Jesus Calling Devotional

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HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc.
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8 months ago
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User Reviews for Jesus Calling Devotional

4.92 out of 5
39.6K Ratings
11 months ago, Bodey14
God talking
My wife and I read Jesus Calling together almost every evening before we retire. We love the way the thoughts are directed as from Jesus himself. We have faced many difficulties in the last six months. It is usually before bed that we discuss our conundrums, trying to make sense of them and find some hope. I cannot tell you how many times after we discuss these problems and finding no solution, the old frustration races it’s ugly head and steals our peace. It is then that I usually open up Jesus Calling and read it out loud. God often directly answers or addresses our conversation, foolish doubt, and unbelief. He speaks straight to our dilemma as and tells us what we need to hear. The scriptures included with the devotion, almost without fail, confirm what God has said to us through the devotion. We were particularly seeking God’s peace at the start of this new year. So many times God addressed that topic in incredibly relevant ways, confirming what he had been teaching us. Almost every evening we can’t wait to open it up again and see how the Lord speaks to us that day. I can’t recommend it enough. Craig Bodenschatz
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3 years ago, Called by Jesus
Enriching your beliefs!
I am so thankful for ALL of Sarah Young’s books. They are great companions to walking with Christ in daily living and Bible studies as well. No matter what is happening in my life or the world, the words of the daily devotions so often seem written for the circumstances of the times—this is extremely comforting as well as reassuring. I have given them as gifts and can’t wait for the next person who presents their need for such readings. I always keep a few copies of either “Calling”, “Always” and “Today” so that l can be timely in the gifting of the books. I first became familiar with Ms. Young‘s work when in a restaurant, a lady approached us and asked if she could read to us from “today’s reading”. She said that she had overheard our conversation with a brother-in-law who was basically down and out. We were taken back by her approach and she was told “no”. However, l had zeroed in on the title of Jesus Calling and l was down at the bookstore the next day for a copy of my own—l consider the money spent on these books as an investment not only in myself and family but to whomever l gift one of the copies!
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12 months ago, mami2-5
Jesus Knows What I Need for the Day!
Each morning when I red my Jesus Calling devotion for the day, it seems to be exactly what I’m possibly facing for the day or what situation that I am dealing with!!! My Sweet Daddy gave me my Jesus Calling book. He has now gone to be with Jesus, but every morning that I open my little book up I think of him and remember how many times I’ve heard him say, I love Jesus, Jesus is my friend♥️🙌🏻♥️ He had dementia/Alzheimer’s for 6 years be Jesus called him home, but he told people he loved Jesus and Jesus was his friend up until the last few months when the disease fully took him away from us😔😢 but yet, he could still sing his favorite songs about Jesus🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😢☺️🙂and now, he is seated at the feet of Jesus sing and praising the Awesome Great Big God we serve🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 So thankful for my little devotion book. Thankful for the words that speak to my heart and for the ‘precious memories that it brings back to my mind. So very thankful that I have the promise that I will one day, I will see my Daddy again and will be able to sit at Jesus’ feet and will never again have any sad times🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
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4 years ago, MONEY COMETH 💰💰💰
How to share what you read.
I found out how to share what I read daily to other people. The way I share what I read is by pressing on the center of the page that you were reading and holding your thumb there until you see a bar that will appear on the screen and then click on select all, it will highlight the entire page and then at the end of the bar you will see share click on the share button not the link and that is how I have been able to share this with many of people. As someone posted earlier when you click on the share link all that shows is the books from Sarah Young which are truly amazing every last one of them. I hope this was of some assistance to anybody that’s trying to share something that they read for that particular day. God bless you all God bless the world because Jesus is Lord!!!!
