Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories

4.6 (7.6K)
88.6 MB
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Current version
Free Novels Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories

4.56 out of 5
7.6K Ratings
6 months ago, NaniCh4n
Good app 👍
I gave feedback in-app but I think I’d like to retract what I said there. The search feature is good actually. I would like to be able to exclude tags from search results though, because it seems no matter what I search, I will always get mafia romance in the results lol 😭 I would also still appreciate if it would give me slightly more specific results (IE if I search for #dystopian #romance I’m gonna get a lot of non-romance books, so it seems like romance is a light suggestion lol) But the search feature isn’t useless at all, and does still take romance into account for example lol. Would like the possibility of making tags required or optional if that makes sense, but it’s still quite usable without such a feature. I apologize for my confusion in my in-app feedback, I’d just woken up in the middle of the night and wasn’t 100% I do also want to say that I love the content warning feature. That kind of thing is what other apps like Wattpad are incredibly lacking in. SO MANY people have stories about being traumatized as kids from surprise bad stuff like r*pe in stories, and I’ve personally dropped several good books because of surprise triggers, so the ability to hide stories with your specific content warnings is very very appreciated. It’s always very sad for me when I can’t manage to continue a book that I’ve already come to like :( I’ll likely be using Inkitt more often going forward. Much love.
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11 months ago, Mar mag son
All stories
I have truly enjoyed being able to read all of the stories on Inkitt. I have read probably close to 600 at this time and the only problem that I have is that people who are writing from another language, trying to translate into English has some continuity problems, spelling problems and grammatical errors. Most of them I can overlook or I can understand what’s being said by reading the context that sometimes I can’t, and I think it would would be a great help to all of the riders to have someone who speaks English to edit is incorrect these problems that way their stories will be. Will be able to be read by anyone who speaks English I know this is maybe a picky point but I’ve had to discard some stories because of the errors that I have found that it is hard to punctuation isn’t a big deal to me, obviously, but spelling and using words that don’t fit the context our problem I want to enjoy all of the stories here and I want everyone story to be told here so if you could encourage someone to edit these stories, I would appreciate it that’s not all stories, but there have been quite a few that have been not that I didn’t go ahead and read them but it just didn’t add anything to the story, so please please encourage English reading editors so that everyone’s story can be read. Thank you.
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3 years ago, PaigeHerel
I’m an inkitt writer who started on wattpad but wanted to branch out. Being so familiar with one app I was scared and hesitant. I like things to be familiar. The inkitt writing app is helpful if you are constantly writing, but it is not necessary. You can edit your works inside the app as well which I appreciate because I enjoy both reading and writing and I would hate to HAVE to switch between apps but here I have the choice. I still use it for when I have a lot of work to do because it is more writing focused. There are a lot of community options and people to interact with. I’m still not totally familiar with it, but over all very pleased so far with how well it works and the fact that my books are being recommended to people, despite them being brand new and having few readers. I will continue to write on the app and read others works
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9 months ago, Kimbelry McGeorge
I love this reading app, but…
I really enjoy reading on this app a lot more than other reading apps, but the only thing that I don’t enjoy is the fact that I have to click on the story just to read the description of the story, and if the description is it giving me a lot of insight I have to read the story, but if I go further into the story is saves in to my reading history, even if I didn’t like it, and I have to take my time, go back and delete it out of my history just read another story. But I do love that it’s free. I don’t have to pay any money to remove ads or to continue reading and that is what I enjoy the most. I would just love it if you guys were able to make a description section so that way we can read the description and see if we like it or not. It would just save. But for all the authors riders on the app, a lot of the stories the majority of the stories are absolutely amazing. I haven’t found one yet that I do not like. Keep up the good work and thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, 쎀이
Need fixes
This app is very nice and I personally like it as a reading app, but I generally don’t like it when it have to login in your account. It’s a basic thing and I know that because I’m not dumb, but connect the devices that aren’t a computer with any device. I started my account on a ipad and I wanted to write a book. Though I soon to realize you have to write it on a computer. I was okay with that because I have a computer and some apps prefer that, but I forgot my password (since it was a long time) and I tried multiple times to login. I finally clicked “forgot password?” And they did email me the link, but almost all of it say it couldn’t find my account. Then, I received a working link and I wrote in my new password and when I came back to my computer—typing the same password I wrote on the received email— they told me I did something wrong. I don’t know why it won’t let me in which I want the developing team to fix because when I try to do it, they would either give me a new account (which I didn’t wanted) or I did something wrong with the signing in part.
