IndiGo: Flight Ticket App

4.2 (1.5K)
146.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
InterGlobe Aviation Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for IndiGo: Flight Ticket App

4.21 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
1 year ago, manisudhakar
Excellent service
My mother was traveling from vizag to Hyderabad. A staff person named Manikonda (in vizag) helped her well and ensured it was a smooth process to help checkin bags etc
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8 months ago, VikG007IL
1. Tried to register/ sign up - does not work. 2. You have to give US mobile number and they never send the OTP. 3. Email sent to customer service is responded after 2 days. 4. Then suddenly an OTP shows up in the email and is only valid for 3 min. 5. Nowhere it says the OTP will show up in an email - this means someone has to get inside the mind of Indigo customer service and figure out that they will be sending an OTP via email. Also, the person has to keep the email open and keep checking (and stop doing any other work) for hours as the OTP can arrive at any time…it is only valid for 3 min. Instead of being so mechanical, the customer service should at least think “logically” and just don’t assume certain things. Hopefully someone will see this review and act accordingly.
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7 months ago, BR1545
Frustrated with Indigo System
Tried to check in and reserve seat online. My credit card was errored numerous times until I saw the notice that foreigners need to use app, as online payment won’t work online. Went to app. Inserted my foreign chip and paid foreign access fees for India. Tried to purchase RM16 (US$3.50 ish) seat at least 3 times. I did everything correctly, card should go through, but Indigo gives message maybe it goes through in 20 min, maybe not. No seat reservation shown in reservation and no indication of charge accepted or failed. At least website was certain - rejected, app uncertain. I will be flying indigo 3 times since December. If foreign credit card not welcome, it tells me foreigners not welcome. Really disappointed from a respected airline with a good reputation for on time arrival and fair pricing.
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1 year ago, HariPrasadK
Horrible payment experience
They have the worst payment experience of any travel app. At the last step of booking, when I provide my credit card details for payments, it throws an alert which essentially means, come back and make a payment again- because we may not be able to complete the transaction. So you have to wait and wait and wait .. hoping that the transaction passes, there is no immediate feedback. Now if your card does not go thru (for some reason, mine did not, Im using USD as currency and a US card) they give you another chance - with 16 mins time limit this time for the payment transaction go thru, which is means - you wait again. So much for “online” booking in current times, huh!
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4 years ago, Abraham Thomas 2012
App Crashing
I have installed this app multiple times on my iPhone. When it functions it is good. But it crashes all the time. So I have to reinstall. This time the error message was can’t connect to the server and everything is grayed out with Retry button. When click the retry it is trying to connect forever. I have good internet connection and everything else work perfect. Also, when I am sometime it gives trouble with login as if it is not recognizing the phone number etc. please someone look into this. I can use the same credentials on a web browser and it works. But on the app I am having problems.
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8 months ago, upnorth85
Poor App
I can rarely log in to Indigo App. I can log into my Indigo account online web account, and access my booking. On the App, even logging is an act of God. Works on rare occasions. The Executive leading this App functionality should be fired. Even school kids could write a better App. Most of the last 50 reviews for this app are one star. Where does the Buck stop? Indigo is a fine airline, whose image is sullied by this poor made app. This app never seems to even have basic functionality, let alone go for excellence. Does anyone at Indigo read App user feedback. I hope Apple kicks the App off until it is functional on their latest iOS/iPhone.
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8 months ago, TennisNinjaJT
Please fire the developer
This app has so much potential to make it easier on the traveling customer. It does not take a lot of ingenuity because there are so many other airline apps that can be modeled. The most basic function is to be able to see your flight information in the app. I can’t pull up my flights using the PNR and last name or email ID. This is apparently a very common problem since so many other reviews have stated the same thing. Come on Indigo airlines, your airline is great. It is just this app that is terrible blot on your reputation. The situation has been going on for years! Please fire the developer ASAP !
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1 month ago, pdypdypdy
Doesn’t work
When I enter a PNR it says it doesn’t exist. When I type in two cities which clearly have flights including the one where I have a ticket and am receiving SMS updates (eg mumbai to hyderabad) it says there are no flights in the next three days. Not accurate. Whatever functionality you think is there, doesn’t cover the basics. For reference the user is accessing from USA App Store. Perhaps you haven’t contemplated customers not from India in your user requirements, which is perplexing because people often fly on airlines to visit places other than their home. Please address.