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2 years ago, steve9149
Worst ever
Hugh disappointment. I have discontinued usage until remedy. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE LIVING IN DEPENDENCE ON ME is the way to enjoy abundant life. You are learning to appreciate tough times because they amplify your awareness of My Presence. Tasks that you used to dread are becoming rich opportunities to enjoy My closeness. When you feel tired, you remember that I am your Strength; you take pleasure in leaning on Me. I am pleased by your tendency to turn to Me more and more frequently, especially when you are alone. When you are with other people, you often lose sight of My Presence. Your fear of displeasing people puts you in bondage to them, and they become your primary focus. When you realize this has happened, whisper My Name; this tiny act of trust brings Me to the forefront of your consciousness, where I belong. As you bask in the blessing of My nearness, My life can flow through you to others. This is abundant life! I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. —Psalm 18:1–2 Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. —Proverbs 29:25 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” —John 10:10 nkjv
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3 weeks ago, Stryder078
The Book is Amazing; the App is Terrible
I first off want to start by saying that this book (Jesus Calling) is amazing. I read it nearly every day and do feel like the Lord is speaking to me through it, reminding me daily to seek His face. I started reading this book at the suggestion of a friend at my salvation, and have not stopped since. I started by reading the physical book—loved it so much that I thought to go to the app. Here’s where it gets tough. I had to purchase the book again on the app (understandable, kind of like buying a book on Kindle), but I have to jump through hoops to access it. I can only go to my library, and have to scroll all the way down. I used to be able to just go to the corresponding day. There have been a couple times that I tried to even access it through the “library” tab and it said that I had to buy it (which I already did), so I had to delete the app and reinstall. I tried contacting app support but received no response. Everywhere else in the app, it says I have to buy the book or get a subscription. So again, not having trouble with the book itself. It’s amazing. It’s just that this app is frustratingly not working properly.
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3 months ago, Mz. JJ2
Hello there, It was saddening a couple week ago that the daily devotion couldn’t be accessed with out a subscription to all Jesus Calling devotionals. The option to have a choice to keep what has already been paid for, is always a good option. The one I really enjoy the most is Jesus Calling, Peace in His Presence, as I’ve purchased other Jesus Calling devotions in a store where I live. The option to not keep what I had, I did delete the app and I do have the devotional book, so I started reading it again. The choice to be able to show others when I’m not at home, was a wonderful way to witness to others about our precious Savior! With a few friends, we love this particular devotion and talk about the daily devotions often, have shared them as well. I started praying as God can change things, if it’s His will. Looked again and praise God, the option to read the daily devotion is now back! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit, as answered prayers are always blessings! I lost my 5th child, my only son, in January of this year and the words of encouragement and peace help tremendously with this loss. Praise God for inspiring Sarah Young!
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7 months ago, Junestarr
Used to love it… Now it’s not accessible for me
I am so disappointed in this app. I have been an avid lover of Jesus Calling for many years.. first I purchased the book and then the app.I began having visual problems and spent a lot of extra money to get the deluxe audiobook. It is the only way I can have access and the audio has not worked in a very long time.. I wrote to the company for help a couple of times… So long ago I can’t remember but at least a year ago for my first correspondence. I just got a vague answer back saying they did not know when the audio would be available again. So recently in my extreme frustration I wrote them not once but twice again expressing my frustration at having spent so much money for something that I cannot use at all. No one even bothered to answer either of my emails. So I am out $30 and have no access to a book I once truly loved. I was trying to use the app on several different devices with different operating systems, so it is not a problem on my end. All are iPads or iPhones. I am sorry… I truly hate to write a negative review for a Jesus Calling app that I loved so much. But I don’t think this is the right way to treat someone who has made a purchase from you.
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3 years ago, sparkers
Update has made it totally unusable
Update has made it totally unusable the way I’ve been using it for the last 3 years or so. I have been listening to it read to me before my eyes are fully opened each day. I have found that to be such a sweet & inspirational way to start my day. So much so that I have not missed a single day in all that time. However, now I’m unable to highlight it to hear it as audio (or to share the text with my husband, who is an over the road trucker, gone for a month at a time) I saw the audio option at the top but it doesn’t work for me & the directions that pop up, for restoring my purchase, didn’t work either. When I purchased the app people warned me, that an app where they would charge so much, shows greediness. I defended it because I saw the value in it but with this situation, it kinda feels like a way of trying to get More money out of those who have already purchased it. The 3 stars are for the value I’ve gotten out of it until this point & the 2 missing stars are for the value that I feel has been taken away 😔
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2 months ago, ES&DS
Subscription Now Required
Thank you to the developer who responded to my initial comments (See below.) expressing disappointment that I could no longer access Jesus Calling without a monthly subscription. A change has been made so that now I can access my original content, but have the option to subscribe monthly for additional publications. That is fair. Thank you for listening and for responding! I am disappointed that a subscription is now required for me to access the full content of the Jesus Calling app. I bought the app several years ago and now am required to pay $4.99/month to continue using it. A subscription would seem reasonable if the app were free, but charging for the app and then adding a monthly cost does not seem right. I will use my print copy and delete the app.
