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User Reviews for IKEA

4.75 out of 5
100.4K Ratings
2 years ago, gmtIII
IKEA is the best company in the world.
I’ve never really lived near an IKEA so didn’t really know too much about what goes on there. I recently decided it was time to rethink my home’s organizational condition! Unfortunately, most of my day was spent desperately trying to navigate the swamp that is The Container Store’s internet presence. It took me hours to find anything I was remotely looking for (in part due to load times and overall glitchiness). Finally, after a simple Google search, I was pointed in the direction of IKEA’s site. I promptly found exactly what I was looking for, was delighted to see they deliver to my area, AND happened to stop by on the right day because I got everything 20% off! Needless to say, I downloaded their very well-built app, joined the “IKEA Family,” and I now have a KNORVA and two FRAKTA’s heading my way (in addition to the items that originally led me to them). 🇸🇪 länge leve sverige!
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3 years ago, mija tafv
don’t order from here unless—
I’ve ordered furniture from here almost A MONTH AGO, set my delivery date, and haven’t heard anything since I bought & ordered my furniture. it’s been a week since my expected delivery date & i have heard NOTHING and everytime I call, I’m either wasting 40+ mins listening to the same three sentences on HOLD waiting for someone to even answer the phone or i hear “well it looks like you order hasn’t been sent out yet,” well yeah.. I KNOW that’s why I’m calling YOU. I was told I would hear from IKEA in 2-3 days and again, HAVE HEARD NOTHING. In the amount of time it took to read this, I’ve read and edited this review(10 mins on hold as of rn). they finally transferred me to a resolutions department THREE calls ago and after 20 mins of me waiting for someone to answer the phone, when they finally did, they said “Hello” and before i can even say anything, THEY HUNG UP ON ME. I really loved their furniture and couldn’t wait to receive my order, considering i’ve spent $200+ on just a DELIVERY FEE, you would THINK I would have even heard something back, but boy was I wrong. beautiful furniture.. but i wouldn’t know seeing as though, I’ve only seen pictures from the app, NOT worth wasting time to even get an answer back, for the to tell you the most OBVIOUS reason you called. unless you have all day LITERALLY and want to listen to the same, three sentence automated hold tone, then THIS IS FOR YOU!!! not happy at all (15 mins now on hold)
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3 years ago, jfa;;jlksfa;jifa
Probably the LEAST Customer Friendly APP in Retail
So in one world to describe this app it would be ‘why’. Why can’t you search for key words and find something (note to IKEA, but not everyone or even some people know what crafty names you associate with your products). You took away the ability to even search a receipt or locate a receipt which means I couldn’t not return something because EVEN WITH the credit card that I used your associate still said they couldn’t return it. Why not take it back? I mean it says IKEA right on the front of the unopened package….does anyone ELSE sell IKEA brand? Finally the searching for a receipt even in the old system entirely SUCKED. So using a crystal ball, you have to try to remember when you purchased what and then one by one go thru a receipt. If you want to see a PERFECT customer experience, go to the REI site and become a customer. Search receipts by date, with pictures, with EASY search. Not sure if this is new, but the upgraded website is a tremendous downgrade for customers. Lastly- you make the app so NOT intuitive, that I simply stop trying to buy stuff. I have found items I want, not in stock in my store, but somewhere else in the country. Can you easily order it? Not at all. Could never figure it out. Simply put, you lost a number of sales from me because of this.
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1 year ago, misslovelyvemo
Hej! Fix your janky app! Absolutely terrible…
I was trying to load a purchase I had made through the app, to do a return in store. When I noticed it had logged me out of my account and wouldn’t let me sign in… It keeps saying error signing in, or every time I log back in the app it never loads properly. Even my IKEA Family rewards were not showing up properly. This made my experience so incredibly frustrating, infuriating, and inconvenient. It didn’t help that the app never sent me a confirmation email or text for my purchase. All notifications concerning my order were sent through the app. And the worker I was dealing with to pick up my order the day prior was lazy and incompetent, so they never gave me any receipt for what’s so ever for my purchase. Thank goodness I had the order number on the transaction from my bank. Otherwise I would have lost out on money. I haven’t had too many bad experiences with IKEA. But this truly was the worst experience I have had both in store and online shopping. I do hope they maintain their good customer service and excellent quality, so this does not become the new representation of their company and brand. Because this experience has definitely left an negative impression on me.
