JCPenney – Shopping & Coupons

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Penney OpCo LLC
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User Reviews for JCPenney – Shopping & Coupons

4.73 out of 5
514K Ratings
4 years ago, babs_a_lot
Love This App
It’s a jc penney fans must have. There are exclusive coupons and much more content then in the store. Ship to store is free and fast. I work at one of the stores with numerous online orders I’ve placed shipped there correctly every time. The app is categorized for easy use. I see all these negative reviews and complaints that are completely irrelevant to a review of the actual app and choose to tell us all about their orders messed up and customer service issues and give the app a less than stellar review. This app is really good. It works fast, large inventory of products for sale, is easy to navigate and safely stores your info for simple quick ordering. It gives you the best coupon to save the most money when you checkout and also keeps up with rewards account. The app does everything you need it to. There is a review of the actual app. To those who complain about bad order experience...I have seen few actual order errors and I see usually 10pickups myself a day and rarely ever an error. Then most of those times it’s actually customer error that we then fix but can’t tell you it’s your fault while you grip at we smile and resolve it. Customer service requires excellence in satisfaction and assuming blame so they keep coming back. So they accidentally charged you for too many? Highly likely you hit the wrong number and did not pay attention. The J.C. Penney app is a success in my area and positive experiences as our repeat orders are growing.
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1 year ago, 2653 1
Best place to shop!
I have always worn JCPenney cloths. My Mom bought them for us when we were little and I continued when I was spending my own money. You can’t do better for kids cloths. True Story: I bought my daughters Penney’s cloths. I gave some to my sisters friend, after both my girls had wore them. Years latter my friends daughter had a baby girl. My neighbor said “ I have the cuties little girls cloths I have been saving that I got from my sister.” “They are old but I kept hoping I would have a girl.” I have loaded them out but asked that they be returned in the same condition. I was sure the cloths would be a help to my friends daughter. The cloths I received were my oldest daughters baby cloths! I couldn’t believe it! They were worn to be sure but still in fine shape to be handed down again. I know those few outfits had been warm by no less 6 baby girls. I am now 72 and not only worked at Penney’s for a few years I still buy everything I can there. All of my sheets blankets bed spreads towels and kitchen towels are Penney’s. I also shop there for myself all 7 of my Grandkids and I buy a lot of gifts there also. Everyone who values their money should shop there for not only the price but the high quality of merchandise. Jackie Whitt Happy Shopper.
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5 years ago, Missing my Samsung
Disappointing Online order process
I’m trying to pickup a couple of baby outfits for a Christmas family giveaway. My secret Santa gifts need to be wrapped & dropped off within a 3 day window. That eliminates anything being shipped, so I opted for the ‘Ship to store’ option. The order is still ‘in process’. I called 800# - they could only confirm the status, so I was transferred to my local store. I was on hold over 20 min, and I ran out of time, so I hung up. I rcvd an eml stating 1 item was not longer available’, so it was cancelled. When I checked the date/time of eml, it was sent before I talked with cust svc (it seems like that should have been mentioned when I called). My order still shows 4 orig items instead of 3. So I called my local store again - I’m still on hold!!! I may need to cancel order and go to a different store to buy my secret Santa gifts. I’m very disappointed with the process. What I thought would be so easy, turned out to be a waste of time & energy.
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2 days ago, Don’t book Samia
Southridge Salon WI
Made an appointment with Samia for my teenage sons 3 weeks in advance for hair twists. They arrived on time at 3pm and were checked in at front desk. The person at the front desk left. They called me at 330 as no one had spoken to them or acknowledged them since. I called salon 3x and got voicemail each time. Left message. At 345 I called main number and they answered with just “hello”. I had to ask if it was JC Penney. I explained situation. They transferred me back to salon voicemail. I called main number again and again someone answered with just hello. I explained situation again and asked if someone could go to the salon to see what the issue was. They transferred me to another number and again someone answered with hello only. By now it was 4pm. I had to explain again and the customer service person was rude, telling me he’s just a kid and doesn’t know anything about the salon. My son finally called me back and said they went to ask one of the stylists working. She told them Samia was doing someone else’s hair. I got on the phone with her and she offered to get the manager. The manager reviewed Samia’s notes and said she wrote that someone called and canceled the appointment. She did not. Samia by this time had left. The manager told me she would call me back and she never did. My sons left at 4:15. They missed a family weekend trip because they wanted to get their hair done. Everyone’s time is important.
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1 year ago, GOW Anni Hilator
Worst customer service EVER!
They farm out their customer support to people who are very rude and nearly impossible to understand. They won’t transfer you to anyone in the USA or even to a supervisor. I called 6 times, just trying to find someone I could understand. They tell you to leave a review, but there isn’t an option at the end of the call to even leave feedback. I left my phone on speakerphone for almost half an hour to see if I could get the representative to disconnect their end so I could leave my feedback. They never did. I finally got another call I had to accept and disconnected the call. The app changes your address, even if you carefully make sure you have the correct address in your account information and the billing information is correct. JCP customer service told me to return the item. I had already explained that the item was delivered to the wrong address. I guess they expected me to either pirate my own package off of a stranger’s porch to fix the error their app caused. I am hoping the residents at my old address are honest and will return it to UPS. Otherwise I will be out the money I spent on the JCP app. Maybe that’s the only way they can make online sales these days, but they just lost a long time customer of 35+ years. I’ll be cancelling my card and deleting my account. USER BEWARE!!!!
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3 years ago, Kitt2231
Love it..BUT...
