inDrive. Save on city rides

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User Reviews for inDrive. Save on city rides

4.86 out of 5
182.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Ssarran
Great in Mexico
Tried this in Puerta Vallarta to get around for 2 weeks and saved 350 pesos on our first trip vs. Uber and/or local taxis on a 40 km ride. This app gets you the “old” Uber prices before they went up. Drivers friendly and easy to use app. Need to have cash though. Note: some specific locations don’t come up on the map entry, for example we went to Dreams Punta Mita Nayarit from PV and it didn’t come up on the map. So we just entered Punta Mita and told the driver where to go. He was cool with that. Great savings versus Uber. Hopefully this will work well when we get back to USA also. Looking forward to trying it out.
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7 months ago, Collegeuser2015
No Support Available when I needed it
After I accepted today’s driver’s fare in La Paz, Bolivia, I almost cancelled because I saw previous reviews of people complaining that the driver tried to charge them extra. But, I was really tired and he was the inly one available, so I still accepted it. Guess what, he tried to charge me extra! He did not know that I actually live in La Paz and that it was not my first time leaving the airport. So dishonest. I tried to reach InDrive Customer support while the ride was in progress but guess what, no response. I even tried messaging them on Instagram. But, no luck. Funny thing, he dropped me off an hour ago and the ride still shows to be in progress. I am glad I paid cash.. He still got a bit extra money because I did not have the exact amount.. Usually, I tip, but I wouldn’t want to tip him. I have been preferring InDrive compared to the other popular ride sharing service, but InDrive always offered a better price. I think I will consider using the other service more since there they actually answer you if you need help. Things are good and safe until they aren’t, right? There has to be an easy way to reach support! This driver has 4.32 stars and reviews that say he tried to overcharge others, that he does not drive safely, he has no seatbelts - and he’s still allowed to be on the platform! Drivers/scammers like this should not be allowed on the platform. In case this matters, the driver’s name is Nelson, Black Toyota Corolla 2053XYG.
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1 month ago, RespecfullyConcerned
I was assaulted by my InDriver. The way the app works is you make an offer for a trip. I made an offer of 12,000 pesos to return home. The entire trip the driver angrily ranted the address was wrong. Which isn’t possible. He drove straight to my house without any input from me. Then we arrive he demanded more money. I politely paid what was owed. 12,000 and proceeded to exit the car. He demanded more. He got out of the car and proceeded to attack me. Physically. What was InDrive’s resonance “ Dear user, you have received a complaint within your profile, we invite you to respect the rules of use to avoid sanctions.” When I contacted them via the support function it kept glitching and saying due to my inactivity the chat was closed but I was sitting there waiting for the representative to respond. After trying this for over two hours one said they would call me at an agreed time. They did not call me. I also sent this complaint and story via email. Which said they would get back to me within 24 hours. I have never heard back from them. They have no concern for the safety of their users. And someone needed to say this to warn people.
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6 months ago, Julien🌚
The “offer your price” function does not let you actually offer your own price
Downloaded this app and uninstalled all in 10 mins. The “name your price” feature isn’t exactly as described. Each ride has an “recommended” — more so minimum cost and it you offer any thing lower than that it won’t even allow you to request the ride unless you offer the recommended price. What upsets me is that their excuse is so that it’s “more profitable” for drivers when really company is just looking out for its own self. All while ironically showing a button saying “ride on your own terms” above all of this. How do you know that a ride won’t be accepted because of what I pay for if it I can’t even request it? There are tons of drivers out I see, and I’m sure they would have much more rides if the app allowed them to. Plenty of room for improvement here. If not, I don’t see this app lasting long.
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2 years ago, Ismail Askani
Today i faced a terrible trouble from indrive. I order an indrive first of all he wasn’t the person according to the details, however he gave me a justification about that he said its his brothers car he is trying earn so i thought it could be valid but during our drive he started to be suspicious as he was talking to phone with someone and he was telling where are we right now and where are we going, he was also talking picture of the boards and sending it to someone. He also asked me if i know the roads, i said you but then he asked me where shall we go i told him check the map, he said i was just curios about you knowing the roads or not at that moment i knew I wasn’t safe with him. So in the middle of the road i saw a police checpost and i said to him can you please stop the car because i want to call someone he did stop it so when i got out of the car i told him to cancel the ride. He got so scared his face got red. The ride info: Beige Suzuki Mehran, BGA 902
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2 years ago, whatissherry
3 Star could be 5 Star
The app and it’s features are great, the app works well and the fact that you are in control, and the captain and customer both benefiting, is an added bonus, don’t get me wrong. My only issue is somewhat of a bug. Every single time, I set up a pick-up point, the app would always throw me off by a few meters. So let’s say, I set my pick-up point for Street 12, the app would throw me off by a few meters and show I’m in Street 14, regardless of how accurately I select my pick-up. This would cause the captain to arrive at a completely different location and causes inconvenience on both ends. If this is fixed within the next few updates, awesome! I’ll rate it 5. But, this is something I’ve been hoping for since the last 10-12 updates but no improvement. InDriver team needs to work on this particular problem.
