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User Reviews for Jetcost: flights, hotels, cars

4.13 out of 5
2K Ratings
7 days ago, Jagdkaldaasdfsdfd
I downloaded this app less than a week ago and Im loving it. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I live in Puerto Rico and it is always threatening to think about traveling because of how much it can coat even going to the east coast of US, but the low price deals Ive seen in this app so far are jaw-dropping good! I need to travel this summer for academic reasons and Im definitely staying tuned to this app for any deals Thanks!
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1 year ago, Wood Woody
False Flight Prices REPORT TO APPLE
-I would not recommend using this app to book any flights, at all. This is my second time trying to book a flight on two separate occasions 7+ days apart. -After the first purchase, I was immediately contacted and was told the price that’s listed on their app was not correct, I was not able to book my flight for the price listed. They stated their system was not updated. The operator tried to sell me a different price for my flight, which was obviously higher - I kindly declined. -A week or so later, I adjust my travel dates booked the same destination place, price is a bit higher than the price from a week or so ago, I was fine with that, I proceed with booking. Immediately after receiving an email I received a call & text message that my card was not charged because the price listed for my flight is inaccurate - again, the operator gave me a new price which was significantly higher than want I booked for.. He stated I wasn’t charge because the price is not available for what I booked.. -Yet, again, false information/prices on their app. I am beginning to think that this app is fraudulent - advertise cheaper ticket prices to get people to book just for ‘em to raise their price once they contact you. Needless to say, I uninstalled the app because no price listed on the app is accurate.. Fraudulent- be sure to watch your credit card since you placed all your information on their app..
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1 year ago, notyouraveragejesss
5 stars for ‘how to get away with SCAM’
i am giving this 5 stars in hopes it reaches the top of reviews and doesn’t get lost in the many many negative reviews with this fake app. I wished I had seen the reviews sooner but I had only seen them after booking, I was honestly waiting for the ‘confirmation call’ that everyone on the reviews wrote about where they would tell me the fares had changed and they did!!! He said that price I was quoted was for 1 way and 1 person when it clearly says total people with taxes and fees for a ROUNDTRIP! I asked him to cancel and He said nothing was charged to my card and was canceled per my request and once I spoke about the reviews regarding this being a scam his demeanor changed and he became very rude and said this isn’t a scam and it didn’t charge your card would you like me to make this a scam and charge your card?! And he hung up. Very unprofessional I’m unsure what they are getting from this but it is not what you think. don’t bother!!! I’m unsure how this is even an allowable app under false pretenses. Smh
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3 years ago, Girl gamer reviews
Don’t trust this app
This is an app that you can’t trust to. I have booked flights many times and I have ended up cancelling. They post a price for a ticket on the different airlines and then they call you later to say that the price went up or the price was not updated. I just did a search for 2 adults and 2 children, the price was $220 per passenger, when I selected the flight, they just requested the information of the 2 adults and I was confused because they did not request the information of my children. I was thinking that they were going to ask me for their information on the next page but they did not. I clicked on next to go tho the next page and they just requested the credit card info and I put it. The total of the flight was $876 and I said well for 4 passengers that makes sense. But it was just for 2 passengers so the price went up from $220 to $438. This is a misleading advertising, do not trust this app because they always change the prices of the tickets after you book the flight.
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6 years ago, jennanomous
You want Options? Well they delivered.
I used this app to scan get r last minute flights to Germany. I usually browse through the major sites Expedia and cheapoair, the usual. I was impressed, this site not only provide hundreds of low fare flights, priced correctly, but also offer d tons of options for connecting flights through other airlines too. No direct flights are available for Mia-Berlin so this was just amazing, I now learned how to navigate better and I was able to find a midnight flight out to Barcelona (love it there) then through a different airline a connection flight to Berlin. I saved tons of money and had tons of options for layover destinations including the amount of time I wish to stay at connecting airport. They also offer bus schedules and so. This app is thorough.
