iExit Interstate Exit Guide

4.8 (23.9K)
18.1 MB
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Current version
Metrocket, LLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for iExit Interstate Exit Guide

4.79 out of 5
23.9K Ratings
3 years ago, DIYDom
Never Guess How Far to Next Rest Area!!!
I love that (just as the name of the app suggests) it tells you the number (mile marker) of the exit you’re looking for. Auto-detecting what highway you’re on + the direction you’re traveling is also really nice. When we travel with family, we often have up to a dozen people + dogs in multiple cars, so it’s a great benefit to see everything offered at each exit, because let’s face it… not everyone wants the same thing. Some need a Starbucks, the cars need gas, one couple wants subway (or something healthier than fast food)… being able to plan ahead for stopping at 1 exit that will offer something for everyone, really helps a lot! Speaking of planning ahead… that’s the one thing that iExit doesn’t have, which I’d love to see in the future: Trip / Route Planning - If we could input a trip destination, plan ahead for whatever stops we will probably make (knowing what’s available at each obviously), & then have it sync with our gps (or run in the background), letting us know how far till our next stop or alerts when we’re getting close etc.
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7 years ago, JJKoine
One of the best apps I've ever downloaded!!!
We just finished driving 1900 miles through the Northwest United States. This app was an amazing help on our trip. It let us know what exits were coming up and what restaurants, stores, and gas stations (including the accurate prices of gas at that exit) were coming up. It also lets you know with a rolling "odometer" how far it is to the next exit then deletes each exit as you pass it. It also lets you know how far it is to the next rest area. I don't think I've downloaded a more practical app than iExit and Google Maps with navigator. I even told some places we stopped at that we used the iExit app to find them. I normally don't write too many reviews of apps. I wanted to review this one because it was such a help to us during our travels and repay them for developing this app. If you're driving then iExit and Google Maps with the voice navigator are a must! I hope you can tell by this review that I was totally blown away by this app. Travelers, download it and then write a review. I guarantee you that you will write a positive review.
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4 years ago, Olympicdeb
Found my wallet!!!!!
Just got back from Hilton Head Island. We usually take I-95 all the way but this year we traveled 84 to 81 to 77 to 26 to 95 through the Shenandoah Valley. Upon our return, after unpacking, I realized I didn’t have my wallet which was full of credit cards, cash and my license! Yikes! I sat down to start calling my credit cards when I decided to try and trace our stops along our route home - a daunting task as we traveled through 7 states. With the IExit App I was able to figure out not only exactly where we stopped but the app listed the address and phone # of the gas station where I left my wallet. I love you, IExit app! It was so much fun to use along our 980 mile trip - telling me where the next rest area was - the welcome centers, where our next favorite gas station and how far it was from the exit ramp - [and the price] - all the food choices and we found a wonderful place to stay for the night both coming and going - complete with Yelp reviews. What’s not to love??? Thank you IExit App! You’re a life saver!
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1 year ago, garfong
Best app ever for king road trips
We travel cross country several times a year and this app has helped us SO many times. My favorite feature is the rest areas. Knowing how far to the next pee break is a god send. Love seeing the gas prices as well as exit number and how far off the exit to the gas station. And of course, restaurants. Sometimes you just gotta have a certain food. Knowing exactly how many miles ahead the next chosen restaurant is can be a life saver. It really is great. I would give it 5 stars if it were CarPlay compatible. Only down side is having to fumble through the phone screen while I’m driving. If it were in car play it would be so much easier to access the app.
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7 years ago, Iphonerocks00
Essential must have tool but lacks update / error reporting
Update Augustus 2017: The biggest drawback to this app is that there is no way to add or edit missing locations. I'm not sure where they obtain their data from, but I have sent in a couple of request to update particular rest areas on the Pennsylvania Turnpike I-76 and my requests have been ignored. Other than that, it's a great tool but cannot be relied upon due to accurate data. This is an essential must have tool for any interstate travel. It's simple and provides a solution to the "search along route" gap that many gps navigation systems don't do well or are limited to searching categories, entering in specific names, etc. this is beautifully simple and yet very functional. Pretty accurate too! Perhaps some day they will add some hands free features like voice integration too! I'd also love to see it expanded eventually to other highways... Not just interstates. Unfortunately no way to update / add missing places. These folks should get together with Waze and it would be amazing!!