This card is amazing. Meaning you get all kinds of discounts and coupons. The more you spend the more you get. It ships fast and they have great items. The but comes from how they add what you spend to your card. When u make a purchase they charge the full amount immediately, like most places but then when the items ship, it gets charged again with each shipment. The sum total falls back off in a few days but it made my card go in the negative for like a week. It evened back out but it made my credit score drop like 40 points. I was livid.. I called them and that’s when they explained how it worked to me. I wish somebody would have told me that before I stated shopping. Example.. say u purchase 3 items in one purchase. They charge the sum of all 3 items.. then each item ships separately over the course of a few days. As each item ships you will get charged again for each item that shipped. Then after like 5-7 days the sum total will fall back off.. that’s pretty messed just be careful and don’t spend more than half your limit. At least till it evens out anyway ;) hope this helps someone. Especially if your trying to get your credit score up like I am
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11 months ago, BritMLou
I love shopping for clothes at JCP, but I will never again order online from them. Not only is the communication completely misinformed, but their customer service team is very rude as well. My order went from saying default and when I called and asked what that meant I didn’t get any explanation just that the order would arrive in a couple days and that they were waiting to put in shipping label. Then I finally get a couple of my packages delivered, but the rest of my order I was still waiting on and the app kept telling me it was shipped, but when I took a look on the website itself I was being told that all my orders were delivered when they indeed not! I get told that I have to file s police report in order to get back my refund all because it was over $100! So I go on ups website and decide to track it that way and I was told my WHOLE shipment would be delivered today, July 21, 2023. This too was a lie! I only received one shirt and a letter inside stating that my packages are going to be shipped separately! No warning, no call, just a dumb note! I am going on vacation and don’t have all the clothes I was depending on to get here on time! I will never order online from here again!
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3 months ago, Moxformom
Where are my Rewards?
I have the card. I went to use the rewards for an Easter purchase and could find nothing showing my reward accumulation. Then after some searching, I found it and it said I had no rewards! I had made several purchases during the year (I did find something that said rewards expire after 1 year) So where did my rewards go? I wanted to purchase a dress for Easter, the one that was a little above my budget, but I thought aah! This is where my points will be useful- but I suddenly had no points and multiple attempt to locate a way to contact Customer Service were met with FAQs and no contact information. Online shopping needs to be limited to basic purchases w/o hope of any reward points or usage of said points. I had stopped shopping Penney’s because of a couple of really bad in-storecustomer service experiences in the past. Then started again when with a friend, had great in-store experiences. They have improved in-store experience, but online is horrible! Unfortunately, they often don’t stock the stores with items found online. NO more online shopping!
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5 years ago, andrealynn13
Terrible service and lack of resolution!
I placed an online order for SAME DAY pick up at 7pm on 12/9. Now of course I didn’t t expect it to be ready that evening with it being a couple of hours til closing time. Now after getting out of work at 2pm on 12/10 and driving the hour home I figured it would be ready. I got to the mall and it still showed in process. I needed the suit for a Christmas concert that night for my son. Well, even at customer service they said we don’t know when it’ll be ready you can just shop for it in store. So I did and then on my way out I thought, wait a second my card will be charged another $50 when this processes I better go cancel. Well jokes on me they can’t cancel and online order that is in process OR remove your payment information. So not only did they have 8 hours to prep a SAME DAY order, and drop the ball, they also could not cancel or guarantee I would t have to them go through the hassle of waiting on a debit card refund! Fuming and will NOT be mg Penney’s anytime soon and have made it a point to tell as many people as possible about the poor service! Walmart and Target ALWAYS have same day online orders ready in 2 hours FLAT! They have more volume than JCPenney and they seem to know what they’re doing!
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5 years ago, SMDavis16
Some easy, but mostly frustration.
I’ve found several inconsistencies shopping with the app. Scanning barcodes in store to search price, other sizes and colors not in store, etc result in occasional no item found (even though its in my hand) and ZERO option to add to my cart and order (especially when size i need not in stock @ store.) I’ve also never had success using the filters. It filters general items such as adults, kids, mens, womens, clothing, etc. When I filter by size though, it doesn't work. My most recent of many experiences was trying to find a family set of pjs. Size filters were returning items with the size needed out of stock. I then started looking one at a time to simplify results - just mens. Same thing. Got tons of results that were out of stock in my size. It could take hours to click on every item and find a full set that matches. No thanks. I’ll check in store and if they have nothing for me to walk out with than it’s on to one of many other retailers whose filters DO work, which is a wide selection as this JCP app is only one I’ve had issues with.
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5 years ago, SG9578
Good but has issues
I downloaded this for Black Friday, and it was really nice to be able to order from my home! Worked great or so I thought. I ordered 3 things and chose the option to pick up in the store since it said it was available for me to do so. I spent well over $49 so free shipping was available as well but the in store pickup was easier. 2 days later when I got an email saying my stuff was ready to be picked up, I also got an email saying one of my items had been canceled due to not being available in the store. At first I was basically told that’s just how the app works in the store. I feel like the app should not have shown that I could pick up, and then just cancel my order without the option to go ahead and have it sent to my home. I was told I could order another which I was not gonna do and spend nearly $9 for shipping when my original order offered free shipping. Thankfully it was made right by an extremely sweet manager in the store, and I’m just waiting on my refund and my shirt to be shipped to my home! However, the app was frustrating and disappointing in the end. I was told this had happened to several people so hopefully this can be fixed somehow.
