Graphics & Design
3.4 (142)
2.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Eiji Nishidai
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for iFontMaker

3.42 out of 5
142 Ratings
4 years ago, selestialprincess
Lacking in some areas
So this app is pretty great but has some issues that make it somewhat difficult to use. I’m still using it and the fonts I’ve created to have a more consistent and clean writing style on my art and my graphics. But there are some issues I’ve run into with this app that, if fixed, would make me love this app. First improve/increase your “default” brush selection or allow for the creation of brushes. I get that this is a vector based system and you can create more complex details with the pen. But many users will not be familiar with how to use that tool. I can use it but I loathe it with every fiber of my being. This feeling existed before this app, I just really hate the pen tool in general. This is my main problem with this app. Second, the learning curve is a bit steep I am someone who regularly works with the digital medium and I struggled with learning the ins and outs of this app. Even if it was just a couple of videos showing you where stuff is and how to use it that would help loads!!
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12 months ago, Aeth0za
Almost Perfect - Wish There Were More Updates
There’s nothing quite like this on the Apple app store I’ve found. Everything for fonts is about texting with DIY fonts and using them in emojis. They’re built differently. I’ve been using iFontMaker for some years now, and I love it! I’ve even made a font that I write one of my biggest novels with. If you try to make fancier fonts, however, especially cursive ones, you’ll notice the shortcomings almost right away. Letters should be able to change depending on the letters they end up near. I’m not sure if it’s just out of the scope of what an app can do on iOS or not, but you’re out of luck if you want to make ANY cursive handwriting. Each letter is going to have to be stand-alone and look good as a stand-alone in the overarching font style, because there’s no way to add a setting to say…have l run into e which runs into u and i. There are some bugs too and it seems like the app has been abandoned. Now, I do think it’s still worth the price I bought it at, and it really is great for being able to make some simpler fonts so that you know you own the font and you can use it however/whenever/wherever you want. But if the creator ever wants to come back to the app and make updates, add features, etc, I’d be happy to pay more! (Just long as it’s not a subscription…)
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4 years ago, ***Amber Nicole***
Seriously Lacking Pressure Sensitivity
I want to love this app. I purchased it some time ago before realizing it did not support pressure sensitivity. I’ve just come back to it (over a year later) to see if that update had been made but, alas, it has not. This is a major flaw as font styles are limited without it. I prefer hand lettering/calligraphy/script style fonts, but without integration of the pressure sensitivity feature, it would just take entirely too much time to replicate it. Please please please update the app to support this feature!
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6 years ago, juzclicking
Best app EVER!!!
I’ve always wanted to have a font using my hand style for CAD drawings. 30+ years in design as an engineer and technical illustrator. Used every form of Autodesk and other tools. Tried all sorts of SHX files. Never got close to what this app lets me produce. I’ve never had a crash. Maybe older versions did. This one is fantastic. Takes a little knowledge of font design to really make use of the power of this app. Grab a book on typography if you don’t understand why letter spacing doesn’t seem to work for you. Then go back in and adjust your letters using the advanced tools in the app. If you’re a graphic designer this is a MUST HAVE. If you’ve just always wanted your own carefully developed hand written copy on your digital drawings, now you have a tool to do it! Not a paid endorsement. Just stinking love using this app :)
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7 years ago, eveiezei
My wish list!
Hello I'm just starting to utilize your app and would like to say it's amazing in so many ways! Although I'm having difficulty with setting the border perimeter settings and/or adjusting the selected font to reduce the size of the font so it may be fit within the lines. A palm reset would be a nice feature to be added! As well as the perimeter lines to be able to be adjusted on the main screen!... Also to install the fonts from device fonts is working very slowly! If this could be fixed in your next update would be appreciated! Also maybe an eraser feature for when lines overlap would be helpful!... I will be more then happy to give you a 5 star rating when updates are made!... Thank you for your time and concern in these matters. Thank you Alta PLEASE CAN YOU DO AN UPDATE TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR FOLDERS, WITHIN THE APP??.... "All perimeter lines should be able to move!.... ALSO A "FLIP" SETTING?... AND A MANUAL ERASER?.... All these features wold totally rock, I think most people that utilize this app as much as I do may agree! I'll be waiting Thank you
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2 years ago, ItsMe5!
It’s ok
This app would be great if there were more editing functions. When writing or drawing what will you need to do at least once? ERASE!! Where’s the eraser? I don’t want to undo my entire line just maybe erase a little piece. I’d love to write on the dot paper so my lines could be more straight and proportional. I’d like to be able to use straight lines (in a shapes section that you hopefully one day create), on parts of my letters. This app is almost what I’m looker for. High potential to be great but more options are needed. Today, I wish this app was free or gave me a free trial so I could cancel and not give any money. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone and probably won’t waste my time using this app. I want my money back.