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5 months ago, Shawn1638919
How to get away with scam 5 stars
I just purchased a flight then got called 5 min later saying the flight was booked and that I had been charged already, then he said he there’s another ticket on that flight but for 200$ more and I’d have to pay that. then I asked what would happen to my payment that I already made, he put me on a brief “hold” while he discussed with his supervisor, then said there’s nothing he could do about it but what he could do is get me on that flight for an extra 200$ ( which was the “price difference”) overall 5 stars for the website looking somewhat professional and real. Not sure how they even have an app that’s legal.
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6 months ago, Yuli*^%#}*+
Totally SCAM
Please do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache, it was the first time using this agency and after making the booking they sent me a message saying that it was in process, I called and they told me that the ticket had increased by $110 more and that if I wanted to continue With the process I just had to accept it, THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS so you only have two options: either pay more, change to another flight probably with stops or cancel your card so they don't take the money from you, since according to them they take the money automatically. This is definitely a scam, since after hanging up I went back to the page to confirm that the prices had changed and the same price with which I had made my booking was still displayed. Do not use this company if you do not want to waste some of your time fighting without resolving the problem.
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5 years ago, Frankie 11220
App is a scam
Do not use this application, I booked my flight using this application charged it to my card, on the next day i received a phone call that the flight was not available for the price that was listed. They offered me the same flight at a higher price but still lower than all the other flight applications like expedia and kayak. I received my confirmation, selected my seat and thought everything was fine. A couple of weeks have passed by and i decided to review my flight itinerary on the Delta application since that was the airline that i selected. My flight did not show up, i called Delta and they stated my flight had been canceled by a third party. I never received an email or a phone call to inform me of the cancellation and now i am waiting for a refund to my account. Save yourself the headache and please do not use this app it seems like it might be a scam!!!!!
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2 years ago, shipleybshipley
Third time I’ve use this website to potentially buy a ticket. Each of the three times I’ve bought a plane ticket. They’ve called me 24 hours later and told me that the airlines refuse to sell the ticket at that price now and I’ve tried to charge me an extra $175-$250 for the same plane ticket. They’re basically committing Internet fraud, wire, fraud, and price gouging the customer being that they know their flight is only one day or two days away! As of October 13, 2022 I have now reported this website to the FTC, the FCC and the FBI to have them investigated and shut down for all the illegal activity that’s being done on this website and over the phone here in the United States. Beware of this website and stay away from their so-called bargain pricing because you will get scammed and ripped off.
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2 years ago, CltSongs
Don’t waste your time
Don’t waste your time with this app. Booked two flights and after booking, received a call that the flight was no longer available. Both reps said they received an email that the flights were cancelled then they were overbooked. The alternate times offered were not the time range we wanted and they were $500 dollars more. It felt like the rep was placing us on flights they wanted and not what we wanted. Several times we asked to cancel the reservations and was met with more unusable information from the rep. We’ll use the airline website from now on to ensure our flight is not mysteriously cancelled.
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2 years ago, Amanda MacBook
As others have stated… IT’S A SCAM!!!!!
Lesson learned!!! I never write reviews but I really felt compelled to write this one. I should have read the reviews before booking. I booked because the price was so good and then as others have stated I got a call to “confirm my reservation” but not really… the guy stated that the seats we booked were no longer available and the only ones they had were going to cost me a lot more. Needless to say I cancelled and informed the guy I’d be calling my bank. No charges to my cc at this time but my bank stated if a charge did end up going through they would flag it as fraud! Idk how this app hasn’t gotten shut down! Please take it from me and save yourself the trouble, DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!
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2 years ago, TheRealTeaSlimeShop
The Way the app is set up is so clean and professional and not only that but it gives you every single TRUE best deal. From one place to another using saying Expedia it could say the cheapest is $500 but this app found one of that same original flight for only of $130!! So amazing how it finds every single possible deal and not just through partnerships. Also very cheap hotel prices and car hiring. Amazing!
