Joss & Main: Furniture & Decor

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User Reviews for Joss & Main: Furniture & Decor

4.86 out of 5
62.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Nursegirl621
Excellent customer service
I am so impressed with Joss & Main. Not only do they have great prices and selection of items but they truly care about their customers satisfaction. I ordered 2 end tables a few months ago. When I received them, one of the tables was unsteady and had a flawed appearance on the door front. I called to see about returning and cost of delivery. Without any hesitation the representative said they would take care of it by replacing both items free of charge and per the contract with the manufacturer, I could keep the tables and either use them in another room or donate them. I’ve never had such excellent service and because of that I will continue to order from joss and main knowing that my satisfaction is their priority. Thank you Joss and Main! I just ordered my bedside tables from you. I’m sure I will love them. I appreciate your respect for the customer. In a world full of choices for retail items, you’ve set the bar high in your quality of product and service.
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12 months ago, ComedyGirlCrazy
Love, Love & Love Joss & Main. So many different styles. From A - Z. Great selections for your home, outdoors, pets, kids, furniture , lamps, jewelry, kitchen supplies, Everything Christmas, Bedding, Lights, Chandeliers, and all decorations. Love when they bring in favorite designers. Also they have great prices, sales and even wonderful shipping prices. Sometimes Free On Shipping. This Store is A MUST CHECKOUT ! Just bought Wonderful essentials bathroom items for my daughters new loft. I also love all the different types of styles Joss & Main have Available. Love the Farm House Style and the talented designers. I unfortunately, had a stressful time ordering with Apple Pay. I’m looking forward to this beautiful chandelier in my formal dining room. Not to formal but, classy and elegant enough for the room.
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7 years ago, Hartzok
Awesome sophisticated furniture that I can afford
I have purchased a sofa, two armchairs, a large carpet, a console table and an end table from this app. I absolutely love their selections. They are sophisticated and classy stuff for my formal living room as well as rustic looking stuff for my family room. Even the stuff on sale seems like very good quality stuff. Hats off to the Joss and Main buyers. I love the app!! Must saying ordering via the app and on phone is a breeze. Also I was very pleased with their delivery for the large furniture like my sectional. They sent me reminders before they delivered and also came me a call 30 mins before they arrived. Loved the experience!!!
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5 years ago, MommaKBeary
Great Merchandise But Not-Great Technology
Ok, so the variety, quality and price of items available through Joss & Main is terrific. BUT their technology is a little lacking. For example, I purchased black velvet pillow but the App and email and website showed a picture of yellow pillows and the order details did not specify the color. So I had to call Customer Service to find out why they swapped my black pillows for yellow. Cuts service person said she could see I definitely ordered black pillows and that’s what they’ll ship, but it just show incorrectly in App and online. Then when I tried to review recent purchases, he App is only showing a duvet that has yet to be delivered. So it’s a little glitchy. Just pay attention to what you purchase and you’ll be ok. But don’t expect super great technology. They’re just not there yet.
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5 years ago, TonyBolonyChickenMacaroni
First-Time Order
OMG! Their website/app is just crazy awesome! I’m big into furniture, and they kept showing up on my Facebook feed. Been obsessively looking for living room furniture and art, and they have a PLETHORA of things! It’s endless! Took me forever, but I finally ordered 7 items because 1) I’m crazy, and 2) I want a beautiful and luxurious home. Their prices are fantastic. My advice: look through the reviews, as they do help out and give good perspectives. J&M is awesome, and I’m looking forward to my order arriving next week. I applied for their credit card and was approved in seconds. I went with the 12 months no interest option.
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6 years ago, Pleased in PA!
Fresh and New Ideas for Home Decor
If a “Man’s Home Is His Castle,” then a women’s home is an extension of her personality. Joss and Main complements my personality so well. The uniqueness of your merchandise allows for people of varied taste and style to find just the right item to complete a look, define a style or just add a touch of whimsy to a room. When I visit your site, it’s like an adventure and have enjoyed the the experience so much that I have turned on a few of my closest friends to Koss and Main and they have too have been pleased with everything they’ve purchased. Thanks for your “Eclectic Merchandise,” and all I can say is “Keep it coming!”
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7 years ago, DoneWithPlum
Love these sites!!!!