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4 years ago, SmugglingMilk
Yet another one
I bought this app hoping it would be more diverse in languages, i have yet to find one that allows making korean characters, which i need, but i do not have a PC to be able to make a set as i would like. I dared test this by just using the english keyboard, but unfortunately it does not work, because the way Hangul is written requires the use of symbol stacking(Bat-chim). This app would be excellent if they added more languages and keyboard options. I really need to be able to make a korean type face similar to the settings i use for my english type face for comic translation reasons. I would consider expanding for the purpose of others who use more languages outside the very minimal options you have listed.
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4 years ago, Pigumon
Pretty horrible for a 9 year old app.
This is only good for quick handwriting fonts. And even then the stroke smoothing is set so high that the result looks nothing like what you wrote. There are no settings, no way to adjust it. You can copy objects but can’t paste? What is that??? You can’t cut a hole in an object to make an A, B, D etc. you have to draw separate pieces. There are no snapping features for drawing straight lines. There’s no way to paste or import from other drawing apps. Basically nothing that has been established as “basic” in drawing apps for the last 30 years is in this app. There are NEW, free web-based apps with 20 times more features than this 9 year old paid app. It’s just sad.
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2 years ago, Ben543897
Great app for creating rough drafts
While this is a perfectly useful app for creating a complete font file, in my opinion its greatest strength is in letting you easily create excellent rough drafts of handwritten fonts. I’m able to easily sketch out, modify, and perfect each glyph using my Apple pencil, which helps the authentic look of this style of font. Then I can easily export it as a font file and bring it into a desktop application like FontLab to do the kerning and ligatures. I have tried out the kerning options in the app and they work fine. If you’re just doing a one-off font or two, go ahead and finalize it in the app. But if you’re more of a regular font designer, I think this is a great app for that first design stage. My only request would be to add in customizable pen shapes. I’d evn pay extra for that feature!
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4 years ago, Hossein Mojdehi
Request for RTL Languages
Please update this awesome app to support of Persian and Arabic languages so we can make font in our languages too and use self made font in our projects and surely we mention you guys when we publish our work , if you support RTL languages Surely you will have a larger target community of consumers and this will be beneficial for both sides of the story. Thank you for your efforts to prepare this wonderful application and I hope you will consider my request in order to make the app better and more productive.
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4 years ago, pbpshop
Needs a good update for iPad Pro
The app is really good, unique in features, which allow users to do quick but good fonts. Unfortunately as other users have said, it crashes a lot and you have to restart the device. Other feature needed is the spacing between uppercase and lowercase letters, it is impossible that one-single-spacing works for both if you are doing a script font. Lastly, would be a treasure if the creators add support for a pressure brush since were are now in the pro era. I have requested this several times to the creators with no answer/interest from their part. Please don’t let this app become obsolete. UPDATE: Dropped my starts to 1. Instead of improving, in the app the “cut” scissors no longer work. It doesn’t paste neither.
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5 years ago, Zooraves
Small tweaks needed, but a great app anyway
Raise your hand if you two finger tap to back up every time you need to undo something on... *raises both hands high in the air* Every. Single. Time. Other than that it seems to be a great app on the iPad mini 5. My only complaints are not being able to two finger tap to undo, and the move tool and features are slightly awkward. I would love to see better options for rotating and shrinking in the future. It seems those are lacking for an app of this price and ability.
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4 years ago, Outside Food
Clean, simple, and great for most purposes
If this had the ability to erase bits, and better control over precise line strokes when drawing with the Apple Pencil—rather than having to go it and tweak—this would get the extra star for being a great, simple tool for quickly creating fonts. The online gallery of users’ submissions is a Wild West of thousands of unsorted fonts, so doesn’t function as a way to discover other creators’ work, but overall this is a nice, clean, easy-as-pie tool that actually makes adjusting kerning enjoyable.
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2 years ago, DanielleS7983
Fantastic but needs improvements!
I can honestly say I adore this app. I have been working hard in it. I love the ease of use but there are some minor things the developer could add to really make this app sing. Simple things such as an eraser, a fill option, a snap option that can be turned on and off and so on. It’s the little things that will make this tool explode. I’m so grateful for it even at its most basic stage and look forward to new developments!
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2 years ago, knap9
Issues giving my file a name
I wish there was a feature to restrict my horizontal movement. Snapping I guess you would call it. Characters should snap on the bottom line or adjust in small increments. But my original problem is that I can’t name my font file. Clicking on the Title Box doesn’t give me that option so all my fonts are called Untitled.
