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User Reviews for Iberia

4.64 out of 5
32.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Joel in Spain
Take it from me
I’m a frequent flyer with Iberia. They are the worst airline in Europe. Period. The service is non existent, they will literally hang up on you if they can’t solve your issue. They hang up on me and I have gold status with them. Believe me, if there is another option to get you to and from Spain take it. I would pay 30% more to fly with anyone else just so I don’t have to deal with them. Their planes are dirty and the staff obviously all hate their jobs. If you bring them some chocolates you get treated especially well but why should I have to bribe these a holes to be treated well. If you are flying from/to America fly American Airlines. They have 787’s which are way better than the A330’s and actually give a crap about their customers. That’s not to say you won’t have issues potentially but at least they acknowledge your existence. Do. Not. Fly. Iberia.
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5 years ago, q4 nt surprised
Can’t believe I’ve wasted over four hours trying to pay for extra baggage
It’s difficult to believe that I’ve spent over four hours attempting to pay for a checked bag, and still not knowing whether I’ve paid for it. If this is the type of service l can expect for the rest of my dealings with your airline, It’s impossible for me to believe that the flight is going to be run with any competent abilities perhaps I should purchase a lot of life insurance you’re not leaving me with a very good feeling of traveling with you folks
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10 months ago, WYO Adventurer
Below Average- Look Elsewhere
The website is slow, clunky, and hard to navigate. Crashed many of the times were we using it. We had to make some changes to our flights and the “Manage Your Bookings” option allows you to “manage” almost nothing. We were forced to phone the call center; it gets better! They charge you to use the call center but the website is so bad you have to for all but the most routine issues. What a rip off. Overall, I would avoid Iberia all together. Expensive fights, old, crowded planes (LAX to Madrid was like flying an overcrowded Greyhound bus with the least space between seats in coach I’ve ever seen), bad web site, very inflexible change/ refund policy (we were charged a flight price differential changing from a more expensive flight to a less expensive flight!). We gave them a try; it wasn’t a good experience. We will not be flying them again.
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2 years ago, Michelle Vainutis
They Canceled my flights on the app!
After missing our flights on the 15th due to having to return home to pick up a Covid vaccination certificate, The Chicago Iberia staff was nice enough to put us on the next flights out. But they went ahead and marked our whole itinerary that was originally purchased as a no-show and now we are stuck in Spain and we do not have return tickets!!!! I have tried to call the one 800 number for days and I get absolutely no answer it just rings and hangs up on me after 20 minutes of being on hold!!! They do not even offer a online or application chat option!! so here I am stuck in Spain having to re-purchase return tickets home!!!! They have now scammed me out of almost $5000!! Never will I fly Iberia again!!! How can your company put me on the next flight out but not even acknowledge my return flight tickets!!!!
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11 months ago, Crappy Iberia
Worst Website Ever
The Iberia website is not just clunky and primitive, it is virtually unusable. And the problem goes beyond the website and mobile app. Call customer service and you’ll be told the agents have no additional tools. They also rely on this crappy setup. After being told our seats —three different seats quoted by the website and the human—it still wasn’t clear if we were checked in. Iberia is a “sister” airline to American, but it must be a hated step-sister because American representatives threw up their hands and said they could do nothing to assist because Iberia’s a separate airline. Buena suerte to anyone who has to use their services in the future. I won’t be going near Iberia’s website, mobile app, or customer service line ever again. (Too bad, too, because Spain is such a terrific country.)