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3 years ago, jdbyrdie
Very unhappy with update
I have read Jesus Calling over and over each year since it was first available. I have copied and pasted the devotional and sent to my son for last couple of years.. I always sent it to him in the morning when I read it.. He commented how he looked forward to starting his day with my text.. your update doesn’t allow that for us anymore. Your update has take away something very special between my son and me. I can’t help but think it is an act of greediness on your part…wanting people to purchase that app rather than being thrilled someone is benefiting from the devotional… I paid for it and I should be able to share it.. I have been taken screen shots of it but it takes 2 to get in all in.. just a hassle and not the same…I’m thinking about just cancelling the app and finding a new source to text my son.. this has been very upsetting to me and changed the way I have always felt about Jesus Calling…to be honest I’m sure He isn’t happy you have made this change either…from talking to other people about it I’m not the only one that feels this way!
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1 month ago, SA Apple Nickname
Still issues with ‘improved’ app
I just updated the app to deal with the frustrating issues all the recent reviewers have been mentioning. However, there are still issues even with the most recent update. When I go into the book content to read a day that is after the current day in the calendar, it takes me to the subscription advertisement page and does not allow me to read that reading. That is still not acceptable since I paid for the entire book (app) a long time ago. Thank you for being responsive and fixing the major issues but please fix the remaining issues as well. In addition, when I clicked on app support in the Apple Store page for this app, it did not take me to anything like support for the app, rather it took me to more information about the book itself, and more opportunities to subscribe. It seems the only way to get help on issues with the app is to leave a review or email the publisher support.
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3 months ago, KaitBigJoe
Great book but the app could use some work
I have the physical book but wanted to get the app to Jesus calling since I don’t take the book with me everywhere. I had the daily reminder set for a time to remind to read the days reading. It did it a couple times and then it doesn’t do it anymore. Then after a month of having the app right when I open the app it asks to subscribe to unlock more features and books. That is what they have for the Home Screen. I don’t like having to always go to the library and scroll up to the day I am on. The Home Screen used to be the list of my favorites readings and then I could go straight to the days reading. Most other apps will have a spot in settings or something for you to upgrade if you want. I’d like to have the original Home Screen back bc I have no interest in upgrading and it gets annoying to see it every time I open the app.
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6 months ago, PDBE11813
An awesome & excellent gift from Jesus!!!!
To read a daily message from our Lord and Savior, is a gift from Jesus to all who are willing to join and enjoy the fun, the open honesty He shares with us . All of us are so blessed by Sarah Young’s willingness to take a leap of faith to trust what Jesus asked Sarah to do. I know this to be true for Sarah Young as it is for me. January 2015 I was commissioned by Jesus to write a book titled “Three Strikes, You’re Out, USA!”. Three Strikes, You’re Out, USA!, was published May 2021. The message from God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit clearly states the direction of our beloved USA. We have two and only two choices; 1. Repent of our sins and God will heal our Nation!!! 2. Continuing to believe following Lucifer, (aka Satan) says go do whatever WE WANT TO DO, as often as we desire, God will bring The USA down to complete ruins!!! Geary L. Robinson, PhD Christain Faith Publishing
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4 weeks ago, CPA76
Truly disheartening
I am so saddened and disheartened that the devotional that I paid for years ago and have enjoyed reading almost daily ever since is no longer accessible to me without a subscription. That is literally like buying a book in a bookstore and then ten years later, the author walks into your house and takes it off the bookshelf. I’m disheartened because I know the words Sarah wrote in Jesus Calling are so divinely appointed. I can’t imagine falling so far away that you choose to withhold those words from the users that paid for them, all in hopes of making a few extra bucks on monthly subscriptions. I do have the hard copy but I like reading on my phone first thing in the morning before I even turn my light on. I’m urging you to reconsider this decision. Please restore access to those who have already paid for it and just trust that God will provide for you financially another way. I can’t tell you how many times Jesus Calling has been exactly what I needed for the day ahead or to fall asleep after a difficult day.
