Ibotta: Save & Earn Cash Back

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Ibotta, Inc.
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User Reviews for Ibotta: Save & Earn Cash Back

4.79 out of 5
1.7M Ratings
4 years ago, Tap 2010 FAN
App run by untrained and unethical people
If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I recently joined this app and so far have received only bad experiences. They locked my account for no reason last week so I could not withdraw any cash. I emailed them and am still waiting for a response, so they are not at all time efficient. It will be exactly 7 days tomorrow. Instead of helping me out I received notifications today that I have submitted fraudulent receipts which I never have to this present day. I never submit screenshots, always the original receipt from Target. Moreover, they reversed $6 in credits telling me I had submitted old receipts. Again I have always submitted receipts within a week of purchase as indicated in their policies. Please DO NOT waste your time with this app. They scavenge on people who are innocent and trying to follow all rules. Completely unethical and unprofessional customer service. People who try to use rebate apps so they can save money can bid their money goodbye by using such an app. There are much better rebate apps out there that do not need barcode scanning and receipt uploading and phone verification. It is like we are at the airport and going through security. So many hoops to jump just to save a few $$$$. Spare me the trouble. I have only respected and appreciated their rules all to get a notice that I am fraudulent. If you ask me, this app and the team running it are the biggest frauds of all. Never using this app again.
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2 years ago, NoemyZambratta
It used to be good, not any more
I used to love Ibotta. Have been using it for 2.5 years now, and for a long time it was great to have really good monthly earnings. The average month I would get no less than 25 in cash back. There were months I got 40 something, 50 something and there was even a month when I earned almost 85. The more I purchased, the more offers, bonuses and cash back I would get. Ibotta seemed to reward me more and more, and included me in a beta savers program. I started getting more exclusive bonuses, but that was also when I started seeing less and less offers from the products and brands I like, making it harder to earn cash back, or to achieve the required amount of redeemed offers for certain bonuses. As a result, my monthly earnings have decreased so much in 2021, making it less and less exciting to even use the app. Most of the products I buy and used to be available in Ibotta are not available any more. In the past, I used to be able to add 6-10 offers weekly of my favorite products. Now, I hardly get one or two offers MONTHLY. I see that I’m not alone in this complaint as other users have mentioned the same in their reviews. It’s disappointing. I hope Ibotta pays attention to this and make some improvements about it. If this goes on, I will most likely end up deactivating my account and no longer using the app. If they do make improvements, I will surely change my review and give it the 5 stars I would surely have given it 1 or 2 years ago.
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1 year ago, MommaBurd84
An amazing app
Edited: whatever was going on with this app seems to have been straightened out! It has been working consistently for a few months now! Thank you thank you!! I love this app and am excited to be able to rely on it again! I have used this app for YEARS! It has been my very favorite rebate app! It is the only one I use anymore but that may be changing. I’ve heard great things about fetch and I think this might be the end of the road with Ibotta sadly. It used to be easy and trustworthy, now when I submit my rebates I always ALWAYS make sure to go back and make sure I got the right credit because 9 out of 10 times I won’t. The rebates match up, it reads the correct credit upon submission but when the money credit actually goes into my account it’s not the right amount anymore. Then you have the fun experience of going back and forth with customer service to get your credit.. sometimes they just give it to you and sometimes you have to send them pictures and bar codes ALL OVER AGAIN. It’s incredibly frustrating and time consuming. If this happened once in a while I wouldn’t care, that’s life. But like I said, it’s nearly every single time. To the point where if it actually does go through correctly I cheer haha. I love Ibotta and I want to stay with them, please fix whatever you changed and go back to whatever worked before.
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1 year ago, oiuyrryop
Review much like others
I have earned >$500 with this app and used since 2014. I did recommend it to others as well. Like other reviews, I have seen the product choices veer somewhat from those I use or would be great to try to ones I have no interest in trying. Walmart seems to be the best store for matched offers and ease of receipt submission. And there is no loyalty card. Checking offers off on my list and a photo of the receipt in the car immediately and my account gets credited—done. I agree with other reviews about linked loyalty card problems: not all the earned offers and bonuses were credited from a Food Lion shopping trip, and it was a big (!) hassle. (This is the second time this has occurred with Food Lion.) To have to take a photo of the receipt and package fronts and bar codes from all items with offers is ridiculous considering the expected time saving and ease of submission a linked card should allow. And the time delay after waiting several days to see if the credit would appear, and then contacting customer service means- yes you guessed it- of course items have been consumed and packaging discarded so further emails have to be sent indicating this. I don’t shop Food Lion too often for items that might have offers and don’t plan to any longer. It isn’t worth the time! Thanks developer for the responses I see after other reviews; please address these two issues.
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7 months ago, Reececup31
Love it!!
I love this app. They have a lot of offers I like. I have been using years now & earned a bunch!! I don’t always use the products they offer but it gives me a chance to try something new and get cash back. I wish my Walmart had all the brands and items IBOTTA offers but they usually don’t have half of the items I want. I have earned hundreds of dollars from this app and anything over $20 you can cash out whatever amount you want , whenever you want and they don’t charge you for transferring to you bank or card. The only downside to this app is the items you get regularly or more than once, will go down in the cash back. Starts off higher and the more you get it the less you will earn. I wish they didn’t do that because there is so many products I can’t get because none of the stores carry it in my area anyway. So I do miss out on a lot that I want but can’t get cash back on since the product is not in the store that has the cash back. I have found some things in different stores but can’t get cash back because the store that actually has the product is not offering that item or IBOTTA doesn’t have the store on their site. Small town problems, I guess
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3 years ago, Kepesky
At a time was a great app and money saver, now not so much
I’ve earned a lot of money using this app over the years and it has helped in tough times. Unfortunately I have only used it a handful of times in the last 6 months because it has become so inconvenient to use, as well as not having the items I’ve repeatedly purchased over the years available, as they once were. You have to watch a video for 70% of what you want to unlock. This takes a lot of time especially when you go through sooo many categories of items that are on there, multiple times, and separated by a variety of the product. (Size/flavor/etc). And if you’re listening to music to help pass the time, it won’t continue after the ad is over. And fat chance you’ll find it available for the store you purchased it from when it’s restricted to one store, the store you didn’t purchase it from. Also a major thing is that you STILL have to unlock every item. Other apps allow you to just scan your receipt and that’s it. It finds the offer if there’s one available. Ibotta has been around for long enough to have that technology available. Most of the bonus offers now are just to recruit people to join but I’ll be among my “teammates” in no time, non-existent because it’s just become so time consuming and not much to offer after you’ve spent 20+ minutes just looking for items on your recipient, hoping to get cash back for, but sadly don’t end up with anything!
