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Current version
Icelandair ehf.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Icelandair

2.14 out of 5
163 Ratings
8 months ago, System Of A Blargh
Do better - app is messy
The app is a pain. It regularly logs itself out, version updates turn off notifications, no biometric login (FaceID or fingerprint ID), upsells everywhere (100% way to get me to book accommodation and care hire off-app), It’s a crowded app. Can’t retroactively add a kennitala to a Saga Club membership in-app (or website) therefore can’t login using rafræn skilríki unless a whole new account is created (have to remember to create it on the .is site), then emailing Icelandair support to request accounts be merged (and hope they get it right) and the. wait into infinity for the email to be answered. Do better, Icelandair. Pleeeease hire a travel app experienced product manager and a UX designer (and not an Icelandair exec’s relative. Plz. No.)
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5 months ago, sailoffshore
Wow. What a terrible user experience
This app is very confusing to use especially when it comes to adding extras like meals to your flight. Inadvertently ended up purchasing two meals for the same segment rather than one meal for the segment from Europe to Iceland and another meal for the segment from Iceland to North America. Also, it doesn’t explain that if you make any mistakes—something easily done given the interface—the charges are unchangeable and not refundable. Even if you call the customer service line to fix it—a process that took for me over 25 minutes—you will find nothing can be done and be told, incorrectly, that the no-refunds policy on Iceland would seem, geographically at least, to be a good reasonably direct way to fly from to many cities in Europe, to many cities in North America and vice versa, but the customer service experience of using the Iceland Air app—the confusion, the headache, the wasted money and food—makes the extra one pays for a direct-to-contintental-Europe flight on almost any another airline well worth it.
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2 years ago, Rdusher
Terrible App with Terrible Follow-Up to Match
I recently flew IcelandAir. It has, honestly, been one of the worst experiences of my life. A significant portion of my luggage was lost by the airlines. It has been almost 14 days. I have submitted multiple claims through the app, many taking several attempts to complete due to app crashes. And I am not entirely sure if my claims have been routed appropriately, as none of them have been responded to in these 14 days. Staff in and outside of the app are rude, refuse to provide policies that they are referencing on my rights as a consumer, and they do not allow for me to raise my complaints with a supervisor. These issues are made worse by how often the app disconnects from chats or acts buggy around links for taking care of important things like luggage claims. IcelandAir air seems to be covering staff shortages by simply not responding or justifying app disconnects and long wait times, making a safety risk for consumers and incredibly inefficient/frustrating/ inappropriate app experiences.
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10 months ago, TWOJ0
Why so many bad reviews? User error that’s why
Off the bat, seeing countless bad reviews had me a little nervous. However, after using the app I can safely say that this app is extremely easy to use. If you have any common sense you can easily find your trip, check-in, and then request any upgrades or additional baggage. I can’t believe some people took the time to write a bad review because it had to be user error. Overall, this app provides everything you need in a UX that felt natural and easy to navigate. Have no worries.
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1 year ago, Agile Paradigm Disliked
Unable to Login
I’ve been a Saga Club Member since 2015. Icelandair has been the only airline I use for flights to Europe. This app was fantastically simple prior to September 2022. I simply can’t log into it. I reset my password, this done through my browser, and I am able to login via my browser. So I return to the app and it will error on my login. When I then attempt to login through my browser, my password is not recognized. So I have to reset my password again through my browser. I also have to manually enter my past flights in order to receive points. Even though I enter my Saga number during the booking and I verify that it is showing during check in. The employees for this airline are fantastic but the digital service is horrible.
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2 years ago, BP1002
Needs auto fill
The app doesn’t allow iOS to auto fill name/address/credit card which makes checking in and paying for seats and meals very tedious. Even when filling out the info manually several times with different cards it still wouldn’t process payment. If you’re going to nickel and dime with meals and seats at least make it easy to pay. Add Apple Pay!