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2 years ago, Mythic_Doge
Not the worst app, not the best
Overall the app is pretty decent. I've had it for a couple weeks and haven't really had any issues until now. For some reason my Shopping List that I made has suddenly disappeared. I can't make another list either. It's not an internet issue, all of my other apps work fine. I logged out of my account and logged back in, still doesn't work. I also tried deleting and reinstalling the app which didn't work either. Aside from that the only other issue I have with the app is the inaccuracy of product availability. As many other people have done, I went to the IKEA store near me because it showed on the app that they had the item in stock that I was looking for, just to find out that they didn't actually have it. The issue I have with IKEA as a whole is the fact that you can't actually call any of the stores. The phone number just routes you through a national call center. The only way to get accurate information from a store is to physically go there and talk to the person at the information desk, which is pretty inconvenient.
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3 years ago, BuzzyMomna
A Change Suggestion
I was trying to find a way to file a grievance that I had with IKEA, but could not. I wanted to send an email, but the only option for emailing was for order cancellation. I however wanted to email to complain about the lack of product at the IKEA store near me. Now I know Covid has really put a strain on resources lately and I do take that into consideration. However, I specifically drove to IKEA, which is about 45 minutes away from my home, to purchase two Trofast shelving units for our play area. I checked on the app and the supply level was low so I headed there quickly. Once I arrived, I went to the bay where the shelving unit would have been located only to find a “temporarily out of stock” notice. When I inquired about the item I was told that there must have been an inventory discrepancy. I was very upset since I had just driven all that way for one specific item. I would appreciate if the app designers would change the “low stock” indicator to “low stock, please call to ensure product availability” so that people like myself do not drive far and make arrangements for someone to watch their children only to be met with no stock in the store.
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4 years ago, spellcheckqueen
Product search display
Hi - I appreciate that you’ve come a long way on your apps, but right now the display from search doesn’t show all options. I typed axstad drawer front (Which was actually a prepopulated option) and was only given a single option for axstad doors, not drawer fronts. The other results gave me combinations of boxes, multiple types of drawer fronts and other products that I don’t need. On the browser site, I found similar issues. I’d like to see an option for all drawer fronts, then click through with the ability to filter by size, color, etc. I think it’s great that you offer a selection of pre-formatted options (eg, two drawers, a base) so people are more likely to look at it as a unit, but I just need a drawer front. They shouldn’t be so buried. (Also - are kitchen drawer/door fronts able to be used on Besta? They should, if they’re not.) I’d also like to know from the app when products are anticipated back in stock and to get a notification when they arrive (and be able to designate more than one store - I live within an hour of 3). Thanks and stay safe!
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3 years ago, andibee5717
Love the app
I love being able to browse the inspiration pictures they have and have been happy with the shopping lists. I have a couple of wishlist items for the app that keep it from being five stars: it would be nice to have an offline option for the shopping list since I often have trouble finding service in-store and have trouble logging into the wifi because it’s difficult to find my family member number; I’d love a better way to browse through curated categories of items instead of doing a search or looking through the catalog images; I feel like the search algorithm could be improved, the results when you’re looking at categories aren’t always very accurate or show too many variations of a single product line and max out at a certain number of results so you can’t see everything; and finally, it would be great if there were an easier way to look through and plan the more customizable products like shelving units, desks and pegboards.
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3 years ago, alleeooop
Ikea!? More like idea! 💡
I love using this app for browsing through (and eventually purchasing) furniture because most of the time... Well... I see a piece of furniture! haha. But Ikea SHOWS how this item could be used in a space. This feature alone really helps me visualize the possibilities of making my house...a home! Other enjoyable features include: being able to save your favorite items into lists (for me, they're grouped by room or functionality); the suggested items similar to your current selection is useful as well; and the browse by images (of a well designed room or the items being used in a functional space) has proven to be effective as well when seeing a nice example and being able to click the thing you like and your already on the item page ready to buy. Anyway five stars because yes I love this app if you couldn't already tell.
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2 months ago, F!XM33
Search remains a failure
We have multiple IKEA (esp storage) furniture rooms at our business and pieces in our home’s rooms. We would like to replace some of those pieces - or add the same / similar to our collection - but between the “MAZE” approach Ikea take in its catalog (and store) finding the “same” something or a similar functional something to replace and knowing that you’ve seen all that IKEA offers remains impossible. The catalog search should allow AI recognition of basic functions and sizes of existing products and support further refinement. Case in point: we have Ikea multiple low chest of drawers from some years ago 48” x 19”(d) x 21” deep - 4 drawer - we have had no luck in finding it again and have no idea if we have see all of the offerings. Although all have been in store purchases under our family plan - we can not go back in our purchase and point to what we already purchased to buy again - or, should that piece no longer be available -what would present reasonable alternatives in form and function. Houses have sizes that your customers want furniture to fit in - each with functional needs at the point of their placement. Looking through a digital catalog is not the same as a physical one - and wastes time… please consider building a better way of allow customers with ideas of what they want a means to find and create the furniture that more than fulfills :)
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5 months ago, 🐯 The White Tiger
just… YES!!!
