I Love NY Official Travel App

3.3 (100)
140.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
New York State Office of Information Technology Services
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for I Love NY Official Travel App

3.29 out of 5
100 Ratings
11 months ago, Kate Taite
Still needs work
A app that is much improved from earlier attempts, but it is still a bit wonky. Pages do not always load correctly and links work for most thing , not all. Should have more Links to regional event providers.
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4 years ago, disappointee rick
Absolutely Horrible
What a disappointment. I was so excited to find this app only to discover it is a disgrace. The content is hollow - basically a table of contents for regions - with no content. What is the use of listing a small description of a region with no links to any details about the region (I.e. restaurants, hotels, history, etc.). It’s like a book with a table of contents and no story. And, I don’t believe the site’s functionality even works either. I did a search for Things To Do and 4 results showed up. I clicked a specific category, did a new search and the same 4 results appeared. Sorry, that is broken. Simply horrible. What a shame too, because it does not take a brain surgeon to simply populate the site with content from the 50+ brochures you could get from a Rest Area along the Thruway. Oh, and by the way, now that I am trying to post this comment, I am going through Hell trying to find a “nickname” that isn’t taken so it will process. Ridiculous!!!!
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6 years ago, twyyn2
Good idea, poor attempt
Had this app for a few years hoping someone might really get it running to its full potential. Just updated the app on my iPad two days ago but, when I tap on an attraction then try to go back to the previous screen, there is no way to do that. Despite the claims on the App Store page where it says “works with this iPad.” On my phone (an iPhone) there is a little “back” arrow in the top left corner. On the iPad...nothing. So I have to close and reopen the app every time I want to go back or search a different attraction. Also, it needs some help with locations. I tried to search the Catskills and it only let me search within NYC. If you’re going to have celebrities such as Bobby D promoting your product, at least save yourself and him the embarrassment and be sure that it’s up to snuff.
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6 years ago, Spomilio
Great idea poor execution
As others who wrote reviews, I have had this app for a while now and the idea of finding things to do by location or date is awesome, but... the first versions had switched links ( click on events and you went to food, for instance). Now if you select an item to view off of the main menu, you have to close the app, shut it down and reload it to get back to the main menu. There’s NO back button. Was this written by high school students?
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6 years ago, sallylm
On I-86 but the app doesn’t believe me
So, here we are on I-86 in Allegany County. I want to look up something in Angelica, NY. But the app tells me I’m either offline or out of state. I know I’m in NY (or is it really just a state of mind?) and I’ve got a full LTE signal. Check cellular data: on. Check location: on. Turn phone off, turn phone on. Still won’t work. This app is as useless as it was when I first left a review 3 years ago. It worked for a time, but maybe that was a fluke.
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5 years ago, Fast4ward
There are not many things in this world as bad as this app.
I don’t think I’ve ever encountered an app as dysfunctional as this one. A search of Cooperstown New York attractions brings up a batting cage, but not the Fenimore Art Museum the Baseball Hall of Fame or the Farmer’s Museum… Is that not amazing? Ditto hotels. Absent are the top ten hotels in the area in a lodging search. This app is so bad I’m not wasting anymore time even writing about it. One star is the default least rating permissible but I would give it no stars if I could.
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5 years ago, AgoobAgoo
Needs improvement
I wish this app had an option to check off the places you’ve been to and to make a notes about your visit.
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7 years ago, NYS Traveler
Love this app!!
I downloaded this a few weeks ago and it's great. Easy to use, and I am constantly finding new things to do that I never would have known about.
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9 months ago, 123748giraffe
Can’t sort ny region - event listings are sparse - I liked the feature at the rest area where I can select vineyards by region and email list to myself but never received Seems more like an ad app but poor search engine - Someone needs to do a hard look with a gov a group of this app - NY should do better
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4 years ago, elliph@nt
Unable to select Regions
The app is simple enough - however even after enabling location services, selecting on a Region brings up a heart icon, and the app closes/shuts down. Is this an open source app?