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4 months ago, Antony RN,MHS,MBA
Money Diggers
This is the waste flight I have ever seen. They are money diggers. If you are traveling to an international destination, Never use indigo flights. They only allow you 15kg. I was traveling from Cochin(India) to San Diego(USA), on 15 th may 6E 472 flight,and had problems with the Indigo flight, I was charged 4400RS extra for my total 24kg baggage, indigo flight allows you only 15kg and charges you the remaining weight of baggage, they do not consider as an international traveler). I am attaching going to post everywhere the receipt and The staff of Indigo charged me in Cochin airport, All world allows you 25kg as an international flight ,except Indigo.
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7 months ago, Milin-di-An
What exactly is the point of this app?
While the title may sound rhetorical, it still is a genuine question. What is one supposed to do with this app? I can’t search for flights, even though I can on the website. I can’t look up bookings using PNR for flights I have booked. And because I can’t look up booked flights, I can’t check-in using the app. (Oh yeah, I have an account, but I can login into the account only on the app, but not the browser - whole another can of worms). So yeah, my question, in earnest this time: what exactly is the point of this app?
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4 years ago, JTub20
Lost Luggage
Flew from Goa to Udaipur today with a short layover in Bengaluru. Our checked bags never made it. Fortunately, we packed some extra clothes in our carry on, as well as the usual meds, electronics. The still haven’t tracked it. Both flights were delayed a bit, the first one a bit longer than the second. Hopefully the will find our bags in Bengaluru and get them to the Taj Lake Palace by tonight or early tomorrow. The hotel said for the past week, many bags have been misguided. Only one set made it to hotel. Ugh.
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2 weeks ago, ladiehl
Horrible experience
We have tried to book 4-5 times and pay with our credit card. Each time we get 1 message which days payment initiated but there is no follow up message saying the booking is complete. Our credit card company has tried to help because they will allow the charge. Your website is horrible and difficult to navigate. We need tickets Delhi to Dimapur round trip Oct 22-Nov 10 but can not purchase them. I do not know what to do. Louise Diehl
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7 months ago, Parul👌🏼
Can’t move forward without paying for a seat
It’s sad that we are now at the point where you cannot checkin on this app without selecting a seat that costs extra money beyond the price of the ticket. If you do not want to pay extra for a seat, you will not be able to move forward and checkin with this app. If you have an endless cash supply and don’t mind paying the money, then the app is for you.
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2 years ago, fmrhu
This app says it supports the Apple wallet but it doesn’t. It used to work and now it no longer does. I have deleted and reinstalled both apps several times and it still doesn’t work. We fly often - at least once a week - and it would be nice to have our boarding pass on Apple wallet. Add it is I have to work through a convoluted process just to get into the airport! And my Apple wallet accepts other apps - just not Indigo
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6 months ago, Valo Na
Terrible experience on Payment
OTP is coming in my phone correctly while paying by credit card but after submission of OTP there is no movement on screen and it is happening again and again. I thought it is Bank issue and called them 4 times but they have said everything is fine from them . Last 2 Hours at least tried 7-8 times but couldn’t succeed and finally my booking got cancelled. Terrible Apps.
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5 months ago, Anand Subramanian
Frequent errors
Kept adding extra services like FFWD service and was unable to complete the process and kept getting error messages. Same happened after reinstalling the App. I see one glitch or other frequently. I think, Indigo is losing it’s mojo and will likely lose it’s customers soon unless they up their ante.
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4 years ago, DrSNS
Nice looking yet USELESS App
One of the main purpose of the airline app would be to be able to check in painlessly. This app does anything BUT that. I have tried at least 10 different times to put the PNR and the last name or email address. Every time it says it is an invalid number. On all instances I had to go to my laptop browser and checkin. It works on the browser every time! I thought there might have been a temp glitch but over a period of 1 year, this is just incompetence.
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2 years ago, stochastix
Apple wallet disabled
Generally it’s been a pretty reliable app and I used to like the native Apple Wallet integration. That appears to be disabled now. Efficient access to the digital boarding pass is lost. Could have rated higher if they didn’t randomly switch to the website for various steps and if Wallet integration had stayed.
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2 months ago, A star gazer 537
Annoying notifications. No option to disable
I enabled notifications to receive any updates to my currently booked trip. However the app misuses this to show notifications for offers etc. there is no way to customize this. Very annoying. I also tried to unsubscribe to their email offers but they keep spamming my inbox. No respect for customer’s preferences.
