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Jewelry Television
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for JTV Go

4.86 out of 5
20.6K Ratings
6 months ago, PlumariaQueen
Beautiful jewelry!!! Stand behind their products.
I’v been ordering my jewelry from JTV over 25 plus years now. They stand by their Jewel safe protection plans, have terrific customer service. The Belle Luce is a fabulous product for traveling or going out to places you might not want to risk wearing genuine. You cannot tell the difference as Charles Wilson cuts stones and manufactures identical to genuine. Great gifts for friends & family. They stand by return & exchange policies. Over all great team to do business with. I trust JTV as my personal jewelers. Prices are terrific and love stretch pay. Accessories rock! They don’t disappoint. Thanking of becoming an ambassador.
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7 months ago, MissMerricka
I absolutely LOVE shopping JTV, but this app leaves much to be desired. It doesn’t transition smoothly, it’s not easy to go back to a previous page once you move forward, and viewing past orders is a NIGHTMARE, especially if you have items with jewelsafe. Yesterday, after I logged in to try and view my lists, I had to go back about 20 times just to get to the screen where the navigation buttons are at the bottom because the bar doesn’t float. The buttons are present when you first open the app, but once you click on anything (sign in, lists, bag, etc), those navigation buttons go away and you can only get back to them by using the back arrow OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. I’m convinced no JTV employees use their own app because there’s no way y’all can know this is so low grade Windows 95, and still do nothing.
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5 months ago, Jewelsie1x1
I’ve been watching since the channel began. I met Jay 29 yrs ago.
JTV is I have enjoyed the JTV Chanmy go to place for a thr a day. It makes my day each time I tune in on my iPhone, IPad or my television JTV App. There is a little something for everyone without breaking the bank. The hosts are genuine and highly entertaining. They treat you like you are family. I met Jay 29 years ago at a restaurant in Carlsbad, Ca. He sat down next to me. He said I am here to go to the Gym Institute of America. He said we are in the process of starting a new jewelry channel on tv. Little did I know how much I would love it then!!! Life is crazy. Much love to JTV.
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6 years ago, curious1961
Disappointing and frustrating
I used to enjoy using previous versions of the JTV app until its more recent changes. The latest makeover refuses to recognize my password and forces me to call in my order instead, and browsing for a specific type of item results in being taken back to the current on-air item if I hit the back button while looking closely at an item on a search results page. Use a web browser on your phone instead of this app to shop. Big flop for JTV!
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6 years ago, turquoise lover
I put an item in my cart and it kept kicking it out. Then it would not let me put in my email or password and why do I have to do that every time when I’m a registered customer? When I finally got through it did not put in the flash sale price so I had to call customer service and get them to correct it. Gabby the representative was the only good thing about the whole process. Why have an app that frustrates your customers. It was fine before the update.
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3 years ago, Itwaslove
Rated a 3, But Could Be a 5 Star
I bought an all around diamond looking necklace. Did not like how it laid on my neck as it turned and it looked weird. You could not see the diamonds where it kinked. I made the mistake of not trying it on until my daughter’s wedding. When I discovered it was not going to lay correctly, I sent it back with the tags still attached. The tags had never been removed, and the necklace was never worn. When I returned it, I was docked a late and restocking fee. The full purchase price was not credited to my account. It’s been years since I started making purchases again; I was sooooo angry. So beware if you return something late!
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1 year ago, Zari V
New Discovery!
So I randomly came across JTV while watching tv and I must say I am absolutely and completely sold and in love with my pieces. I saw a live broadcast and immediately went to their site and bought 3 of the pieces I saw and when a I say they came in within 2-3 days I was impressed but when I saw they had an app!!! ❤️I knew I am never shopping anywhere else for my jewelry again! Thank you a million times JTV !!!
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6 years ago, Jllew333
This app has major problems
I spent over an hour browsing and adding items to my cart. The shopping was so frustrating. The back button didn't work, the app was slow, if I looked at an item and hit the back button, it took me to the top of the page instead of where I left off browsing. The problems went on and on. I finally went to check out, had $250 in my cart. One of the items said it had a 25% discount to be applied in the card, but it wasn't applied. I clicked on the payment plan to read what it said, hit the back button, and it took me to some strange page I’d never been on. I got fed up and just signed out without buying anything. Terrible app.
