JOANN - Shopping & Crafts

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Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for JOANN - Shopping & Crafts

4.79 out of 5
647.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Lackess
I love this app, but 1 little hiccup
I love the app, it works perfectly on my iPhone 8. It shows me the balance on hand of items they have in the store so I can make sure they have the items I want before I stop in. (Which as been accurate every time except once, but I was told the item I was looking for was still being unloaded from their shipment and to come back in a few days) My only critique are the Joann smile reward coupons, I had a $10 off a $10 purchase and as soon as I saw it I ran to Joann’s to stock up on some art supplies, used my coupon and everything went smoothly. A few days later I check my app again and I had another $10 off a $10 purchase! I headed to Joann’s and grabbed some more art supplies! I pulled up my coupon at checkout and the cashier told me my coupon had already been redeemed. The way she talked to me made me feel like I was trying to do something seedy. I wasn’t trying to pull one over on the cashier, I just thought after I used my coupon the first time it would have dropped out of my phone, I mean it had been several days. Other then that super awkward interaction, I’m a huge fan. 🤗
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6 months ago, Belieber(;
Pretty good for a chaotic store run by a corporation
I leave this review as someone who has worked retail for awhile and currently manages a small DIY/ gift store: Honestly, the app is fine. I can’t think of an issue that I have had with the technology itself. I only gave 4 stars because the disorganization of their inventory seems to be the biggest issue to me. The coupons are honestly better than any other big box stores I frequent, so I tend to order pick ups every month or two. My issue, and for the love of your sweet store workers who have to put up with this, is that any order I have ever made (shipping, pickup, or curbside) Joann’s has had to do returns on some of the things I bought but they hardly ever tell you that before your package arrives (for example, I just watched them deliver an order and saw that an hour before delivery they refunded the yarn in my order that I needed but had no clue it wasn’t coming for the past 2 weeks that they’ve been processing my order). If you’re market prepping I’d recommend placing orders from somewhere else or making sure you order months before you have to start making inventory because it’ll take awhile to get everything you need from them. Not bad, but essentially the issue is lack of warehouse organization/ discipline and no one has the energy to be the person that fixes it because it’s big box.
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4 months ago, EmFix
It’s ok but doesn’t function as well as other craft store apps
The convenience of being able to see all the coupons available and the availability of items at nearby stores is great, no complaints there. My issue is that I will select something to go into my cart at a pickup that isn’t my usual store, and if I don’t check out right away, when I go back to continue shopping, it switches it back to my main store. If that item wasn’t available at my main store, it switches to shipping. I have ended up having coupons voided and even paying more because of shipping as a result of this. And I always forget this happens (after over a year, why would this glitch still be a thing, right?) and so I don’t check before I purchase (because in any other app, why would I need to) and then I have to wait longer than I wanted for an item (shipping) or I’m stuck picking up at multiple locations (when I’ve continued adding things to the cart for a different location so the last item I added to went to the selected location but everything on the cart shifted to picking up at the nearest location to me or to shipping). It’s more than a minor inconvenience and I don’t understand why Joann’s app does this. I have an easier time shopping with competitor apps, and it’s a shame, because I actually really like shopping at Joann but this obstacle has me shopping elsewhere most of the time now.
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5 months ago, savbythebell
Wish We could apply a TM discount on here.
Works great! Only thing is I wish this app allowed you to apply a team member discount. I am a Joann fabrics employee and the one thing I really hate about my work is that their app (the store app to shop on; this app I’m reviewing) won’t allow us to add that. Everyone else that is a healthcare worker, or a veteran/military member, heck even Girl Scouts! They can link their discount but the team members can’t. Sometimes stuff online isn’t available in stores at most locations and I just wish it worked. Other than that, the app is great and I love it! I sometimes wish they shipped stuff in boxes with fragile smaller things BUT THAT is not related to this app specifically 😅 more so the distribution center themselves bc I’ve received so much broken from ordering online. If only we were allowed to ask if it could be shipped in a box prior to submitting an order. It can be annoying having to return something we waited 2+ weeks for to come in the mail, to arrive broken and completely unusable and have to return it to a local store in person (where you can’t find the item in store to begin with) 😅 but like I said that is not the apps fault; wish we could just edit that as well as apply a team member discount online.
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1 year ago, beearb
The online purchase experience is poor, esp with the app
I bought a set of markers for Christmas, and when I put them in my cart it told me ships in 2 days or something. When I purchased it, it didn’t even show up in purchases. I had to then email them when the item never arrived. They gave me a link to my purchased item, and it said back ordered. When I asked them to cancel the order they said they can’t cancel orders! What??? This is so weird. You can buy it with poor information but can’t cancel it in the app. I had to escalate the issue then finally they canceled it. It took more than a week for my refund and the whole thing was loaded with confusion through the whole process. The issue is beyond the app - they need a user experience audit and take a look at the entire purchasing journey through the app. They need more up to date info on the item page. Waaaaay more info generally on the fabric you’re looking at. I can’t buy synthetics and that’s mostly what they have. It would be great if they had details about what the fabric feels like, drapes like, stretch, etc. And allow people to cancel orders they no longer need, or that won’t arrive in time. It should tell be so painful. It kind of feels like a trap if you can’t undo something you did not knowing any better. This is coming from a user experience designer.