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7 years ago, Jdlagasse
Needs functionality improvements
I recently downloaded this app for Black Friday ads. I was pleased when I first opened it. Signed up, looked at the ads and sales. Just like the actual site. Was able to add things to the cart and although I have not purchased through the app yet; everything seemed to work fine until I went to coupons and wallet. The app won’t add any coupons and just gives me, “server error” every single time. I can be at home, using WiFi or using public WiFi and it still won’t add any coupons. The message area where the envelope symbol is won’t take you to messages. Mine just opens the search bar over and over. I have a couple of messages and can’t open them to see what they are. There is no other option to get to messages either like in settings or profile. I am one of those people who clear out notifications right away and this just plain irritates me. This app definitely need some re wiring lol. Please update and fix these issues so people can use the app the way it was designed to work. I’m going to keep the app and see if improvements are made. I will get rid of it in a week if nothing happens and it still is essentially broken. If it’s easier to just go online then why have an app?! Please fix!
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1 year ago, cccowboy2000
Poor customer service
I have had the most awful customer experiences with Penney’s the last couple of days. I ordered a smart watch and after completing the order my wife decided she wanted one. As soon as I completed the order I had the epiphany that I should’ve ordered both together to save on shipping. Consequently I cancelled both orders and reordered the pair. The order was subsequently cancelled. I called in and customer service couldn’t tell me why my orders were cancelled. I was escalated to a higher authority who eventually replaced the order but still couldn’t tell me what happened. The next day my daughter told me she wanted a watch as well. Assuming everything was fixed I ordered her one and once again the order was cancelled. I had to go through the whole process again but this time they told me that they would have to send my order to someone to review. Background here is that I have exemplary credit and no blemishes at all. I’m livid about the treatment I received as a customer and will never return as a customer. I had 50 years experience in retail management and never gave a customer this kind of inept service. No wonder Penny’s struggling to survive. They have forgotten the customer.
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2 years ago, iamlangloy
From bad to worse to dead
This app is terrible! It went from mediocre to completely unusable. Like 95% of the functions stopped working this morning but before that, it was incredibly slow to respond even with excellent WiFi connection. The account icon is just that, an icon, because every time I tap it nothing happens. Making purchases through the app is such a slow process and such a headache to deal with that for about the last three months I’ve really only used the app to look through the inventory at my local store before I went shopping. Nine times out of ten the items that were supposed to be in stock weren’t in stock!! Finally this morning virtually all functionality ceased. I had several items saved in my shopping cart for a few days that were supposedly in stock at my store and I go to look at it and it says my cart is empty, and when I try to search for anything it says no results found, every time!! I was actually going to try to purchase the stuff in my cart because it’s raining cats and dogs today and I don’t want to go out and what do you know? The app finally kicked the bucket. There was an update just one week ago and this is the result?? PLEASE FIX!!!
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6 years ago, tbocamp
Not user friendly!!
I love JCP, but the app is not user friendly at all!! I got a message that an item in my cart was much cheaper due to a current coupon. I was excited and added a couple of items, then began to place my order. All of a sudden I had a “some items in your cart don’t qualify” message pop up, and it was the item I’d gotten the email about!! The back arrow is so close to my phone case that it’s difficult to use. And you find an item you’ve put search criteria in for, like size, and it pulls it up only to be out of stock. This is especially bad on clearance items. I’ve also tried scanning my jcp card in about 4 times, but it doesn’t take it - probably because the card is so glittery. Then I input it manually and it doesn’t save it! I tried to do in store pickup last night, so it asked for info on the person picking it up. I entered it twice, and it went right back to a screen asking me to enter it again. I’m really frustrated and becoming hesitant to order anything! Shopping is supposed to be enjoyable, not maddening and stressful!
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6 years ago, Prettygalaxygames
App Issues made me lose $30 in Bonus Bucks
I tried on SEVERAL different occasions to use my $30 Bonus Bucks to make a purchase using the APP. After a few minutes of shopping photos would not load. Even after closing the app & reopening as well as logging in & out. I also found this to be an issues on the website as well. Apparently it's not due to issues on my end bc I now see many others have reported the same problem. Knowing that I only had a few days to redeem the $30 Bonus Bucks I would periodically try to use the App in order to make the purchase again. However the same problem continued with the photo box being blank even of items in my cart. Therefore I never submitted my order. Furthermore, the Bonus Bucks Rewards promotion, was highly "promoted" as being available for same day use yet they were not even given to me or credited to my account. Until I got home and added it to my Account myself. Although, I reminded the cashier of this several times as well as give him both my Email & telephone #! So after spending Approx. $300 I only received the points toward my account. Of course only because I redeemed them myself. FEELING HIGHLY FRUSTRATED AND VERY UNAPPRECIATED AS A CUSTOMER DUE TO THIS EXPERIENCE.
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6 years ago, Champagne277
Used to work fine
This app worked great when I first downloaded it, now it crashes and lot and does other things. When I’m browsing through the app, it’ll stop loading when I click on an item, or it’ll load the item and freeze up. I don’t know if I’m going to fast or what, because when I try to slow down browsing and pause between my next move, it doesn’t happen. I like to look at an item, read about it and its reviews, decide what I’m going to do, and keep it moving. I’ve also been having a problem lately when I open the app and it’ll show items in my cart, multiple amounts of the same item. It’ll be items that I’ve thought about purchasing before, but maybe removed or saved to my favorites list. They’ll be right back in my cart when I open the app again, and if I want to purchase anything, I’ll have to remove all of those items from my cart. It’ll be close to 40 items in there. I love the fact that the wallet will show the best coupons, and keep track of my rewards. The app is easy to use, the only problem is the annoying glitches.