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10 months ago, exercise $
Worst airline app ever
Who ever they hired for Ux design, QA and engineering should be fired. This is the worst design airline app I’ve used. The UX is unclear and it takes you back to the beginning of the process if you just want to edit something on a previous screen. It doesn’t reflect charges made for seat changes although my credit card was charged. The app makes it difficult to navigate changing flights and seats when you have multiple legs of a flight. It keeps trying to change my booking for the wrong leg of the trip even when I double check the changes. These are just a few examples of how bad this app is.
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3 years ago, brandon8419
The worst airline app I’ve ever used
I’m truly mind boggled at how a major airline can have an app this bad and full of bugs. First, like others have mentioned, I just got a “now boarding” alert a full day before my actual flight. Second, when I attempted to check in and add pictures of my Covid test related documents (which are required to download the boarding pass) the app crashed entirely. After starting all over again, the app only allowed one image to be uploaded - even though multiple images are required to submit proof of documentation . Third, good luck trying to add a second bag unless it’s a pair of skis or a bike. No option is present to add a second suitcase. Save yourself a headache and try their website or just accept defeat and wait in line at the airport check in desk. As Charlie Brown would say, Good grief!
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10 months ago, Disgruntled traveler 1000
Scary app
We wondered why it was only given two stars and now we know, and it should really get zero. Be very careful when you’re looking at your seat assignment. If you accidentally touch the wrong seat, you cannot get it back it automatically goes to somebody else. Oh yeah there is no log out for this app that we could find, also the number to call to talk to somebody is different than the number that pops up on your screen to tap on so it doesn’t take you to Icelandair. So be forewarned!
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1 year ago, PaulFehringer
Worst app ever
This app is totally useless. It won’t pull up my booking no matter what I do. When I call Icelandair they won’t let me talk to tech support. Every time I try to contact tech support through the online form they email me back with a flight change. I asked the customer service how to get the boarding passes on my phone and they tolled me to print them up. Totally worthless app. Totally worthless airline. If my tickets were refundable I would fly with another airline.
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12 months ago, Ayan (9 year old)
Amazing app but could be better
This app works almost perfectly! It works for everything. I don’t know why people review this app so bad. The only problem I’ve had was that the gate number listed 11 and it was 21. Great work Icelandair! This review was written by a 9 year old so please be child appropriate when responding.
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4 months ago, SpencerBean
Cannot add DOB to Saved Passenger Info
With today’s update, you cannot select the date of birth when entering Saved Passenger info.
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2 years ago, Kiko_924
This app is horrible
For example the app seems to assume that everyone has a Visa and will not let you enter any of the other info, like Known Traveler Number, without filling in info that I don’t have. There are so many other problems with this app that it isn’t worth my time to enter them all. I already spent a lot of time trying to work around it’s defects just so I could get our KTN entered. What a shame their developers don’t know how to develop or test their apps.
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5 years ago, Cape MacMan Dave
App is hard to find! Needs “ehf” to find it
Hi ! This is not a review of how good your app is. It is simply a comment on how difficult it is to FIND your app on the Apple App Store! I tried several times with no luck and almost gave up, thinking that “this must be the last airline on earth to not yet have an app”! But glad I persevered because somewhere I saw that by adding EHF to my search, I was able to find your app. Finally! Had to search for this exactly: “Icelandair ehf” This is not at all obvious. Please for your own good, and for your customers’ sanity, fix this issue. Thanks and looking forward to our next flight!
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7 months ago, Zippityz
Password expired after first log in??
I created a Saga account to use the app for our trip next week. Everything went fine until I tried to log in and the app told me my brand new password had expired. When I tried to fix this on the Icelandair website, the password reset email they sent me directs me to their business travel portal which is only in Icelandic….hope our flights go smoother than this process.
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9 months ago, Zjnae
I like the app. I am traveling internationally for school and downloaded the app. It does everything it’s supposed to, so I don’t understand the bad reviews. I paid for my luggage on the app and everything.
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11 months ago, seattlejrj
Doesn’t even do the simple stuff right!