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2 years ago, 1X9009
Could be so much better if the developer cared
Two years ago I used the link in this app to report an incorrect listing - showing gas available at an exit that has NEVER had a gas station ANYWHERE near it. I thought they might write to thank me for taking the time to help their app be a better resource for travelers. Not only did I never receive acknowledgement, they still to this day have not removed the gas station icon at that exit. I feel bad for all the people who may exit, really needing gas, and wasting time and gas getting off at that exit, driving around looking for a station that does not exist, and then getting back on the interstate. There are plenty of other errors on this app, which are bound to happen with changes out in the real world, but they could be quickly and easily corrected if they simply followed up on users who report incorrect information. This app is better than nothing, but don't expect it to be accurate.
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3 years ago, jjrubil
Loving iExit So Far
I’ve been using this app for the last week and it’s really been helpful. We travel in a motor home so it’s critical to know ahead of time where we’ll be able to get gas that can accommodate us. While the app doesn’t explicitly tell us that, we know that larger truck stops like Loves, Pilot and Flying J can usually accommodate us, so we look for those. The info provided for what services are available at each exit seems accurate and up to date. One bug: if I’m looking pretty far ahead on my route and I want to see what services are at an exit, then hit “back,” it takes me all the way back to where I am currently and I have to scroll ahead again. It would be nice if the back button just took me back to where I was on the list.
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8 months ago, g7iJkcjgh
Exit app rating
I searched until I finally found a way to write a rating on this app. This app is FANTASTIC! Nothing else can be said about it. We are traveling with a dog that needs to be walked about every two hours. This app gave me the capability to plan rest areas or gas stations in advance. Not only where I could buy gas but included are the prices. If there are more than one station at an exit, it not only shows the prices but also gives directions with distances. If I’m hungry I click on the restaurant icon to see if the restaurant I want is at this location. And now you say you’re going to improve it. I don’t see how. It’s the best app I have, hands down.
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2 months ago, Samiwithasmile
Life saver
We drove from Maine to Florida. With kids you never know when they’ll need to stop no matter how forceful you can be with making them “go” when you make your stops. This app helped huge with looking for rest areas on each route, counting down the miles, highlighting each exit in orange as you go by it. Super helpful with food and places to stay as we drove each day until we couldn’t anymore. This app is a necessity for us now when we travel as it really alleviated the stress with the “I well, I don’t know, let me google “hotels near me”, or “gas near me”, especially if you’re looking for an easy on and easy off exit. Great app!
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2 years ago, Fondasue
Use while traveling in RV
I just love this app. It is one of my go to apps when planning and doing a trip in our RV. If you are looking for something while on the road it will even list highways around you. For planning though it is more of a challenge, but totally doable. I wished you could put in your route and tell it to list all the rest stops on the route or all the exits with RV/truck friendly gas stations. That is what I have the biggest challenge in researching to make sure the gas stations are big right friendly. But This is still one of my apps I wouldn’t do without while planning our long road trips!
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1 year ago, PatrickStar2012jzusus
Must have for roadtrips!
You need this app as your GPS’s side kick. It lets you know upcoming businesses in each exit and includes rest areas. You can search by your fav gas station and it’d tell you all the exits that will have it. My fav feature is that it tells you how far away the business is from the exit and if it’s too far, you can wait for the next exit because sometimes you take an exit and expect the gas station right there but the sign tells you it’s 2 miles down the road and totally wastes your time. This app saves you time and peace of mind.
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4 months ago, Not tonight.
It’s working. Thank god.
