Iowa 511

2.9 (363)
27.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Iowa Department of Transportation
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Iowa 511

2.93 out of 5
363 Ratings
10 months ago, Kdhoov
New isn’t always right
The old 511 app at least let you look at a glance-you knew what all the roads were like. then you could narrow down to the ones that you would be on-which would usually be a secondary road. now you don’t even have that option of looking and deciding which way to go-because all you get our main roads. At least, that is what I have found the last few days. The destination is nice;but even if you put it in the Fort Dodge hospital and it gives you an option to pick one address-it still says no. maybe I need to play with it more??
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10 months ago, bosco1956
New format is not easy foolproof way to get current Winter Road Conditions. User is required to “drill down” and expand screens. Prior edition could be saved to my phone Home Screen for instant access to conditions.
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11 months ago, JParr1754
The app was simple before (no compliants). The recent updates are fantastic! Now the app feels modern. I didn’t realize you can see recent updates specific to camera/area if you “view location” and scroll down—nice! Kind of miss the ability to go from camera to camera within (or while) the camera is being displayed.
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9 months ago, IowaStinks
Change is not good
Your change on the app is for the worst! ! The old App was much better. Would like to go back if I could! I don’t need that location to show up every time I use it. If I’m traveling in Iowa I don’t need the location to be on the front screen! I don’t see how to cancel it off the screen, if you can! Harder to navigate! Needs a lot of changes!
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12 months ago, scarrick50220
New look, same great app!
I use this app mainly for winter driving so hadn’t noticed the upgrade. After checking it out, I’m just as pleased with it as before. It works great for me, am using an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Thanks Iowa DOT and keep up the good work.
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11 months ago, oversize hauler
New 511 App
This change and updated app is a complete JOKE! Trying to see road conditions and construction information is a complete pain. Have to pan in too far to see anything. Was much easier when you could see it as a whole state or at least region. Now to see it you have to zoom in so far to get things to show up that you only get a 5 to 10 mile stretch of road at a time.
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7 months ago, Hawk-ize
Iowa DOT
Great website, easy navigation, great location information. I grew up in Iowa and now work for Washington DOT. The winter information gives a great snapshot of road conditions. Be safe and give the roadway workers space
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6 years ago, jdblulu
Used to work great
I got this app for winter driving information. Ever since the last update that is the information I cannot get on the app. Some of the time the option is available in layers but if you click on any other option (like plow information) it disappears and you have to completely reload the app to get it back. The app is useless if you can’t get the information you need when you need it most.
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9 months ago, AttackB
Very good
I will be a dissenter with all the negative reviews on this app. I found it very easy to use and the different layers are awesome. I accessed a few cameras and played the live feed without any issues. Will definitely keep this app handy for any travels access IA.
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9 months ago, 511not
Road cameras
I used to really like this app I could look at the cameras and see what the weather is doing out on the roads that I have to drive so I know how to prepare or what I’m getting into when I go out on the roads now I can’t get the cameras to come up at all. really dislike the way stuff has been redone and you can’t look at nothing. not knowing what the roads are like in the winter time is not fun.
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3 years ago, Nena Dailey
Doesn’t work correctly
I have deleted and re added this app a few times and it still doesn’t work correctly. I chose plow location and I get the message that there are no active plows. Except there are because my husband has the same phone and app and his shows the winter driving and plows. Makes no sense.
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9 months ago, SadieSnicks
I want your old road conditions map/information back. This new 511 site is very complicated when all you want is road conditions. Why do you make it so difficult? You are trying to pack too much overall DOT information into what used to be very easy to use. Please bring the old 511 back!
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11 months ago, Beckett0622
New updates make app useless
This used to be an app I used all the time for years but the update for this year is useless for me to check alternate routes to see the road conditions- which do differ in our area. In addition it puts a heavy blue line through the route it wants me to take and I cannot alter it or click on the roads to see conditions
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9 months ago, Darth Hawkeye
Terrible Design
The old app was way better. Can’t see any road conditions on the map unless you zoom in quite a bit. No legend on the map, have to go through menus and scroll to find what type of weather conditions. The legend used to be visible on the bottom of the map for easy identification. Not a fan.
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9 months ago, Gramma Rose
The old app was very easy to use. Made it harder to use. No ledge d so I don’t know what color means what on the road conditions.
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10 months ago, Amtrekman
Broader view road conditions fixed
The bug with seeing statewide conditions has been fixed (Nov. 16, 2022) — my rating goes to 5 stars!
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11 months ago, IndyAli22c
Horrible since update….
I used this app for years. Since the update it’s horrible and freezes up every time I use it. Why did you change a good thing?? Very disappointed as I travel for work everyday and counted on this app. Would gladly update my review if this app would ever start working again.
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5 months ago, Mary_Jones07
Too many layers
It’s helpful to see road conditions and traffic speeds but I have to unselect and reselect the boxes for it to show every time I open the app.
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10 months ago, Secan3
I find this updated version of the old 511 to be cumbersome to use. It seems harder to check road conditions. In addition, I can open menus, but the often do not close. I have to shut down the app, reopen, and start over.
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10 months ago, super verse
Screen locks up
The layout has good ideas but locks up when trying to use the different layers. Have tried everything to get it to work with no improvement.
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5 years ago, Jayrob3648
Can’t personalize a trip
The app itself isn’t bad, but when logged in and trying to edit favorites, it says update failed. I can’t store my favorite destinations or get the custom trip report as advertised. Deleted and re downloaded and still have issues.
