Infinite Painter

Graphics & Design
4.1 (9.2K)
93.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sean Brakefield
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Infinite Painter

4.13 out of 5
9.2K Ratings
2 years ago, K Razy
Amazing (asterisk)
Honestly one of the best painting apps I’ve ever used. The brushes are easy to use and feel amazing to draw and paint with, and creating new brushes is simple and easy. I can draw and paint in several different styles, from extremely graphic design to impressionist painting with ease, which I haven’t been able to do with any other art apps. The filters are easy to use, and the effect layers, like gradient maps, are amazing and something I can’t do without as an illustrator. HOWEVER, there are a few bugs I’ve found that make it impossible to give it five stars. Sometimes when making a new layer in a project with multiple layers and folder groupings, the new layer will randomly disable other layers, seemingly for no reason I can figure out, and turning the layers on and off does nothing to help, and the only way to work around it is to keep painting on layers that are already there and hope for the best. I haven’t yet found a quick fix for this. Every time I resize my canvas, I can’t draw again without the app crashing, and closing and reopening the app, the project, etc, does nothing to help. The only way around this is to duplicate the project and start working on the duplicated copy, deleting the original afterward. While duplicating the project does allow me to continue working, it absolutely interrupts the artistic flow, and every time it happens, I’m terrified that duplicating the project won’t work and I’ve lost hours or even days of work.
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4 years ago, Byaaaahhh
Great engine but needs support
Infinite Painter is one of the best art apps available out there and for those with a focus on painting, will most likely meet your needs. The brush engine is impressive, delivering realistic and fast strokes with fairly robust and granular controls. It comes equipped with really useful tools to help you out in desigin-related creation for precise and realistic rendering. UI is simple and easy to use, allowing you to access tools and controls quickly for a smooth workflow. However, it takes some exploration to learn how to use all this, and this is Infinite Painter’s greatest weakness. There’s little to no guidance on how exactly to use this app. Sure, basic things are explained to you, but those things are intuitive anyways. So many things are just never discussed. Pinning tools, canvas manipulation, deeper brush controls/parameters, all this stuff has to be discovered through trial and error. I’ve flipped the canvas vertically before and couldn’t find a way to turn it back over. Took forever to get it back and it happened by accident. Occurred a few times before I figured out what I was doing. I certainly hope this continues to be developed out because as of right now, it’s a great tool but needs to be pushed further to become truly excellent. Learning materials, more explanatory UI, and greater apple pencil integration would really take this a long way. Still, it’s a powerful tool as is.
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3 years ago, SYD-TRAK'D
Amazing but needs a double side copy thingy
I love this app and use it WAAAY more than ibis paint but I would use it all the time if there was a mirror tool, basically meaning that if you draw on one side it copies the opposite way on the opposite side. When I am making heads, body’s, etc it is hard to equalize it on both sides. That’s when I go to ibis paint. Compared to ibis paint, this app has a much simpler setup and is easy to use, especially with a stylus or Apple Pencil. I can understand why the developer(s) wouldn’t incorporate this feature in since this app is trying to make it as organic as physical art. Another thing is it’d be nice to have 4 layers instead of 3, because 3 layers can only fit the outline, the skin, and the clothing, but with 4 you could also fit hair and hats. What I don’t like about some of the reviews that are low star is that when for example, they say they are being kicked from the app or cannot draw, but they also say the have a new device, that usually means they have a new device, but it is not a very good device. I would say 5/5 if it weren’t for the layers situation. I honestly can understand the mirror feature, but the layer limit is a little annoying sometimes.
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4 years ago, Pletched
Great app, robust customization
Their brushes are somehow so lush and sensual, and I’m familiar with customizing the most detailed of parameters on every popular app, but can’t put my finger on what is so lovely about these tools. It might have to do with the very friendly curve controls that can be applied and tweaked to myriad inputs to create tools that are adjusted perfectly to one’s needs or intuitions. Being experienced in audio synthesis, I notice a similarity in the approach to the touch interface in the manner that they have implemented a type of envelope curve language to take advantage of all the nuances of user input, making the brushwork remarkably “musical” to my eye. There’s really no other software that accomplishes this so well, and I wish I could afford to continue my trial version. If they had a watercolor engine that could really “bleed” colors the way that adobe’s does, I’d go in all the way, and after playing with their brushes, I fully expected that miracle. Their watercolor simulations are as good as almost any other, and I sympathize with the difficulty that must be entailed in making finished brushstrokes continue to move. I can’t even imagine how that’s done, computationally. And maybe I’ll cave in as I have on so many other apps. I’m sure to miss these glistening, gorgeous strokes. Beautiful job, whoever is responsible!