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12 months ago, sunny moon542
not reliable at all
Finding a booking by PNR and last name wouldn’t work many times. Even simple things like flight status by flight number wouldn’t allow enter key to be visible, rest of the web page get blocked by keyboard after entering flight number so one can’t even click the search button. Someone got to check basic quality before releasing!
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4 years ago, The Seitanist
Works fine for booking fights but there are bugs in other parts
One major bug is it doesn’t show my current and past bookings correctly; I can only see one when I have many more. The app also constantly bugs me to grant location access. How about taking no for an answer?
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1 year ago, Travel_Around
Worst Airline App
This is not just one of the worst BUT it’s actually the WORST airline application I have ever come across. It doesn’t let me even sign in, doesn’t send OTP to any of the valid phone numbers I tried and didn’t load the PNR after 10+ tries (even though the same loaded on web and was a valid PNR). This is just start of the problems with this app, all of which are pretty basic things.
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1 year ago, S Hartmann
Please fix your app
This is the fifth time in 8 months I have had to delete and reinstall this app, but the same bugs haven’t been fixed. My flight bookings disappearing, not being able to book the meal I want (just cashews!) and the worst —- the app freezing after I have checked in online and am on the way to the airport! Even just filing these reviews is difficult
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2 years ago, pbhutna
App is good , but payment gateway glitch all the time
I tried to book tickets by using international credit cards ( Bank of America Visa card ), all the time , the app keep the itinerary on hold. I spoke with the customer care for this, always got the same response - glitch in the payment gateway. It is very annoying experience. Indigo should focus on the payment gateway, it’s is the most important module of your app.
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4 years ago, krantiguduru
No AC even after 20 mins of boarding time.
It’s quite summer and total people were on boarded and Ac is not ON. When asked air hostess she said “ I understand sir, once we turn on all functionality all will be good”. What the crap, before or while ppl on boarding process, Ac is expected to be on!!!. God sake I’m totally sweat out!. By the way this flight is on 29th June 2019 @ Hyderabad to Vijayawada!. If indigo see this review I would request team to help customers with basic stuff.
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2 years ago, Kannan85
Poor app. Please delete from App Store.
Not able see flights between two airports. Search in a computer shows the flights but app says no service between airports. Not able to add an itinerary to the account. App keeps crashing every time you search a different route. Better to remove this app than having such a poor non functioning app.
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4 months ago, baishyax
Never works
This app is the worst flight service app I’ve used - or rather tried to use. It just never works. Whenever I try to do anything it will say some error has occurred and I should try again later. I have tried reinstalling the app many times but nothing else. Recently I can’t even login or check my existing bookings
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2 weeks ago, R.Wallace2
Terrible!!!!! Use anyone else!
App is of no use! 6times trying to book a flight and each time after payment only got a transaction number but no confirmation. Was on hold 50 minutes trying to speak with a representative and after giving him all my information he transferred me to their AI device without any help at all…
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6 months ago, Bittu26
Login Issues
App doesn’t recognize my mobile number and when I signup with that number it shows an error saying the number is already registered. I try to reset the password using otp but the screen just goes blank. It would be much easier to allow email logins. So many issues with this app.
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10 months ago, nvsk.avinash
Worst app
This is a worst app. Checkin got hanged in between. I have a continuation flight and I have selected seats for both of my journeys, I got only one seat alloted but the other is not! This is so bad. I had gone to website to book other seat, and I was not even able to see the boarding pass of the other seat I booked through website
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1 year ago, US user1
Pain to use
During registration it asks about email but during login asks about phone number and password, you click forgot password and give the phone number it doesn’t send OTP to US number but during registration it did send after that it never sends so you are stuck and you cannot use this.
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7 months ago, Joshi Itinus
Worthless App
This app is pathetic! I added couple of booking using the web client since this app couldn’t find them. They showed up in the app and few days later disappeared! Tried again with the confirmation# and the dumb thing keeps saying “Invalid PNR”. Gave up on it and Indigo. I they can’t have a proper app, what would the airline be like? Go figure!!!
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9 months ago, Sam3732
App performance is substandard. Worst than their web app
Have installed after dealing with indigo on web browser. Worst experience from the beginning. Doesn’t take my userid and password, takes lot of time to login via mobile number. Navigation is very limited. Overall, it’s better to book via 3rd party apps.
