Graphics & Design
4.2 (7.1K)
287.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexander Kondrashov
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.3 or later
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User Reviews for ‎iArtbook

4.17 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
5 months ago, DashFowardSucks
Honest review.
To be honest, for a free app I expect a really bad knockoff of procreate but now this is one of the only apps I use! The color palettes are really well made. Amazing free brushes! And you can make your own! The animation fps max of 60 is a chef kiss. I went here with no tutorial and got used to using it fast. Such an amazing app! I got two apps when I lost procreate on this new iPad. Ibis paint which I used for 2 years prior and Ipainting. I went to ipainting first and fell in love. Deleted ibis paint just for this! I rarely get lag and slower you brush the smaller it is if you don’t have a Apple Pencil. I have some few negatives with needing ads for some features you can easily just blur out and say it’s for plus only. The ads are rare compared to usual free apps which still surprises me when I get an ad because the app is so good to be free and ads are rare. So yeah. Amazing app! 9/10 and I highly recommend it to beginners with no money! But…. The recent 2024 update gets rid of the high resolution save for free, it’s for pros now and now I can’t make my storyboards as appealing anymore:( it’s a great app I just really, really hope they don’t add more ads and become money hungry. It’s nice but adding more money locked materials just doesn’t make it free and makes people less interested. Also it crashes more often, sadly have to take off a star because of it.
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2 years ago, hailsweeeeee
Super good game😊👏🏻😄Better than procreate
This game has been a really fun way that I can draw on and be inspired. I love this app and it’s even better than procreate procreate you have to spend at least $10 or more for stuff this game everything is free I wouldn’t even consider a game I would consider it something a real artist would use I know a lot of Youtubers use procreate for their artThis is just another step up from procreate and everything is free there’s basically zero ads which one thing I hate about games is all the ads there’s always a 1 million ads in them I art book provides so many good things and a couple of things that procreate doesn’t one thing that I like aboutThis game is that it provides you a lot of stuff you could add detail and texture you could do different kinds of gradients and different blends also one thing that this has that procreate does not have is that you could insert pictures of things. Overall I think this is a really good game and if you want to improve our skills I think you should use this one difficult thing on this though is I don’t know if you guys can but I can’t figure out how to use the animation thing and add another slide or whatever but if you wanna improve your art skills and have a little more creativity and stuff I wouldDefinitely recommend this game to you. Overall amazing game and you should download it five star rating for me.!
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3 years ago, Cecil F.
Better for me than procreate
In my baby artist days, I wish I had come across this app. I was broke (still am) and my parents had recently gotten me an iPad and Apple Pencil. I couldn’t afford any high quality apps such as Procreate and I didn’t want to get an app that gave me a free trial, or a free edition. Those limitations weren’t the best. So I settled with Autodesk Sketchbook. A very good free app, but it didn’t really suit my needs. Before I go further, I’d just like to say that just because you get a professional drawing setup or a high quality app, doesn’t mean your drawings and animations will automatically improve. I expected a lot from an iPad and an Apple Pencil, but my art looked the same. It’s not about the quality of the medium, it’s the way you can improve upon your art and look at it with a critical eye. (Not too critical!) Anyway, Autodesk sketchbook didn’t have the kind of brushes I liked, and it wasn’t very sensitive to pressure. Then I got procreate. Don’t get me wrong, Procreate is AWESOME. It’s a huge step up. But this app? iArtbook? It’s a game changer. Similar controls to procreate, but free. Of course, there are ads. How else could you support an app like this? It’s awesome for beginners and professionals alike! (I’m not professional, I’m somewhere in the middle.) Again, though, everyone has different preferences. I love this app, but it may not be for you! Just please try it out. :)
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5 months ago, Artist 6766
New changes are upsetting
I’ve had this app for a few months now and I really liked using it. It was enjoyable and was pretty good for what it had available just for free. Unfortunately, as I tried to use the app today, I noticed that the copy paste feature that I usually use quite often no matter whether I am animating or drawing just so happened to not work and pulled up the tab that asked me if I wanted to watch a video to use it for 12 hours or pay for premium. I am not willing to pay $13 to unlock a feature that I’ve already been able to use for free for the past few months just because the creators thought it would be a good idea to stop letting people use this feature for free. I’m very annoyed with this because now I must watch ads if I want to work on my projects, unimpeded by being able to use the copy paste feature. Edit: looking at the other comments about the same issue it appears that the developers that are replying to these comments are being blatantly rude and saying things that do not show any intention of trying to keep their business with the people that have problems with the new update. I will state this upfront and say that I will no longer support this program the way I have before and will be using different programs, I already have to use multiple programs to do what I enjoy, i did like IArtbook but it will not be hard to get rid of it after seeing what the developers think of the people that don’t want to pay 13$ just to use the copy paste feature.