i honestly just love IKEA as a whole. their focus on quality, sustainable products, and care for consumer ethics and privacy are why i always choose to shop from them first (after thrifting 😜). i also love the advancements they’ve made with the app (including fully supporting iPadOS), and have implemented many of the features from the ‘IKEA Place’ app into the main app; with that in mind, the main thing that’s missing that made the “Place” app so wonderful was that you could view multiple objects at once in a room, which i have not found possible within this app. hopefully, that’s something that will be implemented in a future release… and, why i feel—if it is being implemented—the “Place” app should’ve stayed active until the features were fully integrated.
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3 years ago, Brokkr Þjóðbjörnsson
The way every company’s proprietary app should be
So far I’ve had no problems with the IKEA app. It’s simple, intuitive and comprehensive. As I was using it yesterday to pick out furniture for my new apartment, I kept thinking, “Well this is working okay, but it’d be better if they had (x) feature”, and every time I’d find that sure enough it was. This app does everything it’s supposed to, everything you want it to, everything you could realistically expect it to, and then some. My only critique, and the reason I gave 4 stars out of 5, is that it can be a little bit laggy and unresponsive. Specifically when adding items to your list or cart, the app has to kinda think about it for a couple seconds. But this isn’t a huge deal. It doesn’t freeze or crash, it just takes a few seconds from when you tell it to add an item to a list for it to actually do it.
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3 years ago, socks1981
Your inventory is not up to date. I’ve been looking for a specific item and the location said it had 4 in stock, the customer service rep I spoke to confirmed this with me as well. I drove 45 minutes to the store location in south Philadelphia because the items could not be delivered to my home. I was there at opening and the first one in the door. There were zero on the shelf. The customer service person in store told me the that system doesn’t always update from the day before. 24 hours later, it still says there is 4 in the store. The customer service person in the store told me “maybe” more would be delivered this weekend but the dates are never accurate and I can not put the item on hold. How ridiculous is this?! I should just keep driving 45 mins each way to hope my item will be there and the system isn’t correct and neither is the app. I’m so angry and disappointed in IKEA and I am a long time customer. If I didn’t need this item for my daughter’s dance routine I would never buy this from your store.
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3 years ago, HopefullyThisIsAUniqueNickname
Could not even register an account
I tried to register an account. The password field would not let me paste a secure password from 1password. Then I tried using 1Password to auto fill a 25 character random password. That failed validation saying it must be over 8 characters. That blocked me from proceeding. I then deleted 8 characters from the password and that cleared the validation (whoever coded this piece of crap is counting keystrokes, not the number of characters in the field). Then I tried to save and got the wonderfully helpful error message “one of your fields have failed validation”. There is no indicator of which field is the problem. I double checked each field, all correct. Still get the error whenever I try to save. Then I unchecked the box saying I wanted to join the family discount club which removed half the fields from the registration form. I tried to save and this time get an error saying that my account already exists! When I tried to login, still get an error. This is such amateurish garbage. Deleting. Don’t trust this app.
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1 year ago, SunshineCarter
Joined for the planning tools but they are very limited. Wanted info for remodeling a specific sized bathroom, 5 x 8 using standard placement of fixtures and door openings. Exactly what you see for bedrooms and small homes in store right? Right. However the logic doesn’t translate to either the web or mobile version of the planning tools. The web version requires an actual computer! Why not ask for a landline while you’re at it!!!!!! The app/mobile version doesn’t provide the same quality of info about what you are trying to accomplish. For example online you get an explanation of the work triangle in a kitchen to help you make decisions, the mobile version doesn’t provide this info which I have found to be extremely helpful at every stage of budgeting and planning. In addition, there should be equivalent information for bathrooms and any other room in a home, however I couldn’t find anything in the app to help with planning/designing any other rooms in a home.
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3 years ago, P.J. Young
So difficult to navigate
This app is so confusing and frustrating I literally want to cry. There are no obvious categories you can browse to shops. The home page is just a feed of photos. It’s like they want the app to me like a Pinterest feed of inspiration? But I just want to shop! I want to go to office furniture > desks > and then just view every single desk you sell. An inspiration feed isnt a bad idea but I don’t know why they’ve removed a classic shopping experience. I have once or twice somehow ended up in a product list view in this app, but I have no idea how I got there. This app is horrible. I am sticking to the website for my ikea shopping. EDIT: I’m leaving my original review but after trying to use the app, after I had completely quit the app and relaunched it, I saw that the search page allows browsing by categories. I believe there is a bug I must have encountered because previously, my search page only contained a search bar a few suggested search terms. This is frustrating when there is no other way to get to the categories for shopping.
