JD Sports: Exclusive rewards

4.9 (25.6K)
44.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
JD Sports Fashion Plc
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for JD Sports: Exclusive rewards

4.87 out of 5
25.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Johnnyp1114
I love JD
They always have what we are looking for. If they don’t have the size in the store they go through the effort to find it online or another store. I’ve never, never, experienced even sub par customer experience never mind bad. Always greeted, always asking us to help us and the cashiers are always smiling and ensuring we found everything we needed and making sure we use our membership benefits. Not to mention JD has one of the best military discounts and rewards programs out there.
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5 months ago, Giosmom21
The absolute worst customer service they are 100% liars
All they do is lie! I have MANY emails promising a full refund bc I did not receive ANY of my packages but the refund never comes and then I sit on hold for HOURS to speak to customer service reps who PROMISE the refund will be there tomorrow and it never comes they said a $20 credit bc of all the problems that never came it’s all lies and then I try the chat and shocking that doesn’t work so now I’m getting emails claiming “due to the high volume we will be unable to process your refund” after I have been promised multiple times that it’s coming “3-5 business days” is what they keep saying over and over again it’s all lies automated lies after automated lies! I don’t receive my packages and then they lie and don’t send the refund I have literally 4 emails promising a refund in 3-5 days and nothing!!!! I’m so mad I’m so over it I can’t believe this garbage!!!! Hours on the phone— lies emails promising a full refund—lies a chat that doesn’t work and credits they don’t honor! GARBAGE!
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3 years ago, bijnagte
This app has locked me out of it multiple times and continues to throw “connection” errors at me for hours at a time while both standing in line in the app for releases (losing my place) and when trying to access when the site isn’t busy. Awful, awful functionality. When you get past that the site itself works well but since many features are app exclusive, I’m constantly running in to problems.
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10 months ago, chrismoneyman24
Better than Footlocker
Honestly I have had more friendly people and more helpful people at JD than I do at any other shoe/clothing store. I love the customer service and just everything about the store in total and I can’t seem to find the same results at footlocker for some reason some of the people that work there aren’t never seem that happy to work there and just seem way to tired all the time.
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2 years ago, Felicia(Lisa)Anderson
Bad Exclusive Access
Every time I have Exclusive Access For a Bot Free Purchase I Cannot Access The Applications to Reserve A Pair of shoes. If it is a pair of Hype shoes ,Example The lost and found Jordan 1, The site keeps me locked out And all purchase Options are Gone. Why switch to Allow Members to Get EA And when more popular shoes drop I don’t have an option to purchase. I am Grateful for the shoes nobody wants but for the shoes I do want I would like a better opportunity or earlier access to purchase or pre-order my size thanks for the shoes and opportunity to share my opinion
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2 years ago, KickzNoBrickz
JD & Finish line Always Got The Heat!!’ Let see how the new access works out!
JD always has some heat that’s sold out everywhere else. I am hoping this new Exclusive Access program hook up us real sneaker heads. I got access to the “Lost And Found” Jordan 1 today but it came at 6am PST. Usually shoes don’t drop until 7am so I missed out… I really want that shoe too. Hopefully I can still cop.
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4 years ago, Flip06/25
App not working
Been trying all day to get onto JD app but it’s not working or bugging out. Tells me I need an update but when I click there is no update available in the App Store. I’m up to date on version I need so not sure why this is happening. I really don’t want to be missing any new drops because of this. Can someone fix this
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4 years ago, StarmanHTX
Garbage App
This APP is always buggy. For some reason it will not open on my phone. The Finish Line opens up with no issue but the JD App never opens. Also why do they think I’m a robot and block me from their site during a hype release? Is it my fast Internet, I don’t know. Please fix this App for iOS.
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1 year ago, starliolord
Shopping Experience
I am in love with the smooth experience I always have when shopping on JD Sports. JD/Finishline offers multiple options to choose, great prices, always keeping me updated via email on releases/sales, and wonderful customer service.
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2 years ago, Tanyaada
Could’ve had more sales if app worked properly
I tried hard to spend money at JD but the app acts like it doesn’t want my money. First of all items in my cart disappear while I’m shopping, then when I finally go back and RE-SHOP the checkout experience is awful. I get several error messages and can’t use my free shipping that I used MY POINTS to buy. I would understand if I was trying to purchase hype sneakers but I’m buying clothes so the app not working properly is not good for your business at all.