This is basically a useless app. The website is better. You can’t even refresh flight status without having to type everything in again. And even when you do, the airport gate isn’t listed. I was not able to use the app to check in, even when I could on the website. Don’t bother with this one.
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12 months ago, Afaye11
Worst app ever! It doesn’t allow you to pay for seats. No customer service 24/7 so no one can help you at all. You have to sit and wait at whatever time zone they are in to talk to a live person. Your on your own with this airline. They don’t obviously care about fixing any problems. Don’t care about their customers. Won’t ever fly this again
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4 years ago, Moogleii
Really bad
I paid for a seat but when I try to check in, it says I’m 20 rows back in completely different seat, and if I want a paid seat, I’ll have to pay for it again. If I check the seat chart without checking in, it again says I still have my paid seat. ??? The system just feels like it doesn’t communicate with itself. To top it all off, sometimes the seat chart just doesn’t load at all.
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2 years ago, dreamingofsweden
Worst app I’ve ever seen
This app is absolutely useless. I cannot even register. As others have said, you cannot even enter mandatory information as simple as birthdate or country in the required fields to complete registration. So of course, that is as far as one can get with this. What’s even the point of having an airline app out there that no one can use at all?
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3 years ago, vrtt
annoying check-in flow
check in steps resets to the beginning when you click the back arrow?? i submitted documents for review but when I go back it says missing documents - even though I got to the confirmation step previously… can’t open the locator form links in safari to properly save them…
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3 weeks ago, Rhytmblues
If you want current info look to airport not to this app
Gate info on two flights was learned from airport terminal before posted to Icelandair app. Same deal when Icelandair cancelled our return trip to Washington DC. We found info from airport terminal posting. Not from Icelandair app. So why bother with this app if Icelandair doesn’t bother to update it on a timely basis.
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3 months ago, CreativeCatnip
eSIM available for purchase (data only)
I was playing with the app and saw there was an option to purchase an eSIM for the country I was visiting. I couldn’t get a SIM for the three months I’m in Sweden because they require a national ID number. But magically I was able to get one through Iceland Air. 👏🏽 This is a huge perk.
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5 months ago, aFishCalledBlinky
Great for an infrequent user
Used this for one trip to Iceland and it worked great. No login required which is awesome. Checkin steps are a little cumbersome but reasonable. Easily added tickets to Apple Wallet.
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3 years ago, Drawerwe
Alerted me to check-in and boarding 24 hrs early!
The app starting alerting me to check-in, gate assignments, and boarding 24 hours before my actual flight. I nearly had a heart attack thinking I missed my flight! On the day of my real flight I did not get any updates regarding gate changes, delays, or boarding.
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7 months ago, krloscolon
constant log you out, slow
Please report to your App developer about the app constantly login out the user. Is time to improve!. Makes no sense that Icelandair spend a lot of money in other stuff while not improving the app. This is not longer 1998!
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2 years ago, Evilkid13
Guurrrrllllll…Apps got problems
This app is essentially useless if it is unable to connect to the server it communicates with. Not only I cannot sign up for an account, I can’t even get to the point to enter my flight information for my upcoming trip via Icelandic Air. Needs work, desperately.
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2 years ago, Loved/Hate game
Won’t find booking using correct booking ref
I tried to do my checkin using the app but it wouldn’t/couldn’t find my booking. Thought I might need to set up an account. Once the account was setup, it still wouldn’t/couldn’t find my booking. Had to use the website.
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2 years ago, Tibscloud
Get it together!
I can’t create an account. The app first said something went wrong; then it said that it sent a confirmation email, which I have not received. I tried several times with different email accounts. It’s not me, it’s you.
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1 year ago, Soccerfoot14
Quite scary
Flight is a week from now and I cannot get the app to locate my booking. I know online it says to print the itinerary email. Which I can do but it’s not “updated” to show what seats we have. Sigh. Not the stress I need before a very big trip!