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1 year ago, Dulcineawitz
Animation layers
I have been using this app since November of last year, and this is one of the most enjoyable art programs I have been able to use. There are a wide variety of brushes that are very fun to use and experiment with, the blur tool in the program works very well with rendering, adding a softer edge exactly where you need it without having to spend as much time on it, the program has almost everything an art program should. I have an issue regarding the animation feature of the programs, I do appreciate having the feature in general, no other free programs I’ve seen have it, but the three layers(bottom layers, frames, top layers), only one of them allows animation. I’m aware there’s other layers under the frame option, though that comes into play with onion skin. You cannot have an open layer for moving backgrounds if you are going to animate a character, the onion skin just blocks seeing the previous frames. This makes things difficult, wanting to experiment with animation, weight and having characters grounded in an environment, it is a fundamental of animation, and this program doesn’t allow an easy way to do that. I would appreciate it if you took the animation features layers into consideration, I adore this program to bits. Thank you so much for reading this!
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4 years ago, SUGA PIKACHU!!!
I have one problem. Please read!
So, me being a little kid and I’m an artist, I absolutely adore this app so much! It’s definitely one of the best digital art apps! Although I have one problem with it, if you know how to fix it, please respond to this review developer(s). My problem is, the background layer option when drawing or sketching on a canvas doesn’t work for me. If you can fix it, or if it’s a glitch and you can tell me how to fix it, please do developer(s)! And, I am definitely not complaining, I love this app! Anyone who says anything bad or mean about this app, and saying a lot of mean stuff to you, show them who is boss! This app is amazing, and I have basically said the same thing like 4 times. Please keep working on this, and people will BLOW UP about this app (in a good way) because you are super talented! I could never accomplish something like this app you have created, owners and developers. I bet you work extra hard and it is super inspiring! For others who might not be developers or owners of this app, just looking at the reviews for this, I promise, this app will not let you down! (What you’re about to read is to the developer(s)). Please fix the layers, and keep my compliments in mind, please. I hope they give you faith and courage! -Miley (not Cyrus although I do intend to sing everyday)
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3 years ago, Fourealm
Could be better
I'm surprised that this is actually pretty decent! There's a bug(?) I've run into that I think may just be due to how old my ipad is, but masking layers on animations cause this weird glitchy thing to happen to the bottom layer that makes it look like someone scribbled on top of it with an eraser tool??? It's pixelated and it changes when I make changes to the masking layer and it will render like that too. I tried it on my phone and it doesn't happen there so I think it's just an iPad thing. I don't get why the weird calligraphy stabilizer is on by default? Most drawing software don't and it took me a while just to figure out how to turn it off. Some of the tools are named weird too, the "tracing frames" in the animation should be onion skinning and "design settings" should probably be just settings or ui settings. Also one of the brush's name is in Russian..? I get that the app is still newish and the dev may to be fluent in English and that's fine A few suggestions: Merging "frame" layers, make the inside of the circle color wheel into a triangle (the circle is hard to use), tinted tracing frames/onion skinning, importing audio for the animation .D.
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3 years ago, 🦄#gounicorns
One of my fave apps! 😍
This app is one of my favorites ! Ever since I’ve downloaded it, I’ve discovered lots of my creative side that I haven’t seen before. 😀 It has so many cool brushes and textures like grass🌱, leaves🌿, crystals💎, galaxies and stars🌟, and I love making art on it. I love how you can create animations, too, and how you don’t have to unlock or pay for certain brushes. You can just paint freely with all the brushes. I love it. There’s so many cool features and I create pictures on it nearly every day. What I really like is that you can create your own brushes🖌. Though I don’t really use it that often (I’m really happy with all of the brushes you have now!), I think it’s probably really convenient for other users. 💜 This app makes me feel happy about my art, and makes me confident to keep making art. I love it! 💕 iArtbook is so brilliant and astonishing, just like art, and I’m sure that the developer(s) worked really hard. Thank you for your hard work! 🤩 And if you aren’t a developer, I think you should get this app now, even if you don’t really make art. You’ll love it. You’ll find it’s really relaxing. 😊 Did I mention that I love this app? 💖❤️💗
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3 years ago, saphirakitty
Amaizng app! ⭐️ recommend 💯!
I LOVE this app. My kids play it all the time, it’s just like procreate and it’s free? Like get it so we don’t have to pay, it’s an awesome. I recommend it so much they can improve their skills, drawing, and other things it’s amazing. I don’t understand how people are finding it boring? It’s so amazing! Maybe a little bugs for their devices, but overall 💯 approved. Make more awesome updates! 😚 you guys made my children more productive and actually learn how to draw! My daughter is a professional artist, she draws realistic people thanks to this app you guys did amazing work and made her awesome mat being an artist. 👩‍🎨 you guys did better than her art teacher. 😂 Some of these things are not really useful but their amazing for my yt videos! I post yt videos of my kids being awesome drawers and yt made them blow up. My kids have 100k subscribers cause of you app! On Facebook it’s blowing up! 😳 it’s all over my friend Bethany's page. It’s awesome she gained 50k followers on face book and 10k on instagram! 😯 it’s amazing 😊 Thanks for being an awesome app, and all you kids reading this, down load and use this app! -From Karen Kelly Smith.🥰
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3 years ago, TheNightmaresReborn
Amazing! Just a bit of tiny stuff!