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5 years ago, thissuckstoo
Horrible Customer Service
After trying to check in over 10 times online for this flight, I called customer service for help as I was told when I booked my flight I would be able to pick my seat when I checked in 24 hours in advance of flight. The first representative I got was David. He told me that the reason I was having trouble was because I was using my iPhone and Mac (Chrome and Safari) and that your check in process is not supported by those browsers!! WHAT?!? Wasn’t told that anywhere!!! When he said He could not help me with my seat, I asked to speak to a manager. That’s where it got WORSE! I got Michelle who told me I WAS checked in (how the hell did that happen?!) but that I had to ‘go to the airport to get a seat because I was already checked in?!! I told her over 10 times I live in Cleveland and would not be able to get help there. She could not understand that I am on a separate itinerary to JFK from my home. She was cold, uninformed, and kept repeating for me to go to the airport, which makes NO sense. So, your check in process online and on the app is miserable and now I am going to have to wait to get a seat I was guaranteed to pick when I checked in. Can you help before I board? Caroline Barni Confirm #: JZHGLN
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8 months ago, SimoelkA
Thank you
The first time I traveled with Iberia I found myself thinking about never fly with another airline except Iberia, because simply the service was great from the beginning and they never changed it , and if they wanted to change something they always do better than before. Thank you.
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2 years ago, AnaSalas77
I used the app to book and manage my flight, very friendly BUT here is the catch!. I bought premium economy all the trips. The app would show me my correct selections. But then Iberia sent me email confirmation of my payment, and it showed that Only the way to madrid was premium, but I still had 2 bags in hold (as per premium price). 5 min later I received the tickets on a different email saying that not only I was traveling on economy but that o had ZERO bags in hold. I spent hours on the phone, they would not correct the glitch or refund me, and told me that the APP WAS WRONG. The app showed me I was traveling premium round trip (for which I paid for) but Iberia’s customer service said i was the one who made the mistake.
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5 months ago, CDR Jack
Use the Website Instead
If you enjoy receiving lots of error messages, this app is for you. This app appears to be the result of some Iberia executive telling a junior web designer to develop an app. It does little other than provide some basic information. You really need to go to the website to do anything like check in or get boarding passes, which appear to be impossible to do on the app. Si te gusta recibir muchos mensajes de error, esta aplicación es para ti. Esta aplicación parece ser el resultado de que un ejecutivo de Iberia le pidió a un diseñador web junior que desarrollara una aplicación. No hace más que proporcionar información básica. Realmente necesitas ir al sitio web para hacer cualquier cosa, como registrarte o obtener tarjetas de embarque, lo cual parece imposible de hacer en la aplicación.
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2 years ago, ericlitman
App and website are the worst in the travel industry
Every digital interaction with Iberia is painful. Both the app and web site are painfully slow, very frequently generate errors, and while some digital flows now require you to download and install the app to complete them, not all things (like changing a booking) can be done in the app. Their product management team clearly hates humanity and is doing their best to inflict mental anguish on their customer base, while their engineering team doesn’t seem to care about anything at all. I have begun actively avoiding them now, although their frustrating, near-monopolistic route coverage in Spain makes that challenging.
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10 months ago, Brent M
Horrible app, repeated requests & errors
They create sometimes 3 different record locators (depending on codeshares etc) something no other airline does. And no one knows which is the “real” one. Then passport and contact info has to be repeatedly entered, and then it blanks out some of the fields when you try to proceed to the next step. And there is no app support, and the airline call center is no help. Doesn’t produce passes for their Level brand which operates as Iberia flight numbers. Confusing, contradictory information with seat assignments or changes. Poor flight information
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4 years ago, churi2k
As bad as Iberia's systems
This app speaks about Iberia's administration and their processes. Pretty bad user experience (I even had to fake my child's name and say that he was traveling with his mum instead of me because both names together exceed 35 characters). The only reason I'm giving it 2 stars is because it's still much better than their website, where it was just impossible to buy the tickets because of multiple bugs. Add to that this is a company that behaves every day more like a low cost airline except in the ticket prices. Sadly, it's the only option that many of us have to get a direct flight to Spain
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4 years ago, deliver your best
Out dated
During check in, if you click back, you cannot go back on screen, instead you have to start from the beginning. Very old school thinking. In addition, when paying for an extra bag and entering my cc info, I had entered everything but realized I chose MasterCard instead on visa. When I changed it to visa it deleted everything and I had to start all over again. Whoever designed this app does not travel nor do they use the app themselves. Iberia needs to make it more user friendly when correcting errors.