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6 years ago, Saphire'sSanctuary
Fixes to make app useful for visually impaired users
This app is not very accessible for visually impaired users who require using Apple’s VoiceOver function. Please make the necessary changes to allow us access to all the apps functions and tools. I love reading and very much enjoy this app but it needs to be a lot more visually impaired friendly. Please take my request into consideration because I'm positive I cannot be the only user with these issues and concerns. And in an attempt to brive you in to making the necessary adjustments for us, I provide the assurance that you will gain many if not hundreds more users with this issue being fixed and this app being at the visually impaired community's reach. I know I've recommended it to many of my acquaintances and friends and would be more than glad to keep spreading the word to other fellow reading enthusiasts. Thank you for taking the time to read this very long complaint/request. Hope to see changes soon and thank you for caring and creating a great platform for readers and writers alike.
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4 years ago, Ms.Mystery*
Great App but has issues
I love the stories! I usually do all my reading on this app, but it has bugs that I’ve been dealing with that a super irritating. Sometimes it’ll just completely cut off as I’m reading something and I’ll end up at my home screen. Another issue I’ve been having is that when I go to write comments on a chapter my keyboard will get in the way and I can’t submit and or see the things I’ve written to check for misspellings. There’s also the problem of when an author has an update on your news feed and I click it, it doesn’t take me to the new chapter, it takes me to the previous one. The biggest issue I am currently facing is every time I open the app it takes me back to whatever I read last, even after I exit out of the chapter and click on a different tab like discover it news and when I do try to go back the screen won’t load. So now I can’t see any of my updates of read anything new for that matter. I’m seriously thinking about deleting which is a shame because I love a lot of the stories on there.
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4 years ago, Chariteehope
Fix your algorithms!!!
I love this app. I really do. I love it so much that I’ve read just about every single story on the popular and new pages. However, when I search for new books by genre, the same list of books pop up. Now I read a lot. I can finish a 500 page book in a day. That being said, I am searching for something new to read everyday, if not multiple times a day. I’m losing hope that there is even anything new on the site for me to even read. Please refresh your algorithms so that I can see new stories and new things. Not being able to see the page count of each story on the app before I click into it, is frustrating. Something with 30 chapters that’s complete can be misleading. Most of the time, those books average about two hundred to three hundred pages, or even one hundred. I’d like to be able to see how many pages are in the book before so that I don’t accidentally cause the app to crash like it has so many times before.
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5 years ago, ShelbyLGee
Current reads sect. & switching from on phone and computer
I have a problem with how the current reads section is set up. I have a hard time figuring out which one has been updated. (I know it says which one in the tab that is notifications but it’d be helpful here as well.) It shows which book that you’re currently reading vertically and shows (too many) recommendations underneath, but it doesn’t show that there has been a portion updated on any of them. If you were to show just the current reads and the update status on each of the books horizontally with more detail it would be easier to go back to another book that you were reading in the past and read the updated parts. Kinda like how Wattpad has theirs set up but in your own way per se? On another note! I also have noticed that when I am reading on my phone and want to continue reading a book on my computer it looses where I was at. Either completely starting from the beginning of the book or from the beginning of the page that I am on.
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10 months ago, I'mSarahofc
Please help me, I have this app on a different device and I really wanted to download it on this device and whenever I try to open Inkitt it opens BUT it brings me to a black screen and I can’t use Inkitt! In my opinion Inkitt is a great app and I recommend it to people who like to read romance and things like that because I also use it but I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem with Inkitt so please help! I also have this problem now that whenever I confirm my e-mails, and reload Inkitt, it always says, ‘Confirm your e-mail!’ I already confirmed it 100,000,000 times but it’s never working!!! And I NEED to confirm my e-mail because I’m tryna write a new romance story and it doesn’t work because it doesn’t allow me to save the summary!. PLUS I really wanna follow this amazing author!
