IPSY: Personalized Beauty

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7 months ago
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11.2 or later
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User Reviews for IPSY: Personalized Beauty

4.81 out of 5
224.8K Ratings
2 years ago, mom who loves to plan parties
My daughter and I decided to try IPSY and boxy charm at the same time so that we can get a real time accurate feeling for both and decide from there… I can tell you that I’ve had no issues with Ipsy other than a little confusion on how to upgrade my box to the next level. If you are seriously looking into beauty boxes I want to warn you that boxy charm sends out products that are damaged and dirty. I used a liquid eyeliner that I paid for separately through the drop shop and it completely messed up my eye it clogged up my tear duct causing an eye infection which then caused my contact to fused to my eye which I did not know so when I tried to take it out at night it literally peeled off part of my eye (All of this occurred within 48 hrs of using the newly purchase eyeliner) I don’t know what the heck was in that eyeliner but it really jacked up my eye! I’ve worn contacts for 20 years and never experienced anything like it. They also have no customer service!! I spent a total of $260 in their drop shop and they forgot one of my items and WILL NOT RESPOND! Choose IPSY!!!!! They are great! They actually listen to your answers in the beauty quiz also I got use out of every product that they sent me! I was so satisfied that I immediately upgraded to the next box! also who the heck doesn’t want a free make up bag every month you literally get a little mini bag!! All for under $14!!
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4 years ago, IBDaniG
Fantastic but with a few minor flaws
I adore pretty much everything about Ipsy. Their products, customer service and their app. It’s very easy to use, full of great content and such a convenient way to manage subscriptions and to shop for beauty products in general. My only major issue is that fairly frequently the back arrow to return to the previous screen disappears so you must then choose from the menu at the bottom and go from there to return to the desired page. This can mean clicking back through several screens and while not super time consuming it is pretty annoying. My only other issue is that in the Shopper section (where I spend far too much time and money) products are sometimes missing part or all of their descriptions. Usually this is only mildly inconvenient as I can just go to the product’s company website but occasionally there are some major blanks. For example, while shopping for Nails, Inc. products over half of the polishes had not only no description, they didn’t even have a name. A few were just labeled “Nail Polish” with a pic but NO other descriptive info (except about the company in general) and some (about half of the 66 polishes) were even called “Shopping Bag.” 😄 To be fair this is the first time I’ve seen this level of missing information but I felt it was worth mentioning. But again, overall it’s a great app I use at least daily and definitely more often than nearly all of my other apps, particularly for shopping and/or beauty products.
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4 years ago, ILogicz
Quality Products!
I was at my sisters home on vacation in July when I heard of Ipsy for the first time ever! I was intrigued not only by the gorgeous product bags she received with her membership but from what I saw were Quality beauty products as part of her membership. That did it for me and I immediately joined. I for the last four months have been estactic each time I received my monthly products. So...... I decided to go from the regular bag onto the Glam Bag Plus and my gosh I haven’t been disappointed! Now to the customer service issues I’ve heard via Instagram I can’t so far disagree more with some negative issues regarding the Representatives. I had an issue with not receiving a bag for August due to my changing my address while on vacation. My fault I forgot to change it back to my home. Long story short it does take some time via email response but the two representatives I dealt with thru the email process went above and beyond to resolve the issue. Again I emphasize, My Fault, yet it was immediately resolved by shipping my bag to my home in leu of it already being sent to an out of state address and had not yet been returned to Ipsy! Now that’s Quality all the way around. Not much more can be said about this Gem of a company. Thank You Ipsy! This is a true and valid account of my experience and I have not been paid to write this review! Kathy Linus
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8 months ago, SnowyFlowerMama
Best Beauty box
I still order my face wash from Sephora, but I hated the tiny samples and wanted to try new products in a different way. I’ve had Ipsy since 2014 and was only disappointed a couple times. I’m not a full, caked on makeup person. I love the their skin care options. So much to choose from! I get to try new brands, and brands I love and trust like Tarte and even Kat Von D! It’s so worth 32 every month. Don’t we deserve a gift for ourselves? I’m a stay at home mama with three kids so it’s the one thing I get myself and I’m really happy with the products. Even if I get something I can’t use, usually the bigger eyeshadow pallets, I give them as Christmas presents! Still a win, lol. There are three choices to choose from. If you have the funds, the Icon Box is wonderful! I personally get the Boxycharm, I get five full size products. They choose two for me then I pick the other three. Then there’s GlamBag. It’s small but the best option if you’re first trying it out, which I did. Either way, it’s great to get a gift in the mail! Totally well deserved! There’s even an option to skip a month if it’s not in your budget for the month, which I’ve had to do. Sometimes diapers are more important..Great customer service for damaged, or lost items. Give them a try! I just selected my three options and I’m pretty excited to get my box!
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5 years ago, angecraw
It’s like Christmas every month 😂
So far I absolutely love Ipsy and the app. Personally, I think $10 a month for 4 samples and 1 full sized product is a great deal. Not to mention the cute bags every month! It’s a great way to try new products I wouldn’t normally buy otherwise. I know what I like and tend not to branch out of my comfort zone. Subscribing to Ipsy is perfect for me, because I don’t have to risk buying a full size, expensive products just to try and realize I hate it. I know enough about makeup to casually wear everyday, but I’m no beauty wizard lol. They offer instructions and video tutorials explaining how to use each product. I’ve learned techniques I never thought existed. And if I end up liking something, they usually have it available to buy in full-size. Maybe Ipsy isn’t for everyone, but I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. One suggestion...At first I was confused about the beauty quiz that asks about our beauty preferences to help personalize our bags. I assumed that meant those would definitely be the products I’d receive. Once I noticed I was getting other brands/items, I checked it the FAQ’s and read that what we get is based more on our reviews of each month’s products. It’s misleading when first signing up, and I only realized this after searching the site. Could you please make that more apparent for future new users?