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3 years ago, rusbird
Give me the old jesus calling devotional
I have given probably 200 Jesus Calling books to our wounded warriors, police officers and people that God leads me to that need Jesus. I have purchased apps for people and now with the update, it messes the entire premise of what Jesus calling app is susppose to do. You have gone commercial with the app and that is why you get 2 stars. We need one app for the devotional that we buy and have it come up on the day that we want to read it. I pray for direction on which devotional that I lead my group. Probably over 100 daily readers from our precious military and now I have gotten feedback that the app doesnt work. Please go back and make it non commercial. We know you have all of these books but we dont care. If we are led to buy them then great but dont force us to go through the hoops of a newsletter and daily words that we are not interested in. I want the day9today devotional to come up when I press on the jesus calling app. Blessings to you
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3 years ago, D-A-K-5-9
I don't like the upgrade either.
The new layout feel impersonal. I don’t like the historical view of where I have been, I would rather the app show today’s devotion when I open it. I used to share info on the devotions with my family, especially my sons who aren’t reading devotions each day. I own the app and 4 additional copies of the book. I have given them the copies of Jesus Calling as well. I know they don’t faithfully read it daily, but they did read what I sent. It is unfortunate I can’t continue to feed their faith using Jesus Calling. I am also not as dedicated to the app. I now go other places for my daily readings. It is a shame you figured out a way to stop people from sharing God’s Word so we are able to let those we love know how we are touched by the Holy Spirit.
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2 years ago, Gratie 23
It is hard on old people when you keep changing the format. I know market research probably shows that people love change and they buy and use the app more when you keep changing it, but I am Just noting that in my case, that is not true. Unless there is An improvement, which I don’t see in This format. In fact, although I have read Jesus Calling every morning for years, I have recently stopped looking at it because I hate The format so much. It is harder to read, the demarcation between scripture and comment is not Detectable, etc etc. Still give The contents Five stars, but I hate The formatting, maybe Because I am old and don’t like change. I don’t know! Just voicing my opinion. Take Care, dear Friend And Mutual God lover!
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3 years ago, VonPom
You Messed It Up Again😩
This is the second time that you all have messed up the app. It was working perfectly as of 2021. But now, with this last update that I just did May 2021. Now I’m not able to select all and copy the text to send to my loved ones who don’t have smart phones. And that is why I only gave three stars. I thought the goal was to share this word, More so then share the link to purchase this word. I am thinking about deleting this app all together and just copying word from another source so that I can send in a text to my love ones. It would be okay, if when I use the link it would allow my loved ones to read the entire passages for the day, but it won’t even do that. I hate this last update for this reason. It won’t even allow my iPhone lady (Siri), to read the passage to me anymore. That is a MAJOR no no! Sincerely; Frustrated Subscriber. 😩
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1 year ago, Sad user in tx
LOVE the content but not app functionality ‘updates’
I have had this app for years and love it. However over the past year or so they have changed the functionality so it is much harder to use. You used to be able to scroll day/days back and forward from ‘today’ and now if you try to view another day, you’re taken to the entire list starting on Jan 1, so you have to endlessly scroll to find the date you’re looking for. I submitted this issue and was told sorry, there is no way to get the old functionality. Additionally I very recently changed my notification time of day, but then received no notifications. I submitted it as an issue and was told they’re working on it but months later it is still not resolved. Very sad ~ I wish there was another app to get this quality content without all the so-called enhancements.
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2 years ago, 1RSG
Disappointed with Update
One of the joys I had with this devotional was that I could copy and paste it into emails to share with friends and family to encourage them. Every now and then as I read a particular day’s devotional, God would bring someone to mind that might find encouragement from that particular day’s scripture. I would copy and paste it into a text message with the title: Jesus Calling plus the date. It was such an easy way for me to minister to that person in a way that was meaningful to them. I have one friend in particular that has suffered multiple brain injuries that loved it when I shared this devotional with her. Now I’m no longer able to without her having to purchase and download the application on her phone. She needs things kept simple and this latest update has made it more complicated to share with her. All that to say, I’m not receiving the enjoyment or benefit that I once experienced with this app. So sad and disappointing. I rarely read it anymore.
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5 months ago, GitErDone!
Angels are at work here.
I just wanted to say that this book, of which I have a hard copy as well as a hard copy of the Jesus Listens book, have gotten me through some of the most perilous times in my life…..I grew up in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos during the Vietnam War, raised a JW through the Missionaries in Thailand. I have leaned into it, cried into it , and supplicated through its words! I’ve also learn to lean heavily on the only One who could help me during these uncertain times…..I must say, it’s the only reason I didn’t end my life years ago because of horrific personal losses like Job of old, lack of love for myself, and fear of what the future would bring. His words are His, I feel it it, resonate with it and I cherish it! Thank you Sarah Young!