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4 years ago, wilaug
Amazing app allows the imagination to be free
The ease of use, range of brushes and colors is superb for the price. It is powerful and allow the imagination to create at a whim. The layers work great and I like the color palettes the best. Especially that is chosen a color palate base on your current art. I’m still exploring the masking which to me is a little confusing. I’ve experienced issues with the smear tool, and have some times lost layers when changing the brush size. The back button works great most of the time and can bring back my layer. I just know two things save often and always have a back up layer. The back up button sometimes does get lost. I’ve lost changes a few time but as I said back up often. I noticed that when you close out it leaves your most recent file open, I don’t like that I feel it makes it susceptible to corruption, so I have a blank that I switch to prior to closing the app. The image file when printing is not actually that big. That’s good if you’re just creating for digital but if you want to print not so good. Again, fabulous for the price, easy to use, only a few glitches and scalability. Give it a try best 10 bucks you’ll spend to expand your creative canvas.
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5 years ago, eno - z
Great app with a few quirks
This app has a great mix of tools and features from successful art software and it manages to not make the user experience a mess considering the amount of tools included. However, one thing that currently prevents me from using it more often is the way brush stepping is implemented and makes brushes like the airbrush not usable as the stepping is VERY noticeable and it also creates a sharp outline which should instead look as a smooth gradient. I use the airbrush a lot in my work and haven’t been able to find a setting to alleviate this issue. Other quirks are related more to a “power” user scenario. Things like layer grouping, multi layer selection are not here. Other things like persistent color picker and tools bar (shown in the first app store screenshot) don’t seem to be present or there isn’t any documentation on how to enable it. Regardless of these setbacks, this app comes filled with very useful features for precise work and manages to make the user experience a breeze for the most part. Also I think the three finger swipe to change brush size/opacity is probably the best thing since the two finger tap to undo was invented. Great work on the app and hope to see it improve!
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4 years ago, iJunkyMonkey
Read before you buy
I’m new to this app and had no experience with free version that others are talking about. I gladly paid for what I would expect to work decently. I have lower expectations than others, I guess, and can put up with little annoyances but this is infuriating. The layers functions are jacked up. This is way beyond glitchy, it isn’t even usable. I will say, I haven’t seen anyone else complain of this but I also don’t have time to read many reviews. Perhaps I’m the only one experiencing this but that doesn’t make sense. I’m running on the latest iPad Pro 2020, latest ios 14. Too many crazy things to explain but the biggest issues are things disappearing from layers (even after saved), attaching to the next selected layer, while also being attached to the layer it’s created on. The last stroke changing color when you go to color pick for the next stroke. I’ve tried making one stroke, then “save”, in hopes of moving on, nope’s as if it doesn’t save the file and reverts back to the same craziness. It didn’t start out like this. I don’t know if the number of layers is what sent it over the edge or what. It did seem to get worse once I started using the lock function on layers. I literally can’t get my work finished. I’ve spent almost 2 hours trying to work around the last 3 strokes of this piece. Beyond frustrating not to mention a waste of money at this point. Beware! Help!?
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3 years ago, 𝕀𝕤𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒
Great, but...
I have only had this app for a few hours so sorry if my review isn’t very accurate. I’m hoping maybe the developer can answer some of my questions. I love this app but since it doesn’t have much of a tutorial it is hard to use. I’ve been play around with it and I tried uploading a picture to trace over it and then give it my own flair or style but it’s hard to draw over the picture even with lairs. I can’t buy the stuff that cost money but I couldn’t find the right pencil. I worked with what I have. The brushes were AWESOME Good things about this app: It has a large color range. It’s easy to zoom in. They have AMAZING spray brushes and brushes and markers. Since I haven’t had this app for long, I can’t say much but I bet there is a lot more to look forward to 😁😁😁 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕠 𝕨𝕙𝕠𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤, ⒽⒶⓋⒺ Ⓐ ⒶⓂⒶⓏⒾⓃⒼ ⒹⒶⓎ Edit: Also my bar that has like the paint brushes and stuff, moved up and covered the button with the home icon. I can’t move it back plzzz help
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2 years ago, A.Kinng
This is the Procreate alternative.
2022: At last! No subscription! Thanks to the developers for that. I was gone for a while just because of that and a friend told me about how good Infinite Painter has become, so I try it again. Other than a couple of bugs founded. This is by far the best alternative for Procreate. I’ve been using both and I don’t have a favorite now. Both are powerful and feels great. Infinite Painter offer more tools, kind of a desktop app while Procreate focused on illustration without distractions. I think that if the developers fix the bugs, this will be better than Procreate. Just not yet. Old comment: This app is by far the best app for an illustrator. It has all the tools we as creator needs to achieve our vision. Sad is the case of greed and desperation that the dev gently placed a time bomb inside this beautiful app disguised as a subscription plan. Instead of selling addons or brushes or helping tools for a price he demand a monthly payment for a drawing tool. That way this app moves away from the path of winners letting the throne to Procreate.