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2 years ago, DONT FLY IBERIA- RUN
Terrible IT and Customer Service - Run Away as fast as you can
I booked through AA. I tried to reserve my seats, after receiving an email from Iberia to do so. Every time I tried I got an error message. I called Iberia 6 times and each time got a different reason. 2x bug in system try again in a few hours, call AA we can do it (AA laughed when I called them), down load app (didn’t work), download chrome (didn’t work) and finally there is nothing we can do, you will have to do it at check in. Even asked to speak to supervisor and request was denied. If I could give a negative rating I would.
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5 years ago, R.PALACIOS
Iberia App is the worst of all airline apps
There is always an issue. The latest, it only provides your boarding pass in a PFD format to print. No in-app boarding pass or wallet. But this is not a temporary glitch, there has been something wrong since this app was created. I flight with Iberia several times a year and this App NEVER worked well in any trip. If you are lucky and went well once, just wait for the return flight and something will go wrong. However I have to say that the website also fails all the time, so maybe this is not a problem of the developers of the app, but just the ones at the server side.
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6 months ago, Mikin24seven
Worst airline app
This is the worst airline app. Impossible to even get flight details or reservations or anything working. Takes few minutes to even get booking details and then gives error every few minutes. Even the airline charged me to select seats and then they changed aircraft and assigned seat away from my family. Even their machine was not working to pay for baggage at Linate airport and they sent me to a baggage service counter where they charged extra 10 euro for the service.
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5 years ago, No AMEX makes me sad
No AMEX makes me sad
I tried to pay for baggage with two different American Express cards leader or more at. Also the only cards I have that I use for business. I had to use the personal card MasterCard to be very frustrating. Other than that the app is easy to use nicely done
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2 months ago, Willy-Bazooka
Impossible to use
I have tried to access my account and doesn’t let me in, tried to reset my password, I get the email to reset the password and when I click on the link takes me to the App Store and back to the beginning, there is no way to access it. When I was able to get in I couldn’t update my date of birth, or even change my name to first and last name only, it merged my last name and maiden name into just one field, which makes it impossible to transfer a avíos points from amex
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2 years ago, Rebecca1262
Buggy App
I liked the App the first time I used it but I recently went back to it to get ready for an upcoming flight and it was impossible. When logging in it required to to update Activity preferences, brought me to the general Iberia settings where I tried changing every setting and none were accepted as Activity. It wouldn’t let me move past that screen so I was effectively locked out. I redownloaded the app which let me get past this screen but then it errored out trying to reset my password. 🙃😂
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4 years ago, nfawi
Website doesn’t function well and received poor customer service by phone.
Iberia provided the worst customer service I have ever experienced with an airline company. The website did not function properly to change seats and add baggage and we had to call a representative by phone. The representative was not helpful and in fact gave us misleading information. The app for Iberia was only slightly more helpful than the website and allowed us to complete our checkin process where the representative on the phone could not.
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7 months ago, Soxfan2362
Horrible app for a “major” airline
The Iberia app is barely workable. Took 30 minutes to download and get logged in the first time, and many times after that the app was down when trying to access it. It’s slow to load, can’t do the simplest things (changes seats, check in as a USA passport holder in Spain, more). I flew Vueling all over Spain and that app puts Iberia’s to shame. While the service on Iberia was very good, the app needs to be brought into this decade.
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5 years ago, carlomelara
App is not too bad, but the overall experience is horrible
I had to purchase the seats 3 times, 2 prior to my trip, and one more today that I wanted to change seats, the app did not give the chance to get the prior assigned tickets, I had to pay for the 3rd time. Before the flight, weeks before my flight I received an email that I had to make changes on one of the flights, because “one sector of the flight was cancelled”. I made the changes. One day before the flight another email came in saying that I had another confirmation number. I showed up at the counter and I was bumped from business to economy. I was offered a monetary compensation, but I paid business for a reason. In flight, 2 of the flight cure were completely rude, that God I feel asleep for most of the trip. This experience was given me a bad taste of Iberia.
