Jewel-Osco Deals & Delivery

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User Reviews for Jewel-Osco Deals & Delivery

4.77 out of 5
188.3K Ratings
1 year ago, 2378$
Anytime I go to Jewel I have a great experience except for one thing I have noticed that they are not opening as many lanes as they could probably short staff but I do not like using the self check out up in front there’s not enough room in the area for all the people that are trying to check out and I don’t want to really get that close to them or anybody in general due to germs I am not a germ a phobic but when you have kids sneezing and coughing I’d rather not be there or screaming and crying I’ll be there and I know everybody has their own issues and stuff like that and kids may be out sick and they’re just picking up food for them because they are sick or medication I get it IHave kids and sometimes you just have to bring them with you but other people can do things is to give them some space and may be going to lanes that there are cashiers if they would open the lane instead of getting 15 deep in two lanes have a great day
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5 years ago, mo1487
I ordered from jewel two times. Both times they charged me for items I did not receive. The second time is the reason I will never use this service again!! I don’t even know where to start. First, when the delivery man dropped off my items yesterday, August 6th, I noticed the bill was $30 higher than what I paid for the night before. Then they forgot the 2 packages of boneless chicken breast along with 1 carton of milk, but they still charged me for those items! So then I called costumer service.....I waited 35 mins before I had to hang up to get my daughter from school. Then I had to call back, I waited another 40 mins to speak to someone!!!!!! Come to find out the reason my bill was $30 higher is because they over charged me on the meats I purchased. Then the lady proceeds to fix the rest of the bill and sets up for my chicken and milk to be delivered the very next morning (Aug. 7th) between 8am and 9am. Guess what!?!? It is 9:45am no groceries and I have been waiting to speak to their costumer service for 35 mins already!!!!!! Mad and frustrated is an understatement at this point! I did screen shot all three phone calls to show their costumer service number and how long I was on the phone waiting to speak to someone. I wish I could post it!
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5 years ago, ckbk20
Why Fix It When It Ain’t Broke???
This app was just about perfect before their latest upgrade. Not only can’t you see the actual brochures on their app (like you used to be able to), but you can’t even pick which one you want to look at. I don’t want to scroll thru lists and lists of products of every single item in the brochure. It was so much easier to see the actual brochure, and tap the picture of what I want to add to my grocery list. And if I didn’t want to do that, each page had a scroll down list of the items only from that page. AND, when I go to their website on my computer, thankfully you can still see the actual sales brochure (like you get in the mail) AND pick which brochure you want to look at. (3 day sale, this week’s sales and next week’s sales the day before it goes into effect) HOWEVER, when the grocery list syncs to my phone, just the name of the item shows up (on my phone). Not the picture or the price!!!! What good is that??? (Yes, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times). To recap: If I want to see the pics & prices on my phone grocery list, There is no brochure to look at on my phone, just scroll thru lists and lists of items. If I want to see the actual brochureS and pick from the pics I have to go on my computer; then I get a brief desc, no pic, no prices on my grocery list on my phone. Come on guys, get your act together. Go back to the 5 Star way it was.
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5 years ago, Marco is cool
I thought the idea behind an app to store your coupons was to actually be able to freely use them . I feel like you want to go out of business these new changes have made it so i don’t want to shop here anymore .your employees hate the changes you made- what a joke . So now if you shop at different jewels which I do all the time I have to put the coupon in my cart then another step put it on my shopping list then on top of that add to the store if I change my mind at which store I want to go to on my way home I have to open it and change the store to move the coupons or guess what they won’t apply! Well great by now my phone battery will be dead and I have no more patience. Bit maybe that is your hope. No thanks jewel ! Bad enough you went backward on your checkout systems and then you wouldn’t pay to keep the app upgrade , you have to spend money to jump into the running with your competitors .