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10 months ago, Doom4ever
Total scam
Following suit of others I’m posting this as five stars hoping others will see it. After making my booking I got an email that “numerous attempts” were made to contact me, but my phone never rang once. The email instructed me to call and then I just got out on hold for a while until I realized it was most likely a scam. If you google the company and it’s address it comes back as an apartment.
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1 year ago, ReginaDenise
I never leave reviews but…
I’m giving 5 stars hoping everyone will think it’s a good review. Just like everyone else I booked a ticket and the next morning I was called saying the price had changed and blah blah blah same story as everyone else. If it’s to good to be true it usually is and I don’t normally fall for this nonsense I am pretty good at sniffing out scams. How is this even allowed on Apple!?! Someone get rid of this app it’s awful! DO NOT USE!!
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4 months ago, NYR2U
To many bait and switch going on
Jetcost used to be a great site to get good deals, but now, there are too many companies/agencies that are posting false pricing. As soon as you try to purchase a flight, they will send you an email or try to call you stating that price is no longer available. Then they quote you something outrageous as if you’re dumb enough to get it. I have continued using Jetcost thinking maybe there’s some that are legit but, there are too many bad ones to sift through and it’s a waste of my time. I’m just gonna have to do away with Jetcost and that’s a shame because I really did like them.
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1 week ago, FrankysOwnerAP
Happy Customer
Thanks for help when connecting flights were missed because another airline being faulty I
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8 months ago, Betaudier
My experience flight with jet blue
It’s the best I just love everything about jet blue the flight attendant are great making sure you are comfortable and the pilots insuring you get a smooth flight and landing, anyway I am going and my wife and I have to fly to there and want jet blue have flights going there it’s all over is all jet blue for me
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2 years ago, Frannielg
Fraudulent site
Twice I’ve tried to book flights and the price changes outrageously high. Had called twice to resolve issues with pricing and I got reps saying that I’m stuck with the much higher price that I was quoted at originally. Don’t use it’s just scam luring you with a low price to get you at the end with a much higher price that you would pay at Priceline or Expedia. No stars from me ! Received a response from this site. I’m not changing my review. As far as I’m concerned I will never used them s as bad I don’t recommend it! SCAM!!!!!
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2 months ago, MsAliss
These companies try to scam! It’s not right! If a flight is selected and information is collected, how can this be? I even try to lock in prices for an additional fee and this happens every time. Same goes for hotels. Either they jump in price within seconds or they are sold out. It doesn’t just happen… it’s calculated and unethical. It’s such a waste of my time. I’ve searched for days and every time this happens. It’s a new search so why does the flight quadruple within seconds?
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1 year ago, rebesiba
It’s a Scam!! Be careful!!
They give you a low price to get you to enter your card information. Then, they call you and tell you that it is a promotional price and what you paid is to hold the ticket. Then they tell you they can help you look for other ticket options and if you don’t agree with those ticket options they say they will charge you a penalty fee of $250 per ticket when you cancel. It’s a total scam!!! If there was an option for zero stars I would put it. It’s outrageous!
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7 months ago, JetCostNot
No CLARITY with customers
Jetcost is not clear with customers, when you log in to the app you select destination and dates, gives you options, you proceed to pay and get a confirmation number, you get charged and then you get a call saying that those are not the prices and they ask for more money!!! What???!!! And they try to convince you that they are giving you better deals than the airline that you selected in the first place. THESE COMPANIES TRY TO MAKE MONEY SCAMMING PEOPLE , that’s WRONG!
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2 years ago, Nicole 208
Bait and switch!
I found a really great deal on an airline ticket, but as soon as I purchased it I received a message that they needed to call and confirm my flight. They then called me and told me that the flight I selected was no longer available but they could get me on a different flight that was $350 more. When I went back to their site, 4 hours later, the same flight for the original price was still available. The whole thing felt like a scam.
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1 week ago, ScottHowardB
Waste of time!!