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2 years ago, Kansas20
Leaves much to be desired!
The app is really not user friendly. When searching for something specific, either nothing comes up or 100’s of items come up which may or may not include what I’m looking for. Searches load so slowly and on some items, you get only partial pictures of the object! Letting the consumer use landscape instead of portrait might actually fix this! Every time I have a $$’s off coupon for spending X amount of money at JoAnns, it disappears from my phone app when I walk into the store. I refuse to use the free JoAnns WiFi because even stranger things happen to my iPhone and the coupons in the app, so I stay on my cell signal. Now, I waste ink and print off the coupon or just ignore the coupon. It’s only good for a few days anyway! I was hopeful that when I updated the JoAnns app that it would finally allow it to go to landscape. No, it doesn’t. Why not? It’s a simple thing! For iPad or tablet app users, wouldn’t it be nice to give us a choice? I rarely shop at JoAnns anymore. Usually it’s a must have trip to the store. And I won’t go if I don’t have a coupon. You’re pricing yourself out of the fabrics and notions market. I’d much rather shop at a locally owned fabric/quilt shop if I’m paying the same prices for quality fabric that I pay at JoAnns for slightly less quality in some cases!
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3 years ago, La-dee-dah!
Your app’s cart has been difficult
I love being able to pick up my online order at the store, but lately it has been difficult to remove items from the cart as it continued to show the items I removed still remained in the cart. I thought maybe if I just continued shopping/adding/editing the cart it would eventually correct itself, but no! As I tried to check out the cart just continued to add up and up! I deleted app then redownloaded the app several times, but the cart stayed the same. The same problem persisted. I eventually had to go into the store, and try make my purchases in person. I tried to tell the cashier this, as I was trying to express to her that I was trying to shop online because the price of an item I wanted was $5 less online than it was at the store and I wanted to use the 15% off entire purchase coupon as well which I understood was for online purchases. But I could not use the online price nor the coupon bc the cashier insisted they were exclusive online price and coupons. She did not seem to want to work with me and understand that I could not do my purchase online, so I left without my any of my craft supplies. And now there is a 25% off shop online pick curbside coupon that once again I cannot use! My phone setting is at automatic update software and so is my App Store. It is not my phone’s fault. It’s your app!! Joann’s please fix your app!!!
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4 years ago, SFDW
This app is a complete disappointment and frustration
Still even more disappointed. I’m adding to my previous review. Although I don’t know why... No one even bothers to respond to these reviews! It is really rare that I’ve seen a response from someone who addresses an issue. I was hoping for help to address my problem. Don’t bother with this glitchy app. I’m super sad because I love the store and I live 40 min to the closest one. I was hoping to be able to buy from as well as use coupons from their app. What a complete disappointment. Previous review from October 2020: All kinds of bugs. Even after being updated in a timely manner. I already have an account, but this app wouldn't let me use my current account. I was in a loop of not working pages over and over again to try and complete the process. So, I figured I would just create a new account. Same. Stupid. Problem. Endless loop of continual pages that don’t complete the process or crash the app. I really like to shop Joann’s and would rather use the phone coupons. I guess that’s not an option for me. I have a current phone and keep it updated in a timely manner. I am super disappointed in this app. The main reason I wanted to use it is for the coupons. I live a far distance from the actual store and a lot of times my coupons expire before I can get there. Which is why I thought the app would be a great thing for me. Guess not.
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7 years ago, Quiet Right
App has potential...frustrating in current form
This app has the potential to be a real winner of a sales and marketing tool for Joann. However right now it is so frustrating to use it could (is?) actually be driving customers away. Hook your app developer up with an actual crafter! It's hard to program if you don't understand the subject. Get some beta testers who can work with you. Links for store locations, coupons, latest offers, weekly ad, and SHOPPING, go on that home page. NOT tutorials. A news app returns you to the main menu each time--so does your app. Your users want to look at other items in the same category. While I'm in the store I might want to know if you actually sell the item I can't locate. On the other hand, maybe I don't have a local store. Crafters are a creative and spontaneous group...they are going to head to your store to grab supplies, as a first choice the minute that ah-ha hits them. Online shopping is a good second choice if there is no Joann's available or your local store doesn't stock what they need. Use your analytics--if customers in an area are ordering stuff not stocked in the local store, use that to customize what that location offers. Tutorials will not generate business if the app doesn't work properly to begin with. Keep in mind the size of screen a typical phone has. Get the basics working first.
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6 years ago, Touch Hocky Champ!
Awful App
I have walked away from my computer several times and bought nothing because I was so frustrated with the app and accessing the website on a PC is not any better. It won’t give you a quick preview of the item description. If you click on the item to see more details and then hit “continue shopping” it takes you back to the home page rather than back to where you left off. If you had narrowed a search for a specific group of products you have to re-enter the search terms all over again. When you actually click on something with an intent to purchase you really need to double check what the app put in your cart. I ordered one can of spray adhesive and got 7 cans shipped to me. I took them back to the store and they would only give me store credit which the app apparently doesn’t recognize. When you call customer service regarding an issue with a refund, they give you a long recorded diatribe and then hang up on you or ask you to leave a message and don’t return your call. I have been a loyal Joann customer for decades. The sales have always been great but this new level of inattention to customer service makes me not want to shop at Joann. It takes me no less than two hours to struggle with the app to place a moderate sized order.