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7 months ago, Mladen5000
Incredibly well done
As someone who writes software I expected an app for a local grocery chain to be ok at best. This app is very well done from performance to user interface. The idea to have recipes that lets you add the ingredients to your cart is the best. Followed by coupons that you can clip all at once even if u dont use them makes me say “finally, a grocery app done right” Only suggestion i would add is to allow to filter by subcategories. In order to browse bakery items, you have to check bagels, then muffins, then bread, then cakes, many of these sections are sparsely populated and i just want to see all the bakery selections at once. Additionally, having apple pay functionality would be much appreciated. Overall, best grocery app Ive ever used. So props to the developers, they really made this a must have app
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3 years ago, FairyPryncess
Never Works
The rewards are useless, points reset every month & you have to spend a lot even to get rewards. Also the so called free stuff for the Just For You is never in the stores & the quantity is very limited or the product is not available. If you don’t get to the store when it opens you’re out of luck. Also a lot of the offers are not available at the store that is local to you. Also the coupons don’t work, downloaded a coupon and it didn’t work. I shop at more than one Jewel location, but offers are only good at select stores. If I shop at another location near me I cannot use any of the coupons clipped at another location. The offers and coupons should be available and used at all locations not just the one store that was selected in the app. Also some of the free items are not in the stores and they cannot be used at another location. Don’t shop at Jewels as much as I used to, the store is jut a disappointment with the selection and availability of items and this app makes it frustrating. Total disappointment with the entire app.
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2 years ago, SmilesSpreadKindness
Why can’t I see my number of points on my Jewel app on my phone
I can’t see how many points I have out of 100 anymore in my Jewel app on my phone. I always used to be able to see how many points I had so I would know how much more I needed to spend to get to my next reward. Please put my number of points back in my app on my phone. I have no clue how many points O have every time I go shopping at Jewel. I don’t understand why they would take away that feature! It was very helpful every time I shopped! I wish they had more gift card deals like they used to. I wish there was a “Clip ALL Coupons” box, button, or option so it wouldn’t take so long to clip all of my coupons every time before I go shopping. Everything else is awesome!!!
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1 year ago, JWOLFENS
Love Jewel Osco!
You can find practically anything and a much lower price than some fancier stores. We just stopped shopping exclusively from Whole Foods. Buying there gave us an outrageous bill every visit. We will go to WFoods for certain items like organic proteins AND for the fabulous experience (brand new store blocks from us. But the full out buying there is over as we all experience inflation. PS Doing experiment with hubby tonight. I bought just under $100 of Jewel groceries just to show him the savings on the same or similar products bc he is going to WFoods tomorrow and I want to compare. He just likes to go to the new store!
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9 months ago, nikigombis
On line coupons
It is very difficult to follow all the steps to qualify for a digital coupon. Many items don’t get the advertised price. But what is worse, now they tell me it can only be fixed while the coupon is valid. In this weather and with the price of gas, it’s not worth a special trip. I even brought in the print ad from the previous week. No consideration was given. The concern was that maybe I hadn’t checked all the boxes. And they had no way to check. It is bad enough that to get most discounts a large amount has to be purchased. That leaves many seniors like me out of the discounts. There are other stores that are more senior friendly. And that trust their customers. And this will not let me send with any of the names I have chosen. It tells me they have been taken even when I put in my own name. Perhaps it doesn’t like that I only gave a one star review? I will change the rating to see if that helps.
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2 years ago, CognizantOne
Ratings Are Misleading!!
Read the “5-stars”. A significant portion are comments about the store itself—not the app! Another portion are critical but for some reason the rater chose 5 stars. Read the one star reviews for the real picture. This app is horrible and keeps getting worse. They added ability to add items from the weekly ad then took it away—You can’t add items to your list from the weekly ad anymore which was halfway decent functionality. Does NOT offs deals on things you buy often. “ Just for U”, now “For U” are pretty much non-existent or nothing you want. Took away double pints on fresh fruit. Created sublists in the food categories (separate categories for different kinds of fresh fruit but no real incentives. What was a simple, value added app has become pretty much useless—-is anyone at Albertsons awake at the switch?! I find myself increasingly at competitors. I predict only a matter of time before Jewel goes the way of Sears.
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2 years ago, FM_M
Add to Apple Wallet…?
