Jeju air

1.5 (57)
57 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jeju Air. co., Ltd
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jeju air

1.51 out of 5
57 Ratings
5 years ago, Wikisz
Doesn’t remember ID and password
Please fix 아이디 저장이 안 되네요 고쳐주세요
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1 year ago, NyNy1292
Book a different airline
TLDR: Book a different airline This is the worst travel app I’ve ever used - Doesn’t track language preferences - Forces you to confirm the same flight information over and over to make a change from your profile - Can’t change flight outside of hours there’s no staff M-Fri 9am-6pm - Can’t check into your flight for SK travel - No flight check in details informing you of expectations/restrictions This is meant to grab your money only! App is designed for you to buy a ticket and then incredibly hard to edit anything no matter how soon after buying ticket you want to make change. Then if you do manage to edit anything, which can only be done by canceling and rebooking, they charge you fees! (50% of flight. 100% of additional purchase fees like baggage bundle or seat choice) Jeju Air should be ashamed of themselves.
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1 year ago, Guitalele
Warning: No Online Check In
Jeju Air is a budget airline, so I give them some grace. However you cannot check in online or get a boarding pass unless you are a Korean or Japanese national! I wanted to share in case you wanted to book for the cheaper prices. The long check in lines at the airport have consistently been a headache and have almost made me miss my flight
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1 year ago, Wonjin
Terrible All Around
The website is buggy and the app is no better. Lost count of how many times I tried to book a flight through the website and app. Are you guys trying to bring in customers or chase them away with your absolute shambles of a website/app? Fix it.
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6 years ago, CeeeYM
Crashed after booking
So I booked a trip and after it said booking completed, the app automatically crashed. What’s worse was that I never got a confirmation e-mail regarding my trip. I tried calling and asking Jeju for help but haven’t gotten the help I needed. My money from my bank was deducted but I did not get a reservation number at all.
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5 years ago, Babahxhjd nckcm
Registration/booking NOT WORKING
This app is notorious for not allowing you to login even when registered. It will never save your ID and the navigation needs a lot of work. Many bugs, this app needs a complete overhaul. I would like to use this airline more often but the inconvenience of this app instantly changes my mind. Do better.
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2 years ago, youcallx
Worst ever, no doubt this app is a real crap
This app keeps asking users to download the new version, which is simply another class of crap. I wish I could disable the notification setting but just in case my next business trip may include itinerary for this airlines
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5 years ago, gromitsmom
Unable to complete a booking on this app.
I am able to find flights, but when trying to book, it keeps asking for more time to total the order. This is so frustrating. I’m wasting so much time trying to do something so simple!
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7 years ago, Wife is Korean
Hope the planes run better than the app...😳
About 5sec after logging in the app crashes. And the auto login function is not working either. Can’t test any of the apps features because it crashes before it can get off the ground. 🥁🙈 I’m using iOS 11.0.1
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2 years ago, TheaterTickets
Doesn't work
I booked two flights and received a confirmation email. Now the app won't let me login at all. I have spent a few hours on this. Extremely frustrating.
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5 years ago, Frqnt_Flyer
Terrible App
One of the worst Apps I’ve ever used... Registration fails at password even though it matches and follows the 8 to 10 character requirement. Also, when attempting to issue boarding passes it fails and is difficult to get back. Horrible UX...
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6 months ago, luongt
Worse than Spirit
I can’t even login or change the language, checking in gives me errors no matter how many times I enter my info 1/10 avoid
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5 years ago, katkim131
Horrible airline mobile EVER!!!
You can’t even enroll ur self as mobile app is keep appearing error message to type in password. Who the hell made this app? You guys need big time bug fix.
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10 months ago, Yuc134
Terrible app. Can’t fulfill basic functions like checking in.
Terrible app. Can’t fulfill basic functions like checking in.
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5 years ago, Spideycaryn
Doesn’t work
Anytime you try to find your flight it says it cannot find it or access the itinerary
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5 years ago, wkmin
Doesn’t work
Won’t let me get pass the “Additional Service” portion. Guess they don’t want people to book their flight.
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2 years ago, 게이제이
I’ve been using it for a while and now I can’t log in.
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7 years ago, jenAbroad
Crashes constantly
Want to do anything on this app?Too bad! It crashes constantly.
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6 years ago, Nina Sandiko
Not working
App kept on saying I was not signed in. I never got to book my flight. Help!
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6 years ago, librorum.jh
Does not even start working
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12 years ago, 뷰띠시에
예약은햇는데 조회하니 예약한내역이없다고 하네요ㅜ 결국 고객센터에 전화해서 확인햇지만 예약내역도 확인인되고 좌석배정도 할수없어서 불편하네여ㅜ
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6 years ago, Ryuhee`
Never use jeju air
Useless app for useless service
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5 years ago, Lightaker
Too slow
It’s so slow
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7 years ago, Fantazic
can’t login
crash 5 secs after login
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6 years ago, halolhahalolol
not bad
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9 years ago, hsndndkdbfb
It's good
Good for use. Nice interface and very useful for searching. I recommend this app.
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9 years ago, Fhgcvh
Login doesn't work
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12 years ago, SOB pile of monkey nuts
Typical Korean app.