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2 years ago, k9s0
Its ok, but doesnt quite work as intended.
So, some items have a button that says “can’t find this item?” But other items dont. Often times I cannot find a product in the store, and i look on the app to find the button and report that the item is no longer in stock, but the button isnt there. Why not? I have no idea. Most items are in general, not available, and the ones that are available, I dont want to buy. But every once and a while you’ll find a good deal. Just don’t expect to use this to save a lot of money. There are also some weird UI decisions. I shop at a few grocery stores listed in the app, and you can choose to “star” your favorite stores, but theres no list of stores that contain your starred stores. Instead, theres an algorithmic list on the home page that suggests stores to you, and if you want to find a specific store, you have to search for it. “Starring” a store does nothing. Eventually, the algorithm will learn which stores you search the most, and it will start to suggest that store to you on the home page. But this will be a frustrating experience if you’re new to the app, or if you move to different area with different stores. Its just a crazy decision, I really cannot figure out a reason for the algorithm to suggest stores. Its confusing and not user friendly at all. I never even click on the stores that are suggested to me, since I only go to the grocery stores near me.
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3 years ago, Game dumper
Used to be great, now, it’s a waste.
I used to love Ibotta. I would recommend it to friends all the time, even people who were asking me why I was scanning items with my phone as I shopped. Those days are gone. Offers are often not worth the effort of finding the nitpickily specific type and size of the featured product, and if you do find the right version at a store, the offer won’t be valid for that store, so you’re back to square one. Pay With Ibotta (PWI) used to be a great addition, but now is pointless because it doesn’t work. I have tried using it several times to no avail. The app will display a message saying it can’t connect with a button to “retry”, just to continue showing the same error. Today, an offer appeared via a notification for Dominos Pizza using PWI. I decided to use it today, and of course, Ibotta displayed the same error message as before. Updated my app, and the same thing happened. Ibotta is unreliable, and seems to be falling seriously behind in their attempts to maintain an app that functions properly and is user friendly. They’ve already removed Venmo as a payout option, and continue to reduce availability and value by minimizing/eliminating rebates (especially with PWI), making it pointless to bother even attempting to use the app on a regular basis. I’m a user who’s saved $700 since I started using Ibotta in summer 2014, with 2020 being my lowest-ranking year since all their changes ruined the app for me.
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5 years ago, Moomoo5792
A lot of false advertising
I gave it 3 stars because I only receive the cash back for my purchases about 3 out 5 times. This app used to be really great. But now they are really, really bad for falsely advertising cash back on items just to get you to purchase them. Many, many...many times now I have purchased the EXACT item shown. I always read the full details of each offer to make sure it doesn’t require you to purchase two, or only a certain size, etc. I will even scan the barcode for a match when I’m in the store! Then I get home, scan my receipt and uh oh...”item doesn’t match”. I check my receipt to make sure the cashier did indeed charge me for the item..yep, it’s there. Hmmmm convenient way for them to cash in on successfully pushing you the product without having to actually pay you the money. This past week they even went as far as to go back and take away the credit that I had earned on an item. I received an email stating that they couldn’t match it even though their app successfully matched it to my receipt! It was indeed the correct item. Don’t even bother with trying to contact their care team because you just get the generic “oh we’re sorry but you probably didn't purchase the correct item...please review details of all items before purchasing in the future” type of response...much like their responses to most of these reviews 😒. I hope they do better in the future.
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3 years ago, jjustjjess
Good with an Asterisk
I have earned quite a bit of cash back for items I purchase and have tried some new items and brands as a result of offers. The downsides are that linking your loyalty rewards card is supposed to make the process simpler, but it becomes WAY more of a hassle because it never detects all of the items I purchased. I always make sure I have the offers added before I shop, but somehow things are always missed, or multiple quantities are not registered. Reaching out to their customer service is a huge pain. The response is slow, sometimes you would have qualified for bonuses if the offers were recorded the day of your purchase, but if you don’t add the bonus into your customer service request, they won’t check for them. They also sometimes ask for pictures of receipt, items, and barcodes after not responding for a week (which means your food might already have been consumed) so take pictures immediately and hold onto them in case you need them as backup to your request. It’s honestly just easier to upload the receipts yourself instead of linking your loyalty card. In any case, these companies are collecting LOADS of valuable consumer data, the least they can do is make it simple to compensate you for your willingness to participate in that. So it’s incredibly frustrating when the consumer is the one having to jump through hoops for $0.50.
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1 year ago, Sdswcu
Too redundant
I had downloaded the app years ago and thought I had deleted it after I cashed out my $20 because it took too much time. Then I started getting emails saying I had earned money etc. I figured they were scam emails until I read somewhere you can never escape the program. I opened one of the emails and realized it had started tracking my purchases again through a grocery loyalty card. I reinstalled the app and there were several dollars added to my account. I decided to start using the app again and realized they had changed some things but it still is more labor intensive than it needs to be. Granted, it’s nothing but an advertising gimmick but the products you get money back on stay too long and I realize they haven’t gained any new companies to hawk. The same products in the grocery section are repeated in the convenience section instead of having different products that you would actually buy at a convenience store. They also take away the rebates on the items you actually use once you have bought them 2 or 3 times. If they’d change the choices occasionally it would be better, but then they would have to pay out more money so you know that won’t happen. If they start making me change my password every month and charge me a fee for not using the app, I will try to remove all my information and delete my account but from what you read these guys won’t let you escape, it’s like a cult.
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2 years ago, Haibara 4869
Used to be easy-to-use
I’ve used Ibotta since 2014. Over time, the app has become increasingly more cumbersome. It’s now getting to the breaking point. Until today, likely the most annoying issue was the finicky barcode scanner. I generally must tap the button multiple times in order to bring up the camera. Also, now the green “verified” pop up is so small and quickly vanishes that you sometimes don’t know for sure if the item qualifies. There are many others; however, today I was introduced to the awful filter system, versus the system of scrolling. There is no way I am tolerating this nonsense. It took some time, but I had gotten used to the recent method, which had been a nuisance because less of the screen was dedicated to the offers themselves (it took much longer to browse). However, this filter is absolute garbage. You now have to manually filter by category, but if you want to look at multiple categories without returning to the filter screen, then you must scroll the the entire current category before reaching the next one. Often, you are looking for one or two specific items, and then you want to move on to other categories; this is now very inconvenient to do. I am likely done with this app if this continues. There are several other issues that have arisen over the last couple years that have been frustrating.
