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User Reviews for JustFab

4.82 out of 5
14K Ratings
4 years ago, Breannawould
Beyond Happy to Have an App!
I don’t think I’ve ever written an app review before, but reading all the negative reviews that are polar opposite to my own experience I had to. I’ve been shopping with JustFab for YEARS (six or seven) and I’ve never had a bad experience. I’ve been waiting for them to have an app so I’m stoked they came through. The app is so much easier to navigate than the website which is what I was hoping for! Customer service is always excellent- they even replaced my boots after the heel broke two months after I bought them. I didn’t think to reach out to them since I had purchased them so long ago, but I tweeted about how sad I was that I had only worn them two times and they reached out to me. I didn’t even tag them. I was just complaining to the void. I really don’t mind that the app is for VIP’s only. It doesn’t cost anything to be a VIP (just remember to skip at the beginning of the month) and you get amazing deals for being VIP. Seriously, the amount of stuff I’ve bought during a sale where the total is under 100 is insane. I always recommend JustFab to friends and coworkers (I get crazy compliments on my dresses and boots at work all the time). Truly cannot believe all the negative reviews on here. I would say just try it out for yourself. :)
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3 years ago, mermaid_arie
I downloaded the app via the link on their website because it said I’d get a $15 credit which is a pretty neat incentive. I’ve always loved justfab shoes and have never had any problems before on their site so why would an app have any issues. Well I was wrong. When I downloaded the app and signed in I went and added 2 pairs of shoes to my cart. I had one pair that was covered by my monthly member credit but the second one didn’t have the $15 app credit. It was on sale so I took it out of my cart to add a pair of full price shoes to see if that made a difference. When I took the sale shoes out my whole cart was cleared! The other pair in the cart was gone too. So I went back and found the same pair, added it to my cart and now it shows 2 of the same shoes! Fortunately I saw the $15 credit on the second duplicate shoe so I thought ok I’ll just take this out and add in a different full price shoe I want and keep that “ghost” shoe in the cart. So I did, and it showed the original shoe I wanted and the new loafer but no $15 credit. Just a full priced shoe and the shoe with my member credit applied. Every time I try to change the shoes my cart would appear empty when it in fact wasn’t and there was a pair still in it (my ghost pair). This needs to be fixed and I’m disappointed I won’t be getting the second pair. Hope they fix this issue soon. Would be so handy having an app.
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11 months ago, Grassmilkshake
A scam, horrible customer service
Please do NOT get a subscription for JustFab. I’ve never written a negative review for anything but I had to warn as many people as possible. My first 2 orders went well - I’m on my 3rd order from them and so far I paid for express shipping and it has been past the time frame and my package as been at the same location for almost 5 days. I tried calling customer service - I was met with a recorded message about how I was “lucky” to be eligible for what basically is life alert and when being “transferred” to customer service the phone will simply hang up. Next, I tried the live chat - the agent was extremely unhelpful and kept telling me that my order was out for delivery and to kindly wait. I told the agent that it has been saying that for the past 4 days without movement and that I have been patiently waiting. I was then told that I can check on the status and if it is not delivered then they will come up with the “best solution” - I asked what the solution would be and was told “well it will be delivered because that’s what it says”. Basically a loop of un-helpfulness. My last hope is to contact the facility myself. I cannot wait to end my subscription and to never deal with this company again!
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4 years ago, hraciesmile
To love great stuff
I have shopped here for well over ten years, I have to say... this is the best store!! I have so many things I like about it and trust me, I have been through all stores out there just confirming what I already knew. I love the styles, and prices oh man quality is amazing and the help I get from both the stores and online, I always feel that they are my friends! I shop for me and for my husband 3 sons and gifts for family and friends, I have never had a bad experience. We get complements all the time not just for our clothes n shoes n handbags n coats but in the house as well. Here’s the honest truth... I feel so blessed to be able to shop here and did I mention prices? It’s..THE PLACE THAT HAS IT ALL just check it out, I know you’ll agree, I LOVE SHOPPING HERE!! It’s the best. Cindy P.