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2 years ago, JD14344
Used to work fine
I tried adding a new booking but said could not find booking??? Also tried to modify my personal information but could not be saved nor modified. Icelandair needs to hire new IT people who knows what they’re doing! Fix it!
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12 months ago, Nemes!s
Horrible & Frustrating
If you tap Back, it’ll make you restart the check-in process from the very beginning. It also doesn’t remember ANYTHING about you from subsequent flights. I want to smash my phone and slit my wrists.
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1 year ago, MattAKOMn
App is same quality as the airline
App is lacking in every area and only updates if you log out and log in. Only installed because of IcelandAir canceling their flights three days in a row. Don’t fly with them.
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2 years ago, joe rogans long lost brother
This app is really garbage
Although I was entering the correct information, it kept saying “booking not found” although other people in my group had already gotten signed in. Very poorly made, do better
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2 years ago, Gordner
Rental car default for noon
Hah. U never can trust an app. This one is reasonable when it comes to simplest booking but does not get the gate right at time of departure. More importantly it books your rental car for noon when your flight arrives 5-6 hours earlier ….
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2 years ago, Monkeydor
Takes for ever to load
The app used to work fine but with the new update “bug fixes” and “improvement” the app takes for ever open and sometimes doesnt open at all
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2 months ago, Icelandair….
Not great.
I am not able to access the information for my trip. Seating, times, luggage, meal selection. Just nothing. I have deleted it and tried logging on again to no avail. Very disappointed.
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1 year ago, lkg808
Frustrating login
This app is just useless. Login requires numerous attempts to validate not a robot and password not recognized. When you do get in, general navigation is dis-functional at best. Give Delta a call and ask them to help you redevelop the app!!
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6 months ago, Jholmqvist
Bad app
I can’t even log in, you constantly get logged out or are unable to do anything without being automatically transferred to a new place. Please Icelandair hire an app developer this is horrible
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2 years ago, Swiftyy13
Haven’t even had a chance to use
I’ve been trying to log in but it keeps saying that something went wrong so I can’t even pull up any of my flight info
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3 years ago, ChrisChrincle
Date of birth…
When trying to register for an account, the app shows today’s date as the only option for entering one’s date of birth. Jesus, didn’t anyone test this app before publishing it??
Show more
2 years ago, Gbo138
Doesn’t allow log in
Bought a flight then downloaded the app. Set it up, confirmed my email and now it errors out trying to log in. I fear it’s a crap app.
Show more
9 months ago, Newrunning fan
Can’t log in
Wanted to put 0 stars, but can’t. Simply was not able to login. Was kept on a loop from sign in to birthdate back to sign in. Never made it past that.
Show more
2 years ago, Dangerspoon
Worst software I’ve ever used
I’m astonished at how embarrassingly bad this app is. So many bugs it’s just unusable. Examples: - Log in to account but my flight isn’t there. - Try to “add a booking” so my flight shows up, but the screen just goes white after hitting submit - Try to submit feedback, but screen just goes white after hitting submit - Try to update profile but info doesn’t save.
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12 months ago, Vomitorium
Virtually Useless
This is quite possibly the most poorly designed airline website I’ve ever had the displeasure to use. Menus redirect you to nowhere. Screens don’t work. Trips don’t load. Absolute garbage.
Show more
2 years ago, DCJaxVA
Bad from start
First few steps - create a profile. Impossible however, as it won’t allow the user to enter a birthdate in a mandatory field. Already useless.
Show more
2 years ago, Consultant 42
You can’t report a quality issue
Following the app’s prompts, it’s not possible to report a quality issue! Draw your own conclusions on the app quality!
Show more
3 months ago, BigBobCrypto
Poor app
Almost nothing works the way it’s supposed to. Resetting my password took 3 tries til I got a correct link. Needs major improvement!
Show more
2 years ago, lawsypaws
Worst app ever
Literally almost nothing works on this app. Hopefully the flight goes better than my experience with the app has.
Show more
2 years ago, SLDO
My journey
Why can’t I change my date? After holding for 2 hours tried app again. Horrible
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