Ok I definitely recommend this app for drawing and artists that like to use more of a complex art app, It’s very settle and amazing I love how they start you off with maybe four images and there all so beautiful, I love this app very much and I definitely enjoy drawing on it! Just a few suggestions, one is to add a better blur tool(smudge) and maybe add more brushes? Like a digital brush, and more helpful brushes, my favorite thing is the weather brushes, and the random stuff brushes, like the crystals and stuff, but maybe you should add like cars? And maybe bikes? And some vehicles! And maybe a bourse brush? Idk if I’m being to unique or to much but if I am I’m sorry! I just really love this art app and wanna see more beauty in it and just more wonderful brushes and different updates to it, please don’t mess with the app to much it’s outstanding, I also love how you can animate on it aswell and now just draw, that’s wonderful, definitely suggest the app! (And love how big the brushes/erasers can get!!) also don’t do the blur or any type of brush kinda like blur to much it'll cause a crash and just lag, I learned my lesson.
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4 months ago, dewintate
This app is not the best
So i was using this app for a really long time and i was literally obsessed with it bc there was so many different paint colors and textures and fun canvases and that it was 100% free but then one day i was drawing this really cool picture and once i finished the drawing i looked at it but it was upside down🥴😮‍💨and it was really frustrating me so i had had enough of it and was burning up so i tapped the little canvas that was on the left of the screen thinking i could try to flip it the right way i tried many times but it didnt work and i ended up tapping the button that said clear at the bottom of the little canvas and thinking it would only clear the litlle canvas and not the whole drawing i tapped it and it deleted the whole drawing. And your probably thinking omg!! Did she really think that it woulden’t delete the drawing!?🤨😳so that part was all my fault but then i went to see if there was a recently deleted button somewhere but there was none anywhere. I was starting to get really angry. And eventually i lost it and burned up inside with anger. So anyways thats my story also i was really clueless so it was parshley all my fault but still i think that every single drawing or painting app should always have a recently deleted section😡😡so anyways thanks for reading my review. But now i’ll never see that painting again😕
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2 years ago, jsbhshsgdgdh
It’s so good!
I have tried multiple drawing apps and nothing has compared to this masterpiece of a board to draw on. There is so much customization that it’s beyond my ability. I mainly docus in making countryball art. It’s easy knowing I can zoom in to make smaller details like a British hat with a design! It’s good for countryballs and probably many other things. My only problem is nothing. It’s good for normal countryball art yet k can draw normally in it as also. It’s just the perfect way to make stuff for friends, family, art competitions, and art for communities. It’s honesty perfect with little flaw that I am yet to discover and make to the public. I am new to art and this makes a good impression. The others are coated in darkness while this app and irl art shines like a light among the wanderlust people looking for some app or canvas to build on. I have found stuff bad like one grabbed the painting tool from the apple photo thing. And just placed it using a BLACK CANVAS. I can ramble on about how I can make beautiful countryball art yet I soon have to end. Which is right here. Sincerely-JoshuaBean1972
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6 months ago, abduldaking
just honestly WOW (devs, please do read) i have a slight problem
to start off, this app is honestly mind blowing, i got it off a friend when i saw one of his animations. when i first tried it out, i really got into it, my first piece of art or supposed animation wasn’t really good, but i remember feeling the satisfaction of an animation that i generally liked and made. this app has so much tools you can use for animations, drawings, sketches. I’m sure a real artist has already tried this app mainly because it’s amazing. it gives you so much options all for free (unlike procreate). this app can actually be a consideration if you’re looking to start drawing and animating. and it gets really addicting once you’re into it. however, just one slight problem. whenever i use the bucket tool, for some reason sometimes i can’t use the brush tool and draw anything and so i have to restart the app and try to use the brush tool again. i understand this is just a minority but it can sometimes get frustrating and annoying to keep restarting the app over and over again. thank you for your time :)
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3 years ago, asdfghyuiol;
Love it but-
i absolutely love using this app, its an amazing free alternative for those who can't afford drawing apps like ProCreate. I don't mind the ads since they only pop up once in while when i exit my drawing and i would deffinitly give this a 5 star if it wasn't for this one crucial thing... one day i openedup iArtbook and i was drawing and i made a mistake and went to go tap the undo button but it was missing, i tried everything i could think of to try and get them back. I searched it up and couldn't find anything. I was really desperate so i decided to delete the app and re-download it which didnt work and i was really sad because i had to get rid of all my drawings and stuff when i deleted the app. i really hope im the only person with this issue or im just dumb and the solution is simple (btw im on a phone so it migjt be that idk) but im really disappointed because i love this app and now its basically un-useable for me... hopefully i can update this saying i found the solution because i really love the app and i think this might just me but i thought i should say something so- ya... hope this gets fixed (*˙˘˙)
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2 years ago, FireCat2008PowerCats
Absolutely love it, except for one thing….
I love this app! I’ve always been able to draw and animate easily off of this app, and it has never caused me problems! I got the controls and features down easily, and I love how the app is so simple, yet has so many features! I’ve never been able to understand how to work the other apps, but this one has always been my #1 drawing app! Even so, animating is easier and more convenient than all the other apps I’ve tried to far, except for the fact that I can’t add audio. As far as I’ve been able to tell, I can’t find any feature that enables me to add audio as for my animation. It’s really difficult to synchronize an animation with sound without it being in the app. It’d be really helpful if you could add an audio feature. In summary, I love this app, but I feel like it needs an audio feature, and I really don’t want to resort to the other more complicated apps with the audio feature, that I just haven’t been able to work. Thanks so much!