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4 years ago, sbsuebsna
Love the app but there’s some problems
I love some features of this app like being able to leave and read reviews or the fact that every story is free. However, there’s some problems. 1.when I press the app it doesn’t immediately open-the screen goes black for about 5 seconds until the app opens.(not my phone’s fault as this only happens with Inkitt) 2. The app freezes a lot and I have to press multiple times for it to do what I want it to do. 3. When I go to the next chapter it often brings me back to the begging of the chapter I’d just read. 4. It isn’t really a problem but it could be good if the red circle in the notifications went away after you opened and reloaded all your notifications, instead of us having to click and open one of the notifications. 5. When somebody replies to my comment and I click the notifications, instead of it bringing me to my comment, it just opens the end of the comments section of whichever chapter and book it is.
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4 years ago, MonaL16
Love the site, hate the app
Alright, I love love love the stories on the Inkitt site, and I love that (as of June 2020) the stories are free (one of the reasons I stopped using Wattpad is that it was a free space for authors to share their work when I started and then slowly started adding monetization, even without the knowledge or consent of the authors and without paying the authors for the ads they were placing on our stories without us allowing them to) HOWEVER this app is a MESS. It glitches all the time, randomly freezes, goes black, shuts down. It takes forever to load anything and it’s incredibly hard to find stories aside from the same 5 that the app seems to always have in the recommended for you section. I’d love to read more, but can’t find any stories I haven’t read. Now I don’t know if it’s because there aren’t any more stories on the site in the genres and tags that I’m searching or if it’s bc of some algorithm that makes it hard to find them. I’m going to give reading online a try, simply because I am so frustrated with this app lately that I just don’t even want to use it anymore.
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4 years ago, Natalie2134677
Great app! some issues!
First, Inkitt has been a god sent! I love the catalogue and the fact that it is quality stories for no cost. I have been a Wattpad reader ever since before the design and price changes and I have to search in the nooks and crannies to find a quality book that is free! But Inkitt has it all I look for in a reading app in one place! But the only shortcoming is the layout. Now the layout is horrible there’s waaaay too many things trying to be crammed on one home screen and none of the pictures see conclusive, they just seem to fade. I would suggest a way to organize it to make it more user friendly and another is the FONT. PLEASE CHANGE THE FONT or give us an option to change it when we read because the current one is very hard to see and especially against the stark white background! But other than those simple design issues 10/10 app! I would definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, JessiC1990
Enjoyable With A Few Issues
I learned about Inkitt through an author I follow on WattPad. While I enjoy not having limitations on Inkitt and being able to find and read stories for mature audiences, whereas WattPad inhibits this, there are some issues. First off, I’m not getting notifications. I’ve checked everything within my devices settings; It’s the app. Then when you go into Inkitt and check notifications when someone posts a new chapter of a story, it says it’s unavailable, takes you to the beginning of the previous chapter, and you have to scroll down and click “next chapter” to read that new chapter. While it’s not a huge deal, it’s inconvenient. Also, discussions and comments on stories are hard to decipher. It’d be nice if what the person is commenting on was automatically quoted. All that said, I’d like to see some fixes, but it’s a good tool for readers and writers alike and I believe, due to issues I’ve seen develop on WattPad, that Inkitt is possibly more secure.
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2 years ago, Heavensentme420
Great app and totally free!!!
I have read some reviews and seen people mention having problems with stories or the app. I would like to say I am using the app on my iPhone 6 and it works great! I have had no issues whatsoever, it’s not slow, doesn’t crash, and I love that you can read these stories for free!!! I have used good novel and a few other apps that have great books but you end up spending more money to read those books then you would in real life, I would know cause I have been suckered into it a few times. Luckily I came across a book series on her that I have fallen in love with, and have enjoyed waiting for the author to write and post her chapters, cause she is very good at doing it regularly! If you love to read I really suggest trying this app!!