I've been buying from Wayfair and Joss & Main for years and have never been disappointed. I hate shopping but love searching these sites and finding exactly what I'm looking for. I've recently bought two chairs (beautiful!), a cabinet(excellent quality), a rug (gorgeous), dishes (love them) and numerous decorator items for our new home. These are incredible sites with everything you need for your home and the items I've bought over the years have all been great quality products. Can't beat it.
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5 years ago, Knkeststes
Joss & Main
Love app and most items, Ive decorated 3 homes using furniture and home decor in last year. Customer service was excellent when I had to return dining room chairs. I don’t like to purchase furniture w/o seeing it first. Def don’t like putting it together but home decor is great value. I felt pretty good when real estate company wanted to use my last home to take pics while home was staged. I normally am DIY’er so I do my own decorating and mostly sell my homes and property on my own. However, I used realtor last time, but I know what I want and don’t deal well with sales pressure . That’s what I love about this app, I can find exactly what I’m looking for with no pressure.
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5 years ago, Voll express
Check out
It has taken me two days to get checked out online for a chandelier I just ordered. The problem has been the same for a long time with this app when ordering online. When it’s time to place the order it won’t go to the payment or shipping addresses to order. It just says oops there was a problem. Nothing appears but that and all I do is try to check out. I get up this mor I g and no problem. It always makes me never want to order from Joss and Main again. I try on my phone. I try in my computer. It’s the same thing. Must be when there are too many people ordering. I started in Friday and now in Sunday morning finally get it placed. I could have received it on Thr 29th snd now it’s going to be much later in May. I’m sure everyone e gets fed up with it kind I do.
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4 years ago, Shotvol
Will take your money and not deliver
Ordered a bed over a month ago. They marked it shipped and charged my card immediately. No tracking has ever been provided, however after calling customer service says its on the way. After waiting a month, I contacted again and they have just said they’re looking into and promised to get back to me by a certain date. Date came and went with no response. Have contacted them twice without any response. I guess my only next step is to pursue a chargeback from credit card provider. Buyer beware, this company is not functioning well, at best. Update: Order was never received so I requested a refund, which was processed minus a $240 return shipping fee. FOR SOMETHING I NEVER RECEIVED - after waiting 5 weeks for deliver! This company is not healthy - AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
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6 years ago, Ricograzz
Customer service is excellent
I got a coffee table a rack to hold pots and pans a bathroom 3 level shelf and a cabinet. All were perfect the bathroom shelf had a little dent in it nothing big as a guy I could of lived with it but my wife could not lol she called not only did they send a new one immediately they told us we can keep the other one and we gave it to our neighbor we also got a discount on the next Order. Here’s were it gets crazy it the new one came within 2 days. I’m very happy and confident using them again.
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4 years ago, Stargirl 1
Love Them
Easy to navigate and access information - I’m all about the details when I want to purchase something - the dimensions, the materials, the images of the product, if assembly is needed and the reviews by verified buyers. These all help me shop carefully and wisely. I love the selection at Joss and Main and I have never been disappointed with something I’ve purchased on their site because they go that extra step to give you lots of information about what you’re getting.
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6 years ago, Grandmathe great
I am Hooked
Last year, us old folks, added a first grader, and our son without much preparation. This year, we are hooked on making room and wanting to get back some of the charm. So we bought the Spague Hooks for coats with baskets for keys, and the Double Hooks for the little backpacks. We also picked up a Star Hook for the added luxury of keeping the dog’s travel bag in a safe place. You have to move fast and stay organized with all of this flurry of activity around here now! Thank you for helping us do so.
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4 years ago, mistic queen
Curtains, 4 chairs, End table
Joe is the only representative of Joss and Main that helped me with my situation of being locked out of my account. I’ve purchased many items with you guys since COVID-19 and mentioned my situation to each and every representative and asked how they could fix my temporary lockout. They just preceded to take my order over the phone. Thanks Joe for caring enough to fix my problem. And by the way it was Sunday a few minutes left before closing. Excellent customer service!!!!!
