Jane - Boutique Shopping Deals

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Jane LLC
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7 months ago
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User Reviews for Jane - Boutique Shopping Deals

4.93 out of 5
305.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Vita314
Loving this app!
I’ve ordered things from custom pillow cases to art prints to custom metal signs for my daughters room etc and etc… the options are endless and the quality is A1! The fact that there are always so many sales feels so good. Very happy that I found this little gem. 100% recommend to anyone looking to put a personal, unique touch in decorating their home. (PS- from my experience, each item is sold by different seller, kind of like Etsy so be aware… I’ve ordered prints that I waited 2 months for, never arrived and I had to go though he*l to get my money back 3, almost 4 months after placing my initial order. Finally, complaining to Jane’s customer service is when I got my money back bc going back and forth though emails with the seller got me absolutely NOWHERE. She acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about when I simply just asked for my money back. Complaining to Jane’s customer service got me my money back within 24 hours. I’m not afraid to place orders, I’m not afraid of issues bc I trust that Jane will fix it. All in all, 100% recommend and love this app!
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6 years ago, reidh03
Can't get enough
1/3/17 update: everything written below still holds true; BUT, I’m getting increasingly frustrated at the limited sizes offered by the sellers. I am a size 16, which just so happens to be the size of the *AVERAGE* American woman by the way, and only once in a great blue moon will I find stuff available for fuller figured women. I DO love that now you can browse by category, like accessories, pets, fun finds, maternity etc., but I’d love nothing more than to see a “plus size” category as well. Thanks in advance. Sure, the shipping can get a bit pricey when purchasing several items from different sellers, but to be honest, that’s not necessarily something that the Jane app can control—it’s each boutique’s/seller’s shipping charges 🤷🏻 I just checked my order history before writing this review and I have purchased 34 items since January 2016! Lol that's A LOT! Everything from their leggings, personalized/monogrammed clothing, iPhone charging cords, shoes, personalized jewelry, dressy blouses and trendy tunics, the bottom line is I just cannot live without this app! And it saddens me that someone else's review stated that the quality of the items was less than par because I've had the opposite experience! Think about it--what person is going to order 34 times if the stuff wasn't quality made? Lol not me! I'm thrilled with every purchase I've ordered! I hope they don't change anything because when it ain't broke, don't fix it!! 😊
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6 years ago, bosula63
Tall sizes
Just an inquiry as to tall sizes . Someone had mentioned plus sizes and she’s right! Not enough plus sizes on many websites AND many websites also do not carry tall sizes ! They offer petite and average, but are lacking on sizes 14 and up and many do not offer Tall or long. Many women are 5’6” or taller and some websites are improving but it is disappointing that many in this day and age don’t offer sizes for the taller women who need longer sleeve length and longer inseam and dress length. Before I download another app that I can’t use please let women know ALL the size ranges that you offer. I cannot see the sizes just by looking at the App before one gets it, thank you , B. L. So I just looked at ALL the poor reviews with small size fit and exorbitant shipping fees ! One person was charged $33 shipping for a $93 order ! Are you kidding me ! That’s gouging the public and now I know for sure I won’t be downloading your App! No thanks , your reviewers have not given you very good reviews at all and I always look at that ! People are tired of getting ripped off online plus have to be bothered with sending things back and clothing and shoes being too small ! I for one , would rather pay more for quality merchandise, honesty and a company that I can rely on and actually believe. Remember , consumers have so many places to shop and are doing YOU a favor when they order from your company. People DO pay attention to reviews and your stink
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7 years ago, Lljhffdfa
Great App
This business is great! I love Jane and love looking through it everyday. The deals are pretty good, but shipping is expensive, which is a huge turn-off. Sometimes it takes FOREVER for a seller to ship as well. So you end up paying quite a bit for shipping and sometimes get the item two-three weeks later. I understand Jane is a third-party seller, but there should be rules for how long the seller has to process and ship the order and there should be a flat shipping rate. Another complaint I have about the app is that lately pictures of products don’t load which is frustrating because I have to close and reopen the app and start all over with browsing through products (and it takes a long time to scroll through!). This issue brings me to another app issue that bothers me. Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through the app and be pretty far down and will accidentally tap something (still not sure what), and it will bring me all the way back to the top! There are so many deals, which is great, but I get frustrated when I have to scroll through to find where I was again. I want to reiterate that I really do love Jane, but there are some things that really need to be fixed to make it better for consumers.