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3 years ago, Itsonlykieaa
Really good app but…
Really good app i’m a big book worm and love having a change from wattpad but there’s a lot that needs to be worked on with Inkitt. 1 my notification history keeps updating me on books i’m not longer reading and can’t delete the notification. 2 i need to know how lidar i am in the chapter or sometimes the app could crash and i now have to scroll quickly in the chapter to get back to my spot. 3 i love added multiple books in my library at once then picking which one to start first i would love it more if i didn’t have to go inside the story just to add it then go back to add another. All in all i love the app but with me having this app 2+ years and nothing has changed it’s still the exact same app from when i first downloaded it i doubt it will start taking suggestions now.
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4 years ago, 197426896
Maybe user error?
Fantastic app but I was wondering if there is anyway of horizontal reading. I swear I looked it up to see if I was just dumb and couldn’t find it but if there isn’t a way to read horizontally this would be a good option to add if possible. I use my iPad horizontally constantly and it’s kind of annoying to have to turn it vertical when I’m jumping between a video and reading. This has also held me back from really using this app. Also would be nice is if books had the ability to show they are finished or completed like in Wattpad (if these are all features already and I’m just dumb I apologize I obviously haven’t used the app much to figure everything out but, I also figured my five star review would just help instead of hinder). Thanks!
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6 years ago, Waitwhatyoko
I love this app
Inkitt is really great for authors and writers. They respond well to any concerns readers and writers have and they actually do what needs to be done instead of waiting around like Wattpad. Inkitt is safer for writers as well since they combat any sort of plagiarism unlike Wattpad. The writing lay out isn’t complicated. Inkitt has clear guidelines for everyone to follow and they email you letting you know if you aren’t following some. The only thing I complain about (and why it hasn’t got the 5 stars) is because the IOS app still has a long way to go with giving notifications for anything you write or read. It’s also hard to see the full reviews of your work. So if you want all that you’ll need to go to the web page because you can see and do everything easily there. Other than that it’s a great app and you should definitely try out
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1 year ago, cbdbs wcs
New Update
The overall app is really good. I like the adverse book genres. I also like how you can start up your own righting fantasy’s for free. Another thing I like about this app is that it’s all free. However, something in the past I really enjoyed was that you could read offline, that is currently unable with the new update. Which I find to be a big let down. I enjoyed reading my favorite books on the go, wether it was with or without internet and with the current update it does not allow such. The app is overall really good and it really allows you too find the perfect book. It allows you too also find a book that you might have never even thought to look at. The only complaint is that I wish they kept the off internet availability.
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3 years ago, Purespiryt
Love, Love, Love Inkitt
I am brand new to Inkitt I have only been here for 2-3 days now. I do believe that I have been blessed for I have not run into any of the issues some of the other readers have. I can not begin to tell you how happy I am that I get to read these books straight through instead of being stopped after each chapter and made to wait for hours to finish the stories. I am an avid reader since being here I have finished 4 books and am currently reading 4 others, I would probably be done with them as well if their stories were finished. I am so thankful for this platform, thank you.
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3 years ago, nohater446
Very laggy on mobile
So I downloaded this app about a month or two ago and it worked just fine. I first started using it on my iPad, where it crashed almost instantly and I kept having to reopen it to start it again. I also cannot access any of the groups on mobile because it just turns to a blank white screen that I’m getting so sick of! On my computer, however, it seems totally and completely fine. It works well, and it’s easier to write the stories b/c you don’t need to download a completely different app for it(u have to on mobile). Anyways, it’s VERY laggy on mobile which is a problem that I think you should look into. I can barely post comments when I’m on mobile because my “submit” button will not work, I click it a lot and it still won’t submit my comment. What I’m trying to say is decent app, it’s nice and all, but it’s buggy.