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1 year ago, curlyheadddd👅
Okay but could be better
I have had Ipsy for at least 3 months now and I could list a lot to improve. For some people, they love the products they get, but me? Not so much. I get a few I like but the little 3.50 packs you can buy are worth it more to me. Like I just got a little sample of tarte clay foundation and a whole elf putty primer that’s usually 10 dollars for that price. The stuff I get sometimes is really small to where I get maybe a use or two out of it and that’s it. Which is fine, but when almost all of my bag is that, it’s an issue. The refreshments that would come with the bag made it worth it. A full thing of makeup wipes and hand cream made up for it. But what really irks me is HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET TO ME. Yesterday, my app (it has a little scroll option with dates and what happens when like when it arrives, when the review period ends, next choice, etc) said it was the 26th when it was the 30th. And now my June bag says it won’t arrive until at very least the 10th of June. For those who don’t know, you review your products on the 20th. The latest it could get here is the 30th. This is super inconvenient. The only things that make this subscription worth it for me is the option to buy two items at an extremely discounted price, the refreshments that come in the bag, and the occasional really good product I love. I also wish we had the option to shop the items we got in our bag on the app with larger sizes.
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1 year ago, kee.r_115
Love receiving new beauty products every month!
I am completely obsessed with all beauty and skincare related things! The fact that you can receive FIVE brand new full sized makeup or self care products each month for only $30 is absolutely insane! You’re also aloud to choose 3/5 products out of a selection of products they allow you to choose from that you’ll receive in your glam bag plus so it’s not a completely random assortment, and I believe you can choose 1-2 products in the sample sized Glam Bag. I have been subscribed to the Glam Bag Plus for about 5 months now and I have loved every second of it. I recently subscribed to receive Februarys Glam Bag X with Bailey Sarian and I am beyond excited for that. Ipsy also allows subscribers to purchase lots of products at a discounted rate, the products do change almost daily but there are some amazing deals! Through Ipsy you can also add on products to your monthly glam bag or glam bag plus subscription at their discounted product rates and those items will ship with your Glam Bag (I added on a $25 bundle of like 6 skincare items such as the Tatcha dewy skin cream and a Kate Somerville goat milk cleanser). My only complaint with Ipsy would be that it can take a while to ship to you especially if you have any monthly add ons.
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2 years ago, Ilikehavefun
Not really a fan…
Honestly i used to like ipsy a lot. I’ve only had this subscription for 4 months yet there’s so many problems i can list. First of all, shipping takes FOREVER, you forget that you even had a subscription. And they send you products you’ve never heard of. When you take the quiz, you get really excited because they make it seem like you’re actually going to get these awesome products! They even made you choose your favorite company’s such as maybelline, MAC, glossier, loreal, etc. INSTEAD, they give you products you’ve never heard of before! I gave it not 2, but FOUR try’s and haven’t gotten any products i’m familiar with. Also, they never said you were going to get samples. i had to learn the hard way when it came through the mail. Two of the products were so tiny, it looked like a barbie toy. I’m not satisfied because they give you items that you said you would rarely use. Also, sometimes they charge you 14 dollars instead of 13 , and they won’t answer the emails to tell you why! It also feels like they’re constantly trying to take money from you. If you cancel they’ll tell you how sad they are to see you go and you’ll get a free gift if you join again. Sounds like a manipulative relationship to me! I’m tired of getting emails to promote their products and make you spend more money then you already have! I don’t like leavjng bad reviews, but there’s so many bad things about ipsy i’m a little disappointed.
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3 years ago, LWoe
Loved everything so far...
I’ve only received 2bags so far, well actually 3 bags but 2months worth of products as my Jan 2021 bag came w/a pink bag as well as the Jan mom’s babyblue and clear “Dream” print bag, but I’ve loved everything so far....My only complaint if you can even call it that is that I wish I could get more things... for example instead of the next tier up being full sized products, what if I could get like 10 of the smaller sized ones OR maybe get a bag every 2 weeks or once a week or maybe both the more items AND more often?lol... I would buy a 2nd,3rd or 4th bag but I fear I’d end up getting repeats of one or more items if I did that, plus I’d imagine they’d all come at or around the same time via that route of getting “more” and I don’t think I’d have the will power to wait to open them every 2 wks or one a week...lol... Oh and lastly when I 1st subscribed it said I was supposed to get a bonus item which when I look in the app seems to be 2 face masks however I did not receive them w/my 1st or 2nd bags or separately....I’m bot sure if I was supposed to do something to get them? If I go to them from the link in the app they don’t show up as free or anything if I go to the specific products’ link or anything....Maybe someone else knows the answer?????
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5 years ago, Scion Friend
I’ll try it....
A coworker talked me into it. Well, it’s not just makeup. It is skin care, serums, haircare, tools.... so, “I’ll try it.” I said. Two years later... DO NOT GET RID OF MY IPSY!! In fact, I get the $10 one every month without fail, and opted for the $25 box every other. I love the facial masks and have learned about the foot masks and other fun items because of Ipsy. Highlighters are my friend, who knew. And the price is fantastic. Now the word sample is funny. I have never ran out of an Ipsy nail polish sample, and the lotions include several uses, depending on the brand. Brands.... I found out I love Sol de Dejanaro from a sample and now purchase the full size. I would have NEVER spent that much money on a full size without knowing, I loved it. And how about the “bag”. Do I love them? No, not all of them. But did bring a nice one to a wedding as a clutch. So cute. Lastly, the infamous shiny envelope!!!!!! Ladies!!! It is Show & Tell time in the office!! My heart warms when I see it. Literally the best $10 spent every month. I will not stop!!! PS - Through that last two years I see Ipsy has been striving to make it is, what the customers want it to be. They ask for feedback, they listen and make changes. If there is bad feedback in the past, it may not be true still today.
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6 years ago, Sanna12
Great especially if you don’t know what to buy
I really like ipsy because you get sample size of really great products and especially if you don’t do your make up all the time. If you don’t want to buy large expensive portions of things you get to try products and a lot of things go bad before I even get a chance to finish them. I also don’t always know what to buy and I forget that I need things so it’s already in the house so I don’t have to run out last minute and try to buy something. They send really high-quality top-of-the-line stuff too and I love that you can customize it to your preferences and your skin shading haircolor and all that good stuff. You could also cancel anytime if you decide that it’s not for you but honestly it’s the price of two Starbucks coffees a month and I get make up skin care and hair care samples that are actually pretty large considering. I highly recommend it to people who don’t use a lot of make up and don’t go out that often because that will be enough to last for you. I also recommend it to people who love to buy make up because you can try something and then by the full-size products at a discount if you do decide that you like it.. it’s in all around waiting for me.