The entire reason I downloaded the app is to get my Jewel/Osco savings card in Wallet, so that I could use that and then pay with Apple Pay, back to back, and never have to touch the in-store payment terminal. For some reason, the app will give you a nice barcode display for your savings card, but doesn’t just take that last step of putting it somewhere that’s actually useful! let’s be honest: Jewel/Osco just isn’t that important of an app to rank being put on my Home Screen. It’s not important enough to displace the things I use daily. So forcing us to open the app to get to this display may seem clever to some marketing dbag at Albertsons, but it’s resale just making it harder to use their tracking program, failing to make us feel important to Albertsons, and encouraging us to shop elsewhere.
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4 years ago, checkout nightmare
Checkout line nightmare
The store at 424 W Division is sorely in need of improvement at the checkout line. The cashiers are extremely slow and need training. There are never baggers. I dew like I am at Aldi where you have to bag your own groceries. But not Aldi prices!!!! This has been going on for years. It takes longer to checkout than it does to shop!!! This store should take lessons from Sunset Foods. If there is more than one person in line, they open another register. Not only do they have baggers but they have people who unload your cart. I’m not asking for that but it’s ridiculous that there are never baggers. I had shoulder surgery recently and have to bag own groceries!!!. This is my neighborhood store but will be going to another store because this store is a joke!’n
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6 years ago, C.Roberson0810
Jewel At Home Delivery
I have had two successful services prior. It was convenient, cost effective, and easy. However, this 3rd attempt was a disappointment. After signing in I reserved my delivery time. I then went through my list and carefully selected my items. I stepped away from my phone for no more than 10 minutes to help my daughter with something. Though my cart was still full, at the top of the screen I was being prompted to pick a delivery time. I quickly tried to re-select the time I had chosen. Of course every option for the entire day was taken. I was very frustrated, as my daughter has the flu and I did not want to leave my home today. Needless to say, don’t count on the site holding your delivery time for 2 hours. It’s more like 30 minutes.
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2 years ago, Swany V
Friendliest employees
I should have sent this years ago but I love MY Jewel - Starting at the deli, everyone is so nice, especially Candy. Also the bakery women are special like Ahmed - always helpful, every single time. This whole experience started with Bob in the produce section. There was something about him that I knew he was a wonderful person. Then the meats - if I have no idea what to make for dinner, I can count on Mary. One of the nicest people I have ever met. Not to mention Scott and Ian which have been so very helpful. Then the checkout - Charlene, Karyn, Dale and Ryan are probably my favorites. There are so many that I am forgetting but they all work so hard and for us, the shoppers. Thank you for hiring wonderful and talented people. Sincerely, Renee
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2 years ago, Brian Johnson Chicago
Ghost pickup
I really liked using the app and the DriveUp & Go service, but the last 4 times I’ve placed and order I received an email saying the order is ready for pickup, then 6 minutes later while I’m still in bed at my house I receive an email saying my order had been picked up. This has happened every time now for the last four orders. I have to call the store and explain to them that I never indicated I’m at the store. This latest time the guy on the phone said he couldn’t bring my order out until I mark that I’ve arrived in the app, and I told the gentleman that I can’t mark that I’ve arrived because the app said I already picked up the order 6 hours ago. I also called the corporate customer service to tell them this was happening, and they just told me I’d have to call the store. I don’t know who to contact who could fix this. Very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Quincy4d
485 Ela, Lake Zurich
I just had the most positive shopping experience. First, the produce employee went in the back and got more loose baked potatoes as the ones on display were not the best to make twice baked potatoes. Then, the butcher found the 3 biggest rib eyes in the meat case for me. When I was checking out, I had a problem with my rewards, and the cashier monitoring self check out and the manager instantly corrected it. Usually, things don’t go quite so smoothly on a Friday afternoon! Also, store personnel couldn’t have been nicer. There are some grouchy workers out there but not at this Jewel. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Tjar
Good but needs improvement
So I love saving money, and this saves me money. Easy to navigate, but one big issue. When you click on a coupon to see its specifics, you can't return to your place in the coupon list. You immediately go all the way back to the beginning and have to scroll down to where you were on the list. Very annoying and time-consuming. Also, if you have a paper coupon AND clicked on the Jewel mymixx coupon, it won't take the highest value coupon -- it will automatically accept the mymixx, even if yours was bigger. I still use it, though, and I like the free items on the weekend (when they're available, which is pretty rare).