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4 years ago, Chelleeeszxo💗
Used to be great...now not so much
I have been using Ibotta for about two years now and it used to great! But lately I’m rarely ever able To redeem any offers. It went from always having gain or tide(the two primary detergent brands I use) being up here quite frequently to almost never. Also, it’s stupid that certain stores the offers are not valid at(i.e. offers at Walmart are not at Target or vice versa.). I haven’t even been able to reach the 20$ minimum for cash out in MONTHS. App has also been giving issues with loading while I’m shopping so I can’t even check product barcode to be sure it’s a match. Don’t really understand why if I’m constantly purchasing certain items they would be removed from redeemable offers for what seems like permanently. I can get you want to try to persuade users to continue to use the app but if I don’t normally buy a product I’m not going to just because it’s in Ibotta. That goes for the bonuses as well. A few of the people on my “team” and I notice some of us will have to redeem less or more items then one another to qualify for a bonus. Again, I can get it if some of us are using the app more often then others but it’s still pretty stupid. For me, I was using it pretty frequently, in order to qualify for some bonuses I needed to purchase 30+ items in an unrealistic amount of time. Very disappointed with the app at this point. Don’t really know if I will continue to TRY and utilize it at all as there is really no point anymore.
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5 years ago, Heather71449
Losing steam
This app was AWESOME at first!! I recommended it to literally anyone that would listen! Even complete strangers that I would see at the checkout. Now, you can’t get a response from the ‘Care’ Team. Even when you show detailed photo proof with the receipt, the UPC & the product front & back; by the time you actually get a response, the receipt is more than a week old & they deny you credit. Then when you bring it to their attention that you submitted it within the allotted timeframe, you get a response stating that you were given credit for the purchase. BUT there is a way to check!! In your ‘My Earnings’ option, you can see if you earned credit; which obviously shows that you NEVER received credit for the purchase!!! The ‘Care’ Team has lost its empathy! The response time used to be very short, now you’re LUCKY if you receive a response in 7 days!!! I’m positive that they will claim that they are bombarded with tons of claims & emails that they are trying to respond to each one. But if they had let us know that when they reached a certain number of users that they would be overwhelmed & not intend on expanding their team member staff; I would have stopped recommending this app when that number was reached! You beg us to share this app, however you apparently don’t care enough to expand your staff enough to handle all of the claims & new members??
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4 years ago, please fix this app 2018
Give it a shot, u have nothing to lose for trying it!!!
I love Ibotta!! I never imagined how much money i would end up saving when I started a year ago. But I’ve saved $821 to date and I’ve only been using it for 1yr and 3 weeks. It’s unbelievable. And I had to take a couple months off from using it because of being to busy at work to do my own shopping. I started out only buying what I went to buy and would only get rebates for those items. But then I noticed one day if I bought a couple of other things that I would qualify for an additional bonus that ended up paying for most of my items. So it was basically like getting all those items for free. Another plus about this app is it has gotten me to try some new things, because the rebates were just too good to pass up, that I can’t live without today. So not only has this app saved me money, it’s helped make my life so much easier because of the products it has brought in my life. I, my children and even my husband thanks you Ibotta. Without you introducing us to a certain laundry product, that saved the day, my husband would’ve ruined an entire load of my daughters’ school uniforms when he accidentally threw a new red shirt in with the khaki pants.
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3 years ago, Suebeehoneym
2 1/2 Stars
It feels almost ridiculous to speak negatively about a way to save money, but quotes like “time is money” or “wasted time is wasted money means trouble” or “no man can achieve success if he didn’t first know the value of time”, etc., exist because time is valuable. It’s one thing that can never, ever be gotten back. If this app was as great and simple as it comes across, than the time spent would easily be worth it. Select in-store that I’m going to, select/add to list the products/ savings, shop, upload receipt, done. HA HA HA...NOT! Savings selected prior to shopping disappear when receipt uploaded within hours. Too many products are not offered at the store it was advertised with, so while your list may show a nice amount of savings, good luck saving what you expect to. Then savings don’t get added even when receipt is uploaded and directions are followed, and more time has to be spent figuring out why. Ibotta basically answers your question with a question, that is after it emails you a number of articles you can read to figure it out yourself. This is a beneficial app for those accepting their time being valued at approx $0.25 - $1.00 per hour. For some, they’ll realize the time could be spent with family, pets, friends, volunteer opportunities, etc.
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5 years ago, Ande32715
Not as good as it used to be
I was recommended this app a few years ago and it used to be great. They actually had items I would buy or wanted to try. Now..... I’m lucky if I can use it once every shopping trip (I used to be able to use it every time). That’s not the bad part because I do like that they have rebates for new products just hitting the market. The bad part is having to link a loyalty card. What!?!? So I started doing that. Well now one of the loyalty cards linked never posts my items and I have had to reach out to the care center and wait forever (3-7 days) to be credited and they don’t even know when you have multiple items for redemption. I had to reach back out and let them know after I already listed three items purchased along with the receipt that I was still missing money. I was credited. Fine! It’s getting worse because the app will scan the receipt for items and not recognize others. I like not having to scan all of the barcodes but I don’t mind it if I have to. I have two items pending now because the receipt was rejected and these two items weren’t recognized during the initial receipt scan. Now the receipt has been rejected for those two items I don’t want to have to wait for the care team AGAIN. I’m at the point where all of the hassle isn’t worth it and I will just complete the last $3.00 needed to cash out and delete the app. I’m not wasting my time anymore.
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1 year ago, iluvtia
Disable Withdrawal
I used Ibotta some years back and loved and decided to give it a try again now in 2022 and not loving it so much no more I decided to refer some of my friends that were complaining about the fetch app they liked the idea of Ibotta and decided to give it a try also Ibotta offers $10 for referrals and 5 of my friends signed up so between them and my earnings I got back from shopping I had enough to withdrawal so I decide to withdraw $20 of it for a gift card from Walmart for my daughter and got a error message so I tried to withdrawal to my PayPal and bank account and got a (We've temporarily disabled withdrawals to keep your earnings safe. For next steps, contact Ibotta Care for help) message I emailed Ibotta 2 days later they responded and said the customer is now responsible for providing proof of their referrals I figured no big deal I still had the messages from the 5 who did so I screenshot them and emailed them to Ibotta and still have not heard from them left them serval emails and nothing I guess they figured I wasn’t going to have to proof and that was their way of getting out of paying out but now that I sent the proof they basically ghosted me my advice would to be to cash out as soon as you hit the $20 minimum they barely give you much back on what u shop for so it will take some time to accumulate anything based on just shopping the items they choose
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2 years ago, Jay Pie
Pretty good…when it works
This keeps happening: Before putting an item in my cart, I scan the barcode to make sure it qualifies. Sure enough, I’m told it’s a match, so I buy it. Then I take a picture of my receipt to submit it, and I’m told again, I have a match and will receive the rebate. So I submit it. Then, several hours later, I receive an email saying my receipt was illegible, or the items didn’t match, or something else that keeps me from getting the rebate. Wait—the receipt was legible enough to tell me I would get the rebate, but not legible enough to give it? Or the item was a match in the store, but not after I got home? So I take ANOTHER picture of the receipt and resubmit it, but for some strange reason now I’m also required to take a picture of the items’ barcodes and submit THEM…so I’ve learned not to toss any receipts OR wrappers until I actually receive the refund! There are other common glitches, like getting credit for only one of an item when I purchased more (and yes, I always check to see if there’s a limit). Again, I can resubmit…which sometimes works, sometimes not. If this happened occasionally, I could understand, but it’s about a third of the time. It’s getting old. I used to recommend Ibotta to friends (I’ve had my account three years), but not anymore. The savings aren’t worth the trouble. I’m cashing in and deactivating my account.