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5 years ago, BonnieVille
I have wanted to create a font of my own handwriting for so very long and this one is perfection. I did have a couple of crashes but I will attribute those to user error, as I was getting used to the app. I have created my first font that is available in other apps and I have got to tell you that it is the most amazing fun to type really fast in my own hand. Thank you thank you thank you
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2 years ago, Theoneandonlytoaster
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
It’s a pretty good app, simple to use with a good amount of features. The only real problem that I have is that I literally can’t paste the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face into kerning in any way or the app will automatically crash. It is physically unable to handle it. Admittedly it is pretty funny, but I wish it would stop crashing.
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2 years ago, Menott
Almost perfect
I love this app. I use if frequently to create some of my fonts. The only thing that I feel it’s missing is more brush options. I would probably use only this app if it had more options, because the convenience of it. I like the vector brushes so please don’t take anything away, but more options would be awesome.
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5 years ago, otterman
Wonderful for making your own fonts
I’ve had this app for a number of years and have had no problems making fonts that I can install in iOS and on my Mac. Had not used the app in awhile, but opened it up again recently and had forgotten how much fun it is.
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5 years ago, k8gladst1
If you want five stars ...
If you want five stars, add a feature where I can take a font is that exists on my iPad (built-in or user-installed) and change part of that font, such as just changing parts of one or two letters to be more the way I would like them to be, when an existing font is 99% of what I need it to be but I want it to be 100% what I need. Can you do this? Please?
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4 years ago, romamathefirst
It’s ok
Really limited, but if you want something basic and simple this is fine. Gonna go back to using font creation apps on my desktop because I need more character options, like symbols, and basically the ability to import faster files for when I draw letters in other programs with way more brush option and pressure ability
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10 months ago, janoro2
Finally, a useful app that isn’t just keyboards or subscriptions. I’m extremely happy with my font and it came out great. I don’t know what everyone else is on about; this font app you want. Absolutely golden and worth every penny.
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1 year ago, atatious
• Fine tuning with keyboard. • Option/Shift click to select multiple items. • Flip Horizontally and Vertically • Better knob selection, it is often hard to grab a knob to adjust paths. The work around is to zoom in and selection gets better. • Quick shapes/paths (like ovals, rectangles et cetera that are ready to insert and manipulate). • Custom ruler/s guides that appear both globally and on certain glyphs. • Ruler (like in Pages or Adobe products) that allows you to see the metrics easier. • More refined grid (maybe add sub grids so you can better see the metrics between spaces.
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6 years ago, KaseyCS
Great App with a couple changes
Love this app. Just wish it wouldn’t freeze on my iPad Pro when trying to load a previous project. I have to shut down the iPad completely to get it to work again. Also wish there were different brush/pen options to make a more realistic brush fonts.
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6 years ago, JBHorner
Crashes Regularly
I like the premise of the app. The creation of a font is very straight forward. Unfortunately, the overall user experience is pretty bad, as the application hangs and crashes regularly. This does not lose the characters already created, but it is time consuming to resolve. (Re-starting the application causes another crash...only a restart of the iDevice fixes the issue—until it happens again.)
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7 years ago, cincha1851
You Need This App!
I made my own font years ago but it took two days - writing,scanning,resizing,and re-touching was just *painful without this app*. This app literally makes all of your documents (and all devices and computers I use) into your own with your own handwriting coming from keyboard - that's the major reason I bought it for. It only took <10 mins. Quick notes to people has a very nice extra touch them. Many other uses for app. Useful professionally, personally, etc. thx iFontMaker!
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4 months ago, Chibi-Chan & Fei
Missing letters
I noticed that when I import the fonts I made one of the letters don’t show up, it maybe ok on pc but not the iOS Fix it if possible because I love this app so much, Thank you!
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5 years ago, Eri143
Best font CREATION app
There really aren’t many (if any) to compare this to. So it deserves praise for that much. I only wish the pen tool existed. This has similar tools but not similar enough. I also wish you could create your own stroke types to use. Good font creation app for iPad otherwise of course.
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2 years ago, Lauryn Armstrong
Wish you could use different brushes!
The brushes on this are limited, I didn’t see an erase option either. I wish it would let you import black/white images from procreate for more detailed font designs.
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6 years ago, Gavhbwdi
“Text replacer”
Don’t get me wrong, it’s great in so many ways. But, it only works on pages or other specific personal documents. You can’t copy and paste it, it is not a true font. You can’t use it in iMessage or anything else. All I would like is for a keyboard integration.