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2 years ago, MoolahT
I agree with every other review on this page werein the readers are very upset about the new update. Please update and change it back to the way it was before. It is just sooooo frustrating that you can’t even go to the next page/day by just tapping or swiping the bottom. Also, if you miss a couple of days readings and you want to catch up, you have to go back to the homepage where there is a listing of the month and day, but it always takes you back to the first of the year so you have to scroll all the way down to the find the month and day that you want to read. It is so annoying!!! I am extremely disappointed with this new update. It’s just ridiculous!!… and not easy to use at all. It sounds like you have ALOT of readers that are upset. You need to make some changes!!!
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3 months ago, ScottsMcGots
Bait & Switch Money Grab
Save your money and buy the hardcopy. This app is a money grab. After a year and a couple months, all of a sudden I have to renew my subscription. Why would I need to renew my subscription on a book I've already read? There's no new material. Why would I have to pay more to read the same thing that I read last year?!! Also, the interface is horrible. It's like they've never even looked at their own app typically with books, including daily devotionals you can swipe left or right to scroll from page to page--not here! If you want to see the next day or the previous day, you have to hit the back button and then you have to scroll from January to whatever date you're on now you have to find it like like closing the book and having to find page 324 when you were on page 325. Ridiculous horrible app. don't waste your money. Buy the hardcopy if you want to read "Jesus Calling."
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3 years ago, Rav
Terrible update
The old layout was perfect. I also lost all of my bookmarks or favorites. When it’s not broken, please don’t fix it. Also the bottom verses are no longer italic. So it reads like a run-on paragraph when the story should end before the reference verses. Please add a divider between the story and reference verses or make the verses back to italic! As a creative director myself, the appropriate approach to this type of app is not to revamp the whole layout but to add features around it without destroying the original and functional UI experience. Create separate apps for other books instead of jamming them all into this book and trying to convert this app into iBook-ish or Kindle-ish. Not a cool change.
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3 weeks ago, TAG for God
This app can’t keep up
I don’t know where to begin….you would think that since the developer is a huge company like Harper Collins’s that they might know how to keep up with the updates but not so. Over the many years I’ve had this app, I have had nothing but disappointment with it. Lately, my concerns have to do with not being able to access the daily readings. But overall I am so disappointed with the way the app functions by not being able to go back and forth through the days readings. I also don’t like the look of the readings. So HC Press responded to this review telling me an update had been made……however, the latest update to this app was Dec. 17, 2023. I have not been able to open to read the devotion for several weeks. They suggested I contact customer service. I have contacted customer service many times and have received no response. Please fix the app so I can open it to each day’s reading.
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5 months ago, mama4jsk
Sent several emails but no fix or response
My review isn’t about the content, because it is amazing. My review is about the lack of response from this company and no fix to the problem at hand. I’ve had this app for many years and have loved it. About 6-8 months ago, the original audio I paid for, for Jesus Calling stopped working. I’ve emailed the company several times and I’ve had no response. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded all content several times to no avail. I now have a new phone and it still doesn’t work. I bought the audio because I suffer with chronic migraines and have a very difficult time reading at times. Listening is sometimes my only way to spend time with the Lord. I’d rather you fix this issue but if you can’t, please refund my money. Thank you!
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5 years ago, 2013GI
The perfect way to start your day
I have started my mornings with this app for over 4 years. I absolutely love Sarah’s way of presenting God’s promises in such applicable, easy to understand ways. Almost every day it’s as if it were written just for me. For what I am experiencing or going though. I highly encourage anyone considering purchasing this app to please do so. I also LOVE and have the Jesus Calling for Kids app on my boys phones and we are able to discuss each days reading. It is the same as this version but written in a way that is easy for kids ( and teenagers) to understand. So, if you have children I definitely would get that one as well!
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3 months ago, LVaug
Jesus Calling joining the subscription movement
When I first downloaded the app a few years ago, I paid for access to the daily Jesus Calling devotionals—it wasn’t something that was free to begin with. I think I paid $9.99 or about what it would cost to buy a printed copy of the book. Tonight, I opened the app and now, to access the devotionals, a subscription is required?! After I already paid to download the app?! I’m so disappointed in whoever controls this app. I understand that everyone needs to make money somehow and, if the app wasn’t already a paid app, I would sort of understand charging a fee. But almost $60 a year for a monthly subscription? As far as I know, the content doesn’t change from year to year, and I don’t want the magazine and the audio and all of that. All I want is to be able to access the devotionals to read before I go to bed every night.