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4 years ago, Ladybaby
Ok when it reads the receipt
This app is very frustrating at times. I have made it to $20 once and got an old navy gift card which was great. The time frames for the bonus offers are very short and I am never able to reach the goals. I have one store in particular where Im able to choose and add offers and then When I go to redeem my receipt the store is not an option to choose from. So I wasted my time choosing offers that I can redeem. If want to upload a grocery receipt do it right away!! Im a busy working mom and most of the time time I can’t redeem my offers right away. Also half of the time when I try to open up the app it takes forever to load/open up causing me to leave it and come back to it later. So, I gather all my receipt and redeem them at once. Huge risk of missing out on your offers if you wait. I scan my receipt and the app doesn’t recognize/read the items on the receipt and find the applicable offer. So I manually select the offers and then it asks me to scan the freakin bar codes 😠 of the items. WHY WHHHYYY! It’s on my receipt, which I just took a pic of. ITS ON THE RECEIPT Uuhhhhh! Its prob been a few days and I don’t have that item anymore (eaten by my kids or hubby) so I don’t have the packaging to scan the barcode. Am I supposed to just keep all the packaging around until I redeem the offer, yeah that’s practical. It’s so frustrating I’m going to try a diff app maybe Ratuken.
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5 years ago, Queen_ess
Declining Service
This was one of my favorite apps. Easy to use and earn a little extra money. I recommended to everyone. However, NOW it is completely frustrating and no longer that great. I have had multiple experiences where I make a mobile shopping purchase, then never receive credit. I send the info to the Support team (which now the response time is 3-5 weeks), in which they tell me “you didn’t launch through the app, so we are unable to credit your account at this time.” Even though I SPECIFICALLY launched through the app because of the constant issues. No matter what evidence I produce (screenshots, receipt details, etc. ) they just dismiss it and say “we hope you continue to use the app, but there is nothing more we can do at this time.” It is annoying and frustrating and basically makes the whole point of using the app a waste of time when you don’t receive the credit. Another thing that just makes me more disappointed in ibotta is that I see WAY more advertisements for ibotta, but the Customer service quality and response time has taken a major decline in the last year. I think Ibotta should put more resources into making their Support team efficient and effective, and less into their marketing. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising anyways, which in this case is not going in their favor. I have stopped referring people. Definitely disappointed.
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3 years ago, Gamer McGamerton
Offers disappear within minutes
It feels a little like bait and switch here. You open ibotta, you see a bunch of great offers, you save/clip them to your account and then you head to the store. But many times between the time you saved the offer and the time you got to the store, the offer is gone from the app entirely. I’ve had this happen at least 7 times just in this last week. I literally had a friend tell me about a deal she had just got with ibotta while she was still at the store. I found the offer in my app, saved it to my account, and by the time I got my shoes on, the offer was gone from the app. The offers need expiration dates the way coupons do. That way, users can count on them. But what I think the ibotta people don’t get is that most of us budget and plan our grocery trips before we head out the door. I’m not willing to roll the dice with purchases, only to get home, scan a receipt and find the offer suddenly disappeared within the hour. Then I’m stuck paying full price for everything. It feels very sleazy and dishonest to randomly pull offers off the app at any day or time. I used to love this app. I knew I could count on it. And offers didn’t randomly disappear, and actually would say how many days you had left to use them (some offers still show this). But currently this app has become impractical and wasteful. It’s a grocery gambling game at best.
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4 years ago, r4321e
Terrible customer service
This app used to be great, but rarely works correctly anymore and the customer service is terrible. You follow the offer exactly and still cannot seem to get your credit and customer service is no help. It takes days for them to respond and when they do it’s absolutely no help and solves nothing. I currently have a $50+ pending credit since June(over 6 months ago) for a hotel stay. Originally customer service tried to blame it on me that everything wasn’t done correctly and they didn’t seem to have any of the information on the stay even though the pending credit is right there in my account. I had to provide a bunch of information from a hotel stay that was months ago, even though it was information they should have had. After providing all this, they changed there story and blamed it on the vendor not crediting them. I don’t care about this though as I made the deal with them. If their vendor is not paying them that’s their problem and has nothing to do with honoring their offer with me. I still have this case open today, over a month after I first contacted them about it. The last response from them was over a week ago saying they are experiencing a large amount of customer service messages and not to worry they didn’t forget about my case. Not shocking they have a lot of issues to deal with from my experience. This app seems great in theory, but is more of a hassle than it is worth.
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3 years ago, step on my knee
Good and bad
While it is absolutely amazing to get anything for cash back and appreciated, even .10 back adds up! it is also absolutely irritating and annoying that if you go to a store w/o a barcode on the end of the receipt you have to scan each individual barcode & sometimes you still have to scan individual items even w/ barcode b/c for some reason the app can’t register the products selected on your list after doing each section of your receipt, also like tonight I had one selected item on my list that was 1.00 back and it said There was 8 hours LEFT and it vanished after only TWO HOURS, VERY VERY ANNOYING!! while there is a lot of items to select a lot of them are things that I don’t buy and most people don’t because We’re all broke and there is a cheaper selection your going to have to go with the cheaper item, it takes a long time to go through all the products to select what you want to add to your list for cash back which is fine but only certain items are at certain stores, it would be a lot better app if you could snap your receipt(with or without barcode) and it would automatically add the same cash back items from the receipt that are available at any store not just one or a few
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1 year ago, Ohio Girl ♥️
The app is terrible
I have been using Ibotta for years. All of a sudden my perk card account numbers have been removed, and I can’t add them back. Ibotta keeps telling me they are incorrect! So I upload my receipts manually. Every single time. No exaggeration every single time I upload a receipt within 2 to 3 days of my purchases. They tell me that my purchases are over seven days long. So now I have to waste my time and contact customer care to submit my receipts that I have uploaded along with the barcode pictures to prove my purchases that I have already done by uploading the receipts. For them to credit my account. Today I upload my receipt the same day to get a rebate and they are now saying that they can’t verify The purchase I’m requesting! So now I have to waste my time contact customer care with a picture of the receipt circling the item I purchased with the date and the barcode again. This app is just super time consuming and frustrating. I don’t know why my perk card numbers were removed from my account to begin with and why nobody in customer care will help me re-add them so I don’t have to keep doing this. I have requested help many times and I don’t get it.