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3 years ago, idfwy.kai
The absolute worst
So I started ipsy around February of this year. First experience first order yk it was good. It wasn’t until March came and I had order a glam bag and a glam bag plus. They had sent me my glam bag but but not my glam bag plus which I was really mad at 😒. I emailed and emailed and even texted ipsy on insta and no help was solved. They even took my money for my glam bag plus but I didn’t even get my item. Then came around July or august I had bought a marbled farah brush which was like an add on. In that add on it came with 2 brushes. They gave me my marbled brush and then another brush that WASNT even nowhere near the pic which was like a buffing brush instead I got a brush that was completely different which I already had. So I tend to forget about it the 2nd problem I had and, now the last problem I’m currently having There is this thing where you can redeem your points for free items which I did I had redeemed a brush back in October. It is called LR199 shadow brush in the brand Laruce Beauty. They had mentioned that my redeemed item was going to be shipped in my next bag which is this month (December) since I had skip my last month bag. (November) I waited and since my December bag came my redeemed item didn’t come in it like it was supposed to. I really really love Ipsy but because of all this experiences Ive been having from you guys you have truly lost a customer and I will never be shopping back here again.
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6 years ago, AnonymousHate
If I would have known about a “waitlist” I would have never subscribed.
I saw Ipsy advertised on Facebook and thought it would be a really nice beauty box service, I downloaded the app and subscribed. Immediately after subscribing I was told that I was on a “waitlist” and that if I wanted off I would have to send emails to 3 of my contacts in my email. I don’t have contacts since I use my emails for social media and signing up for websites and things like Ipsy. There are only a few options for which email service you can use which are gmail, hotmail, outlook, and yahoo. I use aol so I was out of luck. If getting off of the “waitlist” was as easy as sending 3 emails, why is there a waitlist in the first place? I understand that your app says “we are in high demand, so you’re on our waitlist” but come on, It really isn’t fair for people who are unable to send the emails to easily bypass the “waitlist” Either advertise your waitlist situation or tell people before they subscribe, don’t wait to tell people that they are going to have to wait to “actually subscribe” until after they have already gone through the process of taking the beauty quiz and giving their payment information. I would like to say that customer service was very responsive and quick to cancel my “waitlist” spot and responded in less than 24 hours which is why my rating is 3 stars instead of one.
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3 years ago, lovelygrasshopper
Beyond disappointed
Having worked in customer service most of my life in have never seen a worse set up. I signed up in April so excited to get to try new products and experiment with new looks. I didn’t receive my bag and I was a little frustrated but I know that with the world the way it is right now companies are kinda at a loss because no one can rely on delivery companies. But I reached out and was sent a replacement and I received it but then my May bag was out side of the window. So I let them know about the May bag and was sent a replacement. I canceled my subscription and the app tells me I have nothing left on my account. I verified with customer service that I would no longer be getting anything from them because I’m just done at this point. And then received my June bag. My May bag was sent but never moved so when it fell out of the 15 business days I reached out again and they sent another. Fast forward, it’s now August 2 I still do not have my May bag AND I was charged for July and August and customer service is insisting that they can’t do a refund but they can assure me that I will not be charged anymore. I was assured I would not be charged as of June 11 when I was told that I no longer had any subscriptions associated with my account. This is honestly ridiculous and so gross. Do better. And stop using the state of the world as an excuse for your companies failures. Just fess up and fix it. Sincerely Laura G
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2 years ago, Baby Milan
I didn’t think I would love Ipsy like I do…
Honestly I subscribed to Ipsy and Birchbox but wow this takes Birchbox out the equation. Ipsy sends me a lot of great products unlike Birchbox which I’m about to cancel. I have gotten so many cute things that im so in love with. I’ve been seeing Kate Somerville products but thought they were way too expensive & didn’t think they work as much as what their selling it for but I got the Kate Somerville exfoliation & once I used it I’m so hooked. I went on the Kate Somerville site to purchase a full bottle. Im happy that I actually get things that I’m going to end up loving. Even if I don’t love something it helps me eliminate from thinking of trying it. I’m very impressed with Ipsy & I love the cute bags they all come in!!!! I’m going to try the allure box since I’m canceling Birchbox to see how it compares to Ipsy but so far I’m so happy I’m with Ipsy!!! I have been loving 95% of what they send me versus 10% of what Birchbox has been sending me. Also when I shop with Ulta I hate having to spend a certain amount to get free samples so this definitely helps with that bc I don’t have to spend as much to get my samples lol. Yes, I’m one of those sample lovers so Ipsy has definitely helped with that.
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6 years ago, The Intoxicating Siren
It's awesome for new makeup lovers
I've recently just started to get in to makeup, though going in to stores like Ulta and Sephora have always been overwhelming and expensive if you don't know what you are doing. I like Ipsy because it's affordable, fun, and helpful; for just ten dollars a month, every moth they send a themed makeup bag that is different each time with five different items included in it. Typically it's all sample sizes but on occasion they will send full sized product, like this month I got both a full liquid eyeliner pencil and a large matte lipstick which are also really good quality. They carry huge name brands that you'd find in Sephora and Ulta so you're not paying for drugstore makeup, they also give you a detailed multiple choice quiz about the styles and products you like/want to try. When it came to color options I selected "adventurous" since I am the type of person who just wears the same look every time and I wanted to break out of my shell and do more wild cute looks, so far I haven't been disappointed with the colors they've sent me with them being outside my comfort zone. Tl;dr : I'm really happy my co-worker suggested this to me and it's very exciting to see what surprises they have in store each month.
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2 years ago, leahu417
App is manipulative & company lied re: shipment problems
I switched to Ipsy from Birchbox, and was initially happy, but I’ve come to feel extremely dissatisfied with their shady practices. This app is nearly impossible to navigate when it comes to understanding where you stand with a monthly shipment or a membership- every link is a deceptive attempt to redirect you to continue paying, when you may be trying to do the opposite. That’s an even bigger issue because that was not my experience with my previous subscription services. It’s manipulative and sketchy at best. The app also kicks me out of whatever podcast or music I’m listening to if I open it, which I have to assume means they’re nefariously using my microphone. Outside of the app itself, after weeks of being unable to ascertain the status of a subscription I paid for, the company told me they shipped my August ‘22 bag (on 8/31!!!). Over a week later, I received a notice that I would not actually be getting an August bag at all— which is it? I don’t even care about the refund at this point, I’m just taking my business to a company that can be straightforward about whatever issues it’s dealing with, and designs a UI that allows customers to easily deal with account questions and issues. Anyone receiving a “shipment notification” in 8/22 was obviously lied to by the company, and when it comes to paying for this kind of stuff, I have zero tolerance for that.