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2 years ago, cami123camcam
Best store for shoes!!
I love this app!! A few year back I bought beige booties for $10!! And they came in super quick and still to this day they look brand new and I used them many times. I got the VIP membership and I get the best deals. I got 3 pairs of shoes and I ordered them last week with standard shipping and they are already here!! They are super great quality, and I bought them for $80. When the original price of each was $50. This app is so amazing I 100% recommended. I have never had to return an item before but I don’t doubt that the return process will be simple, easy and fast.
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2 years ago, maybeekaity
App design is weird
I love JustFab! There’s great shoes at affordable prices, and I’ve found some of my favorite pairs through this company! However, I find the app design irritating and nonsensical, it feels like the website/webpage was just shoved into app form with no care about how it looks or functions. There’s overlap with the next/previous buttons when looking at products, sometimes the page number overlaps the next button. The setup with the forward, back and reload arrows like a webpage seems really odd to me, not to mention the tiny font that sometimes requires zooming in when in that weird app/webpage hybrid zone. Again, nothing against the products or the company, I just wish the app was designed better so customers have easier shopping experiences when not on a laptop/desktop.
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3 years ago, rilsssp
Won’t let you order and customer service won’t help
I have ordered products twice this month. And both times the orders where canceled with no explanation or reason. Tried calling customer service and was hung up on the first time. The second time was less than helpful as they said my order was canceled because of my shipping address. They said they would fix it but I am still unable to order anything and I was given no time frame for when I will be able to. Meantime. Most of the items I wanted to order are now out of stock. As someone with a size 11 foot this is incredibly upsetting as it is incredibly difficult to find shoes. So my orders where canceled twice, I don’t know when I will be able to order, and when I do I most likely won’t be able to order any of the original products I wanted.
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4 years ago, ber_16
Confusing Check Out
So I was using the app, but it was giving me issues with the card I had on file because it was trying to use one that was expired and I had already removed from my account. I decided to use the website instead because of anything I could make the changes there. When I got to my shopping cart, it showed a different price than what was in the app. I was able to get the app figured out because I didn’t want to pay the extra money the website was showing even though I was logged into my account. But that really doesn’t make sense. I also looked today with new items in my shopping cart and the price on the website is a good two-three dollars more than what is in the app. What’s going on with that???????
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2 years ago, Dot Patterson
Great Products Great Price
I have never had a bad experience with JustFab or Shoedazzel. Once in a while I have trouble with this iPhone mini on skipping the month but the site provides the customer service number to call ( never have a problem getting an agent) and it’s taken care of in less than a minute. For all the negative reviews this company reaches out quickly to resolve the issue and provide information on where our orders are shipping from. Transparency is an extra service this company provides. Thanks to this company I look good from head to toe. Dicie
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5 years ago, seadubbs
Checkout changed my total, customer service frustrating.
I signed up for VIP to place an order at a promotional price for boots. I selected the boot and went to my cart, where my total was just over $15. I went through checkout and never saw that total again, even when finalizing. After my order was placed, I noticed the total listed at over $16. Small difference, I know, but still frustrating. Clearly a design oversight. I spent over 20 minutes trying to explain this to customer service — I was asked for a screen I didn’t have because I didn’t think it would be necessary. Even worse, I was sent “Are you there? I would love to get your concern taken care of, but I may have to end the chat if I don’t hear back from you.“ FIVE times while replying in 2-3 minutes to the agent. Overall just poor user interface and genuinely awful customer service chat (both the technical setup and the impersonal cut/paste messages). All I wanted was like a dollar back, minimum. Will probably cancel soon. Haven’t even gotten the boots yet. If they aren’t great, I’ll come back and update to a one-star.