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5 years ago, Brandi.irons-Williams
Amazing App
Okay, I suppose its possible to not like this app but, only if your lazy or just always in a hurry. I read on one of the reviews that someone commented that the app does not tell you when the rebates expire however, that is completely false. You do have to scroll down a bit to see exactly when it expires it not only gives you the exact day but it gives you a time as well. You certainly won't get rich off of this app but if you save your dollars it is certainly suite at Christmas time. I try to think of the rebates as I would a change jar sometimes I drop in a couple of dollars and sometimes it's a couple of quarters and over time it builds up. I actually had the app for an entire year almost before I ever used it because I was not that familiar with it. In any case, it's worth the extra 10 minutes or so with each grocery trip. I have found that looking at the app before I go to the store, activating the rebates prior to going and making a list makes the app much easier and saves time overall. I guess it's like the old saying, "You can take a horse to water but, you can't make him drink" applies to the nay sayers. I've earned $462 in the last 18 months on stuff I buy anyway so, I'd call that a win!
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6 years ago, TStaas
Such an easy way to earn money
I have used Ibotta for over a year now and it’s become part of my life basically I’ll tell you why; every time I make a trip to the grocery store for whatever reason I either check Ibotta before hand while making my list, or when there is something specific I need I will usually check to see if I can get money back on it before I make my decision on that specific item. If the item I have on my list is on Ibotta but to qualify for that cash back I will need to buy multiple, I will usually opt for the deal where I get money back. The reason I do so is because overtime it all adds up and that cash is great for date nights or just money to have saved back. I’ll be honest I was a little skeptical at first on how you really get that cash back and actually it’s really easy you pick where you would like the money to go basically like a gift card, they send you an email super quick with your gift card number, and usually a barcode so that you can use it off of your phone or print it out. I’ve never had any issues using my cashback at a store or restaurant. I love that they have so many options to choose from! Super easy way to earn money, definitely give it a try.
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3 years ago, Minnamines
I have tried a few apps similar to Ibotta, but really liked the way Ibotta’s app worked and am using it solely. I had heard so many great thing about Ibotta, but it wasn’t to last. I thought things were going great until I realized that since the time I started using the app, I wasn’t getting credited for any Walmart offers. As Walmart is were we buy most of our groceries, this was an issue. So I set aside some time to send a report/msg to the developers of the app. In response, I received an email requesting I scan EVERY barcode of everything previously purchased & provide a list of long-since expired offers in order to get the credit. I mean shouldn’t the developers have that info already?!!! Who has the time to go through EVERY grocery item you own and scan the barcodes? Not me. Why do you think I signed up for Ibotta to begin with??? TO SAVE TIME clipping coupons. I have since cashed out and will be deleting this app as soon as my bank account is credited....IF I even get THAT! I do NOT recommend this app or this developer. SOME customer service...smh! Complete ridiculousness and a total waste of my limited time. Some customer service...smh. 😒🙄
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2 years ago, PerkinsPriorityMGMT
App is now just Okay
Apps like these are great, if they offer money saving/or points on items you actually buy and use on a regular basis. When I have the time to go through the vast amount of products, I find that I actually only need/want a few (usually 1) and the odds that the selected store has it in stock is pretty much slim to none. It would be nice if this app allows for receipts to read from email 100% of the time. I have connected the correct email account, the correct product and still nothing. If you have a bunch of time and want very little reward for the planning, this app is for you. When this first came out, it was the best and I only used this one unfortunately now I don’t waste the very little time I have check marking each individual item in hopes I need/find it at the store. To developers: please update app with more relevant/everyday used items and easier email receipt capture. In this time we live in most things are digital and I, like many utilize the stores curb-side pickup or the Digital Pay at checkout but most of the digital receipts are not accepted by this app. That’s a shame, you had a GREAT thing going and I would like to use it again even if it were to be change to a paid app.
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3 years ago, iiiiiwqdhhdhxbdkebbx
Doesn’t work that well anymore and very time consuming
When using Ibotta in the past, I was able to scan receipts to add my credits. Now, for most grocery stores, we are supposed to use our grocery store credentials at checkout and Ibotta is supposed to “automatically” add the credits for us (yes my grocery accounts are linked on Ibotta). I have never received any credits from food lion when checking out with credentials, and Publix is now another chain where I’m never automatically receiving credits when using account info at checkout. When I recently requested my unreceived credits from Publix through the customer service option online, they denied me my credits because they claimed my submitted receipt was invalid. They also told me to link my accounts before checking out....they are clearly linked. There has to be a way for them to check this because I wouldn’t have waited for credits for over 24 hours and written into customer service if this were the case. Not to mention, I have to write into customer service every single time I want credits from retailers like publix or food lion because Ibotta NEVER automatically adds credits like they claim to. Ibotta doesn’t seem to be working properly anymore and the customer service portion seems to be going downhill as well. Please fix this frustrating issue and let us add our own receipts after each visit, as this seemed to be the only way to properly receive any credits.
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4 years ago, TroubleIncarnate
Going bad
I used to love this app, but it’s progressively getting worse. A few weeks ago, Ibotta started spamming my email account. I checked my settings and they’re not supposed to send me any emails. Over the course of more than 2 weeks, support repeatedly told me to check my settings, no matter how many times I said my settings were correct. They lied and said they reset my settings so I wouldn’t get anymore emails. Finally, one snarky lady told me that users are no longer have full control of what emails Ibotta sends them. Users may no longer opt out of cash earned emails. I can check that for myself in the app. Overall, the support staff were slow, unhelpful, and did not READ what the problem was or what was done. How can you fix a problem when you don’t pay attention to the issue or symptoms? They wasted a lot of my time for nothing and I’m really not happy they’re now spamming my email because they can. Over the last several months, bonuses have become a lot more difficult to meet without buying something I don’t need or want. I’ve also noticed a marked decline in the offers I’ve been able to redeem. And they know when you get close to $25, because they’ll really limit the any brand and any receipt offers. They’ve been knocking any brand, especially the receipt offers to $0.10 A LOT. I’ve been thinking about cashing out and going with another app.