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4 years ago, KrysCheek
Love this app and I’ve gotten 2 glam bags and 1 glam bag plus so far and I’ve absolutely adored everything I’ve gotten! I’m a mom of 4 daughters so this is MY treat to myself every month or sometimes more than one a month lol! We deserve to feel good about ourselves and it’s not selfish to splurge $12 on something that will boost your confidence, introduce you to new products and to a whole lot of women just like you! I only gave 3 stars bc while I LOVE IPSY, the products they send me, I honestly feel their customer can’t be topped but the app 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ gives me sooooo much frustrations! Sometimes it will just kick me off and in the middle of the night when I’m up bc my kids have woken up and can’t go back to sleep the app won’t work at all for maintenance reasons and I get it’s easier to do that at 3 am but couldn’t they say our server will be down between ?am and ? Am??? Also whenever for example your shopping for add one and you want to learn more about a product you can’t go back when your done to the page you were originally on, I have to go alllll the way back to their home page and start over and it’s frustrating and doesn’t encourage people to buy anything when they literally have to keep doing all this extra annoying work to order. Other than the few issues with their app I LOVE IPSY and I promise you will too
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6 years ago, Lala 💖🏳️‍🌈
I Used to LOVE ISPY......
I have several issues with Ipsy lately. I feel like when I first started they gave me pretty high quality items and the promised “two full-sized items”. Now however not only have I gotten more and more off-brand and low quality items but it’s getting harder and harder to tell what items are supposed to be “full-sized” when they’re all starting to look like travel/sample sized items. I also feel like the beauty preference quiz is a joke because most of the items I get don’t seem to match my answers from the quiz. Another, albeit smaller but,I feel important issue is that appears all the newer bags are much more plain and uninspired in design. Okay, now these are just my concerns with the products themselves, I haven’t even begun to touch on the app. Ever since the new update it has become EXTREMELY hard to use. It glitches often and very much puts an emphasis on their shop instead of your subscription. Anytime the app glitches it directs you to the shop, or anytime you open it, or click on something, anything. It’s really sad to see this company become so money hungry that it doesn't seem to care about the basis on which they started on. The app is all about spending additional cash and if you really want the items you crave you’ll have to shell out the additional funds. Sorry for the long rant, I truly hope these issues are resolved over time.
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4 years ago, Lulahbel
Love it!
Not a huge subscription fan but I would and have recommended this one to friends and family. It’s SO fun to get a monthly surprise of fun products to try. The make up/toiletries bag alone is worth it every month. If you are into make up, skin care, hair care, or nail care, there is something for you. You tailor your preferences from the beginning to your interests, skin type, and skin coloring so that you receive items you actually want and that work for your coloring or hair type. I love skin care and make up brushes in particular and always get something to try within those categories on top of new items like highlighters, lip care/color, shadows, mascara, eye liners and more. If I happen to like something I can always get the full size product. It’s nice to try things that maybe I didn’t know about or don’t always have the money to purchase and try. I get a variety of things to try at an amazing price with a cool bag. I even got my 16 year old niece a subscription that she tailored to her own interests. Perfect for that age as well as they are still figuring out what works for them and what they like. Also it’s the gift that keeps on giving as a new bag with 5 new items shows up once a month.
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3 years ago, jamie_Farlend
Great for makeup noobs
TLDR if you’re new to makeup and not sure where to start, start with Ipsy. Save money while you figure out what works for you. I’ve never used makeup. Maybe once or twice in my life before but it always ended up terrible because I just never knew what was for my face. Plus even though all of my makeup was from the drugstore, it was super expensive to just try and try until I found something that worked for me (which I never did) Ipsy was great at solving these problems. It’s super affordable, I get to try a bunch of brands and a bunch of products, and you can say how comfortable with makeup you are so they send you stuff based on you comfort level and product preference (IE I’ve never gotten Liquid Eyeliner from them, thank God) plus the quiz was great. Every product I got I can say I enjoyed using. Nothing was really wasted because it was all tailored to my preferences. Plus the section where you can just buy products straight from them at an insanely cheap price is a huge plus too has saved me money on stuff I was going to buy anyways like a makeup bag or reusable face wipes. Plus it’s soooo easy to skip a bag or add on to it. 11/10 highly recommend
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4 years ago, mommabear of 3
Don’t sit on the fence
Yep. That was me. Sitting on the should I check it out to try some new products...yes...no.. fence. The turning point for me is I’m a huge Bailey Sarian fan and she has mentioned a time or three, about working with IPSY and in fact because of this, I love when she showcases the monthly bag products and how to use the bag goodies. That was the nudge I needed to sign up and give it a shot. You get to try new products that may be just the item you need and it doesn’t break the bank for this opportunity. It’s a huge advantage that she is a professional makeup artist. She inspires me to step outta my neutral, two shade color choices. Since I’m new to anything more than just basic foundation and eye application, this contouring business, different eyeshadow looks, tips and tricks she shares, makes applying makeup fun and not so scary. As she says. “It’s just makeup... it washes off.” So folks, so far I’m loving the intros to new brands and products. I’m looking forward to discovering items that have been on my wish list without having to spend full price for things that just don’t work. I suggest you try it out as well. If you do try and decide... nah, not for me. Just cancel. Easy peasy.
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3 years ago, maytwentysixth
is fun for a while but gets old fast.
i loved this when i first started using this. got all sorts of products i wasn’t aware of, learned about how to all those different kinds of products, learned what really wasn’t for me and it was literally like Christmas every month getting new and exciting things. the novelty quickly wore off when i first started receiving duplicate products. a certain mascara one month and then the same mascara again the next month. this happened with several different kinds of products multiple times in my two years of subscribing with them. i tried changing my personalized settings every month in hopes it would help but then they changed their personalized settings from what you don’t want to how often you use each product. that’s when i started receiving all sorts of products i absolutely did not want because you could only rate each type of product at Often, Sometimes, or Rarely. i never use lipstick, not i use it rarely so i was constantly sent chapsticks and lipsticks. i can’t use a lot of moisturizers and face products because my skin is so sensitive and now that’s all that they sent me. the amount of products i was sent every month that i didn’t want/or would not use is when i decided to cancel my account.