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4 years ago, Killaakevv23
This app won’t work
This app continues to send me to the store for an update even though it’s up to date. This is genuinely concerning seeing as the finishline I would rely on for my drops is now a jd sports and I can’t even get it to operate at all. Please fix as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, Missing Candy Crush
Good when it’s working…trash when it’s not
The app works good when it wants to and trash otherwise. There are times when it crashes which looks like as soon as you open the app it says, “Unknown error, come back later”. Not sure why it happens but it’s really annoying.
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4 years ago, Ebarbz_the2nd
This release glitch
Every time y’all have a release, this app doesn’t work for the whole day. Either it give me and error about my internet or that I need to update the app smh. Maybe it’s time to get some new tech people to operate these apps
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2 years ago, twizz128103
This site is going to make y’all lose customers
I was on app at 10 didn’t get n til 10:50 it booted me out in put me on a waiting list I will not support a company that does this to me when I spend a lot of money with y’all
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12 months ago, aboynamedlou
In-Store Pickup Problems
I go on the app and it says my in-store pickup is ready. When I arrive at the store, they have no idea who I am or my order. I show them the app and they have no idea. Then they tell me about the email. The Status program is problematic, too. It keeps asking you to join like you haven’t joined. The app needs to be streamlined with online order like from Google or Safari.
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3 years ago, Camilosky
The point of the app is to help you do reservations since the website won’t allow you and to get a chance at new releases the app is buggy never recognize my phone number and they have no customer support from now im ok taking an L on a release but not even getting a chance is worst from now on I will rather be barefoot than to use this app fix your business model and stop making customers jump through impossible loops.
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2 years ago, kevinlog
Great app
Works like it’s supposed to. I actually win some shoes on this app from time to time instead of just bots winning. It doesn’t crash and functions well during high congestion times like sneaker release days.
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3 years ago, Jordulus
Every since they started the new way to get new drops through status, my account has not let me get early access. The crazy part about it is when I view the offer it doesn’t even show up. Every time I try to find the Botfree reward it just takes me to a page where it is telling me to signup for status, when I’m already a status member. Can someone please fix this I drops coming up that I don’t wanna miss out on.
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2 years ago, Buckeyesrayjr
Can someone fix the app
With the new bug fixes, I can’t see anything under my status rewards except for ones that I have already claimed. No point total and no new rewards to try to claim. Was just working fine on my iPad and then I updated and it’s doing the same thing my phone is doing because it automatically updated. Please fix this bug.
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1 year ago, Saucegod721
JD Sports/FinishLine Review
Even though it's very difficult for me to get through the line most of the time, when I do, I have access to some of the best products, which makes it simple and convenient.
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2 years ago, jumpusa23
Better than FLX
I like the fact that regular customer like me can get rewarded for going to the store shop and able to win a shoe that I want .It makes me feel good that the BOTTS can come here and buy everything.
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7 months ago, FrankLua
I’m really happy with the shoes just don’t send me used shoes and missed up packing other then that I’m really pleased with the shoes and prices. You guys keep on doing me right I’ll keep on buying shoes from you thank you so much
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2 years ago, amarcia4
Overall very satisfied with the app is very smooth and it also gives you an update on the shoe availability along with the location as well which is great to know.
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2 years ago, FatmanJ
The store is great, app was being a little weird
I’m a fan of this store and think it’s great, this app however seemed to be a little wonky, took multiple tries to checkout and the things in my cart kept getting removed, and as I type right now I can’t see my words lol, so idk what that’s about, my phone maybe?
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4 years ago, HeffAmiri
Update error
App ask for update, app updates and keeps saying needs to be updated after update, and doesn’t work still. Missed a drop because of it.
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2 years ago, Ba5hir
Love this app
This app is very easy to navigate through, you can select anything you looking for, by brand, gender, and size, and you can look up what you want to buy.
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2 years ago, jsallday31
Bots take all the stock
I can never purchase anything I actually like. Bots take everything within seconds. Site always crashes also
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2 years ago, bdtjegjSebsjjdgjbsfjd
Jd app
Great app but seems to glitch on release days. Constantly kicking me off site with “unknown error”, but a great site otherwise. Easy to navigate and purchase items.