I wrote a review earlier saying it wasn’t working on my iPhones. This the best app for traveling. It follows the highway your on. Like I’m on 95SB. And it tells you everything about each exit. Gas bedding. Camping. Food. You do not have to search or spread open to find yourself on any road. It wasn’t working for my iPhones about 8hrs ago and I downloaded 4 other apps hoping to find something. There ok. But when it my turn to drive. I can’t be searching or spreading open and looking for a rest area. Or gas. Food. Then my glasses to see it. This is my favorite. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Tgirl521
Really, really useful
I don't usually review apps. But I have had iExit for years and years and I love it. We travel on Interstates regularly with kids and this app is a huge help. I can look and say "hmm.. we should eat in about an hour" and look at what is ahead. If we're looking for a specific restaurant, we can see what exit has it. It even tells us what side of the road the store or gas station or hotel is on. I can see what hotels are at an exit and see which have vacancies and even get coupons. Seriously. I use this the whole trip. It's accurate and helpful And reliable. And no, it doesn't work on non-interstates.
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5 years ago, 4theluvofhorses
Someone from the RV Community shared this app with us about a year ago, and we have used it ever since. We drive a 43’ tag axle, diesel motor home and tow a vehicle. This app helps us plan where to stop and how much further we need to go. It takes the guesswork out of trying to find services we need and avoids getting us into tight situations where we can’t turn around by showing us what is coming up that has the services we need and allows us to use Google Earth to check and see if we are able to get in and out of a location without getting stuck. Won’t travel without this app!
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2 years ago, djj45
This app was so easy to install that I also placed it on my computer. This has everything you need when traveling. All the states, citie and information needed. Another person introduced this app to me. At first I just thought it was the same old type. Once I tried it out , and my location is in the central part of the USA, it is the best tool to know when and where to stop for fuel and rest areas. I have introduced this to family and friends as they travel more then I do. Very easy tool to have on any occasion. Lot of thinking went into this app.
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4 months ago, Denisears
I have used this app for a long time.
I just reloaded app because I havnt traveled in a while. They have made improvements but even with that this app has always been excellent, accurate and top of the line. Have used it for many years. Them my husband became ill with dementia. He still lived traveling and this app was so helpful as I no longer had his help to look things up. When piling a 30 foot 5th wheel and having my helpless husband, it was great having this app accurate. No wasted trips off highway to get gas, food or bathroom breaks. Great time saver and trust worthy.
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4 years ago, dandd1017
A MUST For Any Roadtrip
This app is fantastic! Easy to navigate, full of great information and user friendly. It gives info of what is available off of each exit-food, gas, hotels, rest areas etc. We just used it to drive 95 from Mass. to South Carolina. Took a different route back and it was perfect for finding hotels to stay overnight. It even has a search option to find whatever you need. We searched to find Cracker Barrel restaurants and it showed every exit and mileage to each one. I highly recommend this for anyone taking a road won’t regret it!
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6 years ago, Annienance
Cross country Trip
I used this app for the first time driving cross country from California to Ohio! Loved it!!! So easy to use. Easy to switch routes throughout the trip. When you go to the list of upcoming exits it will show where the state borders come up and when there is Highway intersection you just tap on the icon of the freeway you are going to take and it corrects the list for you. We were able to find the food we wanted and to check what hotels were coming up. Highly recommend this app. One of the best I’ve seen. Thank you for putting the work into this app!
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12 months ago, EmunahShalom
Loving this Exit App
Hi just discovered your wonderful app 30 minutes ago through a Google search trying to find restaurants for my family who was driving on New York I-81 S heading south. I was at home trying to help them while they drove. It was by chance after a few unsuccessful attempts of finding restaurants that I thought maybe there’s an app for that. Never knew it existed. Imagine my surprise to find this. I’m loving this app as it helps me to help my family navigate even without being in the car with them.