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3 years ago, AliasAmy1
Just Fabulous Indeed
I’ve shopped here for about four years & I’m here to tell you it’s completely worthwhile. I get complimented on my shoes and jewelry anytime I get a new item; which is often because I take advantage of the VIP Program. The shoes don’t wear out, even in winter! The boots are always warm too. No worries about water getting in m; I live in Michigan & our seasons can be daily events. If something is defective/a heel breaks they’ll credit you back or replace it, super easy. The shoes last & they look great. I never review things but JustFab was worth it! Happy shopping! 👍🏻
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4 years ago, sumchicuno
Great app and great customer service
I don’t usually write reviews but I was surprised to see all the bad reviews. I have placed at least 5+ orders and have never had a problem. As a matter of fact I had some questions regarding a price discrepancy and spoke to customer service and they took care of it for me and credited me back. I have never had a problem getting a hold of customer service and they are always friendly and helpful. Plus their clothes, coats, shoes and boots are great. And the VIP sales are the best deals.
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4 years ago, emilypdever333
I am canceling my subscription with just fab if they don’t hammer out the kinks on the app. I can’t filter through sizes it just keeps saying oops we’re trying to fix that and it has been like this every time I’ve signed into the app. If you click on the 10$ or 20$ styles they show you the same shoes in both categories and all of them are 20-50$. You literally have to scroll through every shoe and look to see if they have your size. Out of the three pairs I have ordered they run big. I wear a size 8 in Nike women’s running shoes or sandals and I decided to order my just fab shoes in a 7.5 just to be safe and they are still too big. I’m sending them back for an exchange of a size 7 so I will update afterwards. So far not a great experience.
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2 years ago, KMTR15
Low quality items and app
First of all, the app is not good. It crashes every time I use it. The app also does not allow you to apply your membership credit. The quality of items is poor. I have multiple heels and most of them have broke or started to break (straps, fasteners and/or heels) and I have barely worn any of them. I’ve had a membership for at least 4 years now. I have been wanting to cancel, but you must use any credits you have first or you lose them. I just tried to spend my last credit, but like I said the app doesn’t allow you to apply them. I didn’t realize this when placing my order through the app and ended up charging my card and still have a credit to use. Very dissatisfied.
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3 years ago, Floraisa
I have been a member for several years now. I agree with the last post. Just Fab is really easy to deal with. Customer service is very friendly and will do what they can to resolve an issue. I like their boots and sweaters. The material is of good quality.I have bought several purses and I have been very happy with them. I would like to see a purse come out with little metallic studs on the bottom so if I need to set my purse down I wouldn’t worry about it getting dirty.
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2 years ago, dwryder1993
I love JustFab
I love JustFab, I’ve bought a lot of shoes “A LOT” and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I decided to come on and voice mine as well, the prices are amazing, the shoes are amazing, the deals are amazing, and the sales are even more amazing. Did I mention that they’re amazing? Lol 😆. I have been a customer for quite some time now and I plan on continuing to be so!!!!! Thank you JustFab for keeping my shoe game on point! Antoinette R
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4 years ago, briankhan
Would NEVER recommend
If I could give zero stars, I would. Got charged $40 a month for four months and NEVER received a single pair of shoes! When I went to cancel, they only refunded me for three pairs, then I found out that they retracted another statement when I looked in my paypal account. So, I only got refunded for two of my transactions AND they kept billing me for two months after I cancelled! Not to mention that went I went to cancel online, it never worked. The chat option didn’t have a send button so there was no way to send in your complaint or request for refund! I hope this shady business sinks. Please don’t give them any of your business, they will only rip you off!
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1 year ago, Cana Pana
Cute shoes but is a Huge scam app
The shoes are really pretty and I’ve only ordered once but that sandal is my favorite one so far. But I wasn’t tracking on that I was in a VIP Membership, I’ve never sign up for that, so they kept charging my account $49 each month. I was too busy to figure this out and took me 5 months until I realized I was getting charged by Just Fab. I haven’t ordered any shoes after the first purchase and they took my almost $500 for nothing. I didn’t get any benefit out of it. Customer support didn’t help me anything on this and all they could do was cancel my VIP subscription that I didn’t even knew I was on. They better send more emails or notifications that can tell that someone is on a weird VIP subscription. It’s very sad and frustrating because the shoes are actually really cute and nice, I wanted to keep the app but I’m deleting it from this bad experience. If the customer support did more of their job I would probably be less hurting.
