3.7 (12)
24.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Johnson County Library
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for JoCoLibrary

3.67 out of 5
12 Ratings
3 years ago, Hoo56
Time waster
When it works, it’s great. But I have found trying to use it drains me patience and wastes time. Specifically, when searching for a known title, I frequently get the message “server is not responding.” This is so disappointing.
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3 years ago, MaryMacKC
I love my library app but…
On my app it says my Corinth branch is closed on Sundays when in fact they are open! Would you please update? I thought the hours changed and avoided going there the last couple weeks on a Sunday. Reported it to one of the librarians a couple weeks ago but no change.
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6 years ago, lbbro
Great library, app needs work
I love using the app for convenience, but it doesn’t always allow you to filter though the books, and sometimes it doesn’t find titles even with the searches words. Currently, you can’t filter through anything at all!
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12 months ago, K ris123 895
Really frustrating
The app constantly has issues connecting to the server, and logs you out, or tries to reconnect so many times that you are locked out for an hour. It used to be better but save your time and just log into the website.
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2 years ago, Bobby Hoov
The app crashes a lot rarely works properly. I find I usually end up logging into their website because the app is useless.
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1 month ago, wow is this nickname taken
App isn’t working
Won’t even allow me to log into the app this is so frustrating!!!!
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13 years ago, SMStephney
Great job JoCo library!
I have been nothing but impressed with the new website and now this new app. The app is functional, easy to use and intuitive allowing me to do 90% of what I do on the website. I have not tried to scan the digital barcode yet at my branch so I can't comment on that one. The things missing, in my opinion, are two things: One is linking of authors; for example I want to find a book but can only remember the author I want wrote Needful Things. If I search for that title and find Stephen King there is no link to take me to his other works. Yes, I can now put his name in the query, but the linking saves time. Item two is a history of what I have checked out. If my sons want to check out "that monkey book" again it would be nice to see what we had in the past that they might mean. Again, this is a phenomenal app and I am surprised it is not $0.99. Congratulations to JoCo for being progressive in this and I whole heartedly suggest giving it a try.
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13 years ago, Shalva
I love serendipity!
On a whim I typed in "Johnson County Library" in the search screen of the app store today while on break. I truly wasn't expecting anything but a blank screen and look what popped up! I've played with it, I've put books on hold, took books off hold, checked for titles I was interested in, called a branch near work that had one of those titles and swung by after work to pick it up. I even used the barcode scan picture the app generates for my library card and it worked like a dream! I didn't have to dig my wallet out of the bottom of my purse to find my card to check out. I love our public libraries, even more since having lived in a country where you had to pay for a membership to libraries, big big fees....small small selections. I love all the advances they've made in making the library more accessible, even in these times of budget reductions. I will confess I miss tripping through the card catalogues in search of serendipitous finds, but that's just my age showing. Now with this app I can look up books right away before I forget the name or author when I get home (another age thing... smile). Way to go JoCo! I loved you before, I love you even more now!
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10 years ago, Scazzle
This is the best thing ever!
After having lived in various cities all over the country & having used many different library systems, I must say Johnson County's system is top notch. This app is everything I've needed to help make use of my holds, renewals, pay fees, etc (all though now that I have the app, I hope I will never have to pay a fine again!). This app is user friendly & I especially love that it shows pictures of the covers of the books I've checked out. It helps when searching for the books :)
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5 years ago, SunnySmiles72
Too many bugs and can’t log in during night time hours;
The app constantly crashes and freezes up, and also when you go to login the usernumber and pin over the nighttime hours, it says they are inaccurate, which I know is not true!!! You are completely blocked from using the app; you are denied the ability to even use the app to browse or renew items until the morning!! I’ve been using this number and pin for years. They are NOT inaccurate. Somebody really needs to fix this and pay attention to these requests!! I have seen other people complaining about the same thing!!
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12 years ago, John Christensen, JD, CFP
Senior Financial Advisor
This is one of my favorite apps. It is shockingly good, and the library system has done a great job integrating their entire inventory system. Love being able to search, reserve, and renew books from my iPhone. It has changed the way I use the library. Enjoy!
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11 years ago, Disneyflorida
I absolutely love this library system! I volunteered over the summer and loved it!! This app is great too! I would recommend making it more like the website. (Staff Picks, Summer Reading, Events, Find a Good Book etc.) But it does its basic job pretty well. An iPhone 5 version would be appreciated. Thank You Joco Library!
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6 years ago, Ninja gram
I love JoCoLibrary!!!! I’ve had an active card for over 35 years, providing me, then my children and me, then my children and grandchildren, now my children, grandchildren, great grand children and me with great adventures, mysteries, joy, and history and constant stimulation and thoughtful questions, and answers as thorough as we are willing to seek! Thank you.
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6 years ago, GrimaceKC
Filtering Is Now Broken
For searching, seeing when items are due, etc. it's fine but extremely slow. It was slow before but after this recent update it's far worse. On top of that the filtering options are now completely broken since the "Done" and "Cancel" buttons aren't working so you can't change the filter to anything besides the default "Any".
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11 years ago, AwesomeAliMarie
Love it
So easy to see if holds are ready for pickup and when checked out books are due. I also love being able to reserve and renew via my iPhone. I never have to remember my card because the barcode is stored on this app!