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4 years ago, VasoulaC
Love ipsy so much! Have a few tips about the app
I love ipsy! The products, the customer service, and having an app to play with is awesome! I really enjoy being able to see what I’m going to get and I LOVE being able to choose a product each month! Being able to participate in the products I’ll be getting while still having the element of surprise is wonderful! I also like that we can update beauty preferences at anytime if we have changes in products we are/aren’t interested in getting! I love everything about the way ipsy works! The only complaint I have is not having a back arrow on the app whenever I’m looking at the products I received or when looking at products I want to buy; instead I have to go to the bottom of the screen and click on one of the icons to go back and it takes me to the home screen instead of just back a page. I know this is something minor but it is frustrating when I have to start over again each time I want to look at different products! This is just a suggestion of course, but I think all ipsy users will love it!!! If you are contemplating wether or not to get ipsy JUST DO IT, ITS SO WORTH IT!
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3 years ago, CheEcHChEwAwA
My Ipsy subscription
I was aware of Ipsy for years and finally decided to give them a try myself. I am a very a happy customer if you love skincare and makeup you will too ! They give you a chance to try great products in small or full trail sizes you’ll even find some things you never heard of and fall in love with them as I have. They have things like add on’s and flash sales which if you haven’t received something you wanted to try in your glam bag you can order them there which is a wonderful thing. Customer service is a little not so great so beware of that ! Try not to need their help and you will be happy with their subscription also there is no number for you to call only email and or social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. The only reason they didn’t receive a full 5 stars is their little issue with their customer service . Customer service to me is very important and with there not being a number to call when and if you need something it definitely knocks off points and for some reason customer service can’t assist you with everything so that too is a little strange and not so great about Ipsy other than that I like them!
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4 years ago, LeeTatum
Love Ipsy & its add-ones!
I’d say Ipsy was an amazingly inexpensive yet lavish monthly treat, except I have the tendency to get add-ons every month, and those $3 treats add up. So not as inexpensive as it could be. But for this month’s add-on I got a full-size Sunday Riley bottle of Good Genes for $18!!! Since they retail for around $110, that one add-on deal paid for almost a year of my wonderful $10 monthly Ipsy bags! And so far almost all 5 products have been winners, and I adore the bags! Ipsy really seems to pay attention to my profile and the things I love (eyeliner! eyeshadow!)The few misses have more to do with fragrances because I’m allergic to everything and I’m as pale as death, so a “universal” blush that would work on women with complexions from ivory to ebony are too dark for me. Or trendy purple nail polish is just too young for me. But I love sharing the one or two things that don’t work (unopened, of course) with my younger and/or less corpse bride looking colleagues, so it’s still a win-win. I’d switch to the Glam bag plus but then I’d spend too much each month on fun make up. Last thing, I used to get the competitor (rhymes with Church Fox) but Ipsy is a much better deal.
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9 months ago, Sgnncfuknldxbj
App itself has major issues
After reading complaints in several older reviews, I’m wondering why the missing back button hasn’t been fixed. It makes the site extremely difficult to navigate. I tried price-comparing products listed in an article just now & gave up because I got trapped on the first product page I clicked. Had to shut down the app to get out of it, and when I opened it again, I couldn’t find the article to even attempt to start over. So I guess I’ll make my approximately $1,000 light mask purchase elsewhere. I had an Ipsy subscription a couple years ago (just renewed a few days ago) and was expecting/hoping the frustrating stupidity like that had been fixed by now. Very disappointing to see that the app still glitches every time you use it & there’s STILL NO BACK BUTTON EVEN THOUGH CUSTOMERS KEEP COMPLAINING. The service itself was pretty good when I had it before. Not perfect but was enough to refresh my stock of makeup & skin care products. Hopefully it will do the same this time around, then I’ll likely cancel again because I have precious little patience for apps that don’t work properly. And based on seeing the same complaints repeated in reviews over a 5 year span, I have no faith that they will fix it.
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3 years ago, Celesteraye
Love this App. Only one complaint
Ipsy is great. I get amazing, high quality products at unbelievably low prices. My little bag is like a Christmas gift to myself every month. Then there’s the add-ons and flash sales that are epic, and which I often use for gift buying, or to buy myself extra goodies that are too good to pass up. The only complaint I have is that they send me certain things too frequently. I purchased an add-on beauty brush set, and the next month I got a similar one as part of my bag. Last month they sent me a brow pen, and it wasn’t my color. Thankfully, they caught their mistake and gave me points to use. My mother used my link to join Ipsy, and I never received the points for it, but the points are minimal so it wasn’t a big deal. Anyhow, Ipsy is fun, and I tell all my gal pals to give it a try. I’ve received so many compliments on my skin since I started using Ipsy, and I’m sure it’s because I’m using high quality products that I otherwise would never have been able to afford. Before Ipsy I’d have never had a $100 face cream on my bathroom counter. Now that I can get them for drug store prices, my counter looks a little more like a Kardashians. Fun!
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3 years ago, JoliebeanXx
Great Concept, Could Use UX Fixes
Ipsy is great! I LOVE getting samples of beauty products I’ve never heard of before. The prices are reasonable and the products are very cool. I do have some huge issues with this app, however, and I find it to be lacking in the User Experience and Interface department. First, there’s no back arrow. I am constantly having to find where I left off or what page I was just on. Second, there is no way to fix/ change past reviews. I find I’ve changed opinion on some as I continue to use the product. Third, there is no way to favorite/ categorize the products you really liked. This idea may help boost sales, since consumers will have all their favorite beauty products that they’ve used and had success with saved in one app where they can buy them too. I’d like to be able to remember what products I loved in order to buy in the future. With all this being said, I would like to thank you for the great experience I had with customer service. I emailed them with an issue and not only were they quick to fix the problem, but they were super nice and efficient. In all I am happy with the idea but frustrated sometimes while using the app. Pros outweigh the cons in my opinion so I’m remaining loyal to Ipsy!