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2 years ago, lilybelma
Phone got stolen
Our phone got stolen by one of the drivers in your application yesterday at 6pm in Casablanca We contacted your services available here in Morocco but they weren’t of much help and refused to intervene. We have his license plate and his name but whenever the services contact him he doesn’t answer and your team doesn’t show any willingness in helping our case. This whole situation is immensely frustrating since the phone is extremely valuable and holds very precious information. We are extremely disappointed since this driver should in theory be very easy to identify and the application should help us contact him and bring us our phone. For the time being we contacted the police about this case and informed them of your driver’s license plate. We never knew that this service employed thieves and thought that it would be a swift process and that my phone would be between my hands as soon as we brought up this problem to the application.
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1 year ago, user5730462839
I don’t like writing negative reviews but my experience with this company has been nothing short of horrible. After being stuck in a smaller town in Mexico back in November, I tried to download this instead of Lyft/Uber. It was a major mistake and nothing but a headache. They won’t let you delete the application yourself- they require you to “ask permission” to do so and when you try to do so in the app, it tries to connect you to an agent but never has an agent available. It then directs you to send an email to customer support. Well, I’m about 15 requests in since November- including making me send a selfie with my drivers license and they still have not deleted my account. Don’t waste your time. Update: They told me to email them…again. I tried to do so four more times. No response. I tried to contact them on chat via app, no response again. They’re very likely stealing your information and cheating you. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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2 years ago, bibtopstriker123
Messaging needs to be improved and updated!
This works well when I’m in Colombia. Most times the prices are way better than Uber. However the app allowed in the past to message with the drivers directly. Now if you don’t speak Spanish and you need to translate which involves a lot of coping and pasting. You can copy messages to translate because the app doesn’t support that. Before the updates you could which made it so much easier to communicate with the driver and tell exactly where you are especially at an airport. I wish you can copy and paste messages so you can paste it in translator to understand the drivers who don’t speak English. Please improve that feature please. I use this app every month in South America and this could be the difference between life or death literally
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2 years ago, Intro Z'Untouchable
Good app with suggestions.
The app seems pretty ok so far but I think it should be mandatory for both passengers and driver to upload ID’s and picture. I have hear several users say that when the driver arrive they don’t look or seem like the profile of the driver they ordered. Now on the flip side most of the profile for passengers don’t have a picture and some persons uses Alias names and the drivers sometimes can’t tell if it’s a male or female or how the person looks that they are picking up. Eg. they go to a party to pick up with a lot a ppl outside waiting, anyone could get in the car a say they are the person. Next thing is that some drivers go to pick up a passenger and they have 2 extra persons entering the car. Things like these needs to be addressed but otherwise the app is ok.
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3 months ago, Leonardo CP
The company needs big improvements and changes
I have been a driver of this app since July 2023 when I started working in Miami, this app is quite good for drivers and passengers but it has several problems, for example to validate documents such as Insurance, registration and other car documents it takes up to 7 days to respond, that for example Uber and Lyft only take minutes to validate these documents, the truth is I don't know how they plan to compete in the United States market against Uber and Lyft with these problems they present and their technical support is the most bad, lousy and incompetent that exists, they only give answers that seem to be reading like robots from a screen, the truth is that if they improve some things they can succeed but right now they are light years aways from their competitors
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6 months ago, Cakethebestbunny
Nice but needs work, don’t feel very safe
I like that this app promises to pay a more fair share to their drivers in comparison to other appss but still needs work… Getting a deliver was fast and easy, but wht I like about the other apps that this doesn’t have AT ALL, is the maps navigation. On the other apps I see the route that the driver is taking to get to me, and the route he will take to drive me, this doesn’t show the routes AT ALL, a driver just took a different route to get to my place there I know it will get there but I was never driven in these streets to it feels a little weird, and unsafe. Another thing is this app doesn’t show the picture of the car, now I know cars pretty well but I know I can’t recommend this to a lot of my friends cause they don’t the difference between a toyota and a ford
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3 years ago, CopticPride
STINKS in Egypt
Drivers here LIE and enter they’ve arrived but they never do then even one of them entered that he completed the trip while I’m still waiting for him… then asked me to ask for the trip again, saying he’s lost???- then accepts from a different car and offers HIGHER fees. That’s only one of their MANY scams that made the app block my account- because they NEVER show up and when I cancel saying DRIVER IS LATE - it counts against me. Either give the customers more control or you’re part of the scam.