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3 years ago, annoying to have a name
My thought
I liked it better when I was able to copy and paste these beautiful words. Now I am unable to share. Before I would copy n share whether it be to Facebook,Instagram or directly and I know many that waited to see what I wrote. Many asked me where they could find and I would share the book by directing them to buy or buy the book for them. Sometimes when souls are wandering and searching for meaning getting a taste to feed their hungry souls is what is needed…. Sooner or later they finally figure out what satiates that hunger they search for. I have always called this my “Jesus horoscope” no matter when it always speaks to me for that day… it’s uncanny… but as I always have said… Jesus knows ❤️
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3 years ago, lament322
Updated version...
I add my comments to the latest reviews I’ve been reading. The old version was much preferred. I appreciated the simplicity of this daily devotional app, and now the updated version is not inviting at all. The font and color are harsh. I also appreciated the fact that previously when I opened it every day it immediately opened to that current day’s devotional, like a bookmark. I didn’t have the whole list in front of me to choose from. It was an extreme shock to open the app, have it ask for my name and take me through a series of prompts, when I was expecting to just open this welcome ebook and pick up where I left off before. Extremely disappointing. Not thinking I’ll be using it anymore. When I want to dig deeper I go to my Bible directly for that, not through a paid app. Not everything needs to be so ‘busy’ with info. Sometimes simple is better.
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3 months ago, Kelli1434
No longer use this app
Just went to monthly subscription. Just deleted app. Not user friendly any more. For a long time this has been my number one go to app. I literally read Jesus calling every single morning. But they made a lot of changes and it’s really not user-friendly anymore. At this point, I really don’t think they care of people read it or not. They have not addressed a single one of the issues, and if you look at the reviews, there’s a whole lot of people that are upset with the changes that they made. Heaven for bid you have to miss a day or two navigating back to those days is horrendous. I hold out hope that they will fix all these horrible updates, because it really was a great app before they “fixed” it.
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4 weeks ago, I-B-Watin'
App has gone downhill with new owner/management
This app was once wonderful and I recommended it and the related books to many others over the years. After a change in ownership/management, I can no longer use it or recommend it. The new paywall is insurmountable on any of my devices even after deleting and reinstalling the app. While it states Don’t worry, all your content is still yours to access without a subscription.” my experience is that is not true. “Restoring purchases” also does not work. Oddly, my wife who does not have a subscription, can still usually access it. Sadly, it seems after nearly two decades of reading this devotional daily (first in book form then electronically) I’ll move on to a different one because I don’t want to pay $50 a year for a book I’ve already purchased in various formats over the years.
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2 months ago, Live the Word, love the Word
I’ve never been more disappointed in an app that I paid for
This particular paid app has gone through so many buggy updates over the years and now this latest one is moving the devotional I paid for to a subscription basis. Which is fine if I wanted all the devotionals by Sarah Young, but I don’t. I only want Jesus Calling which even though it has already been purchased the dates ahead of the current date are now locked. So now they have downgraded the app experience for anyone who already purchased it before it as moved to subscription. Furthermore the wording for those who previously purchased is deceptive because it suggests that you have full access to the content which you already paid for but you do not because anything after the current date is locked. A TOTAL DOWNGRADE. VERY disappointing move for a Christian devotional.
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3 months ago, Shropshire1
Not usable without a subscription now, sad
I travel full time for work and the first thing I do is grab my phone and open my Jesus Calling before anything else. It suddenly snagged on a specific day and you can no longer read any further, unless you pay the monthly fee or yearly fee. When I hear “follow the money” it usually means to a root of something not good. In this case someone chose to alter loyal followers lives by forcing them to pay subscription services they can’t afford in an economy that this is one of the things that brought them peace and hope from. Please don’t reply with a token “looks like you’ve having a technical difficulty”. No I’m having a trust issue now because your app/company became greedy. And during the month of December what a wonderful experience for your faithful, Christen following how use this app as part of their daily fellowship.
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2 years ago, Grandma1$@3
Why did the app for Jesus Calling change?
My husband and I have had Jesus Calling on our phones for a long time. We also have hard copies of the book. The words have directed and comforted us for years My husbands phone still has the appearance/look and intro of the original app which I loved. His app shows the original cover of the book and then you immediately see God’s hands as the day’s devotional loads. The daily reading appears immediately once loaded. My phone’s app has changed and I can’t get the original appearance back. For me, being drawn into the hands as it loads calms me and having it go directly into the daily reading was perfect. I miss that intro. Now I read from my book rather than the app I enjoyed so much.