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2 years ago, sugarmama25
Hey JUSTFAB TEAM!! My name is Jamie McConnell I have been a member for quite sometime I love being a member of JUSTFAB wahooo!! I love JUSTFAB I always have and always will why?? I mean you have so much to choose from from shoes to clothing to accessories I mean to what EVER YOU NEED YOU GUYS HAVE IT!!! Ooooooh also when you have credits on your account I mean I love that to lol 😂 even though I should have skipped that month lol I love it when I see those credits!! Also even when there’s something wrong with your order you guys have the best most positive and kind people in your CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT honestly hands down MUCH LOVE 💗 TO THEM AS WELL!! The reason why I am saying this is because every time I have called I have had no issues why because they do make sure you get the best CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ALL TIME!! Love ❤️ Jamie McConnell
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3 years ago, JustFab Fan
Best shoes brand
JustFab is my favorite shoes brand that I would like to spend money on because it’s worth every penny. I have been shopping with JustFab for more than 9 yrs and I have ever never had bad experience. The best customer service I’ve ever had in my life is JustFab’s customer service. All my shoes and boots are from JustFab, I am not only taking about their awesome prices but about the product quality and beauty.
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4 years ago, dissapoojted.
This app is trash. The VIP CLEARLY states that I have to go between the 1st and 6th of the month on the app to “skip” the month and not be charged. Not ONCE did I see the option, mind you I went in daily to make sure I wasn’t charged unnecessarily. On the 12TH I was randomly charged $40! When I questioned about it I didn’t get much help. I cancelled it and was told I can use the credit ($40 I paid) for future reference. I log in to check RIGHT AFTER the call and my balance is at $0.00. No point no credit. And “Thea” was very rude and unprofessional. Cancel immediately after your first pair unless you want your money stolen randomly and not be refunded.
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4 years ago, pffhhF
I usually don’t write reviews but for this one I’m going to. I give it 3 stars because I agree with the others it was easy to navigate things and for my first purchase it was a 10$ pair of boots+shipping so ofc I placed an order for the boots but if I knew it was gonna take almost a month to deliver it I would’ve just went to a store and bought them. I placed my order the 4th of December and my order has yet to arrive. It’s alittle aggravating when it was supposed to get here the 14th and I still haven’t received it. I won’t be ordering on this app again.😒
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3 years ago, Jogoco2
Easy peasy
I have been a just fab VIP member for years at this point. The app is the only way that I shop for clothes and shoes. I can skip the month from my phone, purchase products, and contact someone if I have a problem. I probably would’ve cancelled my membership if I didn’t have the app because I wouldn’t have gotten on my computer.
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3 years ago, Kelebek Bb
Too slow
I have a been a customer for years and I love both the shoes and clothing. I was excited when the app finally arrived. The app overall deserves more than 4 stars. However the app runs slow especially during checkout. Using the first WiFi connection and a brand new phone, all I receive is the spinning logo. Until this is fixed, I will browse on the app but purchase online.
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5 years ago, cstone7
So many shoes so little time
I am so happy that JustFab has an app. I find the shopping experience in the app to be so much better than when just shopping on the regular site. I love that I can manage my account and sign up for alerts to get first access to new arrivals and sales. Now, I just need to figure out where I can store all my new shoes because I don’t want to stop shopping!
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4 years ago, debra mojena
Amazing contact system
I forgot to skip the month and I was charged. I really need the money right now and I was afraid they wouldn’t give me a refund. But I called and through their automatic phone system, I got a refund processed within one minute! I didn’t even have to speak to a representative, and the fact that they are so understanding makes me trust the company more!