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2 years ago, Bob Alberts
What would one do without Penney’s
I’ve shopped JC Penney ever since I can remember. My Mom used to buy our school clothes there and I’m now 67 years old. The quality of goods at JC Penney is just outstanding. I buy all my clothes to this day at Penney’s and will continue to do so. The sales reps, I haven’t found on rude person yet to this day. They are all accommodating, friendly, helpful. And treat you as you’re a valued customer not one that just takes your money and says there’s the door. I was devastated when I thought we were going to lose our beloved Pennys store. I worked there when in college and was very happy everyday going to work because it was a pleasant experience each day. I’ll continue to purchase from JC Penney and I’ll also continue to highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you JC Penney for the many years of a pleasant shopping experience you have to my family and I all these years. My father was a friend of JC Penny and I can remember the stories between the two. One day at a restaurant Mr. Penney was doing an interview when he odserved the young lady he was interviewing put salt & Pepper on her food before she tasted it. Mr. Penney would not hire her and when my father ask why he wouldn’t hire her his statement was simple and to the point. He said “ how could she know it needed salt & pepper without trying the food first”. How do you know if you like something if you don’t try it?
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4 months ago, Paigie521
Wish there was a ZERO Star Choice!
I ordered 4 Blankets, 2 were packaged totally flat, 2 were rolled up but not large and all delivered in the same box. I was charged an “Oversized Fee” of $4.99 EACH. It shows you can make returns to the store or mail the items back. I drove 22 miles to the closest JCPenny store to return the Blankets since the colors weren’t the shades that the people who I purchased these for liked. The packages were unopened & easily fit in a Grocery Bag. Imagine my surprise when I was told that the Oversized Fee was Nonrefundable. It didn’t say that anywhere on the order that if I returned the items I wouldn’t get the fees back. I just called the Customer Service line & spoke to someone who said I couldn’t get the fees back because the colors weren’t what the people getting the presents liked. The Customer Service Agent said it’s not JC Penny’s fault that they didn’t like the colors, so I won’t get the refund. This seems very shady, especially since they charged the fee for each item & put them all in the same box! Now they refuse to refund the fees. I like the App, but Macy’s has a much better return policy so I will be giving my business to them!
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2 years ago, mfuogfvb
Horrible customer service with an online order
I ordered 2 baskets on line, to be delivered to my local store. They came in and I picked them up. Later, when I opened the package I discovered that one of the baskets was not the size I ordered. I verified that I’d ordered 2 of the same size baskets, but received 1 correct size and 1 smaller size. I called customer service and the person I spoke to seemed genuinely confused about how to take care of the issue. He kept saying “in this case” and giving me unacceptable solutions, such as I’d need to reorder (and pay) for another basket, then return the incorrect one. Or I’d have take it back to the store I picked it up from and have them take care of the problem. Again, unacceptable. I was sent the wrong item and wanted the correct item sent. I would then take back the incorrect item and swap it out for the correct item. I don’t understand why this is so difficult!
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4 years ago, Julianbobd135849
Missing engagement Ring
My fiancé and I bought an engagement ring back in February 2020. It took me a while to decide I want to get it sized. But when I was ready I contacted JC pennies and spoke with the lady. She sent me a shipping label and instructions to send my way. After a couple months I did so. I followed up a few weeks later because of course like any new engaged woman I missed my ring. After calling customer service and getting the runaround and being transferred to and from departments they discovered they don’t know where my ring is. It could be returned, but the credits not on my credit card. At one point they told me they don’t do ring sizing. I have contacted my local store and they were a little bit more help. I want my engagement ring. I don’t want the credit for it. It’s already been three weeks and I just got an email that is going to take another 18 days for someone just to get back to me. This is my first experience with JCPenney’s and Need less to say this will be my last. As soon as I either get my ring back or get the credit for it which ever comes, first I’m immediately closing my account. And no one really cares. Just send me my freaking engagement ring back. Sad in AK ...
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2 years ago, TrueBlondeOne
JCP Website with app is lacking!
Pages load slowly if at all. Spontaneous bump offs and starting overs. Very frustrating to shop online at other stores then come here: it definitely feels like a step back in time. The JCP Sports Fan Shop is hard to access once in JCP as it takes you to an entirely different site. You’ll be lucky if your cart remains with previous adds from other JCP areas. Once on fan shop, you cannot go back to items you’ve added from the fan shop to see them before checkout. They simply won’t appear although the description does. Very lame. Went to my account purchases to leave reviews as I find this us so helpful and appreciate it from others when I’m shopping* online. I am still at a loss as to how exactly to leave a review. It should be easy but it’s not. I have been a JCP customer for over 40 years but have to shop online since my local store closed. I want JCP to make it. They must give immediate attention to bringing their app and website up to modern technology or they’ll be toast.
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2 years ago, Patd110
Security concern
I downloaded the app yesterday from the App Store and am concerned I just gave someone access to my iPad. When I opened it up it immediately said Hi Jessie which was odd since my name isn’t Jessie and I hadn’t signed in yet. Then I entered my email address and a password appeared which said paring token. I hit enter and it opened to the Penny’s store. I know I should not have done that, but I did. Did I just give open access to my iPad to “Jesse” so he can keystroke log my passwords? I know Apple just made changes to the purchase process on free apps but this has me concerned. Is this legit, a problem with this particular app or a new feature of some sort? This morning i went in on my old iPad and changed my password. I didn’t know it off the top of my head so i used the Forgot link which sent an email to both iPads. I changed it then deleted the email. Then went back and changed it a second time then deleted that email plus the trash in both devices. I just now tried to get into my account and the password won’t work. Hopefully “Jessie” wasn’t able to get in between the 2 times i changed it. iPad Pro v15.1.1.