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1 year ago, Lovegames44
So much better!
Recent updates to the app have made a huge difference. I’ve avoided shopping at IKEA online for many, many years because it wasn’t a very convenient UI. Even when I’d use Search I couldn’t find what I needed. I honestly couldn’t understand everyone’s obsession with the place. How were these people finding what they wanted?! When I saw the app several months ago I thought, oh maybe this will work, but I stopped using it within 5 minutes. I tried again today, 6 months later, and it’s so much easier to navigate. Best of all, when I searched for something specific, all sorts of options popped up that actually applied to my search! Imagine that. I’m so glad they updated the app to create a more seamless shopping experience.
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3 years ago, Chicago Organizer
Discovery is difficult and it needs a landscape option
This app, although aesthetically pleasing is less useful than it was before. There are less categories to help you pinpoint what you’re looking for. You just end up looking at a bunch of pretty pictures of environments without finding what you need. This makes creating a shopping list more difficult. The app should be able to let you add something to the list even if it’s currently out of stock. What is out of stock should be able to be moved to a list for the future and you should be able to be alerted when something comes back in. Also people use their iPads to shop and they shop in the landscape orientation. Nobody wants to take their device out of its keyboard case to be able to use it. Bad UI, not intuitive at all. I think they used paid reviewers or their own employees, I can’t believe anyone would give this app a positive review. Nice app if you feel like daydreaming but impractical and less useful.
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1 year ago, knots4days
Transforming Home Decor with Ease 🪑🛠️🏡
As someone who doesn't have a background in interior decoration, I found the IKEA app to be incredibly helpful and easy to use. The app's interface is straightforward, and it guides you through the process of selecting furniture and decor with ease. One of the things I appreciated the most about the app was the augmented reality feature. It allowed me to see how a piece of furniture would look in my room before I even made a purchase, which was incredibly helpful in making sure everything would fit and look good together. The app also offers product descriptions and specifications, making it easy to find the right items for your needs. Plus, if you're ever feeling lost or uninspired, the app offers suggestions and inspiration for how to use and style the products. Creating a shopping list was also a breeze, and I was able to share it with friends and family for their input or assistance. Overall, the IKEA app made decorating my home a much less stressful and more enjoyable experience. Whether you're an interior design expert or a novice like myself, I would definitely recommend giving the IKEA app a try.
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3 years ago, RustyShacklef0rd
Filtering needs major improvements
The app works pretty smoothly, but it oftentimes takes a very long time to find what you’re looking for. For example, I was trying to find a simple desk and could only filter the results through “tables and desks”—which included literally everything that IKEA offers in both those categories. Sifting through hundreds of results relating to kitchens, patio furniture, etc. was frustrating. On top of that, sizes can only be filtered by “small, medium or large”. Totally arbitrary and useless if you don’t know what actual dimensions those cover. Why can’t I filter by actual measurements like every other retailer has? And finally, there’s no way to filter the search by showing in-stock items at your local store. This is the worst one by far, especially since IKEA is having supply issues. Please add these features that have been common in almost every other retailer’s apps for years now.
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3 years ago, :)7:)6:)5:)4
Navigation is so tough to figure out!
First of all it doesn’t work in landscape! I use an iPad Pro! Too big for an app that only works in portrait! And keeping it upright while searching is terrible. I also cannot find the area to make an in-store shopping list , which is my favorite feature or was rather. I clicked and clicked to find the categories so I could just browse and only found categories by room. I quit searching out of frustration and went back 2 hours later and the app opened to a different area. No idea how that happened or how to get there again in the future. So far the new app is a big disappointment and my hands hurt from holding a 12” iPad upright! So far- not a fan! Ok REALLY hate this app! I click on a coffee table-Lack. Wanted to see the size.. clicked on product size, nothing. Clicked on more information.. still nothing. Clicked on good to know and FINALLY got the dimensions with no pictures! The app stinks. I a, praying that the website is still working. Two thumbs down!!
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4 months ago, PriceMatters
Better than the catalogue!