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6 years ago, Fix problems please
Love the app, but wish it “knew” what I might like
Been using this app several years, and while I like Jane & recommend it to many friends, I wish it would suggest items for me at the top of the list, based on my preferences & what I indicate I “like,” instead of having to scroll through the multitudes of items available. Also, if I “like” an item & it’s not available, but come back in stock, the option to click “notify me” when back in stock would be great. Zulily does this & I use of often. Since Jane has some vendors & specific items that come on & off the app, it would be nice to have the option to get notification when a “liked” item comes back to Jane. I do love Jane! :-)
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7 years ago, ra.hasan06
Love the app, Check-Out needs a little work.
Love the app. Prices and products are fabulous! The ONLY reason I gave 4Stars instead of 5 was because of the checkout process. I’m not really sure how or why this happened, but I had several things in my cart and came across something my daughter saw and want to purchase separately. So I chose Buy Now. It took me to a separate page, had all the correct info on what she was purchasing and so we pressed Submit Order. There was no real “confirmation” page following that. Didn’t think much about it until I went back to my previous orders page and it had submitted and order for one of the items randomly in my cart previously. NOT what I had chosen. Again, not sure how in the world that occurred but. I know it wasn’t my error due to what the actual item was that was purchased. Anyways. This needs to be looked into. Seriously tho, love the app, products and sellers have been phenomenal!!
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1 year ago, Kelth6
Well-built and easy to use
Jane is an awesome way to shop! Shopping online usually has a bit of taking a gamble to it-size, color, fit, quality, etc. is never guaranteed, but I have had so few issues with the products I’ve ordered through Jane, I rarely worry about the product I’m getting anymore! Jane does an excellent job of collaborating with boutiques to ensure the products are good quality at a good price! My only complaints are that I wish sneak peeks had another accessible point besides in the favorites section (as it makes it impossible to get back to them once you’ve favorited something and leave the page) and that the favorites page didn’t refresh you back to the top of your list after to click into a specific item for more details. Otherwise, the app is very eye-catching, pretty intuitive, and simple to purchase through.
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2 years ago, Ro Loce
No good!
I’ve had this app since they first came out. Was always hearting things but could never find the courage to order anything. My daughter did for me. She allowed me to pick it out and then bought it for Christmas for me. Never again. The clothes I received were not only expensive and I could find a better deal at a local store but half of them had imperfections. For example I have a black and white plaid jacket although the material is great the sewing is horrible. Someone went with the black stitching into the white part of the jacket. The casual shorts I got were very thin but didn’t portray that way on the model they’re representing. The items came at different times spread out tremendously. Received a couple of items one week after and received the rest between then and over the following 3 weeks. They have great pics for how to wear these items but the items itself is like they’re all defects and they charge full price. Because of these reasons I’ll be deleting the app.
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6 years ago, gela500
Back to school
My daughter is starting middle school and HATES shopping. We have been online shopping through Jane for a couple of weeks now and she has LOVED everything we have purchased! We have only had to return one item( momma got the wrong size) and another item she loved but it was a little to clingy with the stretchy material so we gifted it to a cousin! Prices are amazing!!!!! And if you go direct to the supplier you will pay more. We did this because we loved the a product and didn’t want to wait till it came around again to buy more. I have been sharing Jane with everyone!!!! We love it!
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2 years ago, Heavenor20
Beware before ordering on this app
They have nice clothes, and their definitely not cheap and I’ve ordered a lot from this app.. The only problem with ordering from this site is there is a lot of seller’s and if you don’t receive your package even when you purchase postal insurance through ROUTE and you reach out to the seller to let them know of the issue they say we’ll it looks like you received it on such and such date to check your email from them with a claim number and you never received an email from them about this issue but you spent a good amount of money for something that obviously you’ll never see.. Way to care about your customers.. I’m done ordering from these people who really don’t care!! I’ve spent alot of money on your app but I can definitely go somewhere else who cares about their customers a whole better than y’all do!! Very disappointed
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6 years ago, Pretygirlygirl
Horrible service and Selection
I was hooked! I checked in every day multiple times a day. But I started to realize it’s the same Seller’s and the same items over and over and over. So I no longer check into the app. The items offered are horrible quality. I ordered over 10 items within a month. Shoes were small and wide for I believe anyone. Size 9 was more like a 7.5 or 8. And custom items were made so bad I had to complain. And I had ordered them for Christmas so I wasted my money since they couldn’t replace before Christmas and they refused to refund me. I ordered an ornament that didn’t arrive by Christmas and eventually the seller cancelled without telling me anything. I had nothing but bad experiences with this app and it’s Seller’s. You’ll get better items and service on Etsy. Don’t get drawn in by janes Prices. You get what you pay for.