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4 years ago, FitDiva203
App is better than website
I prefer to use the app over the website because the website has a lot of issues especially with the cart. The cart glitches so bad and I’m not the only person that’s having that issue. I found the app today and was able to checkout my items with no issues. I will be using the app instead of the website for now on.
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4 years ago, Luuuuuusa
2 of my returns were lost in transit for a month now and they insist I never took anything to the post office. Now that being said I just did 2 returns to SHEIN who does the same return parcel service and they received the items within 2 days. The 2 returns to just fab are now a month late. Not only am I out of 100$ and 4 pair of shoes I can’t do anything because the post office doesn’t give receipts with the corona virus. I have been working with USPS for 4 years and this never happens. The representatives I speak to are stupid as well they just say sorry we stole your money. I canceled my membership this is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, 1234 Annam
Love there product !
I heard from someone that there quality is cheap, but I had to see for myself and let me tell you !! I was not disappointed at all, but completely satisfied there cloths and shoes are such good quality and are true to size and are exactly like the images :) !! Will definitely be ordering more in the future 🥰
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2 years ago, Jaicloud9
A little improvement goes a long way
Hey, I’ve been a JustFab customer for probably well over 10 years. I was so excited when they finally came with an app!! However the only issue I seem to have even after I’ve deleted and downloaded again, is my favorites. When I try to scroll through it refreshes on its own and I can never get to the end of my list. I went the actual website previously to see if I would have the same issue. Not the same issue, but it would not load all of my favorites. Just wanted to let you guys know, it’s kind of irritating when I just want to scroll to see what I can purchase off my favorites list, but I can’t because it’s constantly refreshing. Thanks a bunch Jaime
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4 years ago, Peebles😎
So far I love it
I was really scared at first because I didn’t realize there was a $40 monthly payments! So I contacted customer service and they told me how to skip a month and they were fast and helpful. I JUST ordered so I’m not sure about the quality or shipping yet but I will update when I do! Customer service was patient and friendly!
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2 years ago, MDL090119
EVERY TIME I want to look in my “favorites” I can only scroll maybe once then the app has a glitch and sends me back up! It’s so annoying! . I’ve tried going slower and I still have the same issue. I kid you not I’m only allowed to see 5 out of my 30+ likes 🤦🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, Fun fest
Too good to be true… In a bad way
MannnI was so hyped to get this app from all the advertising making it seem so great, and they had me in the beginning. When I first got the app it told me I had 50 minutes and my first pair would only be $10, I saw this gorgeous pair of shoes and I was getting ready to purchase it but then I received a text and responded to it so when I came back to the app the entire offer was gone and so is my card information so either the app is ghetto or my car is about to get scammed🤷🏽‍♀️
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3 years ago, bonnie71V
Big foot:)
I have Been a JustFab VIP for years the deals are awesome! The fit is pretty accurate for my size 10 foot-and with a great selection I am always able to find something I like!! And I can skip the month as often as I like… and still shop deals:) Love it!
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3 years ago, Mrs Smitty18
Loving This App !!!
JustFab is a wonderful sir that’s I’ve been a part of for many years. I especially like the fact that if I’m not satisfied with my picks for the month, I have an option to skip for the month with No hassle !!! Try it you’ll enjoy it too !!!
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3 years ago, smchichif
Love love love you!
I absolutely love this app and your products of course! We have a lot of girls in our family and everyone knows where to go to borrow a great pair of boats if needed! Thanks again for all your hard work you put into making shoe lovers happy everywhere!!!
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7 months ago, _toxicmiami
This website is very terrible I waited 1 months for my package and they lied 7 times saying my package was coming the next day this website is basically a scam I ordered my package on the 5th on December and today is the 28th of December at first they said it was gone come inna week then they said 2 weeks then said 3 then 4 then 5 and so on they said it’s gone take another 10 business days for my package to come I’m canceling that order and I’ll never shop from them again 1/10
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2 years ago, Chopper Girl 72
Love everything Just Fab has to offer me in selections
For the most part, I love everything Just Fab has to offer me in selections, just when it comes to some of the hand made boots, the calf section of the boots are at times irregular and I can’t wear them. So far this has happened to thre pair’s of boots I have bought from Just Fab.