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1 year ago, CoachSufian
Update your calling feature
Why did he contact me on WhatsApp to confirm my pickup location? And why are most of the drivers not utilising the built-in messaging feature? This is an absolute violation of your terms, and yet you’re not aware of it. Create a way in which drivers are limited to only using the built-in messaging service or make customers and drivers call each other anonymously just like UBER where your or driver’s phone number remains anonymous or within the app rather than having our personal phone number shown. This led to sexual harassment, assault, and human rights abuse when a driver had your phone number. He could get personal with you for any reason whatsoever, especially if you’re travelling alone and you’re a female. I really am disappointed that the majority of the inDrive drivers are rather than using the built-in feature. Every one of them is calling me on WhatsApp, and I have never allowed InDrive or given consent to let this kind of thing happen which I certainly will be suing your company for that. You better fix this, rather than giving me a sympathetic response to confirm your acknowledgment.
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2 years ago, Maasai
Reliable taxi in Santo Domingo and in the DR
The local taxis see a visitor and try to charge very high prices and the cost may even go up while you’re are en route. It’s not a pleasant experience- you feel conned. Also, it’s much better than Uber, where prices change when using that service too. I use this app whenever I need a taxi. They’re are a few options (car/moto/delivery,etc) the features are geared more for locals, which keeps the cost down too. The only issue is not having a price guide as to what it should cost, so you know what to offer; thus, the 4 stars. I highly recommend this app for local or intercity transportation!
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7 months ago, KWill9196
Almost Perfect
I came to Miami from NYC and my brother recommended this app since he lives in Miami. I used it the entire time I was there & the costs were significantly cheaper than Uber or Lyft with almost the same technology. My two issues: there is no route mapped out so if you’re visiting you have no clue which way the driver is going (safety issue), and if I offer a price that the app feels is too low, it won’t let me continue until I offer the price the app wants. I think that’s odd since you could just make the ride that price. Hopefully this app takes less fees from drivers than Uber & Lyft do.
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6 months ago, MEPlanas
Terrible customer service
For starters, the gps software is utter trash. The cars appear all over the place and jumps from location to location, hence, properly locating your ride is impossible. Secondly, after the driver did not show up and had the audacity of turning on the alert as if he was waiting for me. The driver was nowhere to be found and it was noticeable in the app that he was never close to my location. Finally, after I waited for more than 5 minutes and the driver not showing up despite turning on the clock as if he was waiting, I cancelled following the apps instructions. The app then required me to pay $6.95 to cancel the ride. I tried to contact the service provider and it canceled my request. The so called agent never appeared. Stay away from this app.
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3 years ago, Kilted911
Used it throughout central Mexico
We spent three weeks in Mexico and didn’t want to pay about $850US for a rental car. We were using Uber, but sometimes the wait was 30-minutes, and other times there were no cars available at all. Some locals suggested this app instead of Uber. Virtually the same process as Uber, but it’s all cash $MX in Mexico, and the longest we ever waited was six minutes. Typically the wait averaged four minutes. The accuracy of the location finder on the app wasn’t always perfect (once it was way off on our pickup), but overall, this app worked great for us in Mexico.
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2 years ago, Roneeww
Cheaper than Grab & Bolt, so I always use InDriver
I was so happy when someone told me about this app! I downloaded it immediately & compared with Grab and another app called Bolt. It was definitely the cheapest every time! Amazing! You can offer a lower than market price & then a driver can accept or counter offer, which you can decline or except or raise your price a little bit. If you don’t take a cheap price and it’s busy they may offer you a higher price so don’t be too cheap. Now I rarely even check Grab or Bolt and only use inDriver! I wish I thought of this idea and have been telling all my friends even strangers on the street! So I recommend you download this app right away & Price check with the other apps to confirm it’s the cheapest, then use only it to save a lot of money 💴 on every ride! 🙏🙏🙏 InDriver (Should be WinDriver)
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2 months ago, Chidinma Cynthia
It’s a good app, but today I forgot my phone in the driver’s car the phone I used in ordering, immediately i got home I checked my bag just for me to see that my phone was not there. I used another phone to call, he’s not picking up the call I tried to contact customer care I didn’t see any number for it. I’ve been calling my number he’s not picking up. At least he’ll pick up the phone and tell me where and when to come and collect it
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3 years ago, harisBha
Best ride share app in Pakistan
After using this app I stopped using uber and Kareem totally. Those apps are too much of a headache with uber drivers asking where you wish to go and Kareem sometimes wasting your time to bring up the price meter. This app fixes all of that. If there is one thing I would change is to make the regular ride always A/C or bring the a/c only ride to Islamabad. Also updating the map interface it’s pretty laggy and doesn’t provide as much clarity as uber.