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2 years ago, hhhhggggy
I love it, but I have a few suggestions
I’ve been using iArtbook for about two years now and I must say, I love everything about it. its very good for drawing and editing pictures, my favorite brush has to be the pixel brush, perfect for pixel art and anyone who enjoys it. I do have a few suggestions, as in when I make comics, it can be stressful to write all the dialogue with my finger, so it would be very useful and nice if there was an option where you could add text, along with different fonts and such. Another suggestion goes for picture editing and getting lines in the correct spot, it would be very useful if, in the Deformation section of the Transformation setting, there was a mesh option where you can move the image from multiple points instead of just four, and be able to choose how many points there were like, 5x5 or 15x15 or more. This would be helpful in photoshop or fixing proportions. This app is really well done, if I could give more stars I would, kudos to the creator who made this app. :)
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3 years ago, Myaphel
Just two things missing
This app is wonderful, I really like how everything pixelates when you zoom in for details. This app came in handy when I wanted to try using another app other than Ibispaint. There’s just two things missing: A folder system and bucket tool. When I draw on my phone, I would like draw in an organized fashion, I tend to make multiple layers and need to keep track of them. My first drawing on this app is coming out good, but the layers are a little off for me. I know that layers aren’t really noticeable, but I would like to have that mindset when I’m drawing. And, you could just simply scribble in the color into the needed gap, but I think it would be much simpler to use a paint bucket tool. That way, you don’t need to resize any brushes. You also wouldn’t have to worry about erasing as much either. Those are the only two things I think this app needs. Other than that, the whole things great, and very easy to use. :>
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3 months ago, firefox777777777777777777
Small problems
I have been using this app for like a couple years now, it’s beautifully crafted and the color palettes, the brushes, everything is really well made! But then I’ve been getting messages that I don’t have enough operative memory? Okay, I’ll just delete some of my art. It still says that, so for a couple months I’ve just been ignoring the warning all together and the app has been really slow, even crashing sometimes when I changed brushes. At this point, I just deleted the app and redownloaded it to get the memory back. I lose all my art, my brushes, my color palettes, basically everything, and when I go to finish one of my ocs, what message do I get? Not enough memory. I have been trying to find tutorials online on how to get more operative memory but nothing, and as far as I’ve seen no one else has had this problem. Other then that, seriously good art app!! You guys did a really good job, and I’m not sure if it’s my phone or something else screwing things up at this point
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12 months ago, Girl_O'_Minecraft
Incomplete Animations
My animations will never be complete. I wish to be able to select frames, copy, and paste them in that order. I cannot do such things, and now I’ve not a single animation finished. Take a guess why. I need to have effect loops. From the grains on an old tape recording in a series to the rain in the background of a movie about a haunted house, I need those on loop. I cannot go and hand draw each and every frame of effect along with the characters and movement. That’d be completely absurd, and I cry for the people who do actually create animations in that manner. To put this simply, please, developer(s), read this and add a new feature to an upcoming update where you may select, copy, and paste frames into your animation, contrary to duplicating them one by one and repositioning them the same. Thank you for your patience, and I appreciate you taking your time to fully read this review. I hope that eventually I may get a response, and possibly a new feature in an upcoming update.
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10 months ago, OatmealMochi
Very good app, love it, just one recommendation
I absolutely love this app, it is great fo drawing and animation. I’m an animator and I have been using other apps for animation only because there is no insert audio from video in the animation section. This would literally be the best app ever and a LIFESAVER if there was a way to add audio. I am literally begging for some way to add audio, animation is what I do for a living and this is the best app for animation other than the fact that there is no add audio. I think that so many animator would benefit from having an add audio option, and there would most likely be more people using this app, mainly because of being able to add audio, because so many animations need audio for it to work and it would be so convenient to be able to add audio. So, please, I need this app to have an add audio because I and so many other creators need to have audio.
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2 years ago, Jayfeather fan :>
Only drawing app I’ve stuck with!
I NEVER write reviews, but I’ve been using this app for a while now and wanted to recommend it via a review. The UI is extremely nice to look at and not overwhelming, as well as you can customize it with settings. It’s really smooth to draw with and has really nice brushes! I really like that you can change the color of the background. I usually don’t continue using a drawing app very long (this is my fourth major one, and I’ve briefly tried a bunch others) but I can’t really bring myself to start using a different one now. I love that there’s unlimited layers and an easy-to-use animation feature! One suggestion though: make an option on the fill tool to fill through multiple layers, or more importantly, animation frames. But despite that, THIS IS THE BEST DRAWING APP! (For me, at least, my friend’s a bit confused with the UI. (She uses procreate)
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12 months ago, hahahowo
I just lost my entire drawing
The app keeps crashing… Just completely kicks me out of it in the middle of drawing. Normally whenever it does that it just undoes like the last few things you did and i can just go back in a draw those back again but this time? No. It went all the way back to line art. Just completely deleted everything else i did. I was just about to export my drawing and everything, it was finished but then i noticed one little line i forgot to draw in so i tried to undo and boom! App crashes. i go back hoping it just undid something little like when i zoomed in or id even be okay with the hair being gone but no! All of my work besides the line art and sketch. Just gone, for absolutely no reason. I cant undo because it closed me out the app, i didn't get save it or even screenshot it.. Nothing. Im so upset, this is so annoying. I really like this drawing app, its a lot like procreate but the crashing is killing me and i think this time just finished me off. 3 days of work dude. This needs to be fixed.