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4 years ago, Ty999Rose
Not sure what happened
This last update now has me unable to use the app and I deleted it from my phone several times just to continue to be prompted at the opening screen with the same message. There is No update available yet I’m not allowed to use the app unless I update it. Please help I was liking the app before it started canceling my orders and now this 😭
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4 years ago, deejay1155
App work work
Everytime i open Tuesday app it says it needs a update... after the update it still says the same thing
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2 years ago, kedarq
App deletes my cart
When I press checkout I get a error and my whole cart is deleted even though my account is signed in all the Items i put in the cart are vanished. I understand things happen but this happened 3 times. I’m not shopping with this app anymore because if your signed in your cart is supposed to be saved at least. Very annoying ill but the items elsewhere.
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2 years ago, acdontpanic
Takes way to long to process an order I’ve been waiting on points for a week now and my status won’t be were I need it to be when I need it because of this I’m upset defeats the purpose of shopping for me at the moment
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This is my second time ordering these shoes! Was never contacted about my order being lost until I reached out to them! This was a Christmas gift for my grandson, it was so disappointing that he was thinking that I didn’t get them! I was also pacified with $20 for points!! It was about the disappointment of my grandson! No money or points is going to fix that!
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1 year ago, Stevhen6
Great Options
You guys have dope options just wish I had an opportunity at some of exclusive access items. Thanks keep it up!
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3 years ago, "/@/&):
App crashing
Your app crashes way to much! so much that my IP address was blocked after trying to access online. It was pretty sad and stressful.
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5 months ago, jonathan7812
JD sports always comes through with the deals and specially with the bot free access for highly coveted sneakers!!! I can’t see myself not using the app.
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3 years ago, Jojofrom434
Great app but keeps making me…
Great app but makes me sign in almost every time I open it which is pretty aggravating other than that I love it ! JD is favorite my spot for sneakers!
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2 years ago, 184936298373926293
Most Useless App
Who thought its a good idea to send exclusive access out randomly? No time posted just all random and see whos free when its sent? Uncivilized and no brain people could be busy at the randomass time. How hard is it to post on twitter and instagram about an actual time that access is going out? Will delete the app, too useless in 2022 0 star review is more accurate
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1 year ago, Zyaire_89
Great place
Other than the que traffic at times on exclusive access definitely my go to place
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4 years ago, mescobar0402
I can actually get on the site!!!
It is such a relief to be able to find a website where I can actually get on when there are drops! Thank you so much JD.
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1 year ago, dutch5825
Thank you
Thank you for the exclusive access… way better than any other app and more fair for consumers trying to wear the shoes.
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7 months ago, Spud7783
Fast and easy
The app is easy to use for anything you may be interested in buying.
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3 years ago, twin513
So so happy with the company
Doesn’t. Always give me my points for my purchases and also they sold me a pair of already worn shoes and I paid for price At this point I’m just gonna keep them but I’m up set about it because they were the first pair of lebrons ive ever got
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4 years ago, Gogajgg
Horrible app lags to much!!!
I do not like the facts that took me out 3 days to make a purchase, II love the storedon’t like the app is the worst to do shopping online it took me 3 days to be able to get some shoes, hopefully Store, Whatsapp they sell, it gets reviewed and fixed I don’t like the app is the worst to do shopping online it took me 3 days to be able to get some shoes, hopefully
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1 year ago, Hectoralvarez33
Exclusive Access
I never take the time out of my day to write reviews but JDs exclusive access has been really good to me and I love it. Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Perlasdaddy
Happy as can be.
Not only is it easy to find ur way around but the rewards program they got is also cool! I like shopping at jds 😎
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2 years ago, nu3ra
Jd sport!
I have never had a problem shopping at jd sports I LOVE my location in store shopping but online is ok to but I rather shop In store still great all around !!
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2 years ago, doodah_taylor
Never get exclusive access to shoes I would like
The overall app is wonderful but I don’t understand how I barley get exclusive access for new releases. JD/Finish line has always been my go to stores even before you guys started doing exclusive access.
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3 years ago, WillSolez
Good Sales
This store usually has good sales, wish I was able to get more Exclusive access opportunities as much as I shop here but so it goes !
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3 years ago, Carthell Designs
Reservation errors
The was working fine for me I have to keep resetting my password and for no apparent reason and I’m putting in the right password. My account no longer logs into my status account so I can’t make reservations and when I put in my phone number to try to claim my ticket and won’t let me proceed please fix this broken app.
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