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12 months ago, soxha
Unable to track ride's location after a certain period
One of the primary expectations from any ride-hailing application is the ability to track the booked ride in real-time. This feature serves multiple purposes, including ensuring passenger safety, estimating arrival times, and providing peace of mind. Unfortunately, InDrive's app fails to deliver on this essential functionality, leaving users in the dark about the whereabouts of their rides. After a certain period, the app no longer updates the ride's location, leaving users clueless about their loved one's progress or estimated time of arrival.
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7 months ago, Jota Tay
Love it!
Happy for the competition for Uber!! I like how you can select the driver. The ability to put in your own price is AMAZING. You can save 25% off of Uber (EASILY). I would like to think that the next step is to be able to schedule a pick up. My first time using was for an early airport run. I was nervous wondering if there would be any available drivers. I had five options within 30 seconds. Uber has been demoted to my second team!!
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1 month ago, OPIE535
Support agents cancelling my request
After being very late to work again for choosing to trust the drivers on this app even while agreeing to double and more the standard fee for a the ride, the driver Erdi cancelled on me, I actually called him to make sure he is coming and he confirmed then on the last minute he canceled. I am really frustrated and mad and upon talking to one of the supposed agents Aleper I guess his name, he just canceled my request and said you can create a new one and go on. It’s like you are either covering for these drivers and their actions, it’s not enough that they are already get paid much more than the standard fee the also get to cancel and as a passenger I can’t do anything to make sure that driver gets punished, last time i tried (today) with your Customer service agent Alper he just cancelled my request after knowing all the details!!! Horrible app horrible service, only if I Uber would come back as they used to I. Turkey then we can finally get rid of these yellow taxis and this kind of applications like InDrive
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4 years ago, 00-Se_q
Application has some problems
The location is never accurate, it’s not even close and I have tried several times to enable location always but nothing works, and on the drivers side, the ride requests aren’t updated. They show ride request from a previous day not the exact day and time. Please try to fix that, the application was a real help to most users but it’s not so anymore
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3 years ago, Sebastien-Evrard Armand
I advise against you in the Dominican Republic/ Te desaconsejo en la republica dominicana
if you are planning or visiting the dominican republic I strongly advise you not to use Indriver, because many drivers are used to taking luggage from foreigners and when you call the support service they will give you a number to call and never find anyone si vous prévoyez ou visitez la république dominicaine je vous déconseille fortement d'utiliser Indriver, car de nombreux chauffeurs ont l'habitude de prendre les bagages des étrangers et lorsque vous appelez le service d'assistance ils vous donneront un numéro à appeler et ne trouveront jamais personne. Si está planeando o visitando la República Dominicana, le recomiendo encarecidamente que no use Indriver ya que muchos conductores están acostumbrados a llevar equipaje de los extranjeros y cuando llame al servicio de asistencia le darán un número para llamar y no encontrar nunca a nadie.
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7 months ago, zonet8
Safety nightmare. No support, no checks and balances
This app is safety nightmare. If you want to get robbed or murdered this app is for you. I tried to use it on multiple occasion and every time someone shady or a different person showed up. When i tried to report it, there is no simple way. No one is ever available on chat support. They have zero check and balances. Anyone can come on this app and do anything and get away with it. The only way the app let you leave a review is if you complete ride. No way to report suspicious activities, threatening drivers before that. This app can never work in western countries because people will sue them to the ground which they deserve.
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8 months ago, davidht477
Trying to Save on the rate?
This app claim to be cheaper than Uber or Lyft or any other, the reality is, is the same because when you are going to order an InDrive and you check the rates from the other companies are about the same, and when is the time to make the offer this app only let you make an offer one $ less than the original price of the other apps, this people is only trying to get free publicity saying that you will save a lot when the reality is… you are saving Nothing…. Don’t download this app, it will Only take space in your device with no savings and I’m sure they will sale your information and make money on it.