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5 years ago, 4Wheeling Drifts
Great WHEN it works...
I use this for Iowa winter driving. Recently the winter driving does not show up at all. One hour commute to work on county highways and now it only works half the time. Last season I never had a problem. Hope they get it fixed.
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7 months ago, 3?74?’mlfz
Does not properly reflect road conditions
I think the past reporting of road conditions have been good. Lately, the app has been way off. Roads have been horrendous which I would consider pink or purple but were reported green or seasonal. Very incorrect in my opinion. I don’t trust it anymore
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11 months ago, Dangottschalk
New update is an improvement but broke road conditions
A+ on the refreshed app but if it’s not broke don’t fix it. This new version completely broke road conditions. If your not super zoomed in road conditions won’t display. Pretty pointless when that’s the main purpose of the app…
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6 years ago, critiquent
Difficult to find winter driving
Like the other reviewer said, it’s hard to find winter driving. This is the main reason to use the app. Also the pop ups confirming if I’m a driver or not are annoying. Take a note from Waze and use the accelerometer to determine if I’m actually moving or not.
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10 months ago, W2JAX
I had to give you 1 star because I couldn’t give you 0. It locks up immediately after opening when trying to add layers to know information of the state road conditions as I travel all over the state for work. YOU A TO BE THE BEST APP! I wanted other states to follow suit. PLEASE FIX YOUR APP! Thanks.
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9 months ago, Joeylee76
Hit and Miss
More times than not this is very inaccurate information.
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10 months ago, CiBeMe
When I try to select options in layers or click on a symbol so it will provide more information, the app freezes and I have to restart my phone to get it to open again.
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5 years ago, shueyban
511 Iowa
I love this app. Just wish it had cameras to low flooding areas. Where the Raccoon and Des Moines river meet. Along the Des Moines river and Raccoon river. Walnut Creek, South Skunk George Flagg Road, Water Works Park, Fluer Drive, Merle Hay Road and Johnston. Airport, etc
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11 months ago, cher174
What wrong with the new app?
All I’m seeing on the new 511 is a street map, what happened to the winter driving map? Awful wish you would have left it alone, looks like google maps. I use it mainly for winter driving now it’s useless to me
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10 months ago, iowawinter
Slow to load
The most important part of the 511 is the road condition portion and for whatever reason, my roads don’t load and I have tried to adjust the levels multiple times.
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10 months ago, forgetthis stupidapp
Not user friendly
On the old app, I could see the entire state at a glance and determine what’s normal. What’s icy with snowy covered now you have to go searching for it. I’m going to be deleting this app because it is not user-friendly.
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9 months ago, T3508
Winter driving
The red and pink are pretty close in shade and difficult to tell the difference unless they are right next to each other
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10 months ago, oldie but goodie 1952
Updated map not as good
I preferred the last version of this app. This new one I have to keep messing with to get an overview of road conditions. It was so simple before.
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5 years ago, MrJayITGuy
Needs updated for Xs Max
Great app but needs updated for X series iPhones and then for Xs Max screen size The app doesn't know how to handle “the notch” and overlaps the top icons
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9 months ago, farmsll
Do not like show how the road are it takes me for every to find out and I still haven’t not like the old app you could just look at the color of the road
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4 years ago, rifleman300
Add It!
Very informative. Cameras of actual conditions very useful. Combine with Waze—and be ready for anything on the roadway.
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10 months ago, Joey V Italiano
Worst app!
It locks up and freezes from the start you can’t even use it! Just put the old one back on, it works! At least you can use the 511 truck app, it works fine.
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12 months ago, Deb1950
Freezes Up
I just downloaded the new app and every time I try to open the app it freezes up. I hope you fix this before winter because right now it’s useless.
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11 months ago, Iowa Driver
To much clutter
The old App was better. Keep it simple. I don’t want to zoom in to see what the road conditions are like in an area. I like being able to see the entire state color-coded.
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9 months ago, Mahjonglover
Map doesn’t show any information
The map won’t update to show road conditions or any of the other features. Yes I have logged in.
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6 years ago, icijean
Very useful app in winter
I love this app in winter and also in summer. Works best at home with WiFi to see cam pics.
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11 months ago, pipe wrench head
511 iowa map
Don’t care for the new update! Can’t see what the roads are for the entire state! Don’t like that you have to zoom in in order too see road conditions!! Don’t like it!!
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10 months ago, Iowa Eve
Do not like new 511
I want the old version of 511. New version does not work when I need it to. Why fix old version when it wasn’t broke. Won’t update and cameras don’t work.
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3 years ago, bear cha
Keeps saying that there are now active plows! One just went by me so there must be some out there! Fix?
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1 year ago, Gunneratg
App won’t let me look at traffic cameras or message boards. It just shows a blank grey screen when doing so
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4 years ago, YinMnBlueOrchids
Great to see photos!
It’s super helpful in the winter to see what the roads look like. Snow plow cams were a genius idea.
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10 months ago, Lljkgsg
Way too busy.
The new website is unusable on mobile, and the app is way too busy when you just wanna see how safe the roads are.
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10 months ago, br91121
Horrible updates
Bring back the old app. This is so dysfunctional and doesn’t work most of the time.
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11 months ago, Sparkyten10
Nothing works
None of the buttons worked. I deleted it 5 minutes after I got it.
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