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1 month ago, DarkSataniclord666666
🦴᥇ꫀᦓꪻ ꪖᜣᜣ ꫀꪜꫀ᥅🦴
I have used several art programs ever the years, I have thought about buying procreate but read so many reviews saying it’s not worth it, or they lose all their work. I have so many brush tools, ITS INSANE. When you need a backdrop you can move layers, TO SEE WHERE YOUR PITTING IT. Trust me bro, It slaps. EDIT; I am madly in love with this app, I’m currently writing this from my iPad. The recent update that I absolutely despise is when you’re drawing or animating on an iPad and you want to do a transparent layer to be able to see where you’re putting it maybe you wanna line it up or set something on top of something perfectly, you can’t do it anymore, you’re not allowed to switch through the different layers and choose which one you wanna lower the capacity of. otherwise if that’s fixed, I’m committed to this app more than I am my relationships.
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2 years ago, Luce pevency
Entirely Perfect, Better than You’d think
So at my school, I decided to take a digital art class. It was mainly to get my art credit for high-school, but I really enjoyed the class. We where supplied with Laptops and a year long access to Adobe Illustrator. It was great. I really enjoyed the class, but couldn’t take the laptop home and was limited on when I could use it. Because of this, I went searching for a new app, and found iArtbook. I’m definitely not close to advance digital designing, but I can definitely say this app is perfect for anyone who’s starting out. You don’t have to pay to use it, and there aren’t even that many adds. It has all the ability’s of other art apps, but for free and is much more accessible. This app is Perfect for anyone who’s starting out, or even has been doing it for a while, and I’d definitely recommend it!!!
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3 years ago, (Concerned)
The animation studio…
The drawing software for this app is amazing it’s the animating one that I’m worried about first I would like to address the fact that you cannot add audio to what you were trying to animate and so if you were trying to match something to an audio then you’d be going out to blindly the second thing I’d like to address is the layers on the background in the overlay the background in the overlay should be able to have multiple Windows but the only option for it so far is one single window and I find that kind of inconvenient also the third thing I’d like to address is the fact that if you lower a single layers of Pasadena it doesn’t affect the rest of the layers so you have to go back through and change the opacity for all of the layers in that section I would like an update with features like this but the main thing I’m worried about is the animation audio one you may not see this but if you do see this please address the issue.
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1 year ago, otay-310
Amazing app one request
Hey!! I love y’all’s app. It is an amazing alternative to procreate(for those of us who can’t get our parents to get us the pocket version lol). I love how accessible the app is. But a feature I would like for you to add is a ruler. Like not for straight lines, but so you can mirror your work. Like, I have used ibis paint x for a couple years and it has adjustable rulers to make mandalas and stuff. And there is one that only has one line and mirrors your work onto the other half of the canvas. That is the kind of ruler I would like for you to add. Other than that I really recommend this app. I love the app but would really appreciate it if you added the ruler. It would really help when making characters or just and outline for a face. Like I would love to be able to draw my DND character on the app or at least just the outline of the face. Thank you for your consideration Have a blessed day.
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5 months ago, Artnmak
I love this app but it would be even more amazing with the addition of a few features
This is the only drawing app I use. I’ve tried many other apps but I always come back to this one. It has a wide selection of wonderful brushes, but you can also make your own. I love how every feature is free, even if you have to watch an ad to get it. And if you watch an ad you get it for a whole day instead of having to watch an ad every time you want to use it, like some other programs. This is an overall amazing app, but I have two suggestions. 1) it would be nice if there were layer folders. 2) I’d love it if we could import audio to the animation feature in order to time an animation to it. It’s great that there’s a free animation feature, but being able to add audio would make it even better.
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1 year ago, Ajay_JayJay
Wish I could add audio ! This is still a good app tho :)
Honestly it’s easy to use, I’ve come across no functional issues, and I like the brushes. The animation part of this is why I got it in the first place though and I gotta say, it does not disappoint! The only real problem is that I can’t import audio to the animation from my files (at least I don’t think there’s a way? I’m using an iPad Gen 9 so maybe it’s different for me). If I could just be able to add audio then this would definitely be my go-to app for animating. I can see the audio is listed as “Movies” but I can’t actually click it. Maybe its because I screen record my audios, don't know? Procreate is nice but the animation asset is just too complicated. Plus this app doesn’t any limits to my layers which is a huge plus for me. -Over all really good, please add audio 👍
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5 months ago, Theechld
Great tool for artists!