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4 years ago, wassim73
Keeps crashing
I usually don’t write reviews but this time I felt compelled to do so. I used Painter before and things were great. The brushes were cool and I enjoyed it. So when the new updates came I was excited and I started a new project. However the software kept crashing every time I put my pencil to a layer. At first it happened occasionally but now every layer but one for some reason will crash as soon as I put my pencil to it. Since this started happening, two updates to fix bugs were posted and I downloaded them. Still no improvement. I closed the app and opened it, rebooted my iPad and even update the iOS. Still the same issue. Painter is a great software with a lot of potential and can compete with Procreate. However, if these problems persist then it would be unusable. I’m going to export my drawing to Procreate now to be able to finish it. And I suppose I will stick with Procreate until this issue has been addressed by the developer. I think I am being generous to give it two stars. Update Oh, I tried to save the file as a PSD file so I can open it in Procreate and realized that the only format for layers is a painter format (not .riff which I could use). So the drawing I was working for days on is wasted. Great job, guys! Dropping my rating. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Crysisinsf
And I never write reviews!
This app is amazing. I actually had it a long time before I really tried to learn it well. It took a bit of time to figure everything out but it is now my go to app over Procreate or Affinity which is what I used before mainly. There are several things I want to add and improve upon, like improving Apple Pencil integration, organizing the brush community better, having certain tools do more then the do, adding text, and I wish it didn’t crash as often as it does but I know asking for a lot now. And I know that infinite will get there, I just need to be patient (very hard for me!). I have a group on Fb and I tell all my members why they should switch from procreate to infinite! I feel they deserve way more hype, most I talk to have never even heard of it! If your on the fence about purchasing the full version, don’t be, buy it. You won’t be sorry. Just take the time to read through manual so you know capabilities, and then take the time to learn the layout.
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4 years ago, thuy3erica
Very good
This app is very good it’s just like procreate but a bit different. Whenever I draw on this app it’s very easy and you can add layers or adjust also I want to say the cons of the app is after a while yawing the app it will make you to get the effects like the layers and filters. Another cons is sometimes it like to kick you out of the app I don’t know if it kick everyone out of the app or not but it does to me. One more cons is the effects as I said after a while it will make you pay to use the effect which are layers,adjustment,filters, and a lot of effect which is the only thing that help you draw on the app. Back to the pros which are the app help you adjust drawing a line to a perfect line instead of a zig zag line or it will help you with the circles, and other shapes. The app also give filters like a grid for example. In conclusion the app is very good but if you don’t have money to pay for the app after a while then I suggest not to get the app but if you really like drawing and don’t care then get the app and draw your out. :)
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3 years ago, cortjezter
Hands down my favourite iPad painting app
Lifelong and professional creative; I jumped from 20 years with Wacom and desktops to an iPad about a year ago. Having tried all of the top tier apps and even some of the more obscure, after giving them all a thorough run, Infinite Painter is my go-to. Procreate is fine, but a bit gimmicky, ArtStudio Pro is excellent but a bit generalist (Photoshop clone; jack of all trades). Infinite Painter really is all about painting. Aside from having virtually every tool one could need for 2d art, lots of little touches throughout make all the difference. My favourite might be the luminance lock in the colour picker. So small a detail, but really helpful. Some might complain about a lack of support for Photoshop brushes, but honestly think that would be a downgrade from the very natural, sophisticated tools already included. My only nitpicks are the touch colour picker isn't offset, so my finger obscures what is being selected, and the swatch gives no context/comparison between the previous and new colours. If I really wanted to dig deep, I could say the interface for downloading community brushes lacks any organisation or search, but I'm satisfied with the given brushes and my own customs, so not an issue. Seriously…as near perfect a painting software as one could hope. And for a guy who has handed over thousands to Adobe and the various owners of Painter over two decades, this app feels a right steal at such a low price. 👍👍
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4 years ago, Spacedevil13
Re review
The manual says on import clipboard option...and when i try to paste something just like the manual says...its not even available...over all the app has promise but as a die hard user of csp i use other apps on my ipad as supplement support when i cant gimicky brushes in csp...ill move layers to an app that has no paste from clipboard into a layer?...this just makes it more tedious to move layers around...if you manual says its there why is it not in the app... Update...ok was contacted by only shows when something is actually on the clip board...turned out it was an issue with the other app i was using...would be nice if the button was still there whether or not something was in the clip board...the brush engine is really good...however i get a lot of jaggedness from the liquify tool it needs to be buttery smooth to really take advantage such feature especially if you using it towards the completion of a project...