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6 years ago, lstewart89
Color Preview Bug
I love Joss & Main! Lots of pieces at affordable prices in a wide range of styles. My only complaint is that, when previewing upholstery color, there is a bug (at least for the last few updates) where the color change is one “behind” whatever you’re selecting. So if I press the red, then blue, then white, the colors appear on the couch as no change, the red, then blue. This has made purchasing a sofa a bit difficult. I have a screenshot showing one color selected with another color displayed on the sofa if it’s helpful to developers.
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5 years ago, Milview
Great products, wonderful customer service
I recently received my beautiful outdoor patio set after searching and asking questions on line. I love you provide so much info and options to ask questions. After setting my set up (yes a 77 year old can do it) I found the placement of one chair wasn’t completely protected from a nearby sprinkler and rain. I asked If there was a cover for it and got a swift reply with the SKU and size I needed. Placed order and you made it all so easy. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Keep Shopping!!
Amazing Store
Joss and Main is such an amazing place to shop. Everything I have ordered (and I have ordered a lot) has been of the highest quality, beautiful, and I have received it quickly and packaged well. The customer service is the best I have ever had with a company. Imagine speaking to a real person that cares when you call. I have had nothing but wonderful experience and will never stop shopping at Joss and Main!!
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6 years ago, ..Mel
Love your site
Joss &Main has so many different products! I love “shopping” at home with your online store. I’m glad you make available customized folders to save items for different projects. I also just realized that I can be notified when an item will be back in stock. I previously believed that “out of stock” meant no more were going to be available. What a convenient additional service this is! Thank you so much.
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5 years ago, Capitolan
App Needs Work
The products are beautiful and all, but this app has issues. I was unable to upload a room photo. I couldn’t go back to the product pages for the items in my favorites list. I couldn’t change my email settings from the app. The room view is nice in theory but you can turn any of items, there’s no indication of scale, and some of the product photos had backgrounds that imported into the room view. The favorites issue is the most unfortunate. I collected various pieces of office furniture so I could go back and look more closely at the dimensions and reviews, but I can’t access that information from the favorites on the app. My options are add to cart, comment or delete. Please fix.
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5 years ago, eschaums
App doesn’t work
Wow, this is one bad app. I kept getting ads on Facebook and wanted to see the gorgeous furniture but I had no choice but to view via app. Found a lot of stuff I like but favorite feature did not work, kept getting error messages. I ended up having to share the link via text to myself and then copy the link, and open via website private browser to save each item. What a pain. Also, there are no filters when searching, every other company allows you to search by color, brand, material etc. just one jumbled mess. Even the sort feature didn’t work properly. It seems like it only pulls up the first 20-30 options.
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6 years ago, Mrs Bing
So, we bought a new house and J&M are helping to make it a home. Just a week ago, I placed a huge order after our concrete for the patio was poured. Had a few damaged items but they’ve sorted those out for us, no problems at all. Very easy to deal with customer service/support and everything that arrived was as expected, sizes, colors, materials. Very pleased with my patio now, in fact, just ordered a few more things......
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6 years ago, 1 Bebe
Excellent Choices/Customer Service
They offer 8 thousand items to chose from. Prices are inline with great pieces of best quality. Their Pro membership has the best benefits if your a company looking for quality offering the best prices. Customer service is superior, no matter why you are reaching out to them, they come through with EZ solutions, for you to chose, what works best for you. I highly recommend this company and their customers “Always Right” attitude.
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6 years ago, jen.gerlach
Total house reno
I have LOVED using this site to help decorate my home. We are doing a total house reno so each room needed to be thought through. Creating project boards really helped me to organize my ideas and stay on budget. They would even send me notifications when an item I wanted came back in stock AT THE SALE PRICE! I feel like I not only have unique pieces for our home but I saved quite a bit of money too!
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5 years ago, confused_2019
This is the first time I have ordered from J&M and I haven’t received the merchandise yet so my review is strictly about my online shopping experience. I’ve been watching my item and wanted to coordinate delivery with a certain date. Today I realized my desired date was available but the price had gone up. Over the past couple of weeks, the price changed frequently. I’m not sure why. I am sure that I paid more than I would have a couple of days ago. Confusing!