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3 years ago, kim22kim22kim22
Please bring back the old version, the update is horrible!
Before the update, I would have given this 5 stars. The layout was beautiful/inviting and I looked forward to opening my app each day. Now with the new update the daily devotions looks like a work e-mail and the app is extremely inconvenient to navigate. I would have never purchased this app if this was the original layout/format. Please bring back the old layout. You have numerous valued customers saying the same thing. There is a consistent theme-please bring back the old version. I miss it and the peace it brought to my morning routine. I unfortunately don’t even use the app anymore and have pulled out my physical book copy instead but miss the convenience of having it on my phone. Please listen to the feedback and bring back the old version prior to the most recent update.
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3 weeks ago, CAdamLong
New Version of App is Practically Broken
This might be the first time I have ever given a poor rating to an app, but in this case I feel compelled to express my dissatisfaction with the later version of the app. I bought the app and it worked well for a few years. The later version does not work correctly… • The “Today’s Reading” does not go to today; rather defaults to 1 January. • “Continue to My Content” does not allow me access to my content - shows locked, even after I choose the option to “Restore My Purchase”. • Removing and Reinstalling the app does not improve the situation. • I desperately wished I had not let the app update to the new version. • I love the content of Jesus Calling - always have, but the daily frustrations of using the app is challenging my morning time peaceful devotional time. I almost never complain about poor service or products, so please see this submission as my request to correct the app. • I paid handsomely for the app in the past and now the in-app purchase seems to be overly pushy. Since I already paid for the app, the daily advertisement to pay monthly for something I am already licensed to use definitely seems inauthentic.
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3 years ago, BCB070768
I wasn’t sure if I was the only one who passionately disliked the new version. I see that there are countless new reviews letting you know how much we detest it. Not one single positive review. This version obviously failed miserably and you need to go back to the drawing board and start over. In the meantime, please give us the prior version back, until you can incorporate your desired new features into the old design. I don’t know what happened here, or how anyone thought this new version was a good design, from its inception, nor can I comprehend how the persons in charge of making the decision to go forward with publishing the new app version could have responsibly approved it. Based on the overwhelming negative reactions to the new app, someone needs to ask some hard questions. Until new developers can be hired, can we please have the old app back?
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2 years ago, Littlt Servant Girl
An Anointed Work
This work must truly be anointed because almost every day that I read it, it speaks as the voice of God to my heart, blessing me with my daily bread. Daily it has given me assurance, confirmation, comfort, guidance, strength, and the list continues. Whether or not I am in a season for deep theological study, I can count on it to connect me to my Heavenly Father. My deepest gratitude to the author for obediently completing the work as I am sure it is having a major impact on many lives in the same way it is impacting mine. May you remain faithful to God, as well as pure and simple in your future endeavors, in His service.
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3 years ago, AlJoGaJo
Horrible Update!
I love this app. Truly I do. It’s the first thing I read upon waking in the morning. However, this new update is horrendous. It’s not user friendly and more specifically, the overall look and feel has gone from soothing to harsh. The daily devotional doesn’t even appear right when you open it but you have to click on the one you want, there are no color changes that depict you’re actually reading a devotional (looks like a boring document you have to read for work) and I miss the italicized scriptures. Scripture is so very important and it needs to stand out as such. I’ll continue reading this as the content and correlating versus truly do speak to me on a daily basis but why try to fix something that isn’t broke? Go back to the way it was!
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4 years ago, Gloliver7149
Missing one thing
I love this app for the most part, but I felt the need to take off one star and see if you would fix my criticism for it. I see you have a link to share text if I should see something I like in the page of the day, but every time I try to share anything all it does is share a link to the books of Sarah Young. What’s that all about? I want to be able to highlight and share insights I read during the day, not the books themselves. People will see the book titles when I share something anyway, they’re getting plenty enough publicity, let me share from the text itself like it says, “Share text”. Fix that and I’ll give you five stars. God bless you.