I love this app so much, I’ve used it for at least 2 years now and have grown my art so much on this app, the only thing is that a bug after the new update has made it impossible for me to draw on this until it’s fixed! Just after the update I became unable to pick a color by double tapping the screen which is a tool I constantly use, and all I get now when I do it is white. Not only that but it constantly freezes making me have to exit out of the app and refresh which then makes me loose all of my progress which also didn’t happen before the update. Please fix the problem!!! Besides that I love the app so much! There are a wide variety of brushes and blur tools available as well. While there might not be all of the same tools as other apps it has its own features that I’m sure you’ll love.
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2 years ago, Cosmicstars08
Great app but three things
Okay so I’ve been playing around with this app for the past few days figuring it out. Also was FINALLY the animation software I settled on(able to have enough layers, good format, free and enough tools). Going to probably be deleting flipaclip in a day or two. I only have one question so far. How do I add audio? I’m hoping to make a mini music videos and some memes(even have ideas too!). I’m also wondering if it’s possible to merge layers in the animation parts, as I would like to have the eyes near identical but tend to have them on separate layers. Also one a animation project I started but than deleted the onion disappeared. Not sure why, though it could have just been me being an idiot(not a rare occurrence). I highly recommend for other novices! So far I’ve been able to make decently smooth animations!
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2 years ago, raya and sade show
I keep getting kicked out
I had drew this piece nothing special not even that good I was and am proud of it but the next day I went to do some touch ups and outlines and I kept getting kicked off (I’m on a ipad if that’s helps not sure what version tho buts it up to date) each day I check it it needs an update (never dose) and I’m so frustrated cause it’s the first one in a set of fan art and I really have been gettin into digital art recently and I’m so frustrated by this and I really needed it too cause I’m going to a hotel tmmr and I’m not going to bring my markers and sketch book and such and make a mess please fix this Details it will let me draw for like 1-3 minutes the kick me off it saved my progress but still I’ve been drawing on this app for a year and never had this problem I also watch stuff on a mini screen on the side while I draw
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2 years ago, Letmehaveanottakennickname
The app is great and all but there is a problem that happens to me or others maybe when I use the app. When i open the app and start to draw, sometimes the screen would freeze and I would have to wait awhile for it to work properly and this doesn't happen to any other app I go on. This maybe just be my phone but I'm still confuse why it keeps on doing that and see if there's any bug to why this keeps on happening. I will try to find other problems so I can draw on this app because it looks cool and the setup is pretty nice but the way it keeps on freezing my screen is just not really my thing. This is actually my first Review so I hope you find this helpful but anyways it may be just my thing and I'll try to find ways to just make it stop but thanks.
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4 years ago, uwu chile
This app clearly is a work in progress. However I do believe this app itself could end up better than other apple store drawing apps such as Procreate, Sketchbook Autodesk ,and etc. More updates need to be made for that to happen, first being able to delete unwanted canvasses , two ; auto select , three; being able to adjust canvas size. Four being able to make own brushes from photos and such as that. These are few unwanted but manageable problems ,other than that, this is my go to app, Even if your styles doesn’t have pressure sensitivity you can mess with the setting to give it the same affect a pressure sensitivity stylus would have which is amazing,not to mention blending,coloring is quite easy. Overall this app is amazing and I’m hoping to see more updates!
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3 months ago, PhotoDave42
Almost perfect
I love love this app, and have been using it for around 4 years at this point! My cousin's family pays for procreate, and I have this for free!! I have recommended it to my friends a ton, trying to convince them to get it. The recent updates have been a bit weird to get used too... but I am very glad the highest resolution save has been unlocked. For a short amount of time i had to either pay to be pro (which i didnt) or watch an add to save at the highest quality. Which was doable but annoying. Luckily they changed it back to the way it originally was. Unfortunately there is one thing i am desperately missing... A text tool. I would lovee if a text tool, even if its just some basic fonts, was added. It'd make this app so much better, and i would be willing to give 5 stars. Overall, this is the best art app ive used yet. Very accessible, and easy to learn. Plus pretty customizable, with being able to have immediate brushes on hand in a sidebar, and change the actual appearance of the platform. Also you can make your own brushes, and to the best of my knowledge, have as many layers as possible :) Highly recommend for anywhere between beginner and experienced digital artists. Just please add a text tool :'D
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2 years ago, ghost_ranger0909
Love it but would rather have procreate!
I love this and it’s almost perfect but procreate has some details I wish this game had like I would like if you didn’t make a perfect circle or a straight line you could hole down on the screen and it made it perfect, procreate has that and I’m thinking of buying that app instead! Also I would love this app to have a blending tool where you could blend colors together, for example I wanted to make some lips just for a little drawing and I added the colors that I wanted blended together but I couldn’t find a blending tool! And procreate has all of that and extra effects! And I wish you could erase without erasing the whole picture! I wish like if I made a person and I wanted to just delete the eyes so it would delete the eyes but not the skin and just show the background! Otherwise great drawing app for beginners! I think I still recommend procreate instead of this app!
