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User Reviews for iHerb

4.78 out of 5
122.9K Ratings
9 months ago, Ashraf2597
Impressive Results with OPTI-MEN
I have been using OPTI-MEN for several months now, and I am thoroughly impressed with the results. This multivitamin provides a comprehensive range of nutrients that have noticeably improved my overall health and well-being. One of the standout features of OPTI-MEN is its diverse blend of vitamins and minerals. It covers all the essential nutrients I need, ensuring that I maintain optimal levels even on busy days when my diet might not be as balanced as I'd like. I've noticed a significant boost in my energy levels and mental clarity, which has been a game-changer in my day-to-day activities. Moreover, the inclusion of amino acids and antioxidants in this formula sets it apart from other multivitamins. It not only supports muscle recovery but also bolsters my immune system, which has been especially important in today's health-conscious climate. I appreciate that OPTI-MEN is easy to digest, and I haven't experienced any discomfort or adverse effects while taking it. The once-a-day dosage is convenient and fits seamlessly into my routine. Overall, OPTI-MEN has become an integral part of my daily regimen. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality, comprehensive multivitamin that truly delivers on its promises. (Note: Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.)
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11 months ago, Was Thrilled
Years of Service
I’ve been using I-Herb for a LONG time I purchased Yarrow to help with gout. I very much believe it helped prevent many flare ups. I-Herb has the best price by far. Almost 60% or less of what my local stores charges by buying multiple bottles. The I-Herb pricing was lower than any other online vendors I could find That’s when I got the I-Herb app for my phone. Fortunately I’ve changed my diet & behavior to avoid having “the gout” as often but I still keep it on hand (watching the use by date) just in case. I get B-12 from I-Herb as well. I have nervous system issues. Internet learning worked - this time - & the B-12 helps immensely. Two Neurologists recommended taking B-12 as well to ease the nerve damage issues More importantly - I-Herb always has the 6000mcg sublingual tabs that I prefer. I-Herb prices are lower than other online vendors & IF I can find it in a store it’s always more than double the I-Herb price. The I-Herb app is very easy to use. The search function always leads me to a vast selection of what I’m looking for. Reordering is breeze. It’s so simple. I’ve been extremely happy with I-Herb. I’ve been using I-Herb for at least a decade (probably almost two). It’s been my first choice for so long.
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3 years ago, R.B. - Phila.
“bait & switch” holiday special!!
I’m not happy that iHerb “performed bait & switch” holiday special!! I almost never write negative comments coming from working in a front face customer service environment….BUT I’ve only been a customer to iHerb since pandemic. 2 years, however I’ve purchased my favorites as gifts all year round. Now my friends & family order directly from you their selves. I totally understand items go out of stock. I purchased items listed IN STOCK, I was charged the full amount. My order was canceled because it was NOT IN STOCK. ($Refund provided) Now less then a week later it’s back IN STOCK, but I am NOT eligible for the sale price or 10% discount currently in my email “ Get an extra 10% off on us” sent Tuesday November 30th!! Not to mention my 1st partial order was damaged. I’m very disappointed and considering stopping my patronage as well getting my friends and family to do the same. I hope someone from iHerb provides an explanation and response. Regards
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3 months ago, Blue Alpine
New iHerb app & website review 4/24
#1. It is upsetting to me when previously asked questions and their answers are not available until the question is re-asked. (I’m not certain this has happened on iHerb previously, or elsewhere.) But, please leave everyone’s questions & answers visible. #2. My previous issues with page vibration, & stuck “more” links has greatly improved. Reviews which stop mid-sentence are less frequent but still exist. #3. I’m still waiting for easily seen instructions to appear on the homepage for how to contact iHerb directly regarding an issue with the company. Also, Product Information pages should include details on their website or email address for contacting the particular company directly. #4. I would like to see more transparency on product pages/labels as to 100% complete contents, and also the origin countries of each ingredient, and locations of any manufacturing plants. #5. I like the use of the country flags, but there should be a link identifying the country of each flag. #6. Regarding website improvement, It would be valuable to be able to search all of the reviews of a product using one or several keyword(s) rather than have to select from a list you provided.