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3 years ago, crazed JCP watcher!
Gotta have it!!!
If you shop JCP you must have this app!!! I love it. I jump on it at least once a day to check “stuff “ out. It’s so easy to navigate through and check the status of your orders. Check and see if your order has shipped. Look and see where your package are. I just love it. Coupons are just the icing on the cake. I love how they itemized the shipping order when the order is broken up into a few orders. Sometimes all of your purchase doesn’t come in one neat package. It will be multiple packages but same order. So it breaks it down and shows you the status of items/item you ordered. It’s great. It has saved me from looking like a crazed person looking for the person who took my JCP stash. Or maybe even calling customer service and demanding my money back and swearing it has arrived and someone stolen it or it never arrived and you charged my yeah I gotta have it.
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2 years ago, DAnderson216
Jcp Photography
I scheduled a session for my family of 5 holiday photos with my dog. When I scheduled the appointment, I let them know I had a small dog and my appointment was confirmed. The day before they called to confirm my appointment and time. 5 min BEFORE my appointment as I was walking in the door, after I had drove 30 min to get to the studio, they called to tell me they couldn’t do my photos because I had a dog. The “manager” that called to tell me this was very nonchalant and had an attitude after I asked why wasn’t this told when I scheduled the appointment or when they called to remind me of the appointment, his words were “sorry.” No attempt to reschedule, provide me with a discount for the lack of communication or emphasize with the situation. He was extremely rude! I have always taken my photos with JCP including my dog and this lack of customer service is disgusting! I will be taking my business to the many other photographers closer to my area. I hope your crappy employee is disciplined for this behavior. As a manager, he needs to be trained on customer service which says a lot about your company. This happened at JCP in Mentor, OH. 6:15pm appointment.
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3 years ago, £ov€<3
App needs serious work
I am 8 months pregnant and looking for a swimsuit or shorts I can wear to the beach. I only downloaded the app to see if they had something better than target or Kohl’s. I type in maternity swimsuit and it shows no maternity swimsuits, but bigger girl and baggy suits. I don’t want to look huge and bigger doesn’t actually work with an 8 month belly. It will just show the bottom of my belly. After that its all skinny girls in swimsuits which is even more frustrating and I’m normally a skinny girl. I type in maternity shorts and it shows skinny girls in dresses and shirts and the only thing that kind of looks maternity looks like a scrub for a medical worker. Nothing close to my search. When I go into filter and change it to women the number of items it will show me decreases. Why? That’s so frustrating. If you don’t sell maternity clothes I’d rather the app tell me it’s not available than to show items that are completely unrelated to my search. Your search is messed up and needs serious work. I’m deleting this app now and won’t be shopping here. Since the app was useless I feel going in to the store will be just as frustrating.
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5 years ago, reni555
Don’t Work at JCPenny
Although it’s a nice store and the employees who work there seem friendly, they really aren’t. I recently applied here and got the job. My first day was a Saturday, one of the busiest days and I was in training for the cash register. I’m a visual learner and I didn’t talk much, but rather watched and asked some questions. I learned how to fold clothes and do some tags, but that’s about it. My second day was today, and I went to work but I wasn’t wearing the proper clothes, (even though I was wearing jeans and a sweater) and my manger didn’t seem happy with me about that (which is understandable) but they sent me to work anyways. I was working in the women’s department, and then my manager wanted to speak with me, so I went to her office. She said that 4-5 employees had an impression that I didn’t want to be here and I had bad energy/attitude. Because I was quiet? Because I was trying to learn how to do the job so I can do and be my best? I was so disappointed! The expectations at that store are just so high. I was very friendly and I was trying to get to know the people I was working with and the job itself. I ended up quitting and I’ll never be walking up into a JCPenny store again.
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6 years ago, Pwloes
Can’t purchase anything!
I used the app, loaded my shopping cart with 4 items. I LOVED the way the app allowed me to choose from the available discounts and told me which one was best! However, when I told it to pay, it asked me to enter my credit card number again, with expiration date and cvv number, which is no problem. But when I needed to submit that info, the number keypad that had popped up to allow me to enter those numbers would not lower itself so I could click the submit button. The button was covered up by the keypad! So, I was unable to order anything!! I don’t have time to get on the phone or boot up my computer to do this—I wanted to purchase through the app!! I even got into the wallet on the app and re-entered my credit card info, but the app still wanted me to re-enter the info to purchase the items again. And, I was stuck in the same boat again!! FAIL!! I can’t order anything through this app, so you guys have just lost my money!! Sorry!! Please fix this so I can order!!