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5 years ago, Auti Tulips
I’ve been using Ipsy so since last year, so I didn’t have to deal with a wait list. I’ve always been either super happy with my products or a little upset, but I feel like if you review them honestly they do try to make the bags better. It’s not like they pick through each persons profile to find the perfect product, it’s all the computer so when you review and make your profile, it really matters. At first I only got it for skincare products, but I recently changed my profile to try more makeup and got some foundation so I’m really excited to try that. Also, some of the stuff they put in these bags are so worth it. I got this gold flake eye shadow and I loved it so much and I looked it up and for the size I got it was $22. Sadly, I recently dropped that eye shadow on my bathroom floor, so the floor is gold and beautiful now like my eyes should’ve been. Just one great product is worth it and I personally have had great luck. Anyways, I love Ipsy, I recommend it to my friends and anyone also who it’s even thinking about trying it, it’s great even if you want to try it for just a month or two.
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4 years ago, klarinaaaaa
You definitely get more than your $ worth. Great for makeup lovers.
Started off with the Glam bag which is $12 for 5 sample size products (sometimes u may get a full size makeup brush or something full size but rare). I upgraded to the Glam Bag Plus which is $25 for 5 full sized products. They JUST changed up starting Aug 1st and Glam Bag Plus members get to select 3 items and 2 are chosen by Ipsy. The way selection work is there’s basically 3 rounds or choice groups. You have about 4-5 choices to pick from in each round/group and select ONE item from each group/round. You cannot select multiple products from the same group. After selecting then your bag is ready. I like being able to choose 3 items now definitely makes the Glam Bag Plus hands down the best option because it’s more personalized than ever. The only downside I have with Ipsy is I want brow products and for some reason (even though it’s in my beauty preferences as often which is the highest) I never get offered any brow products despite them being available for the months products. Bummer. That’s why I take off a star because I’ve been a member for 4-6 months and have received no brow products still.
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4 years ago, Lovelife...
Super fun!!
I love make-up!! The coolest part is that you can set up your account for what kind of make-up you’re interested in the most, that way you’re never disappointed with what they send you. I’ve loved everything I’ve received from Ipsy. If you download the Ipsy app then you will see what they will be sending out to you. You can also buy add-ons that are priced really cheap. I started out getting the cheapest bag and now I’ve upgraded to the deluxe. I’m excited to see what full-size products I will get next month. You can’t beat spending $25 a month and also get free shipping for the name brand full size products they’re sending you! I was tried of spending over $100 on make-up at high end make-up stores and then getting tired of the product. With Ipsy I get to try out so many products and it makes it super fun with the variety that they send you that you never thought you would like and you end up loving it. Also, if you love the product they send you then you can go on Ipsy and get that product at a discounted price!! Try it out!! It’s so fun!! You won’t be disappointed!!
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1 year ago, selah r
Multiple problems with ipsy
At the beginning of my subscription I payed for the first month and never reviewed that month’s subscription, and was charged again for the next months bag, having already paid for something I did not receive. Months later I notice an extra charge from ipsy on my bank statement. I had been unknowingly signed up for their “refreshments” subscription, something I never signed myself up for. The app is so outdated and the chatbot just bring you in circles, so you can even figure out what to do. Eventually I decided to cancel my ipsy subscription, but the whole process to that had problems as well. It took 5 slides of it trying to convince you not to cancel to get to any sort of cancellation option, and even after that it makes you go to an email to tell you how to cancel it while bring you back to the 5 slides. After I had finally cancelled it I get an email a month later about my next months box, I go to look at the account and it says my subscription is still active though I had cancelled it. Dont put yourself through the trouble with this app, there are better makeup subscriptions out there, all they sent me was retinols and wrinkle creams that I put I didn't want on my bag personalization. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me 🤷‍♀️
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4 years ago, Mezanmii
Best quality for the best price
I’ve been an Ipsy customer since September 2019. At first I started out with the standard Glam Bag but after noticing the high quality products, I immediately changed my subscription to Glam Bag Plus the following month and I’ve been soooo happy with it! I love being able to edit my beauty preferences so I can try out new products and tools. I cancelled my Birchbox subscription for this instead. Ipsy,unlike other monthly beauty boxes, really gets to know you through your beauty preferences and product ratings! Since upgrading, I’ve received high quality brush sets, full sized skincare products, and full-sized makeup that probably would’ve cost me hundreds of dollars at a time! I’ve found some amazing staples to add to my beauty regimen, and love trying out high end products before spending $$$ on something that doesn’t work for me. I just signed up for the Glam Bag Ultimate and can’t wait for my May shipment! I trust that Ipsy has my back when it comes to delivering products unique to my preferences. Don’t waste your money on anything else. If you don’t know, now you know, Ipsy!
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5 years ago, dawnajwilliams
Great products! Your license to be adventurous!
I was enrolled in a competitors program and while I love the opportunity to try new products, the sample sizes really don’t provide an adequate amount to experience the full benefits of the item. IPSY gives you the full size item and you then have ample time to experiment with new shades of eyeshadow or lipstick and can make a fully informed decision to purchase that item again. I read the reviews of the products and while some consumers complain about the characteristics of some of the items, the total upside is that you can try them out for several nights/days/seasons and truly know whether the products are good for your skin type...or not. The small samples can not afford you this opportunity. So far, I am overjoyed each month with the selections I’m sent. All you do is fill out your profile honestly and completely and IPSY sends you item that fit your profile in addition to sending items that are edgy and will make you say “WOW! I’m so glad they sent this!!!” I recommend this program to everyone who loves makeup and cosmetics!!!!
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3 years ago, AdSickened
Closer to a Scam than Glam
I really loved IPSY when I started about a year ago. However, I noticed they choose to omit information to get people to purchase promos, add-on or extra items, such as advertising that if I sign up a friend then I will get this eyeshadow kit and points. However, when the eyeshadow kit never arrived, I was told that the points were all I would get and that I could use those points to get an eyeshadow kit... eventually. After I saved up enough points to do it. I asked why the eyeshadow kit was advertised as part of the promo (the entire promo image was the eyeshadow kit) and the customer service person basically just said nothing. Things like this have continued to happen. For instance, I used points to purchase items that never arrive, promos continue to be extremely deceiving. I had to stop my sub for a few months when the pandemic first started. There was a promo in my email every week that said I would get an item for returning. When I finally did return, not putting much stock in the promos at this point, I was led along this whole restarting process to believe I would get this item until the very last minute when they casually mention I will get the item if I return to my sub AND sign up a friend. Like, out of nowhere they add this caveat. Yeaaaaah. Feeling a little more scam then glam.