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3 years ago, Myra Enis
Recent update Nov 12
Still With new update cant search says error occurred try again later. Meanwhile on the internet i can search. Update Nov 12 Had to log out and login again now it works perfectly.
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1 month ago, jcupbrea
The password reset does not work on the app
The password reset does not work on the app, and when you click the email link it doesn’t allow you to open in a browser it takes you directly to the app where no prompt to reset your password is available.
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5 years ago, kcwinaus
THE WORST airline app I’ve ever used. The description says it is compatible with Apple Wallet, however, there is no way to add the boarding pass to the Wallet, nor does the app itself have a boarding pass, only a pdf via email or other stand-alone file. There are plenty of other gripes I have with it, but obviously Iberia doesn’t care, since the above (and the others) are long-term issues, so I’m not going to waste my time. Apple should really get on their case for it being so shoddy.
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3 months ago, Nuts and bolts...
Check-In finalization needs fixing
Once I get my boarding passes, there’s no screen or indication letting me know I’m fully checked in for my flight. This needs to be fixed. I also don’t want to have to go through a selection to upsell me on business class if I didn’t ask for it in the first place. Ok app but I’ve seen much better. Feels like a cheap airline to me.
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2 years ago, elarrocero
Seemingly useless app
I tried to use this app for our trip to Spain. I spent a lot of time trying to use it to make our flight more seamless. The app seems to have no purpose. We needed print boarding passes, to show our physical passports, and check in from the app didn’t work. We got an email to select food for our flight on one of the two trips but the app doesn’t support this. Im honestly curious, what is the purpose of this app?
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1 year ago, pa.bleras
Awful app and experience
Iberia used to be a lot better. The app isn’t reliable and has plenty of bugs. Checking in is quite the mission through here; this should be a bliss for US citizens and residents but they’re still way behind. On top of this, flying in the A350 felt more like a Ryanair flight: tiny seats, missing items in the menu, passengers out of control,… It’s crazy how a flagship airline as this can experience such decline.
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2 years ago, NutfieldNH
Hurray for Iberia!
Quality service, prices are very competitive usually. The food is pretty good, and they try to accommodate special requests. What more can anyone Want?! Oh, And in my experience there flights have always been on time, and there’s never been a mixup with my bags
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2 years ago, arimanu82
Iberia + company
I like to travel in this company as most part of the processes are very smoothly to do and easy to do without support or with them as well.. Thanks!
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2 years ago, bambalea
Unable to print out boarding pass
I should have remembered from last year that this app and the customer service is substandard. I cannot proceed to download my pass as I am stuck in an error message. It’s 2022. I think we can accept an app to work. Also, just was I was tempted to upgrade when I remembered I had already paid for a seat. Nice double dipping. Just hope our flight will be ok.
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5 years ago, Aagsb
Most complicated website which is changed automatically to Spanish language and since then I can’t change it to English. My password for some reason not matching and I tried to change and it asks me my passport number , secret question etc.. seriously? I’m not caring my passport all the time with me.. tried to check the deals they have - couldn’t understand nothing. So F it, tired of trying. Gotta choose another company
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4 years ago, Horrible app technology
Iberia app and website needs serious review
This app is near useless and without hesitation as about as bad as it gets. Won’t let you check in due to an error for missing information although every field is completed. Also no place in the app for assistance. Even hotel staff I spoke with regarding checking in with Iberia and can quote them as saying worst app and website as well. Many customers with complaints and issues.
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5 years ago, Magramada
I have been loyal to OneWorld for over 15 years. I am Emerald and my membership card is from American Airlines. I use Concur and AmEx Global Business Travel/Amadeus to book my flights. Every other airline app picks up my loyalty number as entered in those systems. NOT ONLY DOES IBERIA NOT upload or totally ignore my loyalty card in my bookings, but in addition they have DESIGNED AN APP THAT ONLY ALLOWS TO ENTER AN IBERIA LOYALTY CARD NUMBER. What is the point of having an alliance if you discriminate against your alliance partners’ members?