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6 years ago, sophia7601
Won’t open
I would like to give this a good rating but I can’t even open the app! I have an iPad mini 3 (it’s about 3 years old) and everything else seems to work very well. When I tap the app it brings up a white page that says I ❤️ NY and then brings me back to my home page. I really hope this can be fixed.
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4 years ago, Adam183626161773
Really great to plan my weekend trips
I have been using this app to plan my weekend trips from NYC, I love the discover NY functionality as well!
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7 years ago, Sabebaby
Like it but wish there was some more things
So love this app but wish u could heart the thing u love and just stamp places u have been to. Or give a chance to rate them out of 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Tito WebJunkie
ILoveNY app
Needs to be updated more often or on a regular basis, many places like restaurants have closed, changed and are still listed as places to go / visit. Overall I think it just need to be updated.
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7 years ago, Jphone5review
Missing a key travel item
The app does not list the Thruway travel plazas and what is at them. That information is only found on the Thruway website.
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5 years ago, Ginn
Needs to be improved!
I click on some locations such as a farm and it has the location in the middle of the ocean.
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3 years ago, ShouldBefish87
Missing features
What happened to the fall foliage section? It used to be front and center, especially in the fall. Now, I don’t see it anywhere.
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6 years ago, SEV diddley
Great update!
I live in New York and this still helps me plan my trips and discover local attractions!
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5 years ago, User in Louisiana
Updates needed
There doesn’t seem to be anything with dates in 2019 on here - is the information not updated?
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4 years ago, kevwoods88
App crash
I’ve used the app before and I loved it. But it’s crashing every time I open a page.
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7 years ago, KL644
Major sites missing
I am 10miles away from Waktins Glen State Park yet it does not even appear in the app. Trying to understand why some info is included and others not. If it is a State Park it should be in there...
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2 months ago, FLX Thom
Constantly Crashes
When we trying to explore regions, the app shows a heart indicating that it’s loading, and then immediately crashes.
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3 years ago, Only Essential Apps
Empire State
Expect better from the greatest city in the world
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6 years ago, Woodboat2
Could be MUCH better
The same static NY promotion. This app could be great if it included more info. How about NY Thruway gas brand and current price; what services, restaurants, etc. are available at each rest area, etc. Big PR with little of value.
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3 months ago, carljs1234
Crash and burn
This app constantly crashes. Despite bug fixes it never seems to improve.
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6 years ago, RHK62
Almost there
When you tap a region and then click explore it always goes to the Long Island region?
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12 months ago, mtk hack
NYS: ticks, taxes, and traffic lights.
I deleted it based upon the tracking feature and the hollowness of the locations.
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4 years ago, oldtimer227
Horrible Site
Can’t order a paper tourism guide. I use a flip phone so no way of downloading anything so this site discriminates and dosnt want everyone visiting.
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7 years ago, Wilman1969
The best.
Thank you. This app help me a lot.
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9 years ago, medikateny
Clean UI Design, UX needs some work
The design is clean and easy to use. However, it is hard for me to find something in NY that I would explore because the location settings default to current location and the search radius is too broad. If I go to change the location, it still defaults to current which is somewhere else in NY. It would be nice if there were a settings section where I could set the location and a search for a smaller radius than 25mi, especially for places like Brooklyn or Manhattan. There is just way too much to filter through and with the location defaulting to my location elsewhere in New York, it makes it impossible to get a suggestion that is relevant to my location and preferences. You can live in NY your whole life and never know everything it has to offer. A lot of locals would love to explore more, but this app would need to be more customizable in it's search options. Maybe an option to search by date for festivals too? (is there one already?) Anyway, great app, but I think the user needs more control to get to a suggestion that they would actually explore.
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4 years ago, highland22
App Crashes
The app crashes when clicking on a region.
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7 years ago, Gigdick
I Live New York
Love this site. Of New York.
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6 years ago, WillyShark!
Great idea, poor implementation
Keep on improving
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7 years ago, HMarko
Where is the fall foliage report?