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3 years ago, g vggv
Better than procreate
I love this app so much this is literally better than procreate in procreate you have to pay but this one is just so free free free and I actually was trying to find a really good app for a drawing because I just got a pencil for my iPad so if you got a pencil for your iPad and you want to use it because you know don’t just waste money bu I still wanted to try this app so I got this app and I thought of so it’s going to be not free and you have to pay fired after you see it and having a wonderful experience with this app I am in love with this app this app is so good I will use it every time I draw or sketch or color and you can actually take some tik tok what does happen you know does glow ups for Disney princess this is the app this is perfect this is the best app you can ever find for trying and I really like this app so make sure you get this house and I really really like this so much
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5 years ago, Awesome Dawson 3342
Great App, But I Have a Few Opinions
First and Foremost, this is a great app! It’s a super alternative to Procreate for artists with an iPad, or another tablet. I have used this for years and fell in love with all the customization you can do! But, I recently got a new account, and realized the limitations of the app, without the unlimited subscription. I get it, you can’t have a COMPLETELY free app, that wouldn’t make sense from a developer standpoint. But you can even add different layers, which I would like to think is why some people choose to draw online. Also, you can’t manipulate things in your drawing, which is another reason so many people choose to draw online. Ending this extremely log review, I think you should make some changes, and take out some of the “minor” customizations, and add some of the “major” customizations like layers and manipulation, and it could make it the perfect alternative for people!
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4 years ago, IG@Paulpauni
Loving the app so far
This review is coming from an iPad 6th gen user, nothing fancy. I’ve only ever used procreate, but decided to give a few other apps a shot and this is by far my favorite app other then procreate. I like that the interface is very user friendly, and I think most procreate users will adjust quickly. I’ve only had the app for the the trial period and decided I would purchase and support the developers because by far my favorite feature are the brushes that I’ve used on this app. When I initially invested in an iPad mainly for drawing/painting etc. I was fully aware of the differences with the pro variants but felt those added features didn’t justify hundreds of more dollars. When sketching on this app It feels more premium somehow, and familiar to me even though I’ve been using procreate heavily for a few years now. Definitely would recommend to any artist out there looking for a premium app.
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4 weeks ago, H11709
It needs some extra love 💎💖💖💖💎 Add a Text Tool!
Dear developers, There’s some quirks with this app. For one it’s the brush format, I’d like for there to be some abr support, but I do like that you can use any image as a brush. There’s a definite bug with the flip canvas function where you flip it in horizontal but then going to move the canvas it flips to vertical by itself. A separate reference panel with multiple references would by nice instead of the sticky note style and maybe an opacity function to lower the opacity of the reference window to check proportions. Other than all of that, I honestly like it more than Procreate since it does have more filters and options. Especially the built in custom canvas textures! It’s so nice! The one time payment is such a nice bonus too! ❤️💎💖💎✨ But please for the love of sanity add a text tool!!! Sincerely, a fellow professional artist
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4 years ago, AllieSuttles
Worsened over time...
At first, this app was a dream! The multitude of brush options a textures, the easy use and the layers. As a new artist, I couldn’t have been happier. However, as I continued to use the app, before my free trial ended, the app would constantly crash. When I would undo something, add a layer, import a photo, save my work, the app would crash and I would lose a bit of work. I had only two projects on it as well, as an attempt to prevent the app from preforming poorly. No luck. Not to mention, the locking of the layers was greatly annoying. I can deal with some brushes and such being locked, however, the layers are such a basic necessity for digital artists that locking them seemed incredibly frustrating to say the least. In short, the app preformed worse over the course of a week as I played around with it and caused me to be unable to finish a project I was very proud of in the process. I don’t recommend this app, unless you are willing to pay to unlock everything and do not have crash problems like I did while using it.
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3 years ago, Layla- BE amazing
I love this app and it has so many different brushes! You can import a picture to trace, there are different layer you can add and move and you can make your own colors. There are some colors that are made if you want to use those too. They also automaticly make you videos time-lapse so you can see how you made your drawing! I would defiantly recomend this app because it is easy to draw on and there are so many different things you can do with it!! This app Is even better then some of the apps you pay money for. One of the ways I used this app for is to draw a portrait for art class and it helped me out a lot. Some people in there future response said they would use it more if there was a mirror tool. But there is a mirror tool they just did not figure out how to see it or use it.
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1 year ago, AXM4EVR
Top 3
Digital drawing, painting applications available. Definitively. Spanning the passed 12 years. Congrats to the developers on being sensitive to nib functions, UI design, and finding a nice complement between such design and how we implement the tools used for painting/drawing. I don’t mean to use infinite comment space to mention other people, but for the sake of anyone skeptical of bias, I will say that in my opinion, the best drawing programs are in no particular order, clips sketchbook, sketches, infinite painter, pixiv ( minus the privacy issues I have with 200 ad nauseum 3rd party permissions ) charcoal (;)) and one or two more. My review comes from an extent background in drying and a deliberate transition to digital and giving my ratings and ideas based on how smoothly such a transition occurs using these mediums. Infinite painter proves to be one of the better.