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5 years ago, no gift cards here
Sadly this doesn’t work like they tell you here it does!
I was using the app as it seemed a great way to save and earn while doing it. I shopped, I took pictures of my receipts and sent them to them all very easily. Ran into trouble however when I tried to redeem for a gift card as you do it get cash back....... or at least I couldn’t find where I had that option. I purchased my gift cards with my points and watched as my points were taken away. I at no time actually received any gift card. They never tell you if they are mailing it to you, emailing it to you, texting it to you..... nothing. I waited a couple weeks to see what would happen. Nothing! I sent their customer service online a message that they never responded to on two different occasions. So I stopped using the app waiting to see what would happen. I finally received an email wanting me to come back as they noticed I’d stopped using the app. I sent another email explaining why and asked what they were going to do to make this right..... again no response. So I believe there are retailers receiving the feedback as to what we are and aren’t purchasing but there seems to be no benefit to the consumer. I’ve basically told them when they respond to my questions and give me the gift cards that my points were taken to purchase that I would consider using they app again. No response. Makes me think nobody is listening at all. Can’t see a reason to use the app.
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3 years ago, Cyrah D.
Listed but not redeemable? Confused.
I do not understand why Food Lion offers are not available to redeem. I added Food Lion offers to my list before shopping at my Food Lion. After purchasing items I go to “Redeem” and Food lion is not listed although I had the option to add offers from said grocery retailer before shopping. I checked the “fine print” or “details” for the quantity, variety and size of the product needed to redeem said offers before I added to my list and purchased. I selected the option “Any Grocery Store” to scan my receipt as Food Lion was not a listed option and still the app found no offers. With all that being said I just need a clear understanding of why this is. I have many colleagues asking for a great money saving app for groceries and other retailers so, I want to be sure they and myself will be able to use the app properly and be able to redeem our offers especially if the retailer is listed before purchasing. I hope I can get a clear understanding or get answers otherwise I will try a different app and also recommend other apps to those looking.
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4 years ago, Pmweeks
Great concept, needs improvement though
I honestly do love this app and if you are very attentive to what you buy and scan the receipts without using the barcode from your store rewards card then Ibotta is wonderful and you can make some good extra spending money...BUT....I have learned the hard way that when you purchase any of the items you almost always have to “prove” you bought it by adding the items after you scan or take a picture of the receipt. For example, on a recent trip to Walmart, I purchased 11 different products that I would receive extra money for. I scanned my barcode on the receipt and Ibotta only recognized that I had the $0.10 “any grocery item”. I had to go back through the extensive list to check off all the other items then scan the barcode of the item. Fairly annoying once you have put all your groceries up. Another issue I’ve discover is a store reward card that you can link to your account such as Winn Dixie or Publix...take my advice and don’t bother, submit your receipt instead so you can catch what Ibotta doesn’t because you can’t tell if they did right away and it’s just faster. As it is I spend a significant amount of time scrolling through everything...ain’t nobody got time for that!
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4 years ago, Mars7000
SCAM: Scammed out of referral credit
I used to like Ibotta. I used it for months. Then I referred my mom during a $5 credit period. It was the last day, and she made a special trip to pick something up, went out of her way to get me that credit. She had trouble using the app and accessing her account, so I had to help her. Went through the trouble of scanning and waiting. My account showed verification that she joined and then successfully redeemed an offer. No credit. We both contacted support, and they claim that her “mobile device was registered under another user” and they therefore refused to give the credit or discuss it any further because it “involved another user”. My mother has never even heard of Ibotta before I asked her to join so I could get the credit. Before I was scammed out of my credit, I used Ibotta every week. I immediately cashed out my tiny amount and deleted the app. She deleted the app and warned everyone at work. I warned everyone I know, and I have even talked a few people out of signing up and going with Ebates instead. My best friend loves deal and price apps, and she’s warned her friends and family away as well. Had “Sara K” shown that Ibotta cares about their customers and honored the $5 credit, I would still be using it, and so would several other people. It just take one small gesture to show customers that you value them and they spread the word, but unfortunately, Ibotta doesn’t value their customers.
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2 years ago, CaliFish18
Became a hassle to use.
I have used this app for a few years and loved it up until a couple of months ago. Lately I have had nothing but issues with missing credits. It seems like every time I make a purchase at target, I have to contact the Ibotta care team and wait a whole week for a response. You have to link your target account to Ibotta which will not allow you to take a picture of the receipt and then scan the items to receive the credit. I know it’s supposed to be more convenient that way but credits always end up missing and it’s a never ending cycle. I make a purchase and wait for them to review the receipt and I already know I’ll have credits missing. Then the care team will email me and make me take pictures of the receipt that has the products that I have missed credits for when I could’ve just done that in the first place. It’s redundant and unnecessary because they can view what I purchased that’s how I got some credits in the first place but instead they make you do the work. I never had this issue before but this has been happening every time I use the app for the past few months and I’m almost to the point of deleting the app and just not using it anymore. I have almost $700 earned and it’s a shame because this app does help out but lately it’s just not worth the hassle.
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4 years ago, TlC83!
Used to love this app...2 for 2 on poor customer service
Have been using this since September of 2016 and have saved over $900. Offerings at first were great. Lots of products I normally use and you could utilize them multiple times. Selection now is not great. Will go months without any items I use. I have had many incidences of scanning the item in store and getting home and it saying it doesn’t match. I generally use Target. This last weekend I used the pick up in store option as my daughter was getting out of the hospital. I have used it before for the dry things then grab the cold things in store before grabbing the order. They always give me a print receipt. This time the printer wasn’t working. They emailed me the receipt I emailed customer care and the first reply that took a few days said they reviewed it and would pass it to the correct team. That team member wouldn’t honor it at all. Basically would have to return the items to rebuy to get a receipt. I used to promote this app to everyone (coworkers, friends, patients...) I no longer will. A situation that was out of my hands wouldn’t be honored. This was my 2nd time contacting customer care in nearly 3 years and they were unwilling to be helpful at all. I think I will use the other apps that my friends recommend instead. Customer service is everything and so is word of mouth. It’s too bad when an app gets popular the customer service goes down.