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5 years ago, Sean & Daddy
Doesn’t fully support Apple Pencil
What’s the point of supporting the Apple Pencil if you don’t support pressure sensitivity? App said it had updates to support iPad Pro, but the most obvious thing that would imply would be the ability to use the pencil to draw your letters more naturally (I.e.: with pressure sensitivity). Discovered immediately that it does not. Uninstalled and refund requested immediately.
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6 years ago, Asabean
Use this app
I love and actually use this app. Also my kids love it we use our fonts made on their iPads in fun ways please add iOS 12 support so we can continue to enjoy your awesome app!
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1 year ago, anonymouse293018
"Install iOS Font" doesn't do anything
Unfortunately I am unable to use the installed font in any app because the button simply does not do anything.
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2 years ago, deejaywish
updated, now it crashes on opening
cannot use this app anymore after the update, it starts to open, flashes the screen with my fonts and then just crashes. I have rebooted iOS several times with the same result. i don’t want to delete the app and lose my fonts - it says it will delete the data and the app. DO NOT UPDATE
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5 years ago, stinasay
I was looking forward to using this app on my IPad Pro, however, I can’t even get through each letter without it crashing on me. My Apple Pencil stops responding to the app also right before it crashes. So frustrating spending this kind of money on an app that does not work properly. Ridiculous.
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4 years ago, ncalmes
I Love it! Missing a Couple Things...
By far the easiest and fastest font maker there is! From letter creation to file export, it couldn’t be more seamless! PLEASE ADD... 1. More brush options-I realize this isn’t Procreate but it would be amazing to have at least a few more brush option. 2. Some sort of smoothing or snap to shape/line so that editing was a little less tedious. It’s amazing how it is and I am so grateful to have it :) Just always find myself wishing for a few more features
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4 years ago, JuliaPierson
I could look past all other problems with this app if I could just copy/paste from procreate into iFontMaker. That or if they would make some better pressure sensitive brushes or brush customization. Would love to know if an update is coming.
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5 years ago, MistyS19
Freezes and crashes
I want to love this app,but it’s constantly freezing and crashing. I also have trouble with line glitches when trying to draw letters, both with and without the pencil. Please fix!!!
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4 years ago, person duhhhhhh
Would like more brush options!
The app is good, but I would like color and brush options, such as a lighter color on the fonts, so I could do a two tone font. Also, other brushes, perhaps a double line brush? Otherwise it is an ok font maker.
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4 years ago, BreakingMe10
Improvement Suggestions to Developer
1. Pressure sensitivity (very important!) 2. Better brushes/pen options 3. The ability to copy/paste or import svg shapes from vector apps. (i.e. Affinity Designer, copy and paste a letter we designed it there to your app, or import from a saved svg of that letter) 4. The ability to import a font we created in FontLab/FontForge etc.
Show more
3 years ago, Anafan42
This is Great!
This is a pretty good app, it does need more brushes,but it’s an Amazing app compared to the other font apps. I’m still not sure how to use the fonts I make tho
Show more
2 years ago, Juhan_k
i can’t uploaded font
I can't upload the font. I would appreciate it if you could convert it into a font and use it without using a server.
Show more
3 years ago, Abcstitch123isme
Currently not compatible with iOS14
I’m super disappointed because since updating to iOS14 I have been unable to use the font I created. Please update the app to be built with “use installed fonts” privilege.
Show more
2 years ago, MotionHouse
Buggy, unstable
This is by far the buggiest app I have used in a very, very long time. It crashes with annoying regularity and is completely useless as I am unable to create a new document or even view past ones that I’ve created.
Show more
2 years ago, sveinbjornp
Congrats on a promising app. Here are some things that bug me / i miss: When I zoom in the glyph ends up off to the side of the screen, two finger panning would be great. So pan+zoom in the same gesture, like pretty much all ipad graphics apps do. Decent line preview - i don’t really know what I am drawing without it. Hiding the preview background might be more intuative, like an always-visible on/off toggle?
Show more
5 years ago, jb576
Customizable grid needed
Please add the option for a customizable grid and allow grid to stay on while drawing. or vertical width lines. Overall a good app
Show more
5 years ago, KP$009
Please add more languages!
I really love this app, but there is one problem: not enough languages to choose from! Could you please add Hebrew, Korean, some more Chinese characters (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hindi letters?
Show more
6 years ago, Perfect Disaster
Love but need more
Love this app, but would love more brushes or ability to upload our own.
Show more
5 years ago, 83chs
Good start
Very buggy and needs improved features (Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity, streamlining like on Procreate, etc.) so not sure its worth the price tag. But with a few updates, totally worth it.
Show more
6 years ago, Seth Zaw
No SMP character support?!
I am making fonts that support SMP characters but they just appear as a half A and another half A. Please fix this bug, please!
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