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7 months ago, peyzli
Too many glitches and horrible contact support
I have tried to write newer books but the glitches made it impossible. I would try to copy and paste it over from other apps I publish on and it would put text over text while also not showing the full text I copied. It would delete when I closed out the chapter. I can’t even delete the book entirely after I made a new one. I have emailed the app months ago and I heard back from someone, I forget who, but they asked me to send information like my phone type and version of the app. After I told them, they said they will contact me back after they fixed the issue and I haven’t heard from them since. I deleted the app after that seeing how I couldn’t write on it. I just got it back and it’s STILL doing the same exact glitch. It’s irritating and a waste of time. There are plenty of other writing apps that are better.
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4 years ago, Bflecka
Great stories, needs better navigation options
I’ve found a lot of great stories on this app, and I like that I can save them in my library, and look at the history of what I’ve checked out, in case you forgot to save something you want to go back to. But I really wish the search options could be improved. I would like to be able to filter my searches more. For instance, look only at completed stories, or filter out topics I’m not interest in (werewolves, for instance). Also, there should really be an option to look at all results, rather than being limited to “popular”, “new”, or “recently updated”. I don’t know if this is the right place to make these suggestions. I hope they end up being seen. Thanks to all of the authors for the great stories!
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3 weeks ago, Angel_Raider29
The Pain Of Searching
I love the app: the UI, the methods of communication (wall vs chapter vs review) and the variation in content. The only reason I can’t give 5 stars is due to the search/“Discover” screen. Unfortunately, when using the Discover-Explore feature to find stories by genre/tag, you have to complete an entirely new search after selecting one result. Instead of using the back arrow to return to your results page, you have to re-do your search. Of the few reasons I have for not using the app, THIS is the biggest. Even worth a couple stars on a review. 😞 Having an app that houses literary content and wanting users to explore genres- you just can’t have a search feature that operates this way. It really discourages engagement. Please, DEV(s), prioritize this app flow! 🙏
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4 weeks ago, Voltz1704
Inbox glitch
I have 18 read items in my inbox but the red bubble says 70. It’s been this way since I started using the Inkitt app over a year ago and by “this way”, I mean showing a large number of unread messages that I either can’t find or aren’t there. I never know when I have a new notification and I can’t get rid of things I’ve seen. Please fix this! As a writer it is frustrating because it makes it difficult to communicate with readers. That is my only complaint; this app is so entirely user friendly outside of that one issue. I recommend it to people who I know write out love reading all the time. This is a great way to get recognition for your work and to recognize others for theirs.
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9 months ago, bad, unoriginal, name.
Great, but now it’s crashing.
I recently downloaded Inkitt and it is an amazingly good app for E-books, however just yesterday I updated the app and now every time I try to open it, it crashes. Now, my device is quite old, and it is very particular about how much memory can be taken up at any given time and still have things run smoothly, but I tried offloading all my other apps before trying again and it still crashed, please fix this, Inkitt is really quite nice, and I don’t want to have to delete it because it’s not working and I need to free up the memory that its using, I really do like the app, so please, PLEASE, FIX THIS! Sincerely, A Hopeful Bibliophile.
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6 years ago, angieemariee
Not much to not like
I enjoy reading on this app and I enjoy most of the books I’ve found but I do have a few adjustments for the app that could be made. These could be pet peeves of mine but I’d really like to be able to flip the pages in the books instead of having to scroll and I don’t like the layout of the books when they’re in your library, I find it easier if they’re in columns or rows and for some way/notification on the book itself to see when its updated. I’d also like a way to be able to easily find completed/good books. I’ve found some gems but only when I search deep and for awhile. Other than these things that I’d change I enjoy reading with Inkitt, I think it’s a great app that gives writers good opportunities.
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3 years ago, Mikaylaspeck
The app over all is great, recent bug however is not.
To be honest I prefer writing and reading on Inkitt as it seems to hold a far more mature audience and author base. However!! With this latest update I now seem to have a glitch that has ever book saying it only has one chapter and every story this past week or so that’s been updated and is in my notifications won’t load the new chapter, the page is blank if you click on it and if you click the drop bar to see the chapters, the new ones don’t even show up. I read and am following a lot of books... this week alone I’ve gotten over 15 updated chapters I’m craving to read but am unfortunately unable too and am stuck.. anyone know if this is getting worked or not?