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7 months ago, Evidently Vexed
Consumer UN-serviced…
I could not be more frustrated with this app due to making what should’ve been a simple, technical workaround so complicated they can’t even answer question… my question was not even complicated. I didn’t ask for the solution to an unsolvable math equation… no. I asked why I could not cash out what I had rightfully earned and sent 5 screenshots of the information all supporting the facts that I could cash out. Two days later I received a impersonal email response that stated… and I’ll directly quote here…. “ As a security measure, we have increased the validation period for Ibotta accounts. Please try to withdraw your earnings again in a few days. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue using the app and to take advantage of our many offers and bonuses.” Why would I do that if I can’t cash out in the first place? Why wasn’t I informed of the changes during the whole 2-3 days my account was active? How is this solving my concerns when all available FAQs, etc. pointed to my account simply needing to be “unlocked” because it is new? Ridiculousness on top of more ridiculousness… please give me an opportunity to survey the “UN-service” forced upon me as “help”… seriously… what a cop out. I suppose it is expected in today’s economy, but realistically everyone is still accountable for their own actions. I feel cheated, stolen from, and victimized by false advertising… thank you IBOTTA…
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4 years ago, dco929
Penalized for inactivity
Considering how long it can take to even earn anything on this app (since most of what is offered isn’t what I purchase, or is listed after I made the purchase and doesn’t count), it seems utterly ridiculous that they would penalize you $4 for inactivity. Especially when you EARNED that money via the rebates from the items that you purchased! First, we have lives. Some of us have different and rotating shifts, a wedding to plan for, children, etc, and the top priority isn’t always to check the app for that ONE time you MIGHT finally find a rebate that you actually want to purchase at the store. The times you do check (because I had checked), you don’t even find anything, so now there’s still “inactivity”. Maybe you should consider having people upload receipts and earn smaller incentives that way (like Coin Out)- at least that way you don’t lose the money you earned (that likely took forever to earn), because of inactivity. It’s bad enough how long it can take to even look through the items and click on what you think might want (after watching a video or answering questions), and then have to scan the darn barcodes if you happen to have purchased the item, but then you get penalized if you don’t actually find something you want to purchase because of inactivity? Sorry, but that’s wrong and a total ripoff!!!!
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3 years ago, TattooBetty86
Loyalty Card Not Linked For Months
I used to really enjoy using ibotta for little bits of cash back I received from weekly grocery store shopping. When ibotta offered me to link my grocery loyalty card instead up uploading every single receipt, it made things so easy! From that point on, I stopped saving my receipts, and would see cash back in my ibotta account in less than 24 hours after leaving the store. Well, today I logged into ibotta to get some cash back from clothing shopping online for the first time. I noticed that my account balance was quite low for where it should be after grocery shopping a minimum of 3 times per week. I clicked on my grocery store (Ralph’s) to see that loyalty cards are having issues and mine has not been linked to my account since the END OF AUGUST. For 3.5 months, I’ve missed out on ALL of my grocery cash back. No message sent to me from ibotta so I could save receipts for uploading again. At this point, after I upload a couple receipts to reach the $20 payout threshold, I will be done with the app for grocery purchases. Waste of time and I find I get more cash back using the Ralph’s grocery app directly. Update: Because I was inactive for some time, ibotta took all of my earnings away from me. Just over $17 STOLEN. I put in the work to earn those rewards and earn ibotta money through their partnerships and they stole my cut. Shame on you for being thieves.
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2 years ago, Dollface_killa702
God help any user who ever has an issue...
...& unfortunately at some point, most will. This platform is incompetent at paying when it should & even more incompetent at employing support reps who are willing to do anything besides copy & paste a paragraph from the FAQ’s based upon whatever keyword they deem relevant from your subject line. They don’t bother to read your message much less attempt to understand the issue & it takes cycling thru a dozen or so reps before you might get lucky enough to catch one of the few who will actually try to help. And then, their shift ends & you go right back to the queue of morons. My last issue was supported with screenshots that should’ve easily explained my case all by themselves... Yet I still had to submit a help ticket for all 5 of the unpaid receipts separately then re-copy my explanation of the issue a total of 13 times before getting someone who finally took the time to read, investigate & see that I was compensated. Currently, just slightly over 48hrs after requesting help with another issue of nonpayment, I’m on the 6th rep & 22nd email of repeating myself with exactly the same results. Officially over it...deleting my account as soon as I finish writing this & seeing to it that my referral does the same. ***For anyone seeking an alternative that actually performs as it should & has STELLAR customer service...download FETCH!!!***
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4 years ago, TMI-Tori
I tell everyone I know, but....
This is the only rebate app I use and people are surprised at how much I make for doing so little. I live in Wyoming, and yes, we are skeptical and always have something to prove so I will bring in a receipts and show em’ how it’s done. However, I am a little flaky and spend hours trying to make sure I have the right offer for the right store. Do NOT even get me started on stacking a coupon with an offer during a sale at specific stores. It makes my brain hurt and I look like “Beautiful Mind with my note books that cross-reference newspaper ads that have coupons paper-clipped to them with sticky notes of Ibotta offers. I know I’m a lost (space) case, but Ibotta should develop some kinda cross referencing that could match any current coupon you have with the closest store that has an offer waiting for you (can I patent this idea right now? retailers would pay alotta to Ibotta ...no?). Well then I will continue to love Ibotta and make money from the comfort of my bed. I now go hunt stores for offers and my husband thinks I’m having an affair and I have to confess the games, bonuses and getting money transferred to my debit card SAME DAY is addictive. Love it! Gotta...have my Ibotta.
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5 years ago, ShannonMM
Neat but...
I’ve been using Ibotta for a while. I’ve learned if you don’t shop at walmart, you’re probably not getting as good of deals/savings. I don’t shop at walmart and I can take advantage of maybe $1.00 rebates a month. My friend who shops at walmart gets almost $10 in rebates per trip. I feel the offers aren’t related to anything I buy or would buy. I occasionally get to use the “any” receipt rebate at different stores. I spend more money finding things to buy that I can get a rebate for then saving. I know manufacturers and some retailers are pushing these rebates to get their brands recognized, but I wish this app catered more to users preference or history - if you’re scanning barcodes, receipts and rewards cards, shouldn’t I see offers related to the things I buy most? Example baby formula: I was offered rebates on formula we don’t use. Our baby has to use a specific type of formula; I’m not going to switch brands/types just to use a coupon. I’ve also experienced a lot of glitches/crashes over time, especially when I have scan bar codes. I try to scan and put away my food...the app crashes and I have to get everything back out to scan. 😠 I’ll keep using occasionally, but I hope to see better algorithms and customization in the future.