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2 years ago, laura248.248
Needs to have consistent functions with the website + better filtering results
this app’s features aren't really consistent with the website. i like using the favorite feature so i can view what fabrics caught my eye in the past, but i can’t view them in the app, nor can i favorite new things. i can only “save for later” in the app, but i can’t access what i saved if i’m viewing on browser. I hope this can be fixed because i love some fabrics for later projects but i just don’t want to purchase them right in the moment yet. It would also be convenient to provide a small line about if the product is in stock in a store nearby or needs to be shipped in the “save for later” function or in the favorite function. it would save me the trouble of clicking on it to check if i can pick it up in store, then backtracking to put it back in my cart. Also filtering the search results could be improved. I wanted to filter only products that i can pick up in store, but that feature seems to not work because i still get search results that require shipping. i shop on the app most regularly so i hope that my feedback improves it!
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5 years ago, LorynV
1 problem with the app
I use the app FREQUENTLY especially the scanner portion of the app when I am in the store doing price checks. I have often been confused upon arriving at the register when my total does not add up to what I totaled while shopping. Finally a manager told me when you scan items in the store for price verification it gives you the online price not the in store price. I think that is ridiculous and confusing to customers. I am a super crafter and I am in my Joann’s at least two times a week. I try to stay on a budget. If there are not price checker machines in the store and customers are advised to use the app scanner.... it should be accurate or the stores should honor the scanner price. The register price is always more than what the app scanner states. Please find a way to correct that. Maybe when you scan an item it gives you the in store price not the online discounted price. Or have the stores price match the online prices if customers can show the cashier the price difference on the app (although this will hold up the line). Thank you !
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1 year ago, Summers03
There is no Joann store near me so when I saw they had free shipping no minimum purchase I went on the app to buy some items. The app closed on me multiple times as I was shopping. Then had to start over searching. Frustrating. Finally had the items I wanted and wanted to check out. I had to sign in even though it shows my name in the info section. Fine extra security to make sure I’m the one ordering. I couldn’t remember my password since it’s been a while and tried to reset it. Apparently you can’t reset it in the app because it kept giving me an error message and that I had to call the 1800 number. Don’t really feel like sitting on hold for how long to reset a password. Finally found out that you have to reset it through a browser window. So I do that and go back to try and check out again. Of course the free shipping doesn’t include free handling and they added a charge for that. I was so tempted to not order at this point but I needed the items I had. I go to pay and of course they don’t accept PayPal you have to do it through a browser. Deleting the app because you have to open a browser window for almost anything anyway but lying about free shipping and then still sneaking in a charge for handling…not shopping here anymore
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6 years ago, Itsmyhamburger
Frustrating to use. Needs improvement.
This app is okay. It’s basic at the most. What I really dislike is when I click on the “shop Joann” button, it gets super glitchy when I try to search for an item. I have to click on the dang “enter your search” box 4-5 times in order for it to actually click on it. On the first few tries, clicking on it brings up a text box for you to type in whatever you’re looking for, but it disappears back to the main page when I try typing. What the heck?? Sometimes I just give up and go on my regular web browser. All the app is good for is coupons probably. I would also appreciate it if they could update the pages in a more timely manner. The coupons and deals often expire at 11:59 PM EST so why am I still seeing them when I obviously can’t use it after? I’m on PST time so they might be waiting for midnight my time to roll things over. However, this is confusing to customers and frustrating when I want to see the new deals or coupons.
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5 years ago, klcrochet
Misleading stock numbers
I have been having a particularly hard time trying to find a certain color of yarn to finish a project. I saw there were 3 balls in stock at a particular store. I drove 45 minutes out of my way to come to this store. I arrive and I can’t find the specific color I’m looking for. I bring up the app and sure enough it says there are still 3 balls of that color yarn in stock. I find an employee only to have them tell me that those numbers aren’t correct and they take 24-48 hours to update. Why even have this feature in the app if it’s not always updated?! Also what would have happened if I bought online to pick up in the store? Would no one have known this actually wasn’t in stock until an employee went to put the order together? Also, many stores don’t carry this color so my only option is to order online, which the shopping is $7.99 for a ball of yarn that’s roughly $5.....and there’s no option to have it shipped to the store. And the only online coupon is for free shipping with an order of $75 or more.... This is a poor excuse for an app. With the technology available to us now there’s no reason why the in stock numbers aren’t updated in real time! If this can’t be accomplished then don’t even bother with this feature. Thank you for wasting my time.
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3 years ago, toria.snow6
App won’t let me check out, keeps deleting my cart
I thought this app was great until I had about 25 items in my cart and went to check out. It lets me put in all my information and then crashes and deletes my cart when I try to place order. When I try to add things to my cart it will tell me that I have 23 items on my cart but then when I click on my cart it’s empty. Eventually after I have added stuff back in to my cart the originals reappear and the app tells me I can’t check out because of the duplicate items however it will not let me delete anything. I have gotten to check out at least three times and had the app crash and delete my cart each time after telling me I have a gift card to cover the entire balance when I have not entered any gift card info. I especially dissatisfied because I’m trying to use a 25% off online order coupon that expires today so I will have to go into store and spend an extra $40 since the app won’t work. I’ve tried closing the app, logging out and back in again, and deleting and redownloading the app and am still receiving the same results. I would not recommend this app and if there was anywhere else for me to shop I would not be shopping at joannes for my supplies.