This airline scheduling website for low fares can’t follow thru on flights. Everyone we tried to schedule that was accepted by them, cancelled the flights for overbooking or whatever excuse the airlines came up with. Not happy. Deleting this app off my phone. Also, if you have a problem, it’s not their problem, it’s yours! You have to try and call whoever the discount fare was through to get any answers or a refund. I wouldn’t use them if I were you!
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5 months ago, qaz147
Bait and switch listings
I've never been able to buy any ticket listed on this site. I understand it's not a travel agency but just a platform for travel agencies to list their offerings. However, it should have control over who and what can be listed. Everytime I try to book a ticket based on the fare listed, it's either not available or the actually fare is double - even triple at times - from the fare listed. There should be some accountability.
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3 years ago, Denisey990
Book your flight then call you with different price
Terrible don’t use Jetcost, fake advertising i book a family flight to Mexico for $530 a person. after I was done booking my flights they sent an email saying my order didn’t go through to call the phone number listed on the email. I called and they told me that the flight is now $850 per person. Jetcost will waste your time with fake advertising. Bad business values.
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5 months ago, H_Town03
Amazing App
This App is on point and always sending me notifications on great travel deals. The one thing I wish I seen more was the more deals for major airlines but ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for what they provide for traveling for less.
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2 years ago, joe48706
I booked 2 2 flights for an great rate and the next morning got a phone call saying my flights were not booked even though i used my credit card. The told me the best rate available was 5 times more expensive. I said not interested I could book on other sites for 1/2 price and they tried to offer me another fair that was 4 times more than whst I booked. This is a complete bait and switch site. I am reporting them to BBB and Atty Generals office.
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3 months ago, Beastly 1234567891011121314
Dishonest scam site
The prices that are advertised are not honored. As soon as you book the flight you get a phone call saying there is a glitch on their website and they cancel your flight and offer you a supposedly discounted rate. But if you go on the airline’s website directly, they are still charging more than the rates on that website. This isn’t a glitch, this is false advertising and a complete scam!! Shameful!!
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1 year ago, UgoGuarini
Amazing experience
I had an amazing experience booking flights through this app. I always received confirmation emails on time and always found the best prices. The staff is very helpful. Best choice ever
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1 year ago, chimmyxchoo
First time using this app and I’m just baffled at the way I got scammed and they wouldn’t even let me cancel my flight since they added $100+ on the flight I booked, literally once I booked 10 sec later I got a called sayin it’s additional charge I was like cancel it then it hasn’t even been 10 minute and they wouldn’t cancel it. So mad and absolutely upset in so many ways. If I could give the rating a 0 I would!!!
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6 years ago, Kevinsac
Not impressed
It seems to work well when searching for lowest fares. But even when I specify Business or First, it shows all flight combinations. For example, I wanted an F fare from my home base to Athens, GR. Over 800 options were returned. But then I had to take 4 or 5 additional steps to see if it was a mixed-cabin fare....then back out again all the way to continue. It also gave options to include airlines that don’t even offer long-haul F. For me, it’s not a good resource.
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1 year ago, clGRam
Wonderfully & Easy to Use
I love this app it is very convenient, fast, and easy to use! I search around the Internet and using this app, I always get the best deals using this!
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1 year ago, SugeyG
Master of lies
Purchase two tickets online for my husband to see his sick mother after five years. Amazing price lower than anyone in the market. The day after the reservation Saturday night non business hours the agent called me to cancel. Allegedly the economic cabin tickets were not longer available. If you see JetCoast run. If you have any question about how they elaborate the lie about the price please contact me.
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7 months ago, One Unhappy Customer Today!!
The old bait and switch
Booked flights and then they called and stated that all of the seats were booked at the same time and wanted to offer us a Spirit flight. When we said no he then stated that it would be over 3 times the charge that we originally paid. Once we said no he said that the reservation was canceled and that was that. Awful customer service.
