3.2 (34)
14.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
jami becker
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for iBOOKLIGHT

3.18 out of 5
34 Ratings
5 years ago, Emily Ericksen
I don’t know why this is an app
I’m not completely sure why this is an actual app on the App Store. Also why you have to pay money for certain hues when you could look up pictures of colors and turn your brightness up. but It does work for what it claims to be so yeah. I deducted the two stars cuz I think there are better apps that accomplish the same thing and better for no money at all. So yeah.
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2 years ago, Mel541
It’s great for what it is
Perfect for my needs. I’ve been using it off & on for quite a long while, anytime my regular book light dies or goes missing. It’s great for reading in bed, I just lie my phone so it shines up onto my page. I like it so much & have relied on it so often over an extended period of time that I’m kinda bummed it’s got only 3 stars.
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8 years ago, I Chase Chickens
Great app, poor ad planning
I have used this app for years. For a basic book light, it works great, especially with the new upgrades (you can now adjust the brightness from within the app, and the screen won't time out anymore). However, putting a talking ad on an app primarily designed to avoid waking sleeping companions, is poor planning. The Google icon is far too easy to brush with your hand when positioning the phone and doing so immediately starts a talking ad. Please reconsider which ad is on your app, or at least how you select to start playing it, in order to keep it functional for those of us trying to be courteous at night. Thanks!
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4 years ago, 123456il
What a great app!
I never really thought about something like this.... but, one day I was tired of reading my book and having to get up and turn off the light! So I looked up book lights on the App Store and of course this popped up and have been working great since! I totally recommend it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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5 years ago, Happy appy
New Release is Perfect
Thankful for the perfect amount of light to read with. I love being able to adjust the colors!
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4 years ago, Thebear4952
Couldn’t ask for more!!!!!
Best light ever! Amazing! It’s perfect for night readers, and good for seeing things in the dark! Couldn’t ask for more!
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3 weeks ago, Nonicknamecauseisaidso
Exactly what I need…
…for when my kid is taking a nap in my bed and I want to read my book. Thanks :)
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5 years ago, Lilirayb
I bought the remove logo and change hues in app purchases. I can find no information about how to change the hues. I’ve tried everything I could think of to change the hues. Hues means the color, right??? All I am able to change is the brightness. Waste of money 😡
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5 years ago, CosmosDaddy
Best book light!
Exactly what I needed. Use it every night.
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2 years ago, 𝔯𝔢𝔳𝔦𝔴 𝔤𝔦𝔯𝔩
Pay money for a LIGHT? No thanks, this app is literally just a different color phone flashlight. I found a better reading light app that is so simple, 5 stars, and 100% free.
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6 months ago, sir bubbles. ci
Guys this app is AWESOME!!!!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩 Like amazing perfect for reading in the dark. Its liderly awesome.
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4 years ago, rnbwmommy
It does nothing
This isn’t even an app. It’s just a white screen.
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12 years ago, Leaves of
Ads too Annoying
A good light once I learned its features. If I'm not mistaken, this app costs $2.99. This won't break the bank, but why is there an Am Ex banner at the top, partly blocking needed light? The context of the banner changes so frequently it becomes annoying as I can see it out of the corner of my eye. I thought paid apps didn't include ad banners, or is that wishful thinking?
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12 years ago, N3d2
It IS a book light just need instructions
So im glad i read reviews before missing out entirely. DEVELOPER SHOULD INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS! Took me about 15min to figure out how to use. Turn up screen brightness and go to ur phones settings>general>auto lock> never or a longer period of time. The light comes off screen. Put in ur shoulder or face up in stomach n tilt book...great idea, too bad people jump to conclusions too quick. I still dont know what txt box for tho (yet)
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9 years ago, Peterbilt_chik
Couldn't function without it!
I love this app! Have never had an issue with obnoxious ads, never an issue with settings (there is a brightness setting/option right on the screen)! My husband goes to work before 2 am so he is asleep when I like to read. It's perfect for that! I had deleted this app accidentally and was LOST without it, for several days!!
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13 years ago, Daniiie
One main huge problem :(
I know this is free, but the point of a book light is to read.... this app is more like a quick flash light app or something I don't want to be in bed trying to let my hubby sleep and have to touch the screen I can use any app and keep touching the screen I like the dimness it allows ppl next to u to sleep! But, please fix the whole touching the screen stuff thank you!!! I would even pay for a good light that wasn't too bright and or doesn't need me to touch my screen while trying to read! Now I just don't want to read with this light wow!!!!