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6 years ago, reviewsreviewss
There are a few things I would like to voice. When I @ my readers who are commenting on my book, It would be easier if the suggestions for @ names would pop up, like wattpad so to speak. Also commenting on sections (paragraphs) individually would be helpful as well, feedback and general interaction means a lot to me. It helps me improve my writing skills and connect with the community. Lastly EDITING. I can’t edit my book when using the mobile version which is CRUCIAL. The access from the app is easier compared to going online and re-logging in when I already have the app version on my phone. Thank you. I love inkitt because you don’t limit us, but I also need reassurance that these errors can be fixed.
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4 years ago, ZTalya
In need of more advanced tools
I love the app it not only allows me to read more stories but more Mature ones that wattpad started to take down or made it difficult for some authors. The only issues I have are that there are no previous chapter button, I hate when I accidentally press next chapter or I forget what happens and instead of swiping or pressing something I have to go to the chapters and slide down to the I want, I’m not sure if it’s available on desktop but I personally don’t like reading on a computer so even if it was it wouldn’t benefit me The next problem I have is when searching for new stories to read there are no filters that can have you choose “Completed” or not, sometimes I don’t want to read unfinished books my patience can’t handle sometimes.
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6 years ago, Kq12/
Interesting app and company
The concept is a community of writers and readers - with a publishing company in the background. Writers offer their books for free due to the publishing company offering potential incentives such as cash for competitions and a potential publishing deal to books that get read to completion the most with good reviews. Readers get free books (awesome), writers get an engaging audience (fantastic), and the publishing company receives a pool of manuscripts with data attached- like how interested the community is in the book (fantastic)! Win, win, win! At least that is my understanding of the app and company thus far. Please feel free to check out my YA fantasy novel on the app - Cloud Shifters!
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3 years ago, Blackshaw17
Good app but one issue
I’m really liking the app and I’ve been using the wattpad app since 2013 but got annoyed with the ads. I’m currently flip flopping between the two but there’s one issue with the Inkitt app. I can’t add books into reading lists. I’m going to mess around with it a bit more but I like to keep my books organized or else I get the issue that I’m having with my wattpad account which is hundreds of books half finished and most can go into my “didn’t like not finishing” reading list. The look of the app is really nice though I do wish you could comment on each paragraph and then take out the lists of comments at the end of the chapter (I have it in page flipping format).
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4 years ago, Becks AV
love this app... but have suggestions
I truly love this app and use it all the time. However, I would really like there to be a way to remove stories from my "news" section. Perhaps I am missing it but stories that I have either read or sometimes just opened are giving me notifications on my "news" feed every time there is an update. There are two particular authors who "update" the same poorly written stories over and over so I am getting 30ish notifications every day. Please allow for me the choice to remove unwanted authors and stories from my "news" feed. Horizontal reading on an ipad would be beneficial to some as well. Thanks and sorry to criticize!
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4 years ago, JNichiy
I love it but a couple things...
So far I am enjoying Inkitt and the books that are on the platform. However, there are couple things I’ve noticed that could use some fixing. For some reason, the paging is a little off when I’m moving on to a new chapter, sometimes it will bring me back a chapter or even more than just one. Another thing I would suggest, please show me my progress in my books in the library. It confuses me when I’m trying to figure out which books I’ve already read. Just a side note as well, it would be helpful if there was a way to know if an author updated a book so I could continue it. Other than that, it’s pretty great so far. :)
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3 years ago, cr sjxjcksoa
I love this app there’s just a few glitches
So I love Inkett and have been on it a while but lately there’s been some lagging. Like I’ll be reading and get to read a couple chapters but then the next time I hit next chapter, the chapter won’t load and only will display the title. I’ve closed the app, restarted my phone, gone to different WiFi’s and tried data, and even deleted the app and got it again but every few chapters it won’t load until I delete the app and reinstall it. This is really frustrating because I love Inkett but it’s really annoying to have to go through that process just to read a couple chapters.