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2 years ago, ABlank15
Poor Customer Sevice
I’ve been ordering regularly from iHerb for the past several months and never had an issue until this most recent order. I placed a refund request through the site because it never arrived and the tracking info was not updated since the day it was supposedly shipped out. “Magically”, some time after placing my refund request the tracking was updated and now I am supposed to be receiving the order much later than originally estimated. My problem isn’t that they didn’t provide a refund though. My issue is that the customer service was not helpful at all. They told me I should only contact the carrier about the delivery and to review my address to ensure this doesnt happen again. So, essentially I was being blamed for the delay. Again, there were no updates in tracking until I submitted my request, so their response doesn’t make sense. I have never changed my address in their system and this has never happened before, so the delay has nothing to do with anything on my end and I doubt the shipment even left the facility until I put in my refund request. Furthermore, their response came from a “no reply” email address. Poor communication, no follow up, and putting the entire issue on the customer is not okay.
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2 years ago, Awrtyioitg
The best supplement source I have found.
I have been using iHerb for several years, and have never been let down. The app works perfectly on my iPhone 7. Spend a modest amount and shipping is free. They almost always have a sale; sign up for their mailing list and you will frequently be notified about offers of 10% or more off of your entire order, or a sale on a particular brand or category of supplements. I’ve placed dozens of orders, and the average time from placing the order to my door is three days. IHerb has several house brands, one of which offers a copy of a laboratory analysis of the product. I’ve never come across a company that offers that degree of transparency. Never!! Customer service is great, and so are the prices. They sell more than supplements as well; things like organic soap, shampoo, etc. I’ve ordered from more than four online supplement stores, and the only time I don’t use iHerb is if they don’t offer what I’m looking for.
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1 year ago, Cindy 7197
First order
I have just placed my 1st order and looking forward to it. It was a larger order with free shipping and new customer promo. I love the wide variety of items offered-a one stop shop. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to speed up the order processing and delivery. It looks like regular shipping will arrive 6+ days from today and upgrading for additional $ would only get my package a day earlier. I am hoping this will be the beginning of many orders. I use organic supplements, hair/skin care and foods whenever possible so it will be nice to have a dependable source available. **update** my order arrived much quicker than expected! All items were packed nicely. Anything glass was double wrapped in bubble wrap. Essential oils were wrapped well and added to a additional zippered baggie! Absolutely perfect!!
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10 months ago, Abu Redha Ali
Good products and prices delivered quickly.
I’ve used iherb at least since 2016. They’ve always delivered quickly and had prices at least as good as anywhere else. The only downsides I’ve found are: 1. If they offer a discount via email, you must purchase the first time you open the link. Closing the link while you check your present supply negates the discount…although the products are still worth the price. 2. They may not have your desired brand but you can carefully review all the ingredients to judge if their options are better than you can find elsewhere . They’ve always been so for me. 3. Sometimes they’re out of the product you want. Today I found I can schedule regular reorders for which I registered. Resupply options I saw were great … BUT… human interaction is nonexistent! I could not log in to suspend my monthly reorders. My only real option was to close my account. While closing the account I found I seem to have multiple accounts. Bottom line: Great products; no human interaction when needed.
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3 years ago, Alicia Lowry
Best free shopping app
I love iHerb. I am amazed at how great it is for a free/no subscription based site. It offers so many of the things I love. The allergy friendly options are amazing. Honestly my only complaint is that there are too many options. Looking through what’s available to find new products is difficult because of the abundance of products. Sometimes it can be hard to find specific things due to the amount of products. However I can say, after comparing it to a well known subscription based site I’ve tried, it is not much more difficult if at all. There are some products I would love to find more of and some I would like less of but I think you will find that anywhere! In response to iHerbs comments refining the search does not help. It often make it worse. Products I know exist have disappeared after writing in the exact name, category, etc.