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5 years ago, nikki241
Mother’s Day sale
My husband and I shopped at JCP today for the Mother’s Day sale I saw advertised on t.v. We had over $200 in our cart and I asked for the candy coupon as advertised on t.v. that would give a coupon in the wrapper of a candy bar, but was told by a lady at the front register that they had ran out of coupons already and didn’t have any more available. 😞 So, we went on shopping in jewelry and was helped by the nicest lady named Kim. Kim helped me pick out jewelry for my outfit, scanned a coupon for the earrings I bought making them half price and then found a candy coupon for me to save 30% off my total clothes purchase! Kim was awesome! She saved us almost $70 on clothes and $30 on jewelry tonight! Kim was so nice and helpful and I really appreciated her kindness and great customer service. Thank you Kim for helping us. You’re the best! We really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all you did to help us.😊👍❤️
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6 years ago, Tamm1949
Tamara Lesley
JCPenney is the only place we shop for clothes. I love the styles you sell both for women and men. The only complaint I have is that I wish you would sell blouses and sweaters that are wider around the stomach area. I am thin and wear a medium top, sweater or shirt and they fit at the shoulders but I have a post menopausal stomach like many other women. I have been on a diet forever but my stomach will not lose the fat. My Dr. says it is from generations of the women in my family having very full stomachs no matter what they do. Could you please look for shirts that will fit us post premenopausal women. I thank you for paying attention to my request. Women like me also need high waisted pants to help hold our stomach in some and keep them from rolling down. Saying all of this we still love all of your clothing. Thank you for everything you carry. Your store is like a one stop shop except for groceries. Sincerely, Tamara Tamm1949
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1 year ago, 12:'kb
Good Ole American Trademark
As a business woman for over 30 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people in public accounting. For a majority of my working life, I’ve found at JC Penny numerous lines of clothing that have assisted me with the versatility I’ve needed. From Worthington, Dunner, Liz Claiborne, and all the others, the clothes have been timeless, affordable, durable, professional, attractive, packable, tailored, stylish, and easy to care for. I’ve also had numerous undergarments, sports attire, shoes, bags and other accessories on my purchase history. I’ve cleaned house on sales and literally built and rebuilt my wardrobe as I’ve changed over the years. I’ve never felt over extended on my budget, or less than appropriate at an important business event. With all the changes over the last many years, it’s been comforting to know JC Penny is still around. Thank you so much! Kim Flett
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1 year ago, CLR1979!
Items never came
I ordered spa kits for my daughter’s birthday. UPS notified me that my order had been delivered to JCP and signed for by Toni. When I arrived at the store, I was told my order wasn’t there. I showed them my tracking information that showed it had been delivered. They went to look and came back stating that they didn’t know where Toni put my items. I would have to return when Toni was at work, which was tomorrow. I needed the spa kits for my daughter’s birthday then. I returned the next week to get the spa kits and again was told they were not there. I told the lady that they were delivered on February 10th and at this point it is February 15th. Another employee, one who was there the first time I went, said that Toni signed for them and couldn’t remember where they were. The first lady took my number and said she would call me. The next day James called to tell me my order had not arrived. Then I received an email that my order was canceled because I did not pick up my items. I have been a loyal JCP customer for many years and am rethinking ever ordering from them again.
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6 years ago, Dani@22
Love Hate relationship.
I love JC Penny and used to love online shopping, but they need to improve their online ordering experience. I ordered a jacket and shipped it to a different store than I shop at because I needed my mother to pick it up for me for personal reasons. When I ordered the item, there was no option to add an alternate pick up person even after I ordered it I tried to locate it. I then get an email that my item is ready to be picked up, so I called customer service to add my mother to the pick up but they told me that I would have to call the store And inform them. I did just that, and they tell me to edit it online, so I make every effort and attempt to change it with no luck. I’ve ordered online with many companies and being a military family found it easy to add and change pick up people even after my ordered has arrived at the store. I used to love shopping on the app, but I guess JC Penny cooperate lacks customer service. I will never order online from JC Penny again, but the in store experience is still great. Cooperate please fix this issue.
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6 years ago, courtneylechele
Freezes Up & Slow
I like the options available on the app. I also appreciate the in store pick up and being able to see what items are available in my local store. However, the app ALWAYS freezes when I use it and shuts down. I then have to restart my shopping session or try to find the item I was viewing. Also, my cart frequently adds multiple, sometimes up to 20+ of the item I only wanted 1 of. When this happens it takes a lot of time to delete the extra quantity and the app often freezes and shuts down during this as well. Curious as to whether you guys could model your app after Target? Their in store pick up via online ordering is extremely fast and very efficient/convenient for customers. JCPenney is rarely ready same day even if you order in the morning. To end on a positive note I also appreciate the apps option of easily adding your coupons and seeing how much the item your viewing will be if you apply a certain coupon.
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3 years ago, butchlopez
Great customer service!!!!
I just want to give a shout to Nicole at Synchrony Bank and Shanelle in your rewards department. Amazing they should both have a raise. I had called in several time and everyone I went into the store it was the same old thing. I had requested my email changed months ago and by months I mean April it’s now October. Every time I called or went it the problem was still there. Today I was disconnected and called back extremely upset. I got Nicole on the line she was amazing. She kept me on the line and we did a three way call with Shanelle in reward. What an amazing team they were able to get everything worked out and such great customer service!!! I am so great full I was ready to close this account because I was so frustrated. I just want to say thank you to the both of you JCPENNY is lucky to have you. Shirley Ramos
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1 year ago, La morena76
Very useful
When I went to JP I was just looking around, then I was looking through some nice fragrance. I just fall in love with one but with my budget I wasn’t able to get it, one of the ladies ask me if I will like to apply for the JP card at first I was no way I’m going to ended up with another bill, but I was like let’s just do it anyways I’m not going to qualify. My biggest surprise I did qualify, I ended up with my perfume a great customer service and a JP card, the lady help me out with the app and I love it since I can make my payments on time and order from home, oh and I get coupons that helps to reduce my total, I absolutely referred this to anyone who’s afraid to open an account and think that nope it’s not for me I won’t qualified. Thank you JP for this great opportunity not only I ended up with my merchandise my credit is also going up. Yay!!
