans since back in May or June and have been on the white list. They finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited only to open the package and find they sent me the wrong Gina! I called customer service they were very helpful and told me to send that gene back and they would get me out the correct pair and mediately should have it within 3 to 7 days. I just got the second package today opened it up and there was a pair of red pants in there! Have no idea how that paint even got pulled when it’s not even a blue Jean embroidered! Called customer service again and they did apologize and we’re very nice and they’re refunding my money but that doesn’t get rid of the disappointment that I’ve had getting two pair of the wrong jeans after I’ve been waiting all this time for them I think HSN needs to do a much better job with their quality control and getting the correct items out to their customers
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