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6 months ago, Ellis, R
This website is incredibly, reasonably priced for supplements. They have many different brands, so you may be able to find your favorite or a generic that works just as well for an even better price. The quality of the products are great, and you know exactly what you’re getting because it’s all listed on the page of the product. There are all kinds of discounts available. If you buy $30+ worth of supplements, your shipping is free. That’s standard. Right now, there’s a Valentines Day sale. If you don’t really know what you’re looking for as far as sleep, cognition, electrolytes, or anything else there is an area you can go to find what you’re looking for, or you can just “search” for it. Same goes for supplements you are looking for, such as calcium, multivitamin, energy supplements, mood supplements, etc. I no longer use any other site for supplements.
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3 years ago, Jmax9792
A Hidden Gem
I found iHerb during the pandemic. I was frantically looking for reasonably priced immune support and as we all know items like that went very quickly and stores had trouble keeping them on the shelves and all the big e-trailers were either extremely price gouged or completely sold out. Any how iHerb was the only place I was able to get any products. As I began to search more on iHerb I found all the amazing products they have available. I go to iHerb first with all of my beauty, haircare, and supplement needs. The prices are reasonable, their turnaround is phenomenal and each visit they let you choose an item at a ridiculously low price. There are so many reasons to keep going back to them and believe me I will. I have NOTHING negative to say about this company/app. Thank you iHerb for your service!
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9 months ago, 8grizzlies
iHerb app
Would like to have a human to talk to if there is a problem. I had a problem with my last order. The software told me the order did not go through because my credit card was rejected. Based on that iHerb app response I called my bank. The bank agent informed me that the credit card went through. iHerb management does not understand that all software degrades over time. It’s not a matter of “Is there a bug in the iHerb software?”, it’s a matter of “When is the iHerb software going to fail.” There are many reasons for this, so we need a human to intervene when the software fails. Please list a contact number for a human being to communicate with in case there is a problem. I generally refuse to do any transaction with a company that does not have a contact number.
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3 years ago, EGOT1984
One of the worst customer service experiences of my life
I have now made multiple accounts trying to place orders. Every time your company asks for authorization codes that don’t exist or small charge verifications that despite me verifying what I see in my account, your system says Im wrong. I call your customer service and it says no phone service is available. Only your “cutting edge chat” bot is available. Of course your bot can’t help so I wait 30 minutes for a human to chat with, only to be disconnected. If I wasn’t desperate, I would have already taken my business elsewhere. Honestly, this has been one of the most frustrating customer service experiences I have ever come across. Update: Customer service eventually got back to me and apologized for the error and were able to process my order. I look forward to future orders going smoother. Thank you to the iHerb team for fixing this issue.
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8 months ago, bigstache28
Great App
I find this app very useful in finding and researching supplements. The ordering process is straightforward. It keeps track of my order history and items I would like to buy in the future. It also notifies me when I have previously bought an item and the date that it was purchased. I do a lot of comparison shopping and this app makes it very easy with the ability to read barcodes. I can start a list of supplements for purchase and leave it open for weeks. I will add supplements to that list until I’m ready to place the order. That makes it superior to having to order on a website where they will cancel and refresh your list after a few days.
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4 years ago, Tech_Bunny
🪓 Refund Nightmare
Just Beware: iHerb literally sent me someone else’s order in the box. ( Privacy breach, see below) Mine was apparently sent to another iHerb customer. It took me 45 days and 12 frustrating emails to finally get a full and complete refund. I never got my actual order. The Scary Details: iHerb admitted the error. They originally wanted me to ship the heavy box with someone else’s medicine back at my expense before they would refund me. Then they refused to refund the shipping and tax paid. They are great as long as your order goes smoothly, but expect grief and frustration if something goes wrong. Having to explain THEIR OWN ADMITTED ERROR , in full, 12-times (!) to Customer Service over the course of 1.5 months to get a full refund is atrocious. I never received a follow up apology. I never received my order. There never was a solution presented that allowed me to get my order re-sent. Their first resolution was to ‘charge me’ to ship another customers order back. What Jerks. A simple re-ship of my order and this review would have gone much better! ‼️BTW: after my refund was complete, I recycled the box and I tore off my shipping label to discover another shipping label underneath with a strangers complete address and phone number. I assume that this was the owner of the box of medicine I received from iHerb. Dear Customer, I hope your arthritic and gastrointestinal symptoms subside. I have your order.