I was disappointed when IKEA stopped producing its hard copy catalogue. Yet this app is much more efficient. The catalogue pages tended to cling together and thumbing through different categories took time. The IKEA app lets me find categories and subcategories of products instantly and even view them in 3D. View in Room is a handy mode that does what it says to your room by just pointing your cell at it. Inspirations is another mode that goes the extra step by showing how else the product can be poised or how extra decor can give the product some extra pizzazz. You know already how much you like the products. You will find this app streamlines the process of the hunt. Enjoy shopping.
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3 years ago, jabnif
Time lag, hard to find individual pieces
The updated app makes you sit through a couple seconds of slide show before you can use the app (can’t find a way to skip it), which is a useless waste of time. Also, it hasn’t solved a fundamental problem with IKEA’s app and website from forever: it’s hard to find individual pieces and their prices. Where most sites show you an item and suggest other parts of the same collection or things that work well together, many (most?) of the products you look at on IKEA are shown as packages of multiple pieces and it’s unclear how to unpackage them if you don’t want the configuration shown. It’s also hard to figure out which pieces come together and which are attachments/sold separately. I find this REALLY annoying and difficult to navigate. I do less shopping at IKEA because the app makes it harder to plan ahead and figure out whether they have something that will work for me.
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3 years ago, yodak25
Works fine
accessibility could be better, for a mobile app with an inventory as expansive as ikea I would like a better shopping experience, although it isn’t *terrible*. I just expect more. clicking on a category should allow me a link to the item category cover, just went to buy a small table and was over it by the time I realized I would have to use the search function to find that table after backing out of the category it’s a small thing so imma still give you 5* on another note, a wide 1 month delivery window is kinda annoying to deal with. it’s a panny so I understand long delivery times, but a 1 month window that updates the day of random delivery isn’t ideal especially if i’m ordering quite a bit.
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1 year ago, Tacklingjet
Good app, Kreativ needs more work
I haven’t had any issues with searching or browsing products. The shopping experience is pretty good although being able to set multiple stores as a favorite would be nice (I don’t care about locations in another state for example) This review is mainly for the Kreativ scanning portion of the app. It seems like a cool concept, but I have yet to pass the initial scan screens. The app developers really need to add a button to skip the tutorials. They take way too long and are frustrating if you already need the instructions. They also really need to add a confirmation message to the close button because if you accidentally close out while in the middle of scanning, you lose all your work. I really want to use this feature, but these usability issues are blockers
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3 years ago, Lopealong2008
Love the design and price
Going to the IKEA store here in Tampa is always a fun half-day outing. We love the drive across the bay, although more often we simply take the route over land to get there faster. Then we stroll leisurely through one floor of the store before having lunch in the cafeteria. We always pick up many items we first saw on the app, but end the excursion in the warehouse aisles to pick up another piece of furniture we priced through the app. The app is a great convenience because it will tell you if the item you want is not in stock and that saves you a trip. And I often compare IKEA with a couple of other venues, all via apps before deciding where I buy a specific item, but inevitably it’s at IKEA because I love the style and price.
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2 years ago, Ftttt!
Entertaining and Easy
Sometimes I’m in the mood to IKEA dream, go on the app to play with all the possibilities. Many times I simply need an item. Either way this app is not complicated. I can quickly check stock at my store and across the nation. It’s been good so I can see when there is a shortage at my store only or if it is profound. Once I needed a certain dresser and it was out of stock across Texas but I stalked the app and one day my store had “low stock”. I jumped on it and did curbside. My store only had one of the rare dressers and I was told it was a single that had either been returned or was discovered in the warehouse. It’s now designed into a beautiful blond piece with rattan drawer fronts.
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3 years ago, DeadpanAnn
No option to refine search to what’s in stock at your store
I have spent hours trying to find an item that I need only to discover nearly all items to be out of stock. It seems like nearly everything is out of stock at all times. For two years I’ve been watching the site for a few different items and everything remains out of stock with no alternatives available. It wouldn’t be as annoying if I could limit search results to items in stock at my store, but instead I have to sift through hundreds of out of stock items to find maybe one item in stock. It’s really discouraging. I usually end up settling with other retailers just to avoid the daunting task of finding something actually in stock within the sea of items that are unavailable.
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7 months ago, Mayra026
Terrible app experience
This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used with tons of UI issues. While trying to shop in store, you cannot scan items, you have to type every single item; however, after you type the item, there’s a glitch that happens and it doesn’t get added to your cart, making it impossible to try to find the boxes you need once you get to the end of the store. Also, I tried to order an item to be delivered to me and for some reason it’s saying item unavailable for delivery. Which I know for a fact it is not out of stock because they had at least 20 at the store, as I was trying to get it delivered to me house, since it wasn’t going to fit in my car. Overall, I’m extremely disappointed in IKEA. I hope you see this comment and hire a competent UX/UI team to make the app navigation better and have your engineers fix all the bugs your app has.
