Indianapolis Intl. Airport

3.3 (4)
82 MB
Age rating
Current version
ProDIGIQ, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Indianapolis Intl. Airport

3.25 out of 5
4 Ratings
9 months ago, DebiT63
links do not work. what is its purpose?
when clicking on TSA links none work. The only page that works is the various types of Parking. The “economy lot” could be better if it gave an overall map of the zones/ shuttle locations vs just a list. If never been here I have no idea what Zone 10 is relative to entrance. Why have such a useless app and keep pushing an app? My phone is full of these useless apps. Did anyone test it? Uninstalled and will use the Delta app. No support link.
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5 years ago, WebThingy
Buggy At Best
App was ok but never great, lately however flights for Frontier will disappear entirely then hours later just pop back up. Also, MANY aircraft that are Departed show as On Time instead. You can’t tell what is here and what is gone. This app shows delays but never shows when flights are cancelled which is really annoying. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on this app to make it reliable and useful.
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8 years ago, KHIndy
Not helpful
They should have left garage parking information alone. I travel out of here every week. I liked being able to see how many spots are left on each level before arriving. Now it just says the overall spots. Too often you get their and the only spots are on the roof, not paying $18/day for uncovered parking. I will just use FastPark from now on. Lost a customer.
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12 years ago, Ny51
Great for IND frequent fliers
I am a frequent flier who travels out of IND 36 weeks/year for work. I am glad you finally have an airport app so that I can get accurate flight and airport info every time I travel. One suggestion - make sure the info remains accurate. I have downloaded many generic apps for airports where the info becomes outdated/inaccurate after a while. With this and Denver airport's app, I know I have trusted info for my weekly trips.
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9 years ago, Mark809
Why mess with perfection?
The previous version was fantastic! It mirrored exactly what was on the departure board for your airline. Unfortunately, they updated it, and now it displays a bunch of flights that don't exist such as IND nonstop to West Palm beach. If you are lucky enough to find your flight among all the false flights, when you want information about the status of your flight, it says "check airline". I wish they would just go back to mirroring what is actually displayed on the departure board at the airport. Now I barely use this app. I just check it once in a while hoping they changed it back to the way it was.
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12 years ago, zig810
what's the point
Not exactly sure what good this app is. It doesn't even tell me what gate my flight is from. It doesn't even tell me where anything in the airport is. Clearly they wanted to get something out around the time of the SuperBowl press but if you guys are serious about making an app I'm going to hold you to a higher standard. On another note, you did a great job on Sunday/Monday. Would of been nice if you gave out more free stuff though besides donuts after a whole weekend of eating unhealthy!!
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12 years ago, AmyD523
Fairly useless
As an infrequent flier, I was hoping for an app that would provide maps and flight information. I find the app fairly useless, not to mention it crashes almost every time I open it. I get more information from my Concur app and have deleted this one. If you add maps and flight information, I think it would be useful. As it is right now, you get what you pay for. . . Nothing.
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12 years ago, ethanucsb
Simple, gets the job done
I like that it's simple, just gives you the stuff you care about, and everything is just 1 click away.
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12 years ago, Airporter38638:0
Individual Airport App
Wait, so I am supposed to download an individual airport app for each airport that I visit? Does this make any sense at all? Are you even thinking about what would help the traveler going through your airport?
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12 years ago, Tore D
Works Great!!
Just downloaded and used the app on my iPad and also tried it on my iPhone. No crashes or issues. Awesome! I hope you do other airports!
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12 years ago, Xxchicago
Dead on!
This is exactly what needs to be in an app of this nature. Works like a champ. If I could choose where it went next, I'd love to see the Mitchell Filed, Milwaukee version!
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12 years ago, Movn_on_up
Like this new app!
Just in time for the Super Bowl! Lots of helpful info here and very "user friendly" . Every airport should have a site like this one!
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11 years ago, VCInIndiana
Easy to use
Really simple app. I just wanted to see my flight status for an airline that doesn't have it's own app.
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12 years ago, Seejaneworkit
Simple and Informative
Perfect! Just the right amount of information.
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12 years ago, DHuynh503
Fantastic App!
Super convenient. If only our west coast airports had something similar! Please bring this app to PDX and SFO!
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12 years ago, Trendyboots
New app keeps crashing
I don't know if it's because it's a new app or it was hastily release due to the superbowl but this thing keeps crashing on me. I can't get it to display any flight info. I'll wait for an update before downloading it again.
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12 years ago, Tis1
A must!
As a INDy frequent flyer this app provides all the relevant info at your fingertip. Good job!
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