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3 years ago, Nozomashii
Was 5 *
I’m mad actually…was doing great! I was a digital, learning fool! Then the update…loved the look, loved everything about it….then a few days ago….I was drawing, enjoying myself….and pop…the app closed, now I’m doing an app called Sketch A Day….so I’m busy…..I opened the app back, which was something normal, art was always ready to start where I left off……..NOPE, START OVER ! 4 paintings… when you aren’t doing small little things and you are in the middle of the project…starting over is a stab in the dang heart! It just happened again, for the 5th time…..it makes me feel so angry, frustrated, bummed….etc. I just want to scream and punch someone! I don’t want to start over! Especially when I don’t feel good, on prescription cough meds, and other meds for severe cold and upper respiratory infection….and I’m trying to keep my daily streak! I chose your app over all the others…..you were great, please make it great again!
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7 months ago, flaggunexpected
Very upset with last weeks update.
Its so confusing trying to use the panel thingies!!! I just want the little circles back. Its nearly impossible to use those slidey things! When i first opened the app i thought it was glitching or something, but no. After checking the updates tab, I WAS HORRIFIED. I only really prefer this app over all the ither because of its high quality and non pixely photos (calling ibis paint out rn because everything is so pixely.) And because it was simple to use. I dont think I can continue with the app because I cant even find certain tools or things anymore. It’d be really great if possible to maybe add a feature where you can choose between the new ‘ui’ versus the old. Love the app, best app ever for me, really helped me grow my skills, but sucky update. Kinda like fortnite lol I didnt mean the app was like fortnite I meant like how everyone hates fortnites new updates 😭
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8 months ago, Eugene Krabs egegeeggege
Amazing! But one suggestion..
iArtbook is a great app! It’s free and has so many different brush options, as well as a built in animation system! I’ve only had this app for a month or so but it’s definitely a lot better than some other drawing apps I’ve had. It’s amazing that it’s free! However, I would like to make one suggestion: folders. Folders are really helpful because I can put all the layers of my drawing in the folder and then move the folder, without having to merge my layers! This is helpful because I tend to want to move stuff later, but I don’t want to merge my layers because I can’t edit the drawing as easily with the separated layers. If there are already folders then I’m very sorry, but I looked everywhere and couldn’t find any. Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, Webzero
Better than procreate
Hello thank you for reading this, my opinion is that this app is better than procreate. I’ve read most of the bad reviews and some of them say that the blending is bad, I overall think that the blending/smearing is great for coloring eyes, and shadowing. This app as alot of brush choices, and I like how you can zoom in and out. In most drawing apps that I’ve had it didn't let me zoom in like this app. I like how you use 1 thinger to draw and 2 thingers to zoom in. One thing that I recommend fixing is the paint bucket. The paint bucket tool fills in the space that you need it to, BUT it creates little holes in your drawing. I don't know if this only happens to me but please look into the problem. But this is still a great drawing app for ipad and phone and I recommend 10/10
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3 years ago, Deborah 🙈
It’s great, just one problem!
I am a little drawer and I like to collage a lot, and for me (idk if other people do this but) I have to use selection and transform. And since I saw this wonderful app, with excellent pens and airbrushes, the selection must be good as well! Once I used the selection tool, errr... let’s just say it wasn’t as good as I thought- You can only use the lasso which is not really helpful because I want to select the whole thing, not just a circle of the portion. I have done suggestions, 1. Add some other tools under the selection category. 2. (I don’t know if we can do this or not) Be able to rename your drawings. 3. Add other things to the pens. Explaining my suggestions: 1. I said this because I want to be able to select one or the whole part of the drawing if I want to bucket fill them. 2. I said this because I can’t really find a way to rename my projects, but I don’t know if anyone else are having this problem. 3. What I mean by this is to be able to make sharper lines, (I know you have that info thing on the pen) but if you can show previews if what they do, that’ll help a lot! P.S: sorry if this seems like a lot, so you can do one of my suggestions or just choose which one will help your app succeed the most!
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6 months ago, stella658
Really good app, one thing though...
This app is absolutely amazing! There are so many brushes to choose from, it makes drawing easier (for me at least), and it's really fun to test all of the brushes and other things on iArtbook! Now, there is one thing as of right now that I don't like. This could be because of my tablet(iPad mini 5) since it is an older model, but whenever I'm drawing, my image will auto-zoom out. This really annoys me because one moment I will be working on the hand of a character or something and then the next moment I have to zoom back in. This is sort of an inconvenience but I can deal with it, and there's probably just some button that I keep accidentally hitting. Thanks for reading this and hopefully I can figure it out.
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4 years ago, Iris EXE and Kagari
I love it!! Just a few suggestions/things needed to be fixed.
Hi, ever since I found this app I IMMEDIATELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I love how it looks and feels so similar to Procreate! I love the features of it and love the look of it, especially in dark mode. Although, when I try to import a brush into the app, it’s not allowing me to do so or ends up not saving but crashing. Now as it says in the title, I have two suggestions to make in case you plan on more, I would really love to make animations on this app. As an artist and animator still learning to improve, I would really and absolutely love this in the app. I would also love to see a circle tool for when I do backgrounds in my pieces of art instead of having to draw it slowly and carefully. Anyways, I hope you read this and place my suggestions in future updates. Thank you!