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3 months ago, Shashwat Kumar Rai
Bad Airline, Worse App
The app lags, freezes and often fails to perform basic tasks like loading bookings. Throws random errors and forces the user to use the website or third party apps. The airline itself is one of the worst in India. The staff is clueless when the flights are delayed. The response is mechanical and scripted when things go wrong.
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9 months ago, Tanz231011
Multiple kinks in the payment process on the App and the Website
Net banking selection for add-on payments doesn't work on the website, and credit card payment is getting declined for no reason. The app doesn't recognize the PNR despite entering the right PNR and email/last name
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2 weeks ago, lalit2223
Pathetic service
If you will book a flight that’s too before a month and then if you want to reschedule the flight dates they will ask for charges…i mean why??? I booked on 24k and if I want to change dates to a particular date where i can see the price is 16k they still charged me. Lol check scam level..
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3 months ago, Sleep on it
Worst app ever
Unfortunately this is one of the worst app ever. Enter your mobile number and wait for OTP which don’t show up for 99% of the time. When you get it, you don’t see any of your reservations. This is the experience I am having in the past three years. Not sure when this is going to be fixed.
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1 year ago, Rput
This App seems buggy
The following does not work. The app pops up a message that says generating baggage tags online is mandatory but there is no way to generate a tag. It takes you to a page where you can only select number of bags for each passenger but after that there is no button to proceed any further.
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1 year ago, Dr. SiGa
Nice app, but..
You can do a lot on the app towards the travel with indigo. Major glitch is that you can’t use international credit cards for payment on the app (can do that with no issues on MakeMyTrip etc) - this diminishes the app usage to just checkin in for flights/boarding passes.
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4 years ago, slam32384
Useless App
I downloaded this app two days ago. It goes not show my bookings. I entered the Booking Reference and my last name. I get a response that there are no bookings. I go to indigo's website and enter my Booking reference and I find the required information. I have removed the so from my iPhone and iPad. Waste of time.
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2 weeks ago, Usha Ari
Very poor response
App does not seem to support, purchase of additional services like additional baggage. I was told at the airport that I need to buy it online, but your app doesn’t seem to respond to my request.
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2 years ago, bikashb4u
Does not work.
Worst app ever..does not work to do web check in.. first of all it does not search for PNR, throws null exception error for users.. what would people understand out of that.. I guess they made this intentionally so that indigo brokerers at airport can charge 200/- for web checkin.. some serious double standard business..
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9 months ago, fjmdsunxhkcdy
Lousy customer service
I booked two times and both the times the money is transferred. But, my ticket is not confirmed and I have a flight leaving next morning. can’t reach a live customer service person. What kind of lousy customer service you have?
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7 months ago, zkhil
Doesn’t show info that is available on their website
This app serves absolutely no purpose. Flight tracking doesn’t work. Retrieving trips doesn’t work. Waste of space and the cherry on top is that you will be spammed with useless notifications.
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4 years ago, ssinghvi
Pathetic app
I have tried a lot of times to book or see a flight but it always returned no result found. I don’t know what is the problem with this app. As I can see the flights in other third party applications. There is some major bug in the app or it is not supporting ios13.
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4 years ago, dsdsggfffnfujrnejdjf
This app fails with server error every time I open it
Developers, please fix the app. I tried it a few weeks ago and I tried it again to check in for my flight tomorrow but it doesn't allow me to do anything. Just fails with a popup asking me to retry only to fail again. Terrible experience.
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10 months ago, WeekendYogi2
OTP/Login dont work with international phone
I was unable to book a ticket because their software does not like non-Indian numbers. They let me book a ticket using guest login and initiated payment but no confirmation of flight. Their online chat keeps telling me that my non-Indian phone number is invalid.
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1 year ago, Johnnykalsi
Been more than 2 years and Indigo app is still broken
Been more than 2 years and Indigo airlines still have not fixed the broken app. Maybe they not paying their IT staff enough
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2 years ago, RakeshLut
Poor App
Doesn’t remember my bookings. To access my bookings I always have to log out and then login again. Can’t update my contact information, every time I tried says an error has occurred try again later. Hire someone qualified to fix the app
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8 months ago, hangteninthe sky
The only thing worse than the app is the airline
It doesn’t matter how good or bad an airline is, if you can’t even conduct basic transactions using their website or app. This is shockingly poorly designed, and even more stupefying that Indian engineers and coders produced an outcome this bad!
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