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2 years ago, Zigbo 12
I used to like it a lot when it showed the truck stops at the exits. Now I have to tap the exit to see what is at that exit. Sometimes I have to tap 3 , 4 , 5 exits till I find a truck stop that I want to stop at. Like I said before, they were already showing up at the exit . Was a hole lot easier to locate one without taping the exits then scroll down to the next one . Especially when driving a truck it’s not safe to use when in traffic and you need it now. Thank you, Zigbo 12
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3 years ago, Alaska Happiness
Get it
Played with this app for a few minutes before deciding to pay the $2 to remove ads. Sadly, although the description says it supports "family sharing", I had to pay another $2 to remove them from my wife's phone. Yeah, it's not much, but it's the principle of the thing. Other than CarPlay? STILL?? Come on. I know you are subject to Apple's rules...but you sound have found a way to meet them by now. You could make a separate version that is CarPlay compatible and sell it for $5 too...or as a $3 upgrade to the paid version we already have. Besides all that...the app is pretty slick and works just like one would want it to while going down the road. It would be nice if things could be arranged so it works as a "punch out" from the navigation app (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Rever, Road Tripper, etc.) someone is already using. As a stand alone app though, it's great. Would also be nice to have something like this for US Highway signed roads. Can't wait to use it on my upcoming road trip!
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3 years ago, Rod Earl
A Must-Have for Road Travel
This app is terrific. It displays all of the upcoming exits on the interstate, distance to each, shows gas, food, rest stops, and tells you which way to turn to each and how far it is. It shows the number of miles to the destination and an estimated time of arrival. It takes all of the guess work out of what’s next, how far is it, and what’s available. It even shows the gas prices of each station and highlights the lowest price. Outstanding app.
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6 years ago, pbkehler
This app was VERY helpful!!
We traveled over 2,000 miles on our vacation. This app was so helpful in our search for gas stations and places to eat on the road we were traveling and in the direction we were headed. (Unlike other apps we have used.) The ability to see the gas prices helped us to choose which exit to take. We also really liked that we could search future exits to see what restaurants are ahead to find a restaurant we really wanted to eat at. Loved that they had a link to Yelp reviews as well!
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4 years ago, IU1991
New changes are not great
I used to really love this app. We travel often and the exit information has become invaluable. And it’s very accurate. But the new format is awful. It used to be that you pulled up and exit and the options (gas, food, lodging) would appear in a list, all on one screen. Now, the exit format is in a swipe left format so you are able to see the first 3 options in a category but then have to swipe left to view anymore options. Completely impossible to make a section in gas or food because you can’t see all of the options one one screen. Definitely not an upgrade.
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2 years ago, kampkid
Great for road trips
I used this recently on a 1600 mile road trip.I love that it showed gas prices really close to the freeway that we were traveling on. The only problem I experienced is sometimes it was only showing gas stations within a mile or under a mile and by the time we figured out which one we wanted to take we were past the Exit. Would’ve given it five stars if it’s given me more options a few more miles out. I had to plug in the name of the next town or a few towns ahead to find what I needed.
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7 years ago, APD4
Super App!!
Just completed a solo 2355 mile drive from northern VA to St. George, Utah. Hadn't used iExit in such detail previously. Helped me find diesel for fuel, food for me and hotels along the way. VERY impressed by how it actually tracked my trip via GPS and was always right on target. Made one-person navigation and where to stop questions far easier than any other way I've ever traveled. I'll use it again for the same trip again next month. I recommend it to everyone I talk to about my trip. Won't travel without it!! Thanks iExit!!
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5 years ago, Aldorlinel
Great App For Car Travel
My husband and I travel often from Pennsylvania to Florida and this app comes in handy. For health reasons I need to get out of the car every two hours to stretch my legs and take a walk. We use iExit to find rest areas or welcome centers, which are great places to have this bit of exercise, and have access to clean restrooms. The app is also great for the location of gas stations and restaurants. I like the way it lists these amenities as they are coming up, which makes planning our stops easy.
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3 years ago, MalletDad
One of a kind
I have used Iexit for years. It is simply the best tool I have found for navigating the U.S. Interstate Highway system. You can quickly find where you are on any highway, in any state. Iexit not only shows what service station, restaurants and hotels are on a given exit, it even shows where the next rest area is located. It is easy to use, totally function and hard to believe... free. I have recommended to work colleagues who were preparing family trips at least a hundred times.
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2 years ago, Boo1750
This app saved us on our cross-country move!!
We just moved cross country and the drive was 3 1/2 days. We didn’t know how long we were going to drive each day, so there was no way of making hotel reservations prior to leaving. This app helped us find lodging easily each day as we traveled. It also helped us plan “we better get gas now because there is a long stretch ahead with no gas”. Same with food. I highly recommend this app!!