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7 years ago, deb&trick
Joss and Main
I love the way you are paying attention to your customers with complete details of merchandise, the service and delivery! We bought a Metal bed, it was superior packaging! Our bed is beautiful..❤️ Thank you for helping your customers, before and after the sale! We will be back to order as we need! The free shipping helps out a lot..especially with this economy now, Thank you!! 😊
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5 years ago, Zombiefun28
Unable to view saved items
I really like shopping on the app, however, when I save things to a project, I can’t go back to view the items in detail or add them to my cart. I can only scroll through the list of saved items and have options to comment on them or delete them. If I decide I want to purchase, I have to go back and search and then add to my cart. The point of saving is to avoid searching. If I try the same thing in Wayfair, it tries to pull up and then errors out. Seems to be an issue between the two apps saving the same items.
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6 years ago, V Graham70
Figure out Apple Pay!
Your checkout experience is seriously flawed! Apple Pay is not integrated correctly in your checkout process. I know this because it works with other merchants and there is a handful where it doesn’t...and they are merchants new to Apple Pay. I then added my own credit card and then you sold something in my cart! Plus you kept saying I needed to add a payment option twice after I already added my own cc after the failed attempts with Apple Pay. It was a $1,000 transaction!! And you can’t even take my name for the review b/c it is taken!!
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6 years ago, joss and main
App display
I preferred the way the App used to look. I feel like trying to find what your looking for, takes more steps now then before. Also a lot of products sold on the site, are not actually “discounted” their the same prices the original manufacturer is asking. Seems deceptive. The point of using “Joss & Main” is to get a better deal or lower price. When in actuality, if you do your research, your getting the product for the same cost if you would have gone directly to the source.
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6 years ago, 21&16
Great finds, outstanding inspiration
My husband and I are renovating our home. We completely updated the finishes from a yellow toned to beautiful brown and greige. As you can imagine we were in need of a lot of new furnishings. I found this website so useful. Everything I received was quality and matched the pictures. Very helpful images as well to help conceptualize furniture styles and arrangements.
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7 years ago, K2SfNm
Nice Products - Awful App
I like the products they offer, but the app is horrible. It is impossible to narrow down your searches to a manageable set of products, e.g.. I filtered for natural materials, and I still got polypropylene. I filtered for indoor use, still got all the indoor/outdoor rugs, etc. etc. Scrolling through a list is jerky and very difficult on the eyes. And you have to go through through page after page after page, ad infinitum. The above happens on the three Wayfair apps. A total pain in the . . . .
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6 years ago, csmit34
Great prices. App needs work
I kept trying to buy curtains and the app wouldn’t let me. The curtains would be added to my cart and I would try to check out but couldn’t pick a shipping address, then couldn’t click on the promotions button, and I kept trying to buy the curtains and I wouldn’t work! So frustrating. Turns out the curtains were out of stock but the app doesn’t remove them from your cart automatically, and lets you add the item to your cart when it’s out of stock.
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7 years ago, Best prices & customer service
Love Joss & Main
Joss & Main and Wayfair are my go to online shopping. They have the best prices of all the online shopping. However what sets them apart from all the rest is their excellent customer service. They go on and above to problem solve and correct if there are any issues. I can't stress enough on how wonderful the product and service you get from Joss & Main and Wayfair.
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6 years ago, happyiggy
When you place an order with Joss & Main you can be assured that you’ll receive quality merchandise! Everything I’ve ordered I’ve been been pleasantly surprised by after opening...whether it ends up being larger than expected, more beautiful, etc. I’ve purchased probably 20-30 items and have yet to return a thing.
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5 years ago, Madk62
So much to choose from but many of the items don’t list the dimensions under the specifications. That is probably one of the most important features a shopper needs to know before they buy. So if you want to find out, you have to call or “ask a question” which takes a lot of time and a waste for customer services time too. . But I am looking at numerous end tables and that is just not worth it. So simple to put it in the description. I hope they fix it.
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5 years ago, pampms
Beauty at the tip of my finger..
I started really liking this place to shop when I noticed nice household items that was different and sturdy. My first order was a shelf on wheels for my bathroom over a year ago. I still have it and it has gotten many compliments from family members. I will continue to recommend and purchase from this company 👍🏾
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5 years ago, Lionsfank
Love Joss & Main for my Home Sweet Home!
Best place to shop for your home, indoor or outdoor, decor from furnishings, tabletop, lighting, garden, bath fixtures, rugs, floor to ceiling, Joss & Main has it! Great quality, great prices, great pieces, great site to shop from! Their customer service is phenomenal and I have complete confidence in a great experience when I place my order. I have furnished and decorated a new home using Joss & Main.