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4 months ago, PressF
Good App, but lack of trip tracing Line
Hello Devs, Thank you for this amazing app. Kindly add Tracing line from Point A to Point B, so that passage knows how driver is driving through this feature is already available in app such as Uber when trip is started, passenger can see the line from pick up to destination. Which make easier for passenger to track and satisfies the worries for taking wrong turns and safety. Thank you once again.
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11 months ago, Random Roro
Very bad
I gave this application a try and i was shocked with many things : first the driver location doesn’t change or update so i kept calling him to confirm he is coming as on the map he was not moving at all, second : the driver phone number in the application was not the same one he contacted me with.. third and this is the most important the driver was extremely rude and lacked any professional attitude.. he was very very very creepy and had terrible loud music on and insisted on driving in a terrible route and kept chatting on whatsapp while driving in very careless manner .. very terrible experience that i decided to delete the app and warn anyone about it !!
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1 year ago, Surovee..
Drivers often ask for more money after accepting ride on the app!
Drivers often ask for more money, even after accepting the rate in the app! This seems very unprofessional. They should stick to what they have agreed to take. It feels like there is no use of the 'negotiation' feature. Also, cannot see the live locations of the drivers. It requires a upgrade!
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5 months ago, gradstudent007
Not worth the few bucks saved
I wanted to love inDrive as it seems lower than competitors and seemed to be fairer for drivers. However, I have tried two rides with them and both have been unsatisfactory. On the first ride the driver asked for my social media info while dropping me off at my personal address which made me uncomfortable. On the second ride, the driver started the 5 min “wait time” before he even got to my location. After struggling to find him, HE canceled the ride and inDrive actually charged ME $10. I have since gone back to using Uber and have been way happier
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2 months ago, elpiece
This app robbed me
I ordered a ride after a long day at work I ordered a ride and wait as usual waited a whole hour then the app crashed I tried opening the app just to get an error message over and over again I went on their website to put a complaint about this then I get the same thing error message again not I’m thinking can it be my phone I take out my laptop and went on the website on my own laptop and got the same message this drive service app literally robbed me and never picked me up I had to use Uber to get home I’m highly disappointed and won’t recommend anyone to use this honestly
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2 months ago, Endeeera
guarenteed and customer always need to be navigator
Recently I have been receiving the worst services through the drivers without knowing the location they pick the request and even few times the assigned cabs and the cab came to pick were different and the explanation they mostmy give (my cab is under maintenance so I bought my friends car) .. some drivers are so rude and drive recklessly .. if we cancel the ride due to unsatified answers and rude behavior before the ride the drivers are mesages on our personal numbers .. which is so unethical and we cant even make a proper complaint regarding the issues we are facing..
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2 months ago, BDubeM
Essential app
The app is reliable and stable. Location picking is a good but I would recommend one to use manual location picking when one is setting up pick up location especially if you are not at the exact pick up location. Needs reporting function when driver shows up in a different car for safety reasons.
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2 years ago, bryan290520
I don't want price recommendation
I do not want the price recommendation because the rate is very low and the price of fuel in the Dominican Republic is very high, it cannot be more than a 10 km trip, it has a price of 150 pesos, it is an abuse, please remove the new update or we we will be obliged not to accept trips with prices recommended by yourselves or we will be obliged to negotiate prices outside the app
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2 months ago, vray360
You can do better
I hate this new version you have to select your ride instead of it bringing new requests from nearest pickup location takes too much time please review this and pls add features that will allow drivers pick route they want to be on instead of going to unsafe areas we can stay in a preferred region thanks
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5 years ago, Juanpa10795961209
You’re in control
Best ride sharing app in the market. You offer what you want to pay and based on that drovers will give you offers or accept the amount you’re willing to pay. Personally I like using other apps to only get an estimate and then offer that or a bit more less depending on climate, times, how many people etc. give it a shot, you’re going to love it 😍
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6 months ago, khawaja.atif1
Service Feedback
Service has been great. Only challenge I run into is sometimes server goes down around office off time and no ride can be requested which brings a lot of inconvenience right when you least expect it. There could always be reasons behind it but plan B is always expected for such situations. Thanks
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8 months ago, Willfitness92
New driver in miami
Hello everyone okay if you a new driver or try to drive for InDrive, I think this is the best way to booked cheap rides make more money. At first you feel like the app trippin. But don’t worry everything is great after a while use it.. i took my first two riders they was so cool and happy to ride with me.. so yes everything is good
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2 months ago, Abdulinies
Abuse of power
its a hilarious title😃, i know let me start by saying congratulations, your strategy works and its amazing. but here i like to share my review on drivers. your strategy pulled every driver over 90% of abuja bolt drivers to indrive, why? because now dey can negotiate, they cried to bolt snd you listened lol, something they always wanted. but its insane if dey have to do it on every ride. the shortest distance for example as suggested by ur system could be 1200, a driver will seek for 2000 n you waste time waiting to see anything less but wont in most cases cos they have abused it. it wasn’t like this with them when they started. All i am saying is there should be some sort of cap or control. the drivers are important so as the users. cheers.