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2 months ago, sicimamma
Here We Go Again
I had already written, rewritten twice, the developer was kind enough to respond and fix the greed issue and here we are again, three weeks later with the same issue. The content is locked unless I pay AGAIN when I already paid the first time AND purchased two of Sarah Young’s devotional (including this one) and one for nurses given to me as a gift. I love the convenience of being able to read daily anywhere. This morning the remainder of the content is LOCKED unless a purchase a subscription and pay monthly or yearly. Who in the world wants to have to make ANOTHER payment?! I would send the screenshot but this does not allow that feature. Please stop this greedy foolishness. Now I am going to delete this app AGAIN.
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3 months ago, No pictures!!!
Now you have to have a subscription?….
I have had the full and complete Jesus calling app for several years now and it has always been a five star product. I paid roughly $16 for this app when it was purchased. But now you’re telling me I have to pay a monthly/ annual subscription fee? This is ridiculous. I bought this app, which was more like a book, when I was going through a tough time in my life and have continued to read the same daily message year after year. Well now, over night, you’re turning to a place of attempting to take more money from people that have already paid a premium for this app. Ridiculous. I will not be subscribing to this nonsense. It really stinks that you have had to move to charging people. I hope others will not pander to this new platform either.
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3 months ago, Lildbear
Very disappointed
Like many other reviewers, I owned this app I paid for so many years ago. I started every morning prayer and meditation time by reading this app. I noticed a week or so ago, I couldn’t get to that days reading, only to find it it became a subscription type app. If there was a forthcoming warning of this I missed it. I deleted app. Realizing that I had so many readings in my favorites I re downloaded the app to see could I get to those. Once downloaded, I couldn’t get to my old favorites are even account. It is as if I was logging in for first time. It’s strange not starting my day any longer without these readings. Seems like those who purchased it would have gotten some type credit for that purchase. Guess everyone is all about the money these days. Bummer, yet I understand.
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2 years ago, Mel5571
Make it a Daily Habit & Watch Your Life Change!
My son was given this as a gift for his Confirmation 7 years ago. He was a young teen who hardly shared much back the. It made such an impact on him that he suggested it to me. I couldn’t resist his encouragement so I read it and since have bought stacks of copies to share and give to others as gifts. Of course there are/were days weeks months over the years that I didn’t read daily but buying the book on the app and now the audio has been awesome so now I have it with me wherever and whenever I need Jesus’s companionship❤️😇
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2 years ago, IvyHeidi
Jesus Calling, a gift from a friend, has been an integral part of my life daily for the past 11 1/2 years. Each of my days in these past years have begun with these powerful, caring, and pointed devotions. I can feel and hear Jesus speaking directly to me. Jesus Calling has brought me back to the strong awareness of the constant loving arms of Christ and His holding my right hand. The rebirth of peace, calmness, faith, hope, and this strong, constant connection with Jesus has truly eliminated much of my life’s worries and anxieties and brought me to a much better place in my life. Thank you, Jesus.
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3 years ago, Anonymous_Bird
Please bring back old version!
I use this everyday and I love the book. I liked the old graphics of the app, very calming and inviting. I also liked how the app would automatically flip me to “today’s” page. The new app looks like a business document and is very clunky, it all doesn’t fit nicely on one screen, the words are small but the spacing is way too big between paragraphs. Also, you cannot flip to the next page anymore, which is frustrating. Instead, you have to go back to the table of contents and scroll all the way down to the page you are looking for, which is very frustrating. Please reconsider some of these updates. Thank you.
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3 months ago, TAH96
New Changes need fixing
I’ve always loved this app and paid for content awhile ago. After the recent update, it appeared as if I was no longer able to access the Jesus Calling that I had paid for already and used all for years. I was frustrated at first, but after clicking around, I found that I can access my content by selecting the book from the library tab. If I click the same book from the home tab at first, it shows all the days as being locked and requiring a subscription (despite already having one). Once I access it through the library though, it seemingly fixes that issue. Needs improvement.
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4 months ago, russellvillered
Just spent $30 on something that I can’t use
My mother has macular degeneration and always takes a photo of her daily Jesus Calling reading and has google read it aloud in the most robotic voice. So I thought, “oh, surely the audio book would be better.” I downloaded the app for $9.95, and then found that I had to spend an additional $20+ to get the audio version. So I did this, and cannot get it to play. I’ve written to customer service, but based on the other reviews it seems that this will be for naught. I’ve try reinstalling, turning off my phone, restoring my purchase, resetting audio, etc. This is annoying at best and when I tried of get a refund it said it was not eligible. I am going to try the download the Audible, which I guess I should have done to begin with. Annoyed.
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