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4 years ago, Mutepanda
Love the app but some things need changed
I love this app and company so much! I’ve been subscribed for years and love all the new changes. I’m not crazy how the app is set up though. If you want to look at the description of a product in your glam bag there’s no X at the top to X out of it. You have to completely start over to get to your bag. If I click on an item to look at it I can’t easily get out of it like you can when you look at add-ons. Slightly frustrating. If I want to look at what was offered in bags for that month instead of being able to look at the description of the product and then look at another I have to restart. Go back to the glam bag page scroll down find the link again and then find where I was at. Which I know it’s not that big of a deal but it would be super cool if it were easily accessible in the future somehow. Other than that that’s the only thing I can think of. I’ve never gotten the same thing twice and I love the options I get for add-ons and the new improvements to other glam bag features.
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4 years ago, Destalm
Not truly as advertised.
I was really disappointed as a first time customer. Half of the items I received didn’t apply to my preferences, despite the extensive beauty quiz you take in order to determine said preferences that your subscription is supposed to be customized according to. When I reached out to customer service, all I got was an answer that basically said “these are not hand picked, it’s the result of an algorithm that our system randomly chooses for customers of similar preferences and there’s no way for us to alter it. Please try our subscription again next month and hopefully the selection will be more to your liking.” And I found that response to be rather impersonal. Not only that, but I didn’t end up receiving the makeup bag advertised as the bag specifically for the month I subscribed for. When you purchase a subscription, part of the process is that you get to see what will be in your incoming bag. I was thrilled to see how cute the design was and it made me excited to get it. Instead, it changed a few days later and I got some bag that was originally from 4 months prior... it felt like I just got the leftovers. Overall, it was fun to try it once, but disappointing enough that I don’t want to continue the subscription.
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2 months ago, ASpna79
No real issue
I’ve been receiving Ipsy for a while now. Years. I stopped for a bit then started back up again. Never had issues with cancelling like a lot of other reviews mentioned. I think people need to take their time and actually read everything because Ipsy will ask you a few times if you’re sure you want to cancel or just pause. Anyhow, I was getting Ipsy and Boxycharm separately so it was nice to see them combined. I do receive items I end up gifting but I do that with all my box subscriptions. The only issue I have is that I do not receive any notifications when it’s time to customize my box. A few times I just so happened to remember that date and caught it just in time but as of late, I miss it and do not always want what is picked for me. I don’t get any emails or texts stating when it’s time to pick items. I only get shipping notifications or order notifications if I place a separate order, via email. When I go to notifications on my phone, Ipsy isn’t even listed as an app. Not sure how else to know when I can customize. That’s my only concern.
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4 years ago, Art/jr
A year with Ipsy
I have been a subscriber for a little over a year and have loved it! They definitely customize products you receive in your bag. I receive stuff for hair, facials, cleansing, nail polish and simpler make up. I have signed on a few other people who are more makeup savvy and see that they receive more makeup stuff and we are both happy with our products. With that being said, lately, it seems like the items that are redeemable are not being updated as often so I find myself loosing points instead of redeeming them. I don’t want to use 600 points on something I won’t use, so I lose 25-50 points. It doesn’t seem like much unless the next time, something I really want is on there and I’m short those 25-50 points... Also, I usually love their bags and they help me keep all my stuff organized but it seems like less effort has been made to create them lately as well. They seem more simple, just different colors. I know it’s his year has been hard on everyone, even big companies, so hopefully the new year will bring a fresh start. I look forward to continuing my subscription with Ipsy 💖
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5 years ago, Sunny4Daze
Fun products. Good deal. Helpful customer service!
I’ve had an Ipsy subscription for over a year now. One month, my shiny pink envelope arrived empty with a note from the USPS about it being damaged in transit. *sob* I emailed Ipsy right away (super easy from the app BTW) and sent a photo of the package w note. They sent me a replacement bag right away, even though it was NOT THEIR FAULT! And it arrived in just a few days so I didn’t have to wait too long for something I look forward to every month. The $10 a month is SO worth it! Most of the makeup I wear is now from my “glam bags”. The “samples” last 10+ uses each. Some I’ve used 20 or 30 times and I still have product. Masks are the exception - you can usually only get 2-3 uses out of those. Bags are super cute at least 75% of the time. And when I don’t love them, I can always pass them on to my kids or niece or friends. They’ve been the bandaid for my bag addition for awhile, and my wallet thanks me for it. And I love the opportunity to buy a few extra samples or full size products when my budget allows.
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5 years ago, FloridaMommy
I LOVE IPSY time of the month!
Every month, I start paying attention to the mail like crazy waiting and hoping for my package! As a stay at home mom, it’s the one thing that I have to look forward to that’s just for me!!! I started a long time ago with just the Glam Bag, then moved on to the box, and now headed to the ultimate thing that’s new! I’m sooooo excited! The crazy thing is though, is I barely even wear makeup because I have nowhere to wear it to anymore AND I live in Florida, where as soon as u step outside it just melts right off! 😞 I don’t care though, it’s still so so exciting for me to get it every month! It’s like having Christmas or my Birthday every month and I’m lovin’ it!! Yay!! I tried Birchbox years ago when a friend got me a subscription as a gift and can honestly say that I love Ipsy sooooo much better! Keep up the great work Ipsy! Oh! The only advice I would give....is to pay a little bit closer attention to the beauty info we give u guys because it seems like a lot of us get things we specifically state we don’t want. Thanks again Ipsy!!