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2 years ago, irritated-use-2468013579
NEVER write directly on the site. I feel dumb for saying it, but if your device glitches and you loose that 900+ word chapter you’ve worked weeks on, there is no way to recover it. Write your work in Google docks or Office and upload it. Save yourself some grief. Also, I don’t know if I’ve just become a pickier reader, but a lot of new material on here seems to be made by people who only have a tenuous grasp on the rules of writing. It used to be that new authors had to pass a quality control period before being allowed to post. I’m not sure if Inkitt has stopped doing that, or if the standards have been lowered, but it’s irritating to try and decipher what people are actually trying to say instead of being able to just enjoy a story.
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6 years ago, someone@1234
I like it
I really do enjoy that app and I like that it keeps word count and all but I am thinking on writing a book and I decided to check it out and just do a little playing around but when I tried adding a photo to be my background on my cover it says that it’s too small. Does the pixels have to be 500 x 800 because it’s kinda hard trying to find the exact number. Can you help me with that? Maybe you guys should make a photo editing app where we can get one of our own, adjust it, edit it and all that then download it as our cover. Also this is actually way better than Wattpad.
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4 years ago, book_worm needs her stories
Love this app, though it could be better
At the rate I go through books, it’s great to have a whole extensive library. It has everything, and I mean everything for anyone. I do wish that it would recommend books based on what you’ve already read. Also would be nice if they would caution readers about books that have been “offline” for an extended period of time. Nothing is more frustrating than really getting into a book just to have it end unfinished and the author hasn’t touched it in over a year. It does have it on the bottom, but maybe move it up top so it’s right in a reader’s face. Or move them to a different category?
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6 years ago, Phxntom
I love it, but some issues.
I came from Wattpad because most of the authors have moved onto this site, at first I like it, a lot. But now i’m having issues. First of all, when I hit “next chapter” it’ll be bring me back to the current chapter I am and have to scroll all the way down and hit the next button all over again to move onto the next chapter. I also would like a different lay out of my library. It’s hard to navigate, columns or rows would be nicer then sliding side to side. I’m also having trouble removing books I’ve already finished or started and aren’t gonna read anymore out of my library. Please fix some of these things! I really love the books and authors on here and would hate to find another app!
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2 years ago, myrtle d turtle
The app was working fine but i had to delete it for a few hours and when i reinstalled it the app wouldnt get past the logo without crashing. I restarted my phone after reinstalling it about 5 times and it still not working, after i restarted my device it worked for a short at most 3 mins before crashing while i was reading mid sentence and is now back to crashing after the logo appears. I wouldnt be so upset about this if the author of the book would just upload the rest of the book on the app (i will not name it) that she started the book on in the first place. Still very dissapointing no matter the situation that the app is made for people to enjoy their favorite novels and the app cant even do simply what it is made to do. Please fix this problem!
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5 years ago, Gizelle Gigi Trinidad
IM IN LOVE! Everyday I look forward to opening up Inkitt to see what’s new and what I’ll enjoy. This is one of my top 5 go to apps every single day. I love to read and I have other reading apps but this is probably my top favorite one to open up. If your a reader from Wattpad, Inkitt is very similar except it’s mainly just different writers. Another is there is no Beta Program blocking’s you from reading anything that you would have to pay for. I found Inkitt after reading some comments on Wattpad and fell in love with this App. Both I recommend and a lot of my friends would agree I just think I love Inkitt even more.
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6 years ago, Hope6699
I enjoy it but...
I haven’t been on this app long. I’ll be honest. I do love it and how simple it is to find books that I’ll enjoy and being able to read them any time. However, I don’t really like that I can’t swipe to the side instead of scrolling up. I also find it very annoying that every time I open a book, my phone tells me that in app purchases are not allowed. Considering the books are free to read, I find this very odd and it’s annoying to have that pop up every time I just want to read the book and have some headspace. I’m not saying this is something that changes my view on the app, but it is a little frustrating to deal with.