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12 months ago, Hadahsa
Love, love, love!
I love JTV for their great selections. Especially Bella Luce jewelry! Wow, the sparkle! JTV makes it easy to order with quick pay or my favorite, flex pay. It’s the Only Way I can buy something real nice at a good price. And JTV makes it easy to return. I’ve only have had to return 1 piece of jewelry. And I Love how fast I receive my orders. Amazing. N Customer Service is patient n friendly. I Highly Recommend JTV for Beautiful Jewelry. It’s Fun!
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4 years ago, exira1956
Unable to open
My app, that is on my iPad, has been fine until about 2 weeks ago. I deleted the app. I shut down my tablet over night, tried to install it again, same thing. When I install it, the icon is there, but when I tap to open, it just shows the blue screen that says JTV and closes. Customer service tried to help, but no luck. Very frustrated. I did get rid of all my cookies, etc also
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3 years ago, carolynn jill
Where/ wear knowledge and beauty meet!
Personality personified makes the show breath excitement. It is a constant learning format. I Thought all diamonds are clear, all topaz are light blue, pearls are white and garnets are brownish red: JTV taught me more. I have gem stones I never knew existed. I fell in love with weird named gems like chrome diopside. I enjoy the hosts and their unique style. It is more than the selling of jewelry. It is living the dream you can afford your dreams.
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3 years ago, makikolee
Love JTV
I have ordered many pieces from JTV and I love everything. I also bought the medium Wolf jewelry box and soon realized that I need the larger box (on my wish list) I have introduced my cousin to JTV and we have placed orders together. The quality on the pieces we’ve ordered is awesome!! We love the fact that many items are within our budget. I would recommend JTV to anyone who loves jewelry!!
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3 years ago, 7411Skjd
Best value and selection ANYWHERE. I've shopped JTV for years. LOVE IT!
I've shopped with JTV for many years. No reason to go anywhere else. Their excellent customer service & great quality, value and selection keeps me coming back. My two daughters and four granddaughters have grown quite fond of JTV as well after "Grammy" gifted them many beautiful pieces over the years. LOVE MY GIRLS!
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6 years ago, Rhonda J
I can’t ever shop JTV because THE APP DOESN'T WORK!!! IT CRASHES !!!! EVERYTIME!! I log in start to shop and it goes back to my home screen EVER SINGLE TIME! I can’t even get the number to call JTV TO ORDER ANYTHING. IT CRASHES!! This is suppose to be a convenience for the consumers but it is a pain to shop JTV. I have seen tons of stuff I want to purchase but just never can. One thing I bought and couldn’t ever check on the delivery. I paid for expedited shipping , three day, and it took 2 WEEKS...does it really take that long to pull an item wrap it up and ship it out??? And it was in stock... don’t get that at all . Get it in 3 days to me means 3 days so it’s a waist of money to pay for that supposedly convenience! Fix your APP JTV so your viewers can have a pleasant shopping experience. For now I will go To the others.
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8 months ago, Lopp2375
The app stopped working
Ever since the last update this app crashes constantly and simply won’t work I can’t even log in 😮unfortunately this takes away the convenience of being able to purchase anything from the app at anytime 😬
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2 years ago, Peaks isl girl
They’re Excellent on Everything
I have been watching and shopping on Jtv for at least 15 years. The product they have is quality and the deals they have can’t be beat. Their customer service is excellent. I have never been disappointed.
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3 years ago, Kimmy Mae
Star sapphire cross
Absolutely the perfect cross for every day. It is a tailored look, but still something either male or female can wear. It is quite a beautiful piece, and I would urge anyone or everyone to try this stunning necklace. It has weight to it so it will stay in place. I love it, and would buy it again! Go for it!
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2 years ago, opp&dee
Vanna K
My Diamond bracelet shines bright like a million star’s!! If you didn’t order one you just got stuck out of luck!! This is DA BOMB, and I’m so proud that JTV is the rep for Vanna K. She is the REAL DEAL when it come’s to BEAUTIFUL jewelry. If I had the money I would order EVERYTHING she has to offer, because she is that AMAZING and so is JTV. THANK YOU AGAIN! Please keep it updated and coming.
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3 years ago, Jeronimo8
I love JTV!!!