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3 years ago, Frequent international caller
So handy - one of the best road trip apps
I read about this online last night while on a 1500 mile road trip. Wow, it was so handy! We’ve gone on trips before where we weren’t sure when the next restaurant was or couldn’t find lodging because they were all full and we missed the only hotel within 50 miles. This is such a fantastic app for making near term OR long term planning decisions. Highly recommend it!
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4 years ago, takenosht
Must have on road trips
Looked for a reliable source to find rest areas on the Interstate. iExit is the perfect app. In addition to rest areas, it lists food by category and shows Exits coming up listed by exit number and distance with Services they have. After getting off the highway one too many times to find the food or coffee Maps or Waze listed as closest was several miles from the Interstate, will never travel without iExit again. A++
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2 years ago, New Mexico Tony
Love it!
Just discovered this app and can’t believe how well it works and the amount of info. I recently used it for gas price and found it over 50 cent cheaper than other places - a must for my trip of 4000 miles and a car that requires premium - NM to Upstate NY and back. The price matched gas buddy - thrilled and will make it much easier to go cross country without a lot of planning on all the stops needed traveling with a pet. Wonderful job.
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2 years ago, hjtraveler555
I have been using this app for over 5 years and used to absolutely love it. APP IS NOW COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND HATE IT. Now you cannot find anything. The location finder is not the same, it used to show all the exit numbers as they came up. it does not even give the highway we are traveling on right as an option to look up and it’s a major state highway. If u click on restaurants the names will pop up but NO more information on what # exit that it’s located on. So upset! Can’t find anything! Wish they would go back to the old way like they show in the pictures in the App Store because all the best features are now GONE.
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1 year ago, Chevybritt
Great Road App!!
This is my first review ever. And the only reason why I wanted to write this review because this helped my husband and I get home. We were pulling a 30 foot travel trailer behind us, and we had to stop every 150 miles. This was a great app to plan ahead when you’re on the freeways, and know exactly what exit and how much the gas was at that time. Never was it wrong, and it helped especially in the dark, To know what we were looking for. I am not sure, but if the makers of this app also made an app for highways, that would be helpful too. Because from my understanding, it only works for interstate roads. Again, if you’re traveling in the United States especially on the interstate, I would definitely use this app!! A BIG 5 STARS!!! Thank you!!
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6 years ago, Nanranaway
Used this for the first time on our trip from Sedona, AZ, to Denver, CO. We drive a 32’ Class A motorhome (full-time). There is so much helpful information! I especially like the fact that it tells you which way to turn (for your gas station, restaurant, etc.)once you take an exit, as well as the exact distance to a place! Gas prices were accurate and up to date. Knowing how far from one rest stop to another was so helpful. Wow, nice gem of an app, thank you!
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11 months ago, 🚌 Busman
A favorite! 😎
I love being able to look up how far it will be to the next exit and what we will find there. We save lots of time but seeing ahead without exiting! Suggestion: It would be great if you could check off a list of your preferred types of stops as you can with your type of fuel and plan out your stops in advance and invite a friend to view your route plan!
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5 years ago, KCLEE2019
Very helpful app
I used this app for a 1800 mile road trip and it was amazingly helpful. Being able to see what’s on each exit with helpful details like current gas prices and how far off the exit the business is was great. The search option also came in handy when we were looking for a particular gas station or restaurant. We used it the whole time and would give it 6 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Htjbenner
Must have if you travel frequently! Great help for a single trip.
I travel all over the country with kids and pets (husband is an industrial millwright) all year long and use this app every time to plan stops (fuel, rest stops, fuel prices, camper friendly stops). Also, with “find my iPhone app” and this one I frequently find stops for family who are traveling and when I’m not with them.
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4 years ago, WrenRob21
Best Road trip App!
We love to travel and love to take road trips. I also love apps. This is THE MOST HELPFUL travel app! It makes my life so much easier. I can find anything quickly and unlike some other apps, it gives info according to where you are and where you’re headed. It’s so happy knowing iExit won’t send me in a totally different direction (or back the way we came) to find the nearest store when there’s one 2 exits ahead right off the highway!