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11 months ago, OkElizabel
The only app I can use
I love this app but it has bugs that I’m not sure they’ll ever fix. I saved multiple files on the app and logged out when I logged back in everything was destroyed so please back up!!! It’s unfair that I can’t access my work. Also sometimes I try to save and it shows multiple files have been saved it fixes itself but also it will literally relocate a file in a different folder so it’s obnoxious to deal with. But, unfortunately I tried out the other painting and drawing apps and i can’t stand the technicalities and advance settings on the brushes for the other softwares. This app is perfect for my drawing style it’s simple to use I draw because it’s fun I’m self taught and this app satisfies my needs. But please fix the bugs!!! It’s as if the developer doesn’t use the app themselves because it’s an ongoing issue.
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2 years ago, Mily please help on this
Why it’s good and bad.
I’m an artist who is starting to spend money on buying the most recommended. I started with sketch then to procreate. I watched many videos about which app is the best! I have around 5+ years of experience throughout different drawing apps. Procreate is still my favorite but now not using it since I got this app. This app offers a lot of things except (adding text or even add brushing back) which is very frustrating. I really don’t want to buy a stylus pen. So I paid the $9.99 to get everything which was good at the start. I later on realizing that adding or your own choose adding pencil wasn’t a thing. Some things that this app doesn’t have, others do have. The pens sometimes doesn’t even be clean lines to not make a small gap for it to not do extra work. Other then that it’s good
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2 years ago, VChain11
LOVE IT but add some things please
Okay so this app is really cool and its my only drawing app but there are a few problems/ suggestions with it 1. Buggy Okay so usually its fine with bugs and stuff but sometimes when I'm just trying to get in a drawing and draw (duh) whenever i click on the drawing it crashes now i tried many things like duplicating it or restoring it but it doesn’t work :( 2. FOLDERS So I love the folders tool it makes my very messy layout better but its such a pain when I wanna change up some things cause you have to physically one by one remove an item and then put it in the one folder by holding one and moving it I would rather press select and then you can like press a folder and it goes in that one (also for deleting too) 3. Fill Tool So you guys may not be able to fix this but whenever I fill something in with the tool it leaves a line very close to the border of whatever I’m doing and if you zoom out its not as noticeable if your doing a white/black background but if you have a vibrant color background it will shine right through and it annoys me so then I have to use my brush to fill it in That is all I will fix my review if fixed but if not it will stay ( I AM NOT PUTTING HATE TO THIS I LOVE THIS APP just few suggestions/ problems :D) thank you VChain <3
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4 years ago, Jason Coal
Pay again for iPad version?
This would have been a five star rating, but it just pisses me off that I have to pay *again* for the full version of an app, after I already paid for on my iPhone. I get that app development ain’t easy, or profitable especially today. But, c’mon guys, there isn’t even an option to pay the $3 difference between iPhone ($6.99) and iPad ($9.99) versions?!?! I’m especially upset because this app was one of the few reasons I was super excited to break in the new iPad I got for x-mas, only to find out the Grinch had stolen my holiday: logging into my account I expected to see all my previous projects from my iPhone waiting for me. Whomp whomp! What a bummer! Am still not convinced these developers deserve another ten bucks from me, which is really sad. The distinct tools, handling of vector paths, and unrivaled sharpness of pixel-based brushes set this app apart from the competition, but I might just have to make do with what Adobe chooses to grace the lowly starving artists whom can only afford the non-subscription version of Fresco. 😖🤬
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2 years ago, Cynniminni
Beautiful sleek alternative to Procreate
What I love: beautiful and intuitive UI that is much easier to pick up compared to Procreate. Brush strokes are natural and work smoothly without lag. Many useful tools and the customizable toolbar is one of the best features I've tried. What I don't love: Bugs; I'm not sure what causes it but sometimes when I try to draw on a specific layer the app crashes. Restarting the app doesn't work, and eventually I either have to create a new layer to work on or even a new project. I've also tried wearing a glove with palm rejection to see if that helped,but that doesn't seem to be related to what I'm experiencing. The crashes are a shame to deal with, for the time being I will likely use this mainly for sketches. Anything highly involved would be too risky.
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4 years ago, 45_colt_45
Kind of Dishonest
The app was great except for the part where they don’t tell you you’re on a free trial. When I first got the app, I absolutely loved it but then out of nowhere 7 days later they decided to spring the information on me that I was actually on a free trial for a week and I would have to pay to keep using even basic features such as layers. Honestly they should just make the app itself cost $5 or give you a notice when you download it that it’s only a trial, not the full thing. It was a bit aggravating to work on a piece for days and then all of a sudden you can’t finish it because the free trial that you didn’t even know about in the first place is suddenly over. Furthermore, I bought the full version recently because I thought maybe it would be worth it but then I realize that, even if I log into my account, I can only use the full version on one device. So I’d pretty much have to buy the same app AGAIN to use the account on my ipad.