I have been shopping with JTV for about 7 years now. You cannot beat their prices anywhere! Very high quality fine jewelry. I love learning all about the gemstones and where they came from, treated or untreated, still available or rare and so much more!! You cannot go wrong with JTV!!!
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4 years ago, Gillabee
Please, somebody repair this app!
This latest rendition of the JTV app seems to have been created to get customers angry and frustrated! The app constantly shuts down, so to actually order an item you have to be extremely patient and willing to try, try and try again. Please do something!
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8 months ago, Macy’s parade
Love JTV By Lisa
JTV offers the best of all, good quality and excellent service!! And way cheaper than department stores. They give you knowledge on all the gemstones and where they come from,something most jewelry stores don’t have!! I a shopper for 17 years and still going !! Thank you JTV for a great experience!!❤️❤️
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7 months ago, terrie926
Pantyhose Warrior
I have been a 12 year customer and have enjoyed my exquisite collection of everything I bought for my family but especially the gems I have bought for myself. Always a delightful and beautiful surprise!!
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3 years ago, grandmaPatsy
Happy customer review
I’ve been a customer since about 1990 have never been disappointed in anything I’ve purchased from you and I’ve collected so much!! I’ve also learned so much from your hosts and all the books I’ve purchased from your learning library.
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2 years ago, Judith Can
Best App ever NO ADDS
Best part about the app is NO ADDS Plus you can see everything that’s currently happening on the show and all the jewelry that’s being presented is listed for you to purchase without having to wait for the host to present it. Love My Jewelry TV and their app!!
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6 years ago, Lin Lin 62
Up until the last update, I never had any problems with the app...Since the update a few days ago, my entire wish list has disappeared! Wouldn’t be important except some of the “saves” were possible gifts for other ppl...I’m really disappointed!☹️
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3 years ago, Wolfegirltattoos
Quality Jewelry
I’ve been shopping JTV for over ten years. Every piece I’ve ever ordered has been absolutely beautiful and the quality of each piece is incredible! You will not be disappointed with anything you order!!!!
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5 months ago, rayantrim280
Your beautiful Jewelry
I was driving for Lyft when I got a passenger that worked for JTV! And I’m still looking for my first wow item to purchase. Y’all have lots of amazing items. I think the first of December I’m going to make my first purchase! I can’t wait.
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1 year ago, My soul rejoices!
Mary Munoz
I’m a new member but what an awesome experience it has been so far, and I’m not going anywhere. Your company is the best in every way, especially your product. The things we need at prices everyone can afford. Thank you so very much! I love it!
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12 months ago, MTAKE4
I’ve ordered several pieces of jewelry in the past few years and every piece has been beautiful! I had an issue with a prong on 1 ring, returned it & received a refund with out any problems! Excellent customer service!
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3 years ago, SuperStarNana#1intheworld777
I am a grown child of jewelry lovers
My Grandmother and mother loved jewelry they would be broke if they were still alive buying your beautiful jewelry! But I have to turn the channel myself not to go broke buying everything I love!!!! I wished they did more in real gold!!
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1 year ago, Cozima
I am an old customer of JTV, but I must say that navigating the site seems more difficult. Sometime you select an option like “ruby jewelry’ and web pages doesn’t change. If you are shopping for something particular it is hard to find if the website doesn’t respond. Thank you.
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3 years ago, marezpants
My comment
Love this channel the prices are incredible and the inventory is fabulousLove this show I have purchased many pieces of jewelry from this channel love all the hosts they have become like friends to me during this time thank you for this channel thank you for the show Mary In New Jersey
Show more
8 months ago, Michiganherrera
I can’t stop!
Not only is JTV the ONLY place I would ever order jewelry from but, now there's an app that makes shopping and saving so much easier!!! Just purchased my third upgraded wedding set from you and I can’t wait!!!
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4 years ago, Sandra from KC
So user-friendly!
Ordering items on JTV app is too easy! I can look up current items as well as pieces from previous shows. I can watch live programs wherever I am and chat with customer service reps and even other customers .
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6 years ago, Stefcfi
Does not work
Have had the app for years. Now it will not work at all, even after a delete & re-install. Not sure what the issue is but JTV needs to do something. They are losing out on business bc it seems this issue affects many shoppers.