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11 months ago, BobbyC IL
Recent Updates Killed It
Was an OK app. A little clunky, and searches weren’t always accurate but it worked. Since last week when I track my delivery order, the app logs me out! Can’t reset my password as it asks for my phone number, then it asks for my email instead, then my phone number instead of my email. You get the picture. Since I’m unable to track, I just have to stand outside (I’m in a condo building) and wait. Same issue on iPhone & iPad. Worst customer service ever! Tried the recommended chat to no avail. Guess I’m texting to a third world country. If I didn’t reply within 10 seconds, they’d ask if I was still there (even though I was typing). Apparently I took too long, as I was disconnected and couldn’t resume the chat. Just awful customer service and I drop about $150/week.
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2 years ago, Shopaholic59
Don’t know why the App was changed. It’s not intuitive and is difficult to navigate. I had recommended this APP to numerous friends who had yet to sign up for MyMixx I definitely won’t be recommending it anymore. Whoever designed this clearly doesn’t use it or shop at Jewel. Can’t find my login information I want to be able to preview the next ad and no longer can. Please change it back to the old one. It’s also very discriminatory for people who don’t have smart phones or access to a computer because they cannot get the savings.
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2 years ago, Bluize1221
Not user friendly
Since the app upgrade, I have to go to multiple spots to find what I need. The app is not user friendly at all. Even the previous versions were a waste of time, but at least it was easy to navigate. There are so many options and click here to find this and there to find that. The UI designer didn’t seem to put much thought in the individual users experience. No one wants to come to an app to clip coupons, it is a waste of time. But since we have to, we want to do it with as little effort as possible.
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3 years ago, Alexisaname
The app saves you money and is generally not difficult to use! Very convenient! As someone who knows a bit about jewel both during the mymixx and justforu days, I had found that the people who had trouble were generally users of the old app who did not realize that there are new procedures. From what I was informed, the reason the app updated is that the parent, Safeway, wanted to have one rewards service for everyone rather than five or six different services for each store branch. The point of the update wasn't to make it harder, but easier.
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2 years ago, Aliboo22222
So confusing
This app is not user friendly. I have a hard time navigating it and don’t fully understand clipping and in basket. Why so many steps to utilize a coupon??? Most times when I use my reward points for $$ of my purchase it doesn’t actually ever come off my total. What a waste of my time opening the app. Also, do you expect your users to stand around in the aisles of Jewel playing on their phones trying to get discounts? It’s like you need a designated area for ‘App Users’ so we don’t get in others ways while trying to find deals for stuff we’ve thrown in the cart. If I have the app and constantly and punching my number in at checkout, the discounts should be automatic. Too much leg work involved! Not a simple process nor do I find it works 100% of the time.
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6 years ago, CanIdoit
Upgrades needed
I can never find the my mixx freebies quickly. I never know when new items have been posted and then end up going thru 306 items week after week. If I have been through them once I am good. Separate new from old. I how the chosen coupons can be accessed while I shop to make sure I follow the guidelines. I also hate that when I go to see the details of an offer it remains in a large screen of details or going back takes me to the beginning of the coupons an I have to start all over again instead of just taking me back to the item in the original position of my progress.
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1 year ago, Cheryl*52
Convenience and efficiency
I always preferred to shop in store, but back issues have made this impossible. Several stores have a pick up option, but I like Jewel the best because I always seem to get items such as eggs, cheese and dairy with good freshness dates. Other retailers have added items that were close to the expiration date. I do wish they had not taken away the no substitution because I have to check the order closely due to occasionally getting an unsatisfactory substitution. Occasionally items are out of stock, but Jewel is also quite good with this.