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9 years ago, lsalem
Very nice!
I use this app almost daily and have found it to be reliable and useful on the computer, iPhone and iPad. A terrific app. Now, if only the library could do something about the audio component of the Axis360 app...
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6 years ago, Sevrock222
Refine button not functional
Love the app but recently, the refine button looks like it’s working but the. Doesn’t let you hit “done” to actually filter anything. Looks like others are having similar issues. (Also couldn’t submit feedback from the app so bad to come here.)
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9 years ago, Hurlinfire
Great app!
I really love this app! It lets me renew, hold, check fines, and much more. This app is a MUST for any library lovers out there. Keep up the good work on the updates to the app, each one improves the stability and functionality.
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11 years ago, MNgrlnKS
Most used app on my phone!
I use this app everyday, everywhere! For a person who has a long reading list and love to use the library...this app is fantastic at managing holds and renewing books. Love it!
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12 years ago, Drladd
Great App!
Incredibly easy to use. Going to he app to see if the library has a book I'm looking for us incredibly easy and intuitive. I can put a hold in a book with one tap.
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13 years ago, Neilsterks
My borrowing freezes up!
The "my borrowing" tab, the one I need to use the most, constantly freezes up, and I get no data. Otherwise, the app is useful to place items on hold.
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10 years ago, Caroline🎀
I love this app!
The Johnson County Library app was very well created, I love how easy it is to use, and I can easily search, place a hold, checkout, check my holds, see if any holds are ready for pickup, etc. This is an excellent app!
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12 years ago, Spurrs
Excellent App!
Easy to use and well done. If you haven't opened it in a whole it takes a bit long to open, but otherwise no faults are evident.
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11 years ago, Cinnamon Panda
Works like a charm
Use constantly to renew books and check reviews for new books to read.
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6 years ago, Shelbz1992
Filter doesn’t work
The filtering system is not currently working but I love the app overall.
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11 years ago, CuriouslySappy
Great app!
I love how easy it is to browse, place holds, renew, and view your account. Bonus that it has my barcode from my library card! Love it!
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11 years ago, silversnowflake
Very Useful
I really like how easy and convenient this app is. My favorite art is how you can manage your holds and renew items easily.
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6 years ago, K81M26
Axis 360
This app seems to work better than the first time I tried it a year ago. Better selection of new books also.
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11 years ago, littleredriley
Works great, easy to use
I've been really happy with how easy it is to find books and renew them.
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13 years ago, gwood8
Makes things much easier!
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6 years ago, Cole-44
Latest update makes the App Glitchy
I have used this app for a few years and, in general, it has worked great. After the update last week, the app freezes on my 8 plus when i try to browse the newly ordered items to, say, dvd’s. Totally locks up and I have to quit out.
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4 years ago, bks4jewels
Won’t load My Library correctly
This used to work great, but in the past 6 months it only works on rare occasions. I can only check my account by logging in through website.
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6 years ago, Ricketts48
Refine feature on the app not working
When you go to explore and try to refine it does not work
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13 years ago, MyEsmerelda
Slow load
App loads very slowly. Once open, it's great. Unfortunately, I lack the patience to wait.
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11 years ago, Jackie Pies
Crashes since iOS 7 update
I love this app and I use it constantly. However, ever since the update to seven, it crashes constantly. It won't let me place holds on items. It won't let me check availability of items. It randomly closes while I'm using it. Please help- hopefully someone can work on the app to get it working with iOS 7. I love this app so much and I want to be able to keep using it.
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5 years ago, mkmary
Love the library, don’t waste time with the app
App is slow, if it even works. I’ve sent feedback about issues with ZERO responses from Jo Co. Save yourself some time and access the website!
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12 years ago, Moni71487
Wow. Great app. Love that I can manage holds and fines. Surprisingly good app.
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5 years ago, HankPopper
Can I get an update?
I can find a book and place (and renew holds). But no notifications (?!). Come on, BiblioCommons.
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4 years ago, Can't Say It Enough
Used to be 5 Stars. Now it’s 0 Stars
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6 years ago, msdaly
Refine button
Refine button doesn’t work. Pls fix
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13 years ago, whataboutdale
I Love My Library!
...and I love this app!! It works sooooo good!!!
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5 years ago, Gameplayer00000000000
Problems signing in
I like this app but there’s something wrong with it. When I try to sign in during the overnight hours, 95% of the time, I get a message saying my username or password isn’t valid, which it is. This happened on my iPhone 6, 8 plus and my iPad. Please fix this, this is so annoying.
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11 years ago, KsJayhawksfan
Crashes in iOS 7 when putting a book on hold
Cannot reserve materials since updating to iOS 7. Please fix to be compatible with iOS 7.
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12 years ago, Elinore7
So convenient!
This app is wonderful! I can manage holds, search for books, all on my iPhone. I like to use it while walking through the library instead of using their computers. I have had problems with the bar code not scanning and with the 'my borrowing' page not loading, but all in all, this is a great app!
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13 years ago, nmr600 or vsoy
great app, but I had problems with barcode scanning
This is a very well designed, stable app. My only problem is that when I did self checkout, I had problems using the barcode image with the scanner. I tried 2 machines and varying distance from scanner. I did notice that you can enter your library card number on the touchscreen and so having the bar code was handy to refer to it. All in all, still a great app.
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