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10 months ago, spiritdancer1019
The Best
This is a great app for the best online supplement shopping out there! It’s relatively easy to navigate and personally I don’t know how they do it. There’s a lot to keep track of but I haven’t had any problem with the app nor the store. They also have great prices and free shipping with just a $20 order. That’s life changing for me. For someone who hasn’t been able to get out to shop due to illness, and hasn’t a big budget for supplements, it is such a blessing. Sometimes I can only afford a couple things and most places don’t offer free shipping until you’ve spent $40-50 and I usually can’t do that. So iHerb is a life saver in that regard! Highly recommend!! Thank you iHerb and tech team. Great work!
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3 years ago, 1059Triplets1059
Best Greens Ever!!
These stacked greens raw superfood greens are by far my favorite in every way. The scoop is smaller than most yet packed with all the nutrients needed. It is smooth and easy to drink. The flavor is great! It’s an Apple cinnamon taste, yet I can taste the greens which I love. It’s GMO which is very important to me. I feel great taking them. I take it every morning. I feel my energy levels are much better than with other greens. I’ve been using them for 2 months now. All my family members use them now and also love them. My grandkids also take them and actually enjoy drinking it. Even the pickiest eaters lol. It’s a win for me!! I ordered several so I don’t run out. The order did arrive quickly and in excellent condition.
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7 years ago, Tajmari2013
iHerb rocks!
I’ve been using iHerb for years—at least a decade. Their deliveries have always been super fast and free with a low minimum purchase, and their product line is extensive and inexpensive (for the exact same products) compared to box stores. Unlike other food and supplement online stores, iHerb does not require a subscription. They’re there for you when you need them, only as often as you need. iHerb has always offered various discounts for purchasing in bulk, and now they’re also giving a “loyalty” reward that can be used the next time you shop with them. I just got $7.14 knocked off the price of my current purchase. With the addition of the new phone app, iHerb is unbeatable. I highly recommend iHerb!
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3 years ago, May Alshammari
Obsessed, literally.
I find myself purchasing from iherb every couple of months. They have excellent prices and mostly everything you want. To those who live in the middle east, especially countries in the GCC understand how prices are doubled if not tripled compared to other countries. Products on iherb are 50% cheaper or more. Everything is genuine and delivery is phenomenal (dhl to be specific). This is why i find myself coming back all the time. Oh lets not forget about how absolutely wonderful their customer service is. They’ll always help, and will find a solution to everything. They will never disappointed a customer which is something I truly appreciate. So there you have it!
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2 years ago, Foto gr8
Great App. Great Products. Not Great Customer Service
Ordering is super easy and items ship very fast! Great products available for some of the best prices. I really want to give a 5 star review, however, I was not happy with the customer service provided when I had to phone in with an issue. If I never had to deal with a human, iHerb would be absolutely a 5 star experience. The human in customer service was terrible thus a 4 star rating. I would recommend that anyone use the app and purchase from iHerb regardless as I’ve only had one issue in the many orders I’ve placed. IHerb, friendliness matters. Get your CS reps on board with that mentality. Do what’s best for the customer especially when it’s within reason.
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4 years ago, DaniaAbuDhabi
Efficient App & Fast Delivery
I’ve heard so much about iHerb and downloaded the app a while back. I used to view products and save them forever in my favorite lists, amazing healthy products you rarely find elsewhere. But the first time I purchased from iHerb was a week ago when I ordered Kambucha Yogi tea which is ridiculously priced at the manufacturer’s website! However on iHerb it was at a very reasonable price and the delivery was in few days even though I live overseas in the gulf region. The package arrived extremely clean no bending on tea boxes & the product as if you just purchased it from the store (great for OCD ppl ;) I love it. Prices even better on promotion and no delivery fee for a minimum purchase of around $40 which you can easily reach.