No fall foliage report
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7 years ago, The 77th Doctor
Terrible 👎👎
If I try to find state parks but I get hotels. If I ask the concierge for outdoor fun I get amusement parks but no state parks. Worst app ever.
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6 years ago, Carol of the North
New .?
Like New York’s government it doesn’t work. It will not open.
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7 years ago, Tallman72
Love NY. Love the app about NY
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3 months ago, Loczzzz
Show more
9 years ago, Don_Cerati
Interesting, but buggy!
Love what it brings to the table. BIG issues are that it will ALWAYS track your location. ALWAYS. Even when not using the app. That's a NoNo. Then you try to disallow the app from using location it crashes your settings. I deleted the app. Hopefully they'll fix that then I'll install it again.
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9 years ago, Awesometoohard
Very helpful!
This app has been incredibly helpful on my most recent visit to NY. The app showed me many events and attractions that I never knew were available, and allowed me to broaden my horizons and try new things while in NY. The interface is very user friendly and I had no problem navigating all of many options contained in the app. I also thought the feature of finding attractions based on one's current location was especially helpful.
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9 years ago, Sam Moxed
Great app! Really easy to use!
This is a great app! It's really intuitive and easy to use. I'm not from NY but i often visit and this app is awesome in trying to figure out things to do. I really like the adventures suggestions. One of the most useful features is the ability to search for food places (and hotels) near whatever activity your doing. Makes planning your trip really easy and convenient. I'm definitely recommending this to all my friends planning on visiting NY
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9 years ago, LADYLUCKJEN
Great app! Love it!
This is a great app! Loving the adventure feature and cannot wait to use them all! I also really like knowing where a the great restaurants are no matter where I am in the city. I haven't had a problem with location being off and only put it on when in the city as intended. My only suggestion - make this app for every major city!
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7 years ago, StanleyBrock
Every New Yorker should have in their pocket
Very cool and free resource for proud New Yorkers. Discover interesting things to do in New York whether you're into history, parks, food, children's activities or more. I had the app installed on a road trip upstate and it would let me know when something I might enjoy was nearby. Made the trip better and made me appreciate New York even more!
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8 years ago, Dianegram
This is an amazing app...I wish I had known about it sooner. Now, when we are visiting an area of the state we can pull up all sorts of info or that area...history, attractions...where to eat, etc. lots of wonderful info. I think it would be great if every state did this. Looks like New York State finally did something right!
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11 years ago, jenna p
Beautiful and easy to use
I had no idea there were so many farmers markets near me. Even being a native New Yorker I've also discovered a lot of things to do using this well designed app. Much prettier than other NY apps and much less confusing as well. Provided me with all the information I needed in a streamline fashion.
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9 years ago, Lenos33
Useful, Attractive App
This app is user friendly and full of information on what to see and where to stay. It is a great addition to any "trip to New York" planning activities. It has some ideas on what to see that you may not ordinarily think of without the app. I recommend it. Linda E.
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9 years ago, Wifi confused
Needs work
I downloaded this app once again hoping it would now work, guess I was wrong. Went to find events in my area and when I went to look through the events, it wouldn't let me change events. When tapped on a new event, the previous one I just looked at, kept coming up. They really messed this app when they changed it from the original one. Hope they can get it right,
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9 years ago, Canon shooter
Great App but.
This is a great app. The only problem I've found so far is that when I try to go into settings the app crashes. I only want to allow my location is when I use the app and not allow it to constantly updated location in he background and use battery life.
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9 years ago, Adeline_M
I've lived in Williamsburg for just a few months now - and I just found a bunch of new restaurants and attractions through this app! Loving it for exploring my new hood. I think it'd be good for when out-of-town friends come to visit too!
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9 years ago, oquillia
Pretty awesome little app
Pretty useful and easy to use. Some apps go too far and fumble on its purpose. This great little app is exactly what you need in a travel companion app for ny state. I might be a little more adventurous this winter looking for new places to board.
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