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12 years ago, NikNik2012
Great App for night readers!!
Love this app...was able to figure out how to keep it for shutting down settings>general>auto lock>never...also able to change brightness of light settings>brightness>adjust up or down for your reading preference... I am not sure what the text box is for but have started using it for my page number I stopped reading on just in case my bookmark fails me:-) happy reading!
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14 years ago, Guyeye
Pleasing light- all night!
This app is one of those things in life that "just works". No confusing setting, no crashing, it just comes on and stays on. I own one of those clip on book lights and I have always found the light to have annoying hot spots and shadows. The quality of light that this app produces is soft and shadow free. Easy on the eyes.
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14 years ago, awesomesauce267
used to love it...
I really liked this app until the maker got money hungry and started putting ads on it. It USED to stay lit until you pressed your home button, but now, it fades out just like every other app would if you weren't actively using it. I really like how when you go to the itunes store and try to go to the website for support, it redirects you to a website builder. don't waste your time with this one. it used to be awesome, but now it's lovely white screen gets covered with ads... ug.
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10 years ago, This Tomato
Great at its job :)
I've used this for a while and have never had any problems with it. I don't know why there are so many one star reviews. This app definitely serves the purpose it promises. It's pretty much just a white screen, so if you wanted an elaborate light app you should probably look elsewhere. Does exactly what it's supposed to though! :D
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13 years ago, Desperate reader
Works in a pinch
Ok ~ so not the best, but worked for me in a pinch. Picture: up at night in a hotel room w my family (3 sleeping children) I did not want to wake w a bright lamp. Forgot my booklight and needed to read to get back to sleep. This was just bright enough to read w book about 6" away & phone against my shoulder. It does go into a sleep mode every few min but I just tapped the screen & popped rt back on.
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12 years ago, marinsk8er
It's great. I had none of the problems that anyone else had, the only difficulty was being able to place it on my chest because I read on my back in bed. But although it isn't the most helpful, I think it is the best app that there is. No improvements need to be made to the app. I recommend it.
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12 years ago, ChiChiBeans
Wonderful booklight!!
You need to adjust the "auto lock" located under "settings" and then "general" in order to adjust your phone so the light doesn't shut off. The brightness can also be adjusted within the app itself, which is great. No more measly booklights as this functions perfectly.
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9 years ago, Scottbea
I don't really understand the advantage of this app. I mean I could always use the app,notes ,to write down my page and my screen as a light. I think this gives you what you ask for though,so it's pretty reasonable. My advice is if your just looking for an easy source of reading light on your phone you should get this app.
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11 years ago, Jackiejones8142010
Not worth it
As I'm writing this for the second time. This app is stupid, it's either dim or way to bright. I have the iPhone 4S and when I installed this so I could read while my daughter goes to sleep it's way to bright! I also noticed when I went into my phone settings the brightness was turned all the way up, you might as well just do that turn the brightness all the way up, I like mine low or on auto which it's always on. This app is not worth the download
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8 years ago, jlblackbird
Worked great until latest update
Worked great until the latest update. Now it doesn't keep my phone from reading it as inactivity so the screen doesn't stay bright unless I change the setting in my phone every time I use the app or tap the screen every few seconds while I try to read.
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11 years ago, Greenetea
Two levels, neither adjustable
Now I get two levels, blindness and normal. No point in using as reading light. Page number saver seems to be the only useful reading function. Might as well just use a flashlight app. Deleting and looking for another option.
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8 years ago, BeckyIB
Book light
Nice upgrade, Booklight! The problems with the last version have been quickly resolved and the app is better than ever. Scroll bar for light intensity, no time out for light, and bright, wonderful light to read by. THANKS!
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12 years ago, Uglybaldguy
This app works great. Does exactly what it says it does. For those complaining of dimness and the light shutting off: you just have to turn screen lock off and adjust your screen brightness. Plenty of light to read by.
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10 years ago, Mat-xx
Little bugs
The page number gets deleted after you leave the app closed long enough. And whenever I open the app and close it the brightness on my phone is turn all the way up. Other than those things it's a good app.
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9 years ago, Flamingrill
Best night light!
I use this app nightly to check on my kids or just wander around when the flashlight is just too bright. It is a little hard to read a book with it.
