4.8 (3.9K)
246.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Kroger Co.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for JayC

4.77 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Tam1016
Floyd’s Knobs - Highlander Point Store
Great store. Friendly helpful staff, nicely stocked. Store not too big or too small, it’s just right. Only complaint is there needs to be a gas station at the location or close. It’s inconvenient to have to search down a Kroger Gas Station to redeem my points, plus extra miles and separate trips needed.
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2 years ago, kerynkeller
JayC Sellersburg 👌🏻
Always on time and the freshest vegetables, fruits and meat items are shopped for me. Appreciate this service with my busy work schedule and the Sellersburg JayC team is always awesome. Team members always courteous and prompt upon arrival and with delivery. Wish I could tip them. They always kindly say, no thank you, just glad to help.
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3 years ago, Oakstaff
Jay C app
Great app, could be better with options for coupons. Like when clicking on the coupons, it will give the options of the products and you can pick which one you want. Something like Wal-greens app.
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10 months ago, pissedsbaby
Jay C
All these smart apps an crap but you can’t even find the store hours … it gets aggravating when you have a specific app for a store and it doesn’t give you something so basic as operational hours. Just want to put this out here these reviews are for the apps, not the stores themselves. None of your city stores popularity, or what they carry is going to help me figuring out if I want to app.
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4 years ago, kirstin1201
JAYC pickup
Best thing they’ve had ever since they opened up years ago. So easy especially with a family full of kids. Us single parents, it’s less of a hassle to go get it when we can not have someone watch our babies for us.
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5 years ago, Dawnie Pecanie
Pick up service
I tend to use this service often because my bedridden mother-in-law moves in and I cannot leave her alone. The service has been a lifesaver. And I love it when they credit the fee to pick up. That makes me use it more!!
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4 years ago, rphsteve
Life saver
I much appreciate this service especially during these times The only thing I am having a problem with is some basic items that I know are in the store are not listed asan option Ex: Private Selection SweetHawaiian bread. Ex: Klondike BarsOriginal Last week I went in the store and got them just to prove they did indeed carry them There are so many other items like this The. Ore options I have the more I can spend. Thank you all for your service
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5 months ago, TNT Tim
Update app
I basically like the app., But I get sick and tired of having to update it every time I use it. Can’t you people get it right for a while.
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6 years ago, AnonymousChick
Won’t let me register without crashing
I downloaded the app in hopes that I can check some prices before I start shopping at my local Ruler. When it asks for a location, I type in my address and when it asks me to select my store I get a popup asking me to download the app (which I’m already accessing) or Not Now. Selecting either one causes the app to crash. I can’t even create an account! So frustrating. Please fix, app developers!
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3 years ago, Tibdeb
A great store to shop at
There are always friendly employees eager to help you. They check you out fast. And keep their stick up.
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7 years ago, Nunu4031
Love it!
Super helpful app! Love how you can load coupons to your card, and how you can browse the weekly flyers and add things to your list immediately. If you shop at JCs this is a must have app.
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3 years ago, RebeccaB711
Great App
Love this app! Easy to use and if you aren’t sure where an item is in the store the app will tell you which isle to look in.
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6 years ago, Thismomscool
Bug crashed my phone
I pulled up the app and went to use the scanner it while in the store to do a price check. It kinda froze and then my phone started turning off and on again by itself. With holding the power button and the home button down I was able to reset it fortunately.
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5 years ago, Clownkicker
I wish it was better
The app is glitchy to say the least. The Kroger app was the same. It’s hard to find items I’m looking for at times and I wish you could search by isle. It took me nearly an hour to order a handful of things and get my order to process. If you have a Kroger membership it recognizes your email not getting signed in took some work.
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5 years ago, Appd5022@
Click List App
Love it. Save time and missed items. Compile your list or cart as things come to minds, place order and pick it up. Worth the $5 in my humble opinion
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3 years ago, OtiscoIn
Lost; has to start again
Halfway through making my selections, sure shut down and I had to start over.
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1 year ago, Smokin nanny
Pickup order
I love that you can edit items in the deli such as thickness etc. That is a big selling point to me.
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2 years ago, blondie1062
Easy shopping
This is my first time doing online. I took took the plunge. Thanks for making it easy.
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4 years ago, Rosiedid
Thank you
I’m extremely happy with the changes at my JC store. Employees there are friendly and always ready to help. Store is always well stocked and very clean. Thank You.
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6 years ago, Bruce G23
No longer works
Since downloading the update, it no longer works on my iPad. Disappointed to see that so many others are having problems, as well. It is inconvenient to constantly log into the website and have to put in all my information each time. I hope a working update will soon be on its way.
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4 years ago, CavilierMom
The Beat Meat and Seafood
JayC at Highlander Point has the Best Meat and seafood Dept. I have never been disappointed in the quality and freshness of meats and seafood they sell. The employees are helpfull and courteous.
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6 years ago, Augustbaby88
Used to love it
This app was awesome but now all of a sudden it logged all my info out and when I try to register my card it crashes. I tried to delete the app and re download it and it does the same thing. Hope it gets fixed soon cause I have no way to do my digital coupons
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4 years ago, Rdy2play
I like the app but the way the products were inputted into the system makes it hard to look them up.
It seems like some products are hard to find. Also people don’t pick produce well
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5 years ago, Katzer70
Update no longer has aisle location when shopping in store
Used to like this app but the update lost the ability to see where items in my list are located. Please fix
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4 years ago, cpat05
Vincennes JayC
This is a wonderful store. The employees are so patient and ALWAYS kind. They have to be exhausted. To all working.... Please stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your sacrifice!
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4 years ago, Mammacyncha
Trouble with modifying/adding to order
Not user friendly in this regard...
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1 year ago, Outages
Glitchy App
We always have to screen shot our coupons and show the cashier because the clipped ones do not show up for us. We have been to the help desk several times and they cannot figure it out.
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5 years ago, ugh276
Fix it
You need to fix your app. When I go to sign in the keypad will just just pop up for a few seconds and not let you type to sign in.
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6 years ago, abby1kanobi1975
Worst. App. Ever.
I have never once left a negative review for an app. Until now. The app will not let me select a store even though it will show me the store 1 mile from my house. It will not allow me to register my card. And it rarely shows the coupons that it supposedly offers in the store. Ugh.
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4 years ago, rogerofdale
So easy to find items . Love it. I dreaded ordering online but JC makes it so easy
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3 years ago, nomoteapps
The app is only for 13.0 phones. It won’t let you upgrade to your phone’s capacity. This really stinks. No coupons. No points. Hey, Kroger you gonna send me a grocery stipend, since your new improved app doesn’t work with my phone?
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4 years ago, Elaine Asher kelby
Workers at Jay C
I appreciate every employee at Jay C in Floyd’s Knobs Jay C they have done a wonderful Job, I pray for their health!
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6 years ago, asmallfry
Use to be great!
I loved this app, but now I can’t even open it because it crashes the second I tap on it. I can’t get my card up, get my coupons or nothing.
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5 years ago, hatechange
User unfriendly!
Heaven forbid you want to check a price on something before going or planning a menu good luck searching chuck roast apparently they only have 3 roasts and Chuck isn’t one offered- worthless their old app was great this one stinks!
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1 year ago, Downton Abbey Queen
Why does this tell me I need to update but won’t let me? This digital stuff is a bunch of crap especially for people who don’t have cell phones
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5 years ago, Kburgerman
Shopping in store?
It is frustrating can you see the path in the shopping in store mode. The app shows items in the store that the store does not even carry.
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11 months ago, robl56
Absolutely love this store and workers! Needs to be bigger!
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2 years ago, girl guard
85 year old
Girl Guard
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6 years ago, Missing IGA
Dissatisfied shopper
Cannot get ap to work 😫 Tried multiple times and it will not load my address and identify the Vincennes IN location
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4 years ago, ernest urton
Price gouging
Not happy at all with all the price gouging going on while people are struggling! Plus they are withholding certain stock and pushing more expensive organic items!
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4 months ago, JimmyAshcraft
Blatant price gouging compared to other stores in the area. $10 for a stick of deodorant is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, advn88&
Love the app and convenience of shopping
Great way to shop.
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4 years ago, mnopqrsuvwxyz133
Gas station
It is ridiculous to drive 40 miles to use gas points.
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6 years ago, Susan1925
Customer not Happy
Why do you make it so hard to look at weekly ads ?
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3 years ago, tammielew
Love them
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12 months ago, rad723
I phone app
App never works more than once at a time, have to delete and go back App never works in store App doesn’t update correctly. App not user friendly
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5 years ago, Brwneydgurl2021
Great app
Love this app.
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5 years ago, crossroadstn
Apps a bad joke
Circular motion of asking the same questions. Food Lion here I come.
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10 years ago, MeganK03573
worst app I've ever downloaded
This app is great when it works, which is pretty much never. 90% of the time I get an error message that says the app is having technical difficulties and to try again in a moment. Deleted, because I've deleted and redownloaded and waited multiple moments over the course of two months.
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7 years ago, TheRockSays_
This app is terrible and does not have a user-friendly UI at all.
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