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4 years ago, Vera.T
This app is a joke now
My friend recommended this app two years ago and I’ve been able to over $250. It’s been pretty great, BUT: Since June to Oct 2019, the offers available have been for the same products that my family has no interest in buying. There have also been a few times where an offer was redeemed with a receipt, but never properly credited and when I contact the Ibotta Care team with the break down of everything, they still didn’t validate my receipt with the correct products, thus ended up not receiving a credit for the item, why have offers if people can’t redeem when they legitimately purchase the exact product. I also don’t believe when they say they don’t have the barcode in their system, because the barcode works while in the store shopping but once you’re redeeming a receipt, it suddenly doesn’t work for the exact same item that was scanned while shopping. At one point I had my target card linked but it kept missing valid offers and I would have to end up uploading my receipts - since I unlinked that loyalty card, I just stick to uploading receipts. Can’t wait until I can cash out my earning and delete this app. Would probably use this app again, if it actually had products worth redeeming.
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5 years ago, Charmed032798
I’m just so annoyed.
I loved this app. It was a great way to earn a little more cash. However, I had gotten a new phone a few months ago and when you do, you are logged out of all your apps. I ended up being logged out of iBotta, so I went to log back in. However, when I tried to do so it told me the email was wrong. I tried every single email and password combination possible and it still told me there were no accounts linked to any of them. I tried logging in with the other options, but nothing. I emailed the customer service, didn’t hear back from them for maybe two and half weeks, and all they did was ask for the email linked to my account. I sent them the two emails that could’ve been it and didn’t hear back from them for another two to three weeks. When they got back to me, their response was “these emails don’t match any account in our system. We need the email attached to your account.” SO CLEARLY they really didn’t even understand what I was explaining to them. I had about $27 saved up and I don’t get to use it now because their customer service is so terrible and won’t try to understand my problem. So now I’m out $27 for something that doesn’t even make sense. I had to have used an email to sign up the first time around, but it’s telling me I’m wrong. It’s so annoying.
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2 years ago, *CJune*S
Update makes it hard to redeem offers
I really loved saving with Ibotta but since the update the link between Walmart and Ibotta is really crappy. The last three purchases I have had to request the money for the offers and I have not been able to receive all the bonuses that I should have received because the credits they do give me are just that, credits toward my account not credits towards the amount of offers needed so it will not accurately show I made the amount of offers needed to receive the bonuses. Also since the update my Walmart app will not let me check in for pickup because it doesn’t even show I bought something. It doesn’t show up in my purchase history without going through Ibotta’s app unlike before the update I could see all purchases even straight through my Walmart app but now even doing that it doesn’t give me the option of “checking in” through the pickup at Walmart so I have to drive there and then let them know I am there. It takes way too much time messing with trying to figure out what is wrong with the app. I really hope this can all be fixed soon because I like saving money but I don’t like all the wasted time trying to save that money!!!
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3 years ago, ruby53256
Made it more difficult
Ibotta Reduced the amount of days before receipts expire. Youve only got 7 days now. Also more and more stores want you to link cards, like target now too!! Why? How annoying. It was better when I could just scan my receipt because I don’t always use my same cards, and what if I pay with cash or if I send my husband? And i have to scan every single item that qualifies now too, so I can only scan receipts if I’m standing directly next to my groceries. So don’t throw your bottles or boxes away or it’s useless. And if you buy the same item in 2 different purchases or 2 different stores, once you redeem them once it disappears for 2 days, by the time it reappears your receipt will likely have expired. They’ve made it sooooo difficult unless you use the app to pay and who wants wait until the cashier has rung everything up to then pull up the app, find the store in Ibotta, punch in the total amount on the phone then scan the phone? while standing at the register. It’s complicated. And Hopefully you have reception. Buying groceries is already a chore with covid restrictions. The app was pretty good before but like all apps that were once worth it, they create more hoops to jump through. They push for in app purchases and that means giving all you card info and buying through ibotta. Not cool.
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2 years ago, NorwegianOkie
Has went way downhill
When I first joined Ibotta I loved the app. It was easy, convenient, and a great way to save some money. Today, not so much. When I shop inside Walmart I still have a good experience, however, doing delivery or pick up has become a joke. You will get no less than 3 screens telling you that you will have your credit with 24 hours. That is not true. All of mine have been over 72 hours. The one I’m awaiting credit on now has been since Saturday and I hadn’t heard a word. I wrote them today and find out it’s the same old same old. I have to take pictures of my receipt, pictures of all the items I expect credit on, scan barcodes of all items I expect credit on and send pictures of those also. I have to provide a total dollar amount of the items I expect credit on. I also have to provide a list of any additional bonuses my purchases apply to and those amounts. I have to send pictures of the email from Walmart showing my order and my delivery showing headers from the email. As you can see, this has now become a job within itself. If you plan on shopping within Walmart then this can be a decent app to use. If you are doing grocery pickup or delivery, I’d not waste my time. I have saved pictures of everything I’ve had to do in case anyone is wondering what I’ve went through
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3 years ago, Why an app won't work
Account suspended
This app has been a giant disappointment to me, my family, and friends. I am a college student at Ferris State University, and I'm just beginning my first semester without a meal plan. Due to Covid, the meal plan that ferris provides has really gone down hill, and me and my friends decided we'd take a crack at cooking ourselves. I started looking at coupon sites and saw this app. I downloaded it, and was so excited to use it for rebates. They even have giftcards you can get and get money back. I used it for a few items first and it seemed to go smoothly. Right now there's a sign up deal that anyone who joins and uses a few deals gets 20$. This, on top of the amazing deals I could find made me recommend this to my other friends who are buying groceries, and to my family members as well. Recently however, all of our accounts were suspended. None of us know why, and customer service is taking a really long time to get back with any of us. This hurts for two big reasons. 1 me and members of my family have bought goods that we cannot be reimbursed for after I recommended the app to them 2 in order to get the 20$ sign up bonus you need to make so many purchases within the first 14 days. With none of us able to access our account, this is all but impossible. This is the first time I've ever felt bad about recommending an app to someone.
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4 years ago, Jren421
Used to is the key phrase
Seriously I don’t know what you did in this latest update but it is so so so very very bad! Please take it back!!!! Nothing is working. It’s back to the dark ages. Manually scanning every item on my receipt even from Walmart, ugh are you kidding me? Going above and beyond what is needed for the bonus m, being credited a few pennies per item but not having the bonus even budge and then being told that the mistake must be my fault- it’s not- I can’t justify that time now when you have so drastically lowered your rebates. What would have once been 1.59 is no .35 and getting to $20 to cash out takes hundreds of dollars. I know, I have a choice. I don’t have to use it. It’s just I guess I always hold out hope that someday there will be one company that stays true to who they said they were. Ibotta set out on a mission and now their mission statement needs revision. I will give it a 5 and revise this the minute the app is fixed. That is a promise. It has to be fixed though. This is not okay. #Update- the update to fix the weird made it weirder yet and yes that isn’t correct grammar and I know but after a hot, exhausting day at the grocery store I’m just done trying to figure weird out.
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