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6 years ago, UNIPanther13
Addicted to Jane...
I used to only use the Jane website until I discovered their app... so much easier to shop now! Double edged sword for sure. The app has functioned flawlessly for me for about a year. It saves multiple credit cards & shipping addresses which makes shopping a lot easier and faster. Every now & then, Jane will announce through email they’re having free shipping so that’s another reason to set up an account. To me, Jane is like an online version of TJMaxx or Marshalls - you never know what will be for sale & it’s different every day! It’s also cute and unique most of the time. Love this app!!!
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7 years ago, Fab0
Shipping Rates Need to Change
First of all, I have to say that I really do enjoy looking through the daily sales. I end up adding lots of items to my cart. The problem is, the shipping can get so expensive that I usually only end up buying only a few items. Then the sellers still want to an extra $1 per extra item added. This is such a huge turn off. Right now I have $92 worth of items in my cart with $33 being just for shipping. There should be a flat fee offered for ALL items added at the end. It really does turn me off from shopping with Jane. Please try to find a better deal so that shopping be be more affordable because I refuse to pay so much for shopping. I'd rather not buy anything.
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7 years ago, cloiebelle
Glitch fever
I love this app, and look every day at the deals. My main issue though, is the app glitches. The app either crashes while shopping, individual items screens are intermittently blank, or the bag contents are stuck as loading. Please, please, please fixes the constant clutches! App updates are frequent but still find disappointment almost every time I TRY to shop. Thank goodness the new items are usually shown first or I would never know what’s been added. The app closes before I’ve seen everything 9 out of 10 Times. ENOUGH ALREADY, FIX THE ISSUES!
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5 years ago, Seventhdaygirl
My entire wardrobe, shoe and jewelry collection is all from Jane! I am constantly complimented on my outfits and appearance. Jane makes fashion easy by always having the most trendy styles and the models from every boutique display different ways to wear the pieces. Each time someone compliments me on my outfit I tell them I got it on the Jane app and testify of my multiple positive experiences! In the past year that I’ve been shopping with Jane there have been 2 orders that were incorrect. The boutiques went out of their way to be prompt, cooperative, and completely accommodating! Keep up the great work Jane!
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6 years ago, Ugh.!
I love this app and shopping on it! I’ve ordered a lot of different items (roughly 60 items since 2017)from many different sellers!! I’ve never had a problem but I also read all the reviews about the seller and the item that I’m purchasing. Shipping can get expensive but that’s not the apps fault. Everything that I have gotten I have loved. Last year I got some amazing Christmas gifts for my friends. Stuff that you don’t normally see in stores and personalized as well! Mother’s Day was so easy with this app! Father’s Day too! Unfortunately I’m addicted but it’s good deals. 💁‍♀️
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6 years ago, Bamauarn08
Love Love LOVE but my paycheck doesn’t :)
This website is the bomb y’all! So many different products and sellers. AMAZING price points! Unique products that I would never come across with out JANE. So far I have had a good experience with all vendors and their products. Shipping has been fast and reliable and usually coincide with the timelines given if not faster. You can find the best gifts here! I prefer the iPad app to my phone as the set up is more “Window Shopping” friendly :). My own complaint is that I find soooo much cute stuff my paycheck hates me for it :)
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4 years ago, Lily422
Very Disappointed.
I have been a regular shopper on Jane for several years. And mostly, without problems. But going on the site today and seeing masks and hand sanitizer being sold “in bulk” for CRAZY prices, is just not ok. I read Jane’s response to others that have also complained, and honestly the response was not great, which is sad. These 2 items are a very real need for our men and women in the medical field working around the clock right now-FOR US! And an average shopper on Jane does not need 100 masks. I feel that we should all be doing our part right now, and selling these items, on here, is disappointing and in bad taste. And the company’s 2 responses to this issue- very disappointing and lost a loyal customer. Could have been handled much better.
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7 months ago, SGG 2016
Frequent Shoper
I have bought many things from this store. Personalized items, stocking stuffers, sports accessories, hair accessories family Christmas shirts. They do run out of specific sizes pretty quick. It’s best to visit often to find the newest items for sale in your size. Shipping is pretty fast too. I know I have heard a few people say some things take longer but really I usually have my items, even personalized w/in 2 weeks and often sooner.