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4 years ago, Bella Girl ❤️
My App Won’t Open
I have had the JTV app on my phone for years, ever since they started the JTV to Go thing? It won’t open, Now it’s just a Blue screen 😬 it works fine on my IPad for the Moment 🤔 Help! This is so Frustrating. I LOVE JTV for sure, But Not the App at the Moment 😊
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4 years ago, qubiche2
Worst App ever!
This App is in serious need of help! Absolutely frustrating! Too many issues to list! After the latest “update” I am not even able to browse for any longer than seconds without it crashing. Love Jtv but not this app.
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2 years ago, Fdevans
In love
I found Jtv on Black Friday and all of the pieces I’ve bought so far are perfect and so realistic. I love the fact you can pay monthly on your credit card. Thank you I will be making future purchase
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3 years ago, JoC987
My obsession
I watch jtv or have it on all the time. I have really learned a lot about layering and never go a day without jewelry and layers! I have soooo much southwest style and Bali. Plus pockets of gold, tanzanite, lapis, and pearls. There is always something interesting!
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3 years ago, stormyjoa
my mom
My mom has got me and my sister hooked on JTV. We are her caregivers and she wakes up saying what’s on JTV. She is 85. She really thinks the host are all the best. Her favorite ones are Jennifer and Melissa. Not only that but she has me hooked on Bella Luce. It’s like a new world into the beautiful jewelry we get. Thank y’all for all the love ........... Regina Seale Jo and Dixie
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2 months ago, Snapdragon8
No landscape/horizontal—-app only review
That any app does not change to landscape is absolutely inane. Any games like that I instantly delete. I’ll keep this one because it’s JTV but the truth is I’ll likely stick with the site through the net. Absolutely ridiculous programmers. Incredibly stupid.
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4 years ago, kathipie
I I’ve been a fan of JTV for many years! I love all of you guys! Bella is what captured me and I’ve never once been disappointed with a single piece I’ve ordered! For anyone who isn’t a JTV customer... you don’t know what you’re missing!
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4 years ago, zella2019
Every time I get into the app it closes out. I can open the app and move around a little; then it’ll close. I’ve been unable to shop on your app for the past week and had to call in an order. Very frustrating. Please fix! It is NOT my computer.
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4 years ago, 60SU
Click ON Click OFF
This is one TERRIBLE app I click on, the JTV logo is there, it Clicks right off back to my home screen it’s been doing this for quite a while can you please fix this stupid app get the bugs off it do something how is anybody supposed to shop!! Ugh!!
Show more
3 years ago, Deeory
It needs to be fix
I was logged in. I was browsing then I was saving items to my favorites I got suddenly logged out. It has been doing it since I downloaded the app. I do not usually write reviews but this has got into my nerves. Please update the app. I also keep logging in when I opted for the face ID so it should be less hassle to me but for some reason it doesn’t work that is why i have to keep typing my password.
Show more
6 years ago, Deb Gibo
Major disappointment
This app is awful. You have to sign in everytime you get on the app even though you select to remember me. You can’t add anything to the shopping cart. Very unhappy with this app. I might stop buying from JTV if I can’t use the app.
Show more
5 months ago, Dixie cats
Love the show
I ve been watching the show now for about 2 mths. My purpose was to buy my granddaughter some pink jewelry, loved it so much had to buy some for myself. And still buying.
Show more
4 years ago, Vicki Pearl Girl
Big JTV fan
I found JTV in May 2020. I have purchased almost weekly since! I am so pleased with the selection, the quality, and prices. The hosts are knowledgeable and most entertaining! I can’t even say what my favorite pieces are, but I do have a new obsession with black spinel! Thanks JTV!
Show more
5 months ago, Katalog2
Good app
Good app. Occasionally it messes up and no one seems to be aware of it so it doesn’t always get fixed right away. Allows you to see past and upcoming shows. You can purchase from the app, handy option!
Show more
6 years ago, Bproud4ever
Terrible app
Have to agree with the other reviewer. App is full of bugs. Keeps closing out. Don’t even try to click on your profile where your order status and things are, it shows the spinning circle for a moment then immediately closes. Does it EVERYTIME! Tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but the App Store freezes halfway through the download and doesn’t finish. So, guess I’m done with this app. Gave one star as u can watch the live show.
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