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8 years ago, Countryspiritedwmn
Update ruined this app
This WAS the best reading light app I found. Until the last update. Now it won't stay on when I'm riding and have to tap the screen every few minutes to make it stay on. It now goes off every few minutes and you have to tap the screen to make it stay on. Now have to search for a new book light app. Thanks for "fixing" something that wasn't broke to begin with....
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12 years ago, Smarty2016
Works really well. Took me a while to figure out what the text box was for. It's bright enough to see the pages really well and it's dim enough that I can read without anyone knowing I'm still up.
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15 years ago, MGS2SS
Waste of space
A standard, free flashlight app does the same thing, but far better. You can't even change the brightness with this app. Go to the pictures section of the apps page, and snap a screen shot (home and sleep buttons at the same time), and you will have the app with all of it's functions in your photo app as a picture. I can't believe that it used to cost $2.
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8 years ago, Cosmos7314
Best App Ever
I use it every night when I read my great books. The light is very soothing and features great ways to change the brightness. I can't live without it. Seriously, my doctor said so.
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11 years ago, Mel's review
I love this app it won't turn off while you are reading and I won't turn up my brightness. It is so easy no complicated settings. And it is the perfect reading at night in bed app
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12 years ago, g0thich0b0
Everybody i complaining that it's too dim but I can read by this amount of light just fine. The softness of the light is what I liked about it at first. But it doesn't stay on. It lets the phone screen locks takeover if we leave it alone. If I wanted to tap my screen every few seconds to keep my screen awake I'd read by the light of an empty safari page.
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13 years ago, tennisgirl99
This app does exactly what it says it will do, it provides sufficient light, and you only need to tap it if fades away every 7 minutes. It's free and exactly what I was looking for!
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9 years ago, Mkkio
Nice app
This book light does what it says and helps me read at night flashlights are clunky and I can't have my light on at night because annoys everyone so this way I can read as long as I want and then go to sleep it's a good app :)
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12 years ago, ChubbyPenguin
It's perfect almost
Everything I expected, a light that is never too bright. All I need to know is what that text box is for. Perfect for people who share a room with somebody, doesn't wake them up.
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13 years ago, Coolgirlz
I love this I'm a major book reader so I just use it as a light and I read and read thank you so much most kids hate to read but this 15 year old is hooked on books :D
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11 years ago, dbcath
Just right
Just bright enough for night reading. Flashlight app was too bright, other night lights were too dim. This one seems just right!
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11 years ago, Blaigesmommy2011
Book light
Love the app for reading in bed at night. However, any time I put in my book page number, it never saves. How can I fix this?
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13 years ago, Nixis4lovers
Complete waste, doesn't stay on longer then thirty seconds. I recommend getting the 'flashlight' app-- the icon is a green background with a yellow flash light; it has the option to have a solid white screen and it doesn't turn off, plus it has tons of other features. This was a waste.
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10 years ago, Bathroom cloths
You don't need this app. All it does is turn your settings up. I found out that if you get out of the app it's still the same brightness that it was in the app!! If you don't know how to turn that off go to settings and push brightness then move the bar left and right then it should be good. ANYONE WHO GETS THIS APP DELTE IT NOW!!!!!
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11 years ago, 👍Ltrain
I downloaded this app last night, when I began to use it I had 97% battery life. I noticed it was draining it pretty fast, so when I had about 85% left I closed the app (Xed it out and everything) this morning I woke up and my phone was completely dead. I'm 100% sure it was this app seeing this was the last app I have installed in sometime.
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12 years ago, Wendy Elizabeth
I like it
It works great if you (1) turn off the screen lock and (2) find the right angle for the light to hit the book.
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15 years ago, JohnSmith35
This used to cost 1.99--wow what planet am I on.
This is a worthless app, I cant believe the price was 1.99. Who would pay for this 5 minutes of coding. What you see in the picture is exactly what you get. Its a dead pixelchecker if anything. And who ever gave this 5 stars saying its beatiful here is my 1 star to counter. Stop planting reviews..People are not stupid!!
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12 years ago, Neaner11550
Does just what it says... Totally worth it cuz it's free. Great for private nighttime bed reading. Who reads the ad's anyways? I'm busy reading my book!
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10 years ago, ford13bennett
Great 👍
This app does what it says and you can even record what page you left off on.!
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