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2 months ago, ㅡㅇㅇㄹㅎ
앱 후기
쓸만하고 꽤 괜찮음
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10 months ago, jejujeju Ian
와 아이폰 앱 관리 진짜 안한다.
갤럭시랑 아이폰 두개 다 사용한 사람으로서... 아이폰 앱관리는 너무 심한거 아닌가요??
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10 months ago, jhjoe730
진짜 개거지같음
뭐만 하면 계속 홈으로 돌아오고 예약번호 확인안되고 렉걸리고 똥앱
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1 year ago, apalapalaldjend
미국번호 인증번호가 안와요
회원 가입이 안되네요 이문제 때문에
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1 year ago, 양성프리젠터
서드파티 판매 이벤트 하는 역겨운 기업의 앱
고작 이만명도 수용 못하는 서버인척 거짓말로 서버 터진척 한다음 취소 환불이 어려운 서드파티에게 표 대량 풀어서 판매하는 블랙 역겨운 기업.
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1 year ago, ntssane
다시 실행할때마다 일부항목이 영어로 나오면서 아무메뉴나 누르면 에러뜸. 그때마다 새로 깔아야함
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2 years ago, Star.p
또 엉망이네
전엔 결제 안되더니 이번엔 스케줄 찾는 중간에 계속 튕김 일년에 제주항공 20번 정도 타는거 같은데 업데이트만 10번 한듯.. 부럽다 이렇게 일하고 돈 벌어가서
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2 years ago, Jiman.p
로그인 안됨, 홈화면으로 계속 튕김
업데이트전이 훨씬 좋다. 진짜 바보같은 어플
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6 years ago, ssongon
좀 되게 만들어라. 편의성이 개똥같다.
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3 years ago, BKTHEBK
What’s this app for if nothing works properly lol
Literally my title says. I can’t login using my ID created with Then do i have to create another one specifically for mobile ver.? Mobile ticket also is a joke. I couldn’t receive the ticket due to the error so I had to stop by the check-in stand. Then what’s the point having this app? This is the most useless app I’ve seen.
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14 years ago, Complete2
Good, simple!!!!
대한항공과는 다르게 한글이라 편하네요. 그리고 핵심적인 기능만 있어 심플하고 콜센터까지 바로 메뉴에 있어 편리한거 같아요.
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8 years ago, 호랑쌍꼬랑
아이폰+ 호환 / 뒤로가기
아이폰 플러스 계열 호환 전혀 안되어 있고 뒤로가기 버튼이 없는데 뒤로사기 제스쳐도 안먹혀서 사용하기 매우 불편해요..
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8 years ago, myungwon
뱃지 숫자가 떴는데 뭘 눌러서 봐야지 숫자가 없어집니까?
Show more
11 years ago, Ssue04
5월에 홍콩 여행 계획하고 다녀오면서도 제주항공 유용하게 다녀왔는데~ 도쿄까지 취항한다니 더 자주 만나게 될거 같네요- 제 여행에 함께해요 제주에어 앱 :)
Show more
11 years ago, ssarly
인천-도쿄 취항 축하해요~
정말정말 축하해요 ~ 인천-도쿄 취항 짱
Show more
11 years ago, west0313
도쿄 취항!! 감축드립니다~^^
이제 도쿄도 제주항공이용해야 겠어요~ 7월 괌 다녀오고 가을쯤 다시 일정잡아서 도쿄 꼭 가고 싶습니다~^^ 7월도 제주 항공과 함께~^^
Show more
11 years ago, Prime500
제주항공 나리타 취항 축하합니다.
제주항공으로 도쿄에 갈 수 있네요. 운항실적이 많이 쌓여서 편수도 늘어났으면 좋겠습니다!
Show more
11 years ago, artuna
제주항공으로 이제 도쿄까지 ?!
갈수있다니 넘넘 좋네요!그리고 축하드려요 많이 이용해야겠어요*^^*
Show more
11 years ago, lakerv6
제주항공 앱 런칭과 나리타 취항 축하합니다
인천 나리타 취항을 축하합니다! 여력이 되시면 김포 하네다도 뚫어주세요! 제주항공 어플은 오렌지색으로 깔끔하고 좋네요
Show more
11 years ago, Bonsworld_
도쿄 취항 축하합니다~^^
유용한 앱인것 같네요^^
Show more
12 years ago, ruhyun
깔끔합니다 :D
깔끔하고 알아보기 쉬운 어플리케이션 입니다. 제주항공 만의 색깔이 잘 드러나기도 하구요. 여행일기 관련 메뉴도 있는데 잘 이용해봐야 겠습니다 ^^ 작년부터 제주항공을 이용해서 오사카 너무 잘 다녀왔습니다. 그 때는 어플리케이션이 없어서 컴퓨터로만 알아보고 예약을 했었는데, 이젠 앱을 이용해서 예약을 더 쉽고 빠르게 할 수 있겠군요 호호호~ 3월 말에 제주도, 4월 말에 후쿠오카 여행을 계획하고 있습니다. (4월 후쿠오카 항공권은 이미 제주항공을 통해서 예약한지 오래에요 ㅎㅎ) 이제 어플리케이션 자주 봐야겠네요. 앞으로도 많이 많이 번성하는 제주항공 되세용~
Show more
14 years ago, LoveWG
심플하니 좋네요
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