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8 months ago, beckiemh
Excellent For Memory, Concentration and Dopamine Increases
A family member started a combination of supplements for increased concentration, memory clarity and higher dopamine levels since they work overnights. IHerb has done a great job of keeping supplements on hand for the needs of our family. I can usually find a substitution if what I need is out. My orders arrive quickly and are well packed for shipping. I came across iHerb while searching for a new company to get supplements. When my previous company merged with another company the results weren’t good. Fewer product options, many items out of stock, website difficult to navigate. Thank you IHerb for being a stand up company!!
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1 year ago, FQCS
Decent app but filtering is not robust
You can check a box to only show “decaffeinated“ tea, but you can’t show only “caffeinated“ (that’s not very inclusive!) so now I’m scrolling through 418 different types of teas and most of them are caffeine-free Why? Why do us caffeinated drinkers have to work harder? I’m trying to replace coffee in my life with tea and I am only interested in caffeinated tea. But the shenanigans don’t stop there: When I type in the word “tea“ it shows me results for chocolate bars! Why? Then pictures are too small on the search results page and there’s no pinch to zoom, so if you’re blind like me, you have to click on everyone to see if it has caffeine. now imagine doing that 418 times. Other than that, they don’t offer 2-week subscriptions, but I guess that’s a company decision and not really the app. pricing: 4 navigation: 2 search: 2
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4 months ago, mamakona74
My go to health store
I absolutely am so happy that there is a store like iHerb. It has so much variety. I especially love the variety in organic, clean products. I really like to explore the foreign products sometimes because I feel like they have cleaner ingredients. I have found so many products that have supplemented my body in such healthy ways. I love iHerb! It’s my go to online health store! The prices are phenomenal too with some products. Delivery service is a little confusing but I’m hoping that they can fix that. Other than that I am really happy to be a iHerb customer. It will be a long life relationship for sure. Thanks for helping me with keeping be healthy. ❤️
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2 years ago, WatchingIpTV
Worst app ever
Filled with bugs. Constantly asking for reauthentication which redirects to the website. Why bother with the app then? It keeps losing your shopping cart even when you’re supposedly logged into your account. Asks for cc info repeatedly, but the button to verify the cc number doesn’t exist, so you’re stuck not being able to place any orders because you can’t verify your cc number. Don’t bother placing an order to a foreign country in if you plan to write names and addresses in a foreign language. The interface will continually reject everything because it has to be written entirely in English! Found that out the hard way, since the error message said there was an unrecognized “symbol” in the shipping address. Meanwhile some foreign countries require that you provide names and addresses in both languages. This is by far the most exhausting experience placing an online order.
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2 years ago, Nakiknox
Best everything
Best app ever great prices great real reviews you will not be Best app, best teas and herbs. I use the future biopics liver detox. Man does this stuff help with weight loss. Did you know your liver has a lot to do with why you can’t loose weight? A dirty liver over time causes weight gain. Get you some! disappointed in any of their products. I have been shopping from this app for years and I have not received one bad quality product from them Best app, best teas and herbs. I use the future biopics liver detox. Man does this stuff help with weight loss. Did you know your liver has a lot to do with why you can’t loose weight? A dirty liver over time causes weight gain. Get you some!
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3 years ago, Astroterk
Excellent company
I have purchased from this company on several occasions and they always deliver as promised The package arrives when expected and if there ever is a delay with the carrier I am promptly notified. The products are always as described. Their prices are better than what I can buy locally and instead of me traveling to the different stores to get what I need, I can just get everything from iHerb and it is delivered to my door. That is why I repurchase from them again and again. Quality products + good prices + great customer service and communication + easy to use website + delivery to your door = happy repeat customer. Thank you IHerb
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2 years ago, Rocking' Red
Great for supplements, allergen-free foods
The easiest way to purchase affordable supplements..... I have ordered for years from Swanson, but the site is no longer compatible with Apple mobile devices. And there is no app. I hate calling to place an order for several items. Plus, the prices keep going up. I found iHerb by accident while searching for another health company app. I’m so glad I did! After vetting the app thoroughly, I decided to try it. I love it! Intuitive search, easy menu and easy ordering - plus excellent prices before sales codes. A wife product variety makes this one-stop for certain items. Highly recommend.