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2 years ago, COB CANNON!
It’s okay
My main problem with this app is the cart/save item for later functions. If you have more than about 20 items in your cart and want to continue shopping, when you go back to your cart it takes ages to load. Sometimes, it doesn’t load at all even for you to remove items. Obviously this makes it difficult to actually make a purchase. Additionally, there is no way to favorite items other than placing an item in your cart to a “save for later” page. But, the only way to access this “save for later page” is through your cart. Which sometimes doesn’t load. And if your cart does load, the “save for later” page has the same issue where if you have over 20 items it itself may not load. Otherwise, this app is accurate when it comes to representing in-store stock, searching for items is relatively easy, and the built coupons are very convenient! I really just wish there were an easier way to make some sort of wishlist to go back to without going through the cart, and make the cart actually load… so I can buy things… in an app for a retail store XD
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5 years ago, amarbledog
Best crafting store in Las Vegas
Sometimes there are lines to wait in and this is Las Vegas so lines are a normal part of everyday life. But, the long line at Joann’s with crafters and quilters snapping up the latest deals flows effortlessly and before you know it your back home. You’ll actually see three or four checkers working instead of the 8-10 empty check lines that Hobby Lobby shows off unattended. The sales people are always friendly and helpful. The seasonally stocked items are already on sale and easily fun and unique projects seem too good to pass up. Sure there are a couple of competitors in town but you’ll be happy with the enhanced fabric choices and books with ideas and actual classes you can take learn and make things in. The others can’t be compared. When did you last take a class at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Their classrooms are always empty. I support the Best of the West location at Rainbow and Lake Mead. Thanks guys and gals you’re the best of the best.
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4 years ago, kiku92
Old reviews list problems still same
I just read several old comments from 1-2 years ago. I’ve experienced them over the COVID months 2020. I select a category of fabric and each and every time I pick a fabric color/print and want look at another I’m back at the beginning. WASTE OFMY TIME. The other thing about your app is passing it off as an iPad app, NOT. I prefer my iPad (in it’s case with the physical keyboard) horizontal to use it. Your app is LOCKED vertical. Now let’s talk about one of today’s daily ads. Lion brands 1 ball to make a project. Click yarn, click brand, click color & a list of 1/2inch pix comes up with a color name. Click color a “little” larger pic to see the jade, click back to check another color ,we’ll we’re back home. Click click another color to see how different from the 1st hmmm pic is same as 1st choice ?? But different name I tried another color (looked blackish totally unlike 1st, repeat all the yayayastuff 3rd pic same as first but name corresponded to my 3rd selection. Now if I’m looking for yarn with jade & all the green/blue yarn along with ALL of the colors in the 1ball makes a project pop up as the same color would you gamble on it or shop elsewhere?
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5 years ago, Cmclarke
Joann’s is my favorite store. The app not so much
I probably use the Joann’s app at least 2 times a week. As soon as I see a product or learn a technique from you tube I turn to Joann’s shopping for the item. The 2 things I dislike the most. I can’t pay for my items through the app. Even though I may have already signed into my account the app makes me sign in again but will buffer and buffer not allowing me to get into my account to pay. Because the app is such a convenient way to search for sale items or products I want. I shop in the app but have to log into my laptop search for the item numbers for the chosen product then pay for the items on my laptop. Additionally, I’ve come to expect long hold/wait times when calling Joann’s customer service. The other annoyance for me is you can’t use many coupons when shopping online example the money off coupons when you spend an amount excludes Joann’s online orders. When so many items can only be purchased online. I think that is very unfair to your online customers.
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2 years ago, larkspur1984
Virtually unusable
I own a small business and usually buy most of my supplies in person from Joanns. I recently moved somewhere I cannot easily run to the store, so I’ve tried multiple times to order things from the Joanns app. Almost every time my order will say it was confirmed only to later receive an email stating I “did not pass their verification process” and that my order was cancelled. Sometimes Joanns charges my card three or four times only to refund each one. This has happened both for shipped orders and store pick up orders. Unfortunately now it has happened again, this time I tried four or five time to place my order through the app, only to have my partner try to place it from their desktop website. All of these attempts were met with “there’s an error with your address”, “there’s an error with your card information”, and finally “we could not process your order because you did not pass our verification process”. Not that my business makes or breaks the company, obviously, but I will not be shopping with Joanns again. It’s not worth the hassle.
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3 years ago, QuirkyCarter
Review is about app, not the store itself
This app crashes constantly. I can’t even get through the process of selecting a product after comparing a few. I have to keep starting over because it crashes. My phone isn’t old and my app is updated, so this is really unexpected and annoying. It essentially renders the app unusable. In addition to the crashing, the filters don’t work. If I filter out products only available in-store, I don’t expect to see them in my search results. And sorting by price is nearly as useless. I should be able to view only the items that are available for shipping— and in order from lowest to highest price. This is very basic stuff. Since covid is devouring my community, I’m not going to shop in-person. And unfortunately most of the items I want to buy aren’t available for curbside pickup either. If I run out of patience with the app, I just won’t buy the products. We are nearly 2 years into this pandemic, so it’s inexcusable for a big company like Joann’s to still have an app that cannot do well with the most basic elements of online shopping.