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5 months ago, MickeeG
IKEA is my “Everything” Store
I’ve been shopping at ikea for over 20 years, and I’ve never been disappointed in their products. What amazes me about their products is it’s different and the quality is very good. The store is pleasant to walk around; and while shopping you can stop and have lunch at the cafeteria. Also, if you’re looking for ideas to furnish a room, closet, kitchen or your entire house, ikea is the place to shop. Their furniture is reasonably priced, looks good and, will last a life time. I should know. My entire house is all “ikea”. I highly recommend shopping there any for any and everything you might need for your home. Meekee
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3 years ago, MikeZpassion
Good App but not the best for iPad Pro 12.9
I am used to using my iPad Pro 12.9 no on landscape mode. This app while good in portrait mode it will not switch to landscape mode. Please update the app to include landscape mode! Also the search by nearest store could be better. Not sure if theres a way to show available products only in store on the app. I keep having to go back and forward with checking product availability between stores. The whole delivery has never worked for me I keep getting errors all the time. Also the pick up option is never an option for me and there is an IKEA about 15min away from me. Not sure what going on with that. Other than that the App is great for just viewing what IKEA has to offer. If you’re looking for product availability it would be best to call the store or go find out yourself.
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4 years ago, Acissejjessica12355
Better than the old one - but still a work in progress
I think I have the last IKEA app one 1 star. This one is slightly better. There are still hilarious quirks though. For example, it won’t let me change preferred store. It pretends like it captured the change but then still shows the old store. The other thing - to click and collect, I have selected a store in IL which shows there is 1 of my selected item in stock - but it gives me 2 east coast stores to pick it up and not the selected store that shows inventory. Like I’m going to drive 900 miles one way for an $89 chair. This app needs to be fully tested again by a group of shoppers who actually wants to buy things. Lots of examples like this. But I will say- so far seems much improved over the last one where even the search engine part of the app was garbage.
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3 weeks ago, lilthis N that
Makes life so much
I thoroughly enjoyed the IKEA app. It makes life 10 times easier don’t get me wrong. I love going to IKEA I could spend hours and hours there actually I have but with my busy lifestyle being able to just hop on the computer and order what I need saves me a lot of time, hassle and frustrationand let me spend more time with my family the variety of items and resources that the IKEA app has to offer is amazing. I could spend an hour or two just on the app itself no but seriously I really do take advantage of how simple it is to order what I need and pick it up from the IKEA store or have it sent directly to my house.
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4 weeks ago, baebaird
3d doesn’t work
For the past few months, I’ve been trying to use the view in room feature on the app. When it works, I absolutely love it. My only issue is that most of the time it does not work correctly. The item will be horizontal to the floor and not vertical to the wall so I can actually see how it would look in real life. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s my phone but like I said when it works, it works wonderfully and I absolutely love it but when it doesn’t work, it’s extremely disappointing because I do not live anywhere near an IKEA store so seeing how the item will look in My Home would help so much and I would be able to shop from the online store more.
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12 months ago, SxA ghost
Won’t be shopping with ikea again
Ordered a couple thousand dollars worth of items for delivery. Paid the delivery fee/charge and scheduled delivery. We live on a military base, so we provided the phone number that’s on the military commercial gate for access. They also had our customer phone number. They requested confirmation of delivery to be completed in thirty minutes. We have them confirmation along with reaffirming the gate phone number. 30 minutes pass and we get an email saying failed to deliver. Strange… they had the phone number for security forces that I provided for access. The gate ALSO has the same number posted for access. (Funny enough, security forces was at the gate in the picture of the failed delivery, so there would have been no waiting) AND most importantly, they did not call me to get information or access. Any one of the 3 options would have given them access. Ikea won’t waive the delivery fee despite making us sit around and miss other plans. They also want to reschedule as if we will waste another day only for an incompetent delivery company to neglect to do the very basic steps involved to be successful. As a result, we have no confidence in ikea’s ability to deliver, so we simply can not choose to order items from you.
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4 years ago, stealingsand
There need to be some usability tests because dang.
I'm having trouble understanding basic things like whether this comforter cover comes in a different size, or what it terms are included in a "decorative combination" (does it include the table? The vase? The couch and wall??) I’m seeing some big changes in ecommerce terms (favorites lists) BUT the app also MAKES you choose a list, like, I have one list, just do the thing. I'm not a big list maker, but I didn’t think that favorites go on lists? I see ♥️ as a separate type of list, not a *shopping* list, and expect a different interaction to add to a list. Idk I’m confused by a lot of small things, so much so that I'd prefer to shop on dot com but I hope they didn’t cascade the app's interaction design to the web because I like IKEA, but I’m not braving covid to shop there. Almost all of this could be fixed by testing the app with like ten people.