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12 months ago, nashvillke shopper
Do not use
This company has zero business knowledge, the app is the worst to use, you will never get dropped at an accurate location, my driver drop me at the wrong location while I put the correct address, and had to get out and call a taxi to get home , Uber will never do that, you will never feel safe using this app at all . Imagine your loved one dropped at a back street and the driver will never take you home even when you offer more money just to be safe because he already accepted a pick up customer while he is driving you home
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3 years ago, Rafeh N.
Great service but buggy app
While the service itself is great and I use it everyday, some bugs are just app-breaking. Sometimes, the ride would cancel itself if the connection got jittery, in an elevator or otherwise from signal strength. Or the app would just bug out and show a weird location icon moving as we zoom and pan the screen (when driver is moving).
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3 years ago, gusgus7806
Can be better
Maps could be better (example : cities 20km apart can’t see their maps). Some drivers harass users and some theft going on with drivers /users with very little drives under their belt. Lots of drivers change cars (different than one registered with the app ) and takes the app according to them several weeks to make the change of their vehicle in the app. As a result, users don’t trust who’s picking them up
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6 months ago, Faoholic
Poor Support
Extremely disappointed with the service!! Despite selecting a two-step destination feature in the app, the driver seemed unaware and chose his own route. After repeated clarifications, we finally visited the destinations in order. However, due to this detour, I was charged double. Moreover, the driver's conduct was rude and aggressive, making the journey unsafe. When I reported this to customer support, their response was lackluster, merely stating they would take 'necessary action'. This experience left me overcharged, feeling unsafe, and utterly neglected as a customer.
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11 months ago, MarcusInSeattle
Taking a chance
Will wait awhile before using this regularly. They say they background check their drivers, but the Safety tab in the app says ‘“Connection fault, try again” and the chat support tab says “Chat is unavailable”. If something bad happens, you forget an item, or the driver is doing something wrong, you’ll probably be on your own. Reminds me of Uber and Lyft when they first started.
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3 months ago, schalas1985
Wrongfully accussed the driver!!
This must be quite honestly the most intellectually lacking company I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. After weeks of emailing and struggling to get any assistance with a potentially lost item in a driver's car, this company asks again for the ride details, which I share openly. They stated they would reach out to the driver about the LOST item and ask him to contact me. The driver then reached out to me, only to share that the company had accused him of theft, saying that I logged a complaint. They threatened this poor man, who was an amazing driver, and I gave him a 5-star rating and a 25% tip. The poor administration and communication of InDrive from the South African office, is one of the most pathetic service delivery I've ever experienced. Do yourselves a favour and pay R30 - R60 more for another service and steer clear of these incompetents.
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9 months ago, Mo Beasley
GPS on this App isn’t accurate & tricks you into paying twice.
Several times the GPS on the app has taken drivers far from my pick up destination, and when you pay for the ride don’t click more than once, even when it looks like the payment did it take. If you tap the payment button more than once you get charged each time.
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1 year ago, Dddnnydd
They don’t review why the rides get canceled and blocked me instead
I’m in city where the riders don’t comply to the terms and conditions of these driving apps and we constantly report it but nothing is done to resolve this. The first ride I canceled was due to the fact that the driver demanded more even after accepting my ride, and the second one was because he wasn’t even getting closer and I tried to reach him continuously. If you’re not to review the reasons why we cancel then don’t ask then. Now my account has been blocked
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1 year ago, FoxNadir
Option needed!
Most of time, when you make an order, some pesky drivers start to spamming sending same amount of fair again and again. After 5 times declining that driver's message your order automatically cancels and you need to repeat process all the way from beginning. So, there must be an option like checkbox 'Do not receive offer from this driver', to block them and their spam messages. And also, if they got that mark from more than one passengers - they should be blocked!
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