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5 years ago, Kjj23336
This review is pertaining to the app. The app is glitchy and sometimes doesn’t load any product. Also, while shopping I will start seeing product I’ve already seen while scrolling so it’s just showing me the same items over again. I’ve also noticed that it will show items in a variety of colors via thumbnails while scrolling but once you select the item all colors are not available.
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5 years ago, XOXOgc
Efficient Search Engine
I was looking for a small accent table to complement existing bedroom furniture and was able to locate one very quickly. It was on sale with free shipping, which added to a very positive shopping experience. I paid using Apple Pay, which is super easy. Haven’t received the order, so cannot yet comment on the product.
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6 years ago, emoji blitz is fun
Scroll Problem
Since the last update, whenever I’m scrolling in a sale, it will automatically takes me back up to the top of the page. It happens in every time I’m in there. Not sure if anyone is having the same issue. I love this app though. The scroll issue is very annoying though.
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6 years ago, Carol's Casa
Superior Satisfaction
This is the one place that the four generations of family have found and purchased items for our homes and gifts for others. It’s our first place to stop and shop for everything that we want and many beautiful purchases, that have far exceeded our expectations.
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5 years ago, unique_lady
Mirror broken to pieces
Mirror was shipped in pieces. I am trying again and spending more money this time. FedEx shipped I was given a 10% discount which did not help keep price as the price of the first mirror I ordered. I could not find the size 42x42 anywhere else. I was upset I gave three stars because I had to find a way to trash the broken mirror plus I got a piece of glass in my finger no permanent damage but it was poorly packed no cushion for a fragile package., I haven’t given up on you Wayfair.
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5 years ago, amagrammy
Joss and Main/Wayfair
These two websites have become my GoTo favorite places to find any needs I might have. Their prices are competitive and if returns are needed, that is easily taken care of. Shipping, too, is often free. I recommend both these sites to anyone who appreciates good quality items, that are attractive, and worth the price.
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4 years ago, b54376
Great App!
Great App! I find it very user-friendly and well designed- even when comparing it against apps for sister-brands. I’m not quite not sure if the current version allows for comments or annotations can be added when you save/“heart” a product- if there’s already a way or if its in the works that would be great
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5 years ago, Bhymer
Love this website
I shop online at Joss and Main often. I love the variety and quality of the merchandise offered. I have bought furniture, home decor, bedding, etc. I have loved everything I have purchased. Would highly recommend this website!!
Show more
5 years ago, BusterMia
App shuts down
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a rug on this app. I really love this app but just when you’ve made your way through many pages of choices and feel like you’re getting close to the right color schemes etc, the app will just close. As aggravating as this is, I still give it four stars because I love everything else about it!
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6 years ago, KellyRW
Outstanding customer service
I love Joss & Main and their products. The customer service has been outstanding, which is very important to me. I’ve dealt with less than satisfactory companies and it is such a hassle to deal with. This company makes ordering, returning, everything so easy. That is greatly appreciated.
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7 years ago, Mia4799
I️ love shopping with Joss & Main... however as of recent I’ve noticed a glitch in price when adjusting quantity in an item... for example.... I️ am looking for a rug... priced at $58 when I️ go to adjust the quantity to two the price changes to $299... how does that happen... I️ had to order one by one... the glitch is as bad on this iPad! 😤
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2 years ago, DrMcKenzieRN
Great Products & Service
In addition to quality products that are reasonably priced, Joss & Main have excellent customer service. Through no fault of J & M, I recently had an item shipped to wrong address. Everyone at customer were so nice and professional. It got straightened out and I love my purchase!
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5 years ago, Fan dancer
Please Fix the App
I love this app, but it is not working properly since the last update. I am unable to go back and open anything I have saved in “My Projects”. This is so frustrating, as I am trying to narrow some selections down before I make a purchase. Please, please, please fix this bug! Thank you.
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6 years ago, Kym Cooper
Customer Service
I have ordered periodically from Joss & Main over the last 2 years and highly recommend this site. Customer service is outstanding. If you have any issues with your order, customer service addresses it immediately and makes resolution seamless.
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