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2 years ago, DWDCFC
Only small issues
I love this app! The only area of improvement would be the scanning. It never works for me and I end up having to take my two year old through the store to the scanners, but that’s not a big deal. The other thing I’d consider is the wording on the smile coupon terms. I was so excited to earn my $10 off of $10 coupon. When I went to the store to get embroidery supplies with it, the cashier told me the register wouldn’t take the coupon unless I had $20 worth of items. I thought it was $10 off of a $10 or more purchase. It was the day before payday so I didn’t have enough money with me to pay an extra $10 to use the coupon. Luckily my boyfriend was there and was nice enough to cover it for me, but it was still very embarrassing for me to have him pay and to have to get out of a full line to go get $20 worth of stuff and get back in a full line again.
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6 years ago, coolotr
Your app needs HELP
Please, I love shopping at JOANN’s but your app makes it so difficult. I love the shop to the store option, I don’t love wondering if you even got my order because your order tab doesn’t work, sometimes I get an email saying that you have received my order but wait until I get another email to pick up that never comes. I love the fact that I can check other nearby Joann’s for products my local store is out of. I hate the fact that it takes forever, and sometimes not all to change my orders to all one store for me to pick up instead of driving a 30 mile circle to pick up 3 orders that when actuality one store had all my wants in their store. I love being able to look at a whole line of fabric in one list. I don’t love having the page return to top of the page every time I order something. Please make me love the whole experience of shopping on line with JOANN.
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3 years ago, Fun mom 5
Worst app ever!!
I have been a JoAnn shopper for decades and started utilizing the app in the last couple of years. I have placed orders, had them confirmed and received an email the next day that the full order had been cancelled as unavailable ( all of the items). I search again and everything shows as available!!! There have been too many instances to document. I wish there was someone else to buy from carrying the things I use. Today I am most frustrated with my attempt to purchase online for pickup. I have 18 items in my cart that all show as available in the store. I went to checkout and confirmed payment. I hit the review button and everything in my cart disappeared. I go back to try to add the items again and the cart populated with 18 items, I try to purchase and it goes back to zero! So now, not only am I not able to purchase, but I can’t do anything with the cart. I wait an hour and try again, same thing. For a business with stores Nationwide, it would be nice if it had a functional website. I can’t count the number of hours I’ve spent trying to nurse an order out of it. Worst website/app I have ever used!
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5 years ago, sb farms
Yuba city store
Service always great especially in fabric. Store is neat clean and always stocked. Since it is really the only place in town to get fabric it would be nice if the store was larger and similar to the Sacramento stores otherwise we end up having to drive 60-90 minutes to get to Sacramento My only other complaint would be not extending holiday hours past dec 7th. Sitting in car waiting for store to open and watch at least a dozen customers turn at and drive off within a 30 minute period thinking store opened at 9:00 am. This is crunch time for crafters, and a rural community to boot where people are used to coming to town early to run errands and get back home. I drive nearly 45 minutes one way to get to town so I have to set aside at least 90 minutes of wasted time for driving and during the holidays every minute counts. Just a suggestion . Thank you
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6 years ago, keikipu
Checkout and Cart are Glitchy
Browsing on the app works just fine although I have noticed discrepancies in inventory for stores on the app vs the website (some items will come up as not available at all near me but the app will say there are some available for pick up in the store). Coupon codes do not always work 100% in the app even if you meet criteria it still might give you a message saying that it doesn’t work (ex: 20% off in store pick up and even when all the items are available for in store pick up it doesn’t apply the discount). The biggest gripe I have with the app at the moment is the fact that even though I am signed in already when I go to checkout it still asks me to sign in or continue as a guest. This would be fine if I could just sign into my account but after entering my credentials and pressing continue it just loops on a loading screen and never continues. The only way I could check out was as a guest and I really don’t want to have to do that every time.
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2 years ago, Mx.Bond
shopping on this app is a nightmare
I shop at Joann’s frequently, it’s my go to crafting store. But oh boy, both the app and website are borderline unusable. The app crashes approximately every 5-10 minutes, if not more. It’s also unbelievably slow. I have attempted to check out this one order 3 times now and every time it has either crashed, said there was an error in their system, or that I have to restart the check out process for “security reasons”. This last time, it also completely deleted everything in my cart. I am buying THREE items and it has taken 30 minutes just to get them in my cart and try to check out and now I have to restart the process. Since I can’t shop in store these days, I legitimately dread buying anything from Joann’s with the knowledge that I will have to fight 1v1 with the app or website to purchase anything. They are actively dissuading me from giving them my money. Somehow, the app has actually gotten worse and buggier through the last couple of years. Like I said, it’s a nightmare to use and the website is no better.