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9 months ago, Posi❤️
They rob me
A month ago a bought my flight ticket on this app Michael Scott was the person that helped me. When I went to the airport they airline agent told me that they see the confirmation ticket number but I have to show them the credit card they paid for it which I don’t have that one I tried to send emails call all the number but no answer they are a scammer
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1 year ago, Jljosw
Love Jetcost
They give me updates when prices drop and are just simple and easy to use. I love that I can pick specific airlines to use or not use as well!
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6 months ago, lolihfhv
How can apples allow this app to be downloaded when it’s a total scam!! After purchasing a ticket last night with my sister she was asked to call them!? She did and spent numerous hours on the phone just to find out that this is a total scam and they just took her money and never booked her flight! Shame on you for doing this to people!
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9 months ago, Will Hulsey10
Screwed my flight and made me pay an extra $200 for their mistakes
I booked a flight through them then they didn’t confirm it making me have to pay an extra $200 for another flight. A flight that was supposed to be $300 ended up at $500. Wouldn’t even let me cancel it. Jetcost should have been held accountable for that instead I was. Bunk.
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2 months ago, $.99 2 liter
Great app
Don’t want to jinx myself but every part of this app works great and is great! If you’re looking for travel deals for any aspect of your trip, this app will help.
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6 months ago, I need more coffee
They don’t honor the prices they confirm. Starts at one price and goes up when try to order but nothing is confirmed even after they say confirmed since they don’t actually have tickets in hand. My flight started at 200 then I thought bought at 250 only to get a call that they were sold out and were actually 500.
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2 years ago, rigannafenty
You might as well go to a regular site to purchase tickets they’ll show you one price and have the flight you booked pending, then boom the price went up now it’s pay more or cancel or change your flight time or day. Too much smh customer service no help
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5 years ago, nissanguy2016
Horrible app that lies
Purchased a flight and was told the next day that it was available for that cost it would be $300 more so I went back online found a higher price read purchased it again another flight and then was told it was an available unless I wanted to pay another $250. There absolutely asking him to stay away from
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3 years ago, ali37892
False advertising
I booked a flight for what I thought was reasonable $189. Got email confirmation boom! Thought that was it then received a phone call saying couldn’t guarantee it and wanted to haggle pricing and went up to $292 I told them no and hung up because I thought it was a scam. Long story short I didn’t get the flight so I went on Priceline and booked it for $200. No hassles!
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4 years ago, Gototheairlinewebsite
Beware of scams
Not only did it keep giving me fares that were never accurate (when you click on buy, suddenly the price is not longer available and the new options are way more expensive) but the one I selected and paid for was actually a scam. I lost a bunch of time and some money trying to cancel the whole thing. Walk away!
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7 months ago, Kostie79
I had the same experience as many others. I tried to book a flight only to get a phone call saying the flight wasn’t available, and the other options were more than twice the cost. I immediately called my credit card company to get a new card.
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11 months ago, Anna Brouce
DON'T Book through this website it's Spam
I booked twice through the website and both times they declined my booking, every time with different NON correct reason , so they call you after the nonsense declined to offer you with an alternative booking but more expensive.... This website is Spam
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3 months ago, Nouveau man
Review of Jet Cost
They are always working hard at trying to make it work for me.
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1 month ago, Frequent Flier 08
SCAM “ Beware”
They will publish low cost flight and then they will call you telling you the airline is no LONGER offering that price and then they offer you a much higher price. If you do NOT accept their offer then they will charge you for a cancellation feed. Mind you they keep offering the discount prices in their website. A full SCAMMER “
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2 years ago, Villmater
Not reliable site.
This site link to others travel agencies. The majority are fraudulent, they cancel my options and want to sell other trips over de phone or texting messages. Look for more reliable sites like Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity or Google Flights, I suggest check first with the Airline before looking for the partners option.
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6 years ago, Crchol
Bait and switch site
Total bait and switch site. Gives you lower prices. States confirmed. Doesn’t hit your account but calls you directly to say “ oh that flight was just booked ahead of you.. we can offer you this price” which is close to original airlines prices. Did it twice, two weeks apart to prove the point. Don’t waste your time.
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