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6 months ago, George of SD
Iberia App Hiccups
The Iberia app has hiccups. Three times I tried to save a different credit card without success, although it did allow me to charge for the seat to that card. Also, the app is vague on whether I already prepaid for one carry-on bag when I purchased my ticket, so I will have to now call Customer Service for clarification.
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2 years ago, maelcame
From the difficulties of using the App to the worst customer service representatives that are not only completely not knowledgeable of basic information but just outright rude. If you sign up in app the desktop browser will not recognize you nor let you register. Impossible. I must have entered my traveled information over 15 times. And still not captured.
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11 months ago, Cherkkkos
Slow App and missing functions
Today, major airlines have apps where you can do ANYTHING without having to go through the website. You cannot with IBERIA app. It is quite slow, you cannot modify some elements on your booking and more importantly for frequent flyers, you CANNOT book flights with AVIOS. It is useless for me.
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1 year ago, Montholon55
No Trip Notifications
This app like other apps have a big design flow, they do not provide a 12hrs and 24hrs in advance trip notifications to their travelers who have their itineraries booked in their apps. A mayor flow, as companies can send so much junk as notifications they should incorporate these reminders as a critical important design improvement.
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2 years ago, Shaman14nn
The worst airline that I ever used
My previous flight was delayed I was obligated to pay for the same ticket twice. Cashier and manager which do check-in were so slow that I almost was late for flight again. In the end my luggage lost. I created request at foundspot on iberia website. But nobody processed that request for 1.5 month. Do not recommend to use iberia.
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4 months ago, Seaweed57
Needs improvements.
The app requires the entry of the same info over and over again. Also, it crashes often and makes it hard to complete a simple task like the check in. Needs lots of improvement in terms of its user friendlyness and functionality.
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5 months ago, Aracelis76
Terrible Iberia App and website
You have a terrible app and website. Personal information has been requested over 5 times in different occasions. Birth dates and sexes for passengers are altered by your system. I needed to contact you via Messenger and phone for customer representative to help me. It has been the worst experience planning a trip while using these two tools!
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10 months ago, lek4215
Worst app I’ve ever used
It took me 45 minutes to check into a flight on this app, because it constantly produced error messages and wouldn’t let me move forward without purchasing extras. You can’t even access a boarding pass via the app or download to apple wallet. I’ve sincerely never had a more frustrating app experience in my entire life
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2 years ago, Insanz
Needs some features
First, unable to sign in now for almost 2 weeks in app. Can do on website. Hard to buy a ticket. Can’t get a seat selection on app, etc. always have to book on website.
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5 years ago, BA Gold Guest Card
Poor app, major disappointment for a big airline
Sont understand how an airline cannot have a working app. It continually provides the error message week after week UNEXPECTED SERVER ERROR. Despite bringing out new app updates Iberia seems incapable of resolving the stability of the app
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11 months ago, Ariel Boricua
A great piece of junk
This app, or should I say, Iberia’s mobile and web paltforms, are a great piece of junk. No matter how many times I try to sign in again, it always shows a error that force me to spend more than an hour trying to get service through their inefficient call center.
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5 years ago, DT worldwide
It allowing seat selection
Customer service staff told me I can select available seats feee of charge 24 hours before departure. However it didn’t work.
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2 years ago, 736636992636728468393747399373
Issues loading
It takes wait to long to load pages also to process payments. And several error messages pop out
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8 months ago, 962Jordan
Previous version was better
iPhone user. The app no longer shows business class fares using Avios. Used to work on the previous version. Deleted and reinstalled, still didn’t work
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7 months ago, jsfnviunweifuhiweuhfiuwefiu
Iberia has THE worst app and the website- it gives errors every time you want to check in. Takes forever and at the end you have to check in at the airport because it just doesn’t work. And they don’t seem to care because we had the same problems last year .
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1 year ago, Evildead990
Always logs me out of Iberia plus even when I try to log in with Face ID it says it’s wrong credentials, but when I do it on pc it lets me log in, also sometimes when wanting to manage booking it keeps saying error.
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