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4 years ago, skyeyas
Doesn’t always work
I recently downloaded the app and have used it several times. The last time I wanted to place an huge order of 25 plus items. The app would take forever it I added more items. I would hit another tab on the app and then my items disappeared. I was so disappointed I just gave up. I figured maybe the system was being updated or something since it was late at night. Or could’ve been too many people were placing orders since it was the Joanniversary sale. The next day I tried again and the same thing. My items were deleted from the cart. I jumped on my laptop and thankfully ALL the items were still in my cart, some even had more than one because I tried adding the items after I thought the items were deleted. My only other pet peeve is the view of the items in the cart. Too much wording in between items. Takes forever to look through your items.
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5 years ago, JaneDR2012
Using Joann’s to make creative life the best
I started collecting beads about 2years ago in order to make ornament covers! What I was using to contain them was small paper cups!! Very bad idea! True confession: I have always been a real CLUTZ! Needless to say I was constantly knocking the cup around & having to waste my valuable time by resorting them again & again!! OMG! I am never going to confess how many times this happened! My husband finally watched me resorting the beads over & over & asked if there was a way to store them that would prevent me from having to resort them! Yep! Joann’s ales has just what anyone needs & obviously someone else had gone thru this time wasting procedure & the bread containers were invented! I watched for sales & bought all the ones I would ever need! Do I still drop the beads? Yep! But now I only have to reach down & pick up the secure containers!! Thank to Jonann’s!!
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6 years ago, could be less frustrating
Frustrating at times
Searching the app is not easy, it seems that you need to be pretty specific to search something. Easy to add items to cart but only one coupon can be used per order which doesn’t make sense since at the store you can use multiple coupons that are related to different items. Also when checking out I was unable to add my address to check out and had to call in and replace my order over the phone which was very time consuming. Also the prices the rep was pulling up were different than the prices on line which was very frustrating. He ended up taking $10 off my order to make up for some of the difference but I still paid a few dollars more this way than I would have on the app.
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4 months ago, Watershed2017
What Happened?
I was using the app and it was fine but it seemed to have difficulty refreshing so I updated it to see if there were improvements.. I have also had iPhone IOS updates so there may be compatibility issues?? At any rate every time i don’t know if I noted functionality improvements BUT every time I would close out /minimize (I think) the app my screen display would go dark I mean to its lowest light setting. I would have to go into display settings. It was driving me nuts. Maybe that is what the developers intended…. So this morning I decided to update again. Ughhh I tried to view and remove some fabric from my cart, it is stuck spinning. I tried to look at the singer sewing machines under shop all (sorry nothing found under this…..). This is my first ever app review. I am about to retire. Have already ramped up my yarn and fabric purchases and I love the coupons at Joann’s and I can usually find what I need but this app…. I think I will limit the use if the app to coupons. I hope it can at least keep doing that.
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3 years ago, Dfsr
Online Ordering Needs Work
I loved using this app to check what was in stock at the store which was great, but today I tried the online ordering through the app and it was horrible. I placed the order today to be shipped to my house. I then check my email to get notifications that many of the items I ordered are out of stock. Then I got emails saying my order was ready for pick up in Texas and another email saying Utah. I’m very frustrated because I can’t cancel the order. I did not place the order for store pick up I placed it to be shipped. I also have my store set and live no where near either states. I’m very frustrated and disappointed with the unfulfilled order. Update I called customer service they can’t cancel my order, they are charging me double of what I paid, and are not helping what so ever. Quite frankly they were not the nicest and provided me with no solution besides waiting 3-5 days to potentially be refund the double charge. I am so frustrated because I simply wanted these items shipped to my house. They are showing up in 3 different states ready for pick up.
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3 years ago, kimer52
Great but where is the PayPal
I use this app all the time and wanted to give y’all a heads up on some things that would help improve my shopping experience. Well one I would really like to use my PayPal. I know y’all are working on it but I get annoyed logging in again on safari or my computer just to checkout since I use PayPal credit when I need to. Another thing is that it would be helpful to show the colors of the fabrics that are out of stock all together. I run a small business making pillows and had sent a photo of a list of fabric that I buy to a customer and found out that the fabric color she wanted was out of stock and nearly the entire set was out of stock. So then I had to find another similar fabric and similar colors. So maybe add color match program. Hope everything works out. Thank y’all for such a wonderful store!
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6 months ago, ShoppingHappens
The app kept asking for my feedback
So here it goes: Nothing loads except the rate our app part. So if I could, I would give negative stars. I am not the only one complaining. I usually just shop a competitor because their app and their coupons load. Why can’t you figure out how to make a semi decent app that is actually worth one out of ten stars instead of the -1000 star app you supply us? The news talks about all the tech lay offs. Surely someone has some free time to make a decent user interface. Why won’t anything load? Why won’t coupons load? Why do you only ask for feedback and then do nothing with the feedback? The few times it does load: Why aren’t items searchable? That is open source. Shouldn’t be hard to have a better search engine in the app. Another complaint on here is over six years old yet nothing gets done. I think all of your marketing, advertising, and tech should be let go. Start over. This is horrible. Do better. Good thing Michael’s is on the same street in my town.