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8 months ago, AliceJane___
Great App.
I use iHerb for all my supplement purchases. The only complaint I have, which isn’t for the app itself but just for iHerb, is that they don’t accept my debit card ever. I use a local credit union and for some reason when I try to use my debit card (which is just a standard VISA card), or husband’s card, it won’t accept it, so I end up using Klarna or PayPal. Honestly though that doesn’t really affect me using them or how I would rate them. I like the options I have, I like that I basically have unlimited options on most vitamins, and the shipping is so fast. The app is easy to use and convenient.
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1 month ago, 43-Feet
Useless customer service
I downloaded the app and placed my first order successfully. I was impressed with the products available and shipping time, good prices. But… I have tried over, and over, and over, to place another order. Every single time my account gets deactivated. I have to submit a complaint via the ChatBot, which is frustrating. I’m not sure if there is a human anywhere I can talk to on the phone. Someone reactivates it through an eventual email conversation, but then it just happens all over again. I travel a lot so iHerb is really the only way I can get what I need wherever I am at the time, and this is a pretty devastating failure. There is no way to call them. I have emailed asking them to call me, but so far it’s just been this enraging circle of emails and failed orders.
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3 years ago, Devilsthrill
Love it but
Live the app because they deliver healthy snacks to Japan. A few issues: It's a bit expensive and they don't have a lot of discounts. They don't let me select the date and time to ship items. This option would help me because in Japan you have to sign for a package and I'm not home all the time. Sometimes I'll buy stuff and realize it's actually unhealthy and the maker of the brand lied. Example, there's some cookies with a woman's face of the package. Upon reading the ingredients to these "healthy" cookies I found that they're loaded with sugar that's basically renamed. iHerb should check for pretenders who sell items through them and make sure their products are healthy.
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2 months ago, Jmbayer
Great deals and newer products
What I really like about iherb is that they have great deals and you learn about a lot of alternative products that you may not have. They are typically pretty fast with shipping; only about three days top with the free shipping. They do need to work on their search filter, providing narrower selections. For instance, if I want to search for bulk items that are over 5 pounds, I can only select items over 1 pound. That’s just one example. Other times when I search for a simple product, I will get thousands of results which is rather small daunting. Other than that, I see they’re making improvements. Keep up the good work..
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7 months ago, ScarlettRMommaBear
Convenient & high quality
I love the convenience of being able to order top quality supplements and products from the comfort of my home. We have a daily supplement regiment catered to everyone in our house, so when we begin to get low it’s nice to be able to just pull the app up and reorder our supplements that get delivered quickly. All packaging has always been perfect never an issue, never a delay & iHerb runs great sales often, as well as being able to earn rewards to apply as a discount on future orders. Wouldn’t go anywhere else to get our supplements. Thank your iHerb.
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1 year ago, Jaycin.
iherb is a must have app for expat-life in Vietnam
I was introduced to iherb during the pandemic as a cost-effective way to source USA brands when travel was not possible. Since that time, iherb has become my staple in sourcing bleach-free skincare, medicinal products, and makeup as an expat. The app functions quite well. I am able to receive real time updates regarding my shipment. Packages always pass customs with no hassle as payment has built in tax and duties fees. App is easy to navigate, love the shopping list feature and the range of products available for purchase. Highly recommend this app if you intent to moves abroad!
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5 years ago, Formosangirl
My love for Iherb has declined!
Other places have deals and iherb gives you expiring credit, which is worse than expiring coupons since some stores still take them. So, you are tricked into a false sense of saving when it’s full price if you don’t make an addl purchase. I am not a health food distributor. I buy for myself and a few other family members. I have found other health products stores that actually allow me to save. I have had it with expiring points. It is one thing if points expired once per year for inactivity, but your idea is trickery. I have lost points. You are supposed to make my life better rather than tricking me into paying full price and controlling my shopping habits. Further your prices are not so competitive lately.