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2 years ago, Hope for Sunny Days
Great App to use when traveling!
I have recommended this app to so many of our friends! This app allows you to know what exits are coming up and what they provide. Sure helps when traveling and you have no idea what stops are available! Can’t say enough good things about this app!! Just wish it would appear on the screen in CarPlay. Thanks for developing a wonderful application!!
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2 months ago, CrowdSurfer149
How to Add Favorites Pre-trip?
To be fair, I have not used the app on a road trip yet, but one of the big things I want to do before setting out is to set up my favorites. I want to see if a particular regional fast food place is near my route, for example. I don't seem to be able to do this, either from the app or the website. Even searching for a specific restaurant name in a city doesn't give me results based on the name, only a list of the highest rated restaurants, cheapest gas and hotel rooms. Pre-planning for a trip should be the ONE feature you want in this app.
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5 years ago, Grandma x 2
Planning a trip
I love i-Exit for planning a trip. We decide about how far we want to drive then look for an exit that has a hotel chain we prefer and some good restaurants. During the drive, we use it to decide where to stop for gas by choosing an exit that also has a good place to eat. It’s nice that it also shows places like Walmart if you need to pick up something. I have recommended this app to many people.
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6 years ago, ~t.
RV, Commercial vehicle, car w/pets
This is one of the best apps I have found for traveling with our RV! It identifies RV and ‘truck friendly’ gas stations, hotels and rest stops, as well as restaurants and wineries that have areas for parking! It also lists latest rates for gas and hotel! We use it everyone we travel, whether in the car or RV. We also use this app to find rest areas and pet friendly hotels and eateries when traveling with our dog.
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2 years ago, Pegs Stuff
Road-trip companion
This app is a must have for any road-trip. We’ve just traveled over 3,000 miles and we knew exactly which exit to take. The app took the guesswork out of where to get off and when; how much to expect to pay for gas and what food was available. All with accurate directions to help us stay on our itinerary. Highly recommend.
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6 years ago, Taigahcat
Awesome App for travel!
After relying on this several times a day while traveling cross/country; I will never be without it. Getting accurate gas pricing was crucial as I’m driving a motor home with a 55 gallon tank! Restaurant and hotel listings aren’t as complete as I’d prefer but it works really well. Highly recommend- not once did we lose time by getting off at an exit that didn’t meet our need at the moment, and that’s valuable.
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6 months ago, busylady100
A really helpful app for road travel
I love this app for interstate travel! It’s really helpful for locating the best gas or diesel prices. Also use it to see what’s coming up for food options on long hauls. It works much better than Google searches. This app knows where you’re at and will travel along with you to show exit #s and what’s coming up at each exit.
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2 years ago, RGaitherNM
Made our road trip easy
I stumbled on the program on my PC while planning our first road trip in 12 years. Then went looking for the app. It made both planning for and executing our trip a dream. We wanted to be flexible and this app made it possible with all the info it has. Knowing well before hand what’s at an exit and what the gas prices are: priceless!
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4 years ago, miller5573
Great travel app
I use this app whenever I travel by automobile. I find it especially useful to find a McDonald’s bathroom when rest areas are scarce. Also, when I am looking for a hotel, searching for multiple hotels in the same area gives me an idea of safeness of the area. I only recently discovered that when you click on a specific hotel it may have a discount coupon available. Great app.
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7 months ago, FL preacher
A must have travel app!!!👍👍👍👍👍
This app is amazing. I use it as the navigator whenever our family travels. If your craving a certain restaurant the app finds you on the highway and tells you how long to an exit with that restaurant. Also great for finding out what restaurants or hotels are at what exits if you want to stop at a certain time say “whats ahead 2 hours from now”
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2 years ago, Kaseywest
So useful!
This app is fantastic while traveling! Tells you the exit number, how far you are from it, everything off the exit, etc. You can even search for specific places and then what else is off the exit once you find what you’re looking for. A lifesaver when you’re on the road and need to know what’s in the area!
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