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2 years ago, M&D Castor
Great full customers
We couldn’t have done it without you!! Christmas is a wonderful holiday that we look forward to each year but it can also be a little stressful if you are on a fixed income as is the case with my husband and I. Finding quality clothes at a reasonable price for the whole family isn’t always easy. We are so thankful for all the great sales And as always the quality of everything we bought. We would also like to thank the employees who were not only helpful but went above and beyond from helping me put the Penny’s apps on my cell phone so I could see all the sales to patiently helping my husband who is hearing impaired understand how and when to insert his debit card all with a smile every time we went. Your hard work and great attitude is greatly appreciated!! Two very great full customer’s
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6 years ago, MommyOfX5G
App so good I actually am writing a review
Seriously, I HATE writing reviews. HOWEVER, this app is so good I think it deserves to be acknowledged especially with SO SO SO MANY SUB PAR APPS OUT THERE. 1)The app works without crashing.2)coupons and deals are easily found and applied to cart with one click.3) you can scroll through and select interesting items without adding to your cart, but rather checking them off and putting on a favorites list to then revisit and decide.4) you can update or delete from your cart without constantly refreshing.5) you can add to your cart WITHOUT loosing your search spot. 👌👌👌👌THANK YOU FOR THIS ONE!!!! 6) super easy to use and navigate through the entire app; it’s very intuitive!!! Hit it way out of the park with this app, DON’T try to make it better, just update bugs!!! This app has won my business over target!
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5 years ago, Mark E Z
Why didn’t I get an email saying my current orders were ready for pickup? I did with my previous orders. Why would they remove this feature? I only found out my orders were ready because I happened to be checking my account. I would have been waiting forever if I had been waiting for an email update from Penney’s. In all fairness, I did receive an automated call saying my items were ready, but an email would have been a lot nicer. I can’t print my order to take to the store. Before I could print my order from my tablet and take it to the store. Not all of us who purchase online have cellphones. I want to be able to print my order. I could before. I want that feature back. I can’t speak for the current version of this app, but the previous version kept locking up my IPod Touch (6th generation). I had to reset my IPod several times. I never had to do that with any other apps. I hope they solved those problems with the latest revision.
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6 years ago, WantWord
I was having trouble with navigating online so I installed this app. It was slower, crashed several times, had a hard time with filtering & would send me to an entirely new category so I had to be searching again. I was timed out, signed out, wouldn't recognize my sign in info, wouldn't load my cart info, & finally when I purchased, the app wouldn't update my payment information until several tries. During this time, I kept my eye on the discount that had to be entered & re-entered each time JCP app timed out. Anyway,after spending over 5 hours trying to select, keep my discount active, waiting for the app to update my member info (member for several years), I finally was able to purchase my order...without the big discount..I timed out! There is No WAY these positive reviews are legit if they had really shopped for more than 2 or 3 items! Maybe they were promised a discount that of course has expired with the others. Now, I don't have a JCP credit card, & after this, don't plan on it. Not intuitive, small images (iPad), slow, & times out or signs out while using. Very poor!
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4 years ago, Jocelyn Gmz
Payment hassle
So I have a JCP credit card, always made sure to pay my full amount on time to avoid extra fees. So I was close to the due date but enough time to pay my credit card, so I paid it through the app and said payment processed... turns out a few days later I go to check my account and said I owe $30 extra on top of what I had to pay. When I went to my payment history it said my payment was “rejected” I didn’t get any email or any type of message. I was fuming, I called customer service which was hard because the system was sending me in circles.... and I finally got through and talked to a very sweet helpful lady. Payment was refunded and I paid my original amount... I was glad thinking it was over... but no🙃 a week after that I went to check my account and said I owed $5.00 which I’m guessing was a fee... idk🙄 so to avoid annoying myself further I went ahead and paid it... never again will I pay my credit card through the app.
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7 years ago, lcorter
Forget about using rewards or coupons
You put stuff in your cart and the coupon is there and fine. I added two different rewards and my 30 % off and then it gives me an error on placing my card, I add another card to the wallet. Still error. Then Coupon error. Forget getting them to load automatic from account like the app says it will. I verified it four times and know each time it said it was successfully added to wallet. I then am approaching midnight. By the time I get them back in, they are expired because it is after midnight. Try to go back to see if my points are still there and it says my wallet is empty. Have yet to even get the purchase to work. Next night, same thing but purchase works double time and send me two orders and two charges to my card. Of course my two orders time two minus the rewards. My basket was empty on start of order, was not left from previous session. I checked before starting. I’m done with the app. It seems like if you got too much of a discount, the app failed. Just doesn’t return anything to your wallet
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6 years ago, bmdix
Defeating the purpose
I was trying to find a price check scanner in my local store and came across the sign to price check on the app now. Usually I’m all for using technology to make things easier, however, trying to download the app and price check through the app turned into a nightmare. My local store does not have a WiFi network for guest shoppers and my Verizon cell phone service was non-existent inside the store. I tried walking around multiple areas of the store to download the app and then could not price check any of my items after I downloaded the app because I did not have any cellular service to connect the app and find prices. I was very upset that I couldn’t use the app or find the prices of the items I was shopping for. While checking out, I attempted to use coupons from the app as well but, low and behold, they too did not load and I was unable to use them. If you’re going to require customers to use an app to complete this simple task inside the store, at least provide a wifi network they can connect to to use the app.