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3 years ago, GreyMGAG0631
Highly recommended
I’ve been using JustFab online store since 6 years ago. I love their shoes. I still have a pair of boots that I purchased them 5 years ago. They have good quality shoes at a low price. This is a very good deal. Excellent costumer service.
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4 years ago, someone (:3)
Ok so..
I love the low pricing for the first pie of shoes you get and for all of them, overall. I ordered a pair of shoes in the end of 2020 and the shipping has taken longer than expected. I understand there are complications due to covid, but when I look at the shopping updates, it looks like it’s just going back and forth between the same states/cities.
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2 years ago, jacey&jj
I have been in love with pretty much ALL MY PURCHASES! Have had so many compliments! & interesting enough is that many of my friends have said that they didn’t like JustFab shoes…that they were cheap. Yet those same people love my shoes/boots!! I just smile say thank you & JUSTFAB!! 🙏🏽💃❤️✅✅
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3 years ago, chubbs636
Scam artists
Absolutely do not subscribe to the VIP membership!!! Unless you want them to charge you $40 for nothing until you cancel your card to get a new one because they won’t let you take it off file. I tried calling and emailing customer service for days but once I mentioned anything about a refund or wanting my card removed from the account no one wanted anything to do with me. Just the card thing feels like a huge invasion of privacy to me. Just something to be wary of
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3 years ago, AJ9:)
Easiest and best way to shop!
I love that I can cancel if I need to or build up credits so I can be prepared for special occasions, or update my wardrobe anytime. Everything I’ve ordered is great quality and returns are so easy if something isn’t a fit!
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4 years ago, Rucko56
I’m excited to see Just Fab has their own App. It’s much easier to shop from the app. I have been shopping from Just Fab for years and have never had a bad experience.
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4 years ago, Olivia0624
First off, the deals were amazing but it turned out too good to be true. I placed an order with my debit card and it charged me... twice... and it still wouldn’t put my order through. I contacted JustFab through the online chat and to my surprise, they don’t take debit cards. You can only use a credit card on your first order. So now I’m out $53 while they have a hold on my card. Customer service was basically nothing and I will definitely not be returning.
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4 years ago, kellie.walters.02
Not a Fan
Went through a whole process of downloading the app because I personally think shopping on an app runs smoother than an actual website. I made an account on the web browser in a yeehaw roundabout manner because there is no specific “create an account” option on neither the app or the website. I did so only to login on the app with account I just made to be told “tHiS aPp Is CuRrEnTlY oNlY fOr ViP mEmBeRs.” Just spent ten minutes of my life for nothing.
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4 years ago, Titty Boobowitz
App doesn’t work
Crashes every other click, even after deleting and re-loading the app. Unusable and not worth the space it takes up on your phone. I don’t want to hear about how the dev team is working on it, they’ve been “working on it” for months according to the other reviews and don’t need me to bring it to their attention. This app has more than”bugs” to work out, it needs a complete overhaul to be useful.
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3 years ago, Eden ER
Don’t get a membership! Scam!
The VIP membership is a scam and total rip off. They change how much they charge you without telling you, and then make it very complicated and difficult to even use any of your credits or points. Theirs clothes are cheap material and don’t last. They make it difficult to get ahold of customer service and there website is always glitching. I always seem to leave this app or there website feeling frustrated.
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5 years ago, ItsJayBx
Very disappointing, it kept changing my order since Dec 2nd then Tuesday then Thursday and now they switch it again!!! Of your schedule is very inconvenient and you have to rush home for your packages then last min they change the date! Everything else can’t complain but I won’t be ordering from here anymore, WAY TO MANY delays. (JustFabKids) and they don’t even email you saying there’s a delay, they just change the date without notice!
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4 years ago, londoneight
JustFab is a awesome app to shop I love the quality of there shoes and clothes everything is on point however make sure when you purchase your items that they are corrected
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