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4 years ago, Sephora Alexis
I love Jewels
Jewels is my favorite grocery store if I don’t want to cook I can go get me a bucket of chicken half honey and half hot wings everyone loves them and regular grilled and fried chicken it’s always fresh and when I ask if they can drop fresh chicken they do it 💜💜💜 and your produce, Fresh Meats especially Seafood is the absolute BEST anytime I need something I’m always at Jewels for everything me and my entire family we love to Grocery Shop and see your sales ad I also go to Pharmacy there too Jewels is the BEST GROCERY STORE and when I have a problem you all handle it right there it never happens twice 💜💜💜
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2 years ago, Wowputt
Turned to garbage
App was fine before. You could tap in the weekly add and add the item to your list. Not now. When looking for an item to put on your list that is in the add it may not be listed. If you are lucky enough to have it there when you push add it may force you to choose pick up or delivery. Regardless if you were using in store or not. I’m about done with this app. 20 minutes of my life wasted on 4 items ... oh only 3 on my list dang i guess I’ll just use a puece of paper.
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1 year ago, RamonaB22
No working
I’ve tried the app the last couple days, did the update today. When I get into the app it tries to load and I keep getting a service error notification for me to please try again later. Also, in the past if I added my coupons in the morning and went shopping in the afternoon they were not available yet to be used. Is there a certain amount of hours that you need to clip them prior to using them in the store? One other suggestion, it might be nice for the older seniors, my mom is 89, to possibly get the sales without having to clip the coupons. She tries! Thank you!
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6 years ago, wiguy51
Ad merchandise
I want to the Jewel Store to pick up packages of boneless chicken breasts. I walked around the meat department and there were not any packages on the sales floor. I asked a clerk in the meat department where the advertised product was at and she walked around the department and could not locate the packages of chicken breasts. She walked in the back room and returned and said “I guess we are out” but you can go up front and get a rain check. That would be fine if I lived closer to the store. Bottom line don’t advertise a product just to lure a customer to the store. A customers future shopping experience and where they decide to shop is determined by past experiences. I was being kind giving you three stars.
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3 years ago, foundfinite
D. Carson
Jewel/Osco offers a very wide variety of food and merchandise(produce, deli, bakery, pharmacy, etc.) which makes it my grocery store so I don’t have to shop at multiple stores that I shop at about 95% of the time. Now that they have organic and meatless groceries that makes it all the better. The only complaint I have with them is that they could keep up better with the pandemic better such as better cleansing of carts (even though they do offer that to an extent) and hands before shopping.
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1 year ago, Charlie Tundra
Great app
I love using the Jewel App to order my groceries for store pickup. So handy to use plus the people at the Elburn Jewel are so friendly and helpful. Area for improvement is in how you can add items after you’ve checked out. Not the most technical person but I can never seem to accomplish editting. Have a question, how can ordering on line items allow you to get sale pricing on items? Sometimes you can and on other items you can’t. Great service - thank you
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6 years ago, clairekgilmore62
Love the savings, hate the app!
I find the savings and convenience of shopping at Jewel to be very good. When I try to clip the coupons for my next shopping trip, it is very frustrating when you tap the information instead of just clipping the coupon. When you go back, it goes back to the very beginning of the listings and you have to start all over again. Ridiculous waste of time! With other apps like Target, it goes back to the place you were just at. This needs to be fixed!
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1 year ago, SgtMauler
Leader in grocery apps
Over the years this app has been updated and evolved into a great tool. I won’t shop at Walmart anymore because the app is literally garbage. This app is easy, clear, and offers easy to use discounts and points. Nothing more frustrating than having rewards you can’t use and holding up the line while the checker try’s to figure it out. This doesn’t happen with the Jewel app. Ok that’s my review 5 stars … I rarely write a review. But this app is just THAT GOOD!
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2 months ago, Soylent Bob
How NOT to make an app
SLOW. impossibly slow. So slow. Interface is jumbled garbage with no sense of direction as if they just keep hiring and firing app designers that just add more junk on top of old junk. Do I scan the coupon or is it attached to my phone number? Do I really NEED a digital coupon when the sale price is printed on the item for anyone? Oh, look, $3 off ANY Candy purchase (over $3) DOES NOT APPLY TO HALLOWEEN CANDY because that would just make sense. UPDATE: hey, let’s have app-only digital coupons, but you can only find out about them in the PRINT ad in the paper! No, that’s too much: you can find out about them using the NON-SEARCHABLE image of the print ad online which is cumbersome to view on ANY type of screen.