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3 years ago, 6754qwert
Ok but slow
I was excited but the app runs slow in my iPad, other apps don’t so I’m guessing it’s the app. Trying to buy many things and needing to be able to edit the cart is cumbersome. Ex, paper on a door buster is 10 for $2. At the store they all ring up as 20 cents but in the app I had to get in lots of 10 to get the price. I kept changing quantities to try to get there. It took so long I abandoned the effort. So the sale, which had many large cost items, was abandoned. At least it saved me money. Came back after the sale and now I have many different papers to remove from my cart, one by stinking one, slowly. An edit button and then being able to select all of them then remove in one removal would have been great. Did I buy the $60 worth of other items? No because I missed out on a shipping deal and was just frustrated. I’d rather have gone to the store but with COVID and at risk folks at home that’s not an option
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2 years ago, Tess329
More problems with this app than I can count. I don’t understand all the positive ratings and reviews. The search engine is terrible. There is no way to filter what’s available in your store. If you try it still shows you out of stock items. You can’t favorite things in the app, only on the website, and there’s no way to access your favorites from the app. When you try to select a color of thread or fabric from choices, there’s a glitch where the choices disappear. Just now I filled my cart with items in the app, try to check out, and it says there’s an issue with processing my payment. But not what the issue is. This is with my card that is stored in the app. I back out and try again. This time I thinks I’m a robot. Once I get through the captcha, everything in my cart is gone. As I have done SO MANY TIMES I end up getting off the app and using the desktop browser. The only good thing about the app is that they finally integrated curbside pickup - and miraculously, that works well.
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4 years ago, Kenn1800
Don’t trust their inventory
Giving 3 stars cause I know their trying and the app use to be great. But now all I can say is don’t trust the app if it says something is in stock. You’ll drive out of you’re way to a store and find out that item has been out of stock for weeks and even days after you go to the store they still won’t update the inventory. The app clearly says 10 units in stock. After contacting them they said the site doesn’t reflect their active inventory. Which pretty much means the app is useless. I’ve tried the shop online and pick up in store option and the items become sold out by the time they try to fulfill it. Or I guess in my previous case the item has been sold out for weeks and they just can’t update their site even after numerous customers show up looking for these things. You’re better off going to the store yourself. The app is only good to browse not help you find things in stock
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2 months ago, elis328
Pros and cons
I LOVE this how it allows you to interact with and save fabrics- it’s brilliant! I hate that even when I choose curbside or in store pickup it defaults to shipping and it is sometimes impossible to check out through the app. Also, there is not free WiFi in the store and I hardly get a signal inside, so using the app is amazing when it works but there are many times it just won’t open. Last but not least, I hate that when it updates, you can not access your coupons etc. until after you run the update. There are times when I’ll use it at home and then go to the store the same day, but the app won’t open until I update it… which is impossible inside the store. So I’m not able to use it unless I leave and come back, which I’m usually too frustrated to do. The ideas in the app are amazing!! Rewards are great. The reliability and usability is very hit or miss.
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3 years ago, The Ren
So many good things in Jo-Ann app and a major bug
I mostly really like this app, in some cases even better than the website. I love that when shopping for yarn or embroidery floss, I get a drop down with color name/number. That’s tons easier than clicking on every swatch to see if the name/number matches what I need. But in the last two days, I’ve had the entire 23 item shopping cart empty out on me between entering the items in and trying to check out. I estimate that it equates to 2 hours of my weekend being gone. Also, second time, clicking through to checkout, I couldn’t complete the checkout because it wouldn’t recognize my previously saved address as in appropriate format - for in store purchase, using a previously used and saved credit card. Trying to complete the purchase of that attempt in the browser likely wiped the cart too. I’m exhausted.
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3 months ago, Happy Gatcat
App Not Working Properly
I use the app to place online delivery and/ or store pickup orders. My most recent order was placed on March 14, 2024. This order still hasn’t populated my rewards; it never has with any orders. However, at least I would get a delineated list of order items and associated costs. This order has not populated my rewards, it is not showing as an order and I haven’t received an email with order information. The money has been charged to my account. I received a text with a link but it is not accurate and i complete. My last order using the app was missing skeins of yarn and the customer service representative was very rude and behaved as if she was doing me a favor by refunding the money spent on the missing yarn. I had to take my precious tine to re-order the missing yarn, repay it; why not just send the missing yarn. Ugh, I vowed not to reorder from Joanns, but I re-ordered thinking we all make mistakes; stupid me.
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5 years ago, DV427
Coupon Scams
I received through the app a coupon to get tulle for 89 cents a yard. I am preparing for a wedding so this was great since I needed 36 yards of tulle. When I get there and try to use the coupon it would not work because it was only good on regular price tulle. Joann had all the tulle on sale the same time as they put out the coupon. The coupon was only good for 3 days, the same days the tulle is on sale so the coupon is useless. Why would they send out a coupon on an item that is only good when it’s regular price then put that same item on sale? This is just short of being a bait and switch scam. When they told me why I couldn’t use it I asked why would you put all the tulle on sale and then offer this coupon knowing it could not be used. I am so disappointed in Joann Fabric and that they would deceive the customer like this. The only good thing I will say is that one of the employees called corporate and talked them into giving me another coupon but it still did not get the fabric to 89 cents like advertised.