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1 year ago, Isabella476
I’ve been a fan for years, but recently…
I’ve been getting Ipsy bags since 2017. I’ve always loved it..it’s apart of my routine at this point. However, recently the app has not been great. I don’t know if it has to do with the boxycharm buying ipsy out deal, but I can’t read any of the blogs on the app and one was about the Ipsy x Boxycharm deal, and was pretty important considering that my glam bag plus subscription became a boxycharm one. It’s just a little confusing with the new subscriptions and everything. Like, I went in the day you usually do to pick out 2 out of the 5 products like usual and they didn’t have that as an option, so I don’t know if that isn’t available with the new deal or what. I tried to read a blog on it, but it would never load on the app and only showed the article title. Overall, the app still needs a lot of work because it got messed up after boxycharm came into the picture. I’m a little hesitant, too, because a few years back I tried boxycharm and I didn’t like it at all. I really hope it doesn’t cause ipsy to go downhill.
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6 years ago, KateyB9989
So awesome!
At first I was hesitant about getting this but now I am so glad that I did! The products they send are high quality, name brand makeup and skin products that you see in the high end makeup stores. They also send makeup brushes, face masks, nail polish and more!! And they aren’t always sample sizes, sometimes they are full sized palettes and lip sticks etc. plus you get a cute little bag...all for $10!! It’s such a good deal! And if I ever get anything I don’t think I’m gonna use I just give it to one of my friends or she trades me something she got in her Ipsy bag! The more you review the products the more their team knows what you like and every Ipsy bag after that will have more and more products that they know you are going to like. AND when you review the products you get points and cash back so if there is a product that you absolutely have to have again, you can buy it on their app with the points that you’ve acquired from rating your products. So fun and worth the price of 2 coffees. I would highly recommend! Keep up the good work Ipsy ❤️
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4 years ago, hello👍🏻🙈
I enjoy doing makeup and I love any beauty products. If you’re the same, get Ipsy. For the small glam bag you pay 12 dollars a month. And it’s not a scam or anything, you can stop anytime. This is my first time with Ipsy, I haven’t even gotten my first glam bag in the mail yet, and I already love it! You can even shop on the app it’s not just the glam bags. In the small glam bags you get five items that add up to fifty dollars or more! It’s really fun when you keep it a surprise and not look at the items your getting in your bag. Also, it’s SUPER fun when you do the little quiz. When you get the app it has you take a little quiz of what makeup and beauty products you like the most and how often you want to get them. It also asks what beauty stores you shop at and what stores your interested in trying. The only thing is that I wish the small glam bags were 10 dollars a month again. And omg I love that you get a different little bag each time! It’s so much fun. If your thinking about trying Ipsy I definitely recommend getting the app!
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2 years ago, teddibeard
Fun treat each month for my sweet kiddo!
They have just about had it with the little makeup bags that come each time but I just smile and tuck them away for future use; they’re all so cute! I see fantastic stuff come across their vanity each month and I’m pleased to say that my expectations have been exceeded several times. They don’t mind sharing their favorites with me (I’m hooked on sampling new products!) I just love knowing that my baby has access to higher-end cosmetics; with so many great mascaras, they will honestly say that they now have more than enough! 😍I want them to have the very best of everything and this subscription makes it possible to have a little of everything because the trial sizes make it affordable, we’re offered a customizable variety of skincare, makeup, and other fun things, and they don’t have a chance to get bored! The subscription is definitely worth the money and makes the perfect gift for family, friends, or even the neighbor down the street!
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5 years ago, Blah blah doo
Please read this
Their app could use some work because it does glitch sometimes. But besides that, I just love Ipsy so much. It’s only $10 and you get a cute bag and 5 products. People complain that it’s mostly sample sized products, but come on, you are paying $10! The samples are not like samples you’d get from Sephora where it’s one time use. These are deluxe samples that actually last a while and are easy to pack for travel. Every now and again, you get a full sized product that is in my opinion, a bonus. If you ever have a problem with the colors they send you, just write that in a review and they will send you different ones next time. Also, when you review, you get points. And after you collect enough points, you can use them to get extra products in your next bag. If you feel you want to take a break, you can put it on vacation mode and skip a couple of months. Or adjust bag frequency to where you can skip every other month. There are a lot of perks. I love Ipsy. Give them a chance!
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2 years ago, pettychic
Ipsy is the best way to buy makeup!!!
I love how you can take breaks from ipsy whenever you want, their customer service has definitely improved! I recieved a bag with a missing item, & used the autobot chat to reach out to customer service. Not only did they replaced the item, the agent fixed my account to reflect the charges for the glam bag & glam bag plus. Honestly, since I started ipsy I've saved so much money! No more spending hundreds at Sephora on 5 full sized products! Plus with ipsy they give you a chance to purchase add-ons, full-sized products at half the cost you literally can't beat that!! Where I was spending hundreds I barely spend over $50 & you get brushes, makeup, skincare, & haircare! The best part is you get choices for your bag, I will say as soon as your choices are available for the month GO MAKE YOUR CHOICES ASAP! All the popular items get picked from other members & you'll be left with whatever is left for the month. I just hope they increase their shop items.
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1 year ago, Kittaamanda7
Absolutely love
Seriously for the price you pay in the products you get is by far better than any of the other make up boxes out there, I truly use everything they send me every month and I have never had a problem with anything. I will say the only thing that I wish they could change is that every single box so far I have gotten contour make up and I don’t use that at all never have, and never will than that. Everything else is fabulous goes with my skin tone when I get the hair products absolutely wonderful the perfumes smell wonderful and they always send the sense that I request when I did the form and once again for the price, you cannot beat it in the bags that you get in it I get a medium version the middle version and then I also get the box X every three the bags are amazing. I use them for so many different things for traveling and I teach for teaching seriously for the price you can’t beat it I would request or I leased try it!!!!!
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5 years ago, word4you
Needs improvements
I love Ipsy. They find and send really amazing products that I enjoy trying. Plus, since everything is on the smaller side, it makes it easy to travel with. That being said, there are some issues that myself, as well as about 15 or so of my friends, have the exact same issue with. It is frustrating that you can’t call the company. Not every question is answered in their standard, pre-written Q & A and then you have to email any questions you have find answers to on their pre-written list. For me it’s always easier to make a phone than to sit and write something with my extremely busy toddler and a million other things that don’t give me leeway to sit down long enough to write an email without getting pulled away before I’m able to finish it. I’ve been with Ipsy for 2 yrs, and in those 2 yrs, I’ve received the same products 7 different times, the same glam bag 2 months in a row, never received a bag that was paid for, and haven’t received tracking numbers for them multiple times. If I was able to call to sort out some of these issues then I’d definitely give it 5 stars.
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