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5 months ago, Jewel Pick Up
I like the convenience of the Jewel Pick Up option. It also allows great access to the promotions and coupons to help you save. Being able to add things to my cart all week is very helpful. However, if they can’t substitute an item on a deal you don’t get it for that price. Not only that but their online chat is almost rude. They don’t understand the promotion and you have to fight to get money refunded. It’s easier just to do the refund request the app for full refund rather than the difference owed.
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3 years ago, BBQTraveler
Nice People, Rewards, Selection
People first attitude. Kind staff. Their willingness to help. Carol Stream store and Glendale Heights have wonderful service. Love the Just4U offers and rewards. Our family eats healthier with the personalized prices. They know what we like and encourage us to try items related to what they know we buy. Example: non dairy milk. We now have tried them all with the special pricing. We now know what we love and what we will not buy. Many new grocers opening in 2021 but we will remain Jewel first.
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5 days ago, lette1ta
Great app!
This is my favorite shopping app! It’s so easy to shop sales, clip coupons and quickly put together my grocery list. Jewel’s grocery pickup is incredibly efficient, easy, and pleasant. They have become my go-to grocery store after using this app, I often save 40-50% off my grocery costs. I have recommended the app to many others, and it’s so easy to use even my mother in law uses it to shop for sales and save money.
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8 months ago, Jewels shopper
Needs customer - employee experience improvement
This app has great concept. However, It has many loopholes how customers abuse it. For whatever reasons coupons does not work (approx. 50% all the time) it is always slowing lines, makes customers angry and more angry if theirs rewards and coupons not showing up. I hear a lot how stupid cashiers are or “look what we are dealing with”. I should not care how much jewel loose profit in coupons or free items because of app abuse but I care how people rudely demand free items and rewards, poorly treat cashiers and slowing down lines on each other. I do not have on-line shopping experience with this app yet.
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2 years ago, Jer-El
Enjoy the deals but…
It’s tough to find some of the Just for U deals advertised in store. Maybe it’s me but I couldn’t get the recent coupon for sweet potatoes to work. Thankfully Dianne gave me the deal anyway so thanks to her! Also, please update the app to remove old coupons. I clipped the Starbucks coupon for a $2 drink only to find that it, along with dozens of other coupons, expired last month! Why keep coupons on the app that can’t be used? I updated and restarted the app and nothing changed. Please fix.
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6 years ago, Fire d00ggg
Not user friendly
There should be option to select all coupons by category. The fact that when you look at the details of a coupon ( I usually do accidentally) and then go back to look at more coupons it brings you to the beginning of the list is BEYOND IRRITATING!!! Fix it! You are not endearing me to buy more at your store by making me look thru all the coupons multiple times. You’re just making me very mad and willing to tell the world to shop elsewhere at stores with better customer service. The app also doesn’t have a contact me option for help either.. probably because you don’t want to hear how lousy your app is
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2 months ago, slc82142
For U, clipped coupons and out of stock
I I’ve shopped at Jewel for as many years as the N Lewis Jewel was built. Using the “discount tools” is time consuming, difficult to find specific items I want. Again a big investment in time. Then when I get to the store, the item is out of stock. Very unsatisfactory way to plan my menus, take advantage of special pricing and spend my time. The large purchases like 3-5 items to get a special price is not practical as there are only two people in our home and many items one of us eats, it not the other. Example: must buy four: Honey Nut and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheerios, nature valley bars or biscuits or fiber one bars. No, I do not enjoy shopping at Jewel very much.
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2 years ago, markjm4236054
Thinking about uninstalling
Prior to the interface change it did what you wanted easy to move around and worked well. I’m not sure who designed this updated look but they should be fired. I can’t remove items I’ve clipped it’s to hard to even get to the clipped list. It’s way to busy. Just a horrible upgrade and experience. Next few days I may remove it’s to hard to use it.
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2 years ago, a few quirks
New app
The search function seems to be faster, but items suggested in some areas commonly don't come up in a targeted search. Also, the item substitution and item comments should be in a single click option like before. Now you have to do both separately. Last, it used to be when you clicked Deals, it would change your search results to all related sale items. I used that function, but now it's showing only featured deals.