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3 years ago, alormi62513
One of my favorite stores.
IKEA has something different. Starting with for me it is esthetically pleasant to the eye, always organized, functional store layout. There is always something unique that you might not have thought off. One of the things I love the most is the show room, they help think outside the box. From the kitchen to the patio, from the bedrooms to bathrooms or living areas, there are an infinite type if accessories and decor from different styles you can choose from. The prices are affordable for the most part. If you are like me, budget conscious and you are looking for a more minimalist and modern style, IKEA is your place.
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3 years ago, T. Brown
Love IKEA Not the App
I just downloaded the app a few days ago and I'm already frustrated. I like to read the reviews of products and as I'm scrolling through reviews the reviews start flashing (not the title bar) and becomes less responsive and gives me a headache. Because the comments themselves are flashing but not other parts of the UI leads me to reason that its a coding problem. No other app i have used has had this behavior. Reasons to like, well otherwise the app seems adequate to browse IKEA's catalog, shop and what not while retaining my data in an app interface as opposed to a web interface. Just that one issue alone though have me a headache which is why i took off a star. It may be a minor issue, but i enjoy reading comments about product usage and i can't do it now or I risk a headache. 😕
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2 years ago, luizesramos
Very good but has room for improvement
I made an online purchase using the ikea website and finished up the purchase on the mobile app. It was very handy that both systems shared data seamlessly. However, once I made the purchase it was difficult to find the details of the purchase like the dates of the different deliveries in the app. I freaked out when I saw the delivery address show as 9930 Franklin Square Dr, Baltimore while the website showed a 404 page for my purchase. I thought i had been hacked and had to double-check all details via customer service chat. Then I found the Baltimore address is the ikea office. So that may be a placeholder address they used in the mobile app.
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3 years ago, sfkw
Needs work
I was disappointed to see this app replacing the previous catalog, for several usability reasons. First, why is this only portrait mode? Second, the UI for adding to a list is a bit confusing and involves a couple of unnecessary extra steps. Also, search filters are cumbersome, and the scrolling display of results is poorly laid out—items take up a lot of space, and on an iPad only two show side by side, and basically only one full row at a time. Also, I had several odd connection errors using this app (e.g., clicking an item in a search result to see its details, and getting an error saying the item couldn’t be displayed. This should be way, way better. I really want to use it, and it is getting in the way of finding, saving, and purchasing items.
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1 month ago, *£>{€¥
The IKEA app is a game-changer! It’s like having the entire store at your fingertips. Browsing through their extensive catalog and finding inspiration for my home projects has never been easier. The augmented reality feature is a lifesaver – being able to see how furniture looks in my space before buying is incredibly helpful. Plus, the app’s intuitive design and smooth navigation make shopping a breeze. And let’s not forget about the handy shopping list feature that keeps me organized. Overall, IKEA’s app has revolutionized the way I shop for furniture and home goods. Five stars without a doubt!
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7 months ago, Twestaz
App Easy to use, great finds prices, displays, love ikea on line!
I’m having so much fun shopping online, finding more than when I’m in the store because I just can’t walk that much. And I can compare prices so much better this way. It’s an embarrassment of riches. I don’t know which to buy but I can choose one and come back later for the other. I didn’t shop much at IKEA before this but now it’s one of my favorite stores, there’s just so much to choose from and I don’t have to walk and walk and walk because of this online application. Developers you knocked it out of the park.
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3 years ago, DJJ Harris
Total Frustration
First time in IKEA store was several years ago. Today was the second time, because after spending a good deal time on my laptop last night, searching several pieces of furniture and adding them to my basket, when I tried to check out my basket was empty. It was too late and I was too discouraged to start over. I kept getting a pop up in bottom right corner to request assistance, but it wouldn’t work either... Today, with renewed optimism, I drove more than an hour to the store. All three employees I spoke with about placing an order for a later pick up, gave me different answers. I felt totally alone in that store with no one to help me. After more than an hour I had bed frame, mattress, nightstand, table and chairs, dresser and more on the IKEA app/list on my phone. When I went to “check out “ it started giving me a list of items that were out of stock. I’m left wondering why it didn’t signal that when I was making the list??? I was out of time and too frustrated to go back upstairs and shop again. Home and after dinner, AGAIN, I try to spend my hard earned money on the IKEA app and continue to find out of stocks. Wound up with just a few items and will Not Ever try to shop IKEA again.