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4 years ago, Ribribribs
Poor quality products
Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, well... you know. First order (custom stamp) was the worst! I get better stamps at Hobby Lobby! It was so shallow that I couldn’t get a good press without smearing ink. And yes, I know how to properly apply ink to a stamp. They wouldn’t give me a refund. They sent me another horribly made stamp, so now that money was wasted. Tried to give them another chance and ordered monogrammed bags. They can’t mess that up, right? Wrong! The letters weren’t even centered on the bag. Now I’m trying to get those redone. Yes, I have high standards. If having high standards these days is asking to get what you paid for and what was advertised. I don’t recommend this company at all. They’ve got problems ensuring quality work from their suppliers.
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5 years ago, emili1988
I love the stuff on this app but the cost of shipping is way to high considering how long it takes to process orders. I wouldn’t mind the high shipping if the majority of vendors didn’t take take 1+ weeks to actually get things in the mail. Even when it says that the vendor usually ships within 2 business days you will get an estimated shipping date of a week later. Most vendors take much longer. I had significantly reduced the amount I ordered through the app because of this but placed another order recently nonetheless. Probably won’t be using it anymore unless they change the policy and require vendors to ship quicker or lower their shipping and processing fees.
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2 years ago, jane addiction
Love it, and so do all my friends!
Only download this app if you love shopping and have oodles of time and money! Jane is the first thing I do every morning- I open the app, scroll, and buy at least every other day. I’ve gotten so many great deals and sooooo many compliments. It’s assisted with Christmas shopping every year since I’ve downloaded. Thank you to all the boutiques who work with Jane! Don’t blame me when you think to yourself “I’m spending too much in Jane!” 🤣
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3 years ago, Jamielee0214
Incredible site! Love Jane!!
I’m very skeptical when it comes to any new site that you can shop on. I have purchased things on sites that were poor quality or just a complete fraud. Jane is awesome! I have purchased clothes and jewelry from Jane and the quality of both is outstanding!! Great prices, fast shipping and amazing quality. I highly recommend Jane. It will quickly become one of your new favorites to buy from! I have the app and I check the deals every day. Get it!
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4 years ago, Deb_Mayo
Great Selection but needs some diversity
I love scrolling through and seeing tons of cute things. I have bought plenty of T-shirts for my teacher work selection and have loved them all. I also love the personalized items and home decor items. I don’t mind the shipping fees or that sometimes it does take a while for your item to arrive. What I don’t like is that there isn’t really any diversity in the models they have showing the clothes. I am short and not a size small so I would love to see more models that would kind of show what the clothes would like on me. As well as models of color, all the models look the same TBH...
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6 years ago, Sparkys95
Shipping and selection are tricky but great if they’ve got what you want
I’ve used this app off and on over the past couple of years. One drawback is having what you like in your size and color. They don’t have a ton in stock and they sell fast. The worst drawback, in my opinion, is the shipping. You may find five things you like but if they’re from five different companies then you pay five separate shipping charges and that gets expensive. I often eliminate nearly half my cart once I see my total before doing the final check out. I would buy more from Jane were it not for the shipping.
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4 years ago, SKBiggs
So many cute, different things!
I have ordered several things from Jane. They have so many cute, different things. I’ve gotten cute things for me that I wear often (and always get compliments on), fun items for my nieces, and things for the house. Read the description before you choose a size, and you typically get what you need. The only time I’ve had an issue in the past several years, the retailer was kind, and easy to work with the help correct the issue.
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6 years ago, G.Maclyn
Close to perfect!
I LOVE this app! I have ordered a few things from them so far and I have not been disappointed. They offer good quality clothing for affordable prices. The only downside I have seen is lack of descriptions on the sizing for clothing items. Most sellers on the app show the sizes, but don’t offer a size chart or measurements- which is something I am looking for because I have a weird body type. Other than that(which I don’t think is the apps fault) it is a great app!
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4 years ago, lisaGsmith
I think I'm addicted to this app! It has so many CUTE things for me, my daughter and my home. There's always something new listed, and the prices are great! There are shipping fees added to almost every individual item you order, which is one of their downfalls, but since the prices are so cheap, even with the shipping added, the prices are still low!!!. I have ordered a ton of things with no issues or problems, and the delivery has been prompt. LOVE this site!!!
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6 years ago, Swedin92
I love it, but...