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10 months ago, Eling4137
Don’t replace those painful joints- Start Rebuilding Them! It’s a type of collagen (we call collagen CLG9)known as “standardized cartilage” (you’ll also see it sold as UC-ll). We know that collagen is an essential building block for the cushioning our joints — but, like everything else, it can wear out over time. The next thing you know, you have bone on bone —and even the smallest movements can leave you in agony. Well, that’s where standardized cartilage comes to the rescue. It delivers collagen straight to your joints, helping to rebuild the cushioning that can keep you pain-free and allow you to enjoy the active life you want.
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1 year ago, LivyQueen
So upsetting!
For days I’d mean thinking about it I should order from this site. My mom had been telling me about it and how much getting these vitamins would be helpful to me. Today I finally decided to do it but my order was immediately canceled as soon as I did it. Mind you, I placed the order online and not in the app. I tried chatting with their customer service but literally got no help! When I went to sign back into my account (which I used my Apple login) it wouldn’t even pop up that I could use my Apple login as an option so I had no other choice but to use my Google login. It stated that I didn’t make an order under my Google account (obviously) but I couldn’t even login to “speak” with someone if I didn’t have an account. So I downloaded the app to try to get in and chat with someone but the Apple Login isn’t even letting me get into my account so that I could chat with someone and figure out why my order was canceled. It says that I wasn’t charged and I hope I wasn’t bc it’s already hard enough trying to speak to someone about an order let alone needing to get to someone about why I still got charged for an order that I won’t receive. Very disappointing
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1 year ago, DiverAMEN
Great user experience
The app is easy to use. Addding to and removing from the basket is easy. The checkout is easy. You can find what you have bought last times. There is no pushing but suggestions on product you might be interested in. I’m ordering from Iceland and the items are normally 2-4 days to arrive with DHL. The prize is less than 2/3 of what I would pay in Iceland and that includes the import tax. The variaty of products is great and by buying a sample sizes I have discovered some very good products. They don’t have samples for all products but on some very interesting stuff.
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2 years ago, dgorenchan
Wow smh wow
Got ride of customer Service number which was a huge mistake on the part of I Herb. I went around and around with the chat bot three separate times and never got anywhere all I wanted to tell her was I can’t access my account with my old email because it was hacked however my phone number had stayed the same she couldn’t understand she couldn’t help me so I made us do you want someone human I said yes but I had to sign into my account which I can’t do because I didn’t have access to my old email after 45 minutes to an hour today again I finally got access to my old account it was ridiculous that I couldn’t just talk to somebody it would’ve took much less time so from here on out if I can get it from another vendor I will and you will no longer be my choice vitamin place.
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4 months ago, Cool PR Maven
Best app ever For vitamins/supplements
There are hundreds of reasons why I love this app but the #1 reason is each product lists the expiration date so you know before you purchase. Also you can track everything, shipping is very fast, you can get notifications when something is back in stock, etc. I am so happy I found iHerb! ( I plan on canceling my subscription to that most famous shopping app of all time because they kept sending me old products that were about to expire within days.). You will love this app, I have had no glitches whatsoever.
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5 months ago, Women of Sonoma County
First app I’ve ever reviewed as far as I can remember
I like this app! It offers such an array of products from food to facial skincare to body skincare etc with even more areas for me to find awesome stuff inside of. Wish I’d found this app sooner, could have saved so much money! I love the quizzes cause no matter how much money you make you get knowledge which is very important. I love that they have gluten free products in all the categories I’ve explored at such great prices even before a sale price this is all fairly priced. Hoping I’ll continue to love this app as time passes along!
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4 years ago, nha_2121
Worst experience
Once again, I’m trapped between either paying more or more than what I was led to believe when I was placing my order. The only indication I got about extra costs is the policy on the website that says “duties and taxes may be collected at delivery”, and that does not translate to 3 times the initial cost. Although I appreciate the courtesy refund, I cannot accept for it to be the lowest cost and the only cost I knew for sure before deciding to buy supplements from your website, which is the 1000 I paid for the supplements. My biggest issue is with the 2,000 that was on top of the paperwork costs. This is 200% of the cost that I did not get an indication of before at any point in the process. I am going to accept the shipment, and I already paid the paperwork costs, but I cannot pay the 2,000 customs fees. Your help with this would be appreciated.