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3 years ago, avae2710
Love the app
No ads is a big plus for me. There are NEVER any ads. It’s totally FREE. There are no promotions to buy a membership or spend money on better books. Everything on Inkitt is free and available to everyone. Anybody can write on the app so you do have to do some digging to find the good well written books, however since it is completely free and there are no ads I don’t mind digging through books and sorting out the amateurly written ones from the professional quality. My one request would be that they update the app and fix the recent bugs. The scrolling progress bar appearing in the middle of the text rather than on the far right side where it’s out of the way. The app crashing after each chapter or at other random times. These bugs are new but they’re very frustrating and I would greatly appreciate you making an update to the app just to fix those! Thanks!!
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6 years ago, Kg8203
App is weird
I learned of Inkitt through authors on Wattpad, and I was excited to use it as a new source of stories. At first the app ran smoothly and I had no problems reading my stories and changing chapters through the menus. However, after a few weeks the app became sort of unresponsive and when I tried to access the menu the app refused to open it. There are also times where the app randomly decides to open the menu and display all the information and I’m not able to close it. The app would be great if those issues could be fixed, since the selection of stories available are pretty solid. However, the problems with the app’s issues have really ruined the experience for me.
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3 years ago, doyouevenreadtheselol
Wow this app is amazing! I love that it’s free for anyone craving a good book or a good place to write. I also love how it’s not as censored as Wattpad like sometimes I want all the juicy details gory or romantic it’s all part of the adventure we follow along with the author! So thank you! As a new writer on Inkitt I can say though that the writing portion could use some adjustments I feel like if you’re a writer Wattpad is easier to use and more put together BUT that doesn’t mean you guys can’t get there eventually it just has a few bugs! Anyways thanks again I absolutely LOVE your app!🤍
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5 years ago, Kottiah
This app has made my life a little easier when it comes to finding new books online. I usually have to use my internet to find new books to read, but having to keep so many tabs open just to remember which ones I wanted to read and going to multiple sites is annoying after a while. I love using this app because I can just open and close it and keep reading when I want. I also like that it gives you the option to download the stories you’re reading and it keeps track of your history.
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4 years ago, CaffinatedTerror
Love the app but not the update
I love Inkitt and the app, but unfortunately my iPad hates the update from Aug.3. If I use the search feature to search for a specific book and open it, the book may stay open for all of 20 seconds until the app closes itself. I reopen the app and the book should be there where I left off but alas it isn't, I'm stuck in the never ending loop of searching finding and then shutting down. This also happens when I read updated books from my library. It's extremely annoying. Before anyone asks, yes I've deleted and reinstalled the app, all with no luck. If not for this problem I'd rate 5 stars.
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6 months ago, PhelineCat
Portrait is why I don’t used this
I don’t know why I got this … to read or write but either one is impossible with only portrait mode. I bought a wonderful keyboard a few months ago that I love- it’s even better than Grammerly (and works with Grammerly for checking my text) but my iPad works in landscape. Sure, I could fiddle with it and not have my iPad attached to the keyboard but I shouldn’t have to do that, should I? I read constantly and have a Kindle full of books but I’m always looking for more. It’s a pity Inkitt is so limiting. If I can have Alexa read the stories it’s only half limited because it still doesn’t solve the writing problem.
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2 years ago, Jackie Hemingway
Great concept, app is buggy and crashes
I came across Inkitt, but not being an online or techy type of a person I don’t like apps that require massive amounts of work to use. I find Inkitt right in the middle, fairly easy to use for this traditional writer. Having said that, I have found an issue. I uploaded my manuscript, did all the tags, genre info etc. and published, no problem. I went to edit tags, genre and when I opened the “more info” section - genre, age rating etc. the whole app crashes, and keeps crashing. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, rebooted and everything else I can think of but cannot find a solution. Any advice??
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6 months ago, Giggles7845
Easy to use, great stories to be found!
So far, I love Inkitt. I followed a favorite emerging author, Stephanie Light, to the platform. I love the ease of the subscription service and that this platform seems to be doing right by the authors. I don’t have many technical issues and it’s easy to control my settings on the app regarding notifications and set up. Subscription was easy and comes out each month with no hiccups. I haven’t had to deal with customer service thus far which in and of itself is great. Thanks for a great platform!!
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