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2 years ago, lollipop_6734
Wish you could add audios for animations
This is app is pretty good sure they don’t have all the cool design pens like procreate would but, it basically is like procreate for free. The only problem I’ve discovered recently is that when I wanted to start animating there was no option to put an audio to make sure the animation was in sync. I used to have FlipaClip for animating but the whole drawing process was so difficult with the limited pens. Which is why I switched to iArtbook which is an amazing app. Even the animations are easier to do it’s just hard to animate to an audio unless you edit it using an editing app. But that would be a much more difficult and longer process. But I do hope in the future you guys could add the audio features considering I have paid this app for premium features but I still can’t draw as professionally without the audio feature.
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2 years ago, JustJupes
Love this app but a few small issues
First of all, this app is an excellent replacement to procreate, especially for free. You can use it offline without it bugging out all the time saying you must be connected to the internet to use it! There are a few minor issues I’ve noticed that have been making me not like this app as much. For example, I somehow managed to move the side menu so now all the icons are more towards the bottom. It’s driving me crazy because I can’t seem to fix it, and I’m not finding much help anywhere (please help). Other than that there have just been minor issues with having to open and close the app multiple times before it will register. Overall, the app is great but needs a few bug fixes.
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6 months ago, diarrhea poop pee fart
I love the
So basically, I just love drawing free because it’s just because sometimes the other apps, just want me to draw with that want to do it makes me want to dress up as basic as the only thing I love about it makes me jealous. I really want especially the pants and you not all the stuff I just love and I just can’t focus and it’s kind of the best thing in life because other apps are not the best for me. You can’t go close so you can make the perfect guy you can you can’t girl Susan one’s even or you don’t wanna do that picture and you don’t even wanna do that you just wanna chill free some. He was Jesus thing with it I tried searching searching perfect art want to. This one is perfect for me. I guess this is Leslie Jones ever you wanna be free and do anything but still I just love this game.
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4 years ago, fgbmoiyeeedxvnk
Unnecessary changes??
So I’ve been using this app for a while. And I like it, I really do. Except, unnecessary changes keep being made to the app and it’s mechanics— for example, changing the app name from Pixtiss to iArtbook, or the removing/merging of tools in the app. I usually just try to adapt to the changes, but, today, I saw that the pull/blur tool (the finger) had been removed from the toolbar. I’m a little confused because I use this tool a LOT for shading and blending, and my pictures just kind of don’t feel... complete without it, I guess? Sorry if this is inconveniencing, I’m just frustrated without the tool, and I might have to switch to Procreate instead (and, again, I REALLY don’t want too, I love this app, but the blur tool might be a deal breaker).
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5 months ago, frog 0707145
Ok so when I got this I was confused because I was new but if you go on tiktok and type the name of this app then you can learn and you can do leafs anime characters and grass and eyes and you can do realistic stuff it might take 10 to 5 hours but it will be worth it and I got this because I never knew how to do the other apps but this is my favorite app and you can do tiktok profiles and draw gorilla tag stuff and you can write your name or your friends names or your parents names and singers and if you didn’t know you can change it to where it can make straight lines and circles I will recommend this for people like me who draw stuff and anime and gorilla tag gorillas so you should get it if you are like me and draws!
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4 years ago, 🔵🔶🔵
Update not good
I don’t know what updates were there or what update caused this, but it’s not the same and I don’t like it. I used to use this app a lot because it’s so fun and I myself love to draw. I like to use the thing that you can press the color and drag it to full paint, and back then it worked normally and it was really helpful. But I think earlier this week, something is not right when you use it. I don’t know how to explain it.. Imagine you have a circle and you want to color the inside of it. You can draw with your hands or you can use the color dragging thing. You would use the dragging thing to save time, but when you use it, there’s some parts that are not colored or some parts that go out of the line. Just.. the outline looks very messy. I hope you read this and fix it somehow because I use that tool a lot and I might consider getting a replacement app. But overall it is a fine app and I love it. Thank you for your time!
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2 years ago, Srfer😎
Just really amazing in general :-)
I have been using this app since 2020 and I have had great experiences 99% of the time. I prefer this over other art apps because this is all free and the features are just amazing! Actually, I sucked at digital art before I found this app hehe…Ok ok maybe I watched a few videos. Anyways, there are multiple bugs that have been around for quite a while now. To mention, when the dev team got rid of the brush bar at the side of the screen, it was really annoying to have to click a button and scroll to get a brush I want, so I’m really glad the dev team added it back. Other than those few mishaps, this app is stunning and inspiring! I definitely recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Gold Bear1234
Pretty good but Needs more
I am currently trying make a webcomic and while exploring the app I realized a couple things I really think should be added to the app. First there is no symmetry tool so task like trying to make a symmetrical body, face, and facial features is difficult and I would prefer not to have to copy paste one side to another on every layer so it would be helpful if they added that. Secondly I have a slight problem with how we can create custom brushes I do think it is a great idea to be able to import photos to make I just wish it where smother so that it doesn’t look like I am inserting tons of photos or prints but instead like I am using a actual brush. Besides that the app is pretty good it has good brushes and some very good tools and prints for creating brushes I just wish there was more to make it a more enjoyable experience.
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