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3 years ago, Ketrina
Photos of furniture are a disappointment
As I remember with the original app the photos were more detailed and phone size as in a lot bigger I don’t know if this makes any sense but the photos on this new app seem to be smaller and not enough information...like being able to see the inside of a wardrobe if it had shelves or a hanging rod in the old app you could see this information but now you can not...also in the old app if you could add more shelves you could scroll down see the different accessories that you could purchase for that unit click on it and it would take you to that page Furthermore with the older app it would also refer you to another product that was similar and may like instead of the one you had clicked on in the first place...so that maybe give you more options.
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4 years ago, jgr9412
Old app was better
This new app is terrible compared to the old IKEA Store one. While it was glitchy at times, the old one was simple and required fewer clicks to add items to your shopping list. I really appreciated the ease of seeing a price tally, where things were located in the store, and checking them off, which has been eliminated. Given that IKEA still does not have robust shipping and delivery services, it is insulting that this app encourages customers to try to order things online. IKEA wants to charge me $99 for delivery of a lampshade and pillowcase. This new app is clunky, I’ve run into multiple bugs in less than 5 minutes, including my preferred store not changing after selecting a new one and returning search results for items that are no longer available. It requires more clicks to carry out every task than the old app.
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3 years ago, XOXO CG
Where to start.....
Really annoying that the app won’t recognize my existing Family Card account. Had to setup a new account and provide a lot of intrusive information that I didn’t have to provide previously to link my old Family Card account to the old IKEA app. In terms of functionality, I don’t understand the changes they made to the List functionality. UI changes should lead to fewer steps, not more. Instead of simply adding something to a shopping list, like you could in the previous app UI, you now have to add it to the shopping cart and then go into the cart and move it to your shopping list. I’m truly baffled as to why someone signed off on this change to the app UI. There should be two buttons on the product page - one to add to cart and one to add to list. I’m hoping they make this change to a future version of the app.
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3 years ago, RTD71
Works better than the old app
Searching on this app is much easier than IKEA’s previous app. It is also easier to find out which items are in stock in different locations. It’s not perfect;) A pronunciation guide would be appreciated. There are some fun features to help you design your space. I really appreciate that the app both keeps track of my previous searches and that I can create project lists that I can purchase at once when I’m ready. My next comment isn’t app specific: IKEA has the best and easiest curbside pickup. Being able to purchase through the app and drive over and collect items during Covid has not only been handy but it actually relieves anxiety too. Kudos to IKEA.
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3 years ago, BellaVoce30
Dissatisfied with your App
I am dissatisfied with the new IKEA app. My main issue is in regards to the lack of transparency for both in-stick and out-of-stock products. If the item is in-stock - please CLEARLY display how many are available at that location. If the item is Out-of-stock - please CLEARLY & ACCURATELY display the amount of product enroute to the store or will become available and WHEN. This will be especially helpful when people need to travel to an alternate IKEA location in order to purchase the product. Consumers need a timeline for in stock, accurate stock counts and estimated time of arrival for item to be in-stock. Additionally, your delivery area needs to be larger than 50 miles! Especially to help those who want to purchase IKEA furniture or other large items, but do not live near a store or have the means to pickup the item(s).
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2 years ago, venakg$sjwcjoige
I very much enjoy Sweden and this mobile game really showcases what it’s like to live in the land of sweedonese I feel myself growing blonder each moment I sincerely enjoyed looking at the frakta bag (21 3/4x14 1/2x13 3/4 “/19) I often venture to the nearby ikea to acquire copious amounts of furniture to bring home to my morbidly obese American family in an attempt culture them also my family and my disgusting Irish wife are only allowed to drink vintersaga and Swedish meatballs I’ve purposely designed my entire house to be a 1 to 1 replica of an ikea display I have setup my tv to only play every pewdiepie video on a random loop I have dyed my children Oliver and Astrid’s hair blond.
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3 years ago, jrmac12345
Horrible customer service, damaged product
I recently drove 6 hours round trip to ikea with my family to pick out a dining room table. The box was in perfect condition so we didn’t think to open the box and inspect the table before we got home. We opened the box to find the table top split in multiple places and both of the support beams damaged and split as well. I’ve spent over 3 hours on the phone with promises that a manager from the store will call me back within 24 hours and it’s been almost a week. The only resolution I’ve been provided so far is for me to drive the table back and get a new one. All I’m looking for is the product in new condition and it has been extremely frustrating to not get a call back and to have ikea not take any responsibility for a quality control issue on their part.
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