This app really does have some great items and deals. However, when it comes to baby items or clothes, this app is mostly geared towards baby girls. I’d really like to see baby boy items offered more in terms of clothing and accessories. I’ve made many purchases for myself on Jane and was looking forward to being able to purchase things during my pregnancy, for my son. However, there just have been a whole lot of options.
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4 years ago, BreMar3
I love this app!
I’ve been using this app for over a year now. I have yet to receive something I was unhappy with. Some sizes are different, make sure you read reviews before purchasing. The only negative thing I have to say is they did a survey a little while back and since I’ve noticed items I’ve bought before, the same exact items, have gone up almost $10, jeans specifically. I have 4 pair and won’t buy them anymore.
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5 years ago, BrandiM14
I like it...but...
They have great products but it takes FOREVER to get anything in. It’s like WISH. It has taken one-two months to receive anything I order. When I reach out to the sellers, they apologize and finally ship my product. I shouldn’t have to reach out to get them to ship. I wouldn’t have complained if it was one product, but it’s been every single thing I’ve bought on this site.
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7 years ago, BrandiRachelle
I commented on a dress a girl at work was wearing and she told me about this site/app. I asked her if it was one of those sites where everything comes from China and doesn't actually fit etc..... and she explained the whole concept to me. Right away I fell in love knowing that everything is from small businesses in the United States. I have ordered so many things just in day one. I can't wait to see the deals tomorrow!!! I've been telling everyone about this place!
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6 years ago, KCL in CS
Love this
I love checking out this app everyday but o would suggest having a number with each style. There’s been a few different times that I thought was the correct description and I ordered something I didn’t want. Some of the items available have numbers, some have descriptions and others are just pictures and you’re guessing which one. It would be more uniform if the sellers all had numbers for the styles. Other than that I greatly appreciate this app and the boutiques who contribute. I love the emails keeping me up to date on my orders. Thank you.
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3 years ago, ~AlexisR
Best App ever!
I’ve been shopping on JANE for a few years now and not only have I loved every item I’ve purchased, but so have those that I’ve gifted Jane purchases to. There’s something for absolutely everyone. They run great deals regularly. The sellers that I’ve dealt with are very personable...so fun to find a personal note of thanks for buying their treasures. I’ve recommended this app to many friends and will continue to be a huge fan!
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5 years ago, Rdasyituciia999
Could buy everything!
Love shopping on Jane! Everything is appealing to me and good quality for the most part. I have bought many dresses, tunics, shirts, jewelry, shoes, personalized pillow cases, and more. I have loved every item I’ve received. It has great boutiques and the products are unique. My only issue is the shipping is pricey and adds up quickly, unlike Zulily, where you can shop from several vendors but only pay one shipping cost. Otherwise, Jane is fabulous!
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4 years ago, Jazz Jem
Need bigger sizes!
I buy from JANE frequently. It’s very discouraging to often see the largest size sold being a L(10-12). Where is XL, 1X, 2X, 3X??? Most women are larger than Size 10-12. This is discriminatory merchandising. How fabulous it would be to know that most sizes fit the norm and there is no worry of immediately having to look for what sizes when you like an item enough to purchase it, but can’t. Wouldn’t revenues improve if more sizes were offered? Sometimes I don’t even look Because of being discouraged by the smaller sizes being the majority of what you offer on your site.
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7 years ago, TayTay <3 :)
Shopping wonderland
I really like Jane, I've been using for years now and I have had more good experiences than bad. It's such a fun experience to have deals that are constantly changing and so many options. I wish more places had xs as a size option and there are a few boutiques that don't shop items or aren't good about helping with customer complaints but over all I have thoroughly enjoyed my Jane products! ❤️
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4 years ago, jrasknua
Absolutely disgusted by the listings on your site for medical supplies. The price gouging is insane and illegal. My husband is a CRNA and our hospital is currently running low on sterile medical supplies like the masks listed for sale on your site; because people bought them out from manufacturers and now the hospitals nation wide are experiencing shortages. For someone to then re-sell them at such an exorbitant price is disgusting. I love your site and faithfully check it daily. But after this; I won’t be. I’m so sad these listings were approved by your company and hope you will remedy the situation. We all need to do our part and come together as a community and nation. The hospitals and medical personnel need those supplies.
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6 years ago, TCole86
Great selection but not always reliable
I find a ton of cute things on the Jane app for myself, my kids, and even sometimes my husband or pup!! The only complaint I have is that for women’s clothing, the quality or fit is not always as expected. I have bought a few things for myself that I have handed down to my nieces because it was so small. Be sure and read the reviews before purchasing because the description the seller gives may not always be accurate!