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2 years ago, Jst me!!!
I enjoy iherb, they have just about everything one would need, not only health wise, but also for hair as well as other essentials for total body and I like that their shipments arrive super quick, when others do not due to the pandemic. Although they do have reasonable prices compared to other online stores, some items can still be a bit pricey for this day and age with a lot of people still out of work due to covid, but overall I would recommend them… Whenever I can afford to I plan to always be a repeat customer… Thanks iherb! ☺️
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1 year ago, dragonslove2019
Great products w/o Propylene Glycol, don’t subscribe!!!
I am happy with the products I order from iHerbs and have been for nearly 20 years. However, they might be late to the subscribe and save game and it is not working well for me. For example, I’m not given warning to review subscriptions as everyone else does. I can’t find a Subscriptions place to look on their Ap. On the item that is subscribed of the three things I should be able to open, track and buy again immediately open, but view subscription is a dead box. Nothing. I feel scammed again. I now have 3 full bottles on a month when $10 bucks mattered. I’ll think twice before I come back Dana Lightbrite
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3 years ago, _WeiWei_
100% recommended
This app opened my eyes , I always use Korean skincare and makeup but because I see bad reviews in another online app(not gonna name it) because of selling fake products and charging equal to even higher prices I was worried I have to switch to my western brands. I discovered iherb while I was looking for authentic Korean brand and I never going back to any other app I’m always using iherb. I can’t believe I found this app so late when it is such a easy to shop and genuine seller. Their customer service is 1000x better, they helped and answered all my questions. Thank you iherb
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3 years ago, Mahiaroha
PayPal doesn’t work
On four different occasions I have tried to make a purchase on the app and the PayPal link wouldn’t work. I had to go to the website to finish my purchase. I contacted customer service who directed me on how to clear the browser for the website. This has absolutely nothing to do with the app and doesn’t even make sense based on the information I gave to the customer service representative. I do not feel that my issue was taken seriously nor do I feel that the Customer Service Department offers any service at all.
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1 year ago, hanasazi
I love the IHerb app as I can easily assemble my orders on my phone. When I log in on my desktop computer the cart is prefilled and I can then get cash back from Rakuten or Honey. As good as it gets until cash back systems work on the app as well as the website! I was disappointed to have the text of several reviews dumped after I successfully submitted one or two, but a support person sent my feedback to management for review and as well as iHerb does the rest of its business I’m confident that they’ll get on this and fix it promptly.
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2 years ago, Courtnyanalise
Great app for ordering trustworthy products
No issues at all. It's been a really good experience and the app itself works perfectly on my end. A little glitchy when trying to scroll down on some pages however but nothing too bothersome. Love the green accents, it gives it an organic feel. Definitely a must-have app to download if you love healthy foods and vitamins! Shipping is also really fast and not that expensive. I'm in love with the rewards program as well. Makes the buyer, like myself, want to keep coming back for more! :)
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4 years ago, susie1031e
Used to love it. Now I hate it
I had a huge order. Got a message that some items were out of stock or discontinued. It never stated WHICH items. So I guessed and started deleting. Same message. I had no idea what to delete. Contacted iHerb three times. They asked me to share my cart. Went to that page on the app and when I went back to chat, agent was gone. I loved iHerb before and I’ll miss it but I can’t deal with having spent time shopping and then not being able to check out because iHerb cannot tell me which items cannot be sent.
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4 months ago, NYSHYA
ALOPECIA/Hair Fall Out
AMAZING AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS!!!! my husband ..myself .. and my daughter age20 take it!!!! all 3 of us have different health concerns.. hair loss.. hives/eczema and anxiety/low energy… everyone is seeing improvement in only 1 week .. taste is strong but having your health is a much stronger factor!!! so chase it with a juice .. but it’s only 2 seconds it’s over and your body will dearly thank you.. and yea my answers are reall and true .. I went to my doctor and she confirm i have improvement in my hair..this is my review and will FOREVER always include black seed oil/pumpkin seed oil in our family diet .
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