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4 years ago, beetlebugo
I’ve written a review before and I was petty with it but now I’m serious
This is a great app that completely help me transition from traditional to electronic, great app and I love everything about it. It’s really cheap too. BUT my latest drawing somehow got corrupted? It completely messed it up. I had it on a specific setting for the portrait size and I also had hidden quite a few layers. Today I opened it up and it had unbidden all the layers as well as set it back to the default portrait size. I have no clue how this happened or how to fix it. And this had destroyed me because I put a lot of time/effort into it. I feel like this is a bug that need to be fixed immediately Edited: I gave a 5 star because of the response but I cant share because of the app crashing every time I hit the share button
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4 years ago, MountianstotheSea
Update ruined it!! Was perfect!!
I had purchased your app a few months ago. Absolutely loved it!! Use it for drawing, painting, photos, and graphics. Had worked flawless on my IPad Pro. I decided to do an update. YOU RUINED IT!! This is how I work and make money. Profoundly frustrating. It literally crashes every time I undo anything. Whether through gesture or button. Also just changing anything, tools, etc it crashes. I was working for about 10 min and had around 25 crashes. I actually preferred this over PS for ease of use. High quality, pretty much perfect for me. NOW I CAN’T USE IT. Kills work flow in seconds. I don’t want to buy another app. I WANT THIS APP. The version on my phone still works, but I can’t work as well on it. PLEASE FIX IT!!! Wish I could revert it back to the last update I did months ago, because it still functioned well. Can’t find anyway to contact you guys. That’s not good either.
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3 years ago, hope4kiren
Great features and tools
Paid version. My favorite tools are the fill tools, especially comboed with the mirror tools, you can create art in a different way that is super fluid and fast and really fun to experiment with. There are really nice painting brushes as well that create beautifully realistic oil and watercolor paintings. There are numerous features in the app, and they just did an update that brought new features that I love, like the line art feature which removes and white space from your image and turns it transparent. You can read up on all of the features in the included manual, which is really easy to navigate, though I wish it had a back button when jumping around pages, it is still nice that it has clickable page references.
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5 years ago, rossco the cat
Cool... but something’s not working
I love how you can use different textures to draw on here. It’s really useful to have reference. However, one of my favorite things on here is that I can use it for photoshop 😂 I was having fun, using imported pictures to make outfits and stuff, when, suddenly, I went to gallery and it said that I have no photos or videos, when I have 976 pictures, and 63 videos. I’m not sure if it’s because I have way too many, or if it’s something else, but it’s really weird lol. Besides that, it’s a great app. Of course it’s not perfect, but I really like it! Especially the fact that you can download or create your own different textures. One more thing: I think it would be cool if you could use reference and get the smart palette for that reference. Just a suggestion!
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2 years ago, Girl gamer banana
Best painting app of all time
I have tried so many painting drawing and sketching writing apps and this one is the best I’ve tried I’ve tried paint work, drawling desk, and so many others but they have never been as good as this one. This game has so many cool features it has symmetry which is like put a line down the middle and you draw on one side and whatever you do on that side it does the same to the other side like if you want to draw a perfect heart you draw half of a heart on one side and then I repeats it on the other side if you want to draw a set of eyes you draw one eye and then it repeats it on the other side I don’t know what you could possibly do to make this app better it is the best it’s so legit and it’s the best I’ve ever tried.
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4 years ago, christianchatman
Love it so far but
It’s a good app. It’s simple and easy to navigate. It has a similar feel to procreate. I don’t like how much battery it consumes using the app, but I can keep it plugged in while I work. It never crashes on my phone but it does crash frequently on my iPad. I do not have any loss of progress though when it does crash besides a few strokes missing. None of my projects have deleted like some other users. The only thing I’m confused about is exporting video. Some projects I’m able to save as a video. But there are other projects that only allow you to “save file” or move to drive or mail. None of these options work for saving the video. Does the project have to be a certain size to be able to save video? That’s all I’m confused about.
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9 months ago, Corverne
Most satisfying feeling to use; frustratingly unstable.
Often when resizing or playing with layer effects the layers will glitch out and I'll lose a chunk of the image, or things will randomly merge. Sometimes the undoes will glitch out and merge undone things with things I wanted to keep...hard to explain. This isn't a game breaker but it does interrupt the flow when it requires me to jump to Procreate for advanced features. There's a lot of cool stuff in this app and it feels very natural and mostly intuitive. I wish the UI were more customizable with positions. Sometimes it refuses to open canvases if I make them to large...just crashes. If it were more stable and more customizable it'd be a killer app imo. Procreate definitely holds stability and community support over this unfortunately.
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3 years ago, Boo boo 7090
Great app but not for young artists and you have no idea where anything is at
This is a wonderful app for drawing and letting you’re thoughts flow free but it is not a good drawing app for beginners it leans more towards professionals than beginners and not just kids I’m talking about if an adult or teen started then it be the same I would recommend this game to people that are good at drawing but beginners I’ve saw and I myself can only draw lines and also you know where nothing is it has 0 instructions and I’ve had this game for like 5 months and still can’t figure out what the pens and markers and everything you need to use is I know it’s on the place where it says on it but I don’t know what there like it takes me a long time to figure it out so overall this is a good app but one it’s not good for beginners and two it give barley any instructions
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4 years ago, ItalianGal🇭🇺
Really great app!