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5 years ago, BridgetAnnCarrington
Happy to have Joann Fabrics
Fabric retailers have left our area in recent years. In past years I could purchase fabric by the yard at my local dime store. Both are no longer. I am very thankful to have an exclusive retail fabric store nearby. Seeing fabric, touching it helps me envision the project I am working on. I have ordered fabric sight unseen on the internet reading the description. However half the time I am surprised that either the description or photo did not look the same as pictured or described. It is important to see the fabric in person. I love to sew. Joann is the last of the fabric retailers in my area. Joann offers a nice selection on fabrics be it home decor, costume, fleece, clothing. Joann also has a good selection of books, buttons, notions and crafts. I will be a customer as long as I can get to a Joann’s store.
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5 years ago, Creative Left Foot
When JoAnns opened a new store closing the old small store I had mixed feelings. Being the only store in the high desert that carried a large choice of material I parked my car and slowly walked into the new store. Believe me when I say I was so overwhelmed with not only material but also the items used in so many other crafts I immediately decided this store was my new Best and Favorite store. In fact since this new store opened I no longer drive past the empty “old” store and grieve! Material, paints, beads, jewelry findings, sewing machines, children’s crafts, cake decorating, leather crafts, polymer clay, yarn, seasonal crafts and finished pieces,... I could go on! Yes, when I go to this store new projects form in my mind and I find myself checking out several hours after I entered the store. My favorite store!
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5 years ago, hillarylshay
Easy to use & to find coupons that you can use while in store
I love being able to look through the app for sales &/or coupons on items that are for the items that I need to get quickly &/or items that I’ve had on my wishlist but for one reason or another I hadn’t or couldn’t buy before so I know if getting those new items. So it helps me figure out what items I need to look at as well as the other objects I have had interest in &/or had wanted to buy for a while. By being able to look through the various coupons & what items are on sale before I make my run to the few craft stores in the area I shop in I’m able to figure out if I should stop first at JoAnn’s or not. (Which I usually end up doing anyway 😉)
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5 years ago, maplepigeon
it's good but could be better
You should really be able to see past orders on the app and not just on the website. I'd like a wishlist feature to save particular items to a project list so I can keep track of the specific fabric I might want to get without having to find it again or take a screenshot on my phone. Maybe come up with a better old version of the app for people with pre-iOS7 because I know people who are getting the smiles rewards but have no way of seeing them cuz their app is unable to update. Also either state plainly on the rewards that they don't work with other coupons/doorbusters or just let them work because it's confusing for those who aren't well versed in the fine print. Plus it's a reward for spending money at your business. I think the people have earned it and it'll entice more people to get the app if they don't already.
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4 months ago, sal862
Usable but frustrating
Alright, I’ll grant it does the job most of the time. You can generally find items, place them in your cart, and make an order. But sometimes the cart will spontaneously empty itself, removing all items placed there. This also happens frequently with the “saved for later” section ime, which I use to track prices on items I’m interested in since there isn’t a wishlist function. EXTREMELY frustrating. Other issues I’ve noticed are that the Order History function has never worked, and sometimes going to a sale section either from the Deals section or the Weekly Ad links will simply go to a search page that says “there are no items here”. Guess that’s my sign not to buy! Overall, the app could be greatly improved for a better user experience
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7 months ago, kromz23
Basically unusable
It seems like the most recent app update has made it completely impossible to use. I’ve been trying to order items for pickup for the past 30 minutes with various issues. My bag contains different items when I click “Home” versus “Shop” at the bottom of the screen. I got to the order confirmation screen and received multiple different error messages about the address and email being incorrect, despite using the same saved information that I used less than 2 weeks ago. Then, suddenly, my order changed completely at the final screen. Two items disappeared completely from the order, and one item was duplicated despite me only ordering one. I was hoping to take advantage of the deals currently available in the app, but I can’t even get one order completed correctly. I’m losing interest in shopping at Joann with how horrible the app experience is at the moment.
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4 years ago, Kbalani
I never write app reviews
I never write app reviews but the Joann’s app is just THAT bad. First of all, the item scanner is super glitchy and does not work. Every time I go to scan an item it says the item cannot be found. But if I dig around the website for a bit I will find the item. So it’s not that the item isn’t in their database or isn’t available, it’s just that their system is glitchy. And this is extremely inconvenient because items are always on sale in Joanns so the real price is rarely every the sticker price. Also, the app gets super glitchy in store. Idk what it is about Joanns stores but they cause the app to run slow. I will literally walk outside and boom it’ll start working again. I have a conspiracy theory that it glitches in stores to prevent you from using coupons or rewards but thats just my 2 cents. In all, Joanns, you need to seriously fix this app. In an era where brick and mortar sales are plummeting, this should be a top priority to keep customers coming back!
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1 year ago, PatOmine!!
I had the latest version of the IOS Joann application installed on my iPhone 13 Pro running ios 16.3.1. I clicked on an email link, it opened in Chrome (my default browser), then asked if I wanted to allow Chrome to open the application Joanne. Allowed the Joanne app to load, and that was fine. Browsed around in the app on the President's day sale. Then I tried to do something else with my phone, and it wouldn't let me quit from the application. When I swiped up from the bottom to see a list of running applications, the Joann's app would show up at the top of the stack, and then steal the focus back. I could never switch to another app or go to the main window of my phone. After doing this for a few minutes, the phone starting getting warmer. I then did a forced reboot of the phone (up volume, down volume, then power button), and uninstalled the application. Not going to install the app again, just not worth it!
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