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9 months ago, Aggrev
I wish you would have the U deals easy to find. I find it very frustrating. I don’t want to search in “deals,”. I want it to be right there and easy to see. Askyour register employees their thoughts They know first hand when someone gets to register and dint have that deal. And his time consuming it is to explain and help them find. No I really don’t like your app. Should have given it 1-2 stars. Not 3 And the fact that I can’t even exit this review with ease. All nicknames I pick have been taken. Really? App and review comments stink
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1 year ago, DINOmite3466
This app seems to still be in development. I love the ability to shop Jewel from home but items are very often substituted by a lot more expensive items, even when you choose “don’t substitute“, and coupons are very often mysteriously removed from your order all together. Most recently all coupons were removed from my order and they tried to sneak in an extra almost $35! The delivery drivers can return all the overcharged items, but they’re not going to be too happy about waiting for you to pack up everything and driving back to the store. Customer service on the app is also inconvenient.
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2 years ago, norinsamet
List vs Coupons
I find this new update harder to navigate. My main complaint is that every coupon I clip is added to my shopping list; we used to be able to toggle this option. I do like being able to see my clipped coupons, but I clip a lot just in case, not with the intention of buying thirty boxes of cereal every time I go to the store. I can't find the actual things I added to buy anymore. I'd also like the ability to deselect and reorganize categories. The default order doesn't match the store layout.
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2 years ago, Bobbiejean2
Feedback w/Lisle store
I probably should’ve made it 2 stars and basically it’s all based at the woman at front counter. The big heavy one with glasses. Adele is awesome and also there is one Betty that was mean to me and told me to take my items to a register. Pam is awesome….The product and meat go up and above, also guy in dairy/frozen super nice. The grocery Mgr is okay. I look at this store and it’s employees as like a second family. When you shop their you get to know who’s friendly and who isn’t. The front counter woman needs to retire. Chris the store Mgr is extremely helpful.
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3 months ago, Senior Citizen Also
The website is difficult for aeniors
Every week I shop at Jewel and every week I have a problem with the website. Sometimes things will be on sale but I can’t find the coupon even if I use the search. Sometimes I clip a coupon and then can’t find it in my phone. Sometimes I am busy shopping and I forget to mark that I picked up something on sale that needs a digital coupon. What a pain this is!! If you are going to put something on sale to draw the customers into your store, then just mark it down and let everybody have the deal!!
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4 months ago, miked+$
Thanks to an alert Service Rep. JOHN ADAMS
On the afternoon of June 1st, I shopped at your store 3456 (Wilmette - Green Bay Rd.)and was waiting for my friend to complete his checkout. I took my cell phone out to make a call and laid it down next to me. When my friend approached I got up and left the store - leaving my phone on the bench. JOHN ADAMS, remembered that I was sitting there and promptly came running out to my car to return my phone. This act of Customer Service went above and then some. He saved me hours of anguish and worry. He could have very easily turned the phone into the CS desk and left it at that, but he didn’t and for that I am sending this lengthy note to commend JOHN ADAMS. I hope you have an opportunity to commend him formally. I have already spoken to Mary in Customer Service in the store.
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2 years ago, Scandic Traveler
Hate It, Hate It, Hate It
Not an improvement over the old app. Too busy. Too much “navigating” around to find what I want. “Deals” are misleading. I clipped a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $15 of Coca-Cola products, spent $16 on 12-packs of Diet Coke. Coupon didn’t load. Checked the fine print ~ didn’t include 12 packs ~ The product most people purchase. But there were so many other products listed, it took me several minutes to scroll through & discover this. It makes me feel cheated & it makes me want to avoid shopping at Jewel. There was nothing wrong with the old app. Ditch this, go back to the old version & get rid of the bait & switch “coupons”.
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2 years ago, Phil Illinois
How to find clipped coupons
I can’t believe there’s no way to list all the clipped coupons by themselves! I have to search the whole coupon list and look for them. I literally spent 15 minutes trying to find them at customer service to get my discount when my phone number wasn’t scanned at checkout. They weren’t under just for you and search wasn’t finding them. Thus was in the web site but I see the app doesn’t work either. Huu I w about a way to list the coupons in some order.
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