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5 years ago, snecishw el
Wish the “deals” lasted
I LOVE this app. It is very chic & stylish. Items are pretty reasonably priced. However the only downfall is that the deals don’t last. I don’t always have the funds to purchase the products and when I get on at a later time, I cannot purchase my item. I would purchase more products if the “deals” lasted. There might be a way to purchase loved items that expired but I haven’t found out yet. I find myself only getting on when I have funds to purchase now.
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4 years ago, JennyArcade
Not worth it.
Want to wait several weeks for your items and pay outrageous shipping costs? Want your clothing to frequently arrive as the incorrect size so you have to wait another 2 weeks for the correct size (and pay double shipping)? Want to look like you have zero sense of style beyond the sheltered, Pinterest obsessed southern housewife? Then use Jane! Clothing is poor quality, shipping is expensive and slow, and if you get the wrong item, you’ll wait a while for the correct one! Don’t bother. Go to TJ Maxx. Their clothes are at least trendier and sometimes better quality. With Jane, you truly get what you pay for (except with the shipping).
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3 years ago, Mermaid_st
Great finds
I’ve bought items off of Jane for a few years now and they have some of the coolest stuff. Gift giving has become easier and they even have luxe items now. Majority of the items are reasonable prices compared to other shopping apps and looking at the reviews of items really makes purchasing things so easy
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5 years ago, RebekahJT
Use it a lot!
I use this app all of the time and have gotten a lot of things from it. Everything I get usually gets great compliments and I have also gotten lots of things for Christmas, birthdays, just for fun, and even weddings. Like any online shopping- read the reviews! Always helpful and have helped me get everything in the right size or let me know if maybe it was not what I was looking for.
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4 years ago, nicole andrado
Jane Overall
Omg so much good to say about this shop! You guys are an absolute lifesaver for me personally. So many great fashion choices and every garment runs true to size and super fast shipping. Even during this pandemic. I highly recommend this shop to all of my friends. I can’t say enough great things about this app. It is my ultimate go to for anything and everything I need. Thank you Jane!!! Keep up the great work!!!
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5 years ago, Shopgirl237
My favorite!
I absolutely love the Jane app. I am able to easily navigate around and I love all the items for sale. (Some just aren’t my taste but they’re still way cute) One of my favorite things about the app is that I don’t feel the judgmental eyes scanning me and the size of the clothing in my hands. The one downside is like most stores, there’s limited (standard half dozen?) of the bigger sizes. Always happens with things I absolutely adore and would have no regrets about buying.
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6 years ago, Beehappy52
No more trips to the mall! The mall is at my fingertips!
Discovering Jane has changed the way I shop for MOST EVERYTHING! I love the convenience, the quality the awesome prices and always get a response whenever I’ve reached out to a vendor. Shipping is always right on time. The women I work with have now become Jane fans because of my head to toe cute outfits and jewelry. Living in rural Texas where malls are an hour drive... Jane is the only way I shop.
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5 years ago, ctonseth
I live in a rural area where our only real shopping is 3 hours away! I am also that girl that loooooves shopping and malls and so on so I hate ordering clothes off line! Jane has not let me down!!! It is the only site that I buy clothes from! Clothes are extra cute and extra original and get asked all of the time “Where did you get that from?” Highly recommend from a rural girl that loves stylish and honest clothing brands!
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4 years ago, Ryuko02
Customer Service
Absolutely amazing customer service. A company featured on the app sent the complete wrong order and Jane handled and processed the transaction to make it right. I’ve loved everything I’ve ordered off the app. Shipping is usually quick, quality is good, and you can shop with the comfort of knowing that Jane is interested in you getting things exactly as you ordered them.
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2 years ago, Mattnsandy
Love Jane!
I love the products I’ve purchased so far, and the app makes it easier. The only issue I’ve had was last night while trying to purchase a blouse, the size and color boxes wouldn't allow me to make a selection, even though the product was active and available. I went back to order today and the color I wanted was sold out, so that was disappointing.
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5 years ago, emiru19
Jane is amazing!!
Jane is always full of different styles and even products, and don’t get me started on the deals!! The app itself is easy to use and looks professional and the products have been fantastic so far. I ended up buying a Mother’s Day gift and something for myself because I couldn’t find anything I liked in a store, and as soon as I looked on Jane I found things that I love!!
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