I love this app. I recently wanted to start creating digital art along with art on paper because there are endless possibilities and wanted to download Procreate on my iPad but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to a $10 purchase without seeing what the app was like first. I downloaded this app and it comes with a 7 day trial without having to worry about them charging you afterwards. I really enjoyed premium and all of the brushes are still available after the trial is over! I, however, wanted the ability to create layers, which was a premium option. I bought premium for the same amount as procreate and I have no regrets. I think this app is great for digital art and there are tons of brushes to choose from. You can even create your own brushes.
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4 years ago, Seven Thousand
Great App, Found a bug or two
This is a phenomenal app. Amazing painting app overall but there are some issues I've encountered: 1) When the Apple Keyboard is attached, and you attempt to name a project, the hotkey versions of typed letters such as "b" or "t" will override your attempt to use said letter in a project name. So to name a project, I've had to pull the iPad off of the Apple Keyboard in order to properly name some projects. This feels unintentional. 2) With an Apple Pencil (1st one at least) connected the app still recognizes some skin contact as drawn lines. Not sure if this was intentional, but total skin/palm rejection (that isn't multiple fingers such as for zooming or movement) is totally possible in other apps I've used. Not sure if this one was intentional. 3) Sometimes, and I'm not sure what combination of actions causes it, but I lose a major portion of my undo/redo history. And I have not been able to reliably reproduce it. And it's really unfortunate in tandem with the second issue when I make an unintended marking, and suddenly "undo" broke. And as you see this review is a 4 star review - I don't mean to deter people - app works really well in general. Just these obscure issues can be a nuisance at times, and I hope the developer sees this. Thank you.
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2 years ago, KatWalk79
What it shows isn’t even close to anything you can do, you can do so much more! This app I totally recommend and I used to use Procreate, which was good, but infinite painter is so much better because you can do so much than what you can do in other artist apps. If you want to play around and do less realism I would recommend procreate but if you want more and more realism I would recommend Infinite Painter. The thing I do not like about the app is that you have to pay every month for more than three layers, and to me, layers are very important to me. I would make the app cost a little and not the layers because three is not enough. And what you are paying to get more layers is honestly ridiculous.
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3 years ago, castir2
Super underrated app
I’m pretty new to this digital game. From the two other apps that I’ve used, I gotta say this is the most comprehensive and easiest to use drawing app. Love the fact that you can crate your own brushes and edit them extensively. My favorite part is how you can kind of pin the color palette anywhere on the drawing and not have to go into the menu every time you want to change colors. Other awesome feature is the ability to resize and manage opacity of brushes with the three finger drag. My only beef with this app is the inability to just type text. If there’s a way to do this, let me know and I’ll give the 5 stars. But I’ve googled this matter and haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks for this awesome app. Hope you can add a text feature on this, if it doesn’t exist.
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2 years ago, BuusLLC
My favorite drawing app, butttt…
This app beats Procreate any day in my opinion, but crashes if I expand my canvas and then attempt to continue my work. I have an iPad Pro with a lot of space and I can’t think of a good reason that this keeps happening. I still use it for everything I do professionally, and hope this is fixed over time, or is maybe a glitch that will blow over. Otherwise, I am happy that there is a professional app that doesn’t have some forced ‘smoothing’ like procreate does. The perspective tools are also mind blowing, and everything so far has been well worth my money. Would pay more for this, and recommend it as the #1 IPad app to anyone asking which app they should go with. - Buus
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4 years ago, 👑💋💍💄👗👠Prices
Good app but needs some improvements
I really like this app it’s fun and everything but I wish it had color match and it asked you if your sure you wanted to delete your artwork instead of if you hit the delete button it just deletes. I’ve had 3 pieces deleted accidentally and one of them I was working for over 2 hours. It can be very frustrating when you work hard on something and accidentally delete it. And if you can see every color you used. I was doing a skin tone and I have you color it over like 2/3 time it was very frustrating or if I’m trying to do hair and I change the color to see if there is a better one or if I go back and add on I can’t find the color I used. Again it’s a g ood app but needs some improvements. Take this into a consideration and think it through. I bet you can find a better app. This is something I drew
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4 years ago, Layer 01
I’m stunned that this app isn’t more well known than other apps with pro in their name. It’s clear the devs are spending their energy on making an absolutely killer painting app and not just marketing ;) I’ve been a long time user of the major iPad painting apps, and while they are great in their own ways they have all left me wanting, either they’re highly optimized but missing key features, or feature rich but the UX is lacking, or a little bit of both. Infinite painter is the impossible perfect mix, unbelievably well thought out UX and fantastic features depth. it’s been a long time since I felt such excitement and joy discovering and using a painting app. Bravo. there’s no reason this app shouldn’t be number one, keep up the great work!!
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1 year ago, vsco is good
Amazing, but a few problems.
This app is wonderful. Really! The brushes are amazing and easy to use, and it’s great for simple sketches or complex artworks. I also think that even without the pro version it works just as well, and you can still create a masterpiece. My only problem is that, I was making hair on a character and the brush randomly stopped working the same way. This was one I had downloaded but it had been working fine before. I reset the brush and deleted it and downloaded it again but it still would not go back to normal. Overall a AMAZING app and I would suggest this to anyone who is a fellow artist, or just someone who wants to do some art. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Yomommasgash
Excellent, versatile app
I have used Infinite Painter for several months now and I enjoy it immensely. It has the versatility to edit photographs, but, it also a huge selection of brushes to paint and sketch with. It has a kink or two here and there, but, it is a good solid app that is very powerful if you know how to use it. I will say that it takes some time to learn all the things it can do basically because it is so versatile and has so many tools and brushes. That being said, it also has the most extensive users manual and reference guide that I’ve ever seen. You can find anything that you need to find and study to learn it’s usage. An excellent app that continues to get even better.
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4 years ago, Unicorn_Gaming
Good But Complicated
Ok... So my friend recommended me this app because We like Doing Gatcha (Anime maker app) and you can Edit Your characters to look more realistic, Give them extra stuff, and Overall make it look better. When I downloaded it, It was pretty cool, and their were a lot of features! (Sadly some of them were only part of the free 7 day trial, After you don’t have as much features😕) This app is Great and all but I wish it was more easy to use. By that I mean there were a lot of odd features that I didn’t understand and A lot of buttons and stuff That I didn’t know how to use, So my friend had to come over to help me. I’d really Like it if one of the complicated buttons in this app Could be one that explains all the features and buttons! That’s all from me :)
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2 years ago, Pretty darn awesome app
This App is a Work Horse
I use this both this app and Procreate. Both have strengths. Infinite Painters main strengths is that it has more in-depth features that help with things like concept art. Its perspective guides are better than procreates imo. Also The fill brushes are amazing. Great for focusing on shape. Another plus is the control it gives you over the selection to and masking is great. For example when selecting using the ellipse selection tool I can adjust it before the selection goes live. Very useful feature. Also the ability to customize the menu is powerful. I feel like all professional artists ought to give this a look if they haven’t yet. Might be surprised.
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4 years ago, enterthesketch
.....the pain
Great app, brush engine works like a dream unlike Procreate where you need to go buy brushes to compensate for the mediocre default brushes. I would love to give it 5 stars even 4 stars...BUT I really have to give it what it deserves a 1 star rating because of the crashes. It seems like this app can’t handle all the layers even though they give you a limit it will constantly crash on you when you are trying to save making you lose all your hard work. I was in the process of making a landscape painting, which might have been one of my best ones to date but ended up losing everything...the pain...Fix your app’s stability during saves, maybe even implement a backup/autosave feature or do what Procreate does like when it crashes it reverts back to your last brush stroke and not a previous save or wipe out your save entirely. Nobody is going to consider the app for any serious work when it can’t save reliably or have stability issues.
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9 months ago, some excitement
The best drawing app I’ve used
Infinite Painter is by far my favorite and most comfortable drawing app I have ever used. It’s easy to manage, fun to use, and very well organized. Everything in the app is easy for users to understand and everything works amazing. Though a few complaints I have is that there aren’t many frequent updates and there are instances where projects can be too much for the device or the app just crashes on you randomly. I have also run into a bug that duplicates your artwork and once you delete the duplicate it deletes the original one too. I hope to see the app evolve and update into even greater versions of itself and cant wait to make even more projects with it!
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5 months ago, Nickg685
I use it everyday but needs more custom brushes
Tattoo artist here and honestly the UI on this app is better for me than ProCreate. HOWEVER. A lot of artists I know use ProCreate and their developers have made TONS of custom brushes that are tattoo related which is probably why so many artists use it. So to the developers of this app- if you made custom brushes that directly relate to the world of tattooing and pushed that Niche, you might have more and more upcoming artists using infinite painter over ProCreate. Just a thought. If you do already make brushes like I am describing please let me know because I have searched and found nothing. Even tried creating my own but I can’t figure it out.
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3 years ago, cozychild
Why isn’t this app more famous than Procreate?
This program is amazing. It is so easy to use and the pattern option - oh my goodness, talk about having a secret design weapon that maybe a lot of surface pattern designers don’t even know about. You have to marvel at the power of money and marketing because someone put a lot of clout behind Procreate, while this app is as good and in my opinion, better, but it does not even come up in the results when you search for art program for iPad. Only reason I found out about it was as I was searching I saw Painter, and since I have used Corel Painter to make portrait art, I figured I would check it out. Again, it is amazing.
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