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1 year ago, obiwanda
Curbside pickup check-in doesn’t work, store doesn’t answer phone
Downloaded the app to try to check-in for curbside pickup. Didn’t work. Could not check in through the app or the order pickup confirmation email. Tried calling the store (Roseville, CA) multiple times while waiting at curbside pickup only to have the phone ring and ring with no answer, or suddenly disconnect without an answer (yes, the store was open - it was 2pm on a weekday afternoon). Called the customer service line only to have a rep tell me she couldn’t contact the store or do anything other than re-send me the confirmation email which I already had. JCP - please understand how your failure to provide the curbside pickup service you promised impacts caregivers of those with disabilities who cannot be left unattended and cannot physically enter or wait in line at the store. What looked like a promising way to get my senior, disabled mother comfortable clothing she likes (she’s been a loyal JCP customer for decades) ended up being a complete waste of time and effort. Do better JCP.
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1 month ago, xMiss Anthrope
Love clothes, hate the distribution
I have to say I absolutely love the clothes. I work in an office and I also go to church always find very nice quality, modest clothing that is interchangeable between the things that I do. I really appreciate JCPenney. I think the prices are reasonable especially when there’s a sale. I think the quality of the clothing is good. I think the sizing is good. I like the style very happy with it, but I will say the worst thing ever is there distribution whenever I’ve ordered something online most of the time I’m getting something completely different one time I ordered a really pretty sweater. I got a curtain panel another time I ordered I ordered three shirts. One was the wrong size and two were completely different styles -different model shirt. Otherwise I’m very pleased with JCPenney and from now on will need to go shopping in the store.
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4 years ago, An8 to5girl
Great overall except home delivery
I’ve loved JCP for years, great value and quality ... and usually have no problems except home deliveries. Even when shipped to the store there’s never been an issue or inaccuracy. When shipped to home however I’ve received defective boots which then had to be returned and reordered at store, wrong pieces whether it be color, size or even a substituted item and once again just last week ordered a size 15 men’s clearance running shoe and received a size 10 women’s sandals, same dollar value, but cannot for the life of me figure that one out lol! I now cannot return them due to store closures during coronavirus so am going to donate those to food and clothing bank once they’re receiving donations again. But overall JCP is my store for the entire family for great reasons. I simply suggest you pick up online orders ... it also is $9 cheaper that way too.
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1 year ago, Johnmurray2003
Disappointed with website
Although JCP does great on shipping “if” they have it in stock, when it comes to what’s due on your account, there’s where the issues lie, even when you pay your balance in full it still says I do no have my full credit limit available. Payments take way to long to post. The proper activity to your account is inaccurate and vague. Maybe JCP needs to revamp their website. Even though I scheduled a payment and received and email that I have scheduled a payment, there is no indication of my payment being made and it says I’m passed due which I’m not. This is the only thing I don’t like about this app. I’ll never know why it takes so long for payments to post. The money has literally come out of your bank account for at least a day before payments show they posted to your account. Very annoying. That goes for all synchrony bank accounts.
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5 years ago, Miachikkk305
Customer service horrible !
The jcpenney app is not the problem! Is the 3 party retailer that is 𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘯𝘦𝘳 with jcpenney I purchased a perfume online nov 7 and got an email said it was canceled! No reason why ??? I called customer service and they said they don’t know why they cancel because they do have it available in the warehouse and it’s not their fault because it’s thru the warehouse ... so the guy gave me a $10 off discount on the Perfume n reorder it because he said that the only reason why they would cancel it it’s because it’s damage so now on Nov 20 they cancel it again!! and don’t tell me it’s damage again too Bc that’s a lie! So Customer service has no idea why they would do it then WHY HAVE IT ON YOUR WEBSITE ??? Take it off then!!! If y’all out of stock then put out of stock!! Instead of wasting patience for it to come ugh!!! I’m so disappointed because that was a gift for my daughter who has cancer and yet they never gave me at least a discount or rewards for this issue Again... I been with jcpenney credit card member for years! And never experience this!
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4 years ago, deb do little
Trouble shopping on line and store
I use other catalog apps and could figure them out in awhile, they made sense, like Full Beauty, Woman Within and others. I tried jcp and am so confused. I wanted a size 22 but it only went to size 18 and 1 time size 20. I’ve bought these pants from Alfred Dunner many times in sizes 22,24, and 26/28. I would shop on line if it was in simpler format like Full Beauty, WW, Romans etc. so I have to come to store. It’s hard because there’s only 2 electric carts in mall. No place to sit to take a rest if you have medical problems like asthma or back injury. If you’re lucky 🍀 enough to get cart theirs not enough room to navigate isles. That’s it, jcp could do a lot more business if they would fix these problems, I can’t be only one with these complaints. I’ve heard others say this but don’t bother to take time let you know. This took me 20 minutes. But I thought it might help so I could shop on line and store easily.🙏👀🔚.
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6 years ago, Diana Schnarr
Gift cards not secure
I naively loaded some gift cards into Wallet on my JCP app and destroyed them as I was under the impression my information was secure. Several weeks later I had my iPhone’s cracked screen repaired. During that process, the app somehow was inadvertently deleted and the gift card balance disappeared. After many phone calls to JCP and a tremendous amount of runaround, one helpful rep was able to verify some of the $$ lost - but only after I gave her information printed on a store receipt from a purchase where I had spent part of a gift card. Another one, which was unused, cannot be traced. A different rep told me my information is still available if I log in on a computer instead of through the app. Not true! Ironically, when I signed back into the app after reloading it, my saved credit card information along with a pending shopping cart were intact. Come on, JCP, how does this make sense? Word to the wise: Do not load your gift cards on the JCP App! If you do, hang on to